Best Lawn Soils 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Soil Moist 2. Wakefield BioChar 3. Dr Earth
Soil Moist Mixture Wakefield Biochar Soil Conditioner Dr. Earth Gold Premium Soil

The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t that what they say? We are here to tell you that you can have the greenest, healthiest-looking lawn of the whole street if you focus on just one element: getting the best lawn soil possible.

The soil provides everything to the grass – moisture, oxygen, nutrients. No amount of fertilizer or pesticide can make it bad for bad soil or even soil that is just not a match to the grass you have.

If you are planning to start on your lawn or garden, have a makeover or are tired to see brown patches all over your front yard – our guide is the right place to start.


We put together tips on how to find the right soil for your lawn and have researched the best types of soil for every need. Continue reading and you will find how to cultivate a beautiful, smooth, green lawn that will make you proud every day.

Factors To Look For In Choosing Best Lawn Soil

There are several aspects to consider when choosing the right soil for your yard. Lawn soil should be composed of a mix of elements, such as sand, silt, and clay.

The proportion amongst them is also very important. Let’s see how to reach the best solution when purchasing soil for your lawn.

1. Composition

The best lawn soils are composed of sand, clay, and silt. Sandy soil has good drainage, meaning that the soil won’t flood and drown the grass. It also warms up quickly with just a little sunlight – which is great for cold weather.

That also means, however, that they don’t keep a lot of water and can get too dry. That’s where clay comes in!

Clay is soaked and dense, and it balances the sand, keeping some moisture so the lawn can get the water it needs. Silt is made of very fine particles and is the most fertile of the three of them.

2. pH

The pH scale for soils goes from 0 to 14. 7 is neutral and anything below that is acidic, while anything above is alkaline. You should research to find out what type of soil your lawn prefers, but it is safe to say that most grass, vegetables, and flowers prefer a slightly acidic soil – somewhere in between 6 and 7.

The pH of a soil is very important because soil that is too alkaline or too acidic will not allow for the nutrients to dissolve and be absorbed by the plants.

3. Nutrients

Phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen are crucial nutrients that must be present in the soil for a healthy lawn. Lawns need nitrogen the most, so it should be the one with a higher percentage. Phosphorus is crucial for early root growth and stimulates blooming and the formation of seeds.

Potassium is great in increasing resistance to drought and diseases. Nitrogen is key in promoting fast growth, since it is necessary for the development of leaves and the synthesis of proteins.

4. Aeration

Good soil cannot be too compact. Roots need space to grow, spread and, most importantly to breathe. Proper aeration also helps the soil to mix correctly and to avoid layering. Layered soil is dangerous, because it prevents roots from taking hold well.

Now that you know what to look for when getting the best lawn soil for your house, we have a comprehensive list with twelve of the finest brands and products you can find on the market today.

Top 12 Best Lawn Soils 2022

1. Soil Moist Mixture

Soil Moist Best Lawn SoilThe Soil Moisture mixture is ideal for use on potted plants and outdoor areas alike. This is a particularly good brand to get if you live in a city with relentless summers, since this soil retains a lot of moisture and water.

You can get away with watering your lawn once a week even, or less if there is any rain. The way it works is that it is made of small beads that fill up with water when they are exposed to it.

Then, they release the water slowly over the next weeks – thus watering the plants for you and keeping them alive.

It is important to notice that this product is not a complete soil mix on its own, and it should be blended with soil containing nutrients and minerals for a healthy lawn.

It is, however, a lifesaver if you don’t have time to water your front yard every day or are going on a trip. For a lawn outside, we recommend the eight-pound bag and that should be enough to cover the extension of it, albeit at a premium price.

The Soil Moist mixture should be placed deep down the ground, next to the roots of your grass. You can try to use this if you have soil with not enough clay on it and can’t afford to change the whole of it just now.


  • It helps the soil to retain water
  • It is great to fight droughts
  • It reduces watering by 50%


  • The price is not in budget
  • You need a lot of it to cover an entire lawn

2. Wakefield Biochar Soil Conditioner

Wakefield Biochar Soil ConditionerAlthough most of us use shampoo and conditioner on our hair every other day, many have never heard of soil conditioner. The principles are the same though.

Soil Conditioner is a product that is added to the soil to improve its characteristics, from fertility to mechanics.

If you have poor soil and want to make it more usable, a soil conditioner is a great idea. The Wakefield Biochar is certified by USDA and very safe to use, lasting a long time on the soil.

The Wakefield helps with water retention, increasing the soil’s absorption powers. It also increases microbial activity. That is good because the microorganisms we find in the soil are responsible to mineralize organic nutrients, making them available to the plants.

Without them, it would be very hard for the grass to grow and develop. Another great benefit of this conditioner is that it puts carbon back into the soil.

The carbon cycle is a fundamental part of all life and the organic carbon that soil needs releases nutrients and keeps the structure for good soil. It is a protection against harmful substances and it is the best way to assess the fertility of the soil in question.

Another great thing about this product is that it is organic. It is made from renewable tree sources, so if that is something you look for when gardening this is a fantastic choice.

Due to of that, the price can be higher than other choices, especially because the package is so small. On the other hand, a little of it goes a long way, so you can still see results.


  • It is an organic product made from renewable sources
  • It increases water and carbon in the soil
  • It increases microbial activity in the soil


  • The price

3. Dr. Earth Gold Premium Soil

Dr. Earth Gold Premium SoilIf you have pets or children in the house, we are sure that safety is your primary concern. You never know when a toddler will suddenly feel the need to grab a handful of soil, or when a pet will decide on a new digging area.

The Dr. Earth Soil mix is safe to use and comes with an OMRI listing certification. That means that the Organic Materials Review Institute classified the product as organic, after many tests and exams.

This is a complete soil mix that includes a moisture component and organic ingredients that make sure there are plenty of nutrients in it. It also has TruBiotic soil microbes with endo and ectomycorrhizae.

The mycorrhiza is a fungus, but not a bad one. This fungus has a positive relationship with the roots of plants. They go deep into the soil with their filaments and reach nutrients that the plants could not access otherwise.

They are so amazing that they can be better than the roots themselves in water and nutrient absorption, and are a great addition to the soil. This is best suited for potted plants, but can still be used outside.


  • It is extra safe and organic
  • It has a lot of nutrients and organic matter
  • It has mycorrhiza, a fungus that establishes a positive relationship with the roots of plants


  • It is best suited for potted plants

4. Fox Farm Happy Farm Organic Soil

Fox Farm Happy Farm Organic SoilAnother organic soil mix, the Fox Farm is great for plants that are too weak to seek nutrients on their own. This soil is amended with microbes that help the roots to improve their efficiency.

This is a ready to use soil that improves the health of gardens and is great for vegetable patches of flowers.

This is one of the only products we could find that included protective gloves for use. Since gardening involves a lot of handling we find that a nice touch from the brand.

This soil enhances soil nutrition and balances the pH of the soil. The plants grow with better structure and the roots are healthier and stronger.

Many users are happy with the mix, reporting that their plants have never looked better, It is very easy to use as well, and just requires regular watering.

This is a premium organic soil, though some gardeners had problems with gnarls (little mosquito eggs) since organic soil does not contain chemicals that kill them. It is better to thoroughly investigate the soil after buying it.

This is a great soil mix for big gardens and potted plants, and many people saw a difference after starting using it. Get it if you are looking for an organic soil full of nutrients for flowers or vegetables.


  • Quality brand
  • It comes with protective gloves
  • There are a lot of nutrients in its composition


  • Since it is organic, it can contain bug’s eggs

5. Organic Bountea Humisoil

Organic Bountea HumisoilThe Bountea HumiSoil is one hundred percent organic, and free from additives, pollutants, and chemicals. One of the best things about this mix is that it is high in carbon, an essential element that is crucial to any plant’s development.

You can use this soil by itself or mix it with the one you already have and use it as a conditioner. It will add the necessary microbes to the ground and aid the roots’ growth. One bag can cover around thirty square feet as a soil amendment, so keep that in mind.

This soil is so good because it is completely natural. It is harvested from Alaska and it offers complete nutrition. It is not a cheap product since it is natural and sourced from Alaska, but worth it.

As soon as you open the bag you can feel how earthy, pure, and raw it is, and users have reported that their plants show a difference within days.

Another way of use is to mix some of it to a gallon of water, and then blending it to your current soil.


  • It is a natural and ancient soil
  • It is organic
  • You can use as soil or as a conditioner
  • Free from pollutants and chemicals


  • It is not a cheap product

6. Scotts Premium TopSoil

Scotts Premium TopSoilThe topsoil is the upper layer of soil – the top five to ten inches. Spreading high-quality topsoil full of nutrients and organic matter onto the ground before adding the lawn is the best way to ensure that you will end up with a beautiful patch of smooth grass.

You can also improve the health of your current lawn by adding a good layer of topsoil to it. The Scotts Premium is a great choice for that. You can use it for leveling or filling the soil, as it is made of organic matter and peat moss.

Peat moss is a great organic element to add to your grass. It retains water and nutrients, and it improves the germination rate of plants. Some users are not happy with how much wood chips this topsoil has, and if that is an issue for you – look out after opening the bag.

Other users, however, reported that – even with the wood chips – their lawn grew faster and thicker on the spots where they used Scotts Premium. Consider your needs and the type of laws seeds you are using and if they match this type of soil.


  • It is made of organic matter
  • It contains peat moss (great for grass)
  • Good for filling and leveling


  • It contains too many wooden chips for some users

7. Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Soil

Scotts Turf Builder Lawn SoilThis Scotts Turf soil is specific for lawn building purposes. It is intended to improve water retention, which encourages seed germination. The composition of it makes the grass grow faster and stronger, with thick branches visible in a few days.

New grass seeds can be very delicate and prone to suffer from drought or overwatering. This turf builder prevents that and protects the seeds.

One bag can cover about 5×5 yards. It is not a big area, so you may need to purchase more than one bag. That can be an annoyance and raise the price of the purchase, so be careful to measure your yard or garden.

Many users are happy with the product and have reset their lawns and got rid of brown patches. If you are looking for a specific soil that will give a jump start to your lawn, this is a great choice.


  • It is a specific soil made for lawns
  • It encourages germination
  • It retains water


  • It doesn’t yield much

8. Scotts Premium Topsoil Conditioner

Scotts Premium Topsoil ConditionerThis soil conditioner contains a blend of organic matter and peat moss. One of the biggest problems when it comes to lawns is an uneven lawn. Many people end up hiring professional help to do it, but this is not necessary.

You can use the best lawn soil and do the job yourself. It is possible to fill holes and uneven patches with sand or any kind of dirt, but it is more effective to do it with topsoil or soil conditioner.

That way you’ll be ensuring that the patch will be filled with a smooth piece of grass that will blend nicely to your existing lawn.

The Scotts soil provides good root support and helps them to grow attached to the ground. They grow grass that is up to 50% thicker than with regular soil. This is a Water Smart product – which means that the components in it help with water retention.

It comes with Scotts’ own fertilizers and that is one of the reasons why the seeds grow so fast. Some users were not happy with the percentage of wooden chips they found in the package.

Overall the Scotts premium is a good product that promotes the growth of your lawn from the seeds. Get it if you have large patches of brown grass in between green ones, and you need to even everything out.


  • It contains peat moss – great for grass
  • It encourages seed germination and grows thick grass
  • It absorbs and saves water


  • Some people pound too many wooden pieces in their packages

9. Sun-Gro Horticulture

Sun-Gro HorticultureThis all-purpose soil mix comes ready to be used – you do not need to add anything to it. This is convenient and practical, and it saves a lot of work. It contains a blend of Canadian peat moss and high-grade perlite.

Perlite is a fantastic element to put on your lawn, because it improves aeration and it makes nutrients readily available for the roots. It also works as an insulator, protecting them from extreme heat and it does not disintegrate since it is inorganic.

Users are very happy with the high germination rates this soil provides. It is advisable to use it as topsoil or blend it with regular soil and spread it over the lawn.

The peat moss gives this soil a rich earthy color and the perlite adds just the right amount of looseness. It is an accurate and effective soil mix that will help you grow a better lawn.

Depending on how big your grass area is, it can get costly to buy this soil as topsoil for the entirety of the lawn – the bag is quite small and does not yield much.

An alternative solution can be to add the soil to water and spread it all over the lawn to get the benefits everywhere. You can also use only on the parts that need to be filled and be sure that the grass will grow.


  • It has a great balance between peat moss and perlite
  • The germination rates using it are high
  • It gives good aeration


  • One package does not yield much

10. Natural Alternative Pelletized Lime

Natural Alternative Pelletized LimeEach type of lawn needs a different pH to thrive, but it is safe to say that a soil that is too acidic will not be good to your lawn. When the pH of the soil is too far from the preferred range, the lawn will not be able to extract any nutrients from the soil, even if they are plentiful.

Adding lime to the soil is the best solution for this problem, as it brings pH back to acceptable levels and allows the roots to extort the nutrients that were previously trapped.

Another great thing about the Natural Alternative Lime is that it has added microbes that encourage the development of earthworms in the soil.

Earthworms are a great help when maintaining turf and lawn health, as they “eat” soil and increase air and water circulation, while also providing great organic matter from their droppings.

This pelletized lime does wonders for the roots of the grass and makes sure they grow stronger and steadier. That means healthy grass for a long time, even when the lime is long gone from the soil.

If you have a fungus problem you can also use this to try and placate it. It thatches the places where the fungus and diseases’ spores are growing.

By accelerating the decay of organic matter, the lime ensures the lawn is getting plenty of nutrients and feeding. This product is better when added directly to the soil, so you may need a lot of it depending on the size of your lawn.


  • It regulates the pH of the soil, increasing the nutrient intake levels
  • It encourages the development of earthworms
  • It strengthens roots and helps them attach themselves to the soil
  • It addresses fungus and diseases


  • You may need many bags of it

11. Sta-Green Lawn Soil

Sta-Green Lawn SoilThe Sta-Green Soil is great for new lawns or even lawns that are being reconditioned. You can use it as the whole soil for the seeds or as topsoil when trying to better your grass. It is also useful for patching up dry areas, leveling and filling up holes.

It works better if you put a layer of the soil down, put the seeds on top and then cover it with another layer of soil. It comes with a starter fertilizer already, so you know the seeds are getting everything they need.

The Sta-Green has a high percentage of organic matter, which is great for a healthy lawn. It is much more effective to get a beautiful and healthy lawn from the beginning than to try to recover it after it’s set.

So this is a good soil to use for seeding. Some users found that there was too much compost in it, but that could be a good thing if you have plain soil to mix to.


  • It has a lot of organic matter
  • It is great for seeding
  • It comes with fertilizer


  • It has too much compost for some people

12. Jonathan Green

Jonathan GreenJonathan Green Soil is fortified with extra nutrients like calcium, sulfur, and iron. That makes it great both for lawns and vegetable gardens, as it is very rich soil. It also loosens soil and helps to make soil with a loose structure that is good for the growth of roots.

That makes this the perfect product to use on hard, compact soil that is not good for the grass. It works by transforming this type of soil into crumbly soil – improving aeration and the penetration of water and nutrients.

If you can’t water your lawn constantly, good soil is essential. The best type of soil is the one that can keep moisture for longer, thus decreasing the need for irrigation.

Just one bag of Jonathan Green covers 5000 square meters of ground – so it yields a lot. The best thing about this soil is that it can improve soil conditions for up to two feet below the surface.

That is a lot more than most products, that only have an effect on 5 inches of soil. The only fault we could find with the product is poor packaging, which can result in damages with shipping.


  • It covers five thousand square feet
  • It works great to break down hard soil
  • It retains water and increases drought tolerance


  • The packaging is a little weak

5 Tips To Grow A Lawn To Impress

1. Watering

Water is the key to a successful, green and smooth lawn. The secret here is a balance – too little and the lawn will be dry and brown. Too much and it will drown. The soil should be moist when you touch it but not soaking wet. The best lawn soil will help you immensely to achieve that balance.

2. Organic Matter

Organic matter is crucial for the development of strong roots, which are the foundation of any lawns. Grass with strong roots requires less watering, more nutrient intake, and a more evenly distributed grass. Be sure to choose soil that has a high percentage of organic products.

3. Mowing

This comes as no surprise to most lawn carers, but mowing is truly important for lawn health. When doing it, it is recommended that you remove only a third of the grass length. Watch your grass to learn how much mowing you need to do, and remember to decrease in cold months.

4. Feeding

Sometimes your grass needs a little help to absorb nutrients, and sometimes the nutrients are just not there. If that is the case, look for soil that comes with fertilizers and spread it over the top layer of your yard, that will feed your soil and pack it with the necessary nutrients your grass needs.

It can be a good idea to test your soil once in a while and analyze the results to see how high or low in nutrients the soil is. Soil that promotes the growth of earthworms is great to help keep the soil always rich on its own.


Having a great lawn requires a lot of care and time. There are, however, things you can do to minimize that, like using moisture retention beads to help with watering and using the best lawn soil possible to ensure that all the seeds germinate.

The soil is the foundation of any gardening, be it a lawn, potted plants or a vegetable garden. Without nutrients and a proper structure, no plant will flourish.

The more we invest in good groundwork, the easier it will be to keep the lawn healthy and thriving in the future. If you follow these tips and guides, we are sure the whole neighborhood will admire your lawn!