Best Soil For Vegetable Garden In Raised Bed Of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Espoma 2. Dr. Earth 3. Black Gold
Espoma AP8 8-Quart Best Soil For Vegetable Garden Dr. Earth Home Black Gold 1302040

If you are looking for the best soil for a vegetable garden in a raised bed, this guide will tell you everything you need to know. You will end up with the most productive soil for your plants. And you will not waste a lot of time to find it.

If you understand how these soils work, you will find just what your plants need. Not all lands bring the same benefits to your garden. It is essential to use the right type to get the best results!

Once you have all the right information, getting the product that you need is natural. So, keep reading and see what you can invest in to help your plants thrive!

The following products are the best soil for vegetable gardens in a raised bed. You can count on them in almost any circumstances, and you will not regret investing in them! Your plants will be very healthy and beautiful as you grow them in this soil!

Top 8 Best Soil For Vegetable Garden In Raised Bed 2022

1. Espoma AP8 8-Quart

Espoma AP8 8-Quart Best Soil For Vegetable Garden

This product from Espoma is one of the best soil you can invest in. It is perfect for a vegetable garden in raised beds, and you will love the way your plants are thriving in this soil. You can purchase this soil in a pack of one, two or even four according to the size of your garden.

This soil is mainly intended for pots, and it will work great for both indoors and outdoors plants. You will even save water by using this soil as it has a saving water formula based on Myco-Tone structure. The drought stress is significantly reduced, and the moisture is locked into the land for the benefits of your plants.

This soil is made of an organic formula that will help you use it for a wide range of plants. It is very flexible and will adapt to different plant needs so you will not have to worry when you use this soil.

The company that produces this soil has a long history as it reached the market in 1929. It is a very appreciated company, and you will not regret investing in this soil. So, if you are interested in growing your plants organically, this is the best soil to invest in.


  • Organic soil
  • The formula that helps you save water
  • Useful for all types of plants
  • You can choose between different sizes
  • Easy to use even by beginner gardeners


  • It might develop fungus
  • Difficult to get in touch with customer service

2. Dr. Earth Home

Dr. Earth Home

Dr. Earth also offers high soil for pots that you can use to help your plants grow. This soil has everything your garden needs to get to the beauty you want. You can choose between seven different sizes so you can cover all the plants you need. And the price is a budget-friendly one considering that this is a very high-quality product.

Among the active ingredients of this product, you will find Fish Bone Meal, Feather Meal as well as Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Fish Meal, Mined Potassium Sulfate, and Seaweed Extract. These nutrients will feed your plants for many months continuously and efficiently.

And you will see the results soon enough after placing your plants in this fantastic soil. You can use this soil for vegetable gardens, different crops, including the summer and winter ones, and the backyard soil. You can count on it during different phases as well. It is excellent for planting seeds but also for changing from one pot to another as well. This fertilizer can be the best soil for vegetable gardens in raised beds.


  • Rich in a wide variety of nutrients
  • Works as an excellent fertilizer
  • Easy to use during different stages
  • Perfect for both summer and winter seasons
  • Can be used on a wide range of plants


  • It might have a strong smell
  • You need to replace it more often than other soils

3. Black Gold 1302040

Black Gold 1302040

The organic potting mix is suitable for container plants, flowers, and vegetables and a host of other plants. The soil comes in an economical triple pack that is convenient and ready to use to help prolong plant life and promote growth. It comprises a potting soil blend and fertilizer all in one and weighs about 25 pounds.

Black Gold 1302040 offers value for money and is considered the best soil for vegetable gardens in raised beds. The soil is versatile and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure you get quality ingredients in every pack.

The long-lasting 3-pack combo saves on time and money. The soil is robust and fertile, with a balanced combination of sand, clay, and humus. It offers a wide selection of plant nutrients to help keep your plants, flowers, and vegetables blooming.

It’s the kind of soil that facilitates proper draining when you water to help protect the roots from decay. Since raised garden beds require a more massive type of land, the soil mix allows adequate air to circulate. It nourishes and fertilizes all in one easy, safe application.

The soil is also suitable for use with a container and hanging plants, as well as indoor and outdoor plants. The fertilizer also helps enrich the soil and ward off certain types of diseases and pests.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Perfect for all gardening applications
  • Easy to use
  • Convenience and quality tested natural ingredients
  • Great soil for all


  • It doesn’t support global shipping.

4. Burpee Organic

Burpee Organic

Burpee is a naturally organic, nutrient-rich, eco-friendly soil mix. The Garden iris Omri tested and certified for quality and sustainability. Some of its plant compounds include coconut fibers, which help keep the soil well aerated to sustain the roots. The mixture provides the ideal balance of density that’s heavy enough to retain the right amount of water.

At the same time, it is light enough to allow significant drainage, so the roots can thrive while maintaining moisture. It can hold water up to about 150 times its weight. Many customers consider it the best soil for vegetable gardens in raised beds. Besides, you can also use it for container gardening, seedling starters, succulents, indoor plants, and hydro-gardening.

The package weighs less than 4 pounds, and you can use the soil to complement your regular potting mix at about 0 percent ratio. The soil mix is lightweight with a consistent texture and a pleasant brown appearance. It is clean and fresh-smelling, chemical-free, and fluffy.

Burpee Organic Premium Mix also helps reduce the incidence of mold and algae and allows roots to grow strong and resilient. It’s an easily adaptable mix for a variety of plants, including specialty salad greens, vegetables, and succulents.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Retains moisture
  • Provides excellent drainage
  • Chemical-free
  • Consistent texture


  • Expensive
  • May spill when transporting

5. Dr. Earth Gold

Dr. Earth Gold

The product is an absolute gardener’s delight, and arguably the best soil mix for vegetable gardens in raised beds. It is a premium potting mix available in an attractive 9-quart package that is ready to apply to your plants.

The soil is eco-friendly, approved by MycoApply, and is Omri tested for quality assurance. The mixture also comprises Pro-Moisture Hydrate, inclusive of aloe Vera to help extend the life of your plants.

Apart from being the best soil mix for vegetable gardens in raised beds, it is also suitable for a wide range of planting needs. The mixture has a pH of around 6.5 and is chock-full of high-yielding compounds that include some other organic soil additives.

It is multi-purpose and suitable to use for indoor gardening, composting, and transplanting, mulching, clay soil gardening, covering seeds and boosting soil. Some of its ingredients include fir bark, peat moss, dolomite lime, cold water kelp, animal and fish bone meal, and alfalfa meal.

The soil is loose and easy to apply and is safe around pets and people. It weighs around 6 pounds and is completely free of odors. It helps promote more prominent vegetable and fruit yields and enriches the soil. The package is manageable, suitable for indoor and outdoor plants, herbs, and container plants.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Safe to use
  • Eco-friendly
  • Enriches soil
  • Provides good hydration


  • Expensive
  • The texture is too light

6. Organic Bountea Humisoil

Organic Bountea Humisoil

The fully organic soil mix is packed with a broad blend of nutrients to keep your plants healthy and robust. The age-old, eco-friendly soil from Alaska is a vibrant, high-quality product containing natural carbon. It is free of harsh chemicals and additives and provides significant conditioning while retaining moisture for healthy roots.

Organic Bountea Humisoilrepresents value for money and comes in an economical, handy 20-pound package. A little goes a long way; you just mix a small amount in a gallon of water and apply as needed.

The mix forms naturally in the earth and contains lots of helpful microbes plants need to blossom and bloom. It is ideal for making compost tea and is anti-fungal for keeping pests away.

It also provides long-lasting benefits that help promote plant fertility and longevity. The mix has a dark, creamy, moist texture that mimics the standard organic materials of original forests. It is loaded with microbial species that boost plant growth and help protect from insects and pesticides.

Other materials in the mix include wood products, sticks, and 100 percent humus. Some customers report they notice significant growth, even after the first application.


  • Promotes growth and longevity
  • Economical and user-friendly
  • Highly recommended
  • Anti-fungal properties
  • Retains root moisture


  • Shipping is expensive

7. Harvest Gold Organics

Harvest Gold Organics

The organic soil conditioner provides many benefits to all types of plants. It is considered the best soil for vegetable gardens in raised beds since it is rich in silica and up to 10 other nutrients.

It helps promote more fertile soil and healthier plants. The product is high-quality and versatile and is certified for eco-friendly, organic use. You can use it in raised garden beds, garden soil, and potting mixes. Apply Harvest Gold Organics to shrubs, flowers, trees, vegetables, and indoor plants.

It furnishes your plants with safe, organic compounds that help promote plant growth and durability. The nutrients penetrate the plant cells to enhance immunity and resilience in changing weather conditions.

It also helps promote crop yields and enriches the flavor of vegetables. The mix also helps maintain adequate moisture levels by minimizing watering and feeding. It is free of harmful chemicals and toxins and is safe to apply to both indoor and outdoor plants.

It constitutes one easy application by mixing the conditioner into the soil and adding water. The mix does not dissipate or dissolve and can sometimes stay in the soil for up to 3 months.

You can also use it along with compost and fertilizer to help prolong plant life. The mix has a pH level of 8.4 and helps protect plants from disease and mold. It is highly recommended, and plants look healthy and sturdy.


  • Fully organic
  • Protects against pesticides
  • Highly recommended
  • Promotes longevity
  • Versatile for a variety of applications


  • There is no negative feedback available at this time

8. Dr. Earth 826

Dr. Earth 826

Blended by hand to ensure excellent quality, the enhanced formula contains fertilizer and a high-quality blend of microbes for plant health. It contains no manure or synthetic compounds. It is ideal for growing herbs, vegetables and tomatoes.

Among the many nutrients are gypsum, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, fir bark, peat moss, and soil enhancing microbes. The soil mix helps enrich the soil for seed starting, planting cuttings, container plants, and transplanting.

It is useful for enhancing soil quality around flowers, shrubs, trees, and roots, as well as indoor and outdoor plants. It is easy and safe to use and weighs about 8 pounds. It is certified by Omri and is versatile for a variety of gardening needs.

You can grow plants year-round and in all types of weather conditions. The mix is safe around people and pets and has no toxins, chicken manure or synthetic substances. Some ingredients include peat moss, kelp flour, potassium sulfate, fish and fish bone meal, aged and fir bark and a host of useful soil microbes.


  • One of the best vegetable soil in the market
  • Microbes and Mycorrhizal
  • Organic soil and amended with our fertilizers
  • Great for little gardening needs
  • Very simple to use


  • No warranty information included

How To Make The Best Raised Bed Soil For Vegetable Garden

If you don’t have a lot of space to grow your plants, raised bed gardening might be the answer for you. But to be successful at this, you need to use the best soil for this type of gardening. The options presented above will help you. And if you combine the right ground with the right raised bed gardening style, you simply can’t fail!

You will have to decide the height of the raised bed gardening system. This depends mostly on your level of comfort. If you want to avoid bending or kneeling, a higher raised bed will work best for you.

If you don’t want to use soil that is already mixed, you can get it ready yourself. This gives you the option to have complete control over the type of soil you are using. You should take into account two factors when you prepare your soil. These are the weather conditions and the types of plants you want to grow.

  • Plant types: Different plant types need different conditions. If you want to plant berries, you will need to increase the acidity. The pH level will also be specific to the kind of plants you want to grow too. You will have to study these conditions for each plant you want to grow once you know that you adapt your soil to them.
  • Weather conditions: The weather is also significant. Admitting that you are not growing your plants in a temperature-controlled room, you need to adapt your soil to the environment. If the climate is dry, your soil will need to retain moisture for your plants. If the climate is humid, you don’t need to worry about that.

To create the best soil for a vegetable garden in raised beds, you need to follow specific steps.

  • Have a right soil mix that will add as a basic one. To obtain that, all you need is to add one part compost with one part topsoil.
  • Once you have the essential soil mix, you can start modifying it by making it more or less acidic. You can also adjust its pH level.
  • When your soil is just what your plants need, all you have to do is spread it in the pots.

When Should You Amend Soil Used In Your Raised Bed Garden?

Amending the soil used in your raised bed garden should be a very well calculated action. If you modify this soil too early or too late, your plants might suffer beyond repair. So, knowing when to take action is crucial for the benefits of your garden!

Luckily, the answer to this dilemma is a simple one. You should till and replenish your garden soil every spring. Your plants will benefit from this change the most if you do it even early in the spring. Going from cold temperatures to warmer ones can have an impact on your plants. And you have to amend the soil to help them during this transition.

Another way to check if your soil needs modification is by testing it with your finger. You shouldn’t find it challenging to put your finger in the soil. If you do, that means the ground is too hard. In this case, you need to amend it and make it airy and soft again. Otherwise, your plants will not benefit from all the nutrients they need.

How To Amend Raised Beds Soil Mixture

Now that you know when to amend the soil, you are probably wondering how to do that. It is rather easy to change your soil and maintain it at the standards of the best soil for a vegetable garden in a raised bed. Keep reading!

  • Add organic mix to your soil. When you air out your soil, you need to add an organic fertilizer to enrich its nutrients. You can simply mic these fertilizers with your original soil mix. The quantity differs according to the type of soil you have. But you can use 1 part soil and 1 part organic mix.
  • Add mulch or compost to lock the nutrients in the ground. You can simply add a layer of mulch or compost once you are done amending your soil. This will help it remain rich in nutrients for a longer time. It will also help you have a moisture soil if you need that. You can create your mulch and compost by using leaves and natural nutrients that are easy to find in your yard.

Benefits Of Raised Bed Gardening

The best soil for a vegetable garden in raised beds might not be the easiest thing to find. But you can count on its long term benefits for your garden. There are plenty of benefits to the raised bed gardening style. These benefits include more than just the ones offered by the soil you use.

Your gardening time will be more comfortable and pleasant for you. You don’t have to bend or kneel more than you want because you will set up the beds. This is great if you’re going to spend hours in the garden.

You can have your plants even in a small space. We tend to think that gardening requires a large surface of the land. But if you implement the raised bed gardening correctly, you don’t need to worry about that. You could even grow your plants on your balcony!

You can use the best soil for vegetable gardens in raised beds. You have complete control over the soil you use. You can make it as goods as you need to satisfy the needs of your plants.


As you can see, almost anyone with a passion for gardening can establish their very own raised bed gardening system. But keep in mind that you need the best soil for a vegetable garden in a raised bed as well. Without the best ground, you will not get the results you want. And you will waste a lot of time in the process. This guide should be a great starting point if you wish to try this gardening style!