Best Fertilizer Spreaders In 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Scotts 2. Scotts 3. Agri-Fab
Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader Scotts Easy Hand-Held Broadcast Spreader Agri-Fab 45-0463 Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

If you own a large garden, you must have used fertilizer for the plantation. On what basis can you assure that your approach for applying fertilizer is useful for the garden?

Well, it may be difficult to answer the question, but with the use of tools like the best fertilizer spreader, the job becomes easy.

These fertilizer spreaders are a suitable choice to remove the problems of the uneven spread of fertilizers in your garden. The issues of under nourish or over-fertilizing your lawn will be eliminated.


Get to know more about the buying guide and the best fertilizer spreaders discussed below:
Buying Guide For Best Fertilizer Spreader:
The fertilizer spreader may seem identical in features and basic operations, but there are plenty of them on the market.

Based on your needs, budget, and several other factors, the choice of the best fertilizer spreader will vary.

To understand what these factors are, let’s look at the buying guide for the fertilizer spreader.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Fertilizer Spreader

1. Various Types Of Fertilizer Spreader

It is not a feasible idea to invest your money into the purchase of fertilizer spreader now and then. So, you need to first carefully assess different types of fertilizer spreaders and which one fits your needs.

The consideration of the type of fertilizer spreader is the foremost thing to consider. In simple terms, there are three different types available. They are handheld spreaders, broadcast spreaders, and drop spreaders.

The first type i.e., the handheld spreader, is the simplest one to use. You can easily lift it single-handedly and can use the other hand for grinding. They are simple to use, do not take much time to prepare, and also do not demand complex assembly.

Though being easy to use, these types of fertilizer spreaders come with a small capacity. This gives us an indication that they are highly suitable for a small lawn.

If there are big vegetables and flower gardens around your lawn, then avoid going for this choice.

Occupying the little storage space is the key plus point of using handheld spreaders.
The second type is drop spreader, and it is suitable for the slightly bigger lawn area.

This is because it comes with a bit increased capacity. The potential to be pushed rather than held in the user’s arms makes it a suitable choice for medium and large-sized lawns.

The drop spreaders are suitable to pull the spreader unit directly behind the tractor. Therefore, the spreading job becomes simpler and faster than handheld spreaders.

Unlike the handheld spreaders, these are more accurate. During the operation, they will merely drop the flowers on the lawn. It is crucial to consider this issue while making a choice.

The third type i.e., the broadcast spreader (also known as rotary spreader), works perfectly if you own a large lawn area, exceeding 1 acre.

The capability to work on a large lawn size makes it the best commercial fertilizer spreader. It is deemed as the perfect choice because it conveys fertilizer at large ranges.

Though it may be charged a bit expensive, its features justify the investment. The key drawback is that it could tap the materials to unnecessary areas.

2. Materials Used

Similar to any other gardening tools, the material used in the construction too matters a lot when picking the finest fertilizer spreader. A steel made spreader boasts the benefit of high precision. Moreover, the presence of steel adds to the durability.

You can consider choosing plastic spreaders if durability is not your foremost priority. The plastic spreaders are lightweight, easy to handle, and easy to use.

A lightweight option would turn your spreading experience from monotonous to pleasant. However, the weight must not be prioritized over sturdiness.

The choice amid the steel and plastic made fertilizer spreaders solely rely on your personal preference.

Irrespective of how careful you are while spreading the fertilizer, you may end up running your spreader into a garden bed or the side of a building. Such issues arise when the materials used in construction are not so durable.

A well-manufactured spreader unit made from sturdy materials must be capable of enduring the worst conditions, including the bumps. If you prefer the sound of a push-along spreader, consider choosing a solidly built spreader unit.

This is because they would not buckle when subjected to pressure or fall apart after several uses.

3. Capacity

Before making a purchase, you need to ask a question -how much a particular fertilizer spreader could hold to spread in a single go? The capacity of your chosen fertilizer spreader ultimately decides whether your spreading experience is fun-filled or tiresome.

The reason behind this is low capacity fertilizer spreaders demand you to refill the hopper constantly. Contrasting to that, a fertilizer spreader with large capacity does not require frequent refilling of the hopper. Based on your lawn size, you can decide on the capacity.

4. Time Required

Nobody likes to waste their precious time while working on a lawn. Well, the time needed for the spreading operation is the critical factor to focus on.

The fertilizer spreader could be conveniently adjusted to apply fertilizer at a speed of your choice accurately. This directly saves you time.

There is no need for manually calculating or assessing application rates.

Go for the one that guarantees effective spreading results with little effort and minimum time. Especially for a large lawn, the time required for the operation matters a lot.

Top 17 Best Fertilizer Spreaders In 2022

1. Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader

Scotts Turf Best Fertilizer Spreader

There are no chances to doubt what makes this broadcast spreader the best fertilizer spreader. Right from the uniform coverage to the simplicity of use, this compact-sized spreader boasts many unique characteristics.

The same had let it attained great fame on the market. Its working operation features Scotts’ exclusive edge guard technology. The overall designing is accomplished to make sure there are superior results in terms of uniform spreading of fertilizer. It effectively holds up to 5, 000 sq.ft of Scotts lawn product.

The same contains fertilizer, grass seed, ice melt, and salt. Keeping in mind the convenience of users, this mini spreader is uniquely calibrated. When you need to use it to attach the wheels, and it is ready to use. Without this spreader, you will perceive uneven coverage of fertilizer.

There will be sufficient control on weed, insect, disease, and feeding when you apply this spreader. Being versatile in its operation, it can be used to spread grass seed inside your lawn. Furthermore, you can distribute ice melt on driveways and walkways.

For medium-sized areas requiring a precise application, this spreader is an excellent choice.


  • · Works perfectly for tight curves
  • Easy to assemble


  •  Seems to be poor quality
  • Some openings in the bin do not open

2. Scotts Easy Hand-Held Broadcast Spreader

Scotts Easy Hand-Held Broadcast Spreader

Do you own small yards? If yes, then this handheld fertilizer spreader is a perfect choice.
The ease of handling, the effectiveness of spreading, and versatility entice people to invest in this broadcast spreader unit.

It works perfectly for applying ice melt seed, or other grainy products on small regions in your yard. In summer or spring or fall, this handheld spreader unit works perfectly.
The unique feature of this spreader model is it is made rustproof.

This indicates that you need not worry about the adverse effects of water or rain on this spreader. It comes fully assembled; thus, it reduces your effort for setup and lets you use immediately. It can successfully hold up to 1,000 sq.ft of the Scotts lawn products.

One needs to take care of the appropriate directions of use for this spreader. As soon as you complete spreading the fertilizer, rinse this unit in hot, fast running water. Subsequently, you need to spin the handle to clear out the method of whatever product you were spreading.

Once rinsing is completed, twist the handle to eject the excess water. Finally, spin this unit upside down on a paper towel to allow it to dry thoroughly.


  • Works as an excellent alternative to the enormous, expensive spreaders
  •  Highly suitable for small areas


  •  The handle may fall off in your hand
  • Does not come with any proper way to disassemble to lubricate it

3. Agri-Fab 45-0463 Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

Agri-Fab 45-0463 Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

The reliable spreading of fertilizer on your lawn is assured by the use of this tow behind type broadcast spreader. It comes with the 130-pound hopper capacity that seems generous for an average-sized lawn. This capacity will save your time spent on refilling on vast lawns.

It is convenient to maneuver with the durable rod linked on-off control with accurate settings.
There is an enclosed gearbox with the tapered gears to allow uniform spreading of fertilizer.

This unique structure also prolongs the life of this spreader unit. It usually seems complicated to spread fertilizer on rough terrains.

However, this tow behind spreader is equipped with big diameter tires with wide wheelbase. This kind of structure guarantees outstanding stability on rough terrain.
Along with the purchase, you will get an optional hopper cover, hopper grate, and material deflector.

With the assistance of accurate setting adjustment and flawlessly working tapered gears, the spreading will be consistent on your lawn.

Right from the convenience of your tractor seat, you will encounter how flawlessly and consistently the spreading process goes on. Furthermore, the spacious, rustproof poly hopper adds to the convenience.


  •  Can work on any types of terrain
  • Saves your time


  •  Initially, it happens that it does not throw the seeds

4. Earthway Products 2750 Hand Crank Bag Spreader

EARTHWAY PRODUCTS 2750 Hand Crank Bag Spreader

The best fertilizer spreader from EARTHWAY PRODUCTS, as mentioned above, is exclusively designed to simplify the hassles regarding the spread of fertilizers. It will make the process of spreading seed, grass, and fertilizer as easy as possible.

The overall durable design resists the issues of rotting and tearing. Generally, this spreader unit works perfectly for sand fertilizer, fine grass seed, and ice melt.
The type of control while spreading matters a lot.

This is because it denotes how convenient it will be to accomplish the spreading operation. Being equipped with an ergonomically designed upper handle, it employs easy control. This unit comes with a maximum capacity of 20 pounds.

Once you begin using this spreader unit regularly, you will admire how evenly it fulfills the spreading needs of your yard. During the operation, it gradually meters out the seed while the crank is turned.

When you need to encompass more ground at a quick pace and with minimum hassles, this spreader is a perfect choice.

To make sure the fertilizer or seed is properly fed to the slot, there is a shuttle with the identical width as the slot. It will rotate backward and forward while the handle is cranked.


  •  Won’t feel bully when used
  •  Comes with high precision


  •  Incapable to resist corrosion
  • Not so durable

5. Solo, Inc. Solo 421 Portable Chest-Mount Spreader

Solo, Inc. Solo 421 Portable Chest-mount Spreader

Are you in need of spreading different useful chemicals on different terrains of your lawn or yard? If the answer is yes, then this portable spreader is a decent choice without a second thought. The Solo 421-S broadcast spreader is exceptionally designed for spreading a broad range of chemicals irrespective of the type of terrain.

Compared to a wheeled spreader, this chest-mount spreader will spread fertilizers more evenly.
The finest trait of this portable spreader is it can effectively handle particles with dimensions as fine as sand. Moreover, it can even handle particles as big as rock salt.

The unparalleled maneuverability is the other key trait adding to its fame.
The presence of the lubricated gears and the structure is encased in the gearbox makes sure this spreader will last longer.

The availability of the crank handle conveys smooth operation. To meet your spreading needs for different seasons, the 421-S is made versatile. There is a huge opening included, simplifying hassles related to filling and cleaning. The volume and direction are aptly controlled by the fingertip levers.


  •  Capable to spread a wide range of seeds and fertilizers
    Will last for a long time


  •  Suitable only for right-handed spreading and cranking

6. Scotts Pro EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader

For medium-sized lawn areas requiring the precise application of fertilizer, this broadcast spreader is highly beneficial. Use of the advanced technology from Scott enhances the efficiency of this spreader. The precision rate settings of the control panel convey precise coverage.

This ultimately implies that your purpose for uniform fertilizer spreading throughout the lawn is fulfilled. It is capable of holding a maximum of 18,000 sq.ft of Scotts lawn products.
To convey effective results, it comes properly calibrated and found it easy to use.

With the use of cheap quality fertilizer spreader, you may suffer from difficulty while pushing. However, the premium pneumatic tires present in this broadcast spreader makes pushing simpler. Once engaged, it will aptly block off the right side of the spreader pattern. Thus, the contained product will be prevented from spreading in the non-lawns areas.

The spreader width is 5 feet; therefore, you need to allow a few feet amid passes to make sure there is even distribution. The built-in control panel comes with precision rate settings, keeping in mind the convenience of the users.


  •  Avoids spreading on unnecessary regions
  •  Comes pre-assembled


  • May break after several uses
  •  Boasts mediocre quality for the premium price

7. Agri-Fab 45-0315 85-Pound Tow Broadcast Spreader

Agri-Fab 45-0315 85-Pound Tow Broadcast Spreader

Now it is quite easy to maintain a wide distribution of fertilizer in less time with the application of this best fertilizer spreader from Agri-Fab. Along with saving time, it also saves your efforts dedicated to cultivating an appealing lawn.

It is a broadcast spreader, so it is common to guess that it will cover a big lawn area. It can cover 1/4 acre of lawn land area and capable of holding 85 pounds.
Few other types of spreaders frequently lead to missed or overlap strips. Consequently, a line effect on lawns will be created.

But this broadcast spreader unit dispenses fertilizer in an arbitrary spray pattern. This will allow it to encompass a width of 8 to 10 feet.
The corresponding broadcast coverage cherishes natural, even grass growth. Agri-Fab made its overall design for towing behind a tractor.

Hence, this unit can also be used for spreading ice melt or grass seed in wide-open areas. At the base, the heavy-duty pneumatic tires ensure smooth movement on rough terrains.

The built-in polyethylene hopper resists corrosion and damage due to external elements. So, it conveys long-lasting use.


  •  Could be used to spread grains
  •  The included lever opens and closes easily


  •  Axle does not fit wheels properly
  •  Difficult to set up

8. Brinly BS36BH Black Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader

Brinly BS36BH Black Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader

To get professional results while performing fertilizer spreading, go for the Brinly BS36BH spreader. It is true that different materials spread differently.

In this broadcast spreader, the directional spread pattern control enables the distribution pattern to be uniform. Consequently, there will be a well-balanced spreading of any material on the lawn.

The sole specialty of this tow-behind spreader is it comes implemented with the patented auto flow technology. This technique prevents material from spreading once the tractor stops. This feature proves very useful because it eliminates waste and burns issues.

One unique characteristic of this black spreader unit is it is equipped with the high-capacity hopper. Its large capacity makes sure it can hold 3.5 cu.ft and 175 lb of fertilizer, seeds, ice melt, etc.

This huge capacity directly saves time while refilling the hopper, ultimately making the spreading operation quick. For yards with size 1 acre or larger, this product is the best commercial fertilizer spreader. It comes with one more useful feature i.e., easy calibration.


  •  Made multi-purpose
  •  Comes with universal attachment


  •  The gearbox is devoid of grease
  • Its bottom is too flat

9. Scotts Whirl Hand-Powered Spreader

Scotts Whirl Hand-Powered Spreader

For small yards, the unit above is the perfect hand-held spreader. Throughout the year, you can use it to apply seed, weed, fertilizers, and ice melt in your yard. Its design is made unique to provide smooth, uniform coverage. During the use, you will undoubtedly experience supreme comfort.

This is because it comes equipped with adjustable arm support. Since it is presented in a fully assembled form, it is ready to use immediately out of the box.
When you need to apply ice melt on your yard during winter, go for this hand-powered spreader.

Though the coverage area is small, there is no compromise in the efficiency of spreading. Based on your needs, you can plant grass seed, feed your lawn, or control weeds effectively. This awesome hand-powered spreader will do all these.


  •  Saves time for setup
  • Does not require armrest


  •  May stop working after several months of use

10. Buyers Products ATVS100 ATV All-Purpose Broadcast Spreader

Buyers Products ATVS100 ATV All-Purpose Broadcast Spreader

Being multifunctional in operation, this broadcast spreader has already grabbed the attention of a lot of customers. In addition to spreading fertilizer, it can be used for farming, landscaping, hunting, etc. The key specialty of this all-purpose broadcast spreader is its poly hopper that comes with 100 lb capacity. This hopper is made durable and rustproof.

Within the configuration of hopper, the 12V motor is mounted to make sure the hopper stays protected when used. There is a manual feed gate regulator to regulate the amount of material to be used. During the operation, the spreader will dispense free-flowing materials like fertilizer, feed, and seed.

The inclusion of rain cover will protect the inside material against the external elements. The entire process of assembly did not take much time, and the included U-bolts facilitate a secure mount.


  • Can be used in any weather conditions
  •  Easy to set up


  •  Requires making a shield between the spreader wheel and ATV
  •  Takes more time to load the hopper

11. Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader

Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader

With great convenience to spread fertilizer and seeds, this Field Tuff spreader unit has attained great prevalence in the market. The 12V DC motor inside its configuration comes with a rated speed of 570 rpm. This conveys high efficiency and reliability.

Being durable and heavy-duty, the AS-80ATV12 spreader comes with a maximum capacity of 80 lbs. Moreover, it can seamlessly hold up to 8 gallons of fertilizer, small grain, or grass seed. With the assistance of a 12-inch broadcast width, the spreading job will be performed efficiently.

While sitting on the operator’s seat, the controls can be accomplished conveniently.
There will be no troubles while mounting the spreader on the receiver of UTV, ATV or utility tractors.

The incorporated wiring harness and the on/off switch enhances the overall quality of this spreader unit. Keeping in mind durability, the manufacturer has included a rain cover. Regardless of the type of terrain, this spreader will adapt accordingly. All such qualities make it the best fertilizer spreader.


  •  Installation is easy and quick
  • Stays protected against damage due to external elements


  •  The guard does not fully prevent granules from entering back
  •  Included electrical connection mounts on the power supply, and the bin is short

12. Yard Tuff YTF-25SS Shoulder Spreader

Yard Tuff YTF-25SS Shoulder Spreader

The YTF-25SS spreader unit employs an ideal way to uniformly distribute fertilizer, grass seed, small grains, and much more. In spite of possessing a large capacity i.e., 25 lb., it is made lightweight; it only weighs 3.5 lbs.

This suggests that you will find no problems while moving it from one place to another. With the use of all-metal gears in construction, high durability is ensured.

For small to medium jobs, this shoulder spreader works excellently. For example, it works well for spreading grass seeds on a big lawn or even a small meadow. To improve the convenience for users, there is a bag included in the pack. It is a canvas bag equipped with an adjustable strap.

To suit different needs, there is the calibrated flow rate adjuster available. The included gears and metal handles are well-made. To further make the spreading job easier, a spread-chart is included.


  • The heavy-duty metal gears provide high durability
  • Quite easy to assemble


  •  The crank handle does not function well

13. Chapin International Chapin 8620B Tow Behind Spreader

Chapin International Chapin 8620B Tow Behind Spreader

Right from build quality to the fertilizer spreading efficiency, this tow-behind spreader excels in all significant aspects. It comes with a 150-pound capacity and suitable to work on different terrains. The 14” pneumatic tires make sure it can smoothly glide in your yard.

When not in motion, the spreading operation is hampered by the auto-stop dual impeller. Intending to minimize friction on gearbox and axle, there are oil-soaked bronze bearings included.

There is no need for reaching back for leavers or using the controls to prevent fertilizers and seeds from coming out of the impeller when you stop. When you appropriately follow the directions, the assembly process can be done in 40-45 minutes. It is now straightforward to get rid of the burnt lawns and the wasted product.

The best feature of this tow behind spreader is it stops spreading when it stops moving.
The built-in gearbox is sealed and possesses steel zerk grease-based nipple fittings. Therefore, you can smoothly perform a professional job of gear lubrication.


  • ·Surely worth the cost
  •  Sturdily built


  •  Breaks after frequent uses
  •  Not suitable for a big tractor with a drawbar

14. Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader

Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader

The mini broadcast spreader, as mentioned above, is highly suitable for any small size yard. With the appropriate supply of fertilizers and seeds in your yard, the results are indeed quite effective. It will conveniently employ coverage on 5,000 sq ft.

The EdgeGuard will block off the right part of the spreader pattern. The purpose behind this is to avert the included product from dispersing on non-lawns areas.
It is crucial to glance at the benefits of this compact spreader to ascertain that you made a wise investment.

The less waste and fewer hassles during clean-up facilitate a better lawn environment. It is easy to gauge how efficiently it works because it spreads quickly and uniformly. The built-in dial on the surface is easy to read.

Except for folding the handle, there is no assembly required. For any small or large yards, the simplicity of use and easy assembly prove to be highly beneficial. Being lightweight and compact in size, it can be conveniently carried and used effortlessly.


  • Comes calibrated and able to use readily
  • The settings are easy to read


  •  Build quality is flimsy
  •  Waste some seeds while spraying

15. Guide Gear Heavy-Duty Receiver Mount Spreader

Guide Gear Heavy-Duty Receiver Mount Spreader

The user convenience and even spreading makes this heavy-duty spreader the best fertilizer spreader. You now need to face troubles while spreading fertilizer and seed on large and small lawns. There is an efficiently working 12V DC motor that delivers high performance.

This motor operates at a speed of 570 rpm, and it comes sealed for protection. The entire construction is made heavy-duty and well-built. Therefore, its maximum capacity reaches up to 125 lbs.

There will be no troubles while holding up to16 gallons of fertilizer, grass seed, or tiny grain. The broadcast width is sufficient 12-inch to perform spreading efficiently. It is possible to regulate different features while conveniently sitting on the tractor seat.

Along with the purchase of this spreader, you will get a rain cover and a wiring harness.


  •  The hopper is solidly built
  •  All metal parts are made from quality materials


  •  Difficult to control the speed of the flywheel
  •  All instructions are not useful

16. Earthway 2750 Hand-Operated Nylon Bag Spreader

Earthway 2750 Hand-Operated Nylon Bag Spreader

Not only for gardens and lawns, but this hand-operated spreader is suitable for tiny acreage pots as well. The high reliability makes it a preferred choice among customers. Based on your comfort zone, it will decide on the amount of seed to be carried.

If you fill more seeds inside, the more weight you will carry around the neck. With such a trial and error method, it becomes quite easy to decide how much seeds to carry. It is a recommended idea to look at the instruction to avoid overfilling the hopper bag.

The presence of a support grip increases comfort during the use. The encased glass-filled nylon gears deliver high performance. The high RPM gearbox delivers a smooth broadcast.


  •  Easy to control the throw distance and direction of materials to spread
  • Convenient to assemble


  •  The construction is fragile

17. Craftsman CMXGZBF7124571 

Craftsman CMXGZBF7124571 Tow Broadcast Spreader

The present model of the Craftsman tow broadcast spreader is highly suitable for the pelleted material. Also, it can spread materials like fertilizer, seeds, weed control, and ice melt. To ensure precision during the application, the included on/off control is reachable from standard rider seats.

The pneumatic tires are 10 inches large, and they facilitate smooth transportation. The built-in hopper has a capacity of 110 lb. This capacity makes it the best commercial fertilizer spreader from Craftsman.


  • Hopper is made rustproof
  • Extremely durable


  •  Wheels should be far apart
  •  Only suitable on flat terrain

18. Buyers Products UTVS16 UTV

Buyers Products UTVS16 UTV All-Purpose Spreader with Mount

When looking for an all-purpose spreader, this product is the best fertilizer spreader. This unit can evenly distribute the materials like fertilizer, seeds, salt, and some other free-flowing materials.

The incorporated hopper has15 gallon capacity; this hopper is made rust-proof. It is easy to control the amount of fertilizer or seed dispersed by the adjustable shut-off gate.


  • Easy to assemble its parts
  •  Throws ice melt excellently


  •  Difficult to clear the clogged opening

Best Fertilizer Spreader – Concluding Note

With the best fertilizer spreader, there will be no dense spreading of fertilizer on one area and insufficient spreading in the other area. The problems like the burning of your lawn will disappear with the choice of any of these spreader units.

If you want to eliminate the hassles faced while manually spreading fertilizer on your yard, choose the suitable fertilizer spreader. In the end, you will take a sigh of relief by observing how fertile your garden turned out to be.