Best Fertilizers For Hydrangeas 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Bonide 0-0-0 2. Prorganics 14-14-14 3. Southern AG
Bonide 0-0-0 Best Fertilizer For Hydrangeas Prorganics 14-14-14 Southern AG

Hydrangeas are beautiful, easy to grow, and resilient plants. Also, hydrangeas tend to grow best when fertilizer is applied to them in summer at least once, or even twice. As a result of that, it is essential to make use of the best fertilizer for hydrangeas to ensure the best outcome.

On the other hand, fertilizers are useful for boosting the overall growth of flowers and plants as it improves the flowers’ color. Interestingly, both chemical and organic fertilizers are suitable for use on hydrangeas.

Additionally, slow-release balanced chemical fertilizer applied once a year seems to be the simplest way of applying fertilizer on hydrangeas. However, it is not the only way, as a more affordable fast-release fertilizer will also work well when used two times during summer.


In the market today, there are quite a number of fertilizers for hydrangeas. This article seeks to aid you in making the right choice when buying the best fertilizer for hydrangea.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Best Fertilizers For Hydrangeas

Since there are several fertilizer brands in the market, choosing the right fertilizer for hydrangeas can be a bit tricky and confusing. However, to help overcome this challenge, it is essential to consider certain factors if you want to purchase the best fertilizer for hydrangeas.

1. The Soil In Your Garden

This factor is an essential factor to be considered when choosing a fertilizer for hydrangea. Generally, hydrangeas grow best on light soil, as it allows for convenient drainage. As a result, if your soil is clay-like or heavy, you will need to consider the addition of specific compost to improve it. More so, by the addition of organic plant food such as barks and leaves, you could improve the soil’s nutrients.

You must ensure that you check for your soil’s acidity, alkalinity, and level of fertility to determine what nutrients are needed. With this information, you can then be able to choose a suitable supplement that is great for the soil’s pH level.

2. Variety Of Hydrangea

The type of hydrangea is yet another vital factor to consider. When it comes to plant food, every hydrangea has its own unique needs and timing for the requirements to be met.

On the one hand, the smooth hydrangea needs the application of fertilizer during winter – just once in a year. On the other hand, the big leaf plants need several applications all through the first six months of the year.

Besides, the Oakleaf and panicle hydrangeas are better with two fertilizer applications, with one in both April and June.

3. Cost Of The Fertilizer

Fertilizers for hydrangeas are made by different manufacturers and come in different sizes and prices. As a result of this, it is essential to always consider your budget, when considering which fertilizer to buy. Although the cost of the compost for hydrangea does not single-handedly determine its effectiveness, it could be a challenging factor for those working with a tight budget.

4. Ease Of Use

Different types of fertilizer for hydrangea come with their method of sage. Some of the fertilizer products may require you to mix them before use, thus requiring more time. Others do not require mixture, which makes them suitable for use by gardeners, as it saves time.

What Is The Right Time To Fertilize Hydrangeas?

Knowing how to fertilize your hydrangeas is a crucial aspect when it comes to grooming your hydrangeas. The best fertilizer for hydrangeas may seem almost useless, if it is not correctly, applied in the right quantity and at the right time to your hydrangeas. It is because there is a possibility of having fertilizer burn, mainly when excess gets applied to the hydrangeas.

Typically, hydrangeas develop more when fertilized once or twice a year. Quite a lot of experts recommend that hydrangeas should need to be fed twice in a year that is once each during fall and spring.

Their recommendation is as a result of the fact that when you fertilize hydrangea during spring, it begins to bloom. Also, it will not have to go through the heat during summer or the coolness during winter.

If you are making use of a fertilizer that is fast-release, you could make a light application during March, May, and July. Remember, too much could increase the risks of fertilizer burn.

Overall, depending on the fertilizer you are using, you can fertilize your hydrangea monthly. However, it is vital to carry out some form of research to determine which application is most suitable.

How To Fertilize Hydrangeas?

When it comes to ways of fertilizing hydrangeas, it solely depends on the type of fertilizer. Always ensure you look to see if the compost is pre-measured, granule/pellet or liquid form.

1. Pre-Measured Spikes

This type of fertilizer is the easiest to use. You take out a spike from the fertilizer’s bag and then insert the spikes into the soil. However, in using this type of fertilizer, you have first to determine the diameter of the plant to use the required number of spikes.

After the spikes get inserted into the ground, you will need to water the soil.

2. Liquid Fertilizer

When using liquid fertilizer, the most suitable method of applying it is by spraying. You will need to purchase a sprayer you can use to spray the compost of the hydrangeas. On the other hand, another option is making use of the watering method to apply the fertilizer.

While some products require mixing the fertilizer before use, others require mixing the compost with a suitable base before applying the fertilizer. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions before making use of the fertilizer.

3. Solid/Pellet Fertilizer

Just like its name, the pellet/granule type fertilizer comes as solid granules. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, before applying this type of compost to the hydrangeas.

Generally, sprinkling is the most suitable means of applying this fertilizer. After sprinkling, you can now water the plant.

Top 10 Best Fertilizer For Hydrangeas 2022

1. Bonide 0-0-0

Bonide 0-0-0 Best Fertilizers For HydrangeasIf you are looking for a fertilizer that is great at lowering the pH level of the soil in your garden, then the Bonide aluminum sulfate comes to mind. By reducing the soil’s pH level, acid-loving plants tend to enjoy growth.

Sine hydrangeas grow better in acidic environments; this fertilizer for hydrangeas comes in handy. This fertilizer is suitable for all soil types and helps to turn the hydrangeas blue. Besides, its design is mainly for use on plants such as camellias and azaleas, among others.

When the bonide aluminum sulfate is applied to pink baby hydrangeas, specific color changes begin to occur gradually. The hydrangeas color turns to a lighter shade of lavender and then eventually to blue.

This fertilizer is super-fast in its working and begins to show results quickly. Additionally, you will get to see the flowers gain the needed color in just a few weeks. With the use of this plant food, the hydrangeas turn from pale to blue.


  • It lowers the pH level of soils
  • Ideal for use on acid-loving plants
  • It helps in turning the hydrangeas blue
  • It works excellently on all types of soils


  • It does not have instructions for use on plants in pots

2. Prorganics 14-14-14

Prorganics 14-14-14The Prorganics 14-14-14 is a fertilizer made in the USA and boasts of top-notch quality. This fertilizer is a slow-release type that comes with Osmocote. Its slow release is capable of lasting up to four months and is suitable for use on all varieties of vegetables and plants.

This fertilizer is arguably the best professional product available in the market. Most professional gardeners love this product, as it offers excellent results and is capable of being used for hundreds of plants.

Prorganics are granular fertilizers, which are designed mainly to release the fertilizer’s effects over an extended period. Besides, this fertilizer helps to improve stress tolerance and helps develop a deep and dense root system for the hydrangeas.

Additionally, this fertilizer is very easy to apply and contains a time-release nitrogen that provides for extended feeding. Also, it effectively promotes lush foliage, produces a beautiful color, and prevents the plant from burning.


  • It is a 14-14-14 type fertilizer
  • Comes with a controlled release system
  • It features Osmocote


  • Not excellent for blooms

3. Southern AG

Southern AGThe aluminum sulfate fertilizer is the ultimate way of getting healthy and green grasses. It contains aluminum sulfate, that is fertilizer grade and is perfect for azaleas, rhododendrons, dogwoods, gardenias, holly, blueberries and hydrangeas. More so, it contains aluminum sulfate that is fertilizer grade.

One of the features that makes the aluminum sulfate one of the best fertilizers for hydrangeas, is the fact that it helps to repair excess alkalinity level in the soil. Also, it is an excellent choice when you want to reduce the soil’s pH level to the level desired by the plants.

Additionally, this fertilizer helps to turn the hydrangea from a pale to blue. In terms of application, the aluminum sulfate is applied by using wash off foliage, by broadcasting evenly and water. Also, it comes in a packaging containing ten 5lbs bags.


  • An excellent formula for acidifying soil
  • Corrects the excess alkalinity level of the soil
  • Suitable for a wide variety of plants


  • Not suitable for spraying

4. Bonide 705

Bonide 705Bonide 705 from Bonide Products is an excellent fertilizer that is effective in lowering the pH level of your soil. This feature further helps to make the soil conducive for acid-loving shrubs and plants. Since hydrangeas also need acidic conditions to grow, this fertilizer is an excellent option for use on hydrangeas.

This fertilizer for hydrangeas is highly effective when it comes to turning the hydrangeas blue. Besides, it is suitable for use on plants like camellias and azaleas, among others, and also compatible with all soil types.

When applied on pink baby hydrangeas, the color begins to change from a lighter shade of lavender and then finally into blue. This product comes packed in a bag of two 4 pounds packaging, and works quickly with results to show.


  • It is useful in lowering the soil’s pH level
  • Ideal for acid-loving plants
  • It is compatible with several soil types


  • A bit slow in showing results compared to others.

5. Green24 Hydrangea

Green24 HydrangeaThe Hydrangea hortensia fertilizer from Green24 contains high-quality chelates and raw materials that allow for the best nutrient absorption. This fertilizer for hydrangea is a liquid type, and is suitable for use on hydrangea hortensia, climbing hydrangea, and many more.

This plant food can be trusted to always produce healthy, stable branches, green leaves, active formation, beautiful, and balanced rooting flowers. It has a speedy effect on the plants and has a smooth application, which is either through the plant’s roots or as foliar fertilizer.

Additionally, this fertilizer is a vibrant and active economical concentrate that features corresponding combinations for several species of plants. In terms of application, it is vital to water the soil before the use of this fertilizer.


  • It has excellent nutrient absorption attributes
  • Comes with ideal nutrient combination for several species of plants
  • It can be used together with a lot of pesticides.


It does not have soil amendments


6. Espoma GSUL6

Espoma GSUL6The next product on our list of the best fertilizer for hydrangeas is the Espoma GSUL6 Soil Acidifier. This product is safer than aluminum sulfate, and is produced for use on hydrangeas and blueberries.

The Espoma GSUL6 is made through a unique process that makes use of solar power. This product is a soil acidifier that is naturally organic and is effective at lowering the pH of soils, hence turning the petals of the flower to blue.

This fertilizer is an excellent option for anyone who is planning on going, or is already into organic gardening and can be used as soil amendments too. When applied to plants, this fertilizer makes them look fuller and more beautiful.

This soil acidifier fertilizer does not come with any sulfur ingredients in it. Moreover, it does not require coloring dye, as it produces popular colors. It comes packed in a 30 lbs packaging and is best used during the early part of the year to give flowers and plants plenty of time to adjust.


  • It is versatile, as it can be used both as fertilizer and soil amendments
  • Excellent at reducing pH of soil
  • It has long-lasting results
  • This product is safer than aluminum sulfate.


  • Results take time before starting to show.

7. Jobe’s Organics 9365

Jobe’s Organics 9365This fertilizer is an organic granular fertilizer that is ideal for increasing soil’s pH level, hence improving the overall health of the earth. It comes with garden lime, which helps not only to increase the pH, but also strengthen the turf and make the nutrients readily available once more.

Moreover, Jobe’s organic fertilizer helps turn the color of the hydrangeas to pink. It further produces a better-producing and healthier garden. This fertilizer for hydrangeas is children and pet-friendly, as it does not contain harmful chemicals.

Additionally, the Jobe’s organics comes with soil amendments that help in creating a fast-growing and conducive environment for the hydrangeas. Besides, this product comes in an easy to pour 6 lbs packaging and is suitable for use on hydrangeas, as it turns them to pink.


  • It is pet and children friendly
  • Increases soil acidity
  • Comes with soil amendment attributes


  • It sometimes takes time to see the results.

8. Bloom & Root Acid

Bloom & Root AcidThe Bloom and Root 4-5-4 fertilizer for hydrangeas is designed explicitly for high performing berries and flowers that require lower soil pH levels. It helps to give your plants and flowers a well-balanced nutrient of both micro and macronutrients, hence keeping them always beautiful and healthy.

This 4-5-4 fertilizer is suitable for use on plants like rhododendrons, hydrangeas, camellias, gardenias evergreens, magnolias, strawberries, raspberries, and azaleas. It is made up of both organic and natural ingredients that help to keep soil microbes and plants nourished and blossoming.

This fertilizer comes in a coarse form and instantly feeds acid-loving plants. It does not contain sludge, manures, or biosolids. In terms of packaging, this natural fertilizer comes in a 20 lbs packaging.


  • It promotes the fast and beautiful development of blooms.
  • Great for the instant feeding of acid-loving flowers.
  • It does not contain sludge, manures, and biosolids.


  • Not ideal for spraying

9. Scotts Evergreen Shrub Food 11-7-7

Scotts Evergreen Shrub Food 11-7-7Evergreen, Tree and Shrub Food 11-7-7 is exceptional for evergreens, hydrangea, dogwood, magnolias, and several other acid-loving shrubs and trees. It has a continuous release that helps to boost lush foliage and healthy root growth. Also, its constant slow-release nitrogen is capable of continually feeding up to 2 months.

This fertilizer for hydrangeas is aimed at providing sufficient nutrients to acid-loving plants; hence, they can produce greener and healthier leaves. Also, it is suitable for use on all plant types; it is harmless to use. Additionally, it is trusted not to burn your flowers and plants when used in line with the manufacturer’s directions.

This 11-7-7 fertilizer comes in a bag weighing 4 lbs, and can be applied simply by sprinkling it directly to the soil. More so, it can be by using it uniformly around the acid-loving shrubs and trees and ensuring that the fertilizer reaches the entire area below the plant’s canopy spreads or a little beyond.


  • It is safe to use as it does not burn your flowers and plants
  • Great for dogwoods, evergreens, hydrangeas, and several others
  • It is easy to use
  • Boosts healthy, lush foliage and root growth


  • It is not sold in Pinellas County

10. Scotts 1009101

Scotts 1009101Scotts 1009101 is an excellent option for magnolias, hydrangea, evergreens, and numerous others. Also, it provides a greener and stronger root systems and supports vigorous lush foliage and root growth.

This slow-release nitrogen fertilizer is excellent at continuously feeding the plants and shrubs for up to two months. It is safe for use, as it does not burn flowers and plants as far as the manufacturer’s instructions are followed.

In terms of application, this 11-7-7 grade fertilizer can be applied by sprinkling it evenly on the soil and between 1 -3 inches below the earth to get the best results. Besides, it comes as a recommendation that it should be applied bi-monthly to boost stronger roots and greener leaves.


  • It does not burn flowers making it safe for use
  • Convenient to use
  • Suitable acid-loving shrubs and plants


  • It is not available for sale in Pinellas County

FAQs on Fertilizers For Hydrangeas

1. How Much Product Should Be Used On The Hydrangea?

To determine the quantity of product that should be used, it is advisable that you first carry out a soil test. The soil test carried out will provide you with information on the quantity of plant food the plant needs. Besides, the fertilizer’s packet often comes with directions on usage too.

2. Is It Possible To Fertilize A Hydrangea In Excess?

Like plant foods, it is possible to fertilize a hydrangea plant excessively. Generally, too much fertilizer on the plant will not only burn the plant, but will also limit the growth of the hydrangea. It is advisable always to make use of just a little quantity.

3. What Form Of Fertilizer Should I Use?

There are two kinds of fertilizer, the granular and the liquid. While the liquid form has a fast action and can be applied by watering, the granular type is slower and releases nutrients over several months.

Best Fertilizers For Hydrangeas – Your choice?

Overall, the best fertilizer for hydrangeas does not only improve the growth of the hydrangeas, but it also boosts the overall development, resilience, and color of the flower. In this article, we have been able to review in detail the top 10 best fertilizer for hydrangeas.

Since fertilizer for hydrangeas come with different compositions, form, and applications, we have also included a buying guide. This guide will help you in making easier decisions when purchasing your next fertilizer for hydrangeas.