Best Wifi Sprinkler Controllers 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Rachio 2. Orbit 57946 B-Hyve 3. Rachio 3
Rachio Best Wifi Sprinkler Controller Orbit 57946 B-Hyve Rachio 3

Gone are the days when you had to manually water your garden and lawns. Nowadays, people rely on sprinkler controllers to do the task for them. However, even with automatic sprinkler controllers, there are many options to choose from.

For as long as we can remember, sprinkler controllers consisted of nothing but a couple of switches, a rotary dial and at most a monochrome LCD. But ever since the introduction of Wi-Fi sprinkler controllers, the game has changed.

That said, today we will help you to pick out the best wifi sprinkler controller based on your needs.


The Wi-Fi sprinkler controller market is vast and you have a wide range of options to choose from. It’s important for you to have an idea of what to look for in the best wifi sprinkler controller.

Keeping that in mind, let’s shed some light on the things to look out for before buying this gardening tool.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Wifi Sprinkler Controller

When there are many products available to choose from, customers get confused and fail to make a solid decision. To make things simple for you, here is a list of things to keep in mind before buying wifi sprinkler controllers.

1. Have A Ready Sprinkler System

Before buying any sprinkler controller, you must have a system to support the device. While there are a couple of irrigation controllers that will work with garden hoses or other off-the-rack equipment, most are intended to work with genuine irrigation controllers that interface with their own water supply, highlight motorized valves and commit tubing to control the progression of water.

Introducing a genuine sprinkler controller can be a major assignment that needs professional support – especially if you have a huge yard or garden. yet updating the essential controller from scratch isn’t that troublesome. Speak to a professional first rather than installing a sprinkler controller without any preparation.

2. Controls

The greatest choice you have to make with a controller is whether you need a gadget that incorporates locally available controls i.e. buttons and a controller that permits you to utilize it without an app or not.

This can be handy, in case you have numerous individuals utilizing the framework or when you need to give your gardener access to the controller without setting the person in question up on the app.

Controllers without on-gadget controls, for the most part, do not have any sort of display aside from a status light demonstrating whether or not it’s working, so remember that you’ll require the app on your cell phone or tablet to do anything with it.

3. Mounting Of The System

This is another important aspect people do not take into consideration when buying a sprinkler system. You need to take the necessary precautions when you mount the system outside. On the other hand, indoor mounting doesn’t need that many safety measures.

Usually, with the best sprinkler system controller, you will get the outdoor enclosure with the system itself. However, you can always buy these things separately.

4. Number Of Zones

In an irrigation framework, a zone is a territory constrained by a valve and its associated irrigation tubing. Considering you have four valves, you have four zones. Your controller needs to have enough ability to help each one of these zones in your controller. Eight zones are normal, yet units supporting upwards of 16 zones are now available.

So, make sure to choose the system that has an adequate amount of zones based on your needs. Also make sure the system still fits your budget.

5. Scheduling The Water Supply

Not every garden or lawn needs watering every other day, right? But managing these things manually can become very hectic for anyone. To make things easy for you, most of the smart sprinkler systems have the option of scheduling when plants need to be watered.

However, there are some best smart sprinkler controllers, that take this feature to the next level. These systems manage watering flexibility by considering the weather conditions.

Moreover, some systems are capable of skipping watering on a rainy day. Isn’t it remarkable? What’s more? You can easily access these systems on an app on your smartphone.

But again, make sure the system is in your budget as you might have to spend a few bucks to get the sprinkler system ready if you don’t have one installed already.

6. Notifications And Smart Hub Support

There are a few sprinkler systems that send you a push notification when watering your garden is completed. However, don’t you think a notification when the watering has started would be more useful?

For that to happen, you can connect your smart sprinkler controller with a smart hub system. The most common device to use is Amazon’s Alexa.

But these features will cost a little more than your everyday sprinkler controller. You will find such features only in the best sprinkler system controllers so maybe it’s time for an upgrade?

That wraps up the things you should look for in a good quality sprinkler system. Now, let’s shift our focus on the main topic of this article. That being, to find the best wifi sprinkler controller for you. So, without further ado, let’s begin:

Top 17 Best Wifi Sprinkler Controllers 2022

1. Rachio

Rachio Best Wifi Sprinkler ControllerRachio is a well-known brand in the industry of wifi sprinkler controllers. The magnificence of this gadget is the wide exhibit of features that permit you to water your grass or garden from anywhere and any way you like.

It’s similar to having your own gardener, without having to pay a gardening fee. Furthermore, it is the best wifi sprinkler controller in the market. This controller has the most 5-star ratings on Amazon among the sprinkler controllers. One of the gadget’s key features is Weather Intelligence.

Depending on the forecast, the sprinkler system takes into account weather predictions. It can modify the watering plan, depending on weather elements such as wind, snow or rain.

Rachio also takes into account watering plans based on the information gathered from a few territories in your garden. Irrespective of what information you enter, for example, soil type, exposure to sun or plant type, the app can compute how and when to begin watering.

In case you have certain laws in your area that might restrain you from watering the lawn, y always rely on the device to do the job for you. The gadget is perfectly compatible with Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa, making it simpler to control even when your phone isn’t close by.

All things considered, the system will work regardless of whether or not the Wi-Fi is working. It won’t have the option to get weather data from the web, but the pre-set watering plans won’t be influenced in any way.


  • Easy and Quick Installation
  • Customized Watering Schedule
  • Works with & Without Wifi Connection


  • Connecting with the Tech Support can be tricky

2. Orbit 57946 B-Hyve

Orbit 57946 B-HyveThe Orbit 57946 B-hyve sprinkler system is another top pick from Amazon, as it comes at an affordable price with great features. With the help of weather sense innovation, the system will water your garden dependent on variables, for example, live weather forecasts, slant and soil type and even the nearness of sun or shade.

The gadget accompanies a control board that can be used to access the wiring terminals. If you are worried about the weather outside then believe in this gadget as it comes equipped with protection against harsh weather conditions.

The system comes with a weather-safe case that can be bolted on account of the included key (extremely pleasant element to have, particularly in the event that you have youngsters who like to play around with gadgets).

The Orbit is good with Amazon’s Alexa, however, there is no open API or probability to control the system through different gadgets, for example, Google Home.

For whatever length of time that your home remote system is ready for action, you can control the clock from any area on the planet with the help of the iOS and Android app.

The rain delay feature is quite slick, as it delays the watering plan if the figure forecasts any rain. In any case, there is a drawback to this feature because of the conjecture not being right, your watering plan is dropped.


  • Customized Scheduling
  • Easy to use
  • Weather Resistant Casing


  • Not Compatible with Google Home

3. Rachio 3

Rachio 3Just like its predecessor, the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller is one of the best in the business. It is fully equipped with amazing features and will get the job done for you.

Additionally, customers love this product and this is prominent n the Amazon review section. But keep in mind, this is a high-end product and comes with a hefty price tag as compared to other products on the list. Now, let’s have a look at some of the best features of this product.

If you’re looking for a smart home connection with your sprinkler controller then you will love this device. This system can be connected with Nest, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and Apple HomeKit.

There’s even a large group of IFTTT plans that will help you alter your sprinkler significantly. The Rachio app has a bustling interface and it is easy to explore.

By transferring photos and entering insights regarding things like soil and sunlight, you will be able to set a manual watering plan, or have the Rachio app make a plan depending on the variants you enter.

Furthermore, there are plenty of additional features such as the Weather Intelligence, Smart cycle and many more. All things considered, you will not regret spending extra on this product because every penny spent on this system is worth it.


  • Easy to install
  • Integration with smart homes
  • Great design


  • Expensive

4. Rain Bird SST1200OUT

Rain Bird SST1200OUTIf you are looking for a product with good features at an affordable cost then the Rain Bird SST1200OUT is perfect for you. This product comes with some of the best features you will find in a sprinkler controller.

Furthermore, customers love this product and this can be verified with the vast number of positive comments and reviews about this device on Amazon. This means, the product is great and you won’t be disappointed if you buy it.

This is a product that has 12 zones. You can easily water a huge garden or lawn with the help of this sprinkler controller.

Moreover, irrigation execution is different from the past model. You can program 4 waterings for 7 days when setting it up. The main issue is that you will need to invest more energy in the setup because of the expansion in the number of zones. This is a must-have for large garden owners.


  • 12 zones for watering big gardens
  • Good design
  • Easy to use


  • Setting up could get daunting

5. Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module

Rain Bird LNK WiFi ModuleRain Bird is known for making fabulous products at attractive prices and the Rain Bird LNK Wifi Module is no different. It is a great device that is sure to fall within your budget.

Additionally, you will find amazing reviews on Amazon about the performance of this product. These honest reviews show customers are extremely satisfied with the product which is quite rare for a sprinkler system in this budget.

Talking about the features of this product, it can be used with all the ESP-TM2 and ESP-Me controllers if they are launched after November 2016.

You can use it to control the watering schedule with the help of an app. To do so, you just have to plug the LNK Wifi Module into the accessory port in the front panel of a controller. Furthermore, you can also use this device with a remote.


  • Easy to Install
  • Affordable
  • Smartphone compatible


  • Not compatible with ESP-TM2 & ESP-Me remotes before November 2016

6. Melnor 16043-RSC

Melnor 16043-RSCLooking for a sprinkler controller with the latest features? Why not go for the Melnor 16043-RSC. It is equipped with great features yet it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Sounds great, right? Well, wait till you have a look at the features of this device.

Just like several customers on Amazon you too will appreciate this amazing sprinkler system. It is quite evident that the product is a hit as most of the reviews are in favor of the product.

The Melnor RainCloud Smart Water Timer 4-Valve System decreases the chance of human blunder and makes watering a lot simpler, particularly while you’re away from home.

The Smart Water Timer is intended to give you control of watering from any place and is a brilliant answer for individuals that have fruits or vegetables or different spots in the garden that need steady watering. Furthermore, with four valves, you can include different watering zones in your garden.


  • Easy to use
  • Smartphone Compatibility
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Wifi Range is not that great

7. Rain Bird ST8I

Rain Bird ST8IWhile the Rain Bird ST8I isn’t the most attractive sprinkler controller, it is one of the most durable devices available. Just like its competition, the Rain Bird allows you to control your sprinkling system remotely with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity.

It has a number of modernized features such as the ability to make your very own watering plans depending on various territories of your garden. If necessary, you can grant access to the app and the system to other people.

There are 3 different ways to control it: using your cell phone when you’re on the go, with the help of Wi-Fi or by using the timer board.

You can settle on a cycling plan between 1 to 29 days and you can defer watering for as long as 14 days, if necessary. The system is weather-intelligent, which means that it can self-alter plans depending on the season and the weather forecast.

The installation process is quite smooth, but it is always useful to snap a photo of the current wiring, for the procedure to be much simpler.

The gadget can easily interface with your home Wi-Fi once you’ve installed it and it can be fully operational within 30 minutes. Obviously, you will need to include a little information about your area as well.


  • Easy Installation
  • Great Features
  • Easy to use


  • Poor Wifi coverage

8. Orbit B-hyve 57915

Orbit B-hyve 57915This is known as the best smart sprinkler controller for small gardens. The unit can be utilized with 4 or 8 zone gardens and it is a smart model. This means that it will utilize the weather information to decide when to turn the sprinklers on.

Another significant feature of this device is, it will utilize the terrain type to adjust the irrigation process accordingly. Terrain data is downloaded from the web.

Controlling it is simple and you can use it on iOS or Android or even a web gadget and you will be able to control it easily. There is a manual supersede control too.

You need to remember that this is an EPA confirmed model thanks to its WaterSense innovation. The model looks pleasant and it provides the best value for money.


  • Affordable
  • Smart Weather Forecast Detection
  • Compatible with Smartphones


  • Not compatible with Alexa

9. Blossom Smart Water Controller

Blossom Smart Water ControllerThe Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller is currently the main model that the company sells and keeping in mind that it looks almost indistinguishable from the old Blossom 12.

However, it doesn’t incorporate open-air weatherproofing and has dumped the powerline features. This product is quite affordable and you won’t have to spend more than $150 to own it. Furthermore, there are plenty of positive reviews about the product on Amazon.

The equipment itself is thin and lightweight that installs quickly. Sprinkler leads can be installed by wire cuts within the crate, after that you just have to plug the gadget into a power source.

The rest of the settings and the daily scheduling happens through the Blossom app. Just like the contending Rachio controller, there are no manual controls at all on the crate.

Blossom tends to keep the equipment basic. Like most smart sprinkler gadgets, it incorporates a “smart watering” program that can naturally decide the best watering system for your garden and skip a cycle if it rained.


  • Sleek Design
  • Affordable
  • Good Features


  • No outdoor weather protection

10. Hunter PRO-HC PHC-1200

Hunter PRO-HC PHC-1200Hydrawise works like the old automated sprinkler system controllers that turn the water on at the scheduled times. Be that as it may, customary mechanized systems couldn’t care less what the weather is.

In this way, it waters your garden regardless of whether it is raining, wasting valuable water in the bargain. Also, in the event that it is unseasonably hot, it gives your grass a similar measure of water as it does on any ordinary day.

The beneficial thing about Hydrawise is that it reads the weather forecasts in your general vicinity and changes the watering plan you set. This helps you save water by eliminating the unnecessary use of water.

You set the watering calendars and control everything via a portable app or through the Web interface. This means that you can be anywhere on the planet and still be able to control watering your grass.

It enables you to oversee everything on your iPhone or Android gadget, and even if you don’t have your phone with you, you just need to find a computer with an Internet connection.

The system will utilize your Wi-Fi connection to get to a live stream of neighborhood weather. It utilizes the most recent and most refreshed weather data to change the set watering plan. For example, in the event that it may rain, it will suspend the following watering plan.


  • Easy installation
  • The app works even without the internet
  • Power Efficient


  • Not equipped with high-end features

11. Sprinkl Control

Sprinkl ControlLooking for a product that is easy to install? Then the Sprinkl control is perfect for you. The company claims you can finish the installation process within 20 minutes.

However, one thing that might discourage users is the price of the device as it will cost you more than $200 to own this. But looking at the reviews on Amazon about this product, it seems the investment is definitely worth it.

This product comes with moisture sensors that will ensure you are not wasting water or electricity.

Furthermore, there is an app you can download to get live notifications about the process. The app also allows you to control the sprinkler system from your home. Lastly, this product can be integrated with smart homes such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


  • 20 mins Installation
  • Compatible with Android and IOS
  • Compatible with Smart home hubs


  • Quite Expensive

12. Aeon Matrix Yardian

Aeon Matrix YardianSmart Sprinkler systems are incredible for automating watering grass, however, one thing they don’t provide is a visual of your yard conditions. This is particularly helpful for individuals who are afraid of overwatering, or who have grass that is delicate.

The Eon Matrix Smart Sprinkler Yardian Indoor/Outdoor Smart Sprinkler Controller gives you a full update on your grass, granting you complete control of the state of your garden even while you are away.

This system interfaces with your smartphone utilizing the Yardian app, which lets you select various zones for watering, and even lets you plan each zone independently.

This makes the system ideal for regions that require diverse watering plans, for example, yards with various kinds of grass or even gardens where each plant has distinctive watering needs.

The system can also interface through voice assistants, for example, Alexa and Google, allowing you to plan or actuate watering with your voice.

If you have a garden that is sensitive to overwatering, or maybe you have a garden alongside the yard that profits from the smart sprinkler system, you can ensure their wellbeing is looked after at all times.

Considering all the features mentioned above, this can be the best wifi sprinkler controller for several people out there.


  • Power Efficient
  • 15 minutes Installation
  • Extra Security with HD Camera


  • None so far

13. RainMachine Pro-16

RainMachine Pro-16This product by RainMachine is a beast in its price range. Many people like it even better than the likes of Rachio (arguably the best wifi sprinkler controller).

But what makes it so amazing? Well, for one it is available at a cheaper price in comparison to the Rachio.

Also, it has similar , if not better features as compared to the Rachio controllers. Moreover, there are plenty of positive and honest reviews on Amazon praising the quality of the product.

The RainMachine Pro-16 comes equipped with cloud independence meaning it will store all your data and schedules on Cloud storage. This enables the device to work even if wifi services are down.

Furthermore, it comes with a small touch screen which adds elegance to the device. Additionally, you can download the RainMachine app to access everything through your smartphone or smart home hubs like Amazon Alexa.


  • Elegant Design
  • Affordable
  • Great Features


  • None so far

14. Skydrop Halo

Skydrop HaloThe next item on our list is the Skydrop Halo controller, a modest gadget that promises to do the same things as its competition. It provides a similar data pull feature which includes the neighborhood weather forecasts.

It interfaces with nearby weather stations to pull data, for example, sun-based radiation, incline, wind, temperature or mugginess. Since it’s a smart home gadget, it can go through your garden and even figure your soil’s dampness and the amount of water that the zones are losing.

It connects with most known home gadgets such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Nest. It can observe up to 8 zones, permitting you to water every territory.

Unlike its rivals, that can easily save up to 80% water, the Skydrop can’t guarantee more than 20% save on your water bill. The system can be accessed through various gadgets such as your smartphone or tablet and even from your computer.

The app and interface are quite simple to use so you don’t need to have the technical knowledge to make sense of the device. The app is pretty responsive, with an approximate delay of only two or three seconds between pressing a button and the triggering of the real sprinkler controller.


  • Quick Installation Process
  • Easy to use
  • Great Features


  • The display could have been better

15. RainMachine Touch HD-12

RainMachine Touch HD-12This simple-to-use gadget comes with complete documentation, so you can set up the gadget without outside help. Being a smart sprinkling system, it collects weather conjecture data from a few sources such as NOAA.GOV, or Metro.

The system gathers weather data a few times each day, to create precise water plans for your garden. As indicated by the manufacturer, the gadget will pay for itself in about 2 years, by saving you 80% on your water bills.

The app for controlling the system is accessible on iOS and Android gadgets. Furthermore, you can get to the app on pretty much any system, permitting you to control it even from your PC.

It provides point by point data, including charts that show a watering history or an itemized weather gauge (which incorporates data such as the measure of daily rain).

This smart gadget won’t work when the Wi-Fi connectivity is down, yet it can change to chronicled weather measurements if there is no gauge accessible. You can alter specific regions of your grass or garden, as certain plants and flowers will require more continuous watering than others.


  • Weather Forecast from Multiple Sources
  • Detailed information in the App
  • Quick Installation


  • App has bugs

16. Hunter XC600

Hunter XC600Except if manual watering gives you a dazzling joy or a significant serenity, it is quite reasonable to utilize an automated system for watering your garden.

The XC600 is an ideal fit for individuals who need to keep their garden well-watered but don’t have any desire to utilize a refined and complex to design and work sprinkler controller. This smart sprinkler arrangement offers all the essential features together with an extraordinary form.

Its rectangular box-formed packaging is made of durable plastic and features a key-lock front way to safeguard its internals. On the top, you can see the LED display and controls of the gadget. The control board comprises of five buttons for program choice and settings change, a two-position switch and a helpful dial in the focal point of the back case of the product.

Another useful feature that supplements the durable design of the gadget is short circuit insurance that assists with maintaining a keeps the product safe, if there should be an occurrence of controlling and wiring issues.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick Installation
  • Great features


  • The design could have been better

17. Netro Sprite 6-Zone Sprinkler

Netro Sprite 6-Zone SprinklerThe Netro Sprite can be controlled on various gadgets and by multiple users. Being able to remotely control your sprinkler makes utilizing the best WiFi sprinkler controllers a lot easier.

The Netro app can handle several users and gadgets, so the weight of maintaining the garden doesn’t lay on a single person of the family.

This WiFi sprinkler controller tracks the measure of water that is utilized, and when. You’ll additionally have the option to watch the weather history. For considerably progressivecustomized outcomes, the controller lets you make custom watering plans.

You can decide how every now and again you’d prefer to water depends on your spending limit. The watering timetables can be modified depending upon conditions, for example, including new plants and extra landscaping.

Nearby weather alarms and atmosphere data further diminish superfluous water utilization. No manual arrangement is required here, as Netro completely plans itself. Pre-customized watering suggestions are accommodated for different plant and soil types.

In the event that water limitations are in actuality, you’ll soon discover with notifications. The individuals who live in colder climates can use this feature to easily water their gardens in their lawns.


  • Easy to use
  • Notifications
  • Scheduled watering services


  • Glitches in the App

Advantages Of Having A Wifi Sprinkler Controller

Earlier, we discussed some of the best wifi sprinkler controller options. Now, you might wonder, why to buy a wifi sprinkler controller? To answer your question, here are some advantages of owning a wifi sprinkler controller.

1. Money Efficient

It is quite evident that saving money is our ultimate goal. A Wi-Fi sprinkler controller will assist you with saving you considerable amounts of money.

Picture the accompanying situation: You’re away on a holiday and your sprinkler system is set to water the garden each day.

Out of nowhere, heavy rain began pouring down and the significant measures of water from both your sprinkles and Mother Nature are suffocating your plants.

Fortunately, you have a portable app associated with your sprinklers and you would now be able to turn them off, therefore saving you a lot of money and protecting your plants.

2. Easy To Use

Another purpose behind utilizing such a smart system is the convenience that it gives. Consider every one of the things you could be doing with the time you spend watering your garden. Also, what could be more wonderful than controlling the water in your garden by means of a portable app?

With the press of a button, you can let the programmed sprinkler system take the necessary steps while you’re gorging your most loved Netflix series.

It spares you the trouble of giving neighbors a key to water your garden while you’re away since every one of these systems can be controlled remotely with your home Wi-Fi.

3. No Need To Worry About Weather Forecast

Significantly more, before every manual watering, you need to check the nearby weather forecast, compute how much water your garden needs relying upon dampness and sunlight-based radiation and in any event, when you do this math, there are odds of human blunder.

These smart sprinkling controllers will figure it out for you and ascertain how much water your garden needs and when.

A few gadgets give truly nitty-gritty diagrams, insights and a history filled with your garden watering, and are even ready to make future watering proposals and forecasts dependent on this data.

4. Easy To Install

One thing you will notice about these systems is that they are very simple to use and install. Every gadget accompanies an installation manual and it contains the components you need to easily install sprinkler controllers.

Indeed, even the trickiest of gadgets ought to be up and running in a short time. Moreover, after installing the system you can use it with smart home apps such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

The main advantage of using these apps is to enable or disable the watering system by simply using voice commands.

5. Freedom To Add More Parts

The main reason for buying any wifi sprinkler controller is to water your garden without any stress. However, most sprinkler controllers are compatible in doing more than that. You can add additional parts to them to make the device even more useful.

One of the most common parts that people add to their sprinkler system is a drip tube. By doing so, you can use your sprinkler system for watering the flower beds on your deck.

6. Flexibility To Upgrade

Apart from adding more parts to your sprinkler system, you can easily upgrade the current product too. If you need extra zones in your device to save even more water the process to upgrade is simple and easy. A lay person with minimal knowledge can get the job done. So, this process will also save you extra money too. Nobody hates a few extra bucks, right?

So, these were some of the main advantages of using wifi sprinkler controllers. All things considered, buying a sprinkler system will definitely help you in making your life easy. We hope you can easily pick out the best wifi sprinkler controller. If not, keep digging and researching online, you will definitely find something that fits into your needs perfectly.

Best Wifi Sprinkler Controllers – Your pick?

That wraps up our review of the best wifi sprinkler controllers. We hope you found the best product according to your need. If you are planning to buy one in the near future, make sure to have a look at this list. Hopefully, you will find the perfect product for you here.

Although before buying any of these products make sure you have a good arrangement for using any wifi sprinkler system. At the end of the day,the best sprinkler system controllers will only work at their best with a proper system in place.