Best Garden Sprinklers of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Melnor 65074-AMZ 2. Orbit 62100 3. Nelson

During the summer, watering your garden will need a lot of time. A sprinkler is the tool that will rescue you from that task. These garden sprinklers help in the conservation of water with even coverage.

In recent times, there have been many developments in irrigation technology. Sprinklers are affordable and easy to install.

There are so many, that gardeners are now opting for the garden sprinkler system to water their plants and keep them healthy.

We have compiled a guide to help you to decide what type of garden sprinkler is best suited for your yard or garden bed.


For example, few people might need a permanent and large garden sprinkler that they can leave out throughout the year, but some might need a smaller one that can be moved around or that is portable and which suits your needs.

In this guide, we have provided you with all the information that you need about the best garden sprinkler that is available on the market. Thus you can compare their features, and depending on your requirements you can make the right decision.

Working Of A Garden Sprinkler

1. Timer Controller

Timer Controller acts as the brain of the garden sprinkler system. It is a simple rotary dial mechanism and is meant to be fixed to the exterior or interior wall of the house.

With the help of the time controller’s main panel, you can choose which area of the garden you want to water as well as when you want to water and for how long.

This timer is connected to the home’s main electrical board, and it needs individual lines to be installed between the controller and the outdoor valve system.

The electrical impulses stimulate and activate the valves attached to the heads of the sprinkler. Thus you can water your garden at different times of the day, as well as for the required duration and water the desired sections of the yard. Timers work independently, and you need not monitor the watering process. You can also change the settings based on the season.

2. Underground Piping

In recent times, the best garden sprinklers are made of PVC (polyethylene) pipes. These pipes help in the movement of water through the garden.

There are two advantages to PVC pipes. They are easy to cut, and they can withstand the harsh weather conditions.

These pipes are present under the soil, and they are attached to the house’s main water connection or supply. These pipes are arranged as a network, so that all the areas of the garden are sufficiently watered.

Sometimes the garden can be divided into different sections or zones, such as a lawn zone or rose garden zone.

The water to be sprinkled to these zones can be controlled separately from the timer, so that each section of the garden can be watered at different times and duration.

3. Valve System

The different types of sprinkler heads include rotary types, bubblers, and spray heads. Depending upon the garden’s size, shape, and water requirements, the sprinkler heads are chosen.

The bubblers, which resemble a flower bouquet, supply water to the flower bed bases through their long and narrow tubes. Rotary sprinklers turn from side to side at a particular amount of degrees and thus water the garden area.

In order to get an even watering pattern, most gardeners employ spray heads. These spray heads pop out of the soil, and they give off a 360-degree spray of water.

Types Of Garden Sprinklers

The type of garden sprinkler you choose depends on a few things like how much water your garden or lawn needs. You should also take into consideration the direction of the sprinkler.

The working pattern of each garden sprinkler is different. Before choosing one for your garden or lawn, here are a few types to consider:

1. Oscillating

An oscillating sprinkler is one of the most popular sprinklers that are designed to spray water from side-to-side over larger gardens and lawns.

2. Stationary

Stationary sprinklers are best suited to water one area until they are moved and are best for smaller lawns, smaller garden beds or individual plants.

3. Pulsating

Pulsating sprinklers are best suited for evenly watering large lawns, yards or gardens. They automatically rotate to water your lawn in all directions slowly.

4. Travelling

Travelling sprinklers follow the direction of your hose to water your garden or yard in unique patterns that are similar to a lawnmower.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Garden Sprinkler

If you want to maintain a green and healthy lawn during the summer months, it will require a lot of lawn care. Thus if you choose the best garden sprinkler, it will help in watering your garden and maintain, and keep it healthy with ease.

1. Sprinkler Coverage

First, get an idea of the area of the lawn or garden you want to be watered by the best garden sprinkler. Calculate the area to be covered in terms of square footage and the area the sprinkler will spray water over.

This is so o that the garden sprinkler covers your lawn area, and hence you won’t need to buy additional sprinklers.

Also, go for that type of garden sprinkler that allows you to adjust the distance of the sprinkler to water only the area you need.

2. Calculate Water Pressure

Water pressure is measured based on pounds per square inch (PSI). The flow of water is measured by gallons per minute (GPM).

The various features of the best garden sprinkler are spray distance, type and area covered. The PSI and GPM will vary depending on these features.

Most garden sprinklers have 30 PSI. Do not go for garden sprinklers which have a PSI of 80 as this may harm the plumbing.

3. Installation

Have an idea as to how your garden sprinkler should be installed. In order to connect your garden sprinkler to the home’s water system, some in-ground garden sprinklers may require the digging of the garden.

Alternatively, some garden sprinklers are easy to install by just screwing it onto the sprinkler. If you are staying in a rented home, then ask the permission of the landlord before you start digging.

4. Durability

In order to buy the best garden sprinkler go for the one that is made of durable materials like metal, copper, or ABS plastic.

While buying the best garden sprinkler, make sure your garden sprinkler has a sturdy base to stay in place while in use.

In order to buy a long-lasting garden sprinkler, make sure whether it is rust-resistant. And to save water usage, go for one that is leak proof.

5. Usage Of Sprinkler

Be mindful of what you will use your garden sprinkler for. You may want to water your potted plants or your backyard.

For the best results, go for a garden sprinkler with multiple nozzles or adjustable distance for various watering patterns – whether it is for smaller garden beds or potted plants or your entire lawn.

Top 12 Best Garden Sprinklers 2022

1. Melnor 65074-AMZ

Melnor 65074-AMZ Best Garden SprinklerOscillating garden sprinklers is one of the best ways to spread water evenly around your garden and lawn. These best garden sprinklers are a must in everyone’s garden toolkit.

Melnor 65074-AMZ Turbo Oscillating sprinkler contains 20 precision nozzles and can cover up to 4,500 square feet. In this best garden sprinkler, you can adjust the width.

Suppose you want to water a narrow area or large lawn, you can adjust the length needed accordingly. There are tabs available that allow controlling the range of watering the plants as per your needs.

Cost-effective and sturdy oscillating sprinkler

The rubber nozzles are designed in such a way that they prevent clogging even at high pressures. With the quick connect adapter, you can easily connect and disconnect. For this, you will have to purchase the quick connect end connector that is sold separately.

On the whole, this Melnor Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler is the best buy at this price, and it allows for easy and useful adjustments so that you can water your garden. If it fits your budget, then this is a great option.


2. Orbit 62100

Orbit 62100The Orbit 62100 is the only garden sprinkler with both day and night detection options. This implies you can choose different types of settings for different times of the day.

With the 120-degree arc motion sensor, you can choose night only, day only, or any other options, so it gives you the flexibility or freedom to decide when and how you want your garden to be watered.

This best garden sprinkler has an intelligent sensing technology that is designed for battery conservation and optimal usage of water. It has the ability to spray water on unwanted animals and keep them away from your flower beds, and thus it helps in protecting your garden.

Keeps unwanted animals away

This adjustable impact garden sprinkler reached a distance of 35 feet with a 30-minute time watering set. It can carry out 7,500 activation cycles for just 4 AA batteries. It is a long-lasting sprinkler that is designed to keep your lawn and plants both healthy and safe from pests.

This best garden sprinkler is of heavy-duty construction that is built for stability and durability. Additionally, the brass hose connection and the metal dual step spike are durable and strong.


3. Nelson

NelsonThe Nelson Traveling Sprinkler is one of the first sprinklers which come under the category of travelling sprinklers. It has a cast-iron body, and it is chip resistant.

Due to its metal body, it has high durability. It looks smart in yellow – even after long-term use. This is due to the powder-coat paint.

It can cover an area of up to 13,500 square feet, which is a wide coverage. It can also travel up to 200 feet, which is truly commendable for larger gardens.

This best garden sprinkler has adjustable aluminium spray arms that provide coverage of up to 55 feet in diameter. The area of coverage ranges from 15 feet to 55 feet in diameter. This gives outstanding flexibility in areas of the yard that need your attention.

The highly durable travelling sprinkler

Another essential feature of Nelson Traveling Sprinkler is the ability to shut-off automatically. This feature is very useful, and you need not bother about switching it off after use. It has three-speed settings for the water to be propelled.

They are neutrally self-propelled, slow, and fast propelled. This means depending upon the needs of your lawn, and you can easily adjust this travelling sprinkler. It also has large back wheels which provide stability while moving across the yard.

The highlight of this travelling best garden sprinkler is that it uses the power of your water supply to travel around the lawn. The path followed to navigate is customized so you can have control over where your water is being used.


4. Melnor 65052-AMZ

Melnor 65052-AMZThe Melnor Plastic Pulsating Sprinkler is highly durable, as it sprays a gentle rain of water. Depending on the watering needs of the lawn, you can adjust the angle or flow of water.

This best garden sprinkler has a sturdy metal spike which makes it easy to place even in hard soil. This Melnor pulsating sprinkler has a quick connect system. This makes connecting and disconnecting the watering tools take a short span of time.

Pulsating sprinkler with a sturdy metal spike

When the included product adapters are connected to your pulsating sprinkler, it is easy to attach the hose end when needed.

When the sprinkler is not used with a quick connect system, you can attach the threaded end of the best garden sprinkler to any standard garden hose.

This pulsating poly sprinkler can water an area of 85 inches in diameter. You have to purchase the quick connect product end connector separately.


5. GrowGreen

GrowGreenThe GrowGreen Rotating Lawn Sprinkler is a very versatile and powerful garden sprinkler. It has a capability of 360-degree rotation. It provides your lawn with maximum and even water sprinkling, with a water pressure of 80 PSI and 32.8 feet spray distance.

With this adjustable lawn sprinkler, you can customize your watering by adjusting the sprinkler nozzles to spray in any direction you want.

Weighted base and water-conserving

The base is weighted to ensure that the unit is in place and doesn’t move around the sprinkler. This best garden sprinkler is made of high-quality ABS plastic and a rust-proof polymer for long life. This lawn sprinkler has high durability, and it has a long life.

This sprinkler is quick to set up, and it is easy and simple to use. It conserves water, as it provides an even layer of water without over-spraying.

These garden sprinklers can also be made into fun sprinklers set for children to play and cool down on hot sunny days.


6. Milemont

MilemontThe Milemont garden sprinkler provides powerful irrigation with its 360-degree automatic rotating water sprinkler.

Additionally, it has three adjustable rotating arms which give powerful watering to every corner of the garden. It has 12 types of built-in spray nozzles that deliver water at all different angles. This lawn sprinkler offers immense coverage.

The distance covered by the sprinkler spray is from 26 to 32.8 feet. It has an 80 PSI water pressure, and it can cover an area of 3600 square feet evenly.

This best garden sprinkler has two designed water inlets that can be connected with multiple sprinklers, in order to irrigate larger areas.

Powerful irrigation with immense coverage

This lawn sprinkler is multi-purpose. It can be used for watering lawns, gardens, trees, agricultural lands, and tall plants. It can also be used by kids to play in the summer.

The three adjustable rotating arms offer spray 15 to 45 degrees of irrigation for easy targeting. This lawn sprinkler is made of ABS material which is of premium quality and thick. It can also be connected with a regular hose for watering.


7. Rain Bird 25JDAC

Rain Bird 25JDACThe Rain Bird Brass Impact Sprinkler is the best impact sprinkler. This impact sprinkler has a portable hose-end, and it is mounted onto a durable metal stake. It has a slower rotation due to the double brass-weighted arm.

This gives a much better water coverage for your lawn or garden. The diffuser screw sprays smaller water droplets which also adds to the improved water coverage.

It has a brass weighted spray guide arm that acts as a water saver. This PJ spray guide arm controls the stream of water and prevents them from splashing onto walkways, buildings and other areas that need to remain dry.

Infinite rotation adjustment

The nozzle with the bayonet can be removed and cleaned easily. This impact sprinkler has a straight-through flow design that performs better in conditions where the water is dirty.

It has infinite pattern adjustment and can work at a full circle, or by rotating at either 360 degrees or part circle from between 20 and 340 degrees. This will depend upon your needs.

Thus this prevents unnecessary water wastage. The sprinkler has a watering radius of 25 to 41 foot which can be easily adjusted with the distance control dial.


8. Melnor XT Metal Turbo

Melnor XT Metal TurboThe Melnor XT Metal Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler possesses smooth operating tabs that help in watering the garden from 10 feet up to 75 feet.

This range of watering platform is wider than those found in other sprinklers. We can also control the pattern of the flow of water depending on whether it moves from right, left, or centre.

This oscillating sprinkler has a one-touch adjustment technology which is patented, and that controls the width of the watering area from 10 feet to 53 feet – and is exclusively found in Melnor sprinklers.

The flow control dial which is integrated allows for small adjustments to the water, which prevents wastage of water. It also allows the user to adjust the sprinkler according to their needs.

Infinity drive turbo motor

The large volume tube gets filled with water when in use. This best garden sprinkler provides an even and smooth distribution of water.

The infinity turbo motor provides smooth operation at both high and low pressures along with durability.


9. Melnor 65048-AMZ

Melnor 65048-AMZThe Melnor Oscillating Sprinkler with Brass Nozzles can cover an area up to 3400 square feet. This oscillating sprinkler has 18 precision nozzles.

Depending on whether you need to water a narrow area or a large lawn, you can easily adjust the width. The smooth tabs allow you to decide the range as per your needs.

Easy one-touch controls

This best garden sprinkler has a water pressure of about 80 PSI. Even at high pressures, the rubber nozzles are designed with clog resistance in mind.

This model has a three-way adjustable sprinkler. It comes with a built-in rain gauge. You can easily connect as well as a disconnect with a quick connect adapter. It has a 7-year Limited Lifetime warranty.


10. Aqua Joe SJI-OMS

Aqua Joe SJI-OMSThe Aqua Joe has a sturdy indestructible metal base, and it is highly durable. It has 16 nozzles that are clog-resistant.

You can control the range and width of your adjustable sprinkler spray according to your needs. The nozzle can be cleaned easily with the cleaning tool. Thus you can maintain each of the nozzles to be free of dirt.

Indestructible metal base

This sprinkler can water the garden up to an area of 3,600 square feet. It is leak-resistant, so you can water the lawn with peace of mind. You can customize the covering patterns as per your watering needs. It has two years of warranty.


11. Dramm Metal Base Green

Dramm Metal Base GreenThis Dramm Metal Base is a turret sprinkler. It has nine watering patterns that are best suited for garden and lawn care. Additionally, kids can also play on a sunny day in this best garden sprinkler.

This famous sprinkler comes in six different colours. It has a durable and heavy-duty metal base. This metal base comes with a moulded hook for easy storage and convenient display.

Comes in six different enticing colours

With superior design and function of this sprinkler, you can take care of the needs of your lawn in a better way. It has a lifetime guarantee for consumers.

This sprinkler comes in six enticing and vibrant colours. They are green, blue, red, orange, yellow, and berry. The nine watering patterns serve a variety of functions.


12. Kadaon

KadaonThe Kadaon Garden Sprinkler is of premium quality. It is an automatic rotating lawn sprinkler which has three adjustable arms that aid in lawn care. It has different spray directions which can be either at 45 degrees or direct.

This best garden sprinkler has an effective water sprinkler irrigation system. It acts as a water-saving device with patented design. It is easy to install and use.

Water conservation facility

You can adjust the water density, scope, and size to save water. You have to connect the water joint to the connector and tap. Later fix the bottom to the grass.

It can help in watering the lawn by covering an area of 3000 square feet. This sprinkler is great for watering medium to larger size yards. Kids and family can have fun and play in the sprinkler on hot sunny days.


Installation Of A Garden Sprinkler

The process of fixing these garden sprinklers to the ground is pretty easy. In comparison to the underground water pipes which are more expensive and complicated to install, these garden sprinklers use a regular garden hose, which is really easy to install.

Then attach the garden sprinkler to the garden hose and turn on the water. The challenging part with these simple sprinklers is adjusting the spray to get the coverage you need.

In the case of a single dial sprinkler, you can usually switch the spray from the right, centre, or left orientation. Here you do not have many options, but it does prevent unnecessary watering of driveways and sidewalks.

Best Garden Sprinklers – The Bottom Line

The GrowGreen Garden Sprinkler 360 Degree Rotating Lawn Sprinkler is our choice for the best garden sprinkler.

This best garden sprinkler has an impressive 32.8-feet spraying distance that can cover most lawns and gardens and about 80 PSI of water pressure.

You can also bring about a lot of changes or adjustments to this sprinkler. Adjust the water pressure to speed up or slow down rotation speed and then customize the nozzles for your own backyard.

This garden sprinkler comes with a weighted base that keeps the sprinkler in place. The sprinkler has high-quality ABS plastic and rust-proof polymer construction which are built to last.