Best Pruning Saws 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Bahco 2. Corona 3. Tarvol
Bahco Best Pruning Saw Corona Tarvol

Do you usually like to clean up your yard by yourself or do you prefer to go on an occasional walk through the woods? If your answer is the latter then you are in need of the best pruning saw possible.

Pruning saws are one of the best tools for doing activities like gardening, camping, exploring nature, and as a true nature lover, you need to own one. Despite their low price , they’re still underutilized.


We’ve assembled a list of some of the best pruning saws so that you can figure out which model is right for your needs. If you decide to get one of these 16 models, we can assure you that you won’t make a mistake.

We know that it can be quite stressful to shop online, and that’s why we have put together this buyer’s guide to help you walk through some of the best pruning saws we have reviews. If you know what you’re looking for in a pruning saw, you can get a model that will give you a long life of happy, easy service.

Whether you are an old pruning saw master brushing up before your next buy, or you’re new to purchasing your first pruning saw, you can read on to find out what you should be looking for when you are searching for the perfect pruning saw to suit your needs.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Pruning Saw

1. Manufacturer And Material Quality

It is wise to choose a reputed company while choosing a product as they will offer high material quality. If the handle isn’t strong there is no use of a sharp blade when the handle breaks. So, the material must be of high quality. When it comes to materials, you should ensure your future pruning saw is made out of high carbon steel. It’s a preferred material which is usually used in pruning saw blades because it is so hard and consequently stays sharp for a long time.

2. Size And Sharpness Of Blade

Some blades are straight and some are curved. The curvature of the blade influences the performance, while the thickness of the blade is also essential for the sturdiness of the product. Nobody wants pruning saws with a blunt blade that will kill valuable time which you could have saved by investing in the best pruning saw.

3. Blade Quality

One of the important factors you should consider when choosing a pruning saw is the quality of the blade. This will determine how long the blade lasts and, in our opinion, it’s always best to select a blade with the highest quality even if you need to spend a few more bucks. This will ensure the pruning saw will last you for years and give you a better cutting quality than some cheaper ones available in the market.

Another thing to consider when it comes to blades is how easy is it to get a replacement. Blades can break due to multiple reasons and it should be possible to get a replacement easily. However, there are pruning saws where the blade costs almost the same as a new saw and you don’t need to bother about a blade replacement in that case.

Some blades can be re-sharpened while others cannot, so that’s another factor you should keep in mind while choosing a pruning saw. Finally, check the joint between the blade and the handle. Often some screws are re-used and you should make sure they are well-fitted and durable. You don’t want them coming off when you’re busy cutting a branch.

4. Handle

The comfort of handling a pruning saw totally depends on the handle. A high-quality grip makes sure of quality performance and comfort of work. Also, a handle with more joint points and a strong joint with the blade is needed for safety and durability. Some handles come in pistol grip and some offer telescopic poles for far trimming. Always take into consideration these options while making your pick for the perfect pruning saw.

5. Configuration Of Teeth

Blade teeth are of the utmost importance when choosing a pruning saw. These teeth are essential in getting the job done with ease. They influence trimming directly as they come in physical contact with wood. The better configuration of the teeth, the more conveniently you will be able to cut through any material. Always take into consideration teeth per inch and the size of teeth you need. The teeth of the saw control the direction and method of the cut. Some saws cut in both directions and some cut in either a push or pull stroke.

Also, resistance in cutting depends on the friction of teeth. Keep in mind that the teeth on the blade of the pruning saw determine the efficiency of cutting the wood. The more teeth per inch of the blade, the faster the cuts will be. Some blades have aggressive teeth for faster cuts.

However, the more teeth on the blade, the more effort is needed to start the cut. Some blades have teeth that cut during the pull motion while others cut during both the pull and push motion. The former will need more strokes to cut but the latter also might need more force.

6. Scabbard

When not in use, the pruning saw blade should be covered with a protective scabbard. This protects the blade from damage as well as prevents injury when you reach for the pruning saw in your bag of gardening tools. We recommend to always have a scabbard protect your pruning saw blade. Some pruning saws come with a scabbard included in the price. But if not, you’ll need to buy one because it’s worth the price for the safety it offers.

7. Durability

When you have to prune your garden regularly to keep it clean, you definitely need something durable. Because you can’t waste your money buying a pruning saw over and over again. Always look for something with high-quality material and strong construction.

8. Weight

Weight of your saw refers to how much your saw can handle. You have to select the weight according to your task. When you are dealing with a thicker and tougher branch, look for a heavy-duty pruning saw. Also, think about whether or not you can handle the weight.

9. Safety

Precaution is a must when you are handling and storing a pruning saw as the blade is very sharp. Always look for a saw that will ensure the safety of you and the people around you, especially kids. Foldable saws with a locking mechanism and saws with sheaths are quite safe. Also, the handle must have a sturdy construction to handle the tasks.

10. Price

Price is an important factor to consider. Nobody wants to spend money on a useless product. So, consider if the product you’re investing in is worth buying or not. A quality product from a well-known manufacturer will cost more. Take into consideration the price of the product which will fit your budget.

Top 16 Best Pruning Saws 2022

1. Bahco 398-LAP

Bahco Best Pruning Saw

The main advantage of this pruning saw is its comfortable 2 component handle which will give you an excellent grip. This pruning saw will cut fast through green or dry wood, plastic, bone, and more. If you like to go camping or hunting, this is the little tool you need to have in your pocket then for sure. You don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting yourself with the saw, because it has a safety lock in both the open and closed positions.

Furthermore, this pruning saw has a low friction rust preventive coating, so you won’t be needing a new one for a long time. This saw also comes with spare blades making it a long lasting tool. This pruning saw is specially designed for wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, and campers. Its blade is made out of XT hardpoint toothing, 7 TPI and it’s specially coated for rust protection and low friction.


  • Excellent for campers, hunters and wildlife enthusiasts
  • It has low friction rust preventive coating
  • Good looking design


  • Changing spare blades can be tricky and dangerous

2. Corona RazorTOOTH


Firstly, if you were looking for the best pruning saw out there then this one is perfect for you. With its 3-sided razor teeth for efficient cutting, this 10″ blade is ideal for cutting 5″-6″ diameter small and medium branches, which makes it perfect for camping. Its ergonomic design of the co-molded handle makes it very comfortable to hold. The saw also comes with a comfortable grip for extended use.

Furthermore, the folding blade is curved, taper-ground and replaceable which makes it really strong and durable. It has up to 6 teeth per inch and curved blade design for faster cutting. It can cut through things smoother and quicker than a traditional saw.

Also, keep in mind that most replaceable blades cost almost as much as a new pruning saw, but if you get this one, you won’t need to worry about burning a hole in your pocket since the blades aren’t that expensive.


  • Excellent tool for camping
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Reasonably Priced Replaceable blades


  • Simple design

3. Tarvol Curved Comfort


If you were looking for incredibly strong and versatile pruning saw that can easily cut through branches and limbs that are up to 8 inches thick, then this pruning saw is for you! With its razor tooth 7TPI curved blade, cutting, and trimming will seem effortless.

Its ergonomic cushioned handle gives you a comfortable sturdy feel while you’re cutting or sawing. This pruning saw is also perfect for gardening – including trees, shrubs, plants, branches, limbs and so much more. Some users of this saw have admitted that that the pruning saw looked and worked well just like the first day even after months of regular use. The only downside of this pruning saw is that it doesn’t have any extensions, which makes it basic pruning saw, but with excellent quality.


  • Very attractive design
  • Excellent for gardening
  • Razor tooth 7TPI curved blade


  • Can Rust Easily

4. Rexbeti Folding Camping


Do you like to go camping from time to time? While you’re out there in the wild, you will need the best pruning saw possible, just in case. With this durable SK-5 steel blade for efficient cutting during camping survival, you will be more than prepared for every situation. Also, this is an excellent blade even for basic yard work. We are talking about a heavy-duty rugged 11″ long blade that will help you power through thick branches faster.

The aggressive staggered teeth of this blade will allow you an ultra-smooth and sharp saw experience without any problems. The handle is made out of rubber-coated polymer which ensures a firm grip in any weather condition and makes it comfortable to hold. With its extra-long folding design, this saw is one of the must-have items you should own when you’re camping.


  • Excellent for camping and yard work
  • Great folding saw
  • Best pruning saw if you are on a budget


  • It’s very heavy to hold

5. Corona Razor RS-7120

Corona Razor

Have you ever wanted to cut through something really fast? Well, with this Corona Razor you will be able to cut twice as fast! With its triple-ground and impulse-hardened teeth, you will be able to cut through anything fast, the same as one with conventional teeth. Faster cutting is also possible because of the 13″ curved blade that puts more teeth into the branch. This pruning saw is ideal for cutting medium to large branches.

Also, we must mention that the saw teeth are whetstone ground, which means they are set for non-binding cutting. If the blade needs a change, you don’t need to worry because the blade itself is replaceable.

Furthermore, if you decide to get this blade you will have a long service life because of its impulse-hardened teeth that extend the life of the pruning saw. On the downside, although the handle is cushioned, but still, it’s not very comfortable to hold for extended periods.


  • 13-inch curved blade
  • Perfect pruning saw for gardening, hunting, and camping
  • Replaceable blade


  • The handle of the blade is not very comfortable

6. Felco F600


If you were looking for the best pruning saw that is very large, then this Felco folding saw is perfect for you! It’s made out of high-quality steel which is rust-resistant and delivers effortlessly clean and precise cuts. Its impulse heated blade teeth resist corrosion for maintenance-free long-term satisfaction.

Because of its innovative design, the trimming hand saw has a uniquely shaped blade that is thinner on the top and thicker at the bottom to prevent clogging and binding. The saw itself is 14-inches in overall length and comes with a 6-inch blade. It’s lightweight and weighs just 5.5-ounces! This exceptionally durable pull-stroke pruning saw provides unmatched performance for a variety of arboriculture, landscaping, and horticultural tasks.

It’s also very simple to use because the saw pruner has an ergonomic non-slip handle that increases comfort and safety while working. The F-600 conveniently folds in half and can be easily carried in a pocket.


  • It can fit in your pocket
  • It’s a great pruning saw for camping
  • Rust-resistant blade


  • For some people, it can be really small to fit into their hands

7. Samurai Ichiban 13″

Samurai Ichiban 13

If you are looking for a good pruning saw to cut branches and shrubs, then this saw is for you! The blade is made with a cutting-edge shock hardening process that makes it very durable and high-quality for cutting through branches like butter.

The saw itself weighs just 11.2 ounces which makes it ultra lightweight and easy to carry. It comes with a protective scabbard that has a nylon belt loop to carry it around.

Furthermore, it has a comfortable grip that makes it easy to cut branches for extended periods without getting fatigued. The Samurai Ichiban is a little expensive as compared to the other pruning saws on our list but you do pay for quality. One drawback of this saw is that the blade is a little thin so you need to be careful while cutting.


  • High-quality blade
  • Fast and efficient cuts
  • Lightweight
  • Protective scabbard
  • Extremely comfortable grip


  • Priced at a higher range
  • Thin blade

8. Flora Guard Folding Camping Professional 

Flora Guard

The main advantage of this pruning saw is that it’s ideal for cutting through large tree branches. With its triple-cut razor teeth, this tool will stay sharp for smooth and really fast sawing. It also has an ergonomic and comfortable handle which makes it easy to carry around and to use.

The blade is made out of fully hardened stainless-steel with a 7.7 inch saw blade! If you enjoy working in your own garden, then this is the best pruning saw for you and it will make your hard work feel like a breeze. The downside of this pruning saw is that is mostly good just for dry wood. It becomes pinched by greenwood, which makes the blade easily bind.


  • Made out of stainless steel
  • Comfortable handle
  • Ideal for cutting through large branches


  • It’s mostly only for the gardening
  • Recommended only for dry wood / Doesn’t work well with greenwood

9. SE PS185

With its triple teeth saw blade design, this pruning saw provides a super sharp and effective cutting edge that is highly recommended during camping, hunting, or simple garden work. One of the best things about this pruning saw is the safety release button on the handle which gives you the option to safely close and lock the blade. The handle is made out of durable knurled rubberized plastic which will provide you a no-slip grip.

In addition, the open blade length is 10-1/2″, the closed length is 6-1/4″, while the blade alone is 5″ long, which is more than enough for your requirements. This makes it one of the best pruning saws for camping, gardening, home, and you can even keep it in your kit for emergencies.


  • Safety button for locking and unlocking the blade
  • Excellent pruning saw for camping and gardening


  • It’s mostly for emergency situations

10. Corona RS-7150D


This pruning saw is great for cutting branches! With its 18″ blade, you will be amazed how fast you can cut. Each tooth is triple-ground, which will provide you multifaceted angles to maximize the efficiency of cuts and removal of wood. It has an unbeatable strength because its blade is made out of a high carbon Japanese SK5 steel blade which provides exceptional strength.

Also, impulse-hardened teeth and a heat-treated blade make this pruning saw a tool that lasts season after season which makes it extremely durable. While you’re cutting branches with this saw, you will see how smoothly you can carry out your work. Let’s not forget that the D-shaped handle gives you the ultimate comfort that you needed to make the job easier and more comfortable.


  • Cuts branches smoothly
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Excellent blade


  • It’s only for cutting branches

11. Fiskars Pruning Saw

Fiskars 15"

Do you like to do your own gardening? If yes, then this is the best pruning saw for you! It’s ideal for making quick and clean cuts through large branches. With its triple-ground power tooth blade, this pruning saw cuts with the pull and push stroke to plane away wood with maximum speed and precision.

The blade length is 15 inches, which is more than enough to bring down an entire tree if needed. The downside of this pruning saw is that it’s not portable and is mostly used for gardening in your backyard. You should keep in mind that the blade is very sharp and the handle is placed at a comfortable angle. This enables both left and right-handed people to use the saw conveniently.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Power 15-inch tooth blade


  • It’s difficult to clean after use

12. Fiskars 9357

Fiskars 9357 

You simply can’t go wrong with this 13-inch blade pruning saw that comes with ultimate versatility. With its triple ground power tooth blade, this pruning saw can cut through wood, plastic and thin metal pieces. Its impulse hardened teeth provide added strength while leaving the rest of the blade very flexible. Also, the non-stick coating enhances cutting efficiency.

Furthermore, the handle of the blade is made out of anti-slip materials giving you complete control and comfort while holding the blade. The only downside of this pruning saw is that there are no replacement blades for it, which means you would need to buy a new saw once the blade goes blunt.

However, even after a year of regular use, this saw will be as sharp as the day when you bought it and this means that you won’t need to worry about replacing it anytime soon.


  • Excellent handle
  • Strong and flexible blade
  • Perfect for yard work


  • No replacement blades
  • Basic design

13. Mossy Oak Folding Hand Saw

Mossy Oak

This is one of the best pruning saws because you can easily change the blades! This pruning saw comes in a pack which includes3 blades. The 3 multi-purpose blades are – the black blade is called pruning blade and it’s used for cutting branches, the grey blade is called hardwood/plastic blade and it’s used for hardwood and plastic, while the classic metal blade is for cutting aluminum.

Also, the handle of the blade features a TPR rubber coat which makes it slip-resistant and comfortable to hold in hand. Because of its triple-cut razor-sharp teeth, the folding hand saw can easily cut wood, tree, bone, plastic, and metal.

As a little bonus to this amazing pruning saw you also get a nylon pouch where you can store your blade and 2 additional blades for replacement. Always change the blades when it comes to working with wood, bone, plastic according to the actual situation.


  • 3 blades in one pruning saw
  • Nylon pouch for storing the blade
  • Excellent for cutting wood, bone, plastic, and metal


  • It’s mostly used for camping

14. Sugowaza Silky


If you don’t have a strict budget, then this is the best pruning saw for you. This Sugowaza 420mm pruning saw has extra-large teeth on 16.5″ blade. The blade itself is tapered from the tooth tip to the back spine to reduce resistance and deliver smoother, easier, and faster cutting performance. This pruning saw is resistant to rust and the effects of resin.

The Silky’s exclusive Mirai-Me tooth design will get you unmatched cutting efficiency and performance. Also, keep in mind that the 4 cutting angles along the length of the blade leave a clean and smooth surface.

The large grooved rubber handle is comfortable to hold, reduces vibration, and offers superior grip in cold and wet conditions. Every Sugowaza comes complete with custom scabbard. Scabbard has D-ring and strap slots to enable attachment to the leg, belt, or tool board/curtain.


  • An excellent handle which reduces vibration
  • Extra-large teeth on 16.5″ blade


  • Price on the higher end

15. Fujiwara Folding Saw


Do you enjoy the occasional camping trips? If yes, then you simply must own this amazing 10″ long triple cut pruning saw made of SK4 250mm carbon steel with sharp teeth. Because of its triple cut blade, it can cut through wood easily.

One of the best things about this pruning saw is its handle. The handle is made out of soft rubber plastic which will give you more comfort while using this saw. With its superior folding and quick secure locking system, the blade will be kept firmly in place during the use and safe when you’re not using it. Besides, it’s lightweight for easy carrying and less fatigue in use, but still rugged and tough to assist with all your cutting needs. It even comes with an eyelet for belt attachment.


  • Comes in sizes of 8 inches and 10 inches
  • Strong blade
  • Great handle


  • It’s generally used t for camping

16. Happybuy Telescopic


If you were looking for a durable pruning saw, this one’s for you. Made out of aluminium telescopic pole and MN steel, this saw is lightweight. Because of its 7.8m overall length, the telescope pole saw is ideal for trimming and pruning branches and leaves. With its precision-ground and sharp teeth features of four cutting angles, it provides fast, clean and smooth cutting.

The foam grip handle increases friction to improve trimming efficiency, which also features shock absorption while increasing the comfort when you’re holding it. This pruning saw is ideal for pruning, trimming leaves at forestry, lawn, garden and other places where you think you need to trim the branches and leaves.


  • Comes in five different sizes
  • Very easy to use
  • Sharp blades


  • It’s designed for home use

Different Types Of Pruning Saws

Pruning saws come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The one you choose depends on your needs. Mostly, there are two general types of pruning saws.

1. Fixed-Blade Pruning Saw

A fixed-blade pruning saw has a fixed-blade attached to a handle. The blade usually needs to be kept in a scabbard for protection. This is usually a straight blade which works best for pruning green wood and plants.

The straight blade is the one that makes it easy to make clean and precise cuts, while the curved blade is useful to cut dry wood. Curved blades make powerful and fast cuts but sometimes it needs a little bit more effort in comparison to a straight blade.

2. Folding-Blade Pruning Saw

A folding-blade pruning saw is convenient and safe to carry around as the blade folds into the handle. However, keep in mind that the blades can be shorter in length, which means they are useful for small jobs. If you’re going to cut several branches or shrubs, then a fixed-blade pruning saw is a better choice.

FAQs on Pruning Saws

1. How Do You Cut A Tree Branch With A Curved Pruning Saw?

Using a pruning saw is quite easy because it’s a simple piece of equipment that you should have with you in the time of need. To cut a branch using the pruning saw, you’ll need to use the three-cut method to avoid damaging the tree.

Firstly, make a cut underneath the branch about a foot from the base of the branch. Stop when the cuts 1/3rd into the branch. After that, make a cut at the top of the branch about 1 or two inches further than the first cut. This cut makes the branch fall off without ripping the bark and damaging the tree. And finally, make the final cut through the branch where you want to prune the branch.

You will also notice that pruning saws are curved so they are able to cut the branches when they are too thick to cut down with ordinary garden shears. With pruning trees and bushes, they improve their size and appearance and also you keep them healthy by removing the diseased limbs or branches.

2. How Do You Sharpen, Clean And Sterilize Pruning Blades?

You can easily sharpen your pruning saws at home with a medium or coarse diamond hand file. After you clean the saws and remove rust with a piece of steel wool and use a file to sharpen the cutting blades of the saws. Once the pruning saws are sharpened, coat them in linseed oil to prevent rust.

For cleaning your pruning saw you will need warm water, mild soap, and a small brush. Gently rub the areas where it’s dirty, then wash away dirt and soap with warm water.
If you want to sterilize your pruning saws after use and wash, use 70% isopropyl alcohol to disinfect your tools. Simply dip the tools you want to clean in the alcohol, then remove them and allow them to dry. Alternately, wet a rag with alcohol and wipe the gardening tools down. You could also use wood, grain, or rubbing alcohol.

3. What’s The Difference Between Pruning And Trimming And Which One Is The Best For Cutting Wood?

There’s a slight difference between pruning and trimming. Tree pruning is performed in order to protect the tree or shrub while trimming is performed to ensure perfect growth of the shrub or hedge. Tree trimming service, on the other hand, is mainly to remove overgrown bushes which prevent the shrub from receiving enough moisture and light.

If you decide to get yourself any of these 16 pruning saws, you are sure to pick one that’s going to serve you well. All of the above mentioned pruning saws are useful and powerful, it just depends on which model you prefer and what are your needs.

4. Are Pole Saws Safe?

Even though only product number 15 is a pruning saw with a pole, you must keep in mind that pole saws or any saws aren’t toys. If handled correctly, these pruning saws are reliable machines for clearing branches effectively.

Best Pruning Saws – What’s your pick?

Looking for the best pruning saw for your gardening needs or making a smart choice for the
future of your home or the time spent in nature? The right pruning saw can make your life much easier while you’re spending your day surrounded by nature, whether it’s a forest, mountain or simply your backyard.

You must consider multiple factors such as the manufacturer, material qualities, size and sharpness, blade quality, handle, the configuration of teeth, scabbard, durability, weight, safety, and price so you can find the best pruning saw to satisfy your needs.

These 16 pruning saws are specially designed to provide you the best pruning experience, so if you decide to get yourself one of these, you won’t regret your decision.

With our extensive guide, we are only here to help you choose the best pruning saw and to keep you informed about all the details of these magnificent pruning saws.