Best Garden Trowels Of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Radius Garden 2. Fiskars 3. Fiskars
Radius Garden Best Garden Trowel Fiskars 384220-1001 Fiskars 70736935J 502987

Without doubt, garden trowel is an extremely essential tool that you need to keep your garden clean and in perfect shape.

If you are able to find the best garden trowels among the ones out there, you will be able to dig, cut dense bush, mix soil and fertilizers, and fill your pots within minutes.

But with hundreds of models and brands, you can feel overwhelmed with so many shapes, colors, sizes, and materials available to choose from.

So, if you are wondering which one is the best trowel for your garden, what is the perfect size or shape, and what you must look for in a trowel, then this guide is meant just for you.

In this guide, we have shortlisted 15 top-notch quality latest garden trowels you can buy in 2020. Along with that, you will also find the factors you should look for when buying these trowels, what are its types, working and other details, along with a few FAQS about them.

Top 15 Best Garden Trowels 2022

1. Radius Garden

Radius Garden Best Garden TrowelThis ergonomic garden trowel comes with a patented blade that allows optimal performance in all conditions, which means that you can use this unique blade in all kinds of soils.  It is made of die-cast aluminum, thus it will never rust and is exceptionally lightweight.

The handles of the trowel are over-molded and made with comfortable non-latex, thermoplastic grip. Therefore, they are easy to use and give you a perfect grip. These trowels require very less hand strength and are great for people who have arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Due to all this, it is on top in our list of best 15 best garden trowels.


  • Perfect design
  • Well made
  • Good grip
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with warranty


  • Aluminum is a soft metal, and hard surfaces or rocks can cause damage to the tool

2. Fiskars 384220-1001

Fiskars 384220-1001Fiskars Ergo Trowel is designed in such a manner that it can be easily used with a good grip. The handle of this trowel is such that it does not let your hand stress and it doesn’t fall off from your hands when digging.

The head is made of cast aluminum and is rust proof, and it digs the soil easily. It is also very easy to store. The best thing is that it comes with a lifetime warranty too.


  • Great tool for digging and turning soil or for planting
  • Your hands don’t get tired using it
  • You can easily cut the turf
  • Rust proof, durable and long lasting
  • Comes with life time warranty


  • Contains lead, due to which it would not be a safe tool to plant fruits and vegetables

3. Fiskars 70736935J 502987

Fiskars 70736935J 502987Fiskars Big Grip garden trowel helps in reducing hand fatigue and helps you to work at a fast pace. It has extra-large handles with extra soft grips to provide you a high level of control and comfort during use. The heads of this trowel are made using aluminum, due to which they are rustproof.

You can dig, remove weed, loosen soil, and do a lot more with this trowel.


  • You can move twice the soil using this tool because of its large head size
  • The hole in the handle allows you to store or hang it easily
  • The material of the grip is soft and comforting
  • The blade is made of aluminum that makes it rustproof


  • Not too sharp

4. Homes Garden

Homes GardenIf you love your garden and you spend extended time there to keep it beautiful, then you will know the importance of a garden trowel. This model from the house of Homes Garden is one of the best garden trowels out there.

It features a 13 inches long handle that prevents you from bending too much when you are working in the garden. Thus, both your back and hands remain free from the impact of fatigue.


  • Lightweight
  • Rust-resistant
  • Bend-proof
  • Durable
  • Soft and non-slippery handle
  • Ten years warranty


  • May break on a rough surface

5. Edward Tools

Edward ToolsGarden Trowel by Edward Tools is made using heavy-duty carbon steel that helps you in releasing the healthiest soil quickly. It also has depth markers to make measurements when planting.

The Ergo Grip handle has excellent design and is very comfortable even when you are removing heavy or rocky soils. Therefore, if you want to complete your work quickly, it is the best hand trowel to go for.


  • Rust and bend-proof
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Depth markers
  • Rubber grip handle


  • Handle can break in hard soil

6. Guru Hand Trowel

Guru Hand TrowelThis stainless steel garden trowel from Garden Guru is a multipurpose super-strong gardening tool that can be used for removing stubborn weeds, transplanting, mixing materials and doing many more gardening tasks. The blade of this tool is thick, durable, and full, and it is also rust-resistant.

This powerful trowel is specially designed for professional use. The ergonomic handle of this trowel is large and thick, and durable with thumb rest and finger grooves that make it very convenient to use.

It provides a firm grip and reduces hand fatigue, thus you can use it for hours without getting tired. This brand ensures 100% customer satisfaction, and the tool kit comes with a daily maintenance and care guide too.


  • The company provides 24/7 customer support
  • Multipurpose, durable and comfortable tool
  • The blade is large and robust
  • Perfect for scooping
  • Made with rust-resistant stainless steel material
  • Handle design minimizes your hand and wrist stress


  • People with small hands might not find it that convenient to use

7. Prudance

PrudanceOne of the essential tools in gardening is a spade, and this tool from the brand name of Prudance helps you in different ways for diverse gardening tasks. You can trust upon Prudance for best quality, high performance and excellent customer service.

This trowel is made using the most excellent quality stainless steel suitable for all types of gardening tasks. It is robust and rust-proof, and you can successfully use it to remove even rocky soil and hard rocks easily. The ergonomic design helps to reduce the stress and fatigue of hands.


  • Heavy duty tool
  • Quickly does all tough jobs of gardening
  • No stress on wrist and hands due to ergonomic design
  • Very easy to store
  • Made using premium quality materials


  • Blade may snap if used on a very hard surface

8. Corona CT3710 eGrip

Corona CT3710 eGripAre you tired using trowels that keep slipping from your hands? If yes, then this model from Corona is just for you, because it comes with anti-slip thumb risers and finger guards to give you a firmer grip. These risers and guards ensure safety and comfort to gardeners.

It is a lightweight trowel that has a stainless steel alloy head that will neither break nor rust. This company has been in existence since 1920 and is making robust tools since then.


  • Extra-large and sharp blades
  • Lightweight tool
  • Does not rust bend or break
  • Comes with a bag ripper
  • Safe to use


  • Neck is not stiff enough


CFCTAre you looking for a high quality trowel that can help you do all your gardening related tasks, and that can still stand strong during the most robust jobs? If you love working in the garden and you are tired of broken trowels and shovels now, and then this trowel by CFCT is all that you need.

It has a robust one-piece design which does not shiver or loosen during use. The neck of this trowel is stiff, and won’t break while digging. Aluminum blade makes it lightweight and rustproof too.

It comes with a soft Ergo grip and non-slippery thumb padding. Thus, it will reduce any hand and wrist strain and provide you with a strong and sturdy grip. Hexagonal Arc surface of the handle allows it to fit in your hand well.


  • Multipurpose
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Lightweight and rustproof
  • One-piece design
  • Firm grip


  • Too much weight or pressure may break the neck

10. CFCT Bend-Proof

CFCT Bend-ProofThis Bend Proof Garden Trowel by CFCT is one of the most sturdy and heavy-duty trowels currently available in the market. It is a one-piece design that will neither rust, bend nor break. It is longer and wider in size than others, that allows you to collect more dust and dirt in one scoop.

The sharp blade helps you to dig deeper. Thus, it is far better than regular scoops. It feels great in hands, and it is quite light in weight too. No doubt, it is an excellent option for avid gardeners.


  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Bend proof and rustproof
  • One-piece design
  • Comes with measurement marking


  • It may be a little difficult to penetrate hard rocks

11. Ansellf

AnsellfOften gardeners spend hours finding the right tools and perfect combinations that make their work easy. But what if you can buy a great mix of tools with just a few clicks and no time-wasting research. Yes, that’s why this 3 in one tool kit is part of our top 15 best garden trowels.

It is a great money-saving tool kit for gardening that comes with a Shovel, Rake, and Spade. Thus, you can do transplanting, cultivation, weeding, mixing and filling fertilizer, sand, seeds, tuning earth, and much more using the tools of this kit.

They feature high-quality plastic-handles, stiff neck, and sharp and high size blades for ease of use. With so many great reviews, affordable pricing, and five star ratings, it is one of the best garden tool kits to buy for gardening solutions.


  • Perfect size
  • Affordable
  • Saves money
  • Three in one kit
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The plastic handle could break if extra pressure is applied

12. Cate’s Garden

Cate’s GardenThis garden space by Cate’s Garden is made up of stainless steel, which is known to be one of the most robust materials in current times that provides durability and longevity to the tools. It has many other advantages as well that make it stand out from other tools available out there.

Along with that, this beautiful and robust trowel is made using Ash wood handle that provides it added strength, flexibility, and durability. Because wood is a shock resistant material, it makes your hand comfortable while working. Wooden handle and metal blade make this spade an eco-friendly alternative.

All in all, it is an excellent tool with high grip, sharp blade, and ergonomic design that makes it unique and user-friendly.


  • The broad head helps to collect a large quantity of soil at a time
  • It is a multipurpose tool that can solve all your gardening issues
  • Made using premium quality steel
  • Rust-resistant
  • Durable
  • Beautifully polished
  • The wooden handle with ergonomic design is beautiful, durable, and allows an excellent grip
  • Comes with measurement marks to make your gardening easy


  • Not strong enough for digging tough soil

13. A.M. Leonard

A.M. LeonardThis trowel from the house of A.M. Leonard is precisely what you require for heavy-duty and sturdy gardening tasks.

It is large and has a curved blade with a pointed tip that helps you to dig easily. It can hold a large amount of soil as well that makes your work easier and quicker.

The handle comes with a cushion grip that makes it easy to maintain and saves you from hand blisters and tiredness. It is a one-piece design that makes its neck stronger, so that it does not break from the junction.

If you are looking for a reliable and robust trowel that is made to last for an extended period, then this is the best alternative that you can have.


  • Uniquely curved to make your work easy
  • No hand fatigue due to ergonomic design
  • Comes with a cushion grip handle that prevents blisters
  • Made from aluminum that makes it lightweight and rustproof
  • Extra-large blade


  • Slightly expensive

14. Cate’s Garden Transplanter

Cate’s Garden TransplanterThe head of this garden transplanter trowel is slim, so that it allows easy transplanting, and you can use it to transplant vegetables, perennials, and small plants. Premium quality stainless steel makes it heavy duty, rust proof, and corrosion-resistant.

The handle and blade are both polished beautifully. It has sturdy tang and ferrule that makes the trowel long-lasting and durable. The wooden handle is made using ash wood that is one of the most robust lumbers known for its strength and flexibility.

It also comes with a measurement mark that makes it easier to mark depth when planting. The company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if you are not happy with the quality and performance of your tool, you can return and get your money back.


  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful and vintage look
  • Comfortable wooden handle
  • Perfect size
  • Rust resistant


  • Some users have complained that it bends easily

15. Zuzuan

ZuzuanThis kit by Zuzuan is everything you need for gardening, as it comes with a 3 basic gardening tools, including a hand trowel, a transplant trowel, and a cultivator hand rake.

Therefore, you can do all your gardening tasks with this kit, like planting, transplanting, tilling the soil, breaking up the ground, cleaning waste, removing weeds, and mixing soil with fertilizer, etc.

These tools are made up of heavy-duty aluminum alloy, and they are polished using high-quality paints that make them anti-corrosion, rustproof, and durable. Sharp blades allow you to cut the hardest of soil and roots.

The handle is made using TPR rubber and has an ergonomic design that allows you to work comfortably. Your hands and wrist won’t feel any pressure while working because of its design, and the tool will not fall from your hand due to its non-slip design.

The head of the hand trowel is large enough to replace the soil quickly. Transplant Trowel comes with measurement marks that are very easy to read, and it is excellent feature for planting bulbs and seedlings at the desired depth.

The cultivator hand rake is thick, has a sturdy structure, and does excellent work in decomposing soil for ventilation, cleaning up waste, and removing weeds.


  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Affordable all in one pack of three tools
  • Large size tools for efficient work
  • One-piece design that gives them extra sturdiness
  • You won’t feel any hand or wrist fatigue due to ergonomic design of the handles
  • 18-month money back guarantee and warranty for quality


  • A little heavy in weight

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Garden Trowel

Hand trowels are straightforward tools, yet buying them is overwhelming due to hundreds of brands and designs available out there. In case you are looking to purchase these tools, then here we have listed all the factors that will affect the quality and functionality of your garden trowel:

1. Try It Out

Assessing the quality of the product is difficult unless you feel it by yourself. There are tons of brands available, and not all brands are good or bad.

No wonder you can get amazing discounts and price online, but before you place your order online, once go to the market, figure out which one fits your hand the best, and then order it online.

2. Size

The size of trowels is significant, and you must know how it feels in your hand and if it is balanced or not. Therefore, you must consider the length of the scoop. Tools with a long handle are much more comfortable, and they allow better and healthy posture while least soiling your hands.

3. Warranty

You must always check the warranty of your trowel, as it is essential. The brands that don’t provide a warranty could be selling you a low-quality product.

4. Interchangeable Heads

You should look for trowels with interchangeable heads. You can have separate rake, brush, or fork, and along with that, you can buy the right size handle.

It is effortless to figure out if that tool head and handle goes along well or not. They could be costly, but they are high-quality products and give you fantastic flexibility and comfort.

5. Weight

Your trowel should be firm, but alongside, it should also be comfortable and lightweight. Therefore, you must figure out the weight that is comfortable in your hand as per the job to be done. The usage of the product should not stress you physically.

6. Budget

Different trowels come in a varied price range, and you will have to consider your usage and accordingly buy the product in the right budget. Remember, the best trowel doesn’t need to come in extremely high pricing.

7. Blade Sharpness

It is one of the essential deciding factors when buying a garden trowel. The better is the sharpness, the easier would be the task of digging and scooping.

But sharpness is not everlasting, and none of the brands guarantee that. Thus, you will have to consider the material and quality of the blade along with the sharpness.

8. Blade Material

It is essential to find out the materials your tool’s blade is made up of. The different materials that are commonly used to make blades of the trowel are:

  • Stainless steel: It is one of the best materials that is easy to clean and it slides through the soil easily. It is an alloy with 10.5% chromium and contains nickel, titanium, and copper as well. These materials enhance the quality and property of stainless steel. Stainless steel trowels are most commonly used by gardeners and they are readily available in the market. They are sturdy enough to get through hard ground easily. They are rust-resistant too to stay long in your gardening supplies kit.
  • Carbon steel: Carbon steel or plain steel is made from carbon and iron, and it has no other elements in it. It is very durable, wear-resistant, and has a long life span. But it can catch rust and is on the heavier side.
  • Plastic: It is one of the most lightweight and robust materials that is made of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer. As far as price is concerned, it is the cheapest material available in the market. It comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and is easy to use as well. But plastic blades are not sharp, and they can easily break.
  • Aluminum: The blades made of aluminum are soft and lightweight, and they are cheap, lightweight and rust-resistant. But they tend to lose sharpness quickly and they are prone to chipping.
  • Bronze: Bronze is made of copper and tin, and trowels made of this material are one of the most expensive ones available in the market. They are corrosion resistant, durable, and they have low soil adhesion properties. But they have edges sharp enough to harm you accidentally.

9. Handle Material

Like blades, even handles are made of several materials, and cheap handles can make your work difficult. Thus, you should find out the best content for the handle that suits your purpose. Some of these materials are:

  • Wood: These handles are long-lasting with more durable grips, but they require a lot of maintenance.
  • Fiberglass: These are robust and weather resistant, but expensive.
  • Steel: These handles are long-lasting and affordable, but they can make your hand cold in winters.
  • Cushioned and padded handles: These cushions can be added to any material. They are soft and they give you an excellent grip. But they are also prone to wear and tear.

Different Parts Of A Garden Trowel

Although a garden trowel looks simple and many who are new to using it might think that it is made using one or two parts only, but it has different sections which are as follows:

  • The blade: It is an essential part of the trowel that does all the work. Blades have sharp edges and are used to dig the soil or cut the plants and weed. These blades come in different types of shapes and sizes and forms.
  • The handle: It is the second most important part of this tool that is used to hold the trowel and helps you make the desired use of it.
  • Tang: It is an S shape rounded metal bar that is used to join the blade to the handle and the blade.
  • Ferrule: It is a metal part that connects and protects the connection between the Tang and the handle.
  • Hanging hole: It is a hole made in the handles for the convenience of hanging and storage.
  • Depth gauge: In many blades, an indication of measurements is given along the length of the blade that helps you find out the distance, ranging from 2 cm to 10 cm. It helps in finding the right depth to plant any bulbs or seeds.

Different Types Of Blades In Garden Trowels

Every gardening job is different, and therefore it requires various tools. Similarly, garden trowels are made of different styles of blades, and each one has different usage. For example, you will need a full blade for digging a hole, but a sharper edge to cut the weed. Here are majorly used blades in garden trowels:

  • Traditional blade: These blades are designed with long curved sides, and they are the most commonly used styles. They can help the gardener dig bigger holes and remove more significant amounts of dirt and earth.
  • Transplanting blade: These blades are usually long and thin, and they come with a pointed tip. You can use them to remove or move bulbs, seedlings, and small plants.
  • A Dixter blade: This is a blade that is long and thin, and it comes with a rounded end that is used to plant foliage in rock gardens. You can also use it to dig weeds or for sowing seeds.
  • Ladle blade: It is a smaller size blade that has rounded and curved edges. The Tang of this blade is extra-long. You can use it to dig round holes, and it is used for planting annuals and bulbs as well.
  • Potting blade: Unlike other blades, it has much wider cures that allow it to hold large amounts of compost and soil quickly. It is used in planting plants in the pots, as it easily fits into the pot. Because it has a curved edge that matches the curved plant, it is much easier to use.
  • Digging blade: This is a thinner blade with a pointed end. It looks like a dagger and is used to remove small stones from soil.
  • Tulip blade: This blade has three sharpened tips and deep dish like shape that looks like a tulip flower. It helps in cutting through heavy soil.
  • Weeding blade: It is an unusually long forked bade with a sharp end that allows you to dig the weed base, so that you can easily pull it out the plants along with their root. It is also used for cutting grass and keeping the lawn clean.
  • Tissot blade: It is a V shape blade with a large and full blade. It helps in dividing a single plant into two halves so that you can plant them separately. You can also use it to transplant plants and dig holes in hard earth.
  • Planting blade: It is a blade with a flat and pointed end, and it is smaller than most other implements. You can use it to plant small shrubs into hard soil.

Jobs You Can Do With A Garden Trowel

If you don’t know how to use a trowel, then you should first find out when you should use it. Here are some of the everyday tasks these tools are used for:

  • Digging: One of the very first usages of these tools is digging the holes in the earth for planting, transplanting, and weeding type of activities. But you cannot drill huge holes using these implements. These are small tools and are only used to make small holes. If you want to dig a hole to plant a tree, then you should use shovel, not trowel.
  • Moving plants: Moving plants from one place to another is also an essential part of gardening, and if it is not done correctly, it can kill the plant as well. A transplanting garden trowel is used to move plants.
  • Potting plants: One of the significant works of garden trowels is to pot plants, and the trowels that have curved sides are used for potting these plants efficiently.
  • Weeding: The trowels with sharpened teeth are used to chop long weed, grass and roots.
  • Cutting: Many trowels are also used for cutting grass, plants, and even tree barks, and it is an essential job of gardening.

Safety Tips For Using A Trowel

Trowels are one of the easiest and handy tools, but it is also widespread to misuse them, and this can make your gardening experience sour.

When using these tools, you would want to avoid the strains and blisters in your hands. These tools have been created to ease your gardening tasks and complete them much more quickly.

Here are necessary steps that can be used in any type of implements while using them:

  • Put on the gloves: The very first step of using the trowel is to put on the gloves, because it is going to keep you safe from blisters and hand strains.
  • Put on safety glasses: It is another essential step, because anytime while working with these tools, your eyes can face dirt and dust. Thus, keeping your eyes protected should be the first essential thing you should do.
  • Use the trowel properly: To use the scoop in the proper position, you should first face the blade towards soil and then apply pressure on the handle. Many people apply pressure on their arms and wrists that make their job difficult. Now you have to keep pushing the blade into the ground unless the tang touches the soil. After that, you have to press the handle to dig the earth through the blade. Once the blade is inside the ground, just lift it out like a scoop.
  • Take care of your position: Your position is of utmost importance while working with these tools. Your back should be straight, and you should not use these tools above your shoulder height. You should also avoid too much bending of yourself. All these things will help you in reducing stress and minimizing accidents.
  • Keep the area clean: While working in the garden and using different tools, you should ensure that you don’t end up creating clutter in your work area, as it could cause an accident. Thus, you should ensure to keep your workplace organized and clean.

Caring For Your Trowel And Other Gardening Tools

You must keep your tools properly and take proper care of them if you want them to serve you for a long time. Mentioned below are a few tips that could help you in caring for your garden tools:

  • You should always rinse your tools using garden hose after each use.
  • To get rid of caked dust, you can use a wire brush or putty knife.
  • You can also give a quick scrub using a nail brush and mild soap water.
  • If your plants were diseased, you should soak your garden tools in a solution of 2 cups household bleach mixed with 1 gallon of water. After a few minutes, rinse them in plain water. You can also use alcohol to clean such tools.
  • Before storing your tools, make sure that you dry them.
  • If you have the trowels with wood handles, you can use Boiled linseed oil to condition them. It will also protect the metal parts of your tools, because it will create a barrier between the oxygen and metal, and thus prevent rust. You should correctly apply the oil in the entire tool and let it rest for 15 minutes, then wipe out the extra oil.
  • You should not use petroleum-based products, because your tools will introduce petroleum to your soil and affect its fertility.
  • You should store tools in a dry and ventilated place. Keep smaller devices in a bucket, and larger ones can be hung.
  • In case your tools get rusty, you can use 1:1 mixture of water and vinegar to soak the tools overnight, and then the next day, you can rinse them with soapy water. To remove rust, scrub them with steel wool and then rinse using plain water. Now let them dry and then rub them with linseed oil.
  • All your tools should be deep cleaned once at the end of each season before you store them for winters.  To do so, you should unscrew your devices, wash each part with soap and water, and then soak them in the vinegar-water mixture. Now scrub, rinse and dry. After that, sanitize them in bleach water, then rinse and dry them. Finally, store them after reassembling and finally apply boiled linseed oil.
  • Dull blades are a significant issue and can create a lot of trouble in completing the task. Often pruning and cutting jobs with dull blades result in damaged branches, and it makes them more prone to disease. Thus, you must keep your blades sharp. To do so, you can keep a sharpener, a sharpening stone, or a sharpening file. When sharpening tools, you should always wear protective glasses and gloves.
  • Many trowels have wooden handles. Although such handles are robust and beautiful looking, they can break and swell up or can get cracked and chipped over use. If your handles have minor cracks, you can use a strong adhesive tape to keep them in place. But severely cracked handles should be replaced, as they can cause accidents.
  • The wooden handles should not be exposed to water and should be cleaned with a dry cloth only. To keep them in good condition, applying boiled linseed oil is best.

FAQs on Garden Trowels

1. What Are The Easy Steps To Use A Garden Trowel?

Garden spades are the essential gardening tools, and to use them, you will have to hold the trowel from its handle, place blade tip into the soil, and apply pressure. Now lever the handle, and after it digs in the soil, lift it.

I get backache after using a garden trowel for a few minutes. Give me a few tips to use it properly.

You should always keep in mind the posture of your body when using them. Your back should be straight, and you should not use them above your shoulder height.

2. Is A Concrete Tool Different From The Garden Trowels?

Yes, garden tools and concrete tools are different. Practical tools are robust and used to penetrate brick and stonework and leveling or spreading mortar, while garden tools only penetrate blocks.

3. What Is A Float, And How Is It Different From Trowel?

A float is a tool with a thicker and flat base, and with D shaped handle that is used to flatten the surface. But garden trowel is a tool that is used in gardens for digging holes, mixing, and planting.

4. What Are The Five Different Types Of Garden Tools?

Five different types of garden implements are hand trowel, rake and shovel, leaf rake, wheelbarrow, and a pointing trowel.

5. Will My Garden Trowel Get Replaced If It Breaks?

It will depend upon the warranty of the product. If it is under warranty and it provides a replacement on breakage, you could get a new one. You will have to check the terms and conditions of your brand before buying.

Finding The Best Garden Trowel will Make Your Gardening Easy

Garden trowels are one of the essential tools used in gardening, and if you love your plants and want to see everything in your landscape perfect, then you must find and buy the best hand trowel only using this guide.

All the implements listed here are from the top brands, and they have the best of reviews in the market. With the help of this guide, you can either choose from the top 15 best garden trowels mentioned here, or you can find anyone from the market after comparing them with the factors listed here.