Best Hedge Plants 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Best Choice Products 2. Flybold 3. Creative Space
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Hedges are walls composed of living or nonliving plants. They are popular for their application as privacy screens in residential outdoor spaces like yards and balconies. They are also used as decorative backdrops for indoor spaces like living rooms and study areas. There are many different types of artificial hedge plants available on the market these days. They differ in their hues, their durability, their appearance, and many other aspects.

Have you been thinking of installing hedge plants in your house or office space but don’t know where to start? With too many options available out there, it can be quite overwhelming to pick the right one. You must have all the required knowledge about gardening, hedges and their various uses before you invest in them. A wrong purchase can cause you a ton of frustration and money in the future. But worry not! We are here to help you get through this.


Our extensive guide on the best hedge plants has all the information that you might need. We have also reviewed the top 15 artificial hedge plants available out there. You are sure to find the best one for yourself on this list. Let’s check them out!

Factors To Consider Before Buying Hedge Plants

Whether you are looking for a hedge for your patio or for your home office, there are things that you should be mindful of. Here are the most important factors that will help you make an informed purchase.

1. The Purpose

Hedge plants are used for various purposes other than just as a piece of decoration. Before investing in an artificial hedge, it is important that you clearly lay down your requirements. Are you looking for a privacy screen or a visual barrier for your backyard or rooftop pool? If yes, then you should go for foliage tiles or cage style rigid privacy hedges for best results.

If you are looking to add some decorative accent to your indoor spaces, then flush mount or standoff foliage will be the right choice. You can choose different shapes and sizes in this according to the area you want to beautify. For creating an artificial wall or a space divider, you should go for privacy hedges that are attached to wrought-iron cages. You would also want a dense material that can keep the light from seeping through.

2. The Safety

Artificial hedge plants are made of synthetic materials like latex, plastic, and polyethylene. Low-quality chemical synthetics can be toxic to the environment. You should always check if the hedge you are purchasing is eco-friendly or not. It should not release any toxic chemicals into the environment when exposed to extreme weather conditions. This is even more crucial if you have kids or pets that might come in contact with the hedge while playing. To ensure that your product is safe, you should look for the SGS certification provided by the manufacturer.

3. The Installation

Different artificial hedges are designed in different ways when it comes to their attaching mechanisms. There are hedges that are attached to a willow frame, which is expandable. This frame can be attached to a frame without using any tools, so the installation is very simple.

There are some hedges that are sold with special attachment fasteners or fixtures. There are other greenery panels that come in a roll. You can simply unroll these and affix them to your desired surface using zip ties.

Some manufacturers sell these panels separately and you then have to clamp them together to make a large hedge. So, you want to choose the one that is easy to install in your desired indoor or outdoor area.

4. The Customization

The hedge plant panels that you buy might not always fit your space perfectly. They might be either too big or too edgy to be installed with perfection. In this case, it becomes essential that the product be easily customizable. Most of the artificial hedge panels these days are sold separately so you can combine them together to establish the hedge size that you want. Other than that, your hedge material should be soft enough that you can easily cut and bend according to your requirements. The best hedge plants are those that can be manipulated using a pair of scissors.

5. The Weatherproofing

This is a very important factor to keep in mind if you are planning to install outdoor hedges. In spaces like yards and gardens, your hedge plants will be exposed to sun, rain, and snow. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose a product that is weather-proof. You want to look for the artificial hedge plants that are UV-resistant. They should also not lose their color and texture when exposed to changing weather conditions.

There are a plethora of options available on the shelf and it can be pretty daunting to pick the right one. What if you make a wrong choice and end up wasting your money? Don’t worry! We have reviewed the best ones for you.

Top 16 Best Hedge Plants 2022

1. Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products Best Hedge Plants

Best Choice Products is really the best when it comes to hedge plants. Here is an artificial faux ivy hedge plant that you buy in a 50-dollar budget. At this amazing price, you get a realistic-looking green ivy screen that can be put along a fence or railing for creating full privacy in your patio or yard. The leaves are closely compacted and offer a thorough blockage of sunlight while letting the airflow.

This artificial hedge measures 94 x 39 inches and is extremely easy to install. Its lightweight structure allows you to put it on walls, fences, trellis, and several other areas. This ivy screen is great at enhancing the look of your apartment. It not only provides great privacy but also acts as a gorgeous backdrop for taking pictures for special occasions. And the best part is, it requires little to no maintenance since it is made of plastic and polyester materials. Various happy customers have mentioned that this hedge is not prone to sun-fading and offers a coy look to your space.


2. Flybold


Are you looking for an artificial hedge for a large space, but you don’t want to spend too much? Flybold has the best deal for you. In less than 150 dollars, you get 12 tiles that are 20 x 20 inches each, which is an impressive size for the price. In addition to that, you also receive a 33 sq ft. pack of 20 zip ties and a visual instruction manual with this product and that makes it a steal deal. The leaves in this hedge have 4 layers and there are 400 stitches per panel, which offers great density and better privacy. The panels are made of high-density polyethylene and are UV-resistant.

The odorless and durable material of this product does not have any plastic blurs at all. So, you can use it in outdoor spaces like porch, yard, backyard, patio, etc. You can even use it to decorate your interior spaces including bathroom, study room, reception desk, and more. This product is free of toxic heavy metals and meets the safety standards of CPSIA. The step-by-step visual guide makes the installation extremely easy and the interlocking tiles take no time to come together. To top this all, Flybold provides you a 3-year warranty on this product. How great is that?


3. Creative Space

Creative Space

For those who are looking for a premium product, here it is! Creative Space offers a set of 12 artificial faux boxwood panels, each measuring 20 x 20 inches and covering 33.33 sq ft of space. These panels are designed to look 100% natural with their 4-5 layered surfaces and tall leaves. The product has a consistent dark green color and 400 stitches per mat for maximum density. The UV-protected hedge plant is unlikely to fade under prolonged sun exposure during outdoor use. This boxwood hedge can be used in several different ways. Whether you want some cozy time on your balcony or you want to beautify your living room, this product will not disappoint you.

The installation instructions are provided both via text and video, so no frustration there. The 20 zip ties included in the package are very easy to install. One thing to note is that this product will require drilling if you want to install it on hard surfaces. The best thing is that you also get a bonus hedge plant in this package that is gift-wrapped. That coupled with the lifetime warranty on this product makes it the best in its class for this price.


4. Porpora


This artificial hedge plant by Porpora will interest those who want an affordable hedge option. In less than 100 dollars, you are offered a pack of 12 panels measuring 20 x 20 inches each. Each panel is made using lightweight and high-density polyethylene and covers 32 sq. ft. of space. The material is eco-friendly and hence is super safe for indoor as well as outdoor use. This product is UV-proof, weather-resistant, and requires low to no maintenance. You can easily attach it to any wooden frame or chain fence using the green attachment fasteners provided with the product.

If you want a natural lush look, this product will do it for you since it can be cut and shaped using scissors. The panels connect with interlocking connectors, so installation is a breeze. Customers who bought this product have appreciated the affordable price and the superior quality of this product. It has been suggested by customers that this hedge should not be stored in a rolled-up position for too long.


5. Sunnyglade


Here is another cheap yet good quality artificial hedge plant that you don’t have to spend more than 100 dollars for. Sunnyglade offers 12 boxwood panels, each of which is 50mm tall. The 4 layers of leaves in this hedge with 400 stitches per panel gives it a pretty realistic appearance. This hedge is not see-through, so you can very well use it for creating some privacy in your outdoor spaces. The base material of this product is the infamous HDPE which is super-strong and weightless. It is also resistant to fading and withering with prolonged outdoor usage.

The installation is entirely DIY as there are interlocking connectors in each panel. You are provided a manual guide with the product which will help you through the installation process. This product is SGS certified and hence, it is eco-friendly and non-toxic. This product differs from the others in the market since it has 19 grids per row unlike 17 grids seen in most of the greenery panels.


6. Uland Artificial

Uland Artificial

ULAND offers a fabulous looking artificial boxwood hedge plant with white flowers. It is a pack of 6 pieces of 20 x20-inch boxwood panels and 40 Green Attachment Fasteners. The HDPE material used in making these panels gives them great durability and weightlessness. It is not only UV-resistant but also holds up in extremely cold weather and snow. These panels are flexible and have a grid pattern on the back, so you can easily cut them as you like. It is extremely easy to install this hedge with the interlocking connectors featured in each panel.

With this product, you don’t have to commit to any maintenance, upkeep or trimming. It has applications in various areas like wooden walls, chain link fences, drywalls, trellises, concrete surfaces, etc. So you get to make your house look fresh and airy with no maintenance at all. ULAND believes in making its hedge plants look as real as possible. Therefore, they limit the number of connections in the leaves wherever possible and focus on creating single foliage with minimum secondary leaf connections.


7. Besamenature


Have you been wanting to get a hedge plant to make our apartment look pretty but you don’t have time for its maintenance? Worry not! That’s what artificial hedge plants are for. This boxwood hedge mat is a pack of 12 such artificial panels, each measuring 20 x 20 inches. You also get 100 pieces of 6-inch green attachment fasteners in the package for easy installation. The product is SGS certified and eco-friendly so you can use it indoors without any issue.

In a 150-dollar budget, you get a high-quality artificial hedge made of fresh PE and latex. The durability of the product is commendable and it is unlikely to fade or crack during extreme weather conditions. The foliage is flexible since it is clad onto a strong plastic mesh for hard-wearing. The hedge has a 100% botanically accurate leaf design which looks realistic even from a close angle. Additionally, the product is put together by skilled craftsmen, so your space is sure to look stunning with this hedge on.


8. Ejoy Artificial

Ejoy Artificial

It is no crime to seek good quality at an affordable cost and Ejoy understands that. This 12-pack of artificial topiary hedge panels by Ejoy is a great option when you are low on the budget. Each panel is 20 x 20 inches in size and covers approximately 32 sq ft of area. The lifelike appearance of the hedge is provided by the Real Leaf Technology used in its making. It does not release any toxins as it is made of safe and eco-friendly HDPE material. This product is perfect for privacy as well as enhancing the aesthetics of any space.

As for the installation, each panel has a snap and lock connector which makes the process very easy. This artificial hedge can be attached to any type of wooden frame without much hassle. You can easily cut and shape the panels using a pair of scissors according to your preference. The UV-proof and weatherproof materials add to its longevity for outdoor use. And in less than 100 dollars, you not only get an excellent product but also a 5-year warranty on it. People who went for this product have rated it as one of the best hedge plants in its price range.


9. 3rd Street Inn

3rd Street Inn

Get ready to bring your space to life with 3rd Street Inn’s artificial greenery panels. They offer a high-quality and realistic looking artificial foliage that will win your heart in an instant. You can buy 12-pack foliage of standard size in the price range of 150-200 dollars. You get the look of a live plant minus the maintenance and upkeep that comes with it. Whether you are searching for some additional wedding décor or something elegant to cover your balcony, this is the product to go for.

This one is resistant to water and UV damage, so durability is nothing to be worried about. The dense leaf structure of this hedge works to reduce echo and make your space cozy. The interlocking connectors in each panel are very easy to put together. The coverage of this product is simply amazing and it can easily hide your mounting hardware. It has an Ultra-Flex frame that is designed to contour to any shape for beautifying both flat and curved surfaces. It has been observed by a few customers that the leaves of this hedge are prone to easy weathering. So, it should be handled with care.


10. UltraHedge Artificial

UltraHedge Artificial

Do you have a small space that you want to cover with a hedge? If yes, then this one by UltraHedge might just be the right one for you. It is a pack of 6 greenery panels measuring length 20 “x 20″ in size. You can easily adjust the size of the faux using a pair of scissors, which is amazing. Worried if you would be able to make time for your dear hedge plants? Well, with this one, you don’t have to worry about any maintenance, so no watering or trimming.

This product is designed in a way that doesn’t fade or become brittle when exposed to sunlight. The manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty on this product. The installation couldn’t be any easier with their Snap & Go technology that offers interlocking connectors. You also get zip ties in the package that aid in easy fastening. This hedge is lead-free which makes it safe for kids as well as pets. Customers have stated that the panels are actually comprised of four 10″ X 10″ pieces clubbed together. This particular design offers added flexibility as you can unsnap a few pieces to meet your requirements.


11. Uland Artificial

Uland Artificial

Here is another one of ULAND’s high-quality hedges that’s available for purchase. You get 12 pieces of artificial boxwood hedge, each having a size of 20 x 20 inches and covering 32 sq. ft of space. The leaves in this hedge are two-toned and 98% shaded, so you are assured a realistic appearance with this product. The base material used in the making is 100% fresh plastic that is non-toxic and eco-friendly. These greenery panels are resistant to damage from UV light and do not demand any maintenance at all.

You can use this product for concealment or give your space a new look. These artificial shrub panels have been designed with great detail and texture. The manufacturer claims that this product can be used in an outdoor setting for 5-8 years without any issue. You can easily cut or bend these panels to fit your space as per your liking. The installation is made easy with the green attachment fasteners provided in the product package. A few customers have noted that this product does not hold up for too long in places with scorching sunlight.


12. Generic Hedge

Generic Hedge

Are you looking for an option that is a little more decorative? Here is a deal for you that is too hard to ignore. You get artificial boxwood fencing panels that cover 2.8 sq ft of space and are easy to install. These panels come in a pack of 12 and measure 20 x 20 inches in size. The lightweight structure of this product makes it a good option for both indoors as well as outdoor use. Attach them to any chain link wall or wooden frame easily for a refreshed look.

It can also enhance your wedding decorations, landscaping design, wall covering, and much more. Other than that, the dense structure of the hedge works as a great sound diffuser so you can relax in your patio with ease. These boxwood panels are completely odorless, so you can install them in your workplace as well. Customers who used this hedge to cover block walls have been impressed by its screening abilities. It has been highly recommended for creating privacy in your outdoor spaces since it is not see-through at all.


13. Yaheetech


Scrolling through this list to find the cheapest one? Your search ends here. This artificial boxwood hedge by Yaheetech is the most affordable option as it can be bought for less than 80 dollars. You get 6 HDPE hedge panels that are 20″ x 20″ x 1.8″ inches in size. The UV proofing of the material ensures that it lasts for years and years even with regular outdoor use. Don’t be fooled by its soft and feather-light appearance; the material is just as strong as it is beautiful.

Forget about watering or trimming or investing in its maintenance at all. You can easily fasten it to any brick wall or chain fence using the interlocking connectors and certain assistant tools. This makes for a great decoration backdrop for your private spaces as well as outdoor areas. It also has plastic webbing behind the leaves to imbibe it with even more durability. The flexibility of the hedge panels allows you to contour it into any kind of space, be it curved or flat.


14. TopNew


You can get Top News SGS certified artificial boxwood topiary hedge for a very budget-friendly price range. The lightweight HDPE material used to make this hedge ensures that it doesn’t give up for years. Do you need a screening hedge for outdoor use but worried about UV damage? This product comes with an Intertek UV certification so it is unlikely to ever break down due to sun exposure. Not only that but you can also use it as a backdrop for wedding photography and similar decorative applications.

In the package, you receive 12 greenery panels, 5 spare leaves, 40 zip ties, and an installation manual. Each panel is 20 x 20 inches in size which covers a substantial amount of space. The realistic look is brought on by the dense layering of leaves and careful shades of green. These panels, being artificial don’t need watering or any other kind of maintenance. The backside of each panel has 19 grids that can be shaped into the required size and design. The installation is very easy with the interlocking connector design of each panel.


15. Petgrow


If you are looking for the best hedge plants and money is not an issue for you, then this one will be a great pick. In the 200-dollar price range, you get a high-quality 20-pack of 20 x 20-inch greenery panels. With a foliage pile height of 1.8 inches, this artificial hedge looks more realistic than the others in the market. The product is quite durable due to its UV-proof and weather-resistant material. So, come rain or shine, your pretty hedge plants will not give up on you.

These panels are made of fresh and not recycled HDPE, so there is no chance of any toxic chemical release from it. Do you want to add some stylish privacy to your patio? This product is fit for the job as it is not at all see-through. You can also ramp up your indoor Christmas or Halloween decorations using these hedge plants. You receive 100 pieces of green attachment fasteners in the package, so the installation is pretty easy. You do not have to worry about any maintenance or upkeep of this product year-around.


16. Uland 12pcs

Uland 12pcs

ULAND is an established name in the artificial hedge plant industry. This is ULAND’s more expensive and higher quality hedge option for those who like premium products. In 100-150 dollars, you can buy 12 pieces of 20″ x 20″ greenery panels that can cover approximately 32 sq. ft. area. The leaves of these panels are waterproof, windproof, and UV-resistant, so the durability is well taken care of. ULAND has used 100% new polyethylene plastic that is soft to touch and appears real.

The leaves are dark green in the shade which is sure to suit all your indoor as well as outdoor spaces. The design and look of this artificial faux hedge are ideal for various kinds of facades. Each carton of this product contains free cable ties for easy installation. You also get a 3-5 year warranty on this product. These are the best hedge plants if you have a big space and you are okay with paying a little more for added quality. Many happy customers have stated that the product doesn’t look plastic-like at all and also works on reducing echo.


Benefits Of Artificial Hedge Plants

1. The Aesthetics

One major reason behind using hedge plants is the beauty and freshness that they instill in the area where they are installed. While real hedge plants can be prone to losing their beauty due to various reasons, artificial hedge plants never disappoint you in this regard. Your artificial hedges stay fresh all year-round. Also, the colors of your artificial hedges are unlikely to fade due to changing seasons. The symmetric textures and shades of these greenery panels make them look neat and that too without any maintenance.

2. The Flexibility

Artificial hedge plants offer a ton of flexibility when it comes to where they can be installed. With real hedges, you have to factor in a lot of things including the amount of soil available or the type of surface. Artificial hedges are very forgiving and can fit anywhere. You can use these to cover unpleasant fences, ugly concrete garages and so much more. There are almost no limitations to the level of creativity that you can achieve with artificial hedging.

3. No Maintenance

This is the best part about artificial hedging. You are freed from the obligations of watering and maintaining your hedge plants. No matter how much you love your real hedge panels, their maintenance turns into a boring chore pretty soon. The most you have to do with artificial hedges is to clean them with a soft-bristled paintbrush or wipe them with a wet cloth. And who doesn’t like a garden that doesn’t demand too much?

4. No Waiting

Plants take time to grow. When you plant a new hedge, it can take anywhere between a few months to a year to establish its roots. This calls for a waiting period during which time your hedge doesn’t look very pretty. There is no such issue with artificial hedging. You bring home a fully done and set-up hedge plant roll that you can just put up wherever you want. It is going to give you an elegant space transformation from the minute it is installed.

5. The Longevity

The artificial hedge plants available in the market these days are made of high-density polyethylene material. This material is known for its strong and durable molecular structure. So your hedges are expected to look brand new for years and years. The other reason for their increased longevity is the UV resistance and weather resistance that they are equipped with. This also prevents their color from fading away or their leaves from becoming brittle. Ultimately, you save a ton of money on replacing and rebuilding hedges.

6. No Mess

Having real hedge plants inside your house can become a messy affair in no time. This is because they need real soil and water to grow. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on your desire to have your indoor spaces looking lush and fresh. That’s where artificial hedge plants come to save the day. With no pesticides, water or real soil involved, they make for a pretty neat decorative element to your indoor spaces. They can be installed as an inanimate showpiece and still look like plants that are alive and breathing.

7. The Storage

What if you were to move to a different house or you are planning to revamp your whole yard? You would want to remove your hedge plants and store them somewhere for later use. This can be a difficult task if you are using real hedge plants. But artificial ones make it an easy thing to accomplish since they are not likely to die when stored for long.

8. The Applications

The most popular use of artificial hedge plants is as privacy screens or temporary walls. They work as a great concealment method in gardens, terraces, swimming pools, and similar places. As compared to the other resources used for the enclosure, hedge plants are considered the best. This is because they are not heavy on the wallet and can also be installed without any professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have some questions and doubts about hedge plants? It is an important investment and it is only natural to have queries. So here are some common questions that bother those who are new to hedge plants.

1. How To Look After Your Artificial Hedges?

It is recommended that you clean your artificial hedge plants once a week or a few times a month. This involves gently dusting using a paintbrush with soft bristles. It is always a good idea to begin dusting from the top of the hedge and go downwards. This way of cleaning is good for smaller hedges.

However, if you have several artificial hedges, you can speed up the cleaning process by spraying compressed air directly onto the foliage of the hedge. This is a task that should be done outdoors since it can get a bit messy. For any stubborn marks or dirt, you can wipe down the plants with a wet piece of cloth. After the cleaning, it is important that you dry the plant to prevent any breakage.

2. What Is The Difference Between Formal And Informal Hedges?

a. Formal Hedges

Formal hedges are differentiated from the informal hedges mainly based on their shape and appearance. Formal hedges are symmetrical and neatly trimmed to have well-shaped perimeters. These are usually created using a single species of plants or with a variety of small-leafed plants. Their height ranges from 1 foot to 6 feet. Their overall look gives an impression of a solid block of greens. The most common plant choice for a formal hedge is the boxwood. Other plants include barberry, holly, yew, and hemlock.

b. Informal Hedges

Informal hedges, on the other hand, are designed to look more casual. They lack the geometric shape and structure of the formal hedges. These hedges work better in areas like cottage gardens where their loss form is emphasized and appreciated. You can create an informal hedge for your space simply by mixing different hedge plants. Some plants used for this purpose are weigela, lavender, oleander, photinia, etc.

3. How Long Do Hedges Take To Grow?

Your newly planted hedge will take at least one year to establish its roots properly. Post this the plants start to grow with a rate of 3 inches per year. The time taken by the plants to grow also depends on what kind of species you have planted. For optimal growth, it is advised that you water the hedge regularly during the summer months. Lack of water can lead to damaging or roots or stunted growth of hedge plants.

4. How To Prevent My Artificial Hedge From Getting Faded In The Sun?

One very popular application of artificial hedge plants is the privacy screen in outdoor spaces like yards and patios. This exposes your hedge plants to sunlight, making them prone to fading. Most of the artificial greenery panels that are available on the market these days are made of UV-resistant material. However, if you have a hedge that is not inherently UV-proof, you can get a UV-resistant spray for it.

Before you spray the plants, make sure they have been cleaned using a soft brush or wet cloth. Then lightly spray the plants keeping the bottle about a foot away from the hedge. Follow this process in the day time and allow the hedge to air dry for a few hours.

Best Hedge Plant – The Conclusion

Are you tired of not having any privacy in your backyard because your neighbors keep peeping in? Or maybe the kids next-door make too much noise and you can’t enjoy your evenings in your patio. It can be quite frustrating. And a simple solution to these issues is artificial hedging. You heard that right!

Hedge plants work as great barriers to outdoor spaces where you need some privacy. Constructing concrete walls at such places is not always feasible. And hedges are a very economical alternative to this problem. There are hedge plants that are designed to absorb sound and create a cozy place for you. The dense material of hedge plants doesn’t leave any room for visibility, so you get amazing privacy. And best of all, artificial hedges are very long-lasting due to their synthetic structure.

Is it a new concept for you and you lack the proper knowledge to buy the best hedge plants? If yes, then you must read up on our hedge plant buying guide. We are here to help you choose the best option of all.