Best LED Grow Lights 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Phlizon 2. KingLED 3. Giixer
Phlizon 600W Best LED Grow Light KingLED KingPlus 1200W Giixer 1000W

If you are fond of growing plants indoors, then you must know about the LED grow lights. If you are starting out new, then grow lights are your best friends for indoor gardening.

Going by its straightest definition, the grow lights are lights that will provide you with a spectrum that will be either similar to that emitted by the sun or customized to suit the plant. It helps in proper growth of the plants.

These lights replicate the different feeling of outdoor conditions. But, it’s important you must know about the best LED grow lights.

The LED grow lights are made of small LED bulbs, and the light is passed through a semiconductor rather than burning out a filament. It is also an emergency efficient.

In order to get the best Led Grow lights, we have got this guide for you.

Top 15 Best LED Grow Lights 2022

1. Phlizon 600W LED

Phlizon 600W Best LED Grow LightSafe LED lights with a good response when it comes to the growth of plants, that’s what the Philzon’s 600W LED is all about. The company doesn’t use a reflector, thus making the LED grow lights safe. These light reflectors are not heat resistant, and if a power failure occurs when these reflectors are above 80C, then fire might be caused.

These are surely one of the best LED grow lights as it works in the reduction of electricity bills by producing more energy and less heat. It makes indoor gardening more fun and engaging activity rather than you being scared.

The 600W is distributed over 60 lights, each being 10W makes an area of 2ft by 2ft by 24inch easily illuminated by the desired spectrum. The use of double fans extends the lifespan of the whole LED grow light system.

You get a dedicated vegetable and flower (Bloom) switch so that you do not need to fret about the correct spectrum for either. The Veg switch makes the LEDs be blue and white while the Bloom switch has red and white LED lights.

These Blue UV and Red IR lights stimulation have been made after thorough research and experiments. The use of the universal spectrum of white along with the ultraviolet and infrared ensures proper growth of plants.


  • Universal light spectrum
  • Efficient energy with less heat generation and humidity monitor
  • Prevention against accidental fires by removing led reflectors
  • Dedicated switch for Veg and Bloom
  • Warranty of 2 years with 30 days refund policy
  • Professional team for research and development to aid customers better


  • The thermometer might be faulty with the temperature reading
  • Might not be ideal for all types of flowering plants

2. KingLED KingPlus 1200W

KingLED KingPlus 1200WThe KingLED provides scientifically developed, and efficient indoor grow lights that will help you get the maximum yield with healthy plant growth from your indoor garden or greenhouse. The 1200W is made of 120 led pieces, each being 10w.

The 10W is scientifically proven to provide not only the most efficient lighting but generates less heat. Additional heat reduction and cooling system include numerous heat sinks.

The glass body has an opening for heat escape. It has aluminum radiators and three mute and high-speed fans which makes the LED bulbs to function efficiently at temperatures much lower than other lamps.

There are dedicated switches for Veg (blue and white) and Bloom (red and white) phases. These stages are monitored by a full and natural light replicating spectrum of 380-780nm of visible white light along with infrared and ultraviolet.

This replication of solar light makes indoor gardening a breeze. Additionally, there is an option to turn both the veg and bloom lighting; you can have the full spectrum during the fruiting stage.

It makes the KingLED one of the best LED grow lights manufacturers. No matter how many hours you are using the grow lights, you can stay relaxed about your electricity bill because of the energy efficiency of these lights.


  • 1200W provides a brighter light without draining much energy
  • Advanced cooling with aluminum radiators and multiple fans
  • Dedicated switches for different germination phases
  • Full-spectrum of solar light
  • Free return and refund within 90 days
  • 3 year’s professional services and support
  • 24-hours customer care support


  • A driver might fail after constant usage
  • The hanging hooks do not have a well-distributed tensile strength

3. Giixer 1000W

Giixer 1000WIf you are looking for buying the best LED grow lights, then give the Giixer grow lights a read. These led grow lights focuses on providing the optimal conditions for the growth of plants that require specific lighting spectrum, like hydroponic plants.

Hence, if you wish to cultivate carrots, broccoli or cabbages, the Giixer LED grow lights is the one for you.

It is an upgraded system that has dual chips of 10W bulbs. The 1000W will provide you with more bright and efficient lighting but will consume only 110W of electricity.

Thus you have your own indoor salad garden without worrying about your monthly electricity bill. Efficiency is also contributed to its powerful cooling system. The grow lights come two high-speed fans and a heat sink that ensures better and faster heat dissipation.

There are three modes available for different stages of germination. The Veg phase has ultraviolet paired with white light to assist seeds to turn to saplings and reach the vegetative stage. The Bloom phase has infrared paired with white light to help the plants bloom and grow flowers and fruits.

You can use both these phases to further improve the fruit formation of the plants. The working life span of this system is longer than others, all thanks to the 45mil large chips along with 1.2mil gold wire along with protective diodes; thus, replacement needs are lessened greatly.


  • Cheaper than other LED grow lights
  • Lasts longer
  • Double chips to ensure continuous working
  • Efficient cooling system
  • 100,000 hours life span
  • Ideal for indoor hydroponic plants


  • Doesn’t have a timer function
  • Fans not that impactful

4. Mars Hydro 600W

Mars Hydro 600WIf you want to get rid of the noisy cooling systems with fans, then Mars Hydro is the ideal solution for you and your plants. Tagged as the best grow light, especially for beginners. This LED grow light promises high efficiency, low energy consumption, and affordable.

The Mars Hydro LED grow lights offer a more balanced white light stimulating the sunlight and a dedicated IR light for stimulating faster plant growth by increasing the photosynthetic rate.

It doesn’t have fan, still works wonders in cooling, all thanks to the aluminum used to make the LED board aids with rapid cooling. This is a silent player which works all day and night long without bothering you.

The 4 by 4ft coverage ensures you get maximum bloom within your house. The Mars Hydro also works great on hydroponic plants like cucumbers, cabbages, snapdragons, and lilies, making it one of the best LED grow lights.

The grow light system is designed scientifically to ensure that maximum light reaches the plant to optimize its growth, health, and color retention. A balanced output of PAR/lumens makes the coverage area receive optimum light.

The system also comes with Veg and Bloom switches. The 225 pieces of light arrangement has white light (for better color retention), blue light (good plant growth), red light (promoting good flowering), and IR (better bloom) to ensure higher yield without compromising on quality.


  • Affordable
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Noiseless system but no compromise on cooling
  • Energy efficient with 100 watts output
  • Higher harvest with brighter LED lights
  • Reflective heat sinks to prevent heat loss


  • Ratchets are not of great quality

5. Sunraise Triple Daisy Chain

Sunraise Triple Daisy ChainHaving been in the LED manufacturing industry for over 13 years, and with good LED grow light reviews, you can trust Sunraise’s triple display LED grow lights for your indoor plants.

They have effectively reduced light loss by 30%. Thus the triple daisy LED grow lights are more energy-efficient than any other grow lights found in the market.

The use of optical lens technology ensures higher PAR output. The usage of 15 watts triple chips also enhances the lights brighter without increasing energy consumption. The Sunraise grow lights also utilize Zener Diodes for the system. There are 96 such diodes.

With the daisy chain system, you can connect three such grow lights using just one wall power output. Heat dissipation is done through fans that are known for their less noise generation.

There are separate switches for the Veg phase and Bloom phase. Both these modes can be used simultaneously when the need arises, especially during the final flowering and fruit-bearing phase. This grow LEDs focus on IR light for better growth of the plants.

For the final phase, blue and red lights are made brighter so that flowering happens faster and better. This is one of the best LED grow lights because it has proven to increase canopy penetration by 200% as compared to other brands.


  • 96 Zener Diodes for improved PAR value
  • 3 year’s warranty
  • Daisy system for multiple glow light connection
  • Longer lasting diodes
  • Focus on IR to increase germination and photosynthesis
  • Usage of optical lenses at 90 degrees to decrease light loss
  • Triple chips improve efficiency


  • Not waterproof
  • Best for indoor uses, not ideal for greenhouses

6. Spider Farmer

Spider FarmerIf you are looking for an affordable yet top range LED grow light for your indoor garden, then do consider the Spider Farmer as a good investment.

It has a life span of over 50,000 hours and comes with Samsung LED diodes that are known for their reliability and durability, thus making it the best LED grow light. These diodes are also energy efficient while increasing the canopy penetration by 40%, thus increasing the overall yield.

The grow light will yield a PAR equal to any 1000 watt grow lights but will consume way less wattage, thus improving your electricity consumption.

The aluminum heat sink ensures that less heat is wasted; thus, the grow light remains cooler without fans, which also decreases noise pollution. Coming to the safety of the device, the cables are all neatly packed, and the LED board is made waterproof with a glue layer.

You will get a full sunlight spectrum with this grow light, and the Mean Well driver also offers you the option to make the IR dimmer as per your preference, or that of your plants. There are a total of four kinds of lights that you will get.

The warm white that will hasten the bloom period making the flowers more vibrant, the blue light increases germination and the growth rate in plants, the red light improves foliage and canopy especially when teamed with blue, and the IR which increases yield.

With the Spider Farmer, you are bound to get a yield of 2.5gm/watt. So, if you are looking for the best LED grow lights, then you must invest in this product.


  • Highest quality Samsung diodes
  • Dimmable IR option in the MEAN WELL driver
  • Waterproof without fear of dangling wires
  • Sleek and light
  • Costs less to produce more light
  • No need to assemble, just hook up and turn the lights on
  • 3 years of warranty and after-service support provided


  • Heat is generated without the fans
  • Some might find the body too flimsy

7. Phlizon Cree Cob 3000W

Phlizon Cree Cob 3000WWhen we talk about the best LED grow lights, we mean lights that will have higher stability, power output with less energy consumption. The Philzon CREE COB provides all the three mentioned above and more. Phlizon uses the COB technology for the LED panel to create a simple yet brighter light.

It has a lower thermal resistance and lesser attenuation of light. The PPFD value is also high, which improves the rate of plant growth. This LED light covers the area of 4.2 ft. by 4.2 ft.

It is the COB full spectrum grow light that provides the plant with all the photons that they will require to grow better and faster. This grow light also makes the electricity bill to stay within your desired range because COB does not consume too much energy.

On the base of the board, there are two switches, one for the Veg/Bloom phase and the other to offer a much stronger spectrum. The first switch will assist the plants to germinate and grow faster. The buds will also be bigger and brighter. The second switch is for the final flowering and fruit formation stage.

You will be getting 6 IR lamps that look dim but does the job of aiding the plants to grow fast very well. The heat sink and fans provide excellent cooling and heat dissipation, which makes the grow light run more efficiently.


  • COB technology uses less energy
  • Special spectrum for faster and better yield
  • 180 pcs lamps that offer brighter light
  • Does not get too hot
  • Highest PPFD value which makes plant growth better
  • The body is made to be fireproof and protected from UV
  • Dedicated switch for special and stronger spectrum


  • Fans sometimes make noise
  • Might be expensive for some people

8. Exlenvce

ExlenvceThe LED grow lights from Exlenvce comes with triple chips that ensure better and brighter lights in comparison with the double chips used by other brands. The utilization of three 5 watt chips also makes the lights more energy-efficient and helps in the generation of less heat.

It is a full spectrum light that replicates the sunlight. The grow light offers a core coverage of 4.9 ft. by 4.9 ft. which ensures that you can grow about 8 plants with one grow light.

Another great feature of this grow light is the Daisy Chain design. This enables multiple grow lights to be connected with each other via their cables and is powered via a single 2 A power output.

You can use at least 3 such grow lights in succession to have more yield within your grow tent. In order to replicate natural sunlight and provide the required photons for photosynthesis, the Exlenvce grow light comes with 120 lamps (red is 84 pcs, blue is 21 pcs, white is 6 pcs, warm white is 6 pcs, IR is 2 pcs and UV is 1 pc).

The grow light consumes just 235 watts. The Veg and Bloom channels offer required light and energy to the plant during the germination and growth periods. It is suggested that during the final phase of flowering and fruit-bearing, you turn both the channels on.


  • Maximum core coverage
  • 4 years warranty
  • More than 100,000 hours of life span
  • Power cord can be used as a daisy chain connector
  • Triple chips for brighter light with less electricity consumption
  • Has a control timer
  • Extra ballast for weight is not needed


  • Not waterproof
  • Sometimes dazzling might occur

9. Hytekgro 45W

Hytekgro 45WIf you want to get the best LED Grow lights at an affordable price, then Hytekgro’s LED grow light is the one for you. The grow light offers the classical spectrum of light, which falls between 390nm and 730nm.

Considered to be the peak spectrum, this helps plants grow better and faster without losing out on their taste and quality.

If you want to grow lilies and tomatoes inside your house, then this is the best grow light, for it is hydroponic friendly. Talking about the material, the molding is of ABS plastic with a coating, which ensures little to no heat loss, the cooling is efficient, and heat control works exceptionally well.

A single unit will cover an area of 3 ft. by 3 ft. which will enable you to grow at least 4 to 5 plants with each light cycle.

The Hytekgro promoted sprouting in 2 weeks because of the peaked spectrum used in the lights. The red, blue, and white LEDs offer the desired range, which will not only enhance the bloom but will improve the quality of the plants.

It is suggested that you turn on both the veg and bloom channels for the last stage of plant growth to ensure that you get the maximum yield without compromising on quality.


  • Lightweight due to the plastic body
  • Easy to hang
  • Offers peak spectrum for enhanced growth
  • Less power consumption
  • Heat dissipation is quiet and efficient
  • Plants have stronger and straighter stems
  • Affordable


  • Not waterproof
  • Lights are too bright

10. GreenGo 1200W

GreenGo 1200WWith an upgraded heat sink made of aluminum for better heat dissipation and faster cooling, the LED grow light from GREENGO is here to stay.

It has the daisy chain design where you can connect at least three such grow lights in succession and power it from a single wall output. The unhindered flow of electricity from one grow light to another does not affect the working of any unit.

The daisy chain system makes this grow light ideal for larger coverage for your indoor gardening. Another great feature of this unit is that it uses Zener diodes and has the latest triple chip layout. With the use of Zener diodes, the proper functioning of other lights, even if one goes out, is ensured.

It is one of the Best LED grow lights which is energy efficient and works quietly. The three high-speed fans ensure great heat dissipation so that plants are not burnt with the heat. This also increases the lifespan of the grow light.

The GREENGO grow light comes with double switches for Veg and Bloom stages. The Veg switch is for the germination stage, and the Bloom channel is for the growth phase.

Each channel has a connection to the adequate white, red, and blue lights that will enhance the growth of the plants without compromising its quality. 3 LEDs, 2 IR, and 1 UV, are made dimmer so that they provide the necessary spectrum for the proper foliage and canopy growth.


  • Silent yet efficient heat dissipation
  • Triple led chips for brighter and efficient lighting
  • Daisy chain system for connecting more units within a 1.5A power
  • PAR/Lumen balance made better scientifically
  • Consumes only 248 watts
  • Has a timer to control the unit


  • Lights tend to be too bright, need protective glasses
  • Not waterproof, so best for indoor usage

11. Mars Hydro SP150

Mars Hydro SP150If you want to have a sleek and light grow light that works efficiently to enhance plant growth while reducing the electricity bill, then the Mars Hydro SP150 is the one for you.

It is considered to be one of the best LED grow lights that use just 135 Watts to provide you with the natural sunlight spectrum. Thus you can get 70% more savings on your electricity bill as compared to others.

Whether you are in the business of blooming flowers, have greenhouses, or simply want some broccoli growing in your indoor patch, this waterproof grow light is your best friend. The waterproofing is done by applying adhesive on the light.

It comes with a heat sink that allows heat dissipation, thus maintaining the right cooling; it also makes the unit noiseless and effective. You will get a yield of 2.5g/watt with the new SMD infused LED technology. This high yield also ensures that you are not getting quality and taste compromised produce.

The sleek metallic design houses 322 LEDs and is easy to hang. You can even hang the light sideways to change the growth angle of your plants. Being hydroponic and water-resistant, you can, without fear, have the lights sideways beside cabbages and lilies.

The higher PPFD value ensures that each growth stage is enhanced, and the foliage is better. The Mars Hydro SP150 also focuses more on red lights as compared to blue as red helps the plant to grow in a healthy way.

You get the full spectrum, which means that each stage of plant growth gets the best nutrient to yield better and in higher numbers.

The waterproof feature of this LED grow lights make it perfect for use for the high humidity greenhouse. Overall, it’s an energy-efficient and effective LED grow light.


  • Waterproof light suitable for outdoor usage
  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Can be hung sideways to change growth angles
  • Heat sink body without fans for better heat dissipation
  • Noiseless working, made for home users
  • Provides hydroponic growth
  • Has a lifespan which is 50% more than others
  • 70% more savings on electricity bills


  • Ideal for the area not more than 2ft. by 2 ft.
  • Daisy chain system not available

12. Famurs Triple Chip

Famurs Triple ChipThe triple chip grow light from FAMURS, makes it more efficient, and lets it have higher PAR value. It offers a double harvest with half the energy and electricity consumption when compared to other grow lights. The 15W bridgelux triple chip LED offers much brighter and better lighting in comparison to double chips.

These LEDs also offer a higher value of PAR, which promotes better canopy and plant growth. The balanced PAR/Lumen output ensures that your plants are getting even and more natural light, so they provide healthy produce.

The unit consumes 480 watts, which is effective and does the job in lesser time. The heat sink of this LED grows light is made of aluminium that enables faster cooling.

The high-speed fans work silently and provide better heat dissipation. If you are using the unit in a grow tent, you can rest assured that yo9ur plants will not get roasted.

Talking about the spectrum, the FAMURS grow light provides the plants with the peak range of 365nm to 750nm, which makes the plants grow faster and better. Dedicated channels and switches for Veg mode and Bloom mode ensure that the correct lighting is provided during each stage.

For the germination period, the veg mode is ideal, for the growth of leaves and vibrancy of the plant during its growing phase, the bloom mode is ideal.

Both modes need to be turned on during the final phase of flowering and fruit-bearing. You can even use this grow light for greenhouses and to grow hydroponic plants.


  • Brighter light output with a triple chip design
  • Has a timer control
  • Protective glasses are provided
  • Easy to bind the attachment ropes, just plug, and your light is ready
  • 3 years warranty
  • 24 hours customer support
  • Great heat dissipation with noiseless fans
  • No additional ballasts are required
  • Has a lifespan of 100,000-hours


  • These are expensive

13. Spider Farmer

Spider FarmerConsidered to be one of the best LED grow lights, the Spider Farmer SP4000 ensures that you can have a summer garden even in winter. The metal body makes sure that the light retains its weight when hung without the need for additional ballasts.

Aluminum heat sinks works efficiently and effortlessly to ensure better heat dissipation. The cables are all hidden, and the LED board is made waterproof by the addition of an adhesive layer. Thus making this LED grow light ideal for outdoor usages too.

It is equipped with the LM301B diodes from Samsung to provide uniform and bright light that replicates natural sunlight. The canopy becomes better, and you have 50% more produce without burning a hole in your electricity bill as it uses about 456 watts.

The Mean Well driver ensures that the lifespan of your grow light is longer, and you do not need to frequently replace the bulbs. You can install the SF4000 for a coverage area of 6 ft. by 6 ft. without worrying about unequal PAR distribution.

The dimmable grow light offers a more natural spectrum with the white, blue, red, and IR lamps. While there are no dedicated switches for Veg or Bloom, the light provides for a better distribution so that you need not worry about excessive light. The dimmable IR feature, too, allows you to regulate the light.


  • Waterproof adhesive layering
  • 50% better canopy production
  • Have a great coverage area
  • Uses Samsung diodes for longevity
  • Noiseless as fans are not used
  • Aluminum heat sink provides efficient cooling
  • No need to assemble


  • Has a higher watt usage compared to other models
  • Some find the dimming option troublesome

14. Noah-S 1000W

Noah-S 1000WConsidered as the most efficient grow lights within the range, the NOAH-S offers a compact design that makes this one of the best LED grow lights for indoor gardening.

It saves almost 80% of your electricity bill as it utilizes on 180 watts. Double chip design of 10W with lights placed at angles of 90 degrees and 120 degrees provides efficient and effective brightness.

Despite high power, the entire system remains cool because of high-speed fans and aluminium sink. It allows for easy heat dissipation. This cooling effect ensures that the lights remain cooler, and the lifespan thus gets increased.

The design has also done away with reflectors that are prone to melting and causing a fire. The all-metal body ensures that fires are not caused.

With a balanced PAR/Lumen value, the coverage is effective and handles along with providing the required value for best growth of the plants. There are dedicated switches for the Veg mode and the Bloom mode.

The blue and white combination during the veg mode ensures faster germination and sprouting. The red and white during the Bloom mode ensures better foliage and healthy leaves. During the later stage, both the modes can be switched on to get better yield.


  • Efficient power saver
  • Heat dissipation is faster
  • Dedicated research and development team to make better products
  • Dedicated switches for different growth phases
  • Compact design yet coverage area is wide
  • No reflector, no fire


  • Just 2 years warranty
  • Not waterproof

15. Tmlapy

TmlapyThe 2500W Reflector Series from Tmlapy comes with COB LED lights that ensure even distribution of light. The COB technology boasts of greater intensity of light with less consumption of power. The lower thermal resistance adds to the efficient cooling of the unit.

Since the reflector is required, the materials are made of fire-proof metals that will ensure the safety of the unit and your grow tent.

With an effective saving of 82% of electricity, the Tmlapy is considered to be one of the best LED Grow lights. COB also provides for a wide spectral range, which makes the grow light ideal for hydroponic plants that rely on water and solar power for its nutrients.

Less light attenuation also makes it perfect for the growth of the bulbs. The overall power consumption is just 530 watts, with core coverage of 6.2 ft. by 6.2 ft. Despite higher power, cooling is guaranteed because of big fans.

Dedicated Veg and Bloom switches offer the correct spectrum and nutrients for the different phases of the plant’s growth. The LEDs consist of white, blue, red, and IR lamps. Here, you should know that the IR lamps are kept dimmer, so do not consider them to be faulty.


  • COB technology means the better light output
  • Lesser thermal resistance improves the overall cooling
  • Best electricity-saving, about 82%
  • Dedicated phase switches for better foliage and germination
  • Universal spectrum to assist water-based plants to grow better
  • Fireproof reflectors


  • Might get too hot

Factors To Look For When Buying Best LED Grow Light

For indoor gardening, or if you have a small greenhouse, you would want to invest only in the best quality LED grow lights. When you are on the hunt for the best LED grow lights, you need to consider the following factors:

1. Power Usage

You are required to have the grow lights on for at least 18 hours during the germination phase and then for 12 hours throughout the growth to the final fruit-bearing stage. Hence, you must consider the power consumption of the LED lights.

The LED grow lights offer much lower electricity consumption as compared to metal halide or ceramic metal halide. That said, there are grow light manufacturers that offer even better power usage and lesser wattage.

2. Your Requirements

Whether you aim to have a small indoor herb garden, or you aim for a greenhouse, you need to choose your place and usage before you decide on the type of grow light.

The indoor gardening requires you to opt for less noisy and better heat dissipation option. While the outdoor ones require you to focus on factors like water resistance and fireproof.

Most heat sinks come with aluminum for effective cooling without the need for fans. Greenhouses can also look for the daisy chain system so that you can have multiple units linked to each other with a single power source.

3. Appearance And Size

Why opt for something chunky when you can get the best with a sleek design? Often the appearance of the grow lights matter. The appearance also is impacted by the size of the grow light.

If you are looking to bloom the occasional flower, then you can opt for a smaller grow light while greenhouse owners should invest in ones that are larger with higher light intensity.

4. Durability

It is very important that you must consider the durability factor before buying LED grow lights. Since this will incur some cost, hence, it becomes important that you must choose the lights which last longer.

The durability depends on the diodes and the board technology used. These two factors affect the working of the LED lamps. Zener diodes make sure that even if one lamp goes off, the others will continue to work.

The heat dissipation also affects lamp durability. If the heat sink and fans work properly, then the lamp will stay cool to work for a longer time.

5. PAR Value

PAR or Photosynthetically Active Radiation is the ideal spectrum for plant growths. Being the alternative of sunlight, the grow light helps the plants to grow via photosynthesis. Unless the grow light has a high PAR value, it will not ensure proper nutrients to reach the plants.

Lack of proper energy will make the plants grow stunted and unhealthy. To ensure uniform PAR distribution, the surface area of the garden should be lesser than the core coverage area of the grow light.

6. Budget

If you plan to have decent produce in terms of herbs and salad garden, then you need to invest more in the grow lights. The simple math is that for better coverage and higher yield, you need more light, which will give you more PAR, which will also cover the higher surface area. Thus you will have quality and quantity in terms of yield if you opt for the higher range of grow lights.

FAQs on LED Grow Lights

1. Are LED Grow Lights Beneficial?

LEDs are considered to be the best in terms of light intensity without consuming much electricity. Given that you need to have the lights on for longer, the power consumption becomes a primary concern. The best LED Grow lights offer the users with lesser electricity bill, a wider spectrum of light, safe for children as no mercury is present, and good for indoor use with effective cooling systems.

2. What Should Be The Right Watt/Surface Area For Indoor Gardening?

When you go out there to but LED grow lights, you will find different watt lights. It must be more than 32 watts per square foot. But, if you are looking for optimal growth, then you must look for 50 watt- 80 watts. You can consider the following table.

  • 1ft. by 1ft. – 32W
  • 2 ft. by 2 ft. – 128W
  • 3 ft. by 3 ft. – 288W
  • 4 ft. by 4 ft. – 512W
  • 6 ft. by 6 ft. – 1152W

3. What Is PPFD?

PPFD or photosynthetic photon flux density is a measurement of photons present in the range of 400-700nm of visible light. The higher value of this PPFD, the more energy the plant gets to perform its daily functions. Think of PPFD like glucose for humans. When you have more energy, you perform better.

4. What Is The Best Grow Light Placement Height For A Good Canopy?

Keeping in mind the PAR value and the angles of the lenses, the ideal height at which the grow light should be placed between 18 inches to 36 inches. Still, different brands come with different recommendations. Check out the user manual for the best canopy.

Choose The Right LED Grow Lights And Let The Plants Bloom

The Best Led Grow lights ensure durability and promote the growth of plants indoors. Whether you are new to the whole gardening system or you have a decent idea, you need to keep track of the updates in the grow light fields. With the advancement of technology, you get to choose from quality diodes to better fanless cooling.

You must assess your needs before choosing the LED grow lights. Go through the list, check the factors, and make a shortlist and compare led grow light reviews. Choose only after a thorough check. After all, this light will be there with you your years to come.