Best Gardening Books In 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

1. All New Square Foot Gardening 2. Mini Farming 3. The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible
All New Square Foot Gardening II The Revolutionary Way To Grow More In Less Space Mini Farming Self-sufficiency On 1 4 Acre The Vegetable Gardener's Bible, 2nd Edition

Amidst the spring days sitting around the blossoms and slurping your home-made lemonade, doesn’t it feel soothing? With grasses sprinkled with dewdrops, birds chirping, trees laden with fruits and small flower plants thriving with new buds, everything looks serene and beautiful.

And, this is the actual beauty of nature and you can create one for yourself by referring to the best gardening book. Nature has created such serene landscapes that it can never match any form of human architecture but it needs maintenance and nourishment at the same time.

Gardening is the beautiful way by which one can maintain and nurture nature. A lot of people dream to have their own garden. But, this hectic life schedule accompanied with minimum space of living makes this a lot difficult.


Some people are completely new to trowels and shovels and some are willing to thrive and harvest their own garden for a long time, but these factors somehow hinder their aspirations.

New Gardening Books 2022

Worry not, guys! We have curated all the new gardening books for 2020 which are pre-equipped with every detail that one might need in order to thrive, harvest, grow and nurture their own garden. Either it’s in your backyard, for self-sufficiency or in a one square foot space, believe us, everything can be made possible via these books.

These Best Gardening Books have been written in the simplest language, are well-equipped with easy-to-follow instructions, include the most proportionate quantities for making manure and involve the easiest steps to enjoy your lush green garden in your backyard.

So, go through the list of the Best Gardening Books mentioned below. They are bound to help you in gardening and yes, you will finally be able to own your small garden wherever you want.

Top 10 Best Gardening Books In 2022

1. Square Foot II

Square Foot Best Gardening Book

This is one of the bestselling books written by the author Mel Bartholomew. It suggests you the ways by which you can build your own DIY square foot garden.

The book has been laid with contributions of Mel who had been involving himself in these practices since the year 1980. Since then, he became determined to spread these farming and gardening practices among others.

Also, the book portrays his efforts which he had put into in order to make the required refinements and improvements so that his preached practices can get adapted with modern times. He has also discussed different types of gardening. He has briefly detailed about vertical gardening.

He has suggested ways how one can involve his kids in gardening which can be taken up as a fun activity. His square foot method of gardening has made him so popular that he has sold approximately more than 2 million copies of his book.

This book is generously updated with colored pictures, tips for the selection of perfect material, etc. which are bound to boost and improve your gardening techniques.


  • You yourself can plan your own garden by it.
  • You can easily build boxes and shape down structure for your 1 square-foot gardening.
  • The book also comes with Mel’s Mix which is considered to be the secret behind gardening success.

2. Mini Farming – Self-sufficiency On 1/4 Acre

Mini Farming - Self-sufficiency On 1/4 Acre

Are you still unsure of how to use up your 1/4 acre of separate land? Or are you unable to figure out how to plant your own vegetable garden in it? Well, this book suggests you ways in which you can start your own mini-farm. You can grow your favorite sets of fruits and vegetables in 1/4th acre or even less than that.

This type of gardening can feed a family having four people with 85 percent of food and still leaving enough to earn an income via it.

This book explains the most holistic approach to mini farming or farming on a small land. The instructions laid down in the book are the perfect example to demonstrate how you can produce 85% of an average family’s food.

Even if you are never indulged in the arena of farming or gardening, this book will still help you out. It will inform you of everything that is required to know in order to get started.

From saving and buying of seeds to starting seedlings, from establishing the raised beds to increase the fertility of the soil, from composting and dealing with plant disease and pest issues to indulging oneself in knowing about the details of crop rotation and farm planning, every kind of knowledge can be grasped from this book.

As the whole world is drifting towards self-sufficiency, this book becomes the best guide to all your farming dreams.


  • It provides one with every detail related to gardening.
  • It has been detailed with numerous photographs, diagrams, illustrations and tables.
  • It provides the distinct representation of materials and tools required for farming.
  • It also teaches you about the techniques related to proper gardening.

3. The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible 2nd Edition

The Vegetable Gardener's Bible, 2nd Edition

This book by Edward C.Smith equips one with the most high-yielding methods of gardening. They emphasize the usage of deep soil, raised beds for sowing, completely organic methods and the implementation of wide rows.

You can easily harvest your own crop. This gardening guide also provides more choices to try new and unusual variants of crops and plants.

It also teaches how one can extend his growing season and use it with creativity and innovatively. The book provides one with the array of expert guidance, help and advice. It can collectively be the ultimate roadmap for all your gardening skills and lets you enjoy yourself homegrown vegetables with satisfaction.


  • It allows one to grow more by putting in the least effort.
  • The guide is extremely gentle on the plants.
  • You can choose over a variety of crops and plants to cultivate.

4. The Backyard Homestead

The Backyard Homestead

Do you still consider yourself a noob in the field of gardening? Worry not. This book provides a comprehensive and detailed study of everything that is related to gardening.

It tells about the ways in which gardening can be done in minimum space. It is the ultimate guide to allow you to grow, nourish and nurture your own garden. It tells how you can indulge yourself in a sustainable harvest of vegetables and grains.

Not only gardening, it also states ideas related to animal farming and raising them for dairy products, eggs, meat, honey etc. Yes! It also teaches one how to keep honey bees for its sweet, golden liquid.

Being launched with the best selling series, the whole book comes with a portray of easy-to-follow instructions. The instructions related to pickling, drying, canning etc are considered to be extremely useful. With this book, you can happily see your backyard bounty getting thrived.


  • This book is considered to have launched the best selling series of gardening books.
  • It makes you self-sufficient.
  • It encourages you to be your own food source.
  • You can get access to a variety of food growing in your backyard.
  • It makes backyard cultivation easy, simple and convenient.
  • It comes with a wide array of easy-to-follow instructions.

5. Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden

Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden

Are you excited to own your own flower garden? Or do you still dream about those pretty and colorful blossoms blooming in your backyard? Well, this won’t be a dream anymore. We assure you. This book is the perfect guide to all the flower harvesting methods.

It allows you to grow, harvest and arrange the gorgeous and colorful blooms all year round. This book also assists the readers in knowing about the different kinds of tools that are necessary for nurturing a stunning flower garden.

Not only this, it also suggests you ways how you can use the blossoms, cut the flowers and create the most enchanting flower arrangement. This can also result in a show-stopping arrangement. You can also gift your self-made arrangement of flowers as a bouquet to your loved ones.

This will add a sense of affinity to your gift. Apart from all these, this book is the perfect combination of instruction and inspiration. Through it, you can visit an array of seasons and finally be in a place where only exceptional arrangement of flowers exists.


  • It is the perfect guide to all your fascination of flower harvesting.
  • It has been divided into equal parts of both instruction and inspiration.
  • The book also refers to several tips for harvesting flowers in a variety of seasons.
  • It comes with step by step instructions for making your own lavish flower garlands, florist-designed centerpieces etc.

6. The Week-By-Week Vegetable Gardener’s

The Week-By-Week Vegetable Gardener's

Whether you do gardening often or indulge yourself in a seasoned gardening. Whether you are highly determined to increase the yield of your crops or start your own and the very first vegetable garden, this book will assist you in managing every segment of your schedule.

It will also assist you in prioritizing your activities and lets you know what is important first. It comes with a detailed enlistment of weekly-to-do list. This breaks and simplifies your gardening activities into more simple and manageable sections.

It makes one realize when a particular task needs to get done and when one should prepare himself for it. It provides a detailed study of gardening.

From sowing of seeds to planting of strawberries, checking whether your tomatoes have got ripped, harvesting your own orange and delicious bunch of carrots, it makes every task enjoyable and worth satisfying.

We are sure that your bountiful harvest will put a big smile on your face, making you more inclined to gardening in the future.


  • This book provides a more practical planning advice.
  • You can easily track your garden tasks.
  • It is useful for any gardening zone.

7. We Are The Gardeners

We Are The Gardeners

This book includes the best pictorial representation. It states the importance of hard work. The book is all about a story which gives the moral that hard work always pays off. It narrates the story of Joanna and kids who go on a journey to start their own family garden. They face a lot of obstacles while building their garden.

From going through failed endeavors to overcoming the mischievous bunnies that ate everything they grew, they finally planted their own gardens. The book describes every knowledge that they gained during the whole task. They also share their knowledge and experience of how they finally grew their garden after so many hardships.

The book portrays the beautiful message that trying out something new may not always be exciting. It does bring a lot of hardships with it. But, in the end, your hard work will always yield the best results and that is the best reward for your struggle, constant efforts and attitude of not giving up.

This book can bring your kids together and make them learn about the story of the Gaines family. It beautifully portrays that though they put into so much hard work in building their own garden, they continued to maintain it as well. Over the years, the garden finally thrived from a small one to a luscious green one.


  • Its beautiful illustrations bring the characters into life.
  • It encourages and makes children realize the benefit of hard work.
  • It is one of the best gardening books.

8. The New Southern Living Garden Book

The New Southern Living Garden Book

This book can prove to be the most useful and helpful one. It contains every kind of information related to gardening. Even those methods are also mentioned which were once practiced for about 50 years ago. The book has also been updated several times in order to equip the readers of the latest trends and popular methodologies.

Comprising over a collection of 17,000 photographs, this book features at least 7000 plants. It has detailed every piece of information that one might require before harvesting his selection of crops or flowers. It also comes with a bundle of enhanced features.

It involves the inclusion of monthly garden checklist, solutions regarding gardening problems, Question and Answer section for everyday problems that one might face in the future at a particular stage of gardening, etc. It also comprises of a separate segment which states the most popular tips and trends combined with the old gardening wisdom.

Expert advice can also be availed from the book. This book can suit every kind of gardener. Either he is just a beginner or possesses high proficient skills in gardening, this book will help him to improve his existing skills and turn them into better ones.


  • It comes with a wide range of gardening solutions and designs.
  • It is updated duly.
  • The frequently asked question section is really useful.
  • Along with the latest technology, it also comprises the old gardening methods.

9. The Layered Garden

The Layered Garden

This book brings life to the quote “Garden making, in its finest form, is the ultimate celebration of life and love.” It describes about a Pennsylvania garden where the author mastered his gardening skills.

The book states various methods by which he mastered the art of layering. It also describes how he went on to interplant various species so that if one of the plants surpassed another’s peak, the other one can take it over.

It states that with the beautiful portray of heirloom daffodils blooming around, the reward of gardening can be the most pleasant, colorful and beautiful one.

The book’s first chapter starts with the explanation of basic methods in gardening. It explains how one can choose the correct plants in order to build their own layered garden. Therefore, the book summarizes every gardening detail that can be used in all four seasons.


  • It explains in the simplest language.
  • It comes with beautiful sets of pictures and illustrations.
  • It takes the readers on a tour of various gardens like the walled garden, the shrubbery, the kitchen garden,
  • the perennial border, the woodland garden etc.

10. Up In The Garden And Down In The Dirt

Up In The Garden And Down In The Dirt

This book by Kate Messner allows you to explore the hidden world of the garden. It describes the beauty of green leaves, young buds and sprouts, vegetables growing around and trees laden with ripened fruits.

Also, it draws the minds of the readers towards the dirt which comprises of enthusiastic earthworms who are busy digging deeper and deeper, the cunning snakes hunting around, skunks burrowing their homes and everything that other animals do to make the garden their beautiful home.

This book has been written in an exuberant and lyrical style. Through this, one can discover many things that are happening in the dirt, down the shade and above the grasses.


  • It takes one to a world of beautiful gardens.
  • It makes you realize how enchanting gardens can be.
  • It equips one with the most fascinating methods of gardening.


1. From Where Can One Avail The Best Gardening Books?

Nowadays, though searching for anything isn’t that difficult than it used to be earlier, getting hand of the most apt book according to your references can be little hectic. Therefore, this can be done through reviews of books which are considered to be the most popular in the field of gardening.

2. Are These Gardening Books Helpful?

Yes, they are. They are well-equipped with every single method that can be applied practically. Since the methods are already tested ones, therefore they do stand on their claims. Also, the results may differ from place to place depending upon the quality of soil, weather conditions etc.

3. Which Are The Best Gardening Books Available?

This can differ from person to person depending on their interest. Therefore, we have curated a whole list of gardening books that can suit every requirement as well as place.

4. What Should Be The Basic Criteria For Selecting The Best Gardening Books?

First of all, one needs to be well aware of the book that one has decided to purchase. The person must give a read to its summary considering his requirements and only then should he go for purchasing that book. Also, the editorial reviews must also be considered.

Best Gardening Book – Your Pick?

So, these are some of our curated Best Gardening Books that can be availed online whenever needed. They are the perfect guide to all your gardening related queries.

Be it growing your own garden in a square-foot space or 1/4th-acre space, everything can be made possible. Just follow the instructions given and abide by it and we assure you, you’ll be able to thrive your own garden in your backyard.