Best Indoor Plant Fertilizers 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Osmocote 274850 2. Osmocote Smart 3. All-Purpose
Osmocote 274850 Best Indoor Plant Fertilizer Osmocote Smart-Release All-Purpose House Plant

Plants can add a sense of serenity and peacefulness to your home, which is why a number of people not only enjoy growing them outdoors but also like to keep a few pots inside their home.

The nature of an indoor plant is very different from that of an outdoor plant, which is why the fertilizer that is used for indoor plants differs greatly compared to those that are used for growing and supporting outdoor plants.


Indoor plants go dormant during the winter and flower during the spring, which is why these pots need to be taken care of in a different manner and the best indoor plant fertilizer must be purchased.

If you love indoor plants, but they haven’t been growing too well, then it’s probably because you are not using the right house plant fertilizer. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that you should consider while purchasing the best fertilizer for houseplants.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Indoor Plant Fertilizer

1. Form Of The Fertilizers

Unlike outdoor fertilizers, indoor fertilizing products are a lot smaller. You will usually find them as water-soluble granules or slow-release tablets. However, some fertilizers could end up burning the roots of your plant, and this would mean that your plant will eventually die.

Looking for the perfect fertilizer for houseplants is something that you need to pay careful attention to. This is because some plants require a strong fertilizer, while there are other plants that will eventually die, because of the overuse of a certain fertilizer.

Never rely on too much fertilizer for a plant, because while you believe that this will help in the growth of your plant, it will not and this will eventually burn the roots, and you will have to replace the plant.

If you notice a white film on the soil, then this is basically a sign that you’re using too much fertilizer and your soil is rejecting any more, with an aim to protect the plant.

  • Fertilizers For Foliage Plants

When you are growing indoor plants, you may want to consider using a fertilizer that contains 20 parts Nitrogen, 20 parts phosphorus, and 20 parts potassium. This is an ideal combination to provide the right nutrition to your plant, without the plant dying.

  • Fertilizer For Flowering Plants

If you have flowering plants indoors, then you may want to consider a 15-30-15 ratio. This means the fertilizers should contain twice the amount of phosphorus, in comparison to the nitrogen and potassium content.

2. Strength Of The Fertilizers

Certain indoor plants require a stronger fertilizer, but there are other indoor plants that are a little delicate, so you may want to consider something that isn’t too strong.

While 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 fertilizer works well for most indoor plants, some require stronger fertilizers, while others may require a milder one. If you can’t get your hands on a milder fertilizer, you may want to consider fertilizing the plants less often.

When To Fertilize Your Home Plants?

Unlike the need for water and sunlight, which is obvious for indoor plants, figuring out when to fertilize your plants could be a little trickier. Your plant will not exactly give out a signal to let you know that it’s time to fertilize it, which is why the smartest way to go about this would be to form a schedule that you follow strictly.

What you need to do is to determine a cycle, based on the growing cycle of your plant. This may be slow in certain plants, and in this case, you may want to use a fertilizer with slow-release about twice a year. However, if the plant is growing faster, then you may want to use it about three to four times a year.

Now that you have understood the basics of scheduling and the kind of house plant fertilizer that you could invest in for home plants, let’s take a look at some of the best indoor plant fertilizer, that you could purchase, so your indoor plants look beautiful green, lush, and blooming all year round.

Top 20 Best Indoor Plant Fertilizers 2022

1. Osmocote 274850

Osmocote 274850 Best Indoor Plant FertilizerWhen it comes to the health of your plant, it is important for you to trust something that has an established name in the market, and it can’t get any better than this amazing smart release plant food that works just as effectively for outdoor plants as it does for your indoor plants.

If you have a beautiful garden outside and a few pots in your home, then there is nothing better than this fertilizer since it manages to suffice the needs of both your plants. The amazing fertilizer has some strong reviews on Amazon, and you can get an 8-pound bag at a highly affordable price.

The small granules of this fertilizer work well, even on small indoor plants, and it provides the best formula for the plant so that it grows effectively.

This fertilizer is fortified with a total of 11 essential nutrients, that not only help plants grow better but also strengthen their roots and enable the plants to look a lot better.


  • Fortified with 11 essential nutrients
  • Works with all plants
  • Effective for up to 6 months


  • It is a slow-release fertilizer
  • Will not be as effective for plants that have already begun rotting
  • It could have been a little more heavy-duty

2. Osmocote Smart-Release

Osmocote Smart-ReleaseIf you love flowering plants indoors or you have a few herbs and vegetables in small pots that you like growing around your balcony, then you may want to consider investing in this smart-release plant flower and vegetable fertilizer that is one of the best house plant fertilizer you find in the market today.

This budget-friendly fertilizer comes in a handy 8-pound pack that makes it convenient for you to use, even if you have multiple plants in your home. This is one of the few fertilizers on Amazon that has an extremely high rating, and it is a reliable fertilizer to depend on.

This fertilizer needs to be used about three times a year because it can feed your plants for a full 4 months.

If you lead a busy life and you don’t have too much time to fertilize your plants, then using this fertilizer is definitely something you can benefit from. This fertilizer can help increase the growth and production of vegetables and flowers, which is why it is a must-have.


  • Very beneficial for vegetables and fruits
  • Can feed plants for up to 4 months
  • Easy to use
  • Strong root development


  • Not environment-friendly
  • Overuse can burn your plants

3. All-Purpose House Plant

All-Purpose House PlantIf you have no way of determining when you have to fertilize your plants, sometimes you could take it too far, and your plants can be in desperate need of an immediate solution.

In such situations, one of the best kinds of fertilizers to use would be in a liquid form, in order for it to act quickly, and can help save your plant from dying.

This all-purpose house fertilizer is a great liquid fertilizer for houseplants that works well for all potted plants, making it a quick solution that not only helps the plants stay strong but also prevents them from dying, even in the worst of situations.

This amazing fertilizer comes in a budget-friendly pack and has amazing benefits that not only help to save any kind of indoor plants but also make it an easy-to-use and go-to solution in the worst-case scenarios.

This fertilizer has some strong reviews on Amazon, which says that people rely and trust on it. It prevents wilting of the plants a lot better than granules and pellets, and it promotes healthy growth.

Add a small teaspoon of this fertilizer to a cup of water and you can easily fertilize your plants for up to a year, without having to worry about re-fertilizing it.


  • Easy to use in liquid form
  • Quick-release Fertilizer for dying plants
  • 1-year solution


  • Overuse can burn the roots

4. Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food

Osmocote Smart-Release Plant FoodThere are a number of fertilizers available on the market, and people are often skeptical about whether or not that particular fertilizer will work well for their indoor plants.

If you have your doubts about this smart release plant food fertilizer that works well for indoor and outdoor plants, then the smartest thing for you to do would be to try out the small one-pound bag that it comes in.

This highly affordable fertilizer works well for people who have a small gardening area or simple indoor plants that they need to look after.

If you don’t have too many plants, it doesn’t make sense for you to purchase a large bag of fertilizer, because it will just sit in your pantry rotting away.

The small box goes a long way since you don’t have to use it more than twice a year and it manages to nourish your indoor plants very well.

This fertilizer comes with 11 nutrients and is extremely beneficial for all sorts of indoor plants. It’s one of the few fertilizers that come with a newborn pledge policy, which ensures that your plant roots will not get burnt even if you add a little extra by mistake.


  • No burn solution
  • Small pack for indoor plants or small gardens
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to dissolve
  • 11 nutrient fertilizer


  • Designed only for indoor and small plant areas
  • It takes a while to start acting

5. E Z-GRO 15-30-15

E Z-GRO 15-30-15If you are looking for something that not only benefits the growth of your plants effectively but also manages to provide it with the right kind of nutrients, then this fertilizer is just what you need.

This fertilizer is specifically designed for flowering plants. This handy 16 oz pack makes it convenient for you to use all year round. This fertilizer has the ideal 15-30-15 ratio, which is what every flowering plant needs.

It is simple to use and highly effective. Even if your plant is on the verge of dying, you will be able to revive the plant because this comes with a quick solution that helps your plant revive even when it is on the verge of dying.

It is highly soluble, and this makes it a quick release fertilizer that manages to save your plants really fast. The easy-to-use formula makes it convenient even for people who have a very busy life to continue maintaining their plants and ensuring that you do not die on them.


  • Large pack for convenient use
  • A perfect formula for flowering plants
  • Smart quick release formula
  • Budget-friendly


  • Very mild and it takes a while to work
  • Very large packs could be difficult for people with small gardens to maintain.

6. Houseplant Resource Center

Houseplant Resource CenterIndoor plants need a lot more than just fertilization. Apart from ensuring healthy growth, you also need to make sure that you keep those nasty pests away from your plants because it could ruin the plants, and also a lot of furniture and other upholstery in your home.

Bacteria and insects are common with indoor plants, just as they are with outdoor plants and this is why you need a complete solution that not only helps to fertilize but also keeps the insects, bacteria, and fungi away.

This amazing indoor plant cleaner spray not only helps to fortify but also protects your plant, making it one of the most effective fertilizers to invest in.

One of the best things about this fertilizer is that it comes in a simple spray formula, so you don’t have to worry about using multiple utensils in order to start fertilizing your plan. All you need to do is to open up this bottle and start spraying around your plant, in order to protect it and keep it healthy.


  • Easy spray formula
  • Great for bug protection and bacteria as well
  • Highly Effective
  • Made using all-natural ingredients


  • A little pricey
  • Make sure you spray your entire plant to protect it

7. Espoma Company INPF8

Espoma Company INPF8Sometimes storing in bulk can benefit you, and when it comes to fertilizers that don’t really have a shelf life, it’s a smart thing to buy more since you get them at a better price.

With this amazing organic indoor plant food fertilizer, you do not really need to think twice before purchasing two bottles in one go since it comes with an all 5-star rating on Amazon.

This is a deal that could be labeled as a steal deal because not only does it manage to protect your indoor plants but it is also one of the safest fertilizers to use, considering you don’t have to measure how much fertilizer you are adding.

This is a smart fertilizer that manages to revive your dying plant almost instantly and prevents it from dying.

This is a simple fertilizer that is really effective for indoor plants and it is also safe to use, which is why it’s a great indoor house plant fertilizer.

Since you don’t have to worry about waiting too long in between using the fertilizer and it has a no bond formula, you won’t need to stress about the overuse of the fertilizer.


  • Highly effective solution
  • All 5-star rating on Amazon
  • Easy to use
  • Safe


  • None so far

8. Beat Your Neighbor

Beat Your NeighborSometimes people have large indoor areas where they tend to grow a lot of plants, and in such situations, one of the most important factors you need to take into consideration prior to purchasing a good quality fertilizer is that you buy something that’s budget-friendly.

When it comes to budget-friendly and effective fertilizers, there is nothing better than this amazing beat your neighbor fertilizer that can produce up to 90 gallons of effective fertilizer in just one jar.

This is a super-concentrated professional fertilizer that requires about half a teaspoon per gallon of water, which makes it one of the most effective high-grade quality fertilizers that you’ll find in the market.

If nourishment of your plants is essential to you and you never want to run out of fertilizers, this is definitely one to have. This simple to use formula makes it easy for you to use multiple times, and since it is budget-friendly, you will not need to think twice before using it.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Convenient packaging
  • Easy to use
  • Highly effective
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor plants


  • Needs to be used every week
  • If you have a small garden, it is not really beneficial

9. Schultz

SchultzThere is no denying that spraying a fertilizer is a lot easier than having to put fertilizers from one container to another and diluting it, and then using it for your potted plants.

This is an easy-to-use plant fertilizer that comes in a ready-to-use pack and this makes it convenient for you to just spray away and ensure that your plants look beautiful and last a lot longer.

This is a natural fertilizer so you don’t really need to worry about whether it’s going in other directions, or whether your pets or small children are coming in touch with the fertilizer.

This is a highly effective fertilizer that not only manages to give your plants a beautiful shine but it also makes them stronger.

The fertilizer is great for families who don’t have too much time on hand and still want to ensure that they are looking after their indoor plants well. All you have to do is spray the fertilizer and you won’t have to worry about whether or not your plants will start rotting.


  • Easy-to-use spray technology
  • Simple and convenient
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Keep plants healthy


  • Leaves a waxy layer on leaves
  • Needs to be sprayed out evenly for the leaves to shine

10. Air Plant Weekly Fertilizing Spray

Air Plant Weekly Fertilizing SprayIf you have beautiful flowering plants at home, then one of the best things to do would be to invest in this air plant weekly fertilizing spray that has specially formulated ingredients that protect flowering plants.

If your flowering plants are not blooming well, then this is definitely the fertilizer that you need, in order for your plants to start looking beautiful and giving colorful flowers.

This amazing fertilizing spray comes with strong reviews on Amazon that make it one of the most effective fertilizers to invest in.

It is a premium formula and consists of a 16-9-25 nitrogen phosphorus potassium ratio that not only manages to provide your plants with the right amount of nutrients but also helps them to grow.

While most fertilizers are added to the soil, this fertilizer is spread all across the plants and it also provides a nourishing shine to the leaves, and it helps the flowers look prettier.

Forget about combining your fertilizer with various other products and now just start spraying away, and your plants will look beautiful.


  • Safe and easy-to-use spray bottle
  • Highly effective even for gentle plants
  • Non-hassle spray formula
  • Made using natural ingredients


  • A little high on price
  • Gets over fairly quickly

11. Clean Water Grow All-Purpose

Clean Water Grow All-PurposeThere are some plants that are prone to get burnt really quickly and this is why it is important to use a slow-release fertilizer in these conditions.

This amazing clean water all-purpose fertilizer is an environmentally friendly fertilizer that also happens to be a slow-release fertilizer.

It is an effective formula that is very popular and has an all 5-star rating on Amazon, which confirms this is the best fertilizer for houseplants that you can purchase.

This fertilizer can be used effectively on fruits, flowers, herbs, vegetables, and shrubs that grow indoors and it will manage to not only nourish but also protect the plant effectively.

There are a number of fertilizers online that not only claim to provide quick solutions but also promise to work fast, but these fertilizers eventually end up damaging the root of the plant and this means that your plant will not stay healthy for a long time.

A slow-release fertilizer, on the other hand, manages to provide a steady supply of nutrients to the plant, which prevents the plant from burning and helps it stay healthy for a long time.


  • Slow-release formula
  • Environment-friendly fertilizer
  • All-natural fertilizer
  • Better nutrition supply


  • None so far

12. Cute Farms Tillandsia

Cute Farms TillandsiaIf you are not one of those people who enjoy diluting a fertilizer and pouring it on your plants, then using a spray is something that you will definitely find more convenient.

This easy-to-use air plant fertilizer comes with a spray bottle that makes it convenient for you not only to fertilize your plants but it also helps to enhance the way your plant looks.

The water mist spray manages to instantly make your plant look vibrant and fresh while the fertilizer begins to work its magic internally and helps your plant to grow strong right from the root.

The easy-to-use spray is specifically designed for flowering plants and succulents that tend to look dull and gloomy when they don’t get the right nutrition.

The combination of the spray not only makes your plant look better but it also helps it to stay strong and beautiful.

When investing in a good quality fertilizer there are various factors that you need to take into consideration and in case your plant is on the verge of dying, then this is the kind of fertilizer you need.


  • Quick-release formula
  • Can help to save dying plants
  • Improve the internal and external appeal of a plant
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
  • Needs to be used multiple times, before the plants can fully revive

13. Exhale – Homegrown CO2

Exhale - Homegrown CO2If you are looking for a heavy-duty fertilizer that can help your indoor plants grow well without having to worry about them losing their nutrition, then this homegrown fertilizer for indoor plants is just what you need. This fertilizer manages to get the job done really well.

The Co2 that the fertilizer contains is highly recommended for indoor plants because it’s a part of the process of photosynthesis and this enables plants to grow stronger and healthier in no time.

This is one of the few fertilizers that have extremely high ratings on Amazon and there is no denying that people enjoy using the fertilizers because of the benefits that it has to offer.

It can be used twice a year and you manage to reap the benefits of this amazing fertilizer without having to worry about using it multiple times.

It is designed for small spaces and indoor plants and it’s really easy to use, which makes it a convenient solution even for people who don’t have too much time in their hands.


  • Unique CO2 formula
  • Highly effective for plant growth
  • Recommended for indoor plants
  • Slow-release and needs to be used just twice a year


  • Needs to be stored in a dark place
  • You need to use it more than twice a year in certain climatic conditions

14. Ocean Bounty

Ocean BountyIf you are looking for a budget-friendly and effective fertilizer that you can buy, then this natural fertilizer plant food for indoor and outdoor plants is just what you need.

The fertilizer comes in four 2 pound bags each, which makes it convenient for you to use whenever needed.

It is quite rare to find fertilizers with a hundred percent five-star rating on Amazon and this is one of the few fertilizers that manage to maintain that reputation.

Apart from being budget-friendly, this is also a fertilizer that manages to provide the most effective solution for both indoor and outdoor plants, thereby enabling them to grow strong and beautiful.

A good fertilizer is one that not just enables better growth but also ensures that plants bloom and deliver fruits and vegetables.

If you have a herb garden and flowering plants indoors, or you have some heavy-duty plants growing outside, the fertilizers will manage to help get a better produce and enhance not just the appearance of your plants but also the productivity.


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor plants
  • Helps with not just the appearance but also the produce
  • Budget-friendly solution


  • Not for somebody with a small bunch of plants indoors

15. Exhale Homegrown CO2 365

Exhale Homegrown CO2 365Indoor plants definitely lack CO2, which is why the only way to provide that nutrition to the plants is with the help of a fertilizer that contains CO2 formula.

This amazing fertilizer is a self-activated bag that contains CO2, which is effective not only for indoor plants but also for green rooms that do not get direct sunlight.

This is an easy-to-use fertilizer that enhances the photosynthesis of your plants and manages to enable effective growth even in the worst of climatic conditions, where growing outdoors is almost impossible.

This large bag of fertilizer will manage to suffice for quite a few plants and can provide full protection for up to 9 months.

This fertilizer is actually designed for indoor plants because all you need to do is use this fertilizer on your plants and the slow release will gradually start distributing within the plants, thereby enabling it to get the Co2 that it is looking for.

Instead of having to worry about constantly fertilizing your plants, you can now do it with this fertilizer by just hanging it over the plants and you won’t have to worry about your plants at all.


  • An ideal solution for indoor plants
  • The smart formula, which requires hanging the fertilizers on top of the plant
  • Rich in CO2


  • Only for indoor plants
  • It is different and does not need to be mixed with the soil, but hung on top of the plant

16. Hydroponic Plant Nutrients

Hydroponic Plant NutrientsSome indoor plants need a lot more than just nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. If your plant’s requirement is more on the lines of calcium, magnesium, and silica, then this hydroponic plant nutrient fertilizer is just what you need.

This fertilizer is known to be one of the most effective fertilizers in nourishing plants and increasing the chlorophyll for better production.

If you have green plants indoors and you want to make sure that they maintain their bright green color, then this fertilizer is one of the most effective fertilizers to bring home.

It has some amazing reviews on Amazon that confirm it is one of the most effective fertilizers you can invest in, and the increased nutrient content not only works well to provide better nourishment.

But also ensures that all the elements that are needed in order for better cell division for your plants are present.

This is the first-ever fertilizer that contains calcium and magnesium together, and this acts as a natural fertilizer and does not contain any artificial chemicals.


  • Easy to use
  • The unique combination of calcium, silica, and magnesium for better growth
  • Focuses on increasing chlorophyll level
  • Thicker cell walls for strong plants


  • A little expensive
  • Specifically for hydroponic plants, not for other indoor plants

17. FoxFarm Organic Mix

FoxFarm Organic MixIf you are looking for a heavy-duty fertilizer that manages to nourish your soil, then this organic fertilizer is just what you need.

This house plant fertilizer works really well on indoor and outdoor plants. If you have a beautiful lawn and some cute little potted plants inside, this is definitely the fertilizer that you need to purchase.

Apart from the basic nutrients that all fertilizers contain, this fertilizer has some micronutrients that boost the plant growth and enable more effective and stronger growth of plants.

This is one of the few fertilizers that you can use even from the seeding state, to provide proper nourishment right from the start.

If you are not a fan of purchasing readily potted plants and you like to grow your own, then this is a highly recommended fertilizer that is specifically designed to help plants from a young age and ensure that they grow strong. It’s easy to use and you will not need to put in too much effort in order for the fertilizer to start acting.


  • Organic fertilizer
  • Designed for initial plant growth as well
  • Highly effective
  • Contains micronutrients
  • Works for all kinds of plants


  • You have to mix it well with the soil
  • Requires a habit of gardening

18. Palm Tree Liquid Fertilizer

Palm Tree Liquid Fertilizer Palm trees are the most popular kind of indoor plants that people grow. These days you get short versions of palm trees that are very popular.

And people enjoy placing these little tiny versions inside their home because they don’t require too much sunlight and manage to grow quite well.

If you have a palm tree in your home, then you may want to consider buying this palm tree liquid fertilizer, which is specifically designed for the palm tree. It comes with some strong Amazon ratings that ensure this is a great fertilizer.

It is an optimal absorption fertilizer that contains the right amount of nutrients, specifically for the palm tree and about a hundred other plant species that are similar to the palm tree.

It can also be combined with pesticides, but as a fertilizer, it is natural and does not contain any chemicals, which makes it an effective fertilizer to use even in those houses that have pets and children running around. It works well in all climatic conditions.


  • Specifically designed for the palm tree
  • Highly effective product
  • Easy to use
  • Natural and safe


  • You cannot use it on any other plant
  • Overuse may result in the death of a plant

19. Urban Farm Fertilizers

Urban Farm FertilizersThere are a number of indoor plants that you can grow, that not only look pretty but can also bear fruits. If you have a fruit-bearing indoor plant, then this urban farm fertilizer is something that you should definitely bring home.

The fertilizer is designed to work well on fruits, especially citrus fruits and this is why it is one of the most in-demand fertilizer for houseplants you can find.

People grow a lot of lemons indoors and this fertilizer will manage to help fertilize the plant and increase the production.

Since it is liquid, the fertilizer is convenient to use and you won’t have to worry about whether or not you have to spend too much time fertilizing your plants anymore.

The fertilizer comes with some strong reviews on Amazon that makes it easy to use the fertilizer. It has a hose and so you can simply spray the fertilizer, without having to worry about using multiple containers.

This is a budget-friendly fertilizer that is specifically designed for fruits and will definitely help your indoor garden look prettier and more colorful.


  • Specifically designed for fruits
  • Easy to use
  • Very effective


  • Only fruit fertilizer
  • Cannot be used for other plants

20. Espoma Indoor Plant Leaf Polish

Espoma Indoor Plant Leaf PolishAlthough appearance is not something you worry about when it comes to plants, it is definitely the first thing that someone notices.

This is why you need to use the indoor plant leaf polish that not only helps your plants to stay healthy but also makes it look better.

This is an easy-to-use spray that manages to add a shine to your leaves but also makes them healthy. The formula manages to provide your green plants with a healthy shine and also prevents dehumidification which is one of the major concerns for people indoors.

When the dust settles on your indoor plants, it could get a little difficult to clean because you can’t really hose the entire plant considering the plant is placed inside your house.

This is a simple yet effective formula that is definitely worth investing in and it can help protect your plants and ensure that they stay healthy. Although this is not exactly a fertilizer, it definitely manages to add a bit of class and healthy appeal to your plant, which is why it is on the list.


  • The plants look healthy
  • Easy-to-use spray formula
  • Prevents dust accumulation
  • Budget-friendly


  • This is not a natural product and it contains artificial chemicals
  • Not actually a fertilizer, just a plant enhancer

FAQs on Indoor Plant Fertilizers

1. Can You Use Outdoor Fertilizers For Indoor Plants?

This is one of the biggest mistakes that a person who owns indoor plants could make. The fertilizers designed for outdoor plants are very different in comparison to the ones that are created for indoor plants.

Outdoor fertilizers are created keeping in mind the fact that the plant will get adequate amounts of sunlight and water, whereas that is not the case with indoor plants.

This is why you need fertilizers to compensate for the lack of CO2, in order to aid photosynthesis better. It is important to choose a fertilizer specifically designed and created for indoor purposes.

2. Can I Use A Fertilizer As Many Times As I Want?

While certain fertilizers can be used week after week, there are some fertilizer for houseplants that are known as slow-release fertilizers, which are not recommended to be used more than two to three times a year.

The overuse of this fertilizer could end up burning the root of the plant and this means that instead of the plant getting better, it will eventually die. It is highly recommended to read the procedures and steps in order to use the fertilizer in the best possible manner.

3. Are Liquid Fertilizers Safer Than Granulated Fertilizers?

A liquid fertilizer is basically a fertilizer that has already been dissolved and is ready for use, whereas a granulated fertilizer takes a lot of time since it needs to blend in with the soil and it is a slow-release fertilizer.

While both fertilizers are equally good, it depends on the health of your plant and the stage at which you plan on fertilizing the plant.

For instance, if you start fertilizing a seed, you will need to use granulated or solid form fertilizer since the liquid fertilizer will not really be that effective.

If your plant is on the verge of dying, it would make more sense for you to use a liquid fertilizer because these act faster and help the plant to survive.

4. Are Chemical Based Fertilizers Stronger And Do They Work Better?

If there is one thing you should avoid, it is investing in chemical-based fertilizers because these eventually lead to destroying the plant and this means that you will have to discard your indoor plants completely.

It is highly recommended that you stick to all-natural products and fertilizers that are safe for the environment and your plant.


The health of your indoor plant is in your hand and in order for you to ensure that you look after them well, apart from watering them on a regular basis, it is also necessary that you fertilize it using the right house plant fertilizer.

We have provided you with a list of some of the best indoor plant fertilizer that you can use in order to help your indoor plants grow strong and healthy.

Each fertilizer is specifically designed for particular kinds of plants and it is highly recommended that you read them properly and choose a fertilizer that suits your indoor plants well.