Best Solar Garden Lights of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Urpower 2. TomCare 3. Gigalumi
Urpower Best Solar Garden Light TomCare Flickering Solar Lights Gigalumi 6810

Garden lamps are just as important in smaller spaces as they are in larger ones. However, while it is easy to use a regular lighting fixture or a lamp that can be plugged in an outlet in order to light a small garden, larger areas may require products that have their own power supply.

This is where being able to find the best solar garden light is important, as these can save you a world of trouble and make your yard really stand out. The biggest issue when it comes to choosing a great product is the fact that there are a lot of manufacturers and models, making it difficult to determine which ones are actually worth your money.


This guide will help you understand what you should look for in a quality solar lamp, how to maintain it, and provide a few options to choose from.

Please keep in mind that the products reviewed in this guide are not necessarily chosen for their price, but as a result of their great quality and popularity among homeowners and landscapers.

Solar Lamps Are A Must-Have For Any Type Of Garden

Solar lamps are an invaluable tool for any type of garden. They are both a necessity and a great way to emphasize certain elements in your yard.

A couple of quality solar lamps can easily light up a small garden making it even more beautiful, or they can be placed around decorative objects, in order to draw attention to them. From a functional point of view, lamps can also be used in order to mark paths that go through larger gardens or to help separate various plants.

Landscapers regularly use them in as many places as possible because they are affordable, small, and they can be installed virtually anywhere. Furthermore, they require no technical skill to install and almost no maintenance is needed – when compared to wired garden lamps.

Also, when it comes to durability, the best solar lights for garden will be able to withstand almost any type of weather and will work just as well in the heat of summer, as they will during the coldest winter months. This having been said, here are a couple of ways in which solar lamps could benefit gardens of different sizes and in different scenarios.

1. Low-maintenance lighting source – The lamps require little maintenance, they are cheaper than other similar products on the market and they can be installed in any kind of soft surface, from gravel to sand and dirt

2. Mark pathways and make them easier to see during the night – Those who have large gardens with tall plants will know how difficult it may sometimes be to pay attention to where you step during the night. Lamps are a great way to mark the paths like an airport strip. They shine enough light for you to see both the path, as well as the vegetation near it

3. Draw attention to beautiful plants and decorations – Landscapers regularly use them in order to light up small decorative objects or larger plants

4. Deter rodents – Nocturnal animals such as rats and mice tend to avoid the light and brighter garden lamps can essentially create a wall around your garden. However, this does require that the light of the lamps can reach the soil and is not obstructed by leaves or various objects

5. Easy to switch around – Unlike cabled outdoor lighting solutions, solar garden lights are entirely self-contained. This means that they do not require any additional components in order to work and they will be ready to go right after you stick them in the ground.

This flexibility gives you the opportunity to play around with different decoration and lighting ideas, as you’ll be able to simply pick them up and move them to another position when you want to

6. They work throughout the year – The lamps do not require much light in order to charge, and they will work perfectly even during cloudy or foggy days. As long as sunlight reaches them during the day, they will be able to illuminate the garden at nighttime

How Do Solar-Powered Lamps Work?

The operating principle behind lamps is relatively simple. Most modern solar garden lamps have four electrical components: an LED light, a small photovoltaic solar panel, a light sensor, and an internal battery.

When sunlight hits the photovoltaic panel, it recharges the battery, which then powers the LED light once the sensor detects that it is nighttime. It is important to keep in mind that the lamps will recharge even if it is cloudy or foggy outside, however, the lamps may be less bright.

The capacity of the batteries is usually not specified by the manufacturer, but all of them are designed to last throughout the night, so the lamp should have enough juice for at least 8 hours, even after a rainy day.

Some of the best solar garden lights on the market can come with several LEDs or extra-bright ones. While these illuminate more, they will also drain the battery faster. Other than the increased brightness, they may also have larger batteries and upgraded solar panels, in order to power the extra LEDs.

In terms of installation, they don’t require any sort of cables or connection to an outlet. Just stick them into the ground and wait one day for the batteries to charge. Most products come out of the factory with empty batteries.

The Main Types Of Garden Lights

Generally speaking, there are several types of garden lamps to choose from and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. One thing that they have in common is the fact that they are designed to function in any type of weather, regardless of the season. Here are the main ones.

1. Floodlights

These hangable lights must be plugged into a wall outlet; however, they do give off a lot of light. They are usually useful for illuminating specific places such as barbecue grills, but they are difficult to use in greater numbers or to be placed further away from the home. Also, there’s always the danger of accidentally cutting the cords while mowing the lawn

2. Spotlights

Spotlights are great for visual effect, but they also need to be plugged in and do not come with built-in batteries or light sensors, making them an on-demand lighting source

3. Uplighters

These lights are essentially spotlights that are embedded in the ground. They work the same way and are wired, but have the advantage of having all wires out of sight

4. String Lights

These are nothing more than lightbulbs that have been connected to each other. They are great for lighting the garden, but do not offer a lot of flexibility. They are basically long cords that must be placed throughout the yard. The downside is that you will have cords hanging everywhere;

5. Solar Garden Lamps

The best solar garden lights will last for at least a couple of years and can be easily moved around and rearranged. These come in a variety of designs and do not have to be plugged in.

Integrated solar panels are used to charge up small batteries that can keep the LEDs on throughout the night. These do not necessarily require sunny days in order to recharge and will also work during rain and fog.

There are dozens of models of garden lamps, regardless of type, but manufacturers usually focus most on solar ones. These can be found in all shapes and sizes, and some companies even make modular lamps that can be both inserted into the soil as well as hung on branches or wires.

The flexibility that they offer makes them one of the best choices for individuals who do not want to have to buy different products every time they redesign their garden. This having been said, it is important to keep in mind that each of the garden lamp types presented above has advantages and disadvantages.

However, most homeowners and landscapers prefer solar lamps due to their high flexibility and durability. They are waterproof and weatherproof, and their LEDs will work for several years without requiring replacement. Also, the internal batteries do not lose capacity over time and can work in below-freezing temperatures.

In the end, it is more a matter of personal taste. Each homeowner must decide if flexibility and dependability are more important, or if they simply need a device that can illuminate a large area but is dependent on a constant power supply.

Why Solar Power Is The Way To Go In Terms Of Garden Lamps?

Solar power is environmentally friendly and renewable, but most important of all, it is free. More and more manufacturers are developing products that use as little power as possible, in order to minimize running costs, but solar panels can essentially make keeping a device turn on completely free.

Here are some of the main advantages of using solar power devices.

1. Low Running Costs

Unlike devices that need to be constantly plugged in in order to run, which tend to use a lot of power, such as spotlights and floodlights, these draw their power from UV radiation generated by our sun. Products that are equipped with solar panels cost absolutely nothing to keep running in terms of electricity and most will even be able to draw power from the sun on foggy or rainy days

2. High Durability

Solar power devices are considerably more durable than the ones that must be plugged into an outlet. The panels themselves are rugged and cannot be damaged by water, dust, or the heat generated by the sun

3. Great For Those Living Off The Grid

Those who choose to live off the grid or have homes in remote areas that are not connected to the electrical grid can use solar power devices without having to run generators or to plug them into power banks in order to recharge them

4. Easy To Maintain

When it comes to outdoor solar products such as garden lamps, owners simply need to remember to clean the panels every couple of weeks, in order to ensure that dust does not build up on the sensor and block the sunlight

Generally speaking, solar-powered devices are much more dependable than traditional ones that either have batteries that need to be periodically recharged or are dependent on a constant power supply from an electrical outlet.

As an added bonus, they eliminate any logistics issues that you may have with wired lamps. Solar models do not require outlets, they do not have cables, and installing them does not require any sort of tools and can be done without the help of an electrician.

This having been said, it is important to keep in mind that even the best solar garden lights have disadvantages. If you live in an area where it is constantly raining, or the sky is covered in clouds on a daily basis, the solar panels will still transform light into electricity, but at a slower pace. This means that the LEDs will not be as bright as usual.

Solar Lights That Can Help Keep Your Home Safe

Solar lamps are useful for a larger number of things. They can help illuminate your garden, they can be used in order to mark paths, but the devices also prove extremely useful as a cheap and effective security system, especially in the case of those who have a very large yard.

Some of the best solar lights for garden applications also come with motion sensors. While these are primarily designed to help save power during the night by only turning the LEDs on when you go by, they can also be used in order to detect if someone is in your garden after dark.

In order to effectively use solar garden lamps as a security system, you must choose models that have accurate motion sensors and bright LEDs. These will ensure that if they detect someone, the lamps will also be able to illuminate the person’s face.

As far as installation goes, the best course of action is to create a perimeter around the garden or the home, and to also place lamps near gates and alongside fences. However, keep in mind that you should avoid placing them under roofs as this will block their ability to recharge.

Also, don’t try to hide them. Doing so will only make it more difficult for you to see the light and block sunlight from reaching the photovoltaic panels.

A perimeter composed of solar garden lamps can also serve as an alarm system if you live in a region where bears and other wild animals tend to enter populated areas.

The lamps will let you know if an animal has entered your property, but their light may also scare them off. The best part is that if the animals damage one or two lams, they are affordable enough to replace without any issues.

What To Look For In Best Solar Garden Light?

There are hundreds of types of solar garden lamps, and different models are best suited for different purposes. However, generally speaking, here are a few things that you have to look for in order to ensure that the products are worth the money.

1. Choose A Model That Has A Quality Photovoltaic Panel

Look through the review of the products and determine if the lamp has a durable, efficient solar panel or not. The best solar garden lights should always be able to recharge their batteries, even on cloudy days.

2. Thick Plastic

Make sure that the models that you’re getting are made from thick, durable plastic. Some manufacturers use thin plastic shells in order to make the lamps lighter and cheaper. However, the thin layers can easily become brittle and crack after a few months, especially if there are large temperature fluctuations in your area.

3. More Than One LED

Some lamps have an entire array of LEDs that can light a much larger area than regular ones. Look for models that have at least 2 lights. This will not only mean that you can place them further apart, but also that they will be able to easily illuminate paths and terraces.

4. Stainless-Steel Or Aluminum

Those who need solar garden lamps that can last several years without degrading, will find that the best choice is a model that has a stainless-steel or aluminum shell or pole. These can take a lot of abuse and can be placed in any type of soil.

5. Good Seal

Make sure that the actual case of the lamp is properly sealed. All solar garden lamps are advertised as being weatherproof, however, this is not always the case.

Look at the product and ensure that water cannot get into it, otherwise, you may find that the lamps will stop working every time it rains. The alternative would be to collect them and get them under a roof when it is raining, but this is never a good option;

6. Reviews

Always look at reviews when considering buying a product. If none are available on the website that you found the lamp on, type its name on Google and you are bound to find at least a couple of individuals who have bought and used them.

This having been said, all the products included in this guide are the preferred choice of both homeowners as well as landscapers. They either come from trusted manufacturers that have been around for a few years, or are some of the most popular products that are currently available on the market.

All of them are durable, they have a great price-to-quality ratio, and most can be mixed and matched however you like, in order to decorate the garden without making compromises.

Top 25 Best Solar Garden Lights 2022

1. Urpower 2-In-1 Solar Lights

Urpower Best Solar Garden LightA great solar garden lamp that also functions as a spotlight

The 2-in-1 Solar Lights from URPOWER are actually the third installment of multifunctional garden lights that the manufacturer has developed. The devices come with large photovoltaic panels that can completely recharge the batteries in as little as 6 hours, and 4 LEDs are placed close together.

One of the most important features of this model is the fact that all the LEDs face the same direction, basically transforming it into a solar-powered spotlight. This makes it great for those who need a light that they can point at walls or decorative garden elements.

The URPOWER Lamps are also extremely flexible, both in terms of positioning as well as use. The devices can be placed into the ground, like other similar products, or they can be attached to walls using the included screws.

Furthermore, the model works in any weather, being able to adapt to rain and fog, in order to ensure that it will always generate the same amount of light.

It is important to mention the fact that the lamps are also winterproof, so they can be left out all year long.


2. TomCare Flickering Solar Lights

TomCare Flickering Solar LightsSolar lights that have been designed to resemble torches

These TomCare lamps are far from ordinary in terms of design. The LEDs contained in the lamps are set to flicker, emulating real flames. From a decorative point of view, these can be used to great effect if you place them on the side of driveways or use them in order to mark paths.

The lamps are 43 inches tall, making them great as safe torch alternatives for events, or if you just want solar lights that are different. Each of the lamps contains a 2200mAh battery that needs around 8 hours of sunlight in order to recharge, however, once full, the lamps will function for up to 12 hours.

In addition to the great design and the high battery capacity, the lamps also come with a security feature that activates them when they detect movement nearby. In addition, you can use the TomCare Solar Lights throughout the year and the batteries will not lose storage capacity if left outside during the winter.

The downside is that the LEDs cast a soft light, which is great for decoration, but not extremely useful if you are looking to illuminate the entire garden.


3. Gigalumi 6810

Gigalumi 6810Solar lamps that are basic in design but durable

The 6810 solar garden lamps from GIGALUMI do not have any of the bells and whistles of other models; however, they have been designed for maximum durability. The lamps are made from stainless steel elements with only one plastic piece that acts as a protection screen for the LEDs.

Those who have a large garden and need a dozen identical lamps that can be placed at even distances in order to illuminate a large area, will find these to be quite useful.

The lamps recharge in 8 hours and can generate light for another 8 on a single charge. Also, they are completely weatherproof and can be easily disassembled into 4 pieces that are easy to store during the winter.

If you do not want to use the built-in light sensor in order to automate the lamps, they also come with a switch placed under the cap that contains the LED.

It is also important to mention the fact that the manufacturer also offers packages that contain 12 lamps that are divided into 6 different colors, making them great for seasonal decoration.


4. GardenBliss 

GardenBliss A 10-unit pack of perfectly sealed solar lights that is great for humid areas

The 10-lamp pack from GardenBliss is specially created for rainy areas. The devices may look simple in design, however, they come with a double seal that protects the LEDs and other internals from water, dust, and mud.

While the garden lamps will not work if completely submerged into water – due to the fact that they cannot recharge as well as they normally would, they can withstand even the most powerful storms without any problems. All units are waterproof, so the electronics will never be damaged by water.

Furthermore, the manufacturer guarantees that the units will work for well over 30,000 hours without requiring any kind of repairs. The materials used in making them are high-quality and ensure that the lamps won’t break if thrown or stepped on by dogs and other larger pets.

In terms of internals, GardenBliss has included an extra-bright LED and big rechargeable batteries that can keep the lights on for up to 12 hours.

The lamps also come with two height options: 8 inches, which is great for marking paths, and 12 inches, for those who want to use them in order to illuminate large areas of their garden.


5. Signature Garden

Signature GardenGarden lamps that can generate 15 lumens of light

Able to generate 15 lumens each, these lamps from Signature Garden are great for a variety of applications. Their all-weather design makes them ideal to use in order to mark gates or paths, but they can also be placed between flowers and bushes in order to illuminate them in a spectacular way.

The lamps themselves are made from rugged ABS plastic, making them light, but the smooth silver coating on the stake and cap keep the design elegant.

It is also important to mention the fact that the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee for this model and will replace any unit that breaks, provided that you properly maintain it and it doesn’t stop working while in use..

During testing, we have noticed that the lamps can be used to illuminate an even larger area by placing them at different heights. Also, once fully charged, the batteries will power the lights for up to 8 hours.

As a warning, please keep in mind that these are water-resistant, not waterproof. They will work great during storms, but the electronics may stop working if they tip over and are left in large puddles for extended periods of time.


6. Sursun 16-Pack

SursunSolar lamps that are specifically designed to look great around patios and driveways

When it comes to durability and style, the lamps from SURSUN are some of the best in the market. The units are simple in design, but look great and are made from highly durable materials that ensure that they will always work as intended.

Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will refund the money if you are not pleased with the product. SURSUN will also replace all units that malfunction during the first 12 months after purchasing them.

The plastic cover of the lamps is also designed to evenly disperse the light without lowering its intensity. While they are primarily designed to illuminate driveways, patios, and paths, the LED’s are powerful enough to light the entire garden if placed at even distances from one another.

Although the tip of the stake is made from plastic, the head of the lamp, as well as the shell that covers the electronics are made entirely out of stainless steel that is hard to bend or scratch. This makes them great for individuals who have large breeds of dogs and are worried that the pets might chew on the lamps.


7. Maggift

MaggiftSolar lights that are designed for decoration as much as they are for illumination

These are far more than simple garden lights. Maggift has given the shells of the lamps intricate designs that turn them into great decorative objects.

While they are shorter than other models and do not have a plastic protective case, these are weather resistant and can withstand both the low temperatures of winter, as well as heavy storms without any issues.

In terms of design, the lamps have different cutout patterns on their shells, which enables the LEDs to cast beautiful shadows on the ground. This makes them useful both for illuminating the garden, as well as for drawing patterns on the lawn.

The downside is that the LED’s only generate 3 lumens, which is not enough to light paths and driveways. Furthermore, the stakes are extremely short when compared to other models, which limits how far the light is projected.

Provided that the lamps get enough sunlight, their batteries can recharge in 6 hours, after which they can remain on for up to 12 hours.


8. Litom 12 LED Spotlights

Litom 12 LED SpotlightsUltrabright solar-powered spotlights that can also be mounted on walls

The lamps for Litom are designed to generate large amounts of light using only the power received from their solar panels. Each of the lamps contains 12 high-power LEDs that can generate up to 600 Lumens. This is more than enough to illuminate large areas of the garden at once.

Combined with the ability to mount the spotlights on walls, the high-power LEDs make the units extremely useful in a variety of scenarios.

They can be attached to walls and pointed at the garden in order to light large areas or driveways, but they can also be placed in the soil and pointed upward in order to highlight large garden decorations.

As far as durability is concerned, the units are made from ABS plastic and use IP67 waterproof technology in order to ensure that even the worst storms will be unable to damage them.

The lamps come with a 30-day refund policy and are guaranteed to work for at least 24 months.


9. InnoGear 2-in-1

InnoGear 2-in-1Highly efficient garden lights that have 4 LEDs and can be mounted on walls

Although the lamps from InnoGear look simple, there is a lot of technology inside them. The large solar panels mounted on top can quickly recharge the batteries, even if not placed in direct sunlight, and the 4 LEDs of the lamps can each generate 50 lumens, making them great for large gardens.

Those looking to have more control over the lamps can choose one of two lighting modes that change the brightness levels of the LEDs.

The units come with 2200 mAh batteries that can keep the lights on for up to 12 hours while in low light mode and for around 6 if set to high. The lamps take 8 hours to recharge completely, even if not placed in direct sunlight.

Every lamp is equipped with a sensor that automatically turns it on at nighttime. Unfortunately, these are extremely sensitive and you must place the units out of the range of other lamps, or they won’t turn on after the sun sets.


10. Tonulax

TonulaxBeautiful solar lamps that are shaped like flowers

Not all solar garden lamps are bulky and look like a metal rod. The ones from TONULAX resemble beautiful lilies. The units do not have stakes, like other models. Instead, they are shaped like an actual flower, with the solar panels being attached to the stem.

The LEDs are placed in the flower and shine through the material. The petals and leaves are made entirely from a flexible synthetic fabric that is weather-resistant and does not tear easily. Furthermore, the stems have a metal wire at their core that can be bent in any shape that you want.

This having been said, the lights are not designed to actually illuminate large areas. They are great decorations and they do cast a bit of light on the surrounding area, but the overall design is more suited for individuals who want dim lighting in their garden.

It is important to mention the fact that the stems have several flowers and each one contains an LED. Homeowners can use the units in order to mark a path through their garden, but they can also place them around other garden decorations in order to draw attention to them.


11. Beau Jardin

Beau JardinSolar lamps that have stainless steel stakes and glass protectors

The garden lamps from Beau Jardin are definitely some of the best solar lights for garden decoration. Built from highly durable materials such as stainless steel and glass, they look great, feel great, and can last for several years without any wear and tear.

Measuring over 16 inches in height, the units have a large footprint and are extremely easy to notice. Their height also makes it easy for the LEDs to illuminate a larger area, and the glass screens that cover them cast light in a beautiful 360-degree pattern.

Able to generate 6 lumens, the LEDs use very little power and the integrated batteries can keep them running for up to 12 hours. Also, the large solar panels on top can recharge the lamps even when they are not constantly in direct sunlight.

These lamps from Beau Jardin have glass LED protective screens and stainless-steel stakes. They are as much a lighting solution as they are elegant decorations for your garden.


12. Maggift 12-Pack

Maggift 12-PackAll the garden lights that you will ever need in an affordable package

The 12-pack from Maggift is great for individuals who do not necessarily need solar lights for their garden, but want to try them out and play with them until they find a good configuration for their garden.

The entire package is very affordable, which also makes it great for those who are on a budget, but the price does not detract from the build quality.

When placed in direct sunlight, the solar panels can recharge the batteries in around 6 hours. A full charge can keep the lights on for at least 8 hours.

The lamps are 13.5-inches tall; they are waterproof and can also be used during the winter. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers service for 6 months after purchasing the product, in case anything malfunctions or does not work as advertised.

Containing 12 lamps, this is a great product for individuals who have never used solar garden lamps before and are unsure how many they need for their yard or how they can place them for maximum effect. Storing the units is also simple, as they can be broken down into 3 smaller pieces.


13. CGN

CGNBright and colorful garden lights that look like lava lamps

While far from basic in terms of design, these lights are made to be more of a statement than anything else. They are great decoration pieces for any garden and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

The units basically consist of a stake, the LED and its aluminum case, and a tall translucent acrylic bubble tube that lights up entirely.

In addition to the unique design, the lamps feature RGB LEDs that can illuminate the tube in different colors. The solar panels are placed on the stake of the lights, just below the LED casing.

These can recharge the batteries in 5 hours on a sunny day, but will require up to 8 if not placed in direct sunlight.

All units contain light sensors that automatically turn the lights on during nighttime and are entirely waterproof.

Measuring 27.5-inches in height, these lights are perfect for patios but can also be used in order to mark gates and driveways.


14. Gigalumi Pathway Lights

Gigalumi Pathway LightsElegant and bright solar garden lamps that have glass lenses and a bronze finish

Designed for individuals who want their gardens to have a rustic look, these lights are elegant from top to bottom and can be used during any season and type of weather.

The pack contains 6 units, which is perfect for those looking to light up their driveway or who want to illuminate the path to their front door.

From a functional point of view, the lamps require only 6 hours in order to fully charge and their batteries can power the LEDs for over 10 hours.

Also, the glass lamp cover does a great job dispersing the light, and the patterns on it cast shadows that resemble stars.

The lights are weather-resistant, which means that they will work in dusty, rainy, and cold areas. They can also handle light snow, but being frozen for prolonged periods of time will degrade them and may drastically affect the capacity of the battery.


15. TomCare Heavy Duty

TomCare Heavy DutyHighly durable solar lights that have flickering LEDs

Those looking for durable garden lights that can last several years without needing replacing, will find that these units from TomCare are specifically designed to cater to their needs.

The bodies of the lamps are made entirely out of a quality metal that has a rust-resistant black coating. This is not only functional, allowing you to use the lights during any season, but also make them a great fit for any type of general aesthetic.

The LEDs are set to emit warm flickering light, which creates the illusion that a real flame is burning inside the lamp. When it comes to usability, the batteries can power the LEDs for up to 10 hours during summertime and for 5 in winter.

Charging the lamps only takes 8 hours and the photovoltaic panels are highly resistant to scratches, dust, and water. The entire units have IP65 waterproof protection, ensuring that they will function even after weeks of continuous rain.


16. HomeImpro Moon

HomeImpro MoonA gorgeous metal solar light shaped like a moon from a fairytale

While not your ordinary solar garden light, this unit from HomeImpro can certainly raise the appeal of any garden in which it is installed. The LED sits in a moon-shaped sphere that is made entirely out of glass.

This sphere is partially covered by a metallic stylized moon that lets the light shine through, but casts beautiful patterns on the gro.h a power-saving system that automatically turns the light off after 6 hours.

In terms of build quality, the light is made from glass and stainless steel and can withstand any type of weather.

The model is great as a conversation piece and the light that it casts can illuminate a small area around it; however, it is not designed to be used as a main nighttime lighting solution for your garden.


17. Sunnest

Sunnest12 Basic but durable solar lights to help illuminate your garden

Small and unassuming, these units from Sunnest are the preferred choice of homeowners who need a simple and effective way to illuminate their home garden.

The fact that the pack contains 12 lights means that you won’t have to look for models that look alike in order to keep to the same aesthetic.

This having been said, the lights are made from stainless steel and ABS plastic materials and can be used throughout the year without any issues. The units are also waterproof and will also work during heavy rain, snowstorms, or intense heat.

The batteries recharge in around 8 hours and can power the LEDs for another 10. However, the amount of light generated by the lights depends on the charge of the batteries. This means that they will be less bright after rainy or cloudy days.

They are 14-inch tall, so you can use the lights for several purposes, ranging from marking paths to illuminating flowers and various decorations.


18. Sunnest 

Sunnest 12 basic yet durable stainless steel solar lamps that will last for several years

These Sunnest Garden Lights may not look like much, but they are surprisingly durable and can withstand almost any kind of weather.

Furthermore, the lamps are waterproof and will work perfectly even during heavy rain or snow. The durable seals between the components make it easy to clean the units using a water hose and a piece of cloth.

The 12 lights that are included in the package are more than enough for medium-sized gardens and can be used for anything from lighting driveways and marking garden decorations, to illuminating patios or low fences.

The efficient solar panels can recharge the batteries in under 8 hours, after which the LEDs will be able to function for another 8.

One of the best things about this product is the fact that they are extremely affordable, especially when considering the fact that they are made from stainless steel, so they will last quite a while.

Overall, they are a great choice for individuals who are on a budget. They get the job done, and they won’t break the bank. This having been said, there are other solar garden lights that look better. These are fairly basic and won’t impress in terms of design.


19. Litom 12-LED Spotlights

Litom 12-LED SpotlightsA pack of 4 extremely bright solar spotlights to help illuminate your entire garden

When regular solar garden lights aren’t enough, there is always the option of using high-powered spotlights in order to get the job done.

These units from LITOM use 12 LEDs that can generate a total of 600 lumens in order to illuminate everything in front of them. Although the devices are powerful, they still use solar panels in order to power the lights.

The spotlights come with two lighting mode options: a low-light one that can be used for 12 hours before completely draining the batteries and a high-light one that only lasts for 6 hours.

Depending on your needs, the units can be installed in the ground, just like regular solar garden lamps, but they can also be mounted on walls.

This gives homeowners the ability to place them on the walls of their homes and to point them at specific areas of the garden, such as the driveway, a gate, or various plants.


20. Solpex Pathway Lights 6-Pack

Solpex Pathway Lights 6-PackAll the solar lights that you need to light a driveway in style

Six solar garden lights are usually enough to light any type of driveway. These units from SOLPEX are designed with this specific purpose in mind. This having been said, they are extremely elegant and durable, making them great for any type of aesthetic.

Furthermore, the seals and materials used in making them can withstand any type of weather and the lamps will even work during cold winter days or snowstorms.

The batteries of the lamps only need 4 to 6 hours of sunlight in order to recharge completely. Once charged, they can power the LEDs for up to 8 hours., which is more than enough time to keep the driveway illuminated throughout the night.

SOLPEX also offers a 60 days money-back guarantee for any customer who is not satisfied with the durability or quality of the lights.


21. Gigalumi 8-Pack

Gigalumi 8-PackA pack of bright and durable solar garden lights

These are designed with durability in mind. The plastic screens that cover the ELDs are protected by a cage made of thick ABS plastic which is great for anyone who has large dogs, and is worried that the pets may chew on the lights and break them.

The plastic cage can also block some of the light and cast shadows that form beautiful designs around the lamps. This makes them useful for filling empty spaces in the garden, as well as for illuminating pathways.

GIGALUMI has included a fast-charge battery that can reach full capacity after 6 hours, provided that the units are placed in direct sunlight. Once full, the batteries will power the LEDs for up to 8 hours.

One of the most important details about this particular product is the fact that the manufacturer offers a one-year guarantee for the lamps. This means that if one breaks, you will have the option of asking for a replacement or for a refund.


22. Wohome Stake Flower Lights

Wohome Stake Flower LightsA pack of 3 solar garden lights shaped like flowers

Although they are not designed to generate massive amounts of light such as other products on this list, these units are some of the most beautiful garden lamps that can be found on the market. In terms of shape, they resemble lilies.

The stem serves as the stake and is made from a rigid metallic wire that can be bent in any direction. From this central element, each unit splits into several flowers and each flower contains an LED.

Leaves are also placed between the flowers, but not on the stem, so the lamp won’t get tangled if placed between bushes. The solar panels are attached to the stem, below the flowers.

While they may seem delicate and fragile, the lamps are all IP65 and can withstand any temperature. They are waterproof and will work both during the rainy season as well as in winter, however, the batteries will drain faster when exposed to low temperatures.

These lamps aren’t great if you need a lot of light, but they look beautiful if placed on the edges of a pathway or around natural flowers.


23. Hecarim 10-Pack

Hecarim 10-Pack10 waterproof solar lights that are bright even after rainy days

The waterproof solar lights from HECARIM are built to endure any kind of weather conditions regardless of the season and to require as little maintenance as possible.

The LEDs used in making them are some of the most powerful ones on the market and the translucent plastic cover does a great job when it comes to evenly dispersing the light around the lamp. This not only increases the illuminated area, but also makes the units easy to see during foggy nights.

You can use these for any type of lighting that you need. They can be used to illuminate driveways, they can be spread throughout the garden in order to make the plants visible during nighttime, and they can be used in order to mark important features of your yard, such as gates, stairs or low fences.

HECARIM offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for these units, repairing or replacing any units that do not work as advertised or that stop functioning a short while after purchasing them.


24. Maggift 6-Pack

Maggift 6-PackA pack of elegant solar garden lights that look like antique street lamps

Those looking for something different yet still elegant for their garden, will find that these Maggift units combine quality materials with a vintage design. The solar lamps are waterproof and weatherproof, making them a great choice for any type of weather conditions. These will work great during heavy storms or in the winter.

An important feature of this model is the fact that it comes with LEDs that can generate 6 lumens. This makes them 4 times brighter than other similar products. Furthermore, they are 15.8 inches tall, which helps the light be projected as far as possible.

In terms of design, the lamps look just like miniature antique street oil lamps. The warm white light also contributes to the effect, creating a cozy yet elegant scene.

It is also important to mention that the manufacturer offers a 180-day product warranty and will replace any units that do not work as advertised.


25. Sunnest 12-Pack

Sunnest 12-PackSimple, affordable and bright solar lights that are great for medium-sized gardens

These are some of the most affordable solar light packs that are currently available on the market. The devices are simple in design, but they are durable enough to use throughout the year and charge in only 4 – 6 hours, provided that they are placed in direct sunlight. Once full, the batteries can keep the lights on for another 8 hours

The units are IP44 waterproof and will work in snow or low temperatures almost as well as they do during summer. The bodies of the lights are made from durable materials such as stainless steel and ABS, and will not degrade over time.

However, in case one of them ever breaks down, the manufacturer offers a one-year replacement or refund warranty in order to ensure that all customers are satisfied, which is great considering how affordable they are.


Why LED Are The Mark Of A Great Garden Lamp?

There are hundreds of solar garden lamp models on the market and not all of them use LED lights. This makes it essential to pay attention to what you are buying because other light sources may be less reliable or require too much power.

LEDs are designed to last for a very long time. The name stands for “light-emitting diode”, so, by technical standards, it is not actually a lightbulb. Apart from their impressive lifespan, LEDs can also generate more light than regular light bulbs and work regardless of temperature.

More and more electronic devices manufacturers are transitioning to LEDs, and as technology advances, these components are not only becoming smaller, but also more powerful and energy-efficient.

Most quality solar garden lamps can stay turned on around 12 hours and the ones that come with an array of LEDs, rather than just one light is bright enough to illuminate everything around them, in a large radius.

However, the most important thing when it comes to LEDs is the fact that they rarely break. It is more likely for any other part of the solar lamp to break rather than the LEDs, making them much more durable than conventional light bulbs.

The Optimal Way To Install Solar Garden Lamps

There are as many opinions regarding how to use solar garden lamps as there are homeowners. Overall, it is a matter of personal taste and finding out what works best for your needs; however, professional landscapers often recommend that you.

1. Illuminate Paths

Do not place the garden lamps randomly. Instead, try to illuminate important elements of your garden such as paths. This will not only look great, but will prevent you from tripping over small rocks or wires.

2. Mark Gates

Taller solar garden lights can be used in order to mark gates or entrances to the yard. Keep in mind that you should use models that have longer poles in order to ensure that they illuminate the area around the gates as well.

3. Place Them At Equal Distances

Place the lamps at equal distances from one another in order to create a sense of symmetry and illuminate a larger area.

4. Avoid Dense Vegetation

Do not place the lamps in dense vegetation. While it may look great, that’s what spotlights are for. Solar-powered garden lights are designed to illuminate a circular area around them or to cast light on larger objects. Using them in order to highlight bushes or dense vegetation may not prove to be efficient.

5. Avoid Placing Them Under Trees

While solar garden lamps do not require constant direct sunlight in order to recharge their batteries, it is not advised to place them under trees or roofs. The lamps may still recharge; however, their light will be faint and they may not even have enough juice to last through the night.

6. Do Not Place Them In Water/Puddles

The poles of garden lights are usually made out of plastic, aluminum, or even stainless steel. This having been said, you still should avoid installing them in areas where puddles form when it rains. Water can easily soften the soil and cause the lamps to tip over or cause mud to splash on the solar panels or sensors.

7. Push Them Deep In The Soil

Do not be afraid to stick the lamps deep into the soil. You will know that they are properly inserted, when they wiggle as little as possible when trying to move them. Keep in mind that this also depends on the type of soil;

8. Avoid Tying Anything To Them

Many individuals are tempted to tie wires from one garden lamp to another in order to create small makeshift fences. Doing so usually damages the lamps and can be dangerous due to the fact that if you trip on the wire, the lamps may be pulled out of the ground and hit you

Cleaning Tips And Proper Maintenance Of Solar-powered Garden Lamps

Although they are extremely durable, even the best solar garden lights require periodic maintenance in order to ensure that they work as designed. The process is extremely simple and does not require too many materials, but it does mean that you have to clean each lamp in your yard, which may take a while. Here is what you need to do.

  • Clean the solar panels – One of the most important elements of a solar garden lamp is the small photovoltaic panel that charges its battery. While the component is weatherproof, it will still need constant cleaning due to the fact that dirt can stick to it and create an opaque layer that can block sunlight. Wiping the panel with a damp cloth should be enough to clean it
  • Make sure that water isn’t trapped inside the lamp – Garden lamps are usually sealed in order to ensure that the electronics do not come into contact with water, however, if left out during below-freezing temperatures, the seals may break and allow water to enter the lamps. Pay attention when cleaning the sensors, that water has not entered the device. If it has, removing the lid of the lamp should be easy. Take it off, carefully pour out the water and use silicone in order to reseal it
  • Clean the sensors – Some solar garden lamps also feature motion sensors that only turn the LEDs on when they detect movement nearby. These sensors can get dirty as well, which will make them less responsive and can even prevent them from detecting any movement at all. Use water and a sponge to clean the sensor

Garden lamps usually need to be cleaned every couple of weeks, however, this depends on the season and the type of weather that you’re getting in your area. If you live in rainy or particularly dusty regions, then you may have to clean the garden lamps every week.

Using Solar Power Systems In Order To Power Garden Lights

Another environmentally friendly way to illuminate your garden is by using solar standalone solar power panels. These are easy to install and to maintain, and they can easily charge a battery that would power garden lamps overnight.

However, as great as the technology may be, especially for individuals who live off the grid, it is expensive and must be treated as an investment.

Photovoltaic panels can be installed on the roof of a home or placed in an empty area of your yard, but the whole system requires more space and is considerably more complicated.

Solar panels need to be wired to batteries that will store the electricity, and the power consumers need to be plugged into these, which means that you will have a lot of wires going across your garden.

Photovoltaic panels are a great way to power garden lamps without increasing your electrical bill, but the amount of work and materials needed to set up an efficient system may not be for everyone.


Finding the best solar garden lights isn’t particularly difficult. However, it is important to understand what fits best in your yard. Look at the various models presented above, consider what you need in terms of outdoor lighting and make an informed decision.

Please keep in mind that professional landscapers rarely limit themselves to a single type of solar garden lights. In most cases, using regular units in order to illuminate the driveways is not enough. Luckily, there are dozens of decorative lamps that can help also mark paths through the garden or help fill up empty spaces between flowers or various objects.

The best solar lights for gardens should be treated as an investment. These devices are durable enough to last for at least a couple of years, and it is usually better to spend a bit more on quality units than to have to replace them every season.

Whatever you choose, remember that these are designed to offer an affordable alternative to wired products. They are rarely able to generate as much light as a corded spotlight could.

This having been said, all the ones that we have reviewed and included in this guide are highly popular among homeowners and landscapers from all over the world. They’re affordable, durable, and can make a world of difference – if used properly.