Best Fertilizers For Trees And Shrubs 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Jobe’s 2. Easy Peasy 0-0-60 3. Tree Secret
Jobe's Best Fertilizer For Tree And Shrub All-Natural Muriate Of Potash Tree Fertilizer - Tree Secret

If you love to do gardening, then you would also like to see the rewards. Sadly, most of the time, it takes quite some effort and time to see a blooming garden. Though your plants have sufficient rain and sunlight, most of them do not grow as you like them.

They need that little push to grow as they should and make you highlight them to your neighbors with glee. At the same time, some trees and shrubs grow rightly. But, giving them that additional boost helps in healthy growth.

It is not surprising that hobbyists and professional gardeners recommend the usage of fertilizers. That is easier said than done because finding the best fertilizer for tree and shrub needs ample research and time.


The good news is that we have gone through some of the best products available today. You can now relax and read through the post to find out more about how fertilizers help your trees and shrubs to grow healthy.

It is safe to say that plants are investments for a nature lover. Every year, you tend to love them more as you watch them grow. Unless the plants are correctly planted and chosen, they cannot be expected to thrive in your garden. Though you water, fertilize and prune them, they may not grow as desired.

Often people make the same error of misunderstanding that fertilizer is magic for plants. Once the fertilizer is used or applied on the soil, the plants grow instantly. Well, it does not work that way.

As you know, plants produce or make their food through the process of photosynthesis. So, supposing the minerals are lacking, fertilizers are added only to balance the nutrients in them.

What Are The Best Fertilizers For Plants?

Homeowners like you and me, always prefer and like instant results in life. Whether it be relief from a nagging pain or skincare, the moment we see an advertisement about immediate relief from pain or agony, we go ahead and purchase it, without even bothering to read the ingredients or price.

Probably, the same can be said about plant fertilizers. Many gardeners and homeowners rely on the assumption that fertilizers can cure the problems faced in trees and shrubs. You feel that it can cure everything.

However, that is not the case. There is a perception that fertilizers can work on plants and produce instant results. You need to realize that there is a place for the compost, but not one fertilizer doing all the tasks.

1. Regular Soil Test

Before we begin our hunt for the best fertilizer for trees and shrubs, you need to first find out the right kind of fertilizer for your garden or region. This is one of the main reasons why gardens tend to appear the same, despite adding the best quality fertilizer.

The simple fact is that the fertilizer is not meant for any region and plants. That is why you need to do a regular soil test to determine the type of fertilizer your garden needs. The soil test tells you a lot about your garden soil.

Consider factors like acidity, the fertility of your soil, and so on. Only when you are aware of these factors, you can think of taking the next step. This way, you can understand how you can balance the pH out.

Depending on the appearance and color of the plants, you need to add fertilizer. If you see that your plants have yellow-colored leaves, broken twigs, and small-sized leaves, then you need to put some fertilizer to them.

The reason for that is due to an increase in pests, your plants are most likely infected with diseases. The fertilizers are not going to become a magic wand and add life to your plants. Unless your plants are in good condition, the fertilizers might not do their required job.

2. Release Designs Of The Fertilizer

Since you now know the need for adding fertilizers to your plants, you must beware of your options. When your soil’s potassium and phosphorus levels are average, then you can make use of a complete fertilizer.

Usually, the fertilizers come as extended-release or fast-release. The extended-release fertilizers take time to work effectively on your plants. Unlike them, the fast-release works immediately.

You can notice the results within a day or two. They remove most of the nutrients from the soil. However, they do not cause damage. These kinds of fertilizers work well on well-watered earth.

The extended-release fertilizers take much longer to give their effect. However, they are ideal for plants of all kinds because they slowly give way for new plants too. If you have recently planted some shrubs, then this kind of fertilizer is very suitable.

At the same time, the fast-release fertilizers show their magic quickly. They are ideal for plants that are well grown and need that shot in the arm. Hence, it all boils down to the growth stage of your plants.

Depending on your requirements, you will want to decide on purchasing the fast-release or extended-release fertilizers for your garden.

3. Usage Of Natural Fertilizers

Another alternative is using natural fertilizers. They include composted materials or cow dung. Though they are the right source, they do not come with essential ingredients like potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous.

They contain zinc and iron too. These elements are good for the soil. As you can see, there are pros and cons when using these kinds of natural fertilizers, which are typically not found in markets.

Thus, you need to read the contents of the fertilizer before making the purchase. These act as repellents on the weed.

Besides, once you have added the compost, do not expect immediate effects. Wait for nature to work in its own time.

Also, the season plays a crucial role in this process. If you have applied the fertilizer during summer, then it may take some time. However, if you have used the fertilizer during the rainy season, then you can notice the effects slightly quicker.

Fertilizer Application Methods

You can apply the best fertilizer for trees and shrubs directly or indirectly. However, the method you use does not matter because, eventually, you have to apply it around the root region. For any plant, the root is the main source of nutrients.

The roots feed close to 10-14 inches above the soil. Applying the fertilizer to the mulch helps the cause during rains.

You must make sure that when applying the fertilizer, irrigate the soil immediately so that it dissolves on to the plants. Otherwise, the nitrogen will be lost into the atmosphere.

1. Indirect Fertilization

This happens when the plants are fertilized in your garden and also when you scatter the fertilizer in and around your garden.

So, the water, air, and other components carry the fertilizers to the plants. However, it is not a completely effective method.

2. Direct Fertilization

This is an effective method of fertilization because the fertilizer is absorbed by the plants properly. With the drop-type spreader, the ideal amount of the compost is used to spread on the complete root zone area.

Professional gardeners split the fertilizer into half the amount to be sprayed and then scatter it in one direction and then other-half in the other direction. However, when you want to apply fertilizer on shrubs and other plants, you need to ensure that you brush off the leaves using a rake or broom to the ground.

You can apply the fertilizers in the liquid form. This is a standard method to apply fertilizer.

Gardeners need to understand that merely using the compost will not cure the deficiency. You can do a soil test to determine the pH levels and decide on the amount of fertilizer to enforce.

Signs That Trees And Shrubs Are Lacking Nutrients

As a homeowner or gardener, when you notice the following signs in your trees or shrubs, then you must understand that they need additional nutrients in the form of fertilizers. Actions taken on time will enable you to improve your garden’s overall condition. Here are those signs:

  • If the growth of the twigs is shorter than the actual size.
  • When the leaves are undersized or a few in numbers.
  • The tips of the branches lack life.
  • The veins of the leaves become darker than the margins of the leaf.
  • If the leaves are other colors like yellow, orange, or purple.

Please keep in mind that despite adding fertilizers, if your plants do not have any noticeable difference in them, then you might want to consult a professional gardener. He can provide you with the actual cause for it and give an official diagnosis.

Through this article, we will discuss some of the best fertilizers available in today’s market. You can decide and use the ideal product for your plants.

Top 15 Best Fertilizers For Trees And Shrubs 2022

1. Jobe’s

Jobe's Best Fertilizer For Tree And ShrubThe Jobe’s Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Spikes is the best fertilizer for trees and shrubs. It is available in 15 Spikes in a 4 pack. As the fertilizer comes in the form of spikes, hence the name. Typically, fertilizers come in liquid or powder form, but it is not the case with spikes.

The unique shape and design of the fertilizer make sure that all the plants receive their equal share. Applying them is also quite easy. You need to make a small hole in the ground and then insert the product.

Then you must cover it up. You need to choose the kind of fertilizer depending on the type of plants you have in your garden. Not to mention, you can select the number of spikes you want to purchase for your garden.

The main aspect of this product is that it lasts for an entire season. In a sense, when you apply it at the start of a season, it lasts until the end of the season. This ensures you are saving on time, effort, and money.


  • Your buying options can range from 5-160 spikes.
  • The spikes dissolve slowly.
  • It is easy to store.
  • It lasts throughout the season.
  • You have to apply it only twice a year.
  • It is an efficient product.
  • It promotes resistance to pests and diseases.


  • It is slightly expensive when compared to other fertilizers.
  • Addition of too many spikes can destroy the trees.

If you are looking for an efficient and non-wasteful fertilizer, then the Jobe’s Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Spikes, 15 Spikes (4 Pack), should be on your list.


2. All-Natural Muriate Of Potash

All-Natural Muriate Of PotashIf you are in search of a fertilizer that can help you with battling fungus and diseases, then the All-Natural Muriate of Potash is your product. It comes in a 10-liter bag that can be easily stored away for an extended period.

You can easily apply it on your lawn and shrubs — ideal for using on small to medium-sized trees too. You may want to know that Potash is exceptionally suitable for promoting health in plants and resisting diseases.

You can spread the fertilizer using a spreader. However, you will want to know that the size of the grain is slightly bigger than regular fertilizers. It also helps in the regulation of water both inside and outside plants.

It reduces the consumption of water among plants, thanks to the chloride. This also aids in the stiffening of the streams that help in offering you with the finely grown crop. You can consider applying it to root plants like potato, beetroot, and carrot.


  • The product helps in the complete removal of fungus.
  • It helps in the increase of oil and the production of a terpene.
  • It is ideal for application during the early as well as later stages of plants.
  • It helps in the growth of healthy plants.
  • You can quickly reduce your water consumption in your garden.
  • It enables the active support of resistance to diseases.


  • Some users have complained of its slow performance as compared to other products.

If you are affected with fungus on your beautiful lawn, then you can consider All-Natural Muriate of Potash to help you with it.


3. Tree Fertilizer – Tree Secret

Tree Fertilizer - Tree SecretThe Tree Fertilizer, Tree Secret 64oz, comes made from natural ingredients. The maker of this brilliant product is Dr. JimZ, who specializes in this field. It was previously known as Save-A-Tree. As the product is made from natural ingredients, the need to worry about chemical reactions taking place is not there.

Unlike other fertilizers that contain large amounts of nitrogen that weakens the trees, this formula is avoided here. Trees require a slow-release fertilizer that can nourish them.

The main benefit of using the product is that you notice a reduction in the pests. Apart from that, the trees and plants become strengthened.

Remember that you need to follow the instructions given on the package. That is because burnouts can occur. You do not want to miss the deadline for applying it to your plants.


  • Produced by a reliable maker.
  • It is priced reasonably well.
  • It gives you noticeable effects.
  • You can apply it to both plants and trees.
  • It helps in the removal of pests.


  • Some consumers felt that you need to add more fertilizer to notice the effects.

4. TreeHelp Premium Fertilizer For Oaks

TreeHelp Premium Fertilizer For OaksIf you own a landscape that is filled with large trees like oaks and pine, then you might want to consider using the TreeHelp Premium Fertilizer for Oaks. The product is suitable for oak trees.

The fertilizer works well on the root to promote robust development — the ingredients in the product help in the resistance of diseases. The nitrogen present in the product feeds the trees for an extended period of time.

It is ideal for newly planted trees or large trees. You can also notice vast differences after using it on shrubs. The leaves start to gain their vigor, and bushes appear thicker. Not to mention, the leaves become dark green in color, which enhances the appearance of your garden.


  • It is very active on trees.
  • It takes about 2-4 weeks to notice the difference in trees.
  • It helps in the resistance of pests and bugs.
  • Enables the robust growth of the oak and pine trees.
  • The nitrogen element feeds for long periods.


  • Few users have complained about the high price.

5. AM Leonard Fertilizer Osmocote

AM Leonard Fertilizer Osmocote.The AM Leonard Fertilizer is an Osmocote product. It is long-lasting as it shows the results effectively for a few years. The granules come with nutrients that are soluble in water. The feed of the granule lasts for more than 6 months.

It is coated with plastic resin. You can use it depending on the plant or crop you are planning to grow in your garden. The capsules do not consume too much water. So, you can use it in regions where water is a rare resource.

Both professional and patio gardeners will find the product useful.


  • You can use it for a wide range of shrubs and trees.
  • The capsules can provide feed for 6 months.
  • They can be used in drought-like regions.
  • They work ideal in humid areas.
  • The nutrients are water-soluble.


  • Over usage of the capsules will cause burnouts.

6. 50pc Ecto Tabs

50pc Ecto TabsIf you are looking for an organic-based product, then the 50pc Ecto Tabs – Organically Based Beneficial Mycorrhizal Fungi for Trees Shrubs is the ideal one. The tablets contain the needed ingredients for your plants and trees.

The tablets come with spores that are meant to destroy the fungus. When fungus grows on the root of the plants and on the drip line, then you cannot expect it to be healthy. Not to mention, water intake is drastically reduced.

These tablets can be used for a wide range of plants like Arctostaphylos, Alder, Arborvitae, Chestnut, Chinquapin, Aspen, Oak, Eucalyptus, Fir, Hazelnut, Poplar, and Spruce. These are commercial plants and trees that can return the investment. Hence, gardeners, as well as commercial farmers, use this fertilizer.

Applying the tablets does not have to be a difficult task. All you need to do is place the tablets at about 1/2 depth at the root zone, for new plants. For old plants, you can place them a few inches in the soil.


  • Tablets can be used for newly growing plants.
  • It is suitable for commercial plants and trees.
  • The tablets reduce the growth of fungus and bugs.
  • Trees can be transplanted with the help of this fertilizer.
  • This is organic plant food.


  • Consumers find applying the tablet on the soil slightly tricky.

7. Milorganite Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertilizer

Milorganite Slow-Release Nitrogen FertilizerMilorganite 32 lbs. Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertilizer has been in the fertilizer industry for a good 90 years. It is ideal to use on trees, lawns, and flowering plants. Since this is a slow-release product, the need to water it often does not arise.

It can feed up to 10 weeks and contains iron too. The product enables the plants to retain the dark green color. It can help in conserving water and reduces the need for you to mow your garden often.


  • You can use it on shrubs, lawns, and flowering plants.
  • It can cover an area of 2,500 sq. ft.
  • The granules are easy to apply and provide impressive results.
  • The feed is for 10 weeks.
  • This is a non-burning product and protects your plants.
  • As it does not contain salts, it is ideal for drought areas too.
  • The fertilizer remains in the zone of the root.


  • If you over-apply, then burnout can happen.

8. The Osmocote Pro

The Osmocote ProOsmocote is a common name in the fertilizer industry. This is a full season fertilizer that provides for your plants and trees. Hence, it is an economical and cost-effective package.

The product comes with all the vital ingredients required for your plants. This is a smart-release fertilizer. It can feed the plants for more than 6-months.

Not to mention, you can use it for both outdoor and indoor plants. It helps them to grow healthier. The product comes with more than 10 nutrients.


  • The product is ideal for potted plants.
  • It works well for orchids too.
  • It contains all the crucial elements for a food plant.
  • The feeding period is 6-months.
  • It is a durable product.


  • Few users have said it to be pricey, though it gets the job done.
  • That is one of the ideal fertilizers on this list. If you are looking for a durable product, this one is perfect for you.

9. Fertilome 10864

Fertilome 10864The Voluntary Purchasing Group Fertilome 10864 Tree and Shrub Food has scientifically tested plant food. It comes with a penetrating action formula that means; you do not have to dig holes when applying it to your plants.

It attacks the roots of the plants providing you with immediate results. You need to add the plant food on the drip lines of the trees of shrubs. It works its charm on a variety of shrubs and trees like but trees, citrus trees, flowering plants, and shade trees.

You need to feed the trees at least a few times a year with this fertilizer. The fertilizer can feed more than 8 single 4” diameter landscapes, which is good enough. Hence, an ideal product for the majority of garden spaces.


  • It is priced cheaply.
  • Suitable for both small and vast landscapes.
  • You do not need to dig holes when adding the plant food.
  • The effect is noticeable in a few days.
  • You can apply it to small plants and trees.


  • It works better on trees than shrubs and herbs.

If you own a vast landscape and are looking for cheap but effective fertilizer, then the Voluntary Purchasing Group Fertilome 10864 Tree and Shrub Food is your go-to solution.


10. Watch Us Grow All Purpose

Watch Us Grow All PurposeLiquid fertilizers are convenient to use and spray when compared to powder form. That is because those fertilizers have to be spread using a spreader that can be expensive. Unlike them, once you add some water the liquid version is ready to go.

It gives you more than 250 ready to use plant food. The product is suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor plants. The feed period is 14 days, which is quite good because, the more often you feed young plants, the healthier and stronger they grow.

Unlike some fertilizers, they do not burn the plants, if used rightly. The product is suitable for vegetable plants, trees, fruit plants, flowering plants, trees, and shrubs. The fertilizer comes in a 1-gallon can, which is useful for professional gardeners and farmers who do not need to purchase the product frequently.


  • It works immensely well on small plants.
  • Professional gardeners swear by it.
  • It comes with brand value.
  • The pricing is affordable.
  • You get 250-time usage from one can that is good enough.
  • It is easy to use, as you need to add water.


  • The product takes time to work for big trees.

11. Gempler’s

Gempler'sThe GEMPLER’S Liquid Iron Supplement for Plants is produced by GEMPLER’S, which is a well-known name in the fertilizer industry. If you notice your plants are becoming unhealthy or have lost that vigor, then this product immensely helps out.

Since it comes with plenty of iron, the lost color and health of the plants return once you apply this supplement. It is suitable for flowering plants, lawns, shrubs, and vegetable plants. If you are a gardener, then this is a must-have item on your shopping list.

It comes in a 1-gallon size, which means you do not have to purchase the fertilizer frequently. Buying fertilizer in large quantities is suitable for those who have huge landscapes.


  • It comes in a 1-gallon capacity.
  • It is priced affordably.
  • A reliable maker produces it.
  • The fertilizer contains iron that is extremely beneficial for shrubs.
  • It aids in the production of healthy leaves and flowers.


  • It is limited to small plants, and shrubs but might not be useful on large trees.

12. Pro Trust Products

Pro Trust ProductsThe Pro Trust Products Fertilizer comes from a reputed producer. The product can be applied to a wide range of plants, trees, and shrubs.

It means you can grow a versatile and colorful garden, having all kinds of flora in there. However, you will want to take note of the fact that it feeds for 16 weeks, at least.


  • You can use it on all kinds of plants.
  • It works well during any season.
  • It is priced reasonably.
  • It comes from a reputed manufacturer.
  • It can be used on 1000 sq. ft.


  • The feed period is slightly on the lengthier side.

If you are looking for an all-purpose fertilizer, then you know what to do.


13. Myke 1809962 Pro

Myke 1809962 ProIf you own a large piece of property or are interested in developing a beautiful landscape, then the Myke 1809962 Pro Landscape can help you out. The ideal period to apply this fertilizer would be when you are transplanting the trees and shrubs.

You might want to consider using it on leafy plants and shrubs as they work effectively on them. This is mycorrhizal inoculant and is suitable for all kinds of soils and helps your cause even in adverse weather conditions.

Gardeners use it even during drought-like conditions, and it has helped bring in vigor in plants. Another benefit of using it is that the watering needs are immensely reduced. The product comes in a 10-pound capacity that is ideal for your needs and can last at least for a year.


  • The fertilizer can help large areas of landscaping.
  • It can be applied on different kinds of land.
  • It helps shrubs and trees of all shapes.
  • It reduces watering requirements.
  • Instills vigor in plants.


  • It works effectively on small plants and shrubs.

14. Lilly Miller 100099247

Lilly Miller 100099247The Lilly Miller 100099247 000280 Quart Fish Fertilizer comes in a 1-gallon size and is affordable. Ideally, the fertilizer is suitable for organic gardening. All you need to do is add some water to the compost and you are good to go.

Some of the plants that can benefit through this product are fruit plants, container plants, shrubs, vegetable plants, roses, and others. The fertilizer comes with a feed period of one month that is decent.

You can also use it on a wide range of grasses like Bent Grass, Centipede, Fescue, Rye, St. Augustine (Floratam), Bermuda, Bluegrass, Tall Fescue, and Zoysia. This is a natural formula that breaks down to provide sufficient vigor and nutrients to your plants.


  • It has excellent brand value.
  • The feed period of the product is one month.
  • You can use it to grow a wide range of plants and trees.
  • It is made from natural ingredients and is safe.
  • It is priced well.


  • The fact that it comes in 1 gallon can put off a few people. But, the storage period is lengthy.

15. Scotts 11-7-7

Scotts 11-7-7Please don’t get fooled by its low ranking because it is one of the most effective fertilizers in the market. You can apply the product to your plants from the start of the season.

It works its magic all through the year. It is ideal for plants that consume a lot of acids like evergreens, hydrangeas, magnolias, and dogwoods. So, if you have a garden with similar plants, then this is a strong contender.

The fertilizer works best from the root of the plants. The only element that is missing from this great product is iron.
It helps in the reduction of the yellow color in leaves. Though not very significant, only if it is a requirement.

It comes in different sizes. Depending on your needs, you can choose the product.


  • It feeds for more than 3 months, which is very useful.
  • It is easy to apply as it comes in the form of granules on shrubs.
  • It is affordable and works well on numerous shrubs.
  • You have to apply it only a few times a year.
  • It is cost-effective as you can purchase it in different sizes.


  • It lacks the ingredient iron that can be noticeable when applied to shrubs.

You should consider getting the Scotts Evergreen, Tree & Shrub Food if you are looking for a reliable and effective product.


FAQs on Fertilizers for Trees and Shrubs

1. Why Do You Need To Add Fertilizers To Your Trees And Shrubs?

This is a common question posed by several homeowners and even farmers. The main reason for doing that is because; fertilizers enable trees and shrubs to remain robust and healthy. Though trees are strong and sturdy, external factors can contribute to their poor health.

External factors like sun, wind, rain, and pests. Poor health becomes quite visible over a period of time. However, adding good quality fertilizers to them ensures that the tree can withstand the changing weather patterns and adjust accordingly.

2. Do Trees And Shrubs Need To Be Fertilized In Your Garden?

It depends on the region you live in. It is because forests have nutrients in the soil of a higher grade as compared to garden soil located in towns and cities. When you remove the twigs, leaves, and other bark from your garden, you are actually eliminating nutrients that can be used for recycling in the garden.

Not to mention, the grass present in the garden often utilizes the water and nutrients that are required for the trees and shrubs. When you fertilize your plants, they bring about the same cycle that occurs in the forest.

3. When Is The Ideal Time To Fertilize Plants?

Most of the fertilizers come with elements that are suited throughout the year. The fertilizers are tested in labs before being sold in the market. So, on using these formulas, there is no need to worry about the ideal time for fertilization.

However, if you reside in a tropical region, then you need to ensure that you water your plants quite often. Similarly, when you stay in a cool part of the country, then you might want to use the right kind of fertilizer for your garden.

4. Which Fertilizer Is Ideal For Your Tree?

The ideal fertilizer is the one that works slow. In layman’s terms, it comes with a low salt index and has a controlled release. Some of the key ingredients in fertilizers are phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N), and potassium (K).

Some fertilizers also come with amino acid and PPA. In certain regions, trees lack macronutrients. If you live in a similar area, then you need to ensure that the trees and shrubs are provided with those nutrients.

Summing up

This concludes our review of the best fertilizer for trees and shrubs. Hope you understood the different kinds of fertilizers available in the market. You would have also read about the need to use fertilizers, when, and how to use them.

However, if you are still not sure about what or how to use them, then you can take the help of a professional gardener. Your ultimate goal is to bring up a healthy garden with flowering plants and sturdy trees.

That can happen only if you use the right kind of fertilizer ideal for your region and climatic conditions. At the same time, you need not feel annoyed or frustrated when the fertilizer is not helping your garden to be the way you want it.

Remember, these fertilizers take time by working from the roots. Depending on the soil, climate, and nutrients, they will work in their own time. This is when you might want to take a look at the base of the trees and shrubs.

So, with the right base, the suitable fertilizers, and the ideal climate, your garden will bloom one day, making you the envy of the entire neighborhood.