Best Nitrogen Fertilizers For Lawns 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Simple Lawn Solutions 2. Organic 3. Urea
Simple Lawn Solutions Best Nitrogen Fertilizer For Lawn Organic Blood Meal Urea Fertilizer

Fertilizers are vital for the healthy growth of plants. They are essential as they provide major nutrients to the soil and help to keep it healthy. While there are many fertilizers available in the market, nitrogen fertilizers are considered to be of high quality and better for the health of your soil in comparison to any other fertilizer out there. When looking for the best nitrogen fertilizer for lawns there are a number of things you should consider.

Nitrogen fertilizers consist of three main nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. When choosing the best nitrogen fertilizer, try investing in one that has the highest concentration of nitrogen. Nitrogen is a natural fertilizer for gardening which is why it is better than the other fertilizers that are loaded with chemicals and do not benefit the soil in any way.


Nitrogen is one of the primary nutrients the soil demands and regularly fertilizing the soil using a nitrogen fertilizer could mean proving it with a way to stay healthy for longer. This, in turn, will reflect greatly in the quality of plants and grass that is grown on your lawn.

Factors To Consider When Picking The Best Nitrogen Fertilizer

1. Pick The Right Type

There are two major kinds of nitrogen fertilizers you will find in the market. The first is ammonium nitrogen and the second is nitrate nitrogen. Ammonium nitrogen fertilizers are known to provide the soil with a positive charge. This charge helps the soil to absorb the fertilizer more effectively. Nitrate nitrogen does not latch on to soil particles but it tends to go deeper into the roots which means its effects last longer.

2. Effect On Plant Growth

Once you identify the kind of nitrogen fertilizer your lawn needs, your soil gets healthier and you will have a lush lawn. It is highly recommended to start using the right nitrogen fertilizer in young plants. This will help the plant grow stronger and it is safe to say that a stronger plant will bear more fruit or have more flowers blooming.

3. Urea Nitrogen

Another natural form of nitrogen fertilizer happens to be in the form of urea. These fertilizers are known to set a series of reactions when applied to the soil. Urea nitrogen breaks down into the soil and gets converted into ammonia nitrogen. Later the soil microorganisms transform it into ammonium nitrogen or nitrate-nitrogen depending on weather conditions. Only then does the fertilizer begin to benefit the soil.

4. Acidity Level

The usage of ammonium nitrogen fertilizers tends to lower the pH level in the soil and makes the soil more acidic. Certain ammonia solutions such as urea could help to increase the pH level of the soil temporarily however this could also cause the roots of the plant to burn. But once ammonia converts to nitrate the acidic residue reduces and it benefits the soil more effectively. If you want to make sure your soil is not too acidic, make sure you test the top two inches of your soil at least once a year.

These days there are some amazing nitrogen fertilizers you can buy online. The major benefit of purchasing the best nitrogen fertilizer for lawns is that they do not leave your soil too acidic even after repeated use. If you are looking to choose the best nitrogen fertilizer that you can add to your garden then we have got a list of what we consider the top picks in the market today.

Top 20 Best Nitrogen Fertilizers For Lawns 2022

1. Simple Lawn Solutions Lawn Food

Simple Lawn Solutions Best Nitrogen Fertilizer For Lawn

A Simple Lawn Solution’s Superior Nitrogen & Potash 15-0-15 NPK is an effective natural liquid fertilizer that works well for various plants in your lawn. One of the highlights of this fertilizer is it comes in a large one-gallon can that helps you cover over 12800 sq feet.

If you like investing in products that are considered value for money, then this one is at the top of the list. With a high number of positive Amazon reviews to support the product, there is little risk involved when investing in it.

This amazing fertilizer is a bioactive fertilizer which is highly nutritional. This simple lawn solutions product is phosphate-free. It is known to provide the soil with valuable nutrients to promote healthy growth. This economically sized package comes with improvised resistance to hot and cold climates. This makes it an all-weather fertilizer.The fertilizer works well in sandy soils.

If you have pets and children that love playing in your lawn or front yard, it is always recommended to use a natural fertilizer that is free of any chemicals that could prove harmful to them. This product is known to contain high-quality organic grade ingredients that nourish your lawn safely and effectively.


  • Economic sized one-gallon pack
  • Phosphate-free
  • Improvised resistance to hot and cold climate


  • Not recommended for small gardening areas Fertilizer&pd_rd_i=B07DRNX283&pd_rd_r=b4fc72f7-e7c0-4ee4-91ac-18a31af95f40&pd_rd_w=6q3ev&pd_rd_wg=leMF0&pf_rd_p=24d053a8-30a1-4822-a2ff-4d1ab2b984fc&pf_rd_r=HTG4MP4EZ53579V0SA7Q&psc=1&qid=1572865021&linkCode=sl1&tag=soilcrust-20&linkId=641f68e442edac753e4368fb13973174&language=en_US


2. Organic Blood Meal 50lb

Organic Blood Meal

Nitrogen fertilizers are available in various forms. If you are looking for a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer when you’ve just begun gardening then this 50lb bag of granulate porcine blood meal is one of the best nitrogen fertilizers you can invest in. This is an all-natural fertilizer that is safe for any soil type and any kind of plant that you want to grow.

This fertilizer is affordable and easy to mix with the soil. If there are a number of animals and pests that destroy your lawn then using this fertilizer is a great way to drive them away. While this product makes you get all down and dirty, there is no better way to naturally fertilize your soil than to use this amazing blood meal. This fertilizer is every gardener’s dream and as natural as it can come.

Rodents are the worst thing that could happen to your soil. However the minute you start using these fertilizers they will keep their distance for as long as possible. From blooming flowers to fresh healthy fruit, the quality of your crop and plants will improve immensely when you use the best nitrogen fertilizer for lawns. It’s tough to find a brand that has only positive reviews about it and this blood meal organic natural fertilizer happens to be one of those rare gems.


  • Keeps animals at bay
  • Organic and natural
  • Effective in better crop produce


  • Very bad smell

3. Urea Fertilizer Granular Fertilizer

Urea Fertilizer

The Urea fertilizer is a convenient and effective solution when you are looking for the best nitrogen fertilizer to invest in. This highly versatile fertilizer works perfectly on vegetables, flowers, shrubs, trees, and turf. The 5lb bag of fertilizer contains 46% nitrogen literally.

46% of the weight of this bag is actual nitrogen. One of the highlights of this fertilizer is the ease of use. You can spread it around the soil conveniently simply by sprinkling it around or even with the use of a spreader.

This fertilizer is 100% water-soluble. This enables the fertilizer to penetrate the soil faster so it can begin working its magic. Since it is a natural fertilizer, it is non-toxic. People who allow their pets into their lawns or have young children who love spending their time in the grass will definitely benefit from using a fertilizer that is non-toxic and has no harsh chemicals.

Reviews don’t lie and with strong positive customer feedback, this seed and plant urea fertilizer is worth investing in. A lot of people don’t know this but this fertilizer is also used for gold refining. It is a hassle-free fertilizer that you can add to your soil whether you are at the beginning of growing new plants or you want to nourish your plants at a later stage.


  • Contains 46% nitrogen
  • Water-soluble
  • Used in gold refining


  • Overpriced

4. Easy Peasy UREA

Easy Peasy

This urea nitrogen fertilizer comes in a convenient 5lb bag. One of the best things about this fertilizer is it is budget-friendly. If you are looking for the best nitrogen fertilizer for your lawn on a budget, then this product is worth every penny invested. It has multiple positive reviews on Amazon and that makes it a safe investment without having to worry about any negative effects the fertilizer could have on your soil.

This is an amazing fast-acting fertilizer that provides a high concentration of nitrogen to the soil. It is superior in quality in comparison to most of the synthetic fertilizers in the market. These fertilizers are hazardous to your health and the health of your soil and also high in toxins. It is highly recommended for families with children to invest in natural fertilizers for safety reasons.

One of the reasons people avoided natural fertilizers is because they believed it to be slow. This product, however, is a fast-acting fertilizer that is great to use for any kind of plant and delivers immediate response which is exactly what any gardener is looking for.


  • Fast-acting fertilizer
  • Natural
  • Can be used for all kinds of plants


  • Will burn the soil if used in large amounts

5. Earthworks Nitrogen Fertilizer


Earthworks health urea fertilizer is an amazing investment if you are looking for something budget-friendly and long term. This fertilizer comes in a large 50lb bag that will last you quite a while. Urea fertilizers are known to provide quite a lot of nourishment to the soil. These chemical-free fertilizers come from the urine of mammals.

A lot of people refrain from purchasing urea fertilizers because they believe it will have a bad stench or ammonia-like smell that will linger in the air. The truth, however, is that this fertilizer is colorless, odorless and neutral.

Earthworks health urea fertilizer contains no chemicals and this makes it a non-toxic fertilizer. This is a water-soluble fertilizer that benefits the soil greatly. Since it comes in a massive 50lb bag you can use this fertilizer for commercial purposes as well. When it comes to budget-friendly fertilizers, this is the best nitrogen fertilizer you will find. Customers on Amazon are raving about how effective this fertilizer is. One look at the reviews will give you a sense of positivity amongst the buyers.


  • Bulk 50lb pack available
  • Natural non-toxic fertilizer
  • Colorless and odorless


  • Product is known to have slow shipping

6. Dr. Earth Nitro Big

Dr. Earth Nitro Big

If you want to provide your soil with healthy nutrition, then Doctor earth’s nitro big high nitrogen plant food is one of the best nitrogen fertilizer for lawns you will find. It comes in a large one-gallon can that helps you plan your soil fertilizing schedule ahead of time. Whether you want to grow fruits, vegetables or plants that bear flowers, this safe yet effective fertilizer is the way to go.

This natural fertilizer happens to be a crowd-pleaser and it is prominent in the reviews. It comes at a budget-friendly price in a large one-gallon can that can be used for commercial or personal use. This is an all-natural fertilizer which is free from any toxins. This nitrogen fertilizer is one of the few nitrogen fertilizers in the market that can claim to be pathogen-free.

The fertilizer is designed keeping in mind the safety and organic food quality that is necessary for today’s date. Since it is a natural fertilizer, it can be used every fortnight or twenty-eight days depending on the size of the lawn and the climatic conditions. This fertilizer will not harm your soil in any way.


  • Large one gallon can
  • Sustainable fertilizer made with human-grade food products
  • Natural and non-toxic


  • Very bad odor

7. Blood Meal 25lb

Blood Meal

The earthworks health blood meal fertilizer comes in a 25lb bulk pack making it an amazing investment for long term purposes. A blood meal fertilizer is one of the most natural and effective fertilizers that is used to fertilize various kinds of soil for a long time.

If you like organic produce and you want to make sure you give your soil the best possible nourishment it can get, this is an amazing investment. This large bag of blood meal fertilizer is a budget-friendly way of investing in a good quality product.

Since this is a slow-release source of nitrogen, one needs to use the fertilizer as often as possible to keep the soil nourished. You can also use this blood meal fertilizer on compost piles to break down a pile of dirt. Earthworks blood meal comes with positive reviews on Amazon. Since this is a budget-friendly, it is definitely worth investing in.

Apart from the fact that this blood meal fertilizer will provide your soil with a lot of nourishment, it also helps to drive away animals and pests that wander in your garden. This chemical-free fertilizer is healthy, safe and effective for your soil.


  • Organic product
  • Great to drive away animals
  • Budget-friendly 25lb bag


  • Strong smell

8. Cottonseed Meal 50lb

Cottonseed Meal

If a blood meal is not exactly the kind of nitrogen fertilizer you are looking for, then the cottonseed meal is a great choice. Earthworks health introduces this amazing cottonseed meal in a large 50lb bag that makes it a great purchase even for larger gardens and lawns.

While there are various kinds of nitrogen fertilizers you can choose from, cottonseed meal is definitely the best nitrogen fertilizer for lawns you can find.

This amazing slow-release nitrogen fertilizer helps to nourish the soil from deep within thereby making it healthier and in turn making the plants lush and more fruitful. The fertilizer also consists of phosphorus, potash and various other natural trace elements making it an amazing and effective fertilizer for your soil. This is a natural fertilizer so obviously, it is free from chemicals. This makes it safe to use even in the long run.

This amazing fertilizer has many positive reviews on Amazon which confirms it’s a promising product. Since it is a large bulk package of 50lb, it is also budget-friendly. The benefit of ordering this large package online is you will have it delivered to your doorstep.


  • Pure cottonseed meal
    Rich source of phosphorus and potash
  • Beneficial for acid-loving plants


  • This is a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer

9. Milorganite Nitrogen Fertilizer


Milorganite is a popular slow-release nitrogen fertilizer you can purchase on Amazon. The fertilizer comes in a handy 32lb bag which makes it a great investment and saves you the trouble of having to order a fertilizer month after month.

This 32lb bag will perfectly work on a large area of at least 2000 sq. feet. When applied correctly, you will end up receiving long term long care and you can forget about fertilizing the soil for the next ten weeks.

This slow-release nitrogen fertilizer works wonders in helping promote a healthy lawn, trees, flowers, shrubs, and grass. Most nitrogen fertilizers have a tendency to burn the roots of the plant over time but this slow-release nitrogen fertilizer comes in a non-burning solution that helps deliver long-lasting and lush green lawns.

Regular use of this fertilizer helps reduce mowing of your lawn which in turn helps to conserve water. This is a non-leaching fertilizer that is known to be beneficial. The fact that the brand has been around for over 90 years proves that it has something special to offer. Amazon customers that have purchased the product are more than satisfied with how useful it is and you will be able to read all these positive reviews online.


  • Non-burning formula
  • Lasts up to ten weeks
  • Greener and lush lawns


  • Better for larger lawns

10. Jack’s Calcium Nitrate Professional

Jack's Calcium Nitrate

If you want more than just nitrogen to fertilize your soil then Jack’s calcium nitrate professional fertilizer is the perfect pick for you. This is one of the best nitrogen fertilizer options you will find in the market that has more to offer than a simple nitrogen fertilizer. The 25lb bag contains 15.5% nitrogen and 18% calcium. This benefits the plants more effectively.

Nitrogen fertilizers are known to increase acidic levels and lower pH levels in the soil. Regular use of this fertilizer helps to increase to pH level and reduce the ammonium and sodium levels in the soil. This is all thanks to the calcium supplement present in it. This fertilizer is conveniently soluble with water and the calcium present in it is easily absorbed by the roots. There are no micronutrients present in this fertilizer making it an all-natural non-toxic fertilizer.

This is the kind of fertilizer that families with children and pets should always opt-in for. The fertilizer has strong positive feedback on Amazon which confirms it is a good quality fertilizer to use. Although this fertilizer is priced a little higher than other nitrogen fertilizers available in the market, it is one of the best nitrogen fertilizers you will find making it a great investment for effective and fruitful gardening results.


  • Water-soluble
  • Economic 25lb bag
  • High calcium concentrate


  • Price higher than other fertilizers

11. Urban Farm Fertilizers Vegetable

Urban Farm Fertilizers

If you love growing vegetables in your lawn and some nitrogen fertilizers are too strong for your soil then the urban farm fertilizer is the best choice for you. This all-purpose vegetable fertilizer is one of the best nitrogen fertilizers that can help grow vegetables.

The fertilizer is easy to use and works perfectly for people that don’t want to spend all day gardening and fertilizing the soil. It also provides complete nutrition to the soil.

The fertilizer also contains calcium that helps boost the plant growth healthily and organically. Whether you use a hose-end sprayer or whether you prefer hand watering, the fertilizer is great either way.

It can also be used in the drip system or added to the foliar feed to provide the best results. The company is dedicated to designing fertilizers that deliver high-end results and help even amateur gardeners grow better plants.

This is the best nitrogen fertilizer for lawns which is natural and free from toxins which are a great boost for people that prefer organic farming. If you like growing citrus, fruits and vegetables, this fertilizer works like a charm. It can also be used for flowering plants. This budget-friendly fertilizer has some of the highest ratings on Amazon making it a great purchase.


  • Calcium-rich
  • Organic
  • Water-soluble


  • Not recommended for non-fruit bearing or flower-bearing plants

12. Tropical Fuel Release Plant

Tropical Fuel

Wellspring gardens tropical fuel slow-release nitrogen fertilizer is a hot favorite on Amazon. Customers love this budget-friendly fertilizer which is perfect for your tropical plants.

It’s a known fact that growing tropical plants could get a little tricky. However, with this great fertilizer, you’ll not only manage to fertilize the soil correctly but also ensure that your tropical plants grow lush and green.

There aren’t too many fertilizers in the market that focus on the nourishment of tropical plants and if you’re a fan of these plants then this is the best nitrogen fertilizer to invest in. This 2lb bag is a rare fertilizer blend specifically designed for plants that are tropical in nature. It is a natural and organic fertilizer that is free of chemicals. It is non-toxic which makes it safe to use.

These days a number of parents want their children to spend time outdoors. Gardening is a great way to get your children to spend time in nature. When you want your kids to spend time gardening, it’s important to use the best nitrogen fertilizer that is chemical-free and natural. This is a simple and convenient fertilizer to use for indoor and outdoor plants.


  • Great for tropical plants
  • Provides nourishment effectively
  • Works on indoor and outdoor plants


  • It is a little pricey

13. Natural Liquid Fertilizer

Natural Liquid Fertilizer

The eco natural liquid fertilizer is a budget-friendly fertilizer that is known to maintain green sustaining gardens for longer periods. Since this is a liquid fertilizer you don’t need to get down and dirty in order for the fertilizer to blend effectively with the soil. People that lead hectic lives and still want to invest a little time in gardening will benefit greatly from this nitrogen fertilizer.

It is an all-season fertilizer and since it comes in a 10lb gallon, you can conveniently use it all year round. This fertilizer is a natural supplier of nitrogen that enhances the growth of plants. Since there are no chemicals present in the fertilizer, it is non-toxic and natural. The fertilizer is environment-friendly and free from side effects.

While most nitrogen fertilizers are known to burn the lawn after prolonged use, this water-soluble fertilizer will not burn your lawn. It’s a great solution for quick greening of your lawn. The best nitrogen fertilizer has quite a few fans on Amazon and since it is budget-friendly, it makes a great investment even for people looking to purchase good quality nitrogen fertilizers on a budget.


  • Liquid fertilizer for convenient use
  • Environment-friendly
  • Does not burn the lawn


  • Does not mix well with soil

14. Easy Peasy Ammmonium Sulfate

Easy Peasy 

Easy peasy plants ammonium sulfate nitrogen fertilizer is just as the name suggests. The quick and easy to use fertilizer is known to promote effective plant growth and to produce better fruits, flowers, and vegetables. If you think nitrogen alone is not enough to fertilize your soil then this ammonium sulfate fertilizer is just what you are looking for.

The combination of nitrogen and sulfur blend perfectly to help your garden look greener than ever before. Flower beds love this fertilizer and using it regularly will give you a colorful array of beautiful flowers in your lawn. While there are a number of nitrogen fertilizers you will find, the reason this one is so unique is that it comes with the added benefit of sulfur. Let us not forget that since this is a nitrogen fertilizer, it’s natural, environment-friendly and non-toxic.

The fertilizer consists of 21% water-soluble nitrogen for better soil absorption and 24% sulfur for the additional nutrition boost. The best nitrogen fertilizer comes in a handy zip lock pouch and has good reviews on Amazon, making it a reliable product to purchase. This is a budget-friendly fertilizer with amazing nutrients for better soil health.


  • Good source of nitrogen and sulfur
  • Fast-acting fertilizer
  • Affordable


  • Overuse can kill plants

15. Liquinox Bloom 1 gallon

Liquinox Bloom

Liquinox bloom nitrogen fertilizer is a dream come true for your flowering plants. This amazing one-gallon budget-friendly nitrogen fertilizer is exactly what every gardener needs to increase productivity in plants. Whether you are looking for more flowers or better produce of fruits and vegetables, this fertilizer is something you should definitely consider investing in.

It is one of the best nitrogen fertilizers for lawn mowing and direct use. The fertilizer also contains phosphate and soluble potash which help the fertile work wonders on your lawn. This fertilizer has high acid content which is great for acid-loving soil. If you want your garden to bloom all year, this is a good purchase. Customers love this product and it has reviews on Amazon that will tell you no different.

It is the best nitrogen fertilizer for blooming flowers and it is also recommended for fruits and vegetables. The one-gallon budget-friendly box will last you a long time and you will not have to worry about purchasing a new one for a long time. While this fertilizer is a great buy, certain states do not allow the use of phosphorus fertilizers on a non-agricultural lawn. It is therefore recommended to check your state law before purchasing this product.


  • Long-lasting
  • Large one gallon can
  • Ideal for fruits and vegetables
  • Easy to use


  • Used in certain states

16. Pleasant Hill Premium Fertilizer

Pleasant Hill

If you don’t want to compromise on the quality of fertilizers you use to nourish your soil then there is nothing better than pleasant hill premium nitrogen fertilizer. This fertilizer is a premium fertilizer because of the high-quality ingredients used in its making. This is one of the best nitrogen fertilizer brands available in the market. The fertilizer comes with a total of 16% nitrogen. It also contains 16% phosphate and 16% soluble potash.

The fertilizer also contains 5% combined sulfur. If you are looking to lay a fresh bed of grass, this is one of the best fertilizers to u. Unlike most fertilizers that need to be used multiple times in a year, this fertilizer needs to be added to your soil annually and it will continue to nourish your soil all year round. It comes in an 8lb bag and this makes it perfect to use even for large lawns.

There is no denying that this is one of the healthiest ways to fertilize a lawn from scratch. People on Amazon have been raving about how amazing this product is and how it has helped to transform their lawn into a lush green paradise.


  • Convenient annual packaging
  • Perfect combination fertilizer
  • Premium quality fertilizer


Packaging is bad


17. Natural Liquid Phosphorous

Natural Liquid

Eco lawn and garden natural liquid nitrogen phosphorus potash fertilizer is a great concentrate of natural fertilizers. This fertilizer is perfect for all kinds of gardening requirements whether you are looking to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers, shrubs or grass. You can rest assured that this fertilizer will deliver lush green plants all year round. The high potassium level combined with phosphorus and nitrogen is a perfect blend that not only helps plants grow stronger but faster too.

You can use the fertilizer directly into the soil or you can choose to spray it once you have planted the seeds. Either way, it works just as effectively. This 4lb pound can is concentrated which means you need to combine it with water before applying it to your lawn. Unlike most products that have mixed reviews on Amazon, this product has all positive reviews which speak volumes about the quality of the product.

While nitrogen fertilizers are considered to be effective for plants, the addition of potassium and phosphorus definitely contribute towards soil health and help deliver fruits and vegetables that look better, have better health, longer shelf life, and better taste.


  • Natural fertilizer
  • Strong concentrate
  • Easy to use


  • Could be restricted in certain areas due to the presence of phosphorus

18. Bonide 60460

Bonide 60460

Bonide premium lawn food is said to have the best formula and best quality among lawn fertilizers. This fertilizer has been analyzed and has been created keeping in mind the sole purpose – maintenance of a beautiful lawn. This fertilizer will ensure that your lawn is always at peak performance. This fertilizer adds ample nutrition to your soil.

It also contains 20% slow-release nitrogen that helps to slowly absorb into the soil. This is a natural fertilizer which means that it is free from chemicals. Since it is a non-toxic fertilizer, not only is it great for the soil and for delivering organic produce, but also for the environment and for the people that are directly in touch with the lawn. It is no secret that organic fruits and vegetables taste better than the ones grown using chemical fertilizers.

It is also healthier to eat natural products as they have no harmful side effects. The fertilizer comes in an amazing 16lb package which can effectively fertilize up to 5000 sq. feet of land. It is also a premium fertilizer that comes at a budget price. This is a zero phosphorus fertilizer with quality micronutrients.


  • Works for large lawns effectively
  • Zero phosphorus fertilizer
  • High in micronutrients


  • Slow-release fertilizer hence will take long to react

19. Jack’s Professional Nitrogen

Jack's Professional

JR Peters nitrogen fertilizer comes in a large 25lb bag making it a great investment for your gardening needs all year round. This is one of the best nitrogen fertilizers you will find if budget is not a problem for you. While the product is slightly high end with its price, it delivers premium results, making it worth every penny you spent.

One of the best things about this fertilizer is that it is a water-soluble fertilizer. This saves you the trouble of having to dig up the lawn in order to get the fertilizer in there. This is an amazing product that is hassle-free and quick to use. Once you invest in this fertilizer you can rest assured that all your fertilizing requirements are looked after. This high quality organic natural fertilizer is one of the best nitrogen fertilizers you can get your hands on.

Even if you don’t have a lot of experience using fertilizers, you will still manage to get this fertilizer mixed into the soil without any hassle. It is toxin-free and chemical-free which means it helps you get organic products in your backyard. Organic products are healthier, tastier and safer to consume.


  • Large 25lb bag that will last a long time
  • Water-soluble
  • Easy to use


  • Over usage can burn the roots of the plants

20. RAW Nitrogen

RAW Nitrogen

Raw nitrogen fertilizer is an amazing fertilizer brand to invest in. This is very different from any other nitrogen fertilizer you will find for various reasons. Firstly, unlike slow-release nitrogen fertilizers that take a long time to begin working on the soil, this fertilizer begins acting on the soil soon after administering it. If your plants are sick, quickly spraying this fertilizer on them also works wonders as it makes the plant healthy again.

This is one of the best nitrogen fertilizers that does not contain ammonia or nitrate in any form or quantity. The fertilizer is highly soluble. All you need to do is add a proportionate amount of the fertilizer to water and you can start using it to fertilize the plants. This is a perfectly balanced fertilizer that provides plants with just the right amount of nitrogen in order to make the soil healthy again.

It comes in a handy 2lb bag but it will last you a long time. This 2lb bag can easily make up to 200 gallons of fertilizer which makes it one of the most budget-friendly fertilizers on this list. The fertilizer has the most 5 star reviews on Amazon in comparison to any other fertilizer you can find. This is without a doubt one of the best nitrogen fertilizers you can invest in.


  • Organic
  • Safe to use
  • Water-soluble


  • Simple nitrogen fertilizer

FAQs on Nitrogen Fertilizers For Lawns

1. Why Choose Nitrogen Fertilizers?

Nitrogen fertilizers are natural organic fertilizers. These fertilizers are free of chemicals making them environmentally friendly and safe to use. Organic fruits and vegetables are healthier and tastier and look better than fruits and vegetables are grown using harmful chemical-based fertilizers.

These fertilizers are great for families who want to encourage their children to spend outdoors gardening without the risk of exposing them to any chemicals. When you use natural nitrogen fertilizers, you can conveniently allow your pet to roam your lawns without the risk of exposure to chemicals.

2. Is It Better To Choose Pure Nitrogen Fertilizers Or One That Contains Phosphorus, Sulfur Or Nitrate?

Phosphorus, sulfur, and nitrate are all beneficial to the soil and are natural fertilizers. When combined with nitrogen they can work wonders on your soil. However, certain kinds of plants do not grow well with these components and in such cases, you may want to consider investing in a nitrogen fertilizer only.

While phosphorus is great for plants, some states ban the use of phosphorus. You must check whether or not you can use a phosphorus-based fertilizer in your state before investing in it. While all these best nitrogen fertilizers are great, they work well on different kinds of soil and plants so research correctly before investing.

3. Is It Better To Choose A Liquid-based Fertilizer Or Powder-based One?

The debate on whether liquid-based fertilizers are better than powder or meal based fertilizers is ongoing. Although both these fertilizers are just as effective, the time that they take to react with the soil differs. While it is easier to use powder or a meal based fertilizer when you start your gardening process and plant seeds, liquid-based fertilizers tend to work better with already existing plants.

Powder and meal-based fertilizers require more effort but they may give you better results than the liquid-based one and they tend to last longer too. While liquid fertilizers are easy to use, powder and meal-based fertilizers are pocket-friendly.

4. How Often Should I Fertilize The Soil?

The kind of fertilizer you invest in generally lets you know when and how often you should fertilize the soil. Liquid fertilizers may need to be used more often in comparison to powder or meal based fertilizers since their effects wear out faster. However, if it is a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer then the interval between fertilizing soils is always higher.

It makes sense to take into consideration what kind of fertilizer you would like to invest in and how often you would like to fertilize the soil before you invest in a fertilizer for your lawn.

Best Nitrogen Fertilizers For Lawns – Your choice?

Nitrogen fertilizers are gaining a lot of popularity these days. They are safe to use, highly effective and can deliver results like no other. Considering the number of fertilizers available in the market, it is always difficult to decide which is one of the best nitrogen fertilizers to invest in.

If you want to make sure you have made the right choice, then make a note of what you expect from the fertilizer and compare it with the reviews mentioned above to find one that matches your needs perfectly.

This list consists of some of the best nitrogen fertilizers you will find. Once you pick the best fertilizer, you can rest assured that your garden will look lush and green all year round.