Best Top Soils 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Mosser Lee ML1110 2. Mosser Lee ML1122 3. Michigan Peat
Mosser Lee ML1110 Best Top Soil Mosser Lee ML1122 Michigan Peat 5540

In many gardens and lawns, you will find the top 6-12 inches of soil – and that is called topsoil. There are many reasons why you need to buy top soil. They are used when the existing soil is of poor quality, or if you want to prepare new garden beds or build up the vegetable garden, or want to cover clay or sandy soils while putting in a lawn.

You may have heard homeowners with lawn property saying that they need to purchase top soil because of any of the aforementioned reasons. Any topsoil consists of organic matter as an essential ingredient. The below section highlights the buying guide and the details of the best top soil.


Buying Guide For The Best Top Soil

It may be easy to understand that topsoil is the layer on the upper part of the subsoil, but it is difficult to make a selection when you need it for your lawn. Without ensuring its quality and compatibility with your needs, it is not recommended to make a purchase. Take a look at the factors influencing the purchase of the best top soil

1. The Purpose

Before deciding to make a purchase of topsoil, ask a question –what are you using it for? Top soil comes in various types and grades, on the basis of the area it originates and the use it is intended for.

There are various uses around the garden for various blends and grades of topsoil. Such uses include turf laying, filling holes and ponds, creating flower beds, filling up vegetable patches, and many more.

Some of the most general purposes for which topsoil are used are described below:

  • Top Soil For Vegetable Growing

The vegetable crops can absorb a huge quantity of ingredients from the soil, in order to get the most nutrients from the vegetable patch or newly raised beds. Under such cases, it is the best idea to use top soil with a high proportion of organic matter. Since you are going to eat these vegetable crops, you need to grow it in the most optimal soil you can buy. Therefore, the selection of top soil for vegetable growing matters a lot, since it indirectly influences your health.

  • Top Soil For Turf Laying

Turf laying needs general purpose topsoil, with a thickness of up to 10mm. This is to eliminate huge stones and lumps from the clay. For turf laying, a screened sandy soil is the finest option.

  • Top Soil For Flower Bed

When it comes to flowerbeds, a high-quality screened top soil that includes a high content of organic matter is suitable. You need to select a top soil that is blended with a soil improver or organic compost. Such added organic matter guarantees the optimal growing conditions for your flowers and plants.

2. Quality

Generally, the top soil is available in 3 levels of quality – they are premium, general purpose and economy grade. Choosing any of these grades directly affects the terrain of your lawn and the growth of plantation. The classification depends on the texture of soil –coarse or fine and its capability to allow flowers and plants to grow. Let’s take a look at the details of all these 3 grades of topsoil:

  • Economy Grade

Out of all grades of topsoil, the economy grade is the cheapest oil. So, it works perfectly if you require huge amounts for filling holes or placing a base layer beneath a lawn. Typically, it is supplied in the form of a dug, so it is not screened. Therefore, chances are there that it may contain roots and weeds. Also, it may contain some amount of stones and rocks. When you weigh quantity more than quality, this grade of topsoil is the best one to consider. Those garden areas in need of building up the volume of soil, for them, the economy grade topsoil is suitable.

  • General Purpose Grade

Suggested from the name itself, this quality of topsoil is typically suitable for most garden purposes. For example, you may find this grade top soil being used in top dressing lawns, as the final layer prior to laying turf, for raised beds, or adding soil to garden beds.

This grade of top soil comes in the form of smaller or larger grains. It is generally observed that the finer grain size is suitable for top dressing lawns, whereas the coarser ones are suitable for comes in different grades, with larger or smaller grains. The finer ones are best for top laying lawns. For landscape gardening, the general purpose grade is the best one because it is rich in nutrients.

Therefore, it can easily build up contours in a particular land area. This quality of top soil comes after undergoing a screening process. Therefore, it is suitable to grow flowers and plants. Based on your application, you can buy this grade of top soil in various screen sizes.

  • Premium Grade

The premium grade topsoil may be available at an expensive price, but its price truly justifies its quality. This is because they are free of seeds, weeds, stones and any other waste. The absence of such waste makes sure this grade of top soil is suitable for building flower beds or creating new beds of flowers and plants.

Nurseries often make use of this grade of top soil in compost mixes to use for the plants grown inside containers. Being free from weeds, this topsoil is very much suitable for the garden. Out of all 3 grades of topsoil, this one has high fertility and comes in a decent structure. If you want to grow flowers or vegetables for show, go for the premium grade topsoil.

3. What To Know Before Buying?

To avoid facing problems later on, it is a good idea to check the top soil before the purchase. You can check for aspects like high stone content, weed, thick fibrous roots, and contaminants like brick and glass. To ensure your investment does not go waste, you can ask the supplier where it originates from and whether it all possesses the same origin.

Make sure you always purchase from a reliable online supplier. If the supplier has carried out soil analysis, you can request a copy. When your supplier claims the top soil is of good quality and also states facts & figures, you can request such details in writing.

Top 10 Best Top Soils 2022

1. Mosser Lee ML1110

Mosser Lee ML1110 Best Top SoilThis desert sand soil is the best top soil due to the fact that it adds a decorative touch to your garden and protects its soil. When you want to add a beautiful touch and protection to terrariums, potted plants, and indoor garden, this Mosser Lee ML1110 top soil is a good choice.

One of the best features includes its capability to retain moisture. This feature helps to improve water drainage. Now you can easily add texture, color, and variety to your house plants. By appropriately covering the soil, it improves the existing appearance of house plants.

If you are willing to loosen compacted or heavy soil in your lawn, go for this desert sand soil cover. This soil bag is made available in a convenient size, so that it can be easily carried and used wherever needed.

The 5 pounds of content seems sufficient for covering the soil in an average-sized lawn. It is possible to water plants through the sand covering; make sure you water at a slow speed.


  • Provides a beautiful appearance to the garden
  • Comes in a fine and uniform sand texture


  • Comes with a slightly shimmery look
  • Due to the dark color, it becomes difficult to know whether plants require watering or not

2. Mosser Lee ML1122

Mosser Lee ML1122This Pearl Stone soil cover is highly suitable for dish gardens, terrariums, and aquariums. When you desire to add a beautiful touch and protection to indoor gardens, terrariums, and potted plants, this is the best soil cover to consider.

Since it can retain moisture for a long time, it can effectively drain water. So, there would be no water clogging concerns on your lawn. If you want to cover the soil of your indoor plants and plants in containers, go for this Mosser Lee ML1122 top soil.

Due to versatility, this topsoil can be used in decorative and craft projects. It is easy to access the top soil from the available bag and apply on the soil of your garden. Due to the pearl stone soil cover, it adds a beautiful look to any garden. This product is weighed at 1.5 quarts.


  • Every pebble is glossy
  • Offers a clean look for indoor plants


  • When water combines with soil, it turns brown and yellow

3. Michigan Peat 5540

Michigan Peat 5540The high quality of top soil makes this product the best top soil in the market. This garden magic top soil is basically a combination of dark, reed sedge peat and sand. Generally, it is used to fill holes in lawns and as a top dressing as well.

With the appropriate amount of this topsoil, it effectively loosens heavy clay soils and improves moisture retention capability of light soils. Also, it owns the capability to loosen heavy clay soils. If you want to get rid of the water drainage problem in your garden, this is the finest topsoil to consider.

Those gardeners who are in need to plant new shrubs or fill tiny patches in their garden, for them, this product is suitable. It allows grass seeds to germinate in regions that were previously difficult. For the growth of new shrubs, you can mix this topsoil with the compost and manure. The superior quality makes sure your investment in this topsoil is justified.


  • Excellent quality
  • Offers nice clean fill


  • Expensive

4. Hoffman 30103 Seed Starter Soil

Hoffman 30103 Seed Starter SoilPresented in a clean and perfect texture, this Hoffman seed starter soil is the best one to start garden seeds. The two significant features include high absorbency and retention power. So, it can retain water for a long time.

Moreover, it also works excellently for sustaining seedling growth, and to support them after getting transplanted. Alternatively, you can simply leave the seedling inside a biodegradable starter cup.

In this seed starter top soil, there are 6 components included. They are blended in appropriate proportions to make the top soil fertile, lightweight, and loose.

For the purpose of root cuttings, this seed starter soil is a food choice. The addition of this top soil improves the germination of seeds. If you get confused about how to use it, you can look at the instructions given in the back part of the bag.

The capability to moisten quickly and retain water helps the small sprouts, because they are frequently damaged by top watering.


  • Light and fluffy
  • Retains water well


  • The seedlings cannot flourish properly

5. Succulent and Cactus Bonsai

Succulent and Cactus BonsaiThe proper soil layering and beautiful look are presented by the addition of this top soil. With the use of the artistic Bonsai material, this product adds a good layer of soil above the rocks in potted plants.

When bonsai turns into a small garden or mountain, adding some rocks like Black Galaxy is important. In addition to presenting a beautiful look, these top rocks also give stability to new plants. Moreover, it locks the water and other necessary nutrition of the soil to ensure the proper growth of plants.

The usefulness of these bonsai DIY rocks is not only limited to gardens, but they also work as bonsai top dressing rocks for cactus soil. The versatility allows these black galaxy rocks to be used in aquariums to absorb impurity and maintain the cleanliness of water. Due to multiple colors, these black galaxy rocks are suitable for gardens, terrariums and other DIY projects.

The product is made available in a resealable bag that is well packed and easy to zip and unzip. You simply need to tear off the top part, take out the required proportion, and then reseal.


  • Comes with high absorbency of water
  • Available in vibrant colors


  • Difficult to clean

6. Hoffman 14102

Hoffman 14102The decorative look of this soil cover makes it the best top soil from Hoffman. It beautifully adds the final touch to plants grown in containers. It is known that these stone chips can be used for indoors or outdoors applications to retain moisture.

Furthermore, they are capable of decreasing compaction due to frequent watering. In this pack of 2 quarts capacity, you will find pea size Chesapeake and yellow river gravel.

Looking at its overall appearance, the stone’s color is made bright white and they come with a slight sparkling look. You may use these stone chips as a topper for house plant pots. Moreover, you can add them to the draining dish for plants that require more humidity in the air. When added in a big plant pot, the overall appearance is beautiful.


  • Perfect for decorative stones
  • Comes in a proper size


  • Not suitable for aquariums
  • Color changes with time

7. Markman Peat

Markman PeatFor indoor and outdoor applications, this pack of 40 lb topsoil is good soil. You can add it to your lawn, to beautify the appearance of soil and enrich proper nutrients inside. The structure of this topsoil includes a number of small and large rocks. Moreover, if you want to gradually clear out the waste in your lawn, this topsoil is the best product to use.

To get the best results, you need to spread it evenly. Once you have completed broadcasting seeds, make sure you cover lightly with an extra layer of this topsoil. It can be used as a top dressing and for filling holes in gardens. The heavy clay soils are effectively loosened, and this top soil also helps to retain moisture in light soils.


  • Provides a clean look to garden
  • Packs sufficient nutritional content


  • Not sieved

8. Scott’s Premium

Scott's PremiumScott’s 71130758 is the best top soil for filling and leveling 0.75 cu ft of soil. It can be referred to as an all-purpose soil due to its versatility. This premium grade topsoil consists of a premium blend of peat moss and organic matter.

These elements help to level the soil and enrich it with the necessary nutrition. You can add it to level low areas in your garden.

To get the best results, you can spade to a depth of 6 inches, and mix well, to prevent the creation of a barrier between native soil and new soil. Subsequently, you can level the garden with a rake.

When you need to plant seeds or live plants, you need to follow instructions given in the package or plant tag. As a result, a better growing environment is offered. Make sure you water properly after planting, and then on a daily basis until plants are well established.


  • Provides proper leveling to soil
  • Work as an all-purpose top soil


  • The bag comes with some waste

9. Scotts Premium

Scotts PremiumWhether you need to level flower beds in your garden or want to fill holes in the soil, this premium grade topsoil is a suitable choice to consider. It is basically an all-purpose, high-quality top soil used for filling and leveling. It is being formulated with peat moss and organic matter. When added to low-level areas, it conveys the best results.

This organic top soil is made for in-ground use when leveling low areas. You can add it to those lawn areas that are devoid of grass. After adding it and watering on a daily basis, you will notice grass sprouting out from the holes. You will also notice that the grass is not only longer, but grown thick as well.


  • Adds a good nutritional value to soil
  • Suitable for filling and leveling


  • The bag includes a lot of debris and stone

10. Gardeners Organic

Gardeners OrganicThe Gardeners 1-cu ft top soil adds the necessary organic material to the soil. It works effectively for sandy soils, allowing it to hold essential nutrients. Generally, this organic topsoil works great for leveling and filling in low spots in your lawn. Since it is rich in organic content, it is the best top soil.

It is possible that your backyard may not have grass, and the soil may be very compacted. By the addition of this organic top soil, a uniform texture is conveyed. The organic formulation of this topsoil successfully creates pockets for water and air that help to strengthen the roots of plants.

You can mix this topsoil with the native soil in the garden. As a result, it offers an outstanding environment for beneficial soil microbes, which protects plants against disease and pests. Moreover, this product can be used as a seed cover.


  • Suitable for grass seed
  • Quality justifiable for the money


  • Works well only as manure in the garden

Best Top Soils – What’s your pick?

The best top soil is the one that contains a high amount of organic matter and ultimately presents a uniform, beautiful look to the existing soil of your lawn. These top soils lock in moisture around plant roots, and also improve water drainage.