Best Insecticides For Vegetable Garden 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Dr. Kiligan’s 2. Ortho 3. Natria
Dr. Killigan's Best Insecticide For Vegetable Garden Ortho Natria

There’s no better feeling than having a vegetable garden if you really love gardening to the core. Growing all the vegetables, fruits, and other stuff at your own vegetable garden brings along a whole different feeling. Still, if your garden is marred by a few of the pests and insects around, it may put all your efforts in vain.

Well, when it comes to combating all these insects and pests within your garden, you have to pick the best insecticide for vegetable garden from the market. This way, you can actually ensure the healthy growth of your crop in the best manner possible. Still, you have to put in a lot of effort in order to find the best insecticide for vegetable garden as there are lots of fake ones available in the market.


That said, let’s take a look at some of the factors which you must consider before investing in a good insecticide for your vegetable garden.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Insecticide For Vegetable Garden

1. Identify The Insects Or Pests Within Your Garden

It doesn’t matter if you are doing gardening as a passion or to earn some extra income, you have to choose the insecticides wisely. To start with, you first must identify the types of insects and pests which are harming your vegetables or fruits. This would further give you a fair idea about what kind of insecticides you need for your specific vegetable garden.

2. Ascertain Your Needs For An Insecticide

Before investing in the best insecticide for vegetable garden, you must ascertain your overall requirement for an insecticide. Understand the fact that insects or pests cannot be eliminated completely and you can only limit down their population to a certain level. This would further help you in picking the best insecticide according to your specific needs.

3. Pick The Right Product

Once you are done with the identification process of the insects or pests in your garden, it’s now time to pick the relevant product to best suit your needs. Please ensure to check the name of the insecticide properly along with the kind of insects it can work upon. If that matches your needs perfectly, you are in with a good deal for the best insecticide for your vegetable garden.

4. Check The Toxicity Levels

This comes as one of the major factors to consider before buying the best insecticide for your vegetable garden. Insecticides coming with a “CAUTION” label are said to be low in toxicity and you can pick them for your specific gardening requirements.

5. Required Safety Gear

Once you are done with the purchase of the best insecticide for vegetable garden, ensure checking about the required safety gear during its usage. This is quite important as any unwanted or accidental exposure to the harmful chemicals present in the insecticide can bring on certain health hazards. This may include any kind of Google, gloves, safety clothing or certain other items.

6. Purchased Quantity Must Be As Per Your Requirements

All of the best insecticides come over with a limited shelf life and certain insecticide may prove hazardous if stored for a longer duration. Well, this is where you must only buy the required quantity of insecticides and mix it that way too.

While we just discussed the factors to consider before buying the best insecticide for vegetable garden, let’s take a look at the best ones available in the market right now.

Top 12 Best Insecticides For Vegetable Garden 2022

1. Dr. Killigan’s

Dr. Killigan's Best Insecticide For Vegetable Garden

This product comes from Dr. Killigan’s which is a world-renowned firm for producing the best insecticide for the vegetable garden. While being non-toxic in nature, it is also natural and safe to use. It also comes with a food-grade DE powder, which further makes it possible to use in the vegetable garden or even in your kitchen.

The product comes in two sizes i.e 8 oz and 14 oz variants and both the packets hold significant in their respective areas. While the 14 oz packs are quite suitable for big spaces, the smaller ones are useful for small and tighter spaces around your vegetable garden. Both the products come with a 7-inch brass extension rod in order to let you keep enough space between your hands and the respective area.

Talking about its design and features, it only sports high-quality rubber; an aluminum lid along with a brass dispenser. There is also a funnel that allows you to fill the bulb duster with the utmost ease. In order to dispense granular insecticides you just have to get off the tip and use the extension rod carefully. Hence, you will find it much easier than dispersing the insecticide with your hands.

To get along with the whole process without any hassle, you will also get a detailed user manual alongside. You can easily get rid of insects like fleas, spiders, ticks, ants, beetles, mites around your vegetable garden. You will be getting two packs (bigger and smaller) of this product to choose from, you can pick one according to your needs.


  • It is non –toxic, natural and safe
  • Comes in two sizes
  • High-quality material used
  • Feasible for both smaller and larger areas


  • May not come effective for killing the insects in the vegetable garden

2. Ortho


Ortho flower is known for producing some of the best insecticides for a vegetable garden and this product is also no exception. This insecticide holds the capacity of killing more than 100 unwanted insects present in your kitchen or garden area. You can use it on vegetables and flowers without any big worry.

If we talk about its usability, it can help you to get rid of all those unwanted thrips, caterpillars, beetles, garden pests and aphids. Well, you may be surprised to know that this insecticide can actually kill all the given insects in 24 hours and can further control their origin up until 4 weeks.

One of the best parts about this insecticide comes as its non-effectiveness on plants, flowers, and vegetables around your garden. So, if you are looking for the best insecticide for vegetable garden at a reasonable price, this must be your top pick.


  • Can be used on flowers and vegetables
  • Kills all the insects within 24 hours
  • Non-harmful on flowers and plants


  • No detailed user manual
  • Non-effective on larger areas

3. Natria


Here we got another best insecticide for vegetable garden in our list and you will surely find it suitable for your gardening purposes. Not only can this insecticide be used both for outdoor and indoor usage, it can easily vanish all the listed insects within minutes. Talking about its effectiveness, it can kill all the aphids, mites, whiteflies, mealy-bugs and other insects around.

Its soap based formula is ideal for organic gardening and you can rest assured about any type of harm on your flowers, fruits, and houseplants. Talking about its usage, the product can be described as a highly effective bio-fungicide which is recommended for suppressing most of the plant diseases within your garden.

It can easily control insects on fruits, vegetables, houseplants and nut trees in your garden. You would feel surprised after seeing its impact on various insects and pests in larvae, adult and nymph stages. Still, you have to be a bit careful during its usage and must use it in not more than 24 ounces (outdoors and indoors).


  • Appropriate for organic gardening
  • Controls and vanish insects within minutes
  • It can help in the prevention of numerous plant diseases.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


  • Non-effective for larger garden area
  • Confusing user manual

4. EcoSMART Garden

EcoSMART Garden

Here we have another debutant in our list coming all the way from EcoSmart garden, one of the most sought after insecticide making companies around. The product comes in a 24 oz, ready to spray bottle which can kill almost every insect around your vegetable garden. If we talk about the big list of insects it covers, that includes garden insects and mites in their eggs and larvae form.

Well, the product can easily be used on all the vegetables, shrubs, flowers and fruit trees around your garden. If we talk about its ingredients, the insecticide is made up of non-harmful natural plant oils like rosemary and clove oil. This very well makes it a fresh and natural product which is free from any harmful chemicals like other insecticides.

One of the best parts of this eco-friendly product comes as its non-harmful effect on the nearby water suppliers and it also doesn’t harm any fish, mammals or other water animals. The product is 100 % organic and this where you don’t have to worry about its usage in areas surrounding kids or pets. This is something that differentiates this insecticide from other familiar products in the market.


  • Safe to be used on fruits and vegetables
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Can be used in areas around kids and pets
  • 100 % organic


  • May not come effective on larger areas
  • User manual isn’t that impressive

5. Ecosmart Organic

Ecosmart Organic

Ecosmart seems like making all the highly effective insecticides as here we come with another product by the same makers. Well, this one comes in a bigger 64 ounce ready to spray bottle which can kill all the harmful insects and pests in your vegetable garden. When we talk about its effectiveness on insects and pests, it can easily kill all of them within their adult, larvae and egg stages.

Looking into the safety aspect, this best insecticide for vegetable garden is quite safe on all the vegetables, flowers, fruit trees and gardens around. You would simply love this product for its ingredients which come all the way from natural oils like rosemary and clove oil. The smell is quite fresh and you won’t feel like using an insecticide by any means.

The product assures that it won’t be affecting any nearby water supplies and all the water animals within. Well, that can be quoted as one of the many advantages this product hold on other insecticides in the market.

This insecticide is 100% organic and can be used in areas surrounding your kids or pets. So, if you are looking for a worthy product at a reasonable price, this must be your first pick.


  • Can be safely used on vegetables and fruits
  • Environment-friendly product
  • Safe to be used in areas with kids and pets
  • 100 % organic


  • Not feasible in larger areas
  • User manual is quite disappointing

6. Espoma Organic Earthtone

Espoma Organic Earthtone

Espoma is highly known for producing world-class insecticides and you can easily relate with this fact while using this best insecticide for the vegetable garden. Coming in a ready to spray 24 oz bottle, the product delivers quite efficiently on all the harmful insects and pests around your garden.

Talking about its impact, it delivers well during its usage on laces, bugs, aphids, mites, earwigs, grasshoppers and so on. You can use it on all of the surrounding fruits, vegetables, nut trees, ornamental, bedding plants and shade trees in your garden.

You can deem this insecticide as eco-friendly as it’s made up of all the natural plant-based oils like clove oil and rosemary. It also doesn’t include any kind of animal fatty acids and other harmful chemicals unlike other insecticides within the same segment. Hence, you can easily use it indoors and outdoors without worrying much about its harmful effects.


  • Proves effective on a large number of insects and pests
  • Safe to be used on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and ornamental plants
  • Made from natural plant oils
  • Doesn’t come with any harmful effects on the environment


  • You may find it ineffective for bigger areas
  • User manual is highly disappointing

7. EcoSmart Organic

EcoSmart Organic

EcoSmart has proved their prowess in the world of organic products and they have yet again delivered with this best insecticide for the vegetable garden. Taking about its design packaging, the product comes in a well-sealed 24 ounce ready to spray bottle. It has been deemed as a Non-toxic product and hence you can expect it to be safer for your surroundings while killing all the insects around your garden.

The product works well on fruits and vegetable plants, shrubs, flowers, and ornamental plants around. While being an environment-friendly product, this insecticide will not contaminate the water supplies nearby or the surrounding animal life. Even if it is being used in a direct manner, it holds no harmful effect on kids or pets within your surroundings.
One of the best parts of these insecticides comes as their non-toxic property which makes it quite safe and secure for the ecosystem around. The makers assures its production in a safe and secure environment along with sustainable business practices so you don’t have to think much before picking this up.


  • Holds no harmful impact on surroundings even if used directly
  • Safe to use in areas around kids and pets
  • Environment-friendly and no toxic in nature
  • Doesn’t contaminate the nearby water supplied


  • May not work well on larger areas
  • User manual is quite complicated to understand

8. Harris Potted Plant

Harris Potted Plant

This is not any general insecticide that comes in soap or ready to spray a bottle. Instead, it comes over as an insect trap to let you get rid of all those unwanted insects in your vegetable garden. While we talk about the types of insects it works upon, that includes all types of gnats, aphids, whiteflies and many more.

The package contains 30 traps and 7 stakes and you just need to camouflage them well in the plants and vegetation in your garden. The color goes as dark green so the insecticide mixes well with the potted plants. The product carries a special kind of smell which can easily attract all kinds of insects in your indoor gardens.

While the product is easy to set up and pesticide-free, you are advised to keep it out of the reach of kids and pets in your house. Also, you must not use this product in wet areas and if, by any chance, you get in contact with the product, clean the same with some baby oil or cooking oil.

Well, its usage is quite easy and you simply have to connect all the short stakes and turn them into long ones. Afterward, just remove the backing of the trap while exposing the sticky surface and gently put it as a holder on the stake.


  • Work perfectly for indoor plants
  • Easy to use and fix
  • Unique concept to trap all the insects
  • Pesticide-free


  • May go harmful for the kids and pets around
  • Doesn’t work well for the larger plants
  • Not feasible for all the insects

9. Bonide Products

Bonide Products

Well, here we have another insecticidal soap which can act as the best insecticide for vegetable gardens. The package includes 3 ready to use insect soap bottles and works white effectively on all types of insects and mites around. If we look into its ingredients, it contains a soap-based formula that is made from potassium fatty acids derived from plants.

Looking into its usability, it comes of great use in killing all the unwanted pests and insects in your vegetable garden, houseplants, fruits, and flowers. Unlike other insecticides available in the market, this product doesn’t contain any flammable solvent or animal fatty acids. The pack includes 3 bottles and if you are looking for a cheap and reasonable insecticide, this is a good deal.


  • Plant-based formula
  • Works perfectly on houseplants, fruits, vegetables, and flowers
  • Doesn’t contain any flammable solvent or animal fatty acid
  • Soap based insecticide


  • Non-effective on outdoor plants
  • Won’t work well on larger areas
  • Disappointing user manual

10. Natural Guard

Natural Guard

Natural Guard Spinosad Soap concentrate is said to be specially formulated in order to keep all the given insects and pests away from your vegetable garden. It brings along a perfect combination of Potassium Salts of Fatty Acid and Spinosad which is deemed highly effective in combating all the foliage-feeding pests which can heavily damage your vegetable garden

It possesses a fast action formula that offers some great control over all the major insects like caterpillars, spiders, mites, leaf-miners, Japanese beetles, Colorado potato beetles, and beetles. It would start showing up its effectiveness within minutes of its application on the affected area. It has been mentioned in the product that it needs to be applied every 7-days.

Talking about its ingredients, it is made up of potassium salts of fatty acids which are highly known for killing all types of insects around.


  • Works quite fast on insects and pests
  • Soap based formula
  • Starts working within minutes of application


  • Can’t be sued in surroundings with kids and pets
  • Chemical-based formula

11. Mom’s Garden Secret

Mom's Garden Secret

Well, here we have another debutant in our list of best insecticide for vegetable garden. Coming from the house of Mom’s garden, this 4-ounce bottle contains a non-toxic formula to kill and control all the insects around. While being chemical-free, it is also environment-friendly with minimal effect on bees in your vegetable garden

One of the best parts of this ready to spray insecticide is that it can be used in fruit trees and vegetable gardens with a similar impact. Talking about its usage, you just need to spray it on the leaves of the plants or insect infestation. The product comes perfect for organic gardens as it contains no harmful chemicals.

Although the product is not that effective in outdoor usage, it can work well for your smaller indoor vegetable gardens.


  • Environment-friendly product
  • Works well on all insects and pests around
  • Easy to use
  • Quite effective for organic gardens


  • Doesn’t work well on outdoor gardens
  • Can only be used on smaller plants

12. Sevin Insect Killer

Sevin Insect Killer

If you have a large garden area and are looking for the most effective insecticide for the same, this must come as your top pick. Coming in a 25 lbs pack, this insecticide is highly effective for all kinds of insects and pests around. Talking about the insects, the product can easily control and kill over 100 listed insects like ants, fleas, grubs, and ticks from your garden.

What else, this best insecticide for vegetable garden can protect your garden from any insect affected damage for up to 3 months. There are certain insects that damage the vegetable garden whilst turning it brown and this product is highly effective against the same.

Not only does this insecticide offer great resilience against all insects but it also provides a season-long barrier against the same. It comes in a granular form so you can easily apply on the affected area.


  • Highly effective on more than 100 types of insects and pests
  • Can protect your vegetable garden up to 4 months
  • Works well in area up to 10,000 sq ft
  • Comes along with a protective barrier against bugs


  • Not that effective for indoor usage
  • Chemical-based formula

Top Brands For Best Insecticide For Vegetable Garden

1. Syngenta

With its headquarters based in Basel, Switzerland, Syngenta AG comes with an overall market capitalization of around $40.9 billion (as of 2018). Talking about its establishment, the firm came into the picture as a result of a merger between Novartis Agribusiness and Zeneca Agrochemicals in the year 2000.

If we look into their area of expertise, they produce high-quality commercial insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides for a large variety of crops and vegetation. While taking a large part of the insecticide market, they are currently deemed as the world’s largest insecticide producers while projecting a sales of around $12.65 billion in the year 2017.

2. Bayer AG

Dow Dupont comes as another top brand for the best insecticide for your vegetable garden. With its headquarters based in Leverkusen, Germany, Bayer AG is a world-renowned name in the field of high-quality insecticides and other agricultural products. The company’s current hold on the insecticide market is around $70.34 billion.

If we look into the general expertise of the firm, the CropScience division is heavily indulged in producing genetically-modified insecticides and seeds for all types of commercial and consumer use. Well, they come up with several brands under their flagship so you can simply trust the insecticide without giving it much of a thought.

3. Eco Smart

If you are looking for a non-toxic insecticide that protects your vegetable garden whilst being easy on nature, EcoSMART has to be your top pick. Just as the name suggests, they are deemed as one of the top brands which make environmentally friendly insecticides.

The firm comes with a mission to design and develop the world’s safest and most effective insecticides which are rightly based on EPA exempt with minimum risk ingredients. This company comes with more than 15 years of scientific research-based experience and they also got numerous patents in their name as well. Hence, you can always trust them while looking for insecticides which go effective on insects, and not the environment around.

FAQs About Best Insecticide For Vegetable Garden

Q. How Would I Ensure The Most Effective Application Of These Insecticides?

A. Every Insecticide comes with a user manual that will tell you about its usage guidelines. All you have to do is just follow the detailed steps without mistakes. Well, before you go ahead with its application, make sure the insecticides are properly mixed and blended as per the given instructions. This is where you can bring the most out of every usage of insecticides in your garden.

Q. What All Safety Measures Do I Need To Follow While Using These Insecticides?

A. Well, it all depends on the quality and toxic levels of the insecticide you are using for your vegetable garden. Most of the best insecticide for the vegetable garden comes with a safety guideline and you just have to go with them. Talking in general, you are always advised to wear all the safety gloves, goggles, and various safety clothing while using insecticides in your garden.

Q. What Insecticide Shall I Use For My Organic Garden?

Organic gardens generally demand more nature-friendly insecticides and this is where you have to be a bit vigilant while making the pick. Try checking out all the ingredients in the insecticide you have bought while validating their environment-friendly quotes. Well, most of the non-toxic insecticides are made up of clove oil and rosemary and you can particularly look forward to these while ascertaining their nature-friendly claim.

Q. Can I Use The Same Insecticide For Indoors And Outdoors Usage?

A. Every insecticide comes with certain guidelines that quote their usage in the given area. We can say that there are certain insecticides which are good for both indoor and outdoor usage and you can certainly pick them. Still, it’s always recommended to read the given instructions on the insecticide you are buying from the market, which can very well ease up your confusion in the same context.

Best Insecticide For Vegetable Garden – The Conclusion

Finding the best insecticide for your vegetable garden isn’t an easy task and you got to check through all the above mentioned options and factors before making the right decision. Moreover, analyze your needs on the basis of certain factors like the size of the garden, available budget and so on, before making a purchase.