Best Gardening Gloves 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

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If you love gardening, you owe yourself a good pair of gardening gloves to enhance your gardening experience and optimize maximum protection and comfort.

Gardening can be even more fun when you do not have to worry about getting scratched or wounded by thorny plants or bushes. Also, to keep yourself comfortable with gardening tools and enjoying a little bit longer every time, a pair of reliable gardening gloves is a must.


We guess you already know that as you are here looking for the best garden glove out there. It is understandable how confusing and daunting it is to choose the best or perfect gloves for yourself.

After all, gardening gloves are available in an extensive range catering specific gardening requirements for every gardener differently. You need to align your preferences with the choices you have.

It’s high time you educate yourself on what kind of gardening gloves can be achieving your gardening tasks, style, and purpose. Here you go with an apprehensive guide, spoon-feeding you everything that you need to know when choosing the best gardening gloves for yourself.

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best Gardening Glove

Whether gardening is a hobby, passion, or just a daily routine for you, you still need a comprehensive understanding of choosing the best gloves.

Choosing the right gardening gloves makes your experience smooth and easy, also keeps your hand safe from injuries. Your gloves selection will determine your time in the garden as either fun or daunting.

So be ahead of the curve and learn these factors which you must look for while buying the best gardening gloves.

1. Material

Choosing the right material accustomed to your preferences, comfort, and requirement is the first thing to start with.

It determines the overall quality, comfort, and protection of the gloves. It even regulates the cost, so depending upon your budget, the material you choose varies as well.

Every material has its own set of advantages and must align with your preferences, requirements, and budget. Here are few to explore :

  • Rubber/ PVC coated: If you have plans to work in mud or prickly and thorny plants, then this is the perfect type to serve the purpose. PVC coated, or rubber gardening gloves promise ultimate protection and utmost flexibility as compared to other variants. In case you are allergic to the rubber, better go for PVC coated gloves.
  • Cloth: Cloth-made gloves are highly recommended for light-duty gardening works such as planting, light digging, and raking. The best advantage you get with these gloves is that you can wash and reuse them for many years. Also, it is a cost-effective choice. Even when you lose or damage one, it won’t be painful to get a new one.
  • Nitrile: Gloves made of nitrile are specifically designed to deal with chemicals and other skin-sensitive products. Different types of gardening, construction, cleaning, and yard work involves the usage of various chemicals, harmful elements, and other reactive substances where this works perfectly. However, make sure the nitrile made gloves you are opting for are labeled to be used with the chemical you wish to apply for.
  • Sheepskin/Goatskin: A leather gardening glove that is made of sheepskin or goatskin is highly recommended for digging, raking, planting, trimming, and cutting. Such gloves are quite comfortable for heavy-duty gardening works. It keeps your hand dry and supple.
  • Pigskin/ Cowhide: If you are looking for gloves that can be most comfortable, flexible, and durable in leather form, pigskin or cowhide gloves are all you need. They are not just ideal for heavy-duty gardening but various construction, drainage cleaning, auto-works, and a lot of others. It even works best with heavy-duty works like planting trees and handling rocks. However, this kind of gloves is also expensive as compared to others.

2. Durability

Even with a good quality factor, you need to be assured whether the gloves are going to last long or not. Durability comes from the quality, material, and the stitching of the gloves.

Make sure the gloves are thorn-resistant and not tear apart while working in prickly and thorny plants. The stitching and construction also contribute to the durability of these gloves.

3. Gauntlet

Gauntlet is an essential feature you need to look in the gloves you choose. It protects your arms and elbows from thistles and thorns. It prevents skin damages, scratches, and wounds. For useful gauntlets, make sure it extends long enough to meet your elbows and covers the entire forearms.

4. Breathability

You need a pair of gloves which are comfortable enough to spend more time in the garden. Gardening is already tiring, so you want all the comfort and convenience you can get to take as much time as the task needs to be done.

You have to make sure the gloves are breathable, and it keeps your hand cool and dry in summers. It must prevent overheating and sweating on your hands, so you don’t have to take frequent breaks.

5. Weight

Too heavy gloves will end up making your arms tired. It causes discomfort and pain to work for long durations. To avoid this, always choose lightweight gardening gloves. However, make sure you opt lightweight but still sturdy and protective gloves.

Types Of Gardening Gloves

When you are buying the best garden gloves, consider these types of gardening gloves to help you in your pursuit. Different types of gardening gloves offer various advantages and satisfy specific requirements as well.

1. Cotton

Such types of gloves are manufactured with cotton and can be found anywhere around at home improvement stores or local hardware shops. These are cheap and can be reused again and again. It is perfect for gardeners who do not usually spend a lot of time in the garden and have basic gardening tasks to do.

2. Rubber

Rubber gloves are waterproof, which can be an excellent option while working in wet conditions. For working in damp situations, it is an excellent alternative for leather gloves.

3. Leather

Leather gloves are most certainly the most reliable and heavy-duty gardening gloves. They are durable, robust, and offer excellent protection against nearly everything you might across while doing heavy gardening tasks, constructions, auto, drain cleaning, and much more.

However, leather gloves are usually not flexible enough to perform all kinds of gardening tasks. So, buy the type of gloves according to your specific requirements.

4. Stretchy

Such gardening gloves are a mixture of cotton and lycra, having high elasticity and great fitting. Also, these gloves are very easy and quick to remove, along with high breathability. These gloves are comfortable, durable, and not cause any blisters or discomfort in your hands. It can be an excellent choice for choosing an all-purpose hybrid pair of gloves.

5. Disposable

Just go by the name as disposable gardening gloves are meant to use only once. They are not even technically considered as gardening gloves. But still, it works fantastic in various gardening tasks.

It offers protection to your hands while performing light gardening tasks. However, if you have a concern about the environment, you should look for biodegradable gloves.

Pro Tips You Should Remember While Buying The Best Gardening Gloves

1. Look for gloves that are highly flexible and comfortable. This can be the best combination in gardening gloves if you want to perform light gardening tasks such as planting seeds, digging, mixing soil, and raking. Such gloves are lightweight, quick to use, and easy to clean. Not to mention how least expensive, they are not to feel sorry when you lose them.

2. For heavy-duty gardening and construction tasks or working with sharp tools, choose leather-made gardening gloves. They are best for operating power equipment, woodworking, handling rocks and planting trees. Such gloves are durable and flexible with your hands, making these tasks easy to perform.

3. Go for latex or rubber gloves when you have work to do in wet or muddy conditions. If you are allergic to latex or rubber, choose PVC gardening gloves. They have added moisture protection and prevent water reach your hands.

4. While working with chemicals, choose nitrile and neoprene gloves as they are specifically designed to protect your skin from pesticides, oils, greases, and other harmful substances.

5. If your work is into rose pruning or dealing with tricky bushes, always go for gardening gloves with long sleeve gauntlet extended enough to cover your forearms. It prevents your forearms from thorn cuts and scratches.

6. Choosing the right size for your gloves becomes quite tricky when you are ordering it online. To do it the right way, measure your knuckles. Measure them with a tape measure to find the circumference of your knuckles, hence your glove size. According to the following table, choose the glove size according to these knuckle measures.


  • Knuckles ( Inches)
  • Small
    6.5–7.25 inches (16.5–18.4 cm)
  • Medium
    7.5–7.75 inches (19.1–19.7 cm)
  • Large
    8–8.75 inches (20.3–22.2 cm)
  • XL
    9–9.75 inches (22.9–24.8 cm)
  • XXL
    10–10.75 inches (25.4–27.3 cm)
  • XXXL
    11–12 inches (28–30 cm)

7. You also need to make sure that the fingertips of the glove must fit against your fingers. If there is more space than 0.5 inches (1.5 cm) between your fingers, then gloves might be bigger than you need. If you feel tightness in your fingers or cannot fit your fingers, you need bigger size gloves.

Top 12 Best Gardening Gloves 2022

1. Exemplary Gardens Rose Pruning Gloves

Exemplary Best Gardening Glove

Exemplary Garden Gloves are ideal for users with sensitive skin. It has lanolin, which makes the
gloves a soft, comfortable, and buttery texture. It also contains lanolin to keep your hands supple and moisturized, as well.

It is a 100% natural premium goat grain manufactured rose pruning gloves, which ensures puncture resistance keeping your hands blood-free from scratches and safe in the process.

These thorn-resistant gloves fit for the requirements of all gardeners. The long cowhide gauntlet offers elbow protection and prevents any skin damage. Exemplary Garden Rose pruning can be the best garden gloves for rose pruning for all kind of users.

The flexibility and pliability of leather gloves maintain dexterity for robust motor tasks like planting seeds. Glove thumbs are ergonomically designed, resulting in providing powerful grips to the garden tools.

The extended split suede cuff of thorn-proof gloves protect your arms as well. You will find the fabric breathable retaining dryness and coolness of your palms, fingers, and hand.


  • Puncture-resistant and Thorn resistant
  • Keep your hands moisturized
  • Breathable, soft and comfortable fiber
  • Protects your arms and elbows as well


  • Bit stuff sleeves at the early use

2. Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves

Pine tree tools bamboo working gloves are the sustainable, reasonable, and yet practical option for quality gardening hand protection. The breathable bamboo material absorbs sweat to keep the hands cool in hot summer and warm in chilling winters as well.

It is made-up of the most natural sustainable product- bamboo, making it an eco-friendly choice. The natural rubber tightens the wrist with soft and breathable fabric. It is comfortable to wear in all temperatures. The best part is, the material is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

It is so comfortable that it fits like a second skin. The pine gloves have bare hand sensitivity and even are touchscreen-friendly. It comes with EN388 4132 certificate giving great abrasion resistance. You can find the gloves in all sizes, including small, medium, large, XL, and XXL, as well.

Pine tree tools bamboo gloves also come with durable hand protection preventing skin wounds and dirty hands. Also, the gloves aren’t just for gardening but also for construction works, fishing trips, lobster diving, and restoration works as well. This also can be proven as the best women’s gardening gloves as per the ultimate comfort, breathability, and protection it promises.


  • Hypoallergenic & Anti-bacterial gloves
  • Natural & eco-friendly option
  • Durable
  • Breathable & comfortable


  • Protection capability doesn’t work for all the cases of gardening
  • Few complaints of rubber coating getting removed

3. G & F Women’s Garden Gloves

G & F Women’s Garden Gloves

G & F Women’s Garden gloves are undoubtedly one of the highest-rated gloves to buy. It is manufactured with a 100% nylon shell with nitrile coating. These gloves are available in different sizes and colors. However, one size fits most people comfortably.

It is lightweight and comfortable protective gloves that fit like a second skin. The gloves prevent dirt from getting stacked in your nails and are perfect for gardening and yard work.

It is also great for small hands as they won’t feel uncomfortable or struggling to hold or pick things. Also, it is effortless to clean and re-use again and again for longer durations.

It is another of the best women’s gardening gloves to opt for, especially if you are quite into working in bushes, picking weeds, doing yard work, and even drain cleaning.

The nitrile coating enables the gloves to be sufficiently sticky, making the grip stronger. It also prevents things from getting slipped out of your hands. This makes gloves work best in moisture or water-based works as well.

Another highlight with these gloves which cannot be overlooked is its inexpensive cost. You can consider this a price-for-value durable and all-time use gloves for almost all kinds of essential gardening work.


  • Lightweight
  • One size fits for most of the users
  • Breathable fabric
  • Durable


  • Not best for rose pruning or around thorny plants

4. Magid Glove & Safety Professional Rose Pruning Gardening Gloves

Magid Glove & Safety Professional Rose Pruning Gardening Gloves

Another one of the best garden gloves for rose pruning is Magid Glove & safety’s thorn-proof gardening gloves. It is primarily focussed on facilitating professional gardeners, more specifically, women gardeners.

It is a puncture-resistant design with padded palm and reinforced fingertips for ultimate protection. Additionally, the gauntlet cuff extended to the length of your elbow to protect your forearms from cuts and scratches.

Rose thorns mostly hit your knuckles for which knuckle guards are given for the protection. Apart from safety and security, the form-fitted spandex gloves are comfortable enough to work in the garden for long hours.

The whimsical printed green floral fingertips seem to add great aesthetics and grip to the design. The gloves offer protection, durability, maximum comfort, grip, and dexterity.

Magid Glove & Safety is America’s leading manufacturer, importer, and distributor of gardening and working gloves along with other personal protective equipment. The reliability and durability come with the brand known for offering such successful personal protection products.


  • Good aesthetics & Well-designed
  • Thorn protection
  • Reinforced and padded fingertips
  • Comfortable & Flexible


  • Sizing issue

5. RZleticc Garden Gloves Women Premium For Gardening

RZleticc Garden Gloves Women Premium For Gardening

RZleticc offers one of the most premium and best garden gloves for women, especially as ideal to work on rose pruning and yard work.

These gloves come with an excellent fit with one size fits most making it universal size. People with medium or large hands even find the best fitting to work for longer hours easily.

The durable gardening gloves are thorn proof with extraordinary grip. Double-stitched microfiber material along with the padded palm and knuckles gives excellent protection to your hands.

These premium gardening gloves can be used for all kinds of gardening and groundwork. Wear it for comfort while working with gardening tools or for rose pruning, trimming, yard work, and warehouse work as well.

The breathable fabric of the gloves adds more to the comfort, making it perfect to use in all kinds of weather easily.


  • Excellent fit
  • Thorn-proof
  • Padded palms and knuckles for protection
  • Breathable


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty gardening

6. Legacy Gardens Leather Gardening Gloves

Legacy Gardens Leather Gardening Gloves

If you are looking for an ideal heavy-duty gardening gloves with ultimate protection, Legacy Gardens leather gardening gloves might be the best choice here.

It is the best way to prevent your hands from scratches, skin wounds and getting rough or weathered while gardening for a long time. Consider it to be an all-rounder covering thorn protection to heavy-duty gardening tasks.

This leather gardening gloves come with quick and straightforward pull-on design extended to your elbows. Forearm sleeves thus protect you from scrapes and punctures on your arms where short-length gloves fail to do so.

Also, you can use these gloves during both cold and hot seasons as it maintains breathability and comfort throughout. It is manufactured with natural goat leather ideal for shielding from thorns, rocks twigs, and scissors. The high-quality anti-tear material is entirely cut and scratch-resistant.

Legacy Gardens leather gardening gloves feature specially-designed stitched thumbs making it easier to grip the tools. Even the users who have arthritis or any other hand or wrist-related issues will be able to create stronger, comfortable, and pain-free grips with these gardening gloves.

Legacy Gardens proudly proposes these as the best garden gloves, which can be an ideal gift for grandparents, parents, and women.


  • Flexible & Comfortable
  • Superior grip
  • Long-lasting
  • Breathable in cold and hot seasons
  • Cuts and scratch-resistant


  • Bit bulky fingers

7. Amazing Stuff For You! Garden Gloves

Amazing Stuff For You! Garden Gloves

Amazing Stuff For You Brings you these new and improved garden gloves with trust behind a long line of popular products.

Newly improved gardening gloves come with puncture-resistant coating reduces scratches and cuts. It also provides a super grip along with bare-hand sensitivity.

The breathable gloves reduce perspiration and shield you against hold and cold weather both. These gloves are an ideal choice for conducting tasks like planting, landscaping, digging, picking fruits & vegetables, and other gardening works and yard chores.

Amazing Stuff For You! offers the gloves with remarkable fitting. Make sure you choose a perfect size according to your hands, and it is best to prevent blisters.

These gloves offer more excellent dexterity and skill, as well. They are ideal pruning shears, weed pulling, using gardening tools and lawnmowers, spreading fertilizers, planting trees, and other works as well.

Even for pulling off tasks in different areas like in construction, restoration, renovation, cleaning, and mechanical, this glove excels in the performance. Besides, the palms and fingers of these gloves are coated with liquid-resistant nitrile and super water, providing a firm grip.


  • Puncture-resistant coating
  • Super-grip
  • Multi-purpose gloves
  • Comes with bare-hand sensitivity


  • Thin & stiff plastic coating
  • Less protective against thorns

8. Magid Glove & Safety Professional Rose Pruning Thornproof Gardening Gloves

Magid Glove & Safety Professional Rose Pruning Thornproof Gardening Gloves

It’s another premium, and professional rose pruning thornproof is offered from Magid Glove & Safety. TE194T rose pruning gardening gloves is a puncture-resistant synthetic leather offering ultimate protection from thorn cuts and scratches.

The design enables us to use it for a longer duration in the garden. The gloves have elbow-length gauntlet cuffs preventing your forearms from being cut or scratched. Apart from Exemplary Gardens gloves, this is also certainly one of the best garden gloves to choose for rose pruning.

Taking even further in terms of security, the gloves also have knuckle guard for additional protection. The form-fitting spandex makes the gloves extremely comfortable and flexible to wear.

With multiple armored protection features, you can enjoy gardening without the fear of injuring yourself. Also, the mesh material used in manufacturing for the gloves makes it highly breathable in all conditions. So it never gets too hot while working in it, even for long hours.

Note: The only con of this product come up so far is about sizing, which can be easily resolved by choosing the right fit for yourself.


  • Highly breathable
  • Ideal for rose pruning and dealing thorny plants
  • Comfortable & Flexible
  • Thickness in right sections of gloves for protection and good grip


  • Sizing issues

9. Garden Genie Waterproof Garden Gloves

Garden Genie Waterproof Garden Gloves

XJYAMUS Garden Genie waterproof gloves are quick and easy to wear. It comes with four built-in durable and robust ABS plastic claws on both hands. The claws make the digging and planting easy without any hand tools.

The natural latex rubber-coated material gloves are puncture-resistant and waterproof. It protects your hands from broken nails, cuts, and scratches.

The breathable design of garden genie gloves also features nylon knitting on the back of the hand. It keeps your hands cool and dry in winter as well as summer.

The high-quality latex coating enables good ductility where the gloves come in universal size ideal for men, women, and even older kids.

It lets you do rapid excavation and planting in different tasks you find in horticulture. Waterproof garden gloves are also easy to clean and quick to reuse again.


  • Durable ABS plastic claws for digging and planting
  • Puncture-resistant gloves
  • Waterproof gloves, so easy to clean


  • Not much comfortable for long-time use
  • Finger-bending issue due to claws

10. G & F Women Soft Jersey Garden Gloves

G & F Women Soft Jersey Garden Gloves

If you prefer latex-free garden gloves, it becomes trickier to find the right garden gloves adhering to the quality and cost-efficiency. G & F women soft jersey garden gloves are the best garden gloves that are made of 100 percent pure cotton.

These assorted jersey gloves come with vibrant and colorful flower prints with knit wrist. It is available in 3 gloves to pack, offering different colors such as red, green, and blue.

The knot wrist keeps the dirt and must out, whereas the PVC dots provide extra grip. These gloves come in a universal size, which fits all.

The gloves are lightweight and comfortable wearing for long hours.


  • 100% cotton-made gloves
  • Vibrant and colorful design
  • PVC dots for extra grip
  • Lightweight


  • Sizing issues

11. Showa Atlas Nitrile Garden Gloves

SHOWA Atlas Nitrile Garden Gloves

SHOWA Atlas Nitrile Garden gloves protect your hands from dirt and debris and give you an ideal grip for pulling out weeds. It is so comfortable that you almost feel like you are wearing nothing on your hands.

The nitrile coating with durable nylon fabric doesn’t let debris settle on the gloves. So, it prevents it from bulking up while working heavy duty in the garden.

The gloves are so thin and lightweight that it is always easy to take-off in no time. All it needs a quick wash, and you are good to go again with new-looking gloves.

Consider it is working correctly for all kinds of gardening tasks such as digging holes, spreading seeds, pulling weeds, potting plants, cutting bushes, shoveling, and so on.

It is undoubtedly the best garden gloves to go for as it comes with the six-gloves pack. Not much expensive, so when you buy once, and you are done for a long time. Even if you lose one, pull out another.

Even according to the users, it is one of the highly used gloves receiving great feedback. So apparently, it is a trendsetting gardening glove that provides ultimate comfort and versatility.


  • Durable nylon fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Very Inexpensive
  • Comes as six-pack gloves
  • Snug-fitting


  • Maybe not very good with thorny plants

12. Garden 12 Working Gloves For Women Garden Gloves

Garden 12 Working Gloves For Women Garden Gloves

Garden 12 working gloves for women have a special protective coating that protects you from cuts and scratches. The nitrile coated fingers and palms where the material is strong enough to protect your hands and nails getting punctured or wounded.

The gardening gloves are manufactured from breathable nylon keeps your hands dry and clean. Not to mention how these nylon-made gloves allow you to have full dexterity due to its hypoallergenic and stretchable traits.

The cuff work here is longer than the standard garden gloves. These pairs of gloves are the best garden gloves to get for all standard indoor and outdoor tasks.

With these gloves, you can perform tasks such as planting, spreading compost, cutting bushes or plants, and other gardening practices. Also, it is durable for furniture repair, automobile tasks, fence, fishing, painting, and other DIY tasks.

You get these as a pack of four or two, so there always will be spare ones to use even when you lose one. It is available in different colors like green grass and coral orange. You can clean the gloves just by washing it.


  • Nitrile coating protection
  • Breathable nylon
  • Hypoallergenic & Stretchable


  • Some cases of fitting issues
  • Hands get warmer in prolonged use

Best Gardening Glove – Your Choice?

With an excellent pair of gardening gloves, you can elevate your gardening experience, preventing any discomfort or skin damage from thorny plants. It protects you from prickly plants, provides grip, and helps you perform all kinds of gardening tasks with ease.

But choosing the right gardening gloves for yourself can be overwhelming due to the wide varieties and brands out there. You need to check the type of material, gauntlet size, durability, weight, and breathability of the gloves.

Remember, you must choose the gloves which match according to the kind of gardening tasks required. For example, if you want to do the heavy-duty gardening task, a pair of leather gloves with flexibility and long gauntlet will be a suitable choice.

A good pair of gloves prevents your hand from getting dirty or exposed to insects. It improves your efficiency in gardening. Opting one of these best garden gloves will change your gardening experience forever and make it even more fun.