Best Tree Pruners 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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A gardener needs to own multiple tools in order to make sure his/her garden stays neat and presentable always. Can you imagine a neat look of your lawn or garden without using the appropriate tools?

Obviously Not! One such gardening tool is a tree pruner. The choice of the best tree pruner will effectively reduce your effort to prune the unnecessary tree branches.


Do you know what the key advantage of using the best tree pruners is? Well, it makes sure you need not climb a ladder or suffer any physical strain to accomplish pruning. Go through below sections highlighting the buying guide and the details of the top tree pruners:

Buying Guide For Best Tree Pruner

Without knowing the factors influencing the purchase of tree pruners, it becomes quite difficult to get the one. So, let’s take a look at the buying guide for the best tree pruner.

1. Blade Construction

It is the blade’s construction that decides how efficient the tree pruning task will be. If your chosen tree pruner is not equipped with sharp blades, then it is certain that you will end up with ineffective pruning.

Generally, the carbon steel blades or hardened steel blades are considered as the finest choice. The majority of the tree pruners on the market come with the blades that stay sharp longer and suitable for the light work of branches.

It is a recommended idea to consider low pass while you are opening and closing the blades. Moreover, you need to make sure you never use the pruner with the damaged blades.

This is because such blades will leave your palms susceptible to injury in some cases. The sturdy construction of the pruners’ blade is always the best decision.

2. Working Mechanism

The choice of any tool depends on what its working mechanism is. Isn’t it true? The tree pruners available on the market differ from one another based on their working mechanism.

When you go for the assorted mechanisms, you will perceive that their working will make your pruning simpler. Moreover, they will amplify force with diverse degrees of success.

Choosing the tree pruners based on the compound-action loppers boast great benefit. This mechanism packs in multiple pivot points. In order to prune through the tree branches, you would require opening such loppers out wide.

In the tree pruners based on the geared loppers mechanism, the gear system offers extra leverage. One more mechanism to take into account is the ratcheting loppers facilitating easy cutting even though the grip is not flexible.

3. Length Of Handle

The shorter tree pruners typically have handles with a length approximately 15 inches. On the other hand, the bulkier tree pruners come with handles with length reaching up to 32 inches.

With such pruner models, you will also get extensions. Based on your pruning needs, you can decide among shorter or longer handles.

4. Cutting Diameter

Not just the blade sharpness and comfort of using but even the cutting diameter mattes a lot. When you aptly comprehend the limits of your tree pruner, it will let you work within comfortable limits.

The choice of best tree pruner involves a meticulous decision on the cutting diameter. When you go for a tree pruner that outfits to a maximum branch diameter of 2 cm then it will not be possible to use it on a bigger tree branch.

In case you require huge branches cut, it is the best idea to consider a telescopic pruner that can outfit to that thickness. The majority of the tree pruners will trim branches up to 3cm. For situations in which you require thick pruning, you will require a pruning saw attachment.

5. Reach

Have you contemplated on the amount of reach you will require for pruning? If not then it is one of the most significant aspects to consider. When deciding to go for the best tree pruner, the amount of reach will rely on the size of the trees.

If there are young trees in your lawn, the reach must not be excessively long. If there are tall trees then it is a decent idea to look for the pruner model that provides the maximum reach.

When the reach is insufficient for tall trees, you will certainly suffer from some physical strain. This is because the insufficient reach will not be able to reach up to the desired height of tall trees.

Whenever the pruner is fully extended, it must be capable to upkeep the full stability and present a firm grip. It is crucial to keep in mind that the overall reach is influenced by the user’s height. Therefore, you need to consider this aspect before making an investment.

If there are average-sized trees in your lawn then the higher reach will be difficult to maintain. It is useless to go for a smaller tree pruner if your pruning projects are more robust. Generally, the tree pruners’ reach range from half a foot to over 20 feet.

6. Overall Weight

When you are attempting to prune branches of a tree, you will not get effective results if there is instability in the operation. Stability is the crucial aspect to bear in mind while picking a suitable tree pruner. Your chosen tree pruner model should possess sufficient weight –not too flimsy, not too heavy.

When you make a selection, consider enough weight balance between the length of the handle and the size of the head. If your chosen pruner model is heavy then consider features like harness or double handles. The lighter your pruner is, the easier the trimming process can be.

7. Grip

To benefit from the comfortable tree pruning experience, the choice of the pruner will non-slip handle is the best. This is because the non-slip grip makes sure your hands do not get slipped or injured while pruning.

Occasionally, it happens that you need to prune under sun and it would leave your palm sweaty. There is no need to worry under such situations if your tree pruner model is equipped with the non-slip handle.

When you go for the telescopic tree pruners having firm grip handles, it will eliminate the discomfort arising due to sweaty palms.

Generally, the soft grip handles make sure your hands are comfortable every time you prune. Even if you grip your handle for a long span of time, it is certain that your muscles will not suffer from intense soreness.

Certain grips are engineered to fit your hands whereas others are prepared using soft material capable to mitigate the impact on your hands.

Not just the flexibility of the grip but the shape and the size of the grip are essential to consider. The ergonomically designed pruner with a soft and flexible grip is the best consideration.

Top 8 Best Tree Pruners Of 2022

1. Fiskars

Fiskars Best Tree PrunerAre you tired of frequently climbing a ladder to trim high tree branches? If yes then this 14 foot tree pruner is the best choice. The special implementation of the power-lever technology boosts the leverage.

Consequently, it will offer you up to two times enhanced cutting power than the conventional traditional tree pruners. These aspects make this tool the best tree pruner on the list. This extendable tree pruner comes with the maximum cutting capacity of 1-1/2 inch diameter.


  • It is heavy duty and well-made
  • Perfect for pruning high tree branches


  • Susceptible to moisture
  • Feels bit heavy

2. Fiskars 393951-1001

Fiskars 393951-1001Now you will be able to conveniently trim small and huge tree branches with great efficiency using this extendable tree pruner.

Basically, the working operation adopts a 2-in-1 tree trimming system. This system boasts a precision-ground steel material for providing high efficiency.

One of the best features of this Fiskars tree pruner model is its length can be extended for up to 12 feet of reach. This will streamline the tree trimming tasks. It is possible to easily trim branches up to 1 inch of thickness.


  • Comfortable to handle
  • The setup and extension is quite easy


  • The built-in blade is aligned at inappropriate angle
  • The pole diameter is small

3. Fiskars Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner

Fiskars Extendable Pole Saw & PrunerThe credit of the flawless working of this chain drive based pruner goes to its unique shape. It is uniquely designed in the oval shape to considerably decrease flex during extension. Moreover, this shape facilitates enhanced control cut direction.

The implemented chain-drive gearing system offers up to 3 times more power during the pruning tasks. This aspect indirectly indicates how efficient this pruner is. It is useless to worry about control during pruning. This is because there is a double locking system that makes sure the pole remains extended.


  • Well-designed and comes with extendable pole
  • Comes with a sharp cutting blade


  • When the tool is detached, the poles occasionally detach

4. Milliard Extendable

Milliard ExtendableRegardless of your height, this Milliard tree pruner model will simplify the pruning of high branches. When deciding to go for the best tree pruner, the simplicity with which you can accomplish pruning is significant to ponder on.

The structure of this extendable tree pruner highlights a big 1.25 inches cutting aperture. This suggests that you will be able to trim larger branches without any extra efforts.

With the implemented compound pulley system incorporated inside the pruning head, the pruning effort is simplified a lot.


  • Comfortable pruning is facilitated by the presence of foam at the base of the handle
  • Sturdily built


  • Its top section is flimsy
  • May cause injury in your palms

5. Corona TP 6870

Corona TP 6870The Corona Clipper mentioned above boasts a sturdy zinc-alloy pruning head. In addition to that, its admirable trait is it includes high carbon finished steel blade. This steel blade provides exceptional sharpness while pruning.

There are two key aspects that increase your cutting power. These are a huge cutting capacity of 1-1/4-inch diameter and heavy-duty chain-drive type compound action pulley system.

The 24-inch foam grip on the handle makes sure your hands will always feel comfortable while pruning. There will be no injury to your hands.


  • The included blade is nicely sharp and prunes well
  • Feels lightweight when used


  • Not so durable

6. Fiskars Compact

Fiskars CompactWhat makes this Fiskars’ extending tree pruner one of the best tree pruners? Well, its length can be extended to 8 feet to let you effectively cut high tree branches without using a ladder.

It is possible to collapse down its length to 3 feet to benefit from portability and easy storage. When not in use, you can conveniently store it in a safe place.

The aggressive cuts are facilitated by the triple-ground type power tooth blade. It will assist you to effectively cut through dense wood with great efficiency and speed.


  • Made lightweight and compact
  • Boasts high durability


  • Works excellently only when fully extended

7. Mesoga

MesogaIt is now easy to reach tall and thick branches without experiencing any physical strain or hassles. This is because the Mesoga extendable tree pruner in the present discussion is the best tree pruner when it comes to reach.

When fully extended, it will minimize flex and will effectively remove high branches. The blade is equipped with a low-friction coating. It makes sure the cutting experience is sharp, precise and comfortable. You will be able to cut tree branches up to 1/2 inch thickness.


  • Its hand-grip action offers enhanced control
  • Presents comfortable tree pruning experience


  • Suitable mostly for light duty pruning

8. Happybuy

HappybuyWhen it comes to convenience to cut branches in your garden, the aforementioned pole saw is the best tree pruner to consider. The built-in aluminum extension pole is lightweight and it will extend to a 17.7 feet length.

This extension in length is sufficient to reach out timber without climbing the ladder. The mentioned pole can be used to wash windows, print your home, etc.

In order to facilitate easy storage and portability, it can be collapsed to half its size. The built-in blade is sharpened on 3 sides to facilitate smooth pruning experience.

There is no doubt about the efficiency of the blade because it is prepared from the high-carbon SK5 steel. The blade is capable of pruning tree branches up to 4 cm in diameter.


  • Easy to lift due to lightweight structure
  • Comes with a sharp blade


  • The pole is flimsy
  • Not suitable for hardwood

Best Tree Pruners – What’s your choice?

The choice of the best tree pruner is dependand on your pruning requirements, type of lawn, height & thickness of the tree branches, and obviously your budget.

Using such pruners will let you conveniently manage the pruning tasks of small to medium-sized trees. These pruners are simple tools that will make noticeable differences in the scenery of your garden.

Choosing any of these tools will save you money that could otherwise be spent on hiring the professionals to prune the branches of your trees. With minimal maintenance, you will enjoy using these pruners for several years without any hassles.