Best Rose Fertilizers In 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Jobe’s 2. Bayer 3. Miracle-Gro

Most of us assume that rose plants only need water and sunlight for their survival. Have you ever thought about what their other requirements are for growth? If not, then you need to consider the use of fertilizers for your rose plants. To keep your garden filled with beautiful and healthy plants, the use of fertilizer is inevitable.

Like other plants, roses, too, need the fertilizer to blossom entirely and appropriately. With the choice of the best rose fertilizer, the rose plant will attain sufficient nutrients to stay healthy and appear beautiful for a long time.


The below sections will let you familiarize with the buying guide for rose fertilizers, and the best rose fertilizes to simplify your selection process:

Buying Guide For Best Rose Fertilizer

The method of choosing the fertilizer for roses relies on what you wish them to do. After thoroughly assessing the factors that influence their buying, it becomes straightforward to make a selection. So, take a look at the buying guide for the best fertilizer for roses.

1. Type Of Rose Fertilizers

All rose plants are not the same, and each of them requires different fertilizer types to attain the most effective results. If your rose plants are blooming, but they perish after a certain amount of growth, you can go for a bloom boosting fertilizer. This type of fertilizer for roses gives them additional nitrogen to make sure they bloom for a long.

If your rose plants are not budding, then you need to use a fertilizer type that emphasizes strengthening the stems. A sufficiently strong stem facilitates sufficient water absorption. Moreover, it presents a strong base for their blooms. It is essential to bear in mind that this type of fertilizer typically possesses more potassium content within it.

Perhaps, the best type of rose fertilizer you can use is the one that facilitates proper soiling around the roses. The organic fertilizers help the flowers, and they also provide the surrounding soil nutrients.

Presenting proper soil around the rose plant implies that beneficial organisms will arrive and occupy your rose bush. For decent soil turnover, earthworms and some bugs are essential.

Therefore, taking care of their habitat with an organic fertilizer will assist your roses too. The meticulous decision on the type of fertilizer for roses will make your selection easy.

2. Components Inside

The decent idea is to look for a fertilizer that has a well balanced NPK ratio. The NPK ratio stands for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These are the primary chemical elements present in the most rose fertilizers.

Though different plants need different levels of each of these chemical elements, roses usually react best to an approximately uniform mixture of the three elements.

3. Organic Vs Inorganic Fertilizer For Roses

In addition to the above two factors, the decision also relies on organic or inorganic fertilizer for roses. When you are in hunt of the best rose fertilizer, correctly understanding the advantages of organic and inorganic fertilizers will streamline your decision.

Each of them comes with their benefits, so the choice amongst the two relies on your personal preference. Generally, the organic fertilizers will supply the needful nutrients to the rose bush.

Furthermore, they improve and maintain the soil quality that the rose bush is rooted in. On the other hand, non-organic fertilizers are efficient to feed the plants; however, they do not improve the soil quality excellently.

Many non-organic fertilizers incorporate chemicals, protecting the rose against insects and diseases. In spite of not being organic, they still offer lots of benefits.

4. The Best Time To Fertilize Roses

Due to the roses’ fertilization schedule, they are usually tricky to manage. These plants are hungry, and they intake a massive amount of nutrients to grow powerfully. However, they don’t expect much physical labor from you.

Generally, roses grow through winter, so you need them to get the nutrients they require to endure the harsh season. It is a wise idea to provide fertilizers with small nitrogen content during the fall. The same will make their roots stronger. Moreover, it makes sure they would carry on through winter and stay strong during spring.

Once the winter gets over, you should fertilize your roses again during spring. It is considered that the finest time to appropriately fertilize your roses is after 4 weeks of the onset of spring.

An ideal time to apply fertilizer is when the day temperatures range from 60-70 degrees F, and the night temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you perceive that there are four to six inches of growth in your rose plant, consider adding some amount of fertilizer. Consequently, fresh blooms will get produced during the warm season.

5. Frequency Of Fertilizing The Roses

When the matter comes to the frequency of fertilizing your roses, it relies on several aspects. In general, fertilizing every 4-6 weeks throughout the growing season is considered optimal.

The duration changes based on your soil type and the type of fertilizer you are using. For example, if you are using slow-release fertilizer such as granule or spike, then there is no need to fertilize much.

It is essential to keep in mind that the liquid fertilizers require reapplication on a per week basis. It is the finest way to follow the instructions to ensure the safe use of fertilizer.

6. Additional Aspects To Consider

To get the most of your rose fertilizing endeavor, you need to find a few other factors. They will lead to better health and better appearance of roses. The soil around the rose can be kept properly drained. This is because roses usually do not react appropriately to extremely wet conditions.

Maintaining the region that the bush is in clear of intense shade is too very beneficial. It is optimal to keep the sun level at 6 hours or more every day. The same will ensure proper sunlight to the roses for their overall growth.

If some unwanted tree twigs block the sunlight from reaching the roses, then you can consider pruning those twigs.

Top 10 Best Rose Fertilizers In 2022

1. Jobe’s Rose Fertilizer Spikes, 10 Spikes – 4 Pack

Jobe's Best Rose FertilizerThe Jobe’s rose fertilizer Spikes is the best rose fertilizer product on the list due to tons of benefits it conveys. These organic fertilizer spikes are beneficial for roses and all the blossoming shrubs. The included spikes provide sufficient nutrients at the roots of rose plants. Being certified organic, there are no synthetic chemicals in their constituents.

In its chemical formula, Jobe Biozome is present. It is a tremendously aggressive proprietary microorganism archaea. It would aggressively break down the material to convey quick results. There will be an effective improvement in soil conditions.

Your roses will stay protected against insects, diseases, drought, and some other adverse conditions during the growing season. This is the prime quality making it the top choice on this list.

It is effortless to use the spikes, and there will be no mess around. There will be effective prevention of waste and run-off. This fertilizer product is an all-purpose plant food that is water-soluble. It is specially formulated for roses and suitable for use in the hose end sprayers and watering cans. When you use these organic fertilizers as directed, then it is inevitable that there is no burn.

Names of the essential qualities of these 10 spikes fertilizer are biodegradable, sustainable, and renewable. The long-term benefits are conveyed without using synthetic chemicals. As a result, a healthy ecosystem is created for your garden.

There will be no adverse reaction to your roses. To perceive the best results, consider using these flowering spikes during early spring when they are newly grown.


  • Lets your rose plants appear beautiful and healthy
  • No need for mixing


  • Smells bit awful

2. Bayer Advanced 701110A All in One Rose and Flower Care Granules

Bayer Advanced 701110A All in One Rose and Flower Care GranulesImplied from the product name itself, the Bayer Advanced fertilizer for roses is a versatile fertilizer product. There are 3 systemic products incorporated in one. You can use this multipurpose product as a fertilizer, disease control, and insect control. It is possible to ensure the protection of your rose plant against diseases and insects for up to 6 weeks.

Names of different conditions it can control are Aphids, Adelgids, Japanese Beetles (adult), Black Vine Weevil Larvae, Leaf Beetles, Lacebugs, Mealybugs, Leafhoppers, Thrips, Psyllids, Whiteflies and many more. If you want to get rid of powdery mildew in your garden, then this fertilizer is a preferred choice.

What makes it so exceptional among the rest of the fertilizers is it can effectively treat up to 32 rose bushes. This indicates that you can fertilize these many rose bushes simultaneously without any hassles.

The corresponding 3-in-1 formula will feed the plants and also ensure protection against disease. Not just roses, but it will also protect iris, hibiscus, and other flowery plants. When working as a fertilizer, it will provoke strong roots and elegant blooms.

If you use it as an insect control, it will eradicate aphids, Japanese beetles, caterpillars, and some other pests. When you use it as disease control, it will eliminate the issues of powdery mildew, black spot, rust, etc. Even while encountering rain or water flow, it will not get washed off.

The working process of this fertilizer employs a granulated treatment. You need to sprinkle a small amount regularly, that’s it! The effective results will be depicted in about a week.


  • Lets your garden appear beautiful throughout the year
  • Provides effective disease control for a long time


  • May severely influence honey bees and pollinators of plants
  • Demands a lot of spraying

3. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Rose Plant Food

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Rose Plant FoodThe Miracle-Gro fertilizer, as mentioned above, is water-soluble, and it will instantly feed the required nutrients to the rose plant. As a result, it allows the rose plant to grow bigger and attain an exquisite appearance in an easy way. Compared to unfed plants, your rose plants fed by this plant food will appear more beautiful.

One of the best aspects of this rose plant food is it can be used with the Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder, or you can use it with any watering can. The only thing you need to make sure is to feed it every 1-2 weeks.

Your hands will stay safe when you use it exactly as directed. The elegant blooms and blossoming foliage will revive your entire garden. To realize the best results, it is the best idea to feed your rose plants every 7 to 14 days throughout the growing season.

When you apply it through the compatible sprayer, it will disperse at an appropriate rate. On the other hand, if you make use of a watering can, you need to follow the mixing instructions mentioned on the package.


  • Suitable for typical plants as well
  • Included directions are easy to understand


  • May burn the roots of the rose plants

4. Espoma Company Purpose PT40 36 LB

Espoma Company Purpose pt40 36 LBThe 36 lb rose fertilizer in the present discussion is an all-natural and all-purpose fertilizer. It is a multicolor rose fertilizer that can be used for many different plants and not just roses. There will be no concerns while applying it on young trees, shrubs, vegetables, flowers, and overseeding grass regions.

The capability to enhance the biological functioning of your roses makes it the best rose fertilizer from Espoma Company. When you are desirous of feeding natural plant food to ensure superior growth of your roses, go for this fertilizer. For those gardening enthusiasts willing to use environmentally-friendly fertilizer for their garden or lawn, this product is suitable.

When you apply this pt40 fertilizer during the spring, you need not worry about how vegetation is making progress. There will be the proper buildup of soil around the rose plants, and they will be able to thrive flawlessly.

Whenever you apply it to acid-loving plants, there will be no health concerns. For that case, you would need to purchase some soil additive that boosts the acidity of the soil.


  • Suitable for potted plants
  • Completely safe and effective


  • Comes with a slightly funky smell
  • No need for removing soil from rose plants each year

5. Miracle-Gro Plant Food 3002210 Shake ‘N Feed Rose and Bloom

Miracle-Gro Plant Food 3002210 Shake 'N Feed Rose and BloomTo relish the beauty of rose plants in your garden throughout the year, this Miracle-Gro Plant Food is a suitable choice. Do you wish to get rid of the guesswork out of feeding? If yes, then this plant food is for you.

Its chemical formula consists of natural ingredients to adequately feed microbes within the soil. In roses and other flowering plants, this plant food will facilitate more blooms and fabulous color. Not only the existing roses, but this fertilizer can be applied to newly grown roses too.

The contained microbes break down the natural ingredients into nutrients. These nutrients will maintain root strength and facilitate rose plant development. This, in turn, boosts water efficiency.

The contained micronutrients make sure your plants will grow healthy and energetic. When applied regularly, you may be surprised to see the beauty of blooms and beautiful colors in your rose plants.

To begin feeding using this plant food, you need to lightly and uniformly mix it into the topmost 1-3 inches of soil and water. Make sure you reapply every 3 months.


  • Works as an all-purpose fertilizer for roses and flowers
  • Easy to apply


  • Expensively priced
  • Initially, it takes time to give results

6. Adenium Feed (The Desert Rose) – Liquid Fertilizer

Adenium Feed (The Desert Rose) - Liquid FertilizerThe delicate rose plants need proper nutrients to grow to the fullest potential, just like human beings. Well, this liquid fertilizer does the same. Its working mechanism is dedicated to supplying the required chunk of nutrients to roses to make sure they stay healthy and beautiful.

This Adenium feed plant food belongs to the latest generation of fertilizers. Not just the blossoming red color of rosebuds, but you will also appreciate the look of lush green leaves evident by the use of this fertilizer. The roots of rose plants will attain proper strength to stay healthy for a long time.

During its application, there will be optimal absorption of nutrients by the leaves and roots. Its texture is made very rich and concentrated. It is possible to combine it with many pesticides to use it on some different flowery plants.

Since it is available in liquid form, it will be quite easy to apply directly or in the form of spray through a sprayer. This implies that you can feed your rose plants with the required amount of fertilizer without letting them concentrated too much.


  • Presents beautiful pink blooms
  • Comes with easy-to-understand directions


  • The smell may seem awful

7. Scotts Rose & Bloom Food 3LB

Scotts Rose & Bloom Food 3LBThe Scotts Rose & Bloom Food for rose plants is made famous by its steady feeding based working mechanism. This feature, along with many other characteristics, makes it the best rose fertilizer.

Through its application, there will be a significant boost in blooms on roses, perennials, and annuals. If there are some other flowering plants in your garden, you can use this fertilizer for them too.

When properly used as directed, it will not burn your rose plants. All you need to do is apply it directly to the soiled feeds for up to 2 months. For some gardening enthusiasts, it happens that, they may get tired after getting ineffective results from cheaper brands of rose fertilizers. Under such cases, it is a decent idea to leverage the effectiveness of this fertilizer.

The bloomed roses can be included in a garland or a flower pot in your home. Its chemical formula entails a sufficient amount of nitrogen –not too low, not too excessive. So, it boosts the leaf growth of rose plants and also facilitates the development of rosebuds.


  • Its consistent use gives a beautiful appearance to roses
  • Allows the leaves of rose plants to grow fabulously


  • Initially, it may seem unsafe and challenging to use

8. Jackson & Perkins Jackson & Perkins Select Rose Fertilizer

Jackson & Perkins Jackson & Perkins Select Rose FertilizerNow you can build up the opportunity for your roses to attain full potential easily with the use of this excellent rose fertilizer. The corresponding time-release formula offers all the necessary nutrients your roses may need for achieving vigorous growth.

With the appearance of the spectacular blooms, your entire garden will appear fresh and blossoming.

It is significant to note that the broadcast rate is 4 tablespoons every square foot. Therefore, so a 2-pound bottle will encompass a 20-square foot area. With its single-use, it will feed roses throughout the season.

Names of different constituents in this rose fertilizer are magnesium, calcium, sulfur, manganese, iron, and zinc. Many gardening enthusiasts ponder whether to dilute a rose fertilizer or not.

While using this product, such speculations will not be there. This is because there is no need for dilution with water. Sprinkle the needful amount around your roses during the onset of the season.

For roses and shrubs, the positive effect of this fertilizer product will persist for a long time. When you are desirous of presenting the appealing garden look easily, this fertilizer proves to be inevitable to use.

Compared to other top-notch rose fertilizers, this one has surpassed excellently in terms of quality and performance.


  • Contains no toxic elements
  • No need to dilute it with water


  • Take some time to show effective results

9. David Austin Rose Food

David Austin Rose FoodThe potential to release nutrients over a long period makes this David Austin Rose Food the best rose fertilizer. It is an organic-based rose food that is beneficial to get healthy blooms with superior quality. It comes in a pelletized formulation for simplicity of use.

When applied, it will deliver the three key elements of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Furthermore, it conveys a wide range of essential trace elements to guarantee the strength and healthy growth of rose plants.

Within less time, you will get astonished to perceive the abundant, fine blossoms in your garden. To make the most of the David Austin rose food, make sure you scatter the suggested amount on the package near the base of the rose.

It is essential to take care not to apply very close to the stem. Subsequently, you can take a hand rake and softly rake it in.

To make the results effective, you can incorporate rotten horse manure with this rose food. The bag weighs approximately 3.75 pounds, and the recommended directions are one ounce per shrub per application.

All the essential nutrients required to facilitate healthy growth and rich flowering are entailed inside. The pouch is resealable, so the rose food will stay fresh for the next use.


  • Capable to make lots of roses healthy and beautiful at once
  • Easy to apply


  • Difficult to mix with other fertilizer for use on other plants

10. Great Big Roses Organic Rose Food Fertilizer

Great Big Roses Organic Rose Food FertilizerThe lookout for the best rose fertilizer ends when you appropriately apply this organic rose food fertilizer. Basically, it is made available in the form of an all-natural liquid compost extract, and the quantity packed is 1 gallon.

The seasoned rose growers are always willing to make sure their garden soil stays in optimal condition. This is because the same will facilitate the finest rose-growing results efficiently.

When you go for this compost extract designed for roses, it will promote rose bush growth. Besides, there will be a noticeable boost in the bud count and blossom longevity. These qualities make it the best fertilizer for roses.

This extract vaccinates the soil around roses with bioavailable carbon and beneficial microbes. Furthermore, it provides proper micronutrients in the root zone for encouraging instant plant benefits.


  • Increases the number of rose blooms
  • Provides effective results on large and miniature roses both


  • Need to apply regular doses

Best Rose Fertilizer – Concluding Note

At first, rose care may seem labor-intensive. However, with the application of any of these rose fertilizers, your roses will attain spectacular blooms and a significant boost in health.

For the appropriate use of the best rose fertilizer, you need to take into account the soil type, rose type, and weather conditions. The outstanding trait of these fertilizers is they will keep the rose and flowery plants free from diseases and insects.