Best Tomato Fertilizers In 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

1. EarthPods 2. Dr. Earth 3. Miracle Gro
EarthPods Premium Herb & Vegetable Plant Dr. Earth Organic 5 Tomato Fertilizer Miracle-Gro Tomato Plant Food Fertilizer

We all need the best fertilizer for tomatoes, since we all have some kind of produce that needs to be successful for our family. Tomatoes are difficult to grow and need lots of water to become ready for consumption.

Tomatoes have become the rising star of food products – especially in small-scale farming. People nowadays, usually have some tomatoes plants on their backyard to have their own produce for their family.

It is simple, but requires lots of effort and time spent in buying the best tomato fertilizer that is available on the market. This will help you get the best harvest when you are ready to do so.


Fertilizers are gardening products that include many nutrients and organic compounds that should be in the soil, where tomato plants are going to grow.

We assume that water supply as well as constant sunlight is always apparent and the other factor for a great harvest is the soil condition. This can be influenced by the best fertilizer for tomatoes that can be easily picked up after this review.

How To Select The Best Tomato Fertilizer?

There are multiple recommendations to check when you are buying a tomato fertilizer.

1. You Need To Check The Growing Status Of The Tomato Crops

Some of them are already growing sprouts, that means they are in need of the best fertilizer for tomatoes with more phosphorus in its synthesis. This can give them the chance to develop a solid root system, which is greatly important to absorb water.

After you sow your crops on your farm, the plants are ready to receive more potassium since this is the substance that helps produce a better yield of tomatoes.

2. Check The Soil Condition

This is an important factor to consider for your tomato plants. A clay or sandy soil with variations in the pH can impose serious hurdles to your tomatoes’ growth.

Not all soils are good for planting tomatoes, even though they have a plethora of nutrients. Some of them need the best fertilizer for tomatoes and peppers in order to give a solid produce that will last the next planting season.

The acidity and the supplements that are in your farm’s soil will determine the success of your tomato yield.

3. Get The Compliant Fertilizer

This is where you need to see which fertilizer will work best for your crop for them to produce a healthy yield.

4. Nutrients And Ingredients

Potassium is a major ingredient and can give a great tomato harvest. Nitrogen is important to have in the fertilizer, since it induces the production of chlorophyll which in returns develops the leaves and stems of the tomato plant.

Phosphorus is another crucial nutrient for the best fertilizer for tomatoes, which influences the development and reinforcement of the root system as well as the growth of fruits and flowers.

5. Micronutrients

Apart from regular nutrients, the best fertilizer for tomatoes also have some tiny particles of other non-organic compounds that are significant for growth.

Sulfur is an element that provides further growth and keeps pesticides away from the plants.
Calcium nourishes the soil and gives it time to regulate its acidity in order to spur healthy regrowth.

Magnesium is crucial for to absorb nutrients from the sunlight and for the overall development of your tomatoes.

What Are The Varieties Of Tomato Fertilizers?

When you are into the tomato growing business, then you should have identified 3 different types of fertilizers that are available in the market – liquid, small particles and paste.

Nobody can say for sure which one is the best fertilizer for tomatoes, however there are some indications towards one or the other variety.

1. Liquid – Absorbable Fertilizer

The best situation to use this kind of fertilizer, is where the nutrients are dissolved in portions of soil and water and then planted to the ground. This is one of the best fertilizers for tomatoes since it can give you extreme results in just a matter of weeks.

However, it has some drawbacks, since the soluble nutrients may get away from the roots of the plant due to excessive rain.

2. Granular

These are the best fertilizer for growing tomatoes, and are readily available online and at farming stores. They come in convenient sealed envelopes, and you can easily place them on top of the soil where your plants are. They are placed close to the roots and the irrigation system so that it can be easily dissolved .

3. Pure Liquid Tomato Fertilizer

They contain ready to absorb nutrients that are given to the tomato plants for instant results. Farmers are use them two or three days before harvesting tomatoes to have ensure a healthy shape and size of the tomatoes.

The liquid can be placed directly on the roots, or even sprayed over the various parts of the plant. This is better since you can check the development of the plant in various segments. Never use this kind of fertilizer in younger plants, since it can deteriorate their development.

Liquid fertilizer has the benefit to dissolve in larger quantities of water in several proportions. This helps you make economies of scale, and have the best value for money for your plants growth and development. .

Buying Guide For Tomatoes Fertilizer

We all understand how important it is to use fertilizers to grow your tomato plants. However, there are some special things you should check before you opt for a specific tomato fertilizer:

1. Check The Status Of The Soil

You need to double check the acidity, as well as the quantity of active nutrients that are in there. Even the best fertilizer for tomatoes cannot work on soil where there are no nutrients at all, or where the acidity reaches unexpected levels.

2. Calcium, Phosphorus And Nitrogen Are Equally Important

Most new farmers grow their tomatoes, just to watch them rot on the bottom. This is a typical sign of calcium deprivation, that happens when your fertilizer is not as good as it should be.

You should always check whether or not your fertilizer has calcium. The phosphorus and nitrogen can assist the plant development, and must be added in the synthesis with the right proportions.

3. Always Opt For The Organic Fertilizer

Plants are not in a state to say if the nutrients are coming from a chemical or an organic fertilizer. However, the difference is in the taste of the tomatoes. That is why you pay triple the price to buy organic tomatoes than the regular ones.

Try to get the best fertilizer for tomatoes, which have an organic source of nutrients and provide the best possible taste to your tomatoes.

Another key aspect when buying fertilizer for tomatoes, is the country of origin. This is extremely important, since countries in the EU and the US have decided not to include genetically modified substances that may impose threats to human health.

Although it has not been proved by scientists, there is a general discouragement in having “mutant” ingredients in your fertilizer. Every substance, where you cannot examine its influence on your tomatoes should be avoided. Not to mention, that your body can absorb the fertilizer, and this could be detrimental to your health. .

Top 10 Best Tomato Fertilizers In 2022

1. EarthPods Premium Herb & Vegetable Plant

EarthPods best tomato fertilizerIf you would like to practice sustainable and ecological farming, then opt for the EarthPods Premium Herb formula. It can do miracles for your tomatoes – irrespective of whether you have a small yard or a greater farm.

It is one of the few formulas that comes in the shape of capsules that are easily dissolved in water. Not to mention, it contains a powerful patented formula with lots of minerals and organic substances that provide a solid and sustainable growth for your plants.

Calcium and potassium are also included into the capsules, so that your tomatoes grow to be healthy. This fertilizer is also combined with an anti-pesticide formula that gives a unique shield against all threats coming from the outer environment.

This formula is also inspected and approved by USDA, having passed all national standards for such supplements. You can also use it in other f plants with the same efficacy.

Using this formula, you can rest reassured that you will enjoy a great harvest throughout the summer from your tomato plants. Also, your yield will contain zero chemicals.


  • It contains lots of herbs to give a natural boost to the tomatoes
  • Compact size feels a lot better to carry on with you
  • Can work with any type of water no matter how hard it is
  • There is no fuss when applying the formula. Does not have a smell.


  • All instructions contained in the package need further clarification to understand completely.

2. Dr. Earth Organic 5 Tomato Fertilizer

Dr. Earth Organic 5 Tomato FertilizerA fantastic formula coming to you in the form of small granules that you can add on the soil. This is considered to be one of the best fertilizers for tomatoes now available in the online market as well as physical stores.

It is provided in small plastic packages which are sealed to perfection. This helps the granules to keep their original shape and moisture and never absorb excess water.

The fertilizer keeps on being unique in synthesis, having more nutrients and minerals that all the others in the same category. For instance, magnesium and sulfur are in abundance in the granules, giving you the best sustainable solution for your tomato plants.

Not to mention, with this fertilizer you are succeeding into getting economies of scale. Only a few handfuls of granules are enough to fertilize the vast majority of your plants. This is important, since the cost of the fertilizer always adds up to the final cost of the products.

Finally, it is an easy to find fertilizer that has all the accreditations you need to use it for your tomato plants.


  • It has lots of probiotics in its synthesis to enhance the growth and development of the tomato plants
  • This is a well-known brand that gives stable results year after year
  • It can offer rapid overnight growth of your tomato plants


  • It contains both organic elements and chemicals
  • It has an odour that may not be pleasant

3. Miracle-Gro Tomato Plant Food Fertilizer

Miracle-Gro Tomato Plant Food FertilizerThis is an innovative formula, and provides a new blend for growing all kinds of popular plants like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and many more. Being one of the best fertilizers for tomatoes, it also offers you unique adaptation to any kind of soil.

The formula has the perfect proportion of organic to chemical substances that create friendly conditions for your tomatoes. Soil that is not that rich in minerals and other types of organic supplements may benefit more from this fertilizer.

You simply need to apply some generous portion of it to the soil, near the roots of the plants and leave the rest to nature. With adequate watering and lots of sunshine, you will get the best growing tomatoes that you have ever enjoyed.

Not to mention, this fertilizer has exclusively natural substances which do not pose health hazards.. In other words, you can be sure that you get only the best by using this formula.

Finally, this formula is the best value for money fertilizer you could possibly have. You can enjoy a flavorful tomato harvest without the need to invest more in this area.

Compared to others in its class, the quantity needed to fertilize a special segment of soil is economical. This is important to know, since economies of scale can be achieved with this supplement.


  • Gives some of the best outcomes you have ever seen
  • You can use it on tomatoes and vegetables as well
  • It gives you faster onset of results
  • You can easily dissolve it in water and spray it over the plant


  • Plants that are already acidic may not tolerate this fertilizer

4. Malibu Compost Bu’s

Malibu Compost Bu'sBy far the best fertilizer for tomatoes ever presented online. This is a combination of powerful formulas that include natural growing factors, alongside with minerals and other organic substances that allow for sustainable growth.

It’s base is manure that comes from cows and other cattle that is carefully collected and passed through special procedures to create a unique blend. This blend has also a mineral additive formula to feed the roots of the tomato plants.

When using this formula, you can be sure than the tomato plant is going to grow as a whole – from roots to leaves. This is a hand made formula that really enhances the quality of your tomatoes.

It works in tandem with the amount of water used to provide only the right portion of moisture and minerals to your tomato plants. We all know that tomatoes are extremely sensitive vegetables, and this formula really caters to its good growth..

Malibu compost is also an affordable formula that can be dissolved into a massive water volume to produce large quantities of activated fertilizer. More than 20 gallons of fertilizer can be produced from a single packet, and this is a record that nobody can easily claim to break.

Finally, it is easy to find online or in local stores, and can be securely stored in your warehouse for future use.

The fertilizer of your dreams has finally come true!


  • Removes the pesticides from your tomatoes
  • Gives your tomato plant extra redness and flavor
  • Does not smell
  • Perfect for indoors as well as for outdoor use


  • Excessive use of fertilizer can cause other neighboring plants to burn

5. Dr. Earth Premium Gold Fertilizer

Dr. Earth Premium Gold FertilizerThis is another great fertilizer from Dr. Earth – which could arguably be the world’s most famous formula for tomato growing. It comes in a 50lbs bundle – which is great for long term use.

Using it can help produce an exceptional quality of harvest – be it fruits or vegetables. Firstly, it improves the synthesis of the soil in your farm. Many times, the soil could have an excessive acidity that is derived long use, which could lead to difficult cultivation.

It contains more nutrients and minerals than others in the same category. In this case, you don’t have to add any external calcium, phosphorus or nitrogen that may be deficient in your plants.. The fertilizer fixes the pH in your soil and helps improve the quality and health of your plants.

The Dr. Earth premium Gold fertilizer is well established worldwide. Accredited from USDA, and other health institutions have also given their certification, which provides assurance as to its efficacy and quality.

This fertilizer is neutral and doesn’t affect your health when the plant is consumed. On the other hand, it has an unpleasant smell that acts as a pesticide as well.. That is why, getting this fertilizer is a lot more beneficial than having anything else.


  • Superb quality to that helps enhance produce quality
  • Can be used to grow other fruits and vegetables
  • Very well priced, compared to the category standards
  • Extremely eco friendly


  • Doesn’t come in smaller packs for home use

6. Espoma To8 Tomato-tone

Espoma To8 Tomato-toneAt last we have the best fertilizer for tomatoes ever presented . Espoma really is the fertilizer that can give you value for its price.

First, it creates a protective shield between the roots of your tomato plants and their surrounding environment. This is extremely important in watery soils, where nutrients can be lost easily.

This fertilizer creates the right conditions for calcium, phosphates and magnesium to stay close to the roots of the tomato plants – no matter the weather conditions. It ensures the nutrients are well absorbed and acts as a pesticide at the same time – nurturing and protecting the plant.

This fertilizer is the ultimate weapon for contractual farmers that need to deliver specific amounts of tomatoes in a reasonable time.

Additionally, this fertilizer creates a perfect balance within the tomato plant so that there is consistency in the produce – in terms of quality and health.

Finally, Espoma Tomato fertilizer comes into small or large packages to select the one that is suitable for your own case. In this way, you can easily pick the size you need for your own tomato plantation.


  • It has a special odor that discourages pesticides and wild animals to get into your tomato yard. You can
  • easily find the instructions to apply it on the manufacturer’s website
  • It contains both organic as well as chemical agents
  • Available in many sizes – so you get to pick the right one for you


  • Rain may affect its absorbing capacity during the first days of application

7. TrashCan, Natural Fertilizer

TrashCan, Natural FertilizerThe most innovative fertilizer has been finally come to take care of your tomatoes. This TrashCan All purpose fertilizer has been completely made of food waste and special compost that has been taken from residential places.

Compose is sanitized to get a further processed and some soil additives are added to create the most stable fertilizer that you have ever seen.

It is easily diluted in filtered water and can be sprayed directly to your plants. Contains many substances that protect and develop your tomato plants like calcium, magnesium and nitrogen.

You can certainly benefit from its use, especially when you are planting your tomatoes over scorched earth. If you had to leave your soil without any cultivation for several years in order to recover, then TrashCan is the ultimate solution for you.

Make sure you wear safety equipment before using it, since it can irritate your eyes and nose. When applied then you don’t need to water the plants for a day, so that it can get easily absorbed by the plants.

This fertilizer has a positive impact on your plant yield. The tomatoes are bigger and juicier than before and you can even spot that they have no rotten parts on their bottom. This is because, this fertilizer gives them a better water circulation within the plant.


  • Increases the pH of the soil, making it perfect for tomatoes
  • It has an understandable instruction guide which you can recall easily
  • You can apply it through each part of the growing season
  • Improves the appearance of your tomatoes in a short time


  • Doesn’t come into bigger packs for bulk farming

8. Lilly Miller Morcrop Tomato Fertilizer

Lilly Miller Morcrop Tomato FertilizerHere you have another innovative formula that has been lately presented to the farmers. You all know that tomatoes are a demanding plant, which needs lots of sunshine and water to grow and give you a quality harvest.

When using this fertilizer, which has been registered as one of the best fertilizers for tomatoes, you have to keep an eye on the quantity you add to the soil. This is because it contains lots of substances that keep the pH within the limits, to give you quick development of your tomatoes.

This may get in contradiction to your other plants like cucumbers and potatoes and that is why you should only use it when tomatoes are around. It gives a natural boost to the minerals and organic nutrients that are in the soil. In this way, it feeds the roots of the plants and creates a plentiful and healthy produce.

It comes into 16lbs packets that are more than enough for a medium sized farm. The formula is accredited by the United States Farming Commission and has been proven to be extremely safe in several studies organized by major educational institutions. It also an efficient pesticide that keep bugs and rodents away from your plants.

If safety is your primary concern, then you should definitely opt for this fertilizer.


  • It is good in improving the quality of your soil
  • When applied, you can see the nitrogen levels improve
  • Significantly improves the water absorption capacity of your tomatoes
  • Reduces the microbial load of your soil


  • Other non-beneficial microorganisms may develop on your plantsUrban Farm Fertilizers Apples & Oranges

9. Fruits Fertilizer

Fruits FertilizerUrban Farm fertilizers have a long tradition in giving you the best harvest results for your tomato plants. This formula is hand-made and applies better to fruits and oranges. However, it has been said to be the best fertilizer for tomatoes, since it can give certain abilities to your plants upon use.

First, it is in liquid form and easy to apply on the plants, either by direct application to the roots or by spraying on the leaves. Either way will do, and it will help speed up the growth of your plants..

It gives your plants more nutrients and organic substances than with any other fertilizers combined. This super density fertilizer can easily penetrate the pores of tomato leaves and directly induce development from the particles that are already given to the plant.

You can see your tomatoes improving day by day, since this fertilizer is a great source of calcium. This element is necessary for your tomatoes to grow bigger and reduce any rotten spots, which affects their price and quality.

This fertilizer is easy to keep in your warehouse, since it has a long shelf life.You can benefit from its sealed cap, that keeps the inner substance safe inside the container. Not to mention, that only the right dosage is applied, since you can use a special measuring mechanism that is offered to you with the fertilizer.

Certainly, you cannot go wrong with this extreme quality fertilizer that has changed market standards worldwide.


  • Works great with tomatoes
  • Improves the quality of your soil
  • Creates a shield against microbes for your tomatoes


  • You need to shake it well before use and this may cause incidents
  • It has both organic and chemical components, so it’s not good for organic tomato plants

10. Urban Farm Fertilizers Texas Tomato Food Fertilizer

Urban Farm Fertilizers Texas Tomato Food FertilizerThis is the fertilizer that farmers have been waiting for a long time. It has a great ability to nurture your tomato plants, giving them the exact amount of nutrients and organic substances they need to have a healthy growth.

Modern farming needs to combine the best quality harvesting methods within the shortest time frame possible. Urban Farm fertilizers are giving you this chance, thanks to their special formulation.

Being liquid gives this fertilizer a lot of advantages. It can be dissolved in purified water and sprayed carefully over your tomatoes. The organic substances and mineral elements get absorbed by the plant and do not leech into the soil. . This is important, especially for farmers who need to see an immediate response to their fertilizing procedures.

The formula is easy to apply with only some people needed to perform the job on a daily basis. It comes into a larger container, to give you economies of scale when you need to produce quality tomatoes without spending a fortune to develop them in the desired size.

Keep in mind, that the fertilizer has been tested with USDA standards and has been found to be neutral for human and pets. That means you can safely use it in home or professional spaces without any concern about your health or the health of your beloved ones.

Finally, you can have great value for money when buying this fertilizer. Since you can dissolve it in water, there is enough quantity to fertilize acres of tomato plants with only several bottles of the condensed fertilizer. This is a real bargain that everyone should be aware of.


  • You can apply the fertilizer both on the plants and the soil
  • It can work on other plantations as well with the same explicit results
  • The greatest formula to instantly increase production for your tomato plantation
  • Great value for money product


  • There is no chance to work with a fertilizer injector since calcium is clogging the tubes


Now that you have seen most of the best fertilizers for tomatoes, you may feel confident of making the right decision for your own plant.

If you carefully check the weather conditions, then your fertilizer can easily give you a quality harvest that will sell top-dollar in markets. But even if you are using it for home purposes, the fertilizer can give you ultimate quality tomatoes that your beloved ones would be eager to consume.

Normal tomatoes d take months to deliver the same quality of harvest. However, the modern fertilizers induce a better delivery rate, and also give you quality tomatoes.

Natural ingredients as well as international hygiene accreditation are the qualities that you should seek in your fertilizer. Bear in mind that the most successful and fruitful tomato harvests need nothing more than water, some sun, a fertilizer and your personal care.