Best Leaf Vacuums 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Black Decker BV6000 2. Toro 51619 3. Greenworks 24312
Black Decker BV6000 Best Leaf Vacuum Toro 51619 Greenworks 24312

Maintaining a clean yard is difficult regardless of season, however, things become much more difficult during autumn, when fallen leaves start covering walkways, plants, lamps, and most decorative features.

Some may like the way their yard looks when it is carpeted with hundreds of multicolored leaves, unfortunately, this look doesn’t last for long. Leaves begin to decompose, they become slippery and cleaning them is more difficult.

Luckily, there is a lot of tech that can help make your job easier. Leaf blowers are one alternative; however, these simply move the leaves around and are only good for cleaning walkways and porches.


These tools aren’t too expensive, and they are perfect for a variety of garden jobs, because they can also vacuum garbage and other items that you don’t want in your yard. Generally speaking, buying one of these machines is as easy as going online and placing an order, but this doesn’t guarantee that you will find a model that is efficient or at least useful for your needs.

We have looked at the most popular leaf vacuums on the market and have selected only the ones that are built from high-quality materials and are durable enough to last several years. In this article, you will also find all the information needed to help you make an informed decision.

It is usually better to treat gardening equipment as an investment, which means that you can spend more and get a product that can do its job perfectly. This means that you have to understand the main characteristics of a leaf blower and how these machines can be useful in a wide variety of scenarios.

Why Having A Leaf Vacuum Is Essential To Maintaining Your Yard Clean?

Keeping your yard clean can be difficult during any season, however, a lot more work is needed during autumn when leaves start falling to the ground, clogging drainage channels, making walkways slippery and generally making a mess of things. Here are the main tools that you can use in order to keep your yard clean.

1. Rakes

One of the simplest ways to get rid of them is to take a rake and to slowly collect them in a pile. Unfortunately, these tools often do more harm than good due to the fact that they can also damage the vegetation that sits underneath the leaves and scratch concrete surfaces.

Furthermore, all the work has to be done manually, which means that it will put a lot of pressure on your back and wrists. Rakes are only useful if you have to cover a very small surface or if you need to reach places where you can’t use vacuums or blowers.

2. Leaf Blower

These devices have been around for a very long time, and most models can efficiently help you get rid of the leaves that cover portions of your yard. The only problem with them is that they don’t make the organic matter go away, they just move it.

Leaf blowers are great if you want to clean your driveway, porch or the walkway to your front door, but you have to keep in mind that you will only be blowing leaves to another portion of your yard where they will still be visible.

3. Leaf Vacuum

If you have a medium-to-large yard and want to constantly keep it looking perfect, then a garden vacuum is the way to go. These can collect any leaves that may have fallen on the ground and allow you to dispose of them as you see fit.

Some mix them with other ingredients and turn them into compost, others burn them or throw them away. Regardless of what you do with the leaves once you collect them, using a vacuum ensures that your entire yard will be clean;

Leaf vacuums are just as great if you need to clean a lot of other things from your yard. You can use them in order to collect small pieces of garbage that may be leftover after a birthday party, such as napkins and confetti.

Also, when it comes to versatility, it is generally easy to modify a garden vacuum in order to make your job easier. Those who are on a budget and cannot afford a premium model that comes with various accessories can find tutorials online that allows them to hook their vacuum to a trashcan and get through cleaning a lot faster.

This having been said, there are hundreds of leaf vacuums on the market, and not all are created equal. Whether you want to get the best gas leaf vacuum that you can afford or are looking for an electric model that you don’t have to refuel on a daily basis, you have to understand how these devices work before making a purchase.

What To Look For In Buying Best Leaf Vacuum

From a functional point of view, leaf vacuums are not that different from blowers, and most models are usually able to do both things. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind in order to ensure that you’ll get your money’s worth when buying a new model.

1. The Type Of Fuel And Consumption

There are two things that you have to look at when it comes to fuel: If the device uses gas or if it is electric, and how fast does it burn through a full tank or deplete its battery. Generally speaking, gas-powered devices offer more flexibility due to the fact that they do not need to be plugged in.

They are generally more expensive to run and need to be fueled regularly, but you can easily cover more ground with these models.

However, if you are looking for a leaf vacuum that is both inexpensive to run, as well as highly portable, then you should consider going for an electric model that uses batteries.

These can run for around one or two hours on a single charge and recharging them takes between 60 and 90 minutes. The main downside with cordless electric models is that their models are not as powerful as gas-powered ones.

Lastly, you’ve got the most affordable type of leaf vacuum, the electric corded one. This model needs to be plugged into an outlet, so you can’t take it further away from your home without using an extension cord, but it is cheaper than others. These devices are more suited for individuals who have small yards or who have placed outlets throughout their property.

Look at these three types of leaf vacuums and decide which suits your needs best. Once you have made a decision, look at the products and visit the manufacturers’ websites to find out how much fuel they use.

This isn’t a problem with electric models, but some gas-powered ones can go through their entire tanks surprisingly quickly.

2. Collection Bag – Size, Shape, And Customizability

Depending on the model that you choose, the collection bag of your leaf vacuum may be worn on the back, it can be attached to the actual device, below the engine, or it can be a separate container that you have to carry around with you.

For all intents and purposes, the most comfortable ones are the models that have a backpack collection bag. It does make it difficult to navigate through tight spaces, but all the weight falls on your back and the collected leaves are relatively light, so you won’t even know it’s there until you have to empty it.

Please keep in mind that devices that have collection bags that are mounted on the actual device can add a bit of weight to it, which means that it will put more stress on your arm and shoulder.

If you need a model that can also mulch, then you should look at the reduction ratio of the mulcher in order to determine how many fragmented leaves can fit in the container. Most products that can also mulch, will specify that they have a certain ratio, such as 10:1. This means that a 10-gallon collection bag can fit 100 gallons of mulched leaves.

Lastly, pay attention to what you are buying. Some collection bags are designed to be thrown once they fill up, while others are reusable. Ideally, you should look for a product that can use both.

3. Vacuuming Power

There are two values that show the vacuuming power of these devices. The volume of air that they can vacuum is measured in CFM or cubic feet per minute. This number basically gives you an idea of the scale of the vacuuming power, but not the speed at which it draws air in.

In order to understand how fast this process is, you will have to look at the second value, namely the MPH, or miles per hour.

Both the CFM and the MPH can vary greatly from one vacuum to another and you will have to decide which one is more important based on the type of work that you have to do.

4. Blowing Power

Blowing power is shown through the same values that are presented above. Convertible leaf vacuums usually have similar vacuuming and blowing power.

However, you should look for these numbers on all products in order to make sure that they are worth buying. Some products that have extremely inefficient designs may have diminished blowing power – regardless of how effective they are at vacuuming.

5. Mulcher Reduction Ratio

This value describes the vacuum’s ability to cut down leaves. It is the ratio between the volume of the collected leaves and the one that results after mulching them. Most models have either a 10:1 or a 16:1 reduction ratio. For example, the second one means that 16 gallons of leaves are transformed into 1 gallon of mulch.

In other words, the first value tells you how small the mulched pieces will be and how much volume they will have.

6. Conversion Function

The conversion function lets the owner transform the vacuum into a blower or a mulcher, depending on what he needs. There are two ways in which manufacturers design function conversion systems for their devices: switches or attachments.

Devices that have conversion switches can be simply are easier to use. You can go from vacuuming to blowing using only a button, but these tend to be less efficient than the ones that come with attachments that modify how they work.

7. Weight And Ergonomic Design

Most leaf vacuums are handheld devices. This means that you will have to support all their weight using one hand. Take note of how much a model weighs before making a purchase.

Gas-powered and battery models tend to be the heaviest, along with vacuums that have the collection bag attached to the motor. If you want a lightweight device, then your best bet is a plug-in model, but this one comes with other disadvantages, such as lack of portability.

You should also look at how a vacuum is designed to fit around your arm and to what kind of padding it has. These are important features – especially if you have a large yard and will have to use the device for extended periods of time.

8. Durability Of The Materials And The Construction

When it comes to gardening equipment, it is better to spend a few extra dollars and get a product that is built to last. This means that you will have to pay attention to the materials that are used to make the structure of the vacuum.

Metal is usually preferred, however, products made from it can be a bit too heavy and difficult to use. When it comes to the materials that the vacuum is made from, you will have to decide where you draw the line between durability and portability.

Another aspect that you must keep in mind is if the model uses a fabric collection bag that can be reused or a disposable one.

If it is meant to be emptied and used again, make sure that the bag is tear-resistant. There is always the possibility that twigs or tree branches will get caught in it while moving around the yard, and this is why it is important that the material of the collection bag is tear-resistant.

9. Price

You should always decide why you need a certain piece of equipment prior to making a purchase. This also applies to devices such as leaf vacuums. There are hundreds of products to choose from and most are surprisingly affordable, however, if you want to get the most out of your money, then you will have to first think about how you intend to use the device.

There is no use in buying a gas-powered mode if you have a small yard and only have one or two trees, however, if you have a large area that you need to cover and do not want to carry an extension cord with you, a battery-powered model may be the best choice.

This having been said, even the best cordless leaf vacuum that uses batteries will not be as powerful as a gas-powered one, so if you need to collect other things, in addition to leaves, then you get more use out of a product that is powered by a traditional gas engine.

It is also worth mentioning that gas-powered vacuums tend to break down more often than electric ones, but you can fix them easier when they do. Electric models will have to be taken to a specialized shop for repairs.

10. Accessories And Adapters

Some products will seem more like entire kits than simple pieces of equipment. Pay attention to what kind of accessories come with your chosen leaf vacuum and take them into consideration when deciding if you want to spend money on it or not.

Some products may even come with an extra collection bag, which is great to have in case the first one is ripped open by a thorn or a tree branch.

Decide If You Need Additional Functionality Such As Mulching

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind when looking to buy a new leaf vacuum is the fact that additional features can often double the price. This having been said, if you want to treat this device as an investment, you should consider what features you actually need.

Some models come with included reusable collection bags, others have various attachments that can make your job easier, and you can even find multifunctional products that come with convertible engines. These last ones are designed to perform several jobs, depending on your needs.

Models with convertible engines are essentially devices that can serve multiple functions. They can vacuum, blow, and mulch. These are usually more expensive and come with interchangeable elements that basically switch their operation mode.

There are also products that only have a “Mode” switch that changes how they function. These are easier to use and come with fewer pieces to worry about, but they tend to be less reliable.

Generally speaking, getting a multifunctional device is better than buying a separate leaf blower, and then a mulcher. It is easier to store one device than three, and having only one that can-do multiple jobs, means that you won’t have to clutter your yard with equipment just to clean your yard and dispose of the leaves.

Is A Gas-Powered Leaf Vacuum Better Or An Electric One?

There are three types of leaf vacuums: gas-powered, electric (with batteries) and cordless electric models. When it comes to what kind of fuel they use, there is no best leaf vacuum, and you will have to keep in mind that each of these three has different advantages and disadvantages.

Look at your yard and decide if you need more portability or more power, and then choose an appropriate product. This having been said, here are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of leaf vacuum.

Gas-Powered Models

  • They are more powerful than electric models – gas-powered models are the most powerful vacuums on the market. Their combustion engines generate more suction and blowing power and can also help mulching attachments shred tougher foliage.
  • Gas-powered models over a lot of portability – These machines are not dependent on being close to a power outlet or another power source. You can use it anywhere – provided that you have fuel in the tank. This also makes them useful if you want to use them in an area that is completely off the grid.
  • Heavier than other products – The added weight of the fuel tank and the actual fuel which it holds, can make a big difference, especially if you have a large yard.
  • Can be expensive to run – Depending on where you live, it may be more expensive to run a gas-powered leaf vacuum than an electric model.

Electric Leaf Vacuums That Run On Batteries

  • Easy to use – You don’t have to worry about traditional fuel when using these, just make sure that the batteries are charged and you’re good to go. Most rechargeable batteries are detachable, which means that you can buy two and replace the depleted one when you have to clean a larger space. You’ll basically use one battery while the other one recharges and then swap them, so there is no limit on their range.
  • Lighter than gas-powered models – Battery-powered electric garden vacuums are slightly lighter than the ones that use gas due to the fact that they do not have to also hold fuel.
  • Cheaper to run – Electricity is relatively cheap nowadays and its price does not fluctuate as much as that of gas, which means that it may be cheaper to use an electric leaf vacuum than a gas-powered one.

Corded Electric Leaf Vacuums

  • Extremely cheap – Corded electric models are considerably more affordable than other garden vacuums due to the fact that they do not have a gas-powered motor or any sort of batteries.
  • Lighter – They are also considerably lighter as a result of the fact that they do not have the components mentioned above.
  • Not great for large areas – The fact that they need to be plugged not a power outlet makes them difficult to use if you have a large yard. You can get an extension cord, but this still means that there will be one additional electric component to worry about.

Whether you choose an electric model or a gas-powered one, the best leaf blower vacuum will be the one that caters to your specific needs – so choose accordingly.

None of them is better than the others and they all cater to the needs of different types of people. Some are more suited for professionals, while others are better for regular homeowners who just want to have a leaf vacuum in their yard-cleaning arsenal.

Top 22 Best Leaf Vacuums 2022

1. Black Decker BV6000

Black Decker BV6000 Best Leaf VacuumBLACK DECKER has been around for a long time, and their gardening equipment is considered to be some of the most popular on the market. The BV6000 has appeared in a lot of best leaf blower vacuum mulcher reviews as a result of its power and ease of use.

The device is fully electric and has a 12-amp motor that can blow leaves at a speed of 250 MPH. For the vacuum function, the manufacturers have included two disposable collection bags, as well as a reusable one.

It is also important to mention the fact that the model has a 16:1 mulching ratio, and comes with a shoulder strap to make it comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.


  • Fully electric – Using the vacuum does not require fuel and does not pollute the environment;
  • Disposable bag system – The model can be used with disposable bags, which can make larger projects less tedious;
  • Relatively silent – Running the device only produces 68 decibels, which is slightly above the noise produced by a casual discussion;
  • Two airspeed settings – The blower and vacuum functions can move air at two different settings. One at 180 MPH and the other at 250 MPH;


  • Heavy – The device weighs 8.1 pounds. It does come with a shoulder strap to make it easier to hold for extended periods of time, but it can still put a lot of pressure on your shoulders and back;
  • Corded electric model – You will have to attach an extension cord in order to use the BV6000;

What Makes It Different?

This is one of the more affordable convertible engine models that are commercially available. The BV6000 can be easily transformed into a blower, a vacuum, or a mulcher, and the fact that it is fully electric makes it less noisy than gas-powered models.


2. Toro 51619

Toro 51619The TORO Electric Blower Vac has been designed to perform better as a vacuum than anything else. It can also mulch leaves and has a ratio of 10:1, being able to shred everything to less than ½-inch in size. One of the features that truly make it shine, however, is the fact that it comes with a variable speed control knob, so you can choose exactly how fast it will work.


  • Variable speed – The user is able to set the exact operating speed that he needs. Also, the maximum speed is 250 MPH;
  • Metal impeller – An upgraded metal impeller can even shred twigs with ease;
  • Easy to convert – The device uses a quick-release latch system in order to attach and detach its various components;
  • Great collection bag design – The reusable collection bag features a bottom zipper which makes it easier to empty;


  • Extension cord required – The device needs an extension cord in order to be used, especially in larger yards;
  • Expensive replacement bag – The collection bag is highly durable; however, replacement ones are considerably more expensive than those of other models;

What Makes It Different

This is one of the best leaf mulcher vacuums for people who want more control over how the machine operates. Furthermore, the fact that you can easily change the required parts in order to turn it into a blower or mulcher, makes it great if you’ve got a lot to do and are in a hurry.


3. Greenworks 24312

Greenworks 24312The 24312 model from GREENWORKS is simple in design and features a brushless motor that provides a lot of torque and a variable speed function that allows the user to set the exact speed that he needs. As far as mulching is concerned, the ratio is 10:1 and the machine can shred almost all debris that is light enough to be vacuumed.

While it does not come with a battery, these are compatible with a wide variety of products from GREENWORKS, so it’s a great choice if you already have a few other compatible devices from the manufacturer.


  • Cordless – The device runs on rechargeable batteries, making it ideal if you have a large yard and do not want to drag an extension cord everywhere you go;
  • Brushless motor – The brushless motor design allows the device to run for longer than other models and gives it an extended lifetime;
  • Works great in any scenario – The model can easily handle anything you throw at it, including wet leaves;


  • Battery and recharger not included – As it stands, the package only includes the machine itself. Those interested must purchase the battery and the recharger stand separately;

What Makes It Different?

GREENWORKS has been around for quite some time, and they have cemented their reputation as a quality garden equipment manufacturer. If you have a large garden, chances are that you already own a couple of products from them. Overall, it is the best commercial leaf vacuum for individuals who are used to the brand and have other products that use compatible batteries.


4. Toro 51621 UltraLeaf Plus

Toro 51621 UltraLeaf PlusConsidered to be one of the best leaf vacuum models around in terms of power and durability, the UltraLeaf Plus model comes with a metal impeller that can even shred twigs without degrading and a powerful motor that generates 410 CFM while in vacuum mode. The device also comes with a variable speed control knob that enables the user to set the exact desired speed.


  • High CFM – The model can vacuum a high volume of leaves at once, which makes it great for larger workloads;
  • Bottom-zip bag – The design of the collection bag makes it easy to empty;
  • Variable speed control – The speed knob works in both vacuum as well as blower mode;
  • Great shredding capabilities – The metal impeller can easily shred any type of vacuumed leaves or twigs;


  • Corded – An extension cord is needed in order to use the vacuum, which means that you will have to drag a cable with you everywhere you go;

What Makes It Different?

The TORO 51621 is designed to be as durable as possible without sacrificing efficiency or versatility. Although the mulching ratio is not stable and will vary depending on the type of material that the device has to shred, the impeller is as durable as they come and the motor is powerful enough for all types of organic debris.


5. Kimo

KimoThe KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower/Vacuum may not have mulching capabilities, however, the feature that makes it the best leaf blower vac in terms of portability, is the fact that it only weighs 2 pounds. This makes it a great go-to device to keep in your car.


  • Adaptable design – you only have to move the blow tube to the air inlet in order to turn the blower into a vacuum. The collection bag then attaches to where the blow tube used to be;
  • Two bags included – the model comes with two reusable collection bags;
  • Fast charging and great battery – only 60 minutes are required for the battery to charge completely, and it will then allow the vacuum to run for 20 minutes at full power. The device can run for longer is set to a slower speed;


  • Not a real leaf vacuum – The device cannot vacuum leaves and may also get clogged if used in order to clean larger debris;

What Makes It Different?

This KIMO model is not a true leaf vacuum, rather a leaf blower that can also be used as a fully-fledged car vacuum. It may not be great for professionals, but it is a useful multifunctional tool to keep in your car, especially when considering that it works on batteries.


6. Toro 51617

Toro 51617Toro products are known for how easy they are to use, and the 51617 model is no exception. The device has only one button that controls its operation, and the two pieces that switch it from a blower to a vacuum are attached using a quick-release latch.

It is also worth mentioning that the 10.5-amp motor that the product comes with can generate up to 215 MPH, which is more than enough to blow or vacuum both dry and wet leaves.


  • No tools required – no tools are required in order to switch the device from a blower to a vacuum. Also, detaching the included collection bag is easy and can be done in seconds;
  • Cord lock system – the cord safety system allows the extension cord to be attached to the device so that it doesn’t accidentally unplug while using it;


  • Corded – Using the device requires that you attach an extension cord.

What Makes It Different?

Most of the best leaf vacuum mulcher reviews that can be found online include the TORO 51617, despite it not having mulching capabilities. This is due to the fact that the model is undeniably one of the easiest to use out there. There is basically only one button that you have to worry about and transforming it only requires that you pull on a latch.


7. Workx WG509 Trivac

Workx WG509 TrivacThe WG509 TRIVAC is considered to be one of the best leaf vacuums for individuals who want to need a very powerful mulching system. The model is modular and it can be turned from a vacuum to a blower without any tools or technical skills. Furthermore, it can be operated using only one switch and comes with 2-speed settings, the highest of which is 210 MPH.

However, the feature that truly makes this product shine is the mulching system. The WG509 uses an all-metal impeller that cuts leaves and twigs in two stages, resulting in a mulch ratio of 18:1.


  • Two-stage mulching system – The device comes with a metal impeller that can cut any type of leaf or twig. Overall, the system is far more powerful and efficient than that of any other model on the market;
  • Great for composting – The model is great if you want to turn all the shredded leaves into compost as the smaller pieces will decompose faster;
  • Powerful electric motor – The electric motor is powerful enough to also vacuum small twigs and wet leaves, even a few hours after it stops raining. The device can generate 210 MPH and 350 CFM;


  • It can be difficult to use for extended periods of time – The model has a lot of weight placed at the front which can make holding it with one hand seem heavier than it is. A forward handle would have been useful;

What Makes It Different?

The two-step mulcher system of the WG509 is far more efficient and effective than that of any other device. This makes the model perfect for individuals who have a large number of trees in their yard, but do not have enough room for the collected leaves.


8. Worx WG505

Worx WG505The WG505 successfully integrates 3 essential garden tools without compromising in terms of efficiency and power. One of the things that we liked the most was, the fact that the airspeed can be brought down, which makes it easier to clean corners and small spaces. Also, the tube of the device is angled in order to let the hand rest in a more comfortable position while using it.


  • High vacuuming power – The device can vacuum up to 14 gallons of dry leaves per minute;
  • Angled tube – The tube is angled downward in order to make it easier to handle the vacuum for extended periods of time;
  • Metal impeller – The metal impeller can shred both leaves and twigs and can even mulch party cups and small cardboard piece and confetti;


  • Can clog – The device can clog when vacuuming wet leaves;

What Makes It Different?

WORX has given the WG505 several features that place it above the competition. However, the efficient mulching system that has a 16:1 ratio is the most noticeable.

The large pipe of the model, along with the powerful motor and great shredding capabilities means that you can use it to clean anything from leaves and branches to party cups and confetti. Overall, the best leaf vacuum should be able to suck up all garden debris without any major issues and the WG505 gets the job done perfectly.


9. Toro 51618 Super

Toro 51618 SuperThis one might be the best leaf shredder and vacuum combos if you do not want to spend a lot of money, but still want something that has got a bit of kick to it. Its motor can generate 225 MPH, 390 CFM, and it has a mulch ratio of 10:1.


  • Extremely affordable – The 51618 is one of the most affordable combos on the market;
  • Lightweight – The device only weighs 7.2 pounds, making it one of the lighter vacuums on the market;
  • Durable bag – The included collection bag is tear-resistant and can be emptied in a few seconds;


  • Plastic impeller – The impeller is made entirely out of plastic which makes it prone to clogging. Furthermore, the mulching ratio tends to vary a lot when vacuuming wet leaves and twigs;

What Makes It Different?

The 51618 takes a great design and makes it more affordable. The engine is powerful enough to vacuum almost anything that you throw at it, the impeller mulches at a ratio of 10:1, and the entire unit only weighs a little over 7 pounds.


10. Black Decker BV6600

Black Decker BV6600When it comes to raw power, the BV6600 is one of the best leaf blower vacuum mulchers around. The electric motor can generate 250 MPH and has a mulch ratio of 16:1. Furthermore, it only produces 68 decibels, which is considerably less noisy than gas-powered vacuums.


  • High-impact fan – The durable metal fan is designed to shred anything and will not get clogged;
  • Powerful motor – The motor can generate speeds of 250 MPH, allowing it to vacuum or blow any type all organic garden debris, dry or wet;
  • Reusable collection bag – The collection bag has a zipper on the lower side which makes emptying it easy;


  • Bulky – The collection bag is attached to the lower side of the motor, which can make holding the vacuum awkward once it is full;

What Makes It Different?

The BV600 is designed as a heavy-duty convertible device. Its high impact mulching fan does not clog, and the powerful motor can vacuum or blow any type of leaves, twigs, and other debris. Furthermore, it only weighs 8.1 pounds, so it’s comfortable to use for more than one or two hours.


11. Worx WG510

Worx WG510The WG510 can be used as a vacuum, blower, or mulcher with virtually no effort. The only thing required in order to transform the device from a blower into a vacuum, is to attach the included collection bag.


  • Very high capacity – The model can generate 525 CFM at a speed of 65 MPH, making it great for clearing large areas in a small amount of time;
  • Shoulder strap – The included shoulder strap takes weight from the hand and spreads it over the shoulders and back;
  • Easy conversion – The device can be converted, without having to worry about accessories or extensions;
  • 3-year warranty – The product comes with a 3-year warranty in case anything stops working;


  • Vacuum function less powerful – The convertible works better as a blower than a vacuum;

What Makes It Different?

The fact that the device can be transformed without having to detach or attach various segments, makes it the best leaf vacuum mulcher to be given as a present or used by individuals who have never owned a similar product.


12. Black Decker BV3100

Black Decker BV3100Designed for heavy-duty vacuuming and mulching, the device can easily shred leaves and twigs with a ratio of 10:1. The 12-amp motor can generate an airflow of 210 MPH, and is powerful enough to vacuum wet leaves as well.


  • 2-speed settings – The user can choose between 2-speed settings both when vacuuming as well as blowing;
  • Silent operation – The device only generates 69 decibels while running, which is slightly louder than the sound produced by a normal conversation;


  • Mulching cannot be disabled – It is not possible to vacuum without mulching the leaves;

What Makes It Different?

Those looking for an affordable model that is compact, efficient, and simple to use may find that this is the best leaf vacuum for them. While it may not have the bells and whistles of other models, it does its job well and it is highly dependable.


13. Black Decker BEBL7000

Black Decker BEBL7000We have found that this Black Decker model has what it takes to become the best leaf vacuum in its price range, due to the fact that it offers ease-of-use, as well as superior comfort and power. The motor can generate airflows of 250 MPH and can mulch both leaves and twigs.


  • Backpack collection bag – The collection bag that comes with the model is reusable, it does not have a zipped and can be worn as a backpack;
  • Power boost button – The power boost button offers more power when the user requires it;
  • Flexy-tube – A large, highly-flexible tube connects the device to the collection bag, giving the user a greater range of movement;


  • Bulky – The device, along with the backpack collection bag can be bulky and restrict the places that you will be able to squeeze through;

What Makes It Different?

The BEBL7000 is designed for professionals and for homeowners who have very large yards. The ability to weak the collection bag as a backpack takes a lot of weight off the arms and places it on the back, and the power boost button only increases power when you need it, allowing the device to run silent and use as little power as possible in the rest of the time.


14. Greenworks BLV12B00

Greenworks BLV12B00GREENWORKS makes and sells a wide variety of Leaf Blower/Vacuum models, and most are known for being as expensive as they are powerful, however, the BLV12B00 is one of the most affordable products on the market.

This having been said, the manufacturer has not sacrificed the power of the device in order to lower its price. The BLV12B00 can generate 270 MPH and 400 CFM in order to blow or vacuum leaves, sticks and other debris. Furthermore, the product comes with a large metal impeller that can shred anything that passes through it.


  • Metal impeller – The device comes with a large, metal impeller that spins with enough force to shred both leaves as well as small twigs;
  • 2-speed switch – The 2-speed switch offers greater control over how the device operates;
  • Affordable – The BLV12B00 is one of the most affordable products in its category;
  • 4-year warranty – The manufacturer offers a 4-year warranty in order to protect your investment, provided that you maintain it properly;


  • Low-quality collection bag – The collection bag included with the model is easy to tear and scratch if you get it caught in bushes or tree branches;

What Makes It Different?

The BLV12B00 is the best leaf blower mulcher for individuals who have a tight budget, but still want a powerful and efficient product. The model may not have a lot of features, but it does its job well and it comes with a 4-year warranty.


15. Toro 51617 Rake And Vac

Toro 51617 Rake And VacThe TORO 51617 is sleek, comfortable and easy to use. Changing its operation mode is done using several attachments that connect through a quick-release latch system. No tools are required for the conversion process and there are no small detachable parts such as screws or pins, that could be lost or broken.

Both vacuuming and blowing come with two different speeds that can go up to 210 MPH. Also, the vacuum mode can generate 3350 CFM, making it great for a variety of applications, including trash collection.


  • Cord lock – The model comes with a slot that allows you to lock the extension cord, so that it doesn’t unplug during use;
  • Extremely light – The device only weighs 6.5 pounds, making it one of the lightest models in the market;


  • Extension cord required – Although it is an electric model, it does not run on batteries and you will need an extension cord in order to use it;
  • Plastic impeller – The plastic impeller is not nearly as efficient as metal ones. While it can shred leaves without any problems, it starts having problems when you vacuum small twigs;

What Makes It Different?

While it may not be the best leaf mulcher as a result of having a plastic impeller, it will get the job done and it works great as a leaf vacuum. The model is a great choice for beginners who have never owned one of these products before.


16. Worx WG518

Worx WG518WORKS has designed the WG518 in order to cater to the needs of professionals – in terms of both power and speed of use. Modifying the model in order to serve as a vacuum, blower or mulcher is extremely simple and does not require any tools, and the package includes a reusable collection bag.

In terms of performance, the device can generate an airflow of 250 MPH, it comes with a 2-speed setting and has a mulch ratio of 16:1.


  • Comfortable grip – Although it weighs a little over 10 pounds, the device has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold even for prolonged periods of time;
  • Metal impeller – The mulcher can shred pretty much anything that it vacuums, without deteriorating the impeller;
  • Shoulder strap – The device comes with a shoulder strap that helps take the bulk of the weight from the hands and place it on the shoulders and back, making it easier to handle;


  • Corded – An extension cord is required in order to use the device;
  • Can get clogged – Vacuuming a large number of leaves at once can clog the device, which means that you will have to turn it off, take the vacuum extension off, empty it by hand and then put it back together;

What Makes It Different?

This is a model that produces very little noise, has a lot of shredding and vacuuming power, and is built to last. It can be a great choice for professionals who take small cleaning jobs, or for homeowners who have never owned a leaf vacuum or leaf blower before.


17. Greenworks 24022

Greenworks 24022The 24022 model from GREENWORKS is one of the best leaf blowers’ vacuums as far as electric devices are concerned. While it may not appear like much, it offers superior durability when compared to almost all the other similar products that are commercially available and even comes with a whopping 4-year warranty.

Performance-wise, the 12-volt motor that comes with the product is able to generate 230 MPH and 375 CFM, which is more than enough to clear or vacuum any sort of garden debris. Also, the model comes with a 2-speed switch that gives users more control over how it operates.


  • Included collection bag – The model comes with a durable, reusable collection bag;
  • 2-speed switch – The device features a switch that gives users more control over the speed of the motor;
  • 4-year warranty – The manufacturer offers a 4-year warranty for all the parts of the vacuum. The product will be repaired or replaced if anything breaks, as a result of design and manufacturing flaws


  • Not cordless – Using the device requires that you attach an extension cord, which can be difficult to use in larger areas that have a lot of obstacles;

What Makes It Different?

One of the main things that set this model apart from other similar products is the fact that it comes with a 4-year warranty. If you don’t know what model to choose and are worried that the product that you get might break down, then this one is a good choice. Furthermore, the 24022 is surprisingly powerful for its size and can easily clean a large yard.


18. Teccpo TABV01G

Teccpo TABV01GThe TABV01G from TECCPO is a fully convertible device that is designed to be useful throughout the yard, regardless of the season. Equipped with extremely durable 65 mn spring steel mulching blades, the model can even shred small twigs without getting stuck.

In terms of performance, the device offers a highly useful variable speed setting that allows the user to reduce speed down to 170 MPH when cleaning tight spaces, or to increase it to 250 MPH in open areas.

We loved the fact that TECCPO has improved its old collection bag design by adding an extra fabric layer that is designed to keep leaf fragments from finding their way out and onto your clothes. The usefulness of this newly added layer is most visible when mulching, because it will also stop liquids from seeping out of the bag.


  • 3-in-1 design – The convertible design makes the TABV01G be useful in a larger number of scenarios. Furthermore, changing the way it works is as easy as replacing the pipe of the vacuum/blower and attaching or removing the collection bag;
  • Variable speed – The ability to lower the speed of the vacuum is extremely useful when cleaning out corners and surfaces that are covered with gravel or sand;
  • Great collection bag design – The collection bag has a zipper attached to its lower portion, which makes it easier to empty, and the double layer coating will easily prevent debris from getting blown onto your clothes;
  • High mulching ratio – The mulching ratio of 16:01, combined with the fact that the collection bag has a capacity of over 10 gallons, makes the TABV01G a great choice for cleaning large areas;


  • Low-quality zipper – The zipper on the collection bag can get stuck and should be replaced with a separately bought heavy-duty one if you intend to use the device on a daily basis;

What Makes It Different?

Overall, the TABV01G is great for individuals who do not have a lot of storage room to keep their tools. The device has a great design and will fit almost anywhere when disassembled.

Furthermore, this is one of the more powerful electric convertible products available for purchase. The only downside is that it is corded, and you will require an extension cord in order to use it in larger areas.


19. Topelek 3 In 1

Topelek 3 In 1Cleaning your yard should not have to be hard work, and this model from TOPELEK is a good example of how a small design choice can make things considerably easier. The convertible device comes with a unique vacuum pipe that has 2 small plastic wheels attached to it.

This eliminates the need to actually lift the vacuum up and carry it around when cleaning the yard. This having been said, the wheels are attached only to the vacuum accessory. Using the model as a blower will still require that you carry it.


  • Wheels – The two wheels that are attached to the lower half of the vacuum pipe are extremely durable and will be useful on any type of surface, even grass. They are wide enough so they will not sink into the ground, and they do not make it difficult to make sharp turns when cleaning corners of small spaces;
  • 7-speed settings – The ability to select one of 7 operating speeds allows the user to remove debris from a wide variety of surfaces, including portions of the yard that are covered with gravel and small stones;
  • Angled design – The lower half of the vacuum pipe is angled like a traditional household vacuum, making it easier to move around the yard;


  • Wheels only for vacuum pipe – The wheels are attached to the vacuum pipe itself, which means that once you turn the device into a blower, you will still have to carry it around the yard;

What Makes It Different?

This is a great model for older individuals who do not have the strength to carry the full weight of a large leaf vacuum around the yard.

Its frontal wheels are large enough to be useful on any type of terrain, even after it rains, and the angled design of its vacuum pipe enables it to work without having to hold your hand in an awkward position. Furthermore, the device is fully convertible, so you still get 3 with a single purchase.


20. Sun Joe SBJ606E 4 In 1

Sun Joe SBJ606E 4 In 1While it may look fairly basic, the SBJ606E is surprisingly effective around the yard, mainly due to the fact that it can also be used as a gutter, in addition to its vacuum/blower/mulcher function. From a functional point of view, the device has a mulching ratio of 16:01 and comes with 6 adjustable wind speeds, which make it useful on any type of surface.

The vacuum also features a large, 18-gallon collection bag that does not need to be emptied as often as that of other models. It also comes with a long gutter cleaning attachment that can extend the device’s reach up to 15 feet.


  • Large collection bag – With a mulching ratio of 16:1, it will take a very long time to completely fill up the 18-gallon collection bag;
  • Gutter cleaning extension – The included gutter cleaning extension is easy to attach and to use. Furthermore, it can also be used in order to clean other hard to reach spots around the yard;
  • Durable impeller – The impeller of the mulcher is made out of aluminum alloy and will be able to also shred small twigs and wet leaves without any issues;
  • Warranty – Sun Joe offers a 2-year warranty for all their electric products, including the SBJ606E;


  • Not great with acorns – The vacuum will collect only smaller, dry acorns;

What Makes It Different?

The SBJ606E doesn’t have many of the advanced features of other devices, however, it does come with basic things that are essential for a device of this type. It has a large collection bag, the gutter cleaning attachment is extremely useful to have during autumn, and the ability to set one of 6 wind speeds makes it great on sandy surfaces or ones covered with gravel.


21. Sun Joe SBJ702E

Sun Joe SBJ702EElectric convertible models are usually a lot lighter than gas-powered ones, but many are still too heavy to carry and use for extended periods of time. Sun Joe has solved this issue with its SBJ702E model by adding large wheels to the front of the vacuum tube. This makes the device easier to use and relieves all stress that would normally be put on the arms and the upper back.

One of the main things that we loved about this model is the fact that it can be converted from a vacuum/mulcher to a leaf blower by simply flicking a switch. It is not required to swap any components, and this also means that the wheels will also be useful when using it as a blower.


  • Frontal wheels – The wheels of the device can support most of the weight of the convertible device and they are useful when blowing as well as vacuuming debris;
  • One-switch operation – It is not required to swap components in order to switch the way in which the device functions, which means that you can go from vacuuming to blowing in a single second;
  • Raking teeth – The end of the vacuum/blower pipe features raking teeth that can be used in order to collect or break down wet leaves;
  • Collapsible tubes – The tube assembly can be extended and collapsed, making it easy to store;


  • Poorly designed shoulder strap – The shoulder strap does not have a cushioned pad and can dig into your skin after extended use. This is not a problem if you use the wheels all the time, however, carrying the device can quickly become uncomfortable, especially when vacuuming wet leaves which tend to add a lot of weight;

What Makes It Different?

The SBJ702E is great for older users who do not have the endurance required to carry the full weight of a regular leaf vacuum/blower for extended periods of time. Thanks to the design of its vacuum attachment, using the device is as easy as using a regular household vacuum. Furthermore, the collection bag is attached to the lower side of the motor and much of its weight will also fall on the frontal wheels.


22. Ryobi VoltAttack

Ryobi VoltAttackMost electric vacuums need to be plugged into a wall outlet in order to work, which can drastically limit the area that you can clean, especially if there are a lot of obstacles that extension cords could get tangled in.

The VoltAttack model is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which is compatible with a wide variety of other products from RYOBI. This makes the model great to have, if you already own other devices from the same manufacturer.

The VoltAttack comes with a metal impeller that can shred both wet leaves as well as small twigs and has a mulch ratio of 16:01, making it great for larger areas. This having been said, the main downside with this device is the fact that it cannot also be used as a blower.


  • Uses batteries – The fact that it uses batteries makes the model virtually limitless in terms of range, provided that you have spares to replace the depleted ones
  • Frontal wheels – The wheels on the bottom of the device take the weight off of your shoulder and back
  • Metal impeller – The metal impeller can shred anything from twigs, wet leaves to small acorns
  • Great mulching ratio – The 16:01 mulch ratio is great if you have a large yard and not enough space to throw the leaves that you vacuum
  • Interchangeable batteries – The batteries are compatible with those from other devices produced by this manufacturer, which means that you can use the ones that you already have instead of having to buy them separately


  • Battery and charger not included – The product does not come with a battery or charger and this will add to the total cost of the device
  • Not a convertible device – The device only works as a vacuum/mulcher. You will have to buy a separate product to use as a leaf blower

What Makes It Different?

The main feature that sets the VoltAttack apart from other similar devices is the fact that it uses rechargeable batteries. This gives it a great level of flexibility when compared to other models. Furthermore, the fact that the batteries are also compatible with a number of products from RYOBI makes it a great purchase if you already own other products from the manufacturer, such as a leaf blower.


FAQs on Leaf Vacuums

1. Should I Get A Leaf Blower Or A Vacuum?

Leaf blowers are great mainly because they can move a larger volume of leaves, at a faster pace. The downside is that the leaves will still be in your yard. Moving them around can be a great solution if you don’t mind blowing them on grass-covered portions where they will slowly rot away.

Leaf vacuums help solve this issue entirely due to the fact that they get clean the yard by collecting leaves, instead of simply moving them out of the way. Furthermore, the collected organic material can then be mulched and used, or it can be thrown in the trash bin.

2. Are Leaf Blowers Worth It?

Most people who buy leaf blowers are impressed by how much power these devices really have. This having been said, they do tend to only be useful in certain situations, due to the fact that they do not actually get rid of the leaves. It is also important to keep in mind that a large number of leaf blowers can be converted to vacuums and mulchers, which makes them much more useful than others.

Overall, leaf blowers are usually worth their price only if they can also be used as vacuums, and if you have a large yard that you cannot clean efficiently using a rake or a broom.

3. Can You Use A Leaf Vacuum On Wet Leaves?

It depends on the model that you get. Wet leaves are heavier than dry ones and also tend to stick to the ground or to bunch up together, making them harder to collect. Generally speaking, vacuums can be used on wet leaves, provided that they have powerful motors. Most manufacturers will specify that their products can also be used for wet leaves.

4. Are Leaf Blowers Faster Than Rakes?

Leaf blowers, particularly convertible ones that can also vacuum are considerably more efficient than rakes. Manual tools are usually only useful if you have a very small area that you have to clean up, but their small range only makes them useful in certain situations.

Electric or gas-powered devices can cover much larger areas in record time, especially if they can also be used as leaf vacuums, which can collect both wet leaves as well as small twigs. This having been said, the efficiency of these devices can be increased even more if using several collection bags, so that you won’t have to stop every time one gets full in order to empty it.

5. Can You Use A Leaf Vacuum On Gravel?

Most dry leaves are extremely light and can be vacuumed on any type of surface, but you will need to use the lowest power setting in order to suck them up without also vacuuming the gravel. If you want to be sure, there is also the option of looking for a dedicated landscape leaf vacuum that is designed to not disturb the soil or the material that is under the leaves.

6. Do Garden Vacuums Pick Up Stones?

No. These devices are only powerful enough to vacuum leaves, wet or dry, and very small twigs. They do not have the capability to suck up small stones, however, they may end up also vacuuming sand if used on a higher power setting. If you are concerned with the fact that a garden vacuum may disturb the soil underneath the leaves, try using it at the lowest power setting.

Best Leaf Vacuums – Your choice?

Finding the best leaf vacuum can be difficult if you do not know what to look for, however, there is a lot of information online that can help you understand what kind of product you need for your specific type of yard or garden.

All the products that we have included in this article are popular among both professional landscapers as well as regular homeowners who like to keep their yard clean at all times.

This having been said, we recommend that you first go through all the information that we have put at your disposal, consider what kind of product would best suit your needs, and only then go through the products that we have reviewed.

Apart from the information that we have included in this article, it is recommended that you go online and look for customer reviews for the product that you intend to buy. If you want to go for a gas-powered vacuum, then you should check the price of spare parts or tutorials on how to repair the product.

Chances are that you will never need this information, but it is better to be aware of how much replacement parts cost prior to making a purchase.

We recommend that you also visit the manufacturer’s website before buying a product. Certain companies sell various accessories that are often developed only after a product has been on the shelves for a few months. Also, you may find additional information regarding the type of customer support that they offer, as well as what kind of repair service centers there are in your area.