Best Fertilizer For Blueberries Of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. EarthPods 2. Espoma Organic 3. Bonide Products
EarthPods Premium Best Fertilizer for Blueberries Espoma UL30 Organic Bonide Products INC

Blueberries come as a perfect package of taste and health and you can have them in your smoothie or salads for best results. While being fresh and juicy, they come loaded with an ample amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. But yes, this tangy fruit takes a lot of effort during its cultivation and this is where you have to bring in all the hard workaround.

You have to feed the plant with the best fertilizer for blueberries in order to keep them away from all the insects and unwanted plant diseases. Well, this is how you can ensure their proper growth and wellbeing over a long period of time.


Moreover, before you get along with the usage of fertilizers on blueberries on your farm, keep yourself aware of the following aspects.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Best Fertilizer For Blueberries

1. What Is The Right Time To Fertilize The Blueberries?

Before picking the best fertilizer for blueberries from the market, make sure you know about the right time to fertilize them. Most of the experts confirm that the right timing of fertilizer application plays a key role in the overall growth and development of the Blueberries.

Blueberries respond quite well to smaller amounts of fertilizer application at three different occasions-Firstly during their new growth around the springtime, secondly after around six weeks and thirdly right after their harvest.

2. Type Of Fertilizer To Be Used

Most of the fruit crops, along with blueberries, requires an annual application of Nitrogen to further support the growth of their roots and shoots. Well, besides helping in the growth of the Blueberries, Nitrogen application also supports the quality growth of the fruit over a long period of time.

Talking about blueberries, they like high acid soil and this is where you must bring in a high acid fertilizer into the picture. Well, this especially needs to be done in areas where the pH levels need to be lowered down to facilitate the growth of blueberries.

So, while you look around for the best fertilizer for blueberries, look for fertilizers which come high on ammonium sulfate or sulfur-coated area. It must be mentioned that these fertilizers got a lower pH level.
Moreover, you must also use the fertilizers that have a higher nitrogen content. Ensure your fertilizers do not contain nitrates as they prove fatal to certain Blueberry plants.

Blueberry plants also need to be taken care of from the iron and magnesium deficiencies. Well, the same deficiency can be checked whilst looking at the edge of the leaves. So, if the color of the leaves turns reddish yellow near the edges, it’s most likely due to the Magnesium deficiency. On the other side, if the same color is showing yellow with green veins, it’s mainly because of Iron deficiency.

3. Quantity Of The Fertilizer

You really got to take care of this fact during the application of the best fertilizer for blueberries as excess quantity may hamper the fruit grown in the blueberry plant. Talking about the excess use of fertilizer, especially nitrogen, it may lead to excessive branch growth at the cost of fruit production in the blueberry plant.
The application of the best fertilizer for blueberries must increase with plant age and growth. Hence, you must divide the application of fertilizers to half for the first and second-year blueberry plants. Coming to the third year blueberry plants, the same application rate must be multiplied by 0.75. When it comes to the fourth year, you can go ahead with the full rate of application.

4. Methods Used To Apply Fertilizer

It must be mentioned that blueberries takes up most of their nutrition right from their roots. Hence, you must start the application of the best fertilizer for blackberries while carefully raking the soil in small circles around the plant. Make sure that you don’t go too deep as it may harm the roots in the process.This needs to be done in order to incorporate the perfect blending of fertilizers with the soil

Also, when you start sprinkling the fertilizer around the drop line of the plant, keep it right at one foot outward distance and not nearby the actual base of the plant. Make sure the fertilizer isn’t sprinkled across the foliage or bark as this may cause further damage to the plant in the process.
If, by any chance, the sprinkled fertilizer comes in contact with the leaves, brush it off right away to avoid any negative impact on the fruit growth.

Once you are done with the fertilizer application, simply rake it along with the soil and mix it well. This must then be followed by a proper watering process which would make the fertilizer available for the roots of the plants.

That said, let’s take a look at the best fertilizer for blueberries available in the market currently.

Top 9 Best Fertilizers For Blueberries 2022

1. EarthPods Premium

EarthPods Premium Best Fertilizer for Blueberries

Well, here comes one of the best fertilizers for blueberries which would also help you with the growth and development of other plants as well. Coming from the house of Arthropods, this fertilizer boosts the exceptional flower, fruit and root growth of a number of plants in your garden. It’s not just about the Blueberries, and this fertilizer works wonders on plants like Lemon, Orange, Avocado, Tomato, Banana, raspberry.

One of the best parts of this fertilizer for blueberries comes as its pleasant smell. You won’t really need to make a big mess as all you are required to do is carefully place these earth pods in the plant pots. Gently place this earth pod to the potting soil mix nearby to the center of the plant and water it down in a slow manner for the next few days.

You also need not worry about the harmful chemicals as this best fertilizer for blueberries is made up of certain organic plant nutrients, natural growth hormones, trace minerals, humic plus fulvic acids along with a perfect combination of beneficial soil microbes. This product also comes eco-friendly and you can also store it easily within your kitchen shelf without any big hassle.


  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor plants
  • No foul smell
  • Easy to use
  • Eco-friendly with no harmful chemicals


  • Not appropriate for large plants
  • Doesn’t mix well with soil

2. Espoma UL30 Organic

Espoma UL30 Organic

Espoma is always been known for manufacturing the best quality fertilizers for blueberries and this product falls down perfectly in the same line. Coming as an Organic Soil acidifier fertilizer, this best fertilizer for blueberries is packaged in a 30 lb bag.

While we understand that blueberries require certain acid in the soil to nurture their growth and development, this fertilizer perfectly stabilizes the same pH levels. Moreover, the product is all-natural and can easily be used in organic gardens without any second thought. The manufacturer has quoted this fertilizer as safer than all those aluminum sulfate fertilizers sold around the market.

Also, the product is perfectly suitable for blueberries as they require an optimum amount of pH levels in the soil.What else; you will be getting that in a pack of 3 which can run for around 2-3 months without any big issues.


  • Stabilizes the pH levels in soil
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Easy to use


  • User manual is quite hard to understand

3. Bonide Products INC

Bonide Products INC

Bonide products have made a special place in the world of high-quality fertilizers and this best fertilizer for blueberries is no exception. The product comes in a pack of 2 while weighing around 4 lbs. The main ingredient of this product is aluminum sulfate which lowers down the pH levels of the soil. Hence, it can be termed as a perfect fertilizer for acid-loving plants like Blueberries.

The manufacturers have quotes this product to be perfect for plants like blueberries, azaleas, gardenias, camellias, hemlock holly, and cedar. It’s mainly because of the acidic formula, the hydrangeas would tune blues after its application for a good time around.

Talking about its other ingredients, this best fertilizer for blueberries also contains Sulfur and combined sulfur which are certain compounds of Aluminium sulfate. The product is launched with the brand name Garden rich which is specially designed for a big list of fertilizers in the market.
Another biggest advantage of this product comes as its feasibility in all types of soils. So, if you are looking for a perfect fertilizer for all your acid-loving plants, this must be your first choice.


  • Helps in lowering the pH levels of soils
  • Perfectly works for blueberries
  • Effective for all soil types


  • The product is not eco-friendly
  • Made up of harmful chemicals

4. Winchester Gardens Select Organics

Winchester Gardens Select Organics

Well, here we welcome our first granules based fertilizer in the list. Coming all the way from the house of Winchester, a leading name in the world of fertilizers, this product comes in a pack of two, with a total weight of 3 pounds each.

The makers have quoted this fertilizer as perfect for both indoors and outdoors usages and you can certainly trust this fact within the first application. You would also be getting a spoon along with this pack and this would help you in keeping the application in the right amounts. This fertilizer is quite efficient for organic gardens as it is made up of non-harmful ingredients which are also easy on nature.

This best fertilizer for blueberries is also said to be enhancing the microorganism growth within the plants and its granules based formula works perfectly for acid-loving plants like Blueberries. It’s not just about blueberries and you can use this product for other familiar fruits like raspberries and strawberries alongside.


  • Granules based formula
  • Easy to apply
  • Works well for organic gardens
  • Includes a spoon


  • Confusing user manual

5. Espoma GS7

Espoma GS7

Talking about Espoma, the brand needs no introduction in the world of high-quality fertilizers for all your agricultural needs. Well, this product may not come as an exact fertilizer, it brings along a perfect soil conditioner in its all-natural form alongside.

The main ingredient in this product is Greensand which is a mined mineral highly rich in glauconite, one of the most sought after soil conditioners. As it comes as a mined mineral, it also contains potash and other rich minerals which are quite beneficial for your blueberries in the process.

The product is marketed as a chemical-free fertilizer around and you can certainly see the same difference during its usage. Perfect for organic gardening, you can use this best fertilizer for blueberries without any big hassle. It must also be mentioned that the product is applying a formulation rate of 0-0-0.1 which makes it quite perfect for enhancing the growth of blueberries in your garden.


  • Made up of Greensand
  • Perfect soil conditioner
  • Contains minerals from natural marine deposits


  • May not work well for outdoor plants
  • User manual is quite hard to understand

6. Espoma HT8

Espoma HT8

Espoma seems like leading our charts and here we have one more bestfertilizer for blueberries in the list form the same brand. Well, this one comes in an 8 pounds bag with a formulation rate of 4-3-4. If you have some acid-loving plants in your garden like the blueberries, this fertilizer might be the right food you may need to fuel up their overall growth and development.

Talking about its usage, you simply have to mix it with the soil around the plant in circles. Once done, you are now required to water it slowly to let it flow into the roots of the blueberry plant. You do not really need to take the headache of mixing it or messing around with its application like other fertilizers in the market.

If we look into the ingredients, this product is made up of brown seaweed which is harvested right from the cold waters. The same ingredients are then been processed at lower temperatures and tried to form the powder-based fertilizer. Its application and impact are long-lasting and you also need not worry about the impact on the surroundings due to its nature-friendly composition.


  • Perfect for all the acid-loving plants
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Made up of all the naturally sourced ingredients
  • Safe on hands and environment around


  • May not come good for outdoor usage
  • Hard to understand user manual

7. Fruit Berry Food

Fruit Berry Food

Fruit and berry come as one of the other major brands in the field of highly known best fertilizer for blueberries. Talking about this specific product, it comes in a 4 lb pack which is more than enough for a season’s usage. The fertilizer uses a formulation of 4-3-4 and it can be quoted as another amazing fertilizer for acid-loving plants around.

The manufacturers have quoted it as a long-lasting product that is easy to use and apply in the process. It comes great for fruits like blueberries and strawberries but can also be used without any hassle for other fruits in your garden. With regular usage, it will promote healthier and faster growth for the fruit and flower whilst also enhancing its flavor in the process.

The product is enriched with Bio-tone microbes which are highly known for boosting the overall growth and production of fruit in your garden. Simply mix it with the soil and rake it in circles around the roots of the plant.

Afterward, you just need to sprinkle water in regular intervals so as to flow down the fertilizer to its roots.

This best fertilizer for blueberries is high on efficiency whilst going low on chemicals. You can count on it for its environment-friendly nature which will keep the surroundings safer during its usage. So, if you are looking for theta perfect fertilizer for blueberries in your organic garden, this one must be your pick.


  • Goes perfect for all fruits along with blueberries
  • Promotes more flavourful and larger fruit
  • Enhanced with bio-tone microbes
  • Effective for all the organic fruit gardens


  • User manual needs improvement

8. EB Stone Naturals

EB Stone Naturals

If you are looking for a more natural form of fertilizer for your blueberries, this product must be the one you are searching for. Coming over as a natural cottonseed meal for your blueberry plant, you won’t find any harmful chemicals in this organic fertilizer.

The product comes in a 15 lbs pack and proved its worth as a long-lasting and natural organic fertilizer. Talking about ist ingredients it is made of ground-up seed of the cotton plant. Moreover, the nutrients in the cottonseed are said to be released slowly and steadily to the plant. Hence, we can call it a safer solution with all the non-burning properties.

You can also use this best fertilizer for blueberries in both transplants and existing plants without any big hassle and this certainly comes as its biggest advantages. On the other side, cottonseed is highly known for its soil acidifying properties which further makes this product perfect for all the fruits like Blueberries, rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, hydrangeas and so on.

Well, you can also use this product for the vegetable garden as it does some great wonders with certain slow-growing root crops. You also need not worry about the surroundings as the product is completely chemical-free and natural. It will also not be polluting the surrounding water supplies which come in its contact and easily gets mixed with soil around the plant.


  • Made up of long-lasting natural ingredients
  • Slowly releasing nutrients comes perfect for blueberry plant
  • Environment-friendly
  • Easy to use and mix


  • Disappointing user manual

9. SCHULTZ Premium


This last product in our list comes all the way from the house of SCHULTZ which are highly known for their high-quality agricultural products. This comes as a perfect plant food which also contains a spoon for measuring the quantity during its usage.

It’s easy to use and doesn’t come along with any such issues regarding its solubility with water. Talking about its formulation, its NPK 18-18-18= 4MGO which is quite great for fruits like blueberries, azaleas, rhododendrons, evergreens, magnolias, hydrangeas, and other citrus fruits around.

The product is highly recommended for enhancing the overall growth and development of your blueberries in the garden. While promoting the growth, this plant food also enhances the flavor of the fruit which you will obtain during the harvest. So, if you are looking for a product that serves best to all the specific needs for your blueberries, this must come as your top pick.


  • Easily soluble in the water
  • Easy to use and mix
  • Effective for blueberries and other related plants


  • Contains harmful chemicals
  • May not work well for organic gardens

Some Of The Major Brands Making The Best Fertilizers For Blueberries


Espoma can undoubtedly be quoted as one of the most sought after brands when it comes to manufacturing highly efficient organic fertilizers. The firm came into the picture in the year 1929 while establishing themselves with fertilizer named Espoma Organic. The product was highly considered as a natural and chemical-free fertilizer which is made up of ingredients sourced from a firm’s nearby locations.

All those ingredients were extracted, blended and packages with the help of shovels, scales, wheelbarrows and some wholesome efforts of their hard-working employees onboard. It was in an unfortunate incident of the year 1946, the firm’s office and manufacturing unit were completely damaged out of the fire and its founder Herbert sanders resurrected the company at his own will thereafter.

2. Jobe’s Organics

Jobes comes as another American company that is indulged in the manufacturing of high-quality fertilizers and plant spikes for many years. Headquartered in the Texas region along with some additional facilities in Kentucky, the company got its specialization in producing and manufacturing the most efficient gardening products.

Although the firm started up with the production of just one fertilizer at the start, they are now offering more than 200 products in the same segment. This has facilitated over a million happy customers and clients over the years and helped them to create a perfect brand value in the past few years.

3. Bonide

Even though Bonide comes up as a newly launched firm, they have made a special place for themselves in the world of high-quality fertilizers over time. Within a matter of a few months, the firm has delivered up with some of the highly known brands under their flagship, which has further served to almost every need around your passion for gardening.

The firm proudly calls itself committed to delivering the best possible solutions for all the home, lawn and gardening needs of their clients and customers. Well, this could very well be the reason why they have proved its prowess in the same segment in a short period of time.

FAQs About Best Fertilizer For Blueberries

Q. What To Do If I Notice A White And Fuzzy Mold After Applying These Best Fertilizer For Blueberries?

A. Most of the time this kind of situation would come across if you are using certain organic fertilizers for your blueberries in the garden. This is when these natural organic materials break down under certain given conditions and create a mold-like growth on the surface of the soil. This would happen mainly after a few days of fertilizer application around the plant.

Well, you don’t really need to worry in the same regards as their growth is harmless for the plant while signifying the nutrients releasing process to the plant. Still, if you don’t find it good for the sight or anything, simply push it over with a shovel or fork while mixing it with soil in the process.

Q. My Dog Has Accidentally Eaten The Fertilizer For Blueberries. Shall I Be Worried About It?

While it all depends on the chemical formulation of the given fertilizer for blueberries, you must keep the stuff away from your child and pets in the process. Still, there are certain organic fertilizers which have been approved of their safety on pets and kids and many of them are used as a blend for producing animal feeds.

So, in all those cases, you need not worry. Still, not every brand comes with a safety warranty like that and this is where you have to check the ingredients in the fertilizer before its usage. If the dog is experiencing any kind of stomach ache, itching, red and puffy eyes,it will be bst to consult a doctor as soon as possible. 

Q. Do All These Fertilizers For Blueberries Have A Good Shelf-life?

A. It totally depends on the composition of the fertilizer that you are using in the process. While most of the organics fertilizers come with a good shelf life, there are the ones in the big list. Hence, it is always recommended to check the expiry date of the fertilizer you are using as that would give you a fair idea about the same question.

Moreover, it’s always been advised that you must keep these products away from kids and pets in a dry and cool location. When it comes to the unused package, simply keep it in an isolated location where it cannot contaminate the surroundings with its smell and other effects

Q. What To Do If I Have Accidentally Applied Fertilizers On The Leaves?

A. Most of the fertilizers are feasible for acid-loving plants but you must be a bit careful during the usage of fertilizers. Fertilizers must be sprayed or applied within the soil surrounding the plant and you must rake it properly in the process. Once you are through with the same, it’s time now to put some water across to let the food get into the roots.

So, even if you have sprayed a bit of the fertilizer to the leaves, you need to immediately wipe or wash it off to avoid any harmful impact. This needs to be done in order to avoid the acidic reaction within the leaves which would make them turn yellow in color.

Q.What Is The Proper Process To Fertilize The Blueberry Plant?

A. Fruits like blueberries come on board with different needs in terms of fertilization. Hence, you have to time the process of fertilization according to the growth and development of the fruit and plant. So, you need to apply the best fertilizer for blueberries in three separate applications.

The first application needs to be done during the beginning of the new growth in the spring season and the second one needs to be done after a period of around six weeks to the same. Talking about the third one, it must be right after the harvest. Remember, it’s all about the right application at the right time.

Bottom line

We have just presented you with the handpicked list of best fertilizer for blueberries and you can make the best pick depending on your specific needs. While it’s always been recommended to use chemical-free products, not all of them come effectively for the growth of blueberries in the long term. So, you got to make the right pick after thorough research and observation from the above-mentioned list.