Best Tree Fertilizers of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Jobe’s 2. EarthPods 3. Easy Peasy
Jobe’s Best Tree Fertilizer EarthPods Premium Fruit & Citrus All-Natural Muriate Of Potash 0-0-60

Gardening is both a profession and a hobby amongst the common people. It requires a lot of labor and hard work.

The time and patience that you spend on it will help you to make your trees and plants grow larger. This causes them to live for long and look beautiful.

To make it possible, you need to give extra care to your trees in all the seasons. Climate change is also causing too much pressure on plants and trees and is affecting their growth.


Even with the good amount of rain and sunlight, your plants need support to grow better. One of the best tree fertilizer that can grow a tree.

Fertilizers work like nutrients for the trees. It helps them to grow better and blossom. Some plants might grow well without the use of fertilizers, but they can show improvement and more blooming with it.

This is why most of the gardeners use fertilizers regularly. Fertilizers provide the required minerals and nutrients to the soil that are missing.

In this way, they provide a new strength in the roots of the trees so that they stand taller and stronger. Although several types of fertilizers are available on the web and in the market.

But finding the right one could be confusing at times. However, to find the best tree fertilizer, you can start by doing some research on the Internet.

Reasons To Fertilize Trees

  • Fertilizers help the trees to stay healthy and bloom.
  • Fertilizers help trees to stand taller and stronger against the environmental stressors.
  • It helps them to not shake and remain tough against heat stressors.
  • Fertilizers protect the trees from getting infected due to any kind of pests or insects.
  • Within one or two weeks of its use, fertilizers help plants to show maximum growth as per their abilities.
  • Fertilizers are suitable for all varieties of plants. For example, shrubs, flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, and houseplants.

Types Of Fertilizers

1. Quick Release Fertilizers

They are water-soluble fertilizers. They provide nitrogen instantly to the trees and plants. The fertilizers last for around one month or less. However, it is mainly determined by temperature and rainfall.

2. Show Release Fertilizers

These fertilizers are insoluble in water. They are sold in sulfur-coated varieties that run for about 8 weeks. While the polymer-coated varieties can run for about 12 weeks.

The duration can vary depending on the amount of rainfall. These fertilizers are needed to be used at intervals and not on a regular basis.

They are better than the quick release fertilizers as they promise more even growth in the trees. So, they are recommended over the other one.

Also, the burning caused to the trees due to the presence of nitrogen in the fertilizer is less in slow-release fertilizers.

How To Understand Your Tree Needs Fertilization?

In large forests, trees usually get enough nutrients from the soil, but this isn’t the case with trees grown at yards or gardens.

When you clean the mess due to fallen leaves, twigs, and bark, you also remove the chances of recycling of nutrients in the soil.

Usually, the grass-grown around the trees is artificial and takes away most of the water and nutrients.

So, here comes the need to use the best tree fertilizer that releases the nutrients slowly. This way, it works naturally and contributes effectively to the proper growth of the plants.

There are a few signs that indicate your trees lack nutrients. If you see any of the following signs in your trees, then it is better to start using the best tree fertilizer and control the health condition of your plants.

  • Dead branches and the tips of the tree
  • Leaves being yellow or purple instead of dark green
  • Low annual twig growth
  • Short sized leaves and also less in number
  • Leaf veins being darker than the margins

When Is The Best Time To Fertilize Trees?

There are fertilizers in the market which are designed to stay controlled and release the nutrients slowly. They release the macro and micronutrients in the soil from time to time.

It doesn’t matter when you have used them on the plants. This way, the nutrients are distributed uniformly. However, fertilizing for specific reasons could generate some benefits.

Using Fertilizer In Autumn

  • It helps the trees to recover the lost nutrients and grow at a faster speed.
  • Supports in root growth during the winter season.

Using Fertilizer In Spring

  • It helps in the new level of growth of trees.
  • Increases the greenish color of leaves. It makes them look vibrant throughout summer to autumn time.
  • It provides nutrients to the trees that make them healthy and avoid infection.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying Best Tree Fertilizer

1. You must choose the tree fertilizer that has a low salt index and controlled or slow release.

2. Always buy a fertilizer that contains nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. They help the trees to grow larger and stronger. They also promote steady root growth and blossoming in the trees.

3. The fertilizer should be natural so that it doesn’t cause any harm or damage to the trees or plants. Some fertilizers contain harsh chemicals that are good in the short run but cause extensive damage to trees in the long run.

4. You must try the fertilizer, which is easy to use. There are some available in the market that fulfills the criteria. They just need you to fill the jar, adjust the hose, fix the sprayer and start fertilizing.

5. The fertilizer should be USDA certified. This will make sure that the feed that you give to your plants, trees, vegetables, fruits, and flowers is organic.

Top 15 Best Tree Fertilizers 2022

1. Jobe’s Tree & Shrub

Jobe’s Best Tree FertilizerJobe’s tree & shrub fertilizer is undeniably the best tree fertilizer in the supermarkets right now, for understandable reasons.

The product is manufactured from highly nutrient-rich products hence enhancing its value. That’s not all. The product is equally manufactured by the highly-rated manufacturer, which leaves nothing to chance.

The package dimensions are 12 inches by 8 inches by 3 inches. Do you detest weighty products? Rest easy! The manufactures take that burden off your shoulders, as each of these indispensable products weighs 1.29 pounds.


  • The fertilizer is of high quality.
  • Each of these packages is light.
  • Easy to carry as it’s portable.
  • The product is highly durable.
  • The product is easy to use.
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty.
  • The product is available online.
  • There are no counterfeit products.


  • The fertilizer is not readily available to some customers.
  • The price of the product is too high.

2. EarthPods Premium Fruit & Citrus

EarthPods Premium Fruit & CitrusThis has been the best product for any fruiting plant in the world. The product is manufactured by Earthworm technology.

Each of these products measures 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches by 2.8 inches. Interestingly, the product weighs 3.52 ounces, hence making it highly portable.

The flower plant fertilizer is comprised of a wide variety of nutrients, such as fulvic and other organic plant nutrients.

To use the product, you should open the capsule gently and spread it on the plant’s roots to boost its growth. However, you must avoid over-using it as it could be detrimental to the fruit plant.


  • Each of these products has a warranty.
  • Easy directions on how to use it.
  • Manufactured from nutritious ingredients.
  • The product is odorless
  • The product is durable and imperishable.
  • Boost the quality of your produce.
  • The product is eco-friendly.


  • It contains some artificial nutrients.
  • Not readily available to some customers.
  • The product is too costly.

3. All-Natural Muriate Of Potash 0-0-60

All-Natural Muriate Of Potash 0-0-60If you’ve ever tasted a sweet fruit, then you must be eager to hear this about this product. The All-natural Muriate of Potash 0-0-60 is doubtlessly the best product for flowering plants.

The product is manufactured by Easy Peasy Plants, the best plant product manufacturer in the world. As the name suggests, the product is fully natural potassium.

The product is highly recommendable for a wide variety of plants such as shrubs, trees, and vegetables.

The packages exist in different sizes, such as 2LB,5LB,10LB, and 20 LB, to accommodate as many customers as possible.

The product contains plenty of nutrients, which boosts the plant’s ability to fight off disease.


  • The product enhances the plant’s health.
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty.
  • Highly effective in boosting nutrients.
  • The product exists in different sizes.
  • It enhances the plant’s vigor.
  • The product is highly durable
  • It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.


  • Highly deadly when ingested.
  • Harmful to the human eye.
  • The product is unavailable to some customers.
  • The product is too expensive.

4. Dr. Earth Natural Wonder Fruit Tree

Dr. Earth Natural Wonder Fruit TreeThe Dr. Earth Natural wonder fruit tree is a certified organic product for your plants. As you may have guessed by now, the product is manufactured by Dr. Earth, a manufacturer based in the US.

The product measures 6.8 inches by 4.8 inches by 11,4 inches. Additionally, the product only weighs 4 pounds and has a model number of 708PA.

Interestingly, the product can feed plants in the soil as well as those in a container. You can use this amazing product for as long as two months, without jeopardizing the health of your growing plants.


  • It’s a verified product.
  • The manufacturer includes the directions on use
  • It can feed a variety of plants.
  • The product enhances the growth of fruits.
  • Used to feed plants in a container.
  • It helps to enrich the soil’s nutrients.
  • It enhances the growth of the plant’s roots.


  • The product is not readily available.
  • The product is too heavy.
  • Not affordable to some people.

5. IV Organic-3-in-1 Plant Guard

IV Organic-3-in-1 Plant GuardIV organic-3-in-1 plant guard is the best plant product by the IV organic. The product contains several chemicals that help to safeguard your plants against rodents or insects.

The product is white hence distinguishable from ordinary products. The product dimensions are 4 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches and only weighs 3.52 ounces.


  • Effective in fighting rodents.
  • Highly light and portable.
  • It helps to prevent sunburns.
  • It doesn’t harm your plants.
  • The product is available online.
  • The product is easy to use.


  • Must be used cautiously.
  • Excessive use could be harmful.
  • The product is highly expensive.

6. TreeHelp Premium Fertilizer For Magnolia

TreeHelp Premium Fertilizer For MagnoliaAre you looking for the best tree fertilizer? Look no further than the TreeHelp Premium fertilizer for Magnolia. The product is rich in both micronutrients as well as macronutrients hence enhancing the root development of your plants.

Can you guess what this means? Better root development will mean a healthier plant as the roots can better tap nutrients as well as water during the dry spell.

Who’s the manufacturer of this unbelievable product? You might ask, well, the TreeHelp Premium fertilizer is a product of Tree Help producers. The good news is that the product is purely manufactured from harmless chemicals.

Therefore, you have no reason to worry about the health of your plants. Additionally, although the product is mainly manufactured from Magnolia trees, you may use it for other trees.


  • Enhances the health of your plant’s roots.
  • It contains no harmful chemicals.
  • Enhances the plant’s production.
  • Easy to use.
  • The product is imperishable.


  • The product is intended for Magnolia trees.
  • The package is too light.
  • There are a few sizes for you.
  • The price of the product is unpersuasive.

7. Tree Secret By Dr. JimZ

Tree Secret By Dr. JimZIf you love liquid fertilizers, then you’ll definitely love the Tree Secret. The product is undeniably the best product by Dr.JimZ. The product never disappoints in salvaging your dying trees.

The Tree Secret product has a product dimension of 10 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches. Unknown to many, this impressive liquid fertilizer has been tested by many experts and earned their approval.

Why risk the health of your plants by using other products? You won’t believe this about this product. The fertilizer is manufactured from 60 natural ingredients.

Therefore, you can imagine how nutritious the product is to your plants. Not to mention the fact that it enhances your plant’s root development.

After using this product, your plant can endure a prolonged dry spell, without drying up. The healthier and stronger the roots are, the healthier the entire plant becomes.

The plant’s roots are responsible for tapping water, mineral salts as well as providing the-much-needed anchorage.


  • Enhances your plant’s health.
  • Improves your yields.
  • Easy to use.
  • It contains no harmful chemicals.
  • The product has won the approval of experts.
  • Highly nutritious.
  • It guarantees almost immediate results.
  • The product has a reasonable warranty.
  • The product suits different plants.


  • Unsuitable to those who prefer powder fertilizer.
  • Highly costly to some customers.
  • The product is not readily unavailable.
  • Must be in used in strict obedience of instructions

8. TreeHelp Complete Palm Fertilizer

TreeHelp Complete Palm FertilizerDoes the name Tree Help ring any bells? It should, as these are the most reputable fertilizer manufacturers in the globe, right now. You must have deciphered by now that the producers are behind the TreeHelp Complete Palm Fertilizer Spikes.

The product is rich in all the necessary nutrients required by any palm tree. Some of these nutrients include Magnesium, potassium, and Manganese. Interestingly, the product is capable of lasting for as long as one year.

How awesome is that? However, to get the best out of the product, farmers are highly advised to follow the directions on the package. One thing is for sure. You’ll never regret using this product. No regular user has before.


  • Highly rich in necessary nutrients.
  • It contains no harmful chemicals.
  • Easy to use.
  • The product has a product warranty.
  • Enhances the health of your palm trees.
  • It can be used to feed other trees.
  • It has simple user directions.
  • The product is available online for purchase.
  • Increases your plant’s produce.


  • Not readily available to some customers.
  • Not effective like some products.
  • Mainly intended for palm trees.
  • The product is too expensive.

9. AM Leonard Fertilizer Osmocote 14-14-14

AM Leonard Fertilizer Osmocote 14-14-14Are there fertilizers which last for long? Good question, yes, the AM Leonard fertilizer Osmocote lasts for over four months. The product is manufactured from several nutritious ingredients to boost its nutritional value.

The product is in the form of capsules to ensure the gradual release of the necessary nutrients to your plants. Additionally, the product contains no harmful chemicals. Therefore, you have no reason to fear that the product will burn your plant’s roots.

Probably, you’re dying to know who the manufacturers of this breathtaking product are. Well, channel your congratulations and thanks to AM Leon manufacturers.

No wonder the producers are the best in the game today. Each package only weighs 50 pounds.


  • The product is long-lasting.
  • Highly nutritious hence beneficial to your crops.
  • It does not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Releases nutrients gradually.
  • It has a long product warranty.
  • The product is available online.
  • Enhances the strength of your roots.


  • The product is too heavy.
  • The product is not available to some people.
  • Each package is too high.
  • May affect young plants.

10. EB Stone Organics-Citrus & Fruit

EB Stone Organics-Citrus & FruitYou must be grateful to EB Stone Organics for manufacturing the EB Stone Organics-Citrus & Fruit Tree Food.

The product contains countless nutrients that are required by your growing plants. This is attributed to the fact that the product is manufactured from organic ingredients, which are equally nutrients-rich.

Would you like to know some of the nutrients contained in the product? Some of the notable nutrients include potassium sulfate, humic acid, blood meal, kelp meal, Alfalfa meal, among others.

The product can be used to feed a wide variety of plants such as fruit trees, vines among other trees in your orchid. How sweet-sounding is that? You need to use this to believe this! Your entire orchid will become the envy of your competitors.

You have no reason to endure losses upon losses every harvesting period. The product will enhance your entire citrus tree’s health.

Particularly the product targets the roots, as healthy roots mean better produce. Not to mention the enhancement of green and lovely foliage. You obviously want a beautiful orchid. Don’t you?


  • Enhances your orchid tree’s health.
  • Increases your produce.
  • It contains a variety of nutrients.
  • The product has a warranty.
  • It contains no harmful chemicals.
  • The product is readily available.
  • Enhances the green color of your plants.
  • Enhances the size of the produced fruits


  • Unsuitable for young plants.
  • Price is unaffordable to some customers.
  • The product is too heavy.
  • Mainly targets orchid fruit trees.

11. Urban Farm Fertilizers Fruit & Citrus

Urban Farm Fertilizers Fruit & CitrusIf you’ve ever consumed a nice orange, then you appreciate juiciness. However, juiciness only results from healthy orange trees. How’s the best way to enhance the health of your orange trees?

The secret is the Urban farm fertilizer apple, organs fruits. The product is rich in a wide range of nutrients, such as calcium, which is highly required for the growth of nutritious oranges for human consumption. Additionally, calcium is highly crucial for the production of large-sized fruits.

Lucky for you, the product is soluble in water. Thus you may first dissolve it in water before feeding it to your plant. That makes this product the most economical tree fertilizer ever.

Unknown to most customers, the fertilizer is manufactured from nutritious organic compounds, humic acid, enzymes, mycorrhizae, and kelp.

The product’s dimension is 8 inches by 5 inches by 10 inches and only weighs 12 pounds. You can comfortably use hose-end sprayers, drip systems, foliar, or hydroponics to administer this indispensable fertilizer to the plants.


  • Easy to administer.
  • It contains no hazardous chemicals.
  • Enhances the size of your plants.
  • Increases your productivity tremendously.
  • Enhances the maturity of your fruit trees.
  • Highly durable.
  • Fertilizer has a long product warranty.
  • The product is rich in nutrients.
  • The fertilizer is soluble in water.


  • The cost of the product is too high.
  • It does not exist in small sizes.
  • Mainly intended for fruit trees.
  • The product is not readily available.

12. Banana Fertilizer Fruit Fuel-16-8-24

Banana Fertilizer Fruit Fuel-16-8-24The best way to enhance your productivity is to use the best tree fertilizer. One such fertilizer is the banana fertilizer fruit fuel, with countless nutrients.

The product is among the highest rates of Grow-More products today and will remain so for decades to come. The package measures 12 inches by 9 inches by one inch and a weight of just 5 pounds.

Interestingly, the fertilizer is soluble in water hence can be dissolved in water for administering. You can’t afford to pour cold water on this fertilizer.

The fertilizer not only strengthens your plant’s roots but also enhances the chlorophyll, hence enhancing photosynthesis.

Additionally, the product suits a wide variety of crops such as cucumbers, watermelons, peppers, shrubs, bananas, vines, among others.

However, customers are highly advised to strictly adhere to the manufacturers. No matter how splendid a product is, overdosage could be catastrophic, just like with any other product.

One teaspoon is enough for a few fruit trees. You need to administer the product periodically to get increased productivity.


  • The product is easy to use.
  • Enhances the health of your trees.
  • It contains no harmful products.
  • The product is long-lasting.
  • Prevents immature fruit drop.
  • The product dissolves in water.
  • It suits a wide range of fruits and vegetables.
  • Enhances chlorophyll.


  • Not available in some regions.
  • The price of the product is off the roof.
  • Must be used in strict adherence to directions.

13. Ferti-Lome Tree and Shrub Food

Ferti-Lome Tree and Shrub FoodThe Ferti-lome tree and shrub is the leading tree fertilizer in the supermarket shelves right now. The product is intended for a wide range of plants, including shade trees, fruit trees, tropical trees, evergreen plants, to mention but just a few.

The product is stored in small packages of about 1.8 kilograms each. Each of these packets has a product dimension of 4 inches by 6.5 inches by 12.5 inches.

The penetration power of this product is incomparable to say the least. Therefore, you do not require digging holes to get the fertilizer to the plants’ roots.

The beauty of the product is that its effects are long-lasting, thus you only need to use them on your product at most four times a year.


  • The product is usually light.
  • The fertilizer is readily available.
  • Stored in different sizes.
  • Beneficial to a variety of trees.
  • It contains zero hazardous chemicals.
  • The product’s effects are long-lasting.
  • The product has a high penetration power.


  • The product is not readily available.
  • The price of the fertilizer is too high.
  • Not easily distinguishable from ordinary fertilizers.

14. Gempeler’s Liquid Iron Supplement

Gempeler’s Liquid Iron SupplementOne of the most crucial ingredients for effective plant growth is iron. The GEMPLER’s liquid iron supplement contains multiple nutrients including iron. Unlike ordinary fertilizers, the product is highly compatible with other herbicides.

To use the product, you should dissolve the fertilizer in water as it’s soluble. This not only economical, but it also helps in enhancing the absorption of the product by the plant’s roots.

As you may rightly guess, the product is manufactured by Gempler’s manufacturers. Lucky for you, the manufacturer has included the usage instructions on the fertilizer to avoid an overdose.

Users are highly advised to keep the product out of reach of children. This is because the product is extremely dangerous when ingested.


  • The product is highly nutritious.
  • The fertilizer is highly soluble in water.
  • The manufacturer includes usage instructions.
  • Compatible with pesticides and herbicides.


  • Dangerous when ingested.
  • Not readily available.
  • The price of the product is too high.

15. Pro Trust Products 71255

Pro Trust Products 71255The Pro Trust products are the most nutritious products by Pro Trusts Products. Some of the notable nutrients include Boron, Manganese, Zinc Iron, Muriate of potash, Urea, Sulfate of Ammonia, Calcium Phosphate, among others.

For this reason, the fertilizer not only quickens the growth rate of the product but also increases the size of each fruit.

Additionally, the product is used on a wide variety of plants such as shrubs, flowers, vegetables among others. Each of the packets has a product dimension of one inch by one inch by one inch.

Not to mention the total weight of just a pound. How incredible is that? No wonder most customers rate it as the most terrific tree fertilizer in history!


  • The fertilizer is highly durable.
  • The product is highly rich in nutrients.
  • Tree fertilizer is also light.
  • Enhances the size of each product.
  • Increases your produce in months.
  • It suits a wide variety of plants.
  • It quickens the growth rate of the plant.
  • The product can be bought online.
  • Enhances the strength of your tree’s plants


  • The product is unavailable in some regions.
  • The product is unaffordable.
  • The package lacks usage directions.

FAQ’s on Tree Fertilizers

1. What’s The Best Tree Fertilizer In The Market Right Now?

It would be biased to single out one brand as there are countless superb tree fertilizer brands right now. However, you deserve to get value for your money.

Therefore, it’s crucial for you to consider crucial factors to make an informed decision on the best brand. Firstly, Consider the ingredients used to manufacture the fertilizer. The ingredients directly influence the nutritional value of the product.

Secondly, consider the price of the tree fertilizers before deciding the fertilizer brand. However, you must not let the price let you settle for a lesser quality product.

The essence of researching a little on the price range helps to avoid being preyed upon by unscrupulous traders. Nowadays, serious brands are cognizant of the essence of proper pricing to avoid scaring away potential customers.

Thirdly, consider buying the best brands in the market. Usually, it’s inadvisable to purchase from new brands as they may not be approved.

Most established brands are better as they take into account any client’s concern. However, this is not to imply that all new brands are not worth your money. Instead, it means that it’s crucial to research a little on a brand before trying out their tree fertilizers.

Lastly, consider the durability and ease of use of the brand. Technically, some brands are more durable than others. Similarly, some brands are easier to use than others.

For example, some fertilizers are in liquid form while others are in powder form. Therefore, to use the powdered one requires dissolving the fertilizer in the water.

Therefore, considering these factors will help you settle on the best tree fertilizer for your plants.

However, you can’t go wrong with any of the above products. They’re rated the best for a reason. Loyal customers will nod to that instantly.

2. What’s The Best Place To Purchase The Best Tree Fertilizer?

Most customers battle with the question of the best traders to buy high-quality tree fertilizers. Technically, there are several places from which you can purchase these products.

However, the fact that the market is flooded with counterfeit fertilizer necessitates the need to purchase from reliable sellers.

Nowadays, it’s highly advisable to purchase fertilizer from online sellers. This is mainly because the sellers do not sell counterfeit products.

Additionally, the formality and documentation involved discouraging such sellers from misbehaving. Whenever you purchase the product, you should always demand a receipt. It will help you in case of any concerns afterward.

However, lucky for you most brands include their logo on the fertilizer package. This helps customers to distinguish bona fide products from the counterfeit ones.

3. Which Types Of Plants Require Fertilizer?

No plant does not require nutrients to grow well. However, fertilizer is mainly intended to enhance the growth of plants which are fit for human consumption.

Common examples of plants that require fertilizer include vegetables, orange trees, mango trees, tropical trees, among others. However, the choice of the brand depends on the kind of plant you want to use.

For example, fertilizers rich in nutrients like calcium are best suited for fruit trees. Calcium helps to quicken the growth rate of the trees as well as the size of each fruit.

Additionally, tree fertilizers are used on inconsumable plants to enhance their growth. Fortunately, most manufacturers include such details to prevent a customer from making a regrettable decision.

4. Are Tree Fertilizers Harmful To The Crops?

Most customers worry that the fertilizer will negatively affect their crops. Funny enough the products are highly beneficial to your crops.

They contain crucial nutrients such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc among others. All these products help to ensure your crops flourish.


So, what are you waiting for? Show some love and care to your gardens and make your trees soar by using the best tree fertilizer in the market.

The fertilizer will help you to maintain your garden’s beauty and replenish it with life. Also, it will support you in growing your food and get the best results out of it.