Best Fall Fertilizers For Lawn In 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Scotts 2. Espoma 3. Natural Alternative
Scotts Turf Builder Winterguard Fall Lawn Food Espoma Organic All Season Lawn Food Natural Alternative Fall Lawn Fertilizer

The heat is receding, and the leaves are descending. The fall is here. It also means that this is the perfect time to breathe fresh life into that dried out dormant lawn.

If you want your garden to be the envy of the neighborhood, you have to move now. It is the best time to start prepping your lawn for the next growing season. But your yard cannot be the talk of the town without the best fall fertilizer for lawn.

A green, vibrant, and healthy lawn demands the best nutrition and a balanced one as well. The market is full of fertilizers. A simple google search will give you thousands of options.

Of course, it is one thing to buy fertilizer and a whole another thing to buy the best fall lawn fertilizer. What you feed your lawn today will determine how healthy and lush it becomes.


We will guide you about the factors to consider while choosing the best fall lawn fertilizer for your lawn. What kind of fertilizer to get for the yard? The ideal time for application, the dreaded NPK number and what do they mean.

The relevance of weather patterns and tracking tools. We will empower you with knowledge and all this information so you can select the best fall fertilizer for Lawns.

What Makes The Best Fall Fertilizer For Lawn?

The most important thing to understand is that there is no one Best Fall Fertilizer for Lawns. Every lawn is unique. The nutrition levels in the soil, the weather pattern, kind of grass, everything changes.

So, to answer the question, what we are looking for is ‘What is the best fall lawn fertilizer for YOU?’ We will help you ask the right questions that will help you understand the needs of your grass and your soil. More than anything else, your quest for the best fall fertilizer for lawns is ultimately a matchmaking process.

1. Timing

Before we start to figure out what will be the best fall lawn fertilizer, we have first to understand what is the ideal time for fertilizing. When to buy and when to apply is half the game.

Right now, it is the perfect time to fertilize that lawn. But the window is open for a limited time. The round of aeration and fertilizing must happen before the weather gets too cold.

It is essential. The lawn has just gone through a very harsh summer, making it dry and lifeless. The grass has to pull out of this drought-induced dormancy.

The roots have shrunk, and the overall activity has reduced to the minimum. The boost of nutrition is significant in setting the lawn on the right track. Not to mention in getting those essential nutrients into that soil.

It is not just about nutrition on time; it is also about spring sync. It is imperative to do this early on in the fall season. It helps you catch the first spring bloom — the ideal conditions for fauna to peak to their glory.

If your grass and soil are not stocking on nutrients on time, you might miss that peak season. Your lawn might green up halfway through spring.

It will help the roots to grow long and deep and absorb all the water and nutrients in the soil. Only the boost of energy is capable of setting the tone for how healthy the grass will be, and spring is coming.

If you are still looking for that fertilizer, hurry it up. Remember, the best fall fertilizer for Lawns cannot do much if you don’t have organized it well.

2. NPK

There is always a lot of confusion about the NPK. The NPK is the most crucial factor to consider while picking out the best fall fertilizer for Lawns. NPK stands for Nitrogen–Phosphorus–Potassium, the three-element that most people think as the building blocks of plant nutrition.

  • Nitrogen

Nitrogen is considered to be the most important to pull your lawn from the slumber that is drought-induced dormancy. A good dose of Nitrogen will accelerate blade growth. Yellowing leaves is one of the signs of nitrogen deficiency. Nitrogen is needed most among the essential plant nutrients.

  • Phosphorus

Stunted growth among plants, small to no flowers, and dark purple colour in the older leaves are some of the signs of phosphorus deficiency.

  • Potassium

Potassium’s importance in plant nutrition is second only to Nitrogen. Nitrogen helps with the water and CO2 circulation in plants. A lack of potassium will also result in weak roots and increase susceptibility to pests.

Even though phosphorus is an essential building block for plants, it is not used so much anymore. Most of the leading brands of fertilizers recognize the harm phosphorus does to our environment. That is why most of the bio-friendly or organic brands of fertilizers have no to negligible phosphorus in today’s time.

So before deciding which is the best fall fertilizer for lawn, know your soil. It is highly advisable to get a soil test before you choose the right fertilizer for the nutritional needs of your yard.

3. Types Of Fertilizer

You may divide fertilizers into three categories, Single nutrient, Multi nutrient, and Organic. None of the three can be called the best fall fertilizer for the lawn. That is because all three have a specific purpose best suited for each of them.

  • Single nutrient fertilizer

As the name suggests, an only nutrient fertilizer is all about one kind of nutrient. This type of fertilizer is ideal if there are clear signs of a specific deficiency. Another application is when the soil tests reveal that one kind of nutrient is low while the rest are at desirable levels. It is advised to avoid adding nutrients that are readily available in the soil.

  • Multi- nutrient fertilizer

This kind of fertilizer is the most common and also widely considered the most nourishing of the fertilizers — the presence of an assortment of nutrients results in a lush and healthy lawn. In case you have not had a soil test, this would be the ideal kind.

  • Organic fertilizers

This is a preferred option for many people. It is an eco-friendly option. It is common for organic fertilizers to have a low concentration of nutrients. But it is best fall lawn fertilizer for those who want to keep the lawn accessible to kids and pets.

How Much Fertilizer Is Enough?

What makes the best fall fertilizer for lawn is not just the contents of its nutrition but also the quantity used. We have already established that over-fertilization is both wasteful and potentially harmful to the yard.

The best thing to start with is to size up your garden. All the best fall lawn fertilizers come with the pound to square foot rations. People recommended that you follow the dosage guidelines for the compost. You would seldom go wrong with that.

Buy the amount of fertilizer that is needed. Of course, you can also buy in bulk for future use. But while doing that, it is essential to take note of the shelf life of the fertilizer.

It can sometimes get tough to store the compost in an ideal condition. So even though it might have a longer shelf life, incorrect storage like warm and damp places can render the fertilizer useless.

There are two approaches to fertilizing. Some people go for a large dosage, often of a slow-release verity of fertilizer that will sustain for a longer time.

The other is stacking, where smaller dosages come into intervals of about three weeks. If you choose the latter, be sure to note the shelf life. You don’t want to get to the last couple of fertilizing rounds and realize the remaining fertilizer his not usable.

Application – Liquids Or Granular?

When you are choosing the best fall fertilizer for lawns, understanding your nutrition needs is just the beginning. The real work is in the labor of application. This application is primarily affected by what kind of fertilizer do you go for-liquid-based or granular.

Liquid-based fertilizers are either available in a ready liquid mix or available in water-soluble form. These are mostly high intensity, used for multiple applications, and quicker results. You may run behind on your fertilizing schedule. In case you have some catching up to do, this could be the right choice.

But there is a flip side. These liquids from fertilizers can contaminate the environment around them. Especially if there are children and pets around. Or if any edible vegetables are growing around. They also run the risk of being washed away and have to be used in large quantities.

The granular fertilizers provide nutrition for your lawns for an extended period. The slow-release system provides a steady stream of food for the grass. The process is much more spread out and is more akin to the natural way. That makes it the best fall lawn fertilizer in many people’s opinion.

Top 5 Best Fall Fertilizers For Lawn In 2022

1. Scotts Turf Builder Winterguard Fall Lawn Food

Scotts Turf Builder Best Fall Fertilizer For Lawn

The first on our list comes from one of the most trusted brands out there, Scotts. So much so that Scotts is the choice of many as best fall lawn fertilizer. This fertilizer has been specifically created to cater to the needs of the lawn during the fall season.

A season that both us and Scotts believe to be the best time to feed the lawn. Lawn food has an NPK ratio of 32 -0 – 10. It means the fertilizer boasts of active dose nitrogen and potassium. It will result in the roots to grow stronger and more profound. The blade of the grass will spring out much faster and healthier.

This winter, Lawn Food is perfect for all sizes being able to cover 5000 sq. Ft. to 15000 sq. Ft. The application is not so time-intensive either.

It has to be applied once during the fall season and again after 6 – 8 weeks depending on the local weather pattern. Scott’s turf builder is a granular fertilizer that has a slow-release formula that creates a sustained source of nutrition for your lawn through half the season with just one application.

Yo may utilize this versatile fertilizer with any grass, may it be summer grass or winter grass. Its winter guard formula helps prepare the roots for the harsh winter. The easy application and limited feeding rounds take away all the stress of lawn nurturing.

That makes it one of the best fall fertilizers for lawns, especially those who have limited time to tend to their gardens. Above all, this is also rated safe for children and pets. After all, you don’t want to deprive kids and pets of the joy of fresh spring grass.


2. Espoma Organic All Season Lawn Food

Espoma Organic All Season Lawn Food

It is all about the fall feeding for the lawn. But the next product on our list boasts of an all-season functionality. A fertilizer like this can become your all-weather friend.

That eliminates the need to find a different fertilizer for every season. Different fertilizers have different methods and cycles of application. All of this gets tedious in the long run. An all-weather solution makes it the best fall lawn fertilizer to many.

The wisdom of the Espoma brand is derived from their experience of almost a hundred years in the business. And their knowledge is behind organic lawn care. It is both a natural and reliable way of lawn care. Additionally, the NPK numbers are 15 – 0 – 5. That is a potent and robust combination of the much-needed Nitrogen and potassium.

It is also supercharged with Bio-tone microbes to give it that extra edge. It is rich in iron and but does not lead to staining. The Nitrogen is of slow verity to give sustained nutrition for a long time. What is also sustainable is the source of this Nitrogen. It is extracted using pasteurized poultry manure and animal waste product.

The inorganic ways of lawn care can create a lot of issues like burning lawns leaving behind a dry looking yellow grass. They will often seep down into the soil, getting out of the reach of the roots while contaminating the environment.

Killing friendly bugs like earthworm and microbes is not uncommon. So, the use of organic fertilizers will keep the lawn lush green while keeping kids, pets, and the environment safe. This all-Season Lawn Food is an ideal nutritional source for all kinds of grass and all kinds of seasons.


3. Natural Alternative Fall Lawn Fertilizer

Natural Alternative Fall Lawn Fertilizer

The next name, on our list, is indicative of the new age approach towards lawn care. And the strategy is Natural Alternative. The best fall fertilizer for lawns can only be the best if it is the best for the environment as well.

The NPK ratio boasts of a substantial percentage of Nitrogen and the ample presence of potassium. Natural Alternative boasts of the absence of phosphorus, which all people widely recognized as a contaminant. ‘

3 lbs of Natural Alternative fertilizer can fertilize for 1000 sq. ft. lawn. The package covers 6,000 sq. ft. -a perfect amount for most mid-sized lawns.

Other than the very essential Nitrogen and potassium, the formula also has the right amount of iron. It helps in giving the grass the deep saturated green that stands out in the neighborhood. Nutrients are not enough for a perfect spring lawn.

After the dry summer months, the soil has to come back to life. The organic-based ingredient and microbes’ give a new experience into the ecosystem. It all belongs to the earth.

The microbes make it easier for the soil to absorb the nutrients that, in turn, feed the grass itself. If the soil is not fertile, a lot of the water and nutrients will percolate down out of the reach of the green.

The presence of healthy microbes also creates a layer of protection against pathogens, bacteria, and bug infestations.

Nature and nurture go hand in hand. It is a smart choice for a fertilizer that has higher compatibility for quality. Choosing a fertilizer that works with life instead of against it is the right choice.

For some, a breath-taking lawn is not enough. They are determined to do right by the environment. This fall fertilizer by Natural Alternative might be the best fall lawn fertilizer for a modern gardener like yourself.


4. Sustane 8-0-4 Organic Winterizer Fertilizer

Sustane 8-0-4 Organic Winterizer Fertilizer

Sustane is another trusted player in the world of lawn fertilizing. Many people in the world of landscaping and gardening consider Sustane a ‘professional grade’ fertilizer. Sustane is the fertilizer that all farmers are using in the professional turf grass business across the industry.

From golf courses of the rich and famous, to the athletic arena where the most celebrated athletes complete to the quaint public parks, we all frequent, Sustane is everywhere.

In all of these places, the grass experiences a lot of stress due to human activity. The establishments where they produce the fertilizers are a testament within itself to the fact that it is indeed one of the best fall lawn fertilizers.

Depending on the local weather pattern, the application between October and November results in a lush green lawn early spring. You can have the first spring green lawn in your neighborhood.

This Winterizer Fertilizer has a 2:1 ratio of Nitrogen and Potassium. The nutrients have an organic source. It makes it easier for the soil and the roots to absorb the nutrients

The best fall fertilizer for lawns will not only supply nourishment to the roots but also improve the overall soil quality. Healthy soil quality prevents leaching, thus prolonging the availability of the fertilizer. It also creates soil stability, which creates a conducive environment for stronger root development.

You will have to use double the quantity as some of its competitors at 6 lbs for a 1000 sq. ft. But this granular based fertilizer slow-release nitrogen for up to 3 months. It means fewer feeding cycles and relaxed gardening experience.


5. Espoma Organic Fall Winterizer Lawn Food

Espoma Organic Fall Winterizer Lawn Food

The last product to feature on our list of best fall fertilizer for lawns is another product from Espoma. The previous was an all-weather friendly fertilizer; this one is a winter specialist. The purpose of the manor is not to promote grass growth during fall.

The actual motivation behind it is to prepare the soil so that it can hold on to more nutrients while it hibernates through the winter. This way, the ground is ready to spring out when spring arrives. The ideal time to apply would be late summer through fall when the grass stops to grow.

Nitrogen is considered to be the most critical nutrient during these coming dormant months. With an NPK ratio of 8 – 0 – 5 nitrogen is found in abundance in this lawn food. The second essential nutrient is soluble potash. Like its all-season counterpart, it works well on types of lawns. Being organic, it is also a kid, pet, and environment-friendly.

With an application rate of 6 lbs, it is on par with a lot of the competition. The package caters to 6,000 sq. ft. Espoma is known to source its nutrients from an organic source. It maintains the synergy of the soil and fertilizer.

That improves the capacity of the ground to hold the compost through the harsh season. If you want your garden treatment always to be weather compatible, Espoma’s fall-winter product is one of the best fall lawn fertilizers.


Best Fall Fertilizer For Lawn – Final Words

Every garden is its ecosystem. And every ecosystem has its requirements. All the things that you need to know to educate yourself are available here. Now that you have all this knowledge, you should walk out to the lawn, look at it, and then ask the pertinent question.

Start with the basics. What are the dimensions of your lawn? Do you have summer grass or winter grass? We strongly recommend getting a soil test. Learn what the soil needs and what is there in abundance. Both over and undernutrition is harmful to the grass.

Get to know your local weather patterns. It is as simple as downloading one of the many weather apps available on smartphones. Be sure to fertilize on a dry day. If there is rain or a thunderstorm on the day you feed, most of it will get washed away and wasted.

Once you have answered all these essential questions, you will indeed be ready to make that purchase. Once you prepare adequately, come right back here and check out our picks for the best fall fertilizer for lawns. And we are sure that one of the fertilizers that are featured above will meet your needs perfectly.