Best Gas For Lawn Mowers In 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Briggs & Stratton 2. Midwest 3. Briggs & Stratton
Briggs & Stratton 85053 5-Gallon Gas Can Midwest Can 1200 Gas Can Briggs & Stratton Smart-fill 1  Gallon Gas Can

People have loved gas-powered lawn mowers for ages and they still continue to be one of the most preferred types of lawn care tool out there. The credit goes to their impressive power and ability to mow lawns with scarily dense grasses.

But having a gas-powered lawn mower means having to take care of its fuel requirements. Choosing a gas can for your lawn mower can be a tedious task at times.

There is a plethora of options available on the market and one seems to feel buried under different brands. You are likely to be well aware of your lawn mower’s gas can requirements if you have been using it for a considerable amount of time.

But what if you are a newcomer to the world of gas-powered lawn mowers? How do you know which one to pick?


Well, we have you covered! We have compiled an informative buying guide for you to be able to choose the best gas for lawn mower. Let’s dive into it!

Factors To Look For In A Gas Can For Your Lawn Mower

Buying a gas can for your lawn mower is not only about buying a simple gas container. There are various factors that you need to be mindful of to avoid future frustration. Here are the major factors that will endow you with all the knowledge that you need.

1. Plastic Or Metal Can

There are basically two types of gas cans in the market: plastic cans and metal cans. Both of these have a set of pros and cons. If we talk about plastic cans, they are usually cheaper and lighter in weight. Plastic cans are perfect if you are not planning to spend too much.

On the other side, metal cans are expensive and comparatively more durable. However, they are heavier to carry and have lesser capacity than plastic cans. If you are ready to spend a good amount of money, you can buy a metal that’ll last you for years.

2. Versatility

You might want to get a diesel-powered lawn mower sometime in the future. So the best gas for lawn mower, in this case, will be the one that is versatile in that manner.

It is very important to choose a can that is able to store and transport different types of fuels. However, you should be careful about fuel mixing. Mistakenly mixing fuels can be catastrophic.

3. The Frequency Of Use

Are you looking to use the gas can regularly? Or your gas can is going to see the daylight once in a blue moon? The frequency will determine what size and capacity gas can you go for.

If you want to use gas can occasionally, you should buy medium capacity can for like 2 to 3 gallons. If you are a regular user of gas can then it is best to go for large size cans. Having a larger gas can save you from the trouble of filling and refilling it again and again in case of frequent usage.

4. Safety Features

While dealing with flammable or volatile materials, it is very important to prioritize your safety. As we all know, gasoline is flammable.

Any fumes or spillage of fuel can catch fire easily and quickly. In the case of metal cans, the heat will develop pressure inside the can which sometimes creates the risk of a deadly explosion.

The best gas for lawn mowers is the one that has appropriate safety features to avoid such explosions. These safety features like a self-closing lid, pressure relief and flame arresters.

5. Efficiency Of Use

Gas is an expensive commodity. One should not buy a gas can that spills and wastes the fuel. You should buy a gas can with a higher level of efficiency. Dribbling and spillage of fuel when you pour it into the lawn mower is reduced by trigger mechanism and good spout.

A well-engineered spout will eliminate the spillage of fuel and reduce wastage to a minimum. When the spout is not designed properly, complete elimination of spillage or dribbling is not possible.

6. Size Of Can

The size of the gas can that you should buy depends on two things. The first one is the fuel tank size of your lawn mower. If you have got a giant lawn mower, it will surely have a bigger fuel tank.

So, your best bet will be to go with a 4 or 5-gallon capacity gas can. Similarly, choose a lower capacity gas can if your lawn mower machine takes up a lesser amount of fuel to function.

Also, it is advised to avoid keeping gas in storage for long since it starts to get stale with time. So avoid buying a big gas can even if your machine is small. The idea of storing the fuel of future use will not help you in the long run.

Are you confused between the million different gas cans that the market has to offer? Don’t worry. We have carefully narrowed the choice for you. Below are a bunch of gas cans that we have reviewed for you. You are sure to find your pick among these.

Top 6 Best Gas For Lawn Mowers In 2022

1. Briggs & Stratton 85053 5-Gallon Gas Can

Briggs & Stratton Best Gas For Lawn Mower

Briggs & Stratton is a highly trusted brand when it comes to gas cans. They have been in the industry for very long and they know their game well. This 5-Gallon gas can is a projection of their perfection and one of the best gas for lawn mower in this price range.

Are you looking for a large gas can for your medium/large sized lawn mower? This is the best deal you are going to get in a 20 dollar budget. This can consists of a Smart-Fill Spout which is self-venting. It comes with a Twist-Anchor-Push operation that ensures the fuel and fumes remain contained. The design is EPA and CARB compliant.

It has an Auto shut off function that works to reduce emissions when not in use. The container profile is smartly tapered, so you don’t have to worry about the can tipping over.

For your convenience, you not only get illustrated instructions on the container but also a link to online video instructions.

Customer reviews mention that this gas can spout is not that great at its job. The spout is prone to breaking which leads to the spilling of the fuel when pouring it.

It has also been noted that the spout takes around 4 minutes to empty the can. And 4 minutes can feel like a lot when you are holding a 5-Gallon can.


2. Midwest Can 1200 Gas Can

Midwest Can 1200 Gas Can

Here’s a gas can that meets the requirements of your small-sized lawn mower. This Midwest gas can has a capacity of 1 gallon 4 ounces. The price falls in the 20-dollar range which can seem a little high given the capacity of the can.

The gas can is composed of 6 ply HDPE, which not only makes it durable but also helps it reduce hydrocarbon emissions. Midwest claims that this gas can excels all the CARB and EPA requirements, which is always a good thing.

The spout present in the can has the ability to close automatically to reduce spillage. The size of the can is less than 10 inches in all dimensions. This offers the user an easy grip and comfortable handling experience.

Customers have stated that this gas is great for vehicle or riding lawn mowers. However, it might not be the ideal choice if you possess a push mower. And that is because of the rigid straight nozzle that is a little difficult to control over a push mower. Other than that, the balanced design has been really appreciated by various reviewers.


3. Briggs & Stratton Smart-fill 1 Gallon Gas Can

Briggs & Stratton Smart-fill 1  Gallon Gas Can

Have you been looking for a highly affordable gas can for your small lawn mower? This is one of the best gas for lawn mower that you can find under a 10-dollar price range.

Briggs & Stratton offers a high-quality gas can with a capacity of 1 gallon. There exists a special Smart-Fill Fuel Filling System that features a self-venting spout.

As you lift the nozzle of the can from the fuel tank, the valve on it will automatically shut off. This is great to keep fumes from escaping.

The pouring process is made easier with the intelligently angled tip on the nozzle. You can also see inside the container as you pour the gas into your mower’s fuel tank. The gas can also has a child-safe cap which is a must if you have children at home.

To use it, all you have to do is push down to start the flow of fuel. The spout will shut off as you release the downward pressure and that’s it! if you ever feel confused, there are illustrated instructions provided on the can. In addition to that, you also get a link to online video instructions to help you do it the right way.

The O-Ring gasket on the nozzle of the can might have a tendency to slip. It has been suggested by various customers that the gasket should be double-checked for its position to avoid leaks.


4. Garage Boss Gb310 Briggs And Stratton Press ‘n Pour Gas Can, 1 Gallon

Garage Boss Gb310 Briggs And Stratton Press 'n Pour Gas Can, 1  Gallon

This Garage Boss gas can model is an epitome of simplicity in the world of complex gas can designs. In just under 15 dollars, you get the simple and intuitive Press ‘N Pour with a capacity of 1 gallon.

This can has a press-button spout that provides a precision flow control when you are pouring. The spout grip is ergonomically designed, which ensures a no-mess pour every time. This CARB and EPA approved can is available in various sizes for your different needs.

You get a lift assist indent under the can that makes sure your filling experience is great. You get a spout extension and a dust cap as well which are essential for the fuel to remain dust-free.

Additionally, there is a dust cap holder on the spout. You can place the cap on the holder to keep it from getting lost. Because, believe it or not, we all have lost a gas can dust cap at some point.


5. Garage Boss Gb320 Briggs And Stratton Press ‘N Pour Gas Can, 2 Gallon

Garage Boss Gb320 Briggs And Stratton Press 'N Pour Gas Can, 2  Gallon

For a few dollars more than the previous one, you get the same design but with a larger capacity. Yes, the amazing Garage Boss Press ‘N Pour also comes in a 2 gallon volume. Briggs and Stratton have on making the gas can simple to use and they have definitely succeeded.

This model is a very simple yet highly convenient gas can that doesn’t disappoint you in times of mowing. The 2 gallon capacity is perfect for most small to medium-sized lawn mowers. To start using it, you just have to press the button forward and down. And with that, the flow of the fuel begins.

There is no anchoring, pushing or twisting motion required, which is simply incredible. When you are done filling your machine, just release the button and the nozzle will close by itself.

It does offer a pretty fast flow. But if you need to increase the flow, even more, you just need to unscrew the spout extension. Could it get any easier?

Not only that, this can also comes with a translucent spout extension that makes the fuel visible during the pour. This is very useful when your machine has a small gas tank and tends to overfill easily. Just having that precision control can save a lot of spillage.

This product has received a lot of appreciation for its auto shut-off valve design. Customers have mentioned that they are extremely happy with the way there is no mess involved in pouring anymore.


6. No-Spill 1450 5-Gallon Poly Gas Can (Carb Compliant)

No-spill 1450 5-gallon Poly Gas Can (Carb Compliant)

This 5-Gallon No-Spill poly gas can is the most expensive option on this list with a price range of 30-40 dollars. This gas can has been designed keeping in mind the ever-persistent issue of spillage that occurs while pouring fuel into the mower fuel tank.

This can has tackled the spilling problem by making the spout fully user-controlled. You get a thumb button, which you can press after inserting the spout into your tank opening.

Releasing the button will immediately stop the flow of the liquid. Other than that, the spout has a funnel design of 7/8 inches which can fill even the smallest of tanks.

The nozzle offers a flow rate of 3 gallons per minute which is better compared to most cans out there. The can is EPA and CARB compliant and the body has been treated to offer lower permeation. You can also separately buy a 6-inch spout extension for this can if you ever need one.

Various customers have reviewed this product saying that its auto-stop feature is amazing. There are always machines that have narrow fill openings and it is a tough job to fill them. This can’s nozzle has the ability to fill up such a fuel tank as per customer observations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still looking for some answers before you invest in a gas can? It is never a bad thing to be as aware as possible when looking for the best gas for lawn mower. That’s why we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to remove any more doubts that you might have. Here we go!

1. What Kind Of Gas Should I Buy?

We can easily find quality fuel for mower by looking for the same details we look for the fuel of our car. You want to go for well-travelled service stations and standard octane rankings of the gas.

It is always recommended to buy gas from trusted brands. The reason being, large companies employ the quality control testers for their product and you get the best product.

About the freshness, you are more likely to get fresh gasoline if you buy from a busy gas station. When the gas station is selling the gas regularly there are fewer chances of gas going stale. You might have to wait in the queue for a while, but it generally is worth it.

2. Why Should I Be Careful With Ethanol?

Ethanol is a fuel compound derived from organic material such as corn. Gasoline consists of 10% Ethanol. Lawn mower engines are made to run on gas with at least 10% ethanol.

If the fuel contains 15% ethanol, called E15 fuel, it is potentially dangerous. This type of fuel, i.e. ethanol absorbs water from the atmosphere which creates corrosion in the fuel system.

Ethanol leads to a high level of smog, so because of this concern Ethanol is generally available except in summers. Labels are required to indicate that the ethanol levels are higher than usual when it is sold. Be sure to check the labels if you would like to be super careful.

3. How Do I Keep My Fuel Fresh?

Lawn mower fuel tanks are usually made big enough to carry the fuel for months once they are fully filled. You generally don’t have to worry about refilling your machine. And that’s what makes it important for the fuel to stay fresh for whenever you need to use the machine.

A fuel stabilizer can be added as it is an easy solution for all fuel problems. You can conveniently find fuel stabilizers in any gas station. When you fill your tank, simply add fuel stabilizer to your gasoline.

The stabilizer works by decreasing the rate of compound evaporation from gasoline. Fuel stabilizer keeps the fuel from absorbing moisture from the air. With a recommended amount of fuel stabilizer, your mower can be protected from most of the fuel problems.

4. Why Doesn’t Gas Stay Fresh?

The thing about gasoline is that it is only good for about 30 days at a stretch. After 30 days, the volatile compounds in the fuel start to evaporate. This usually happens only when the gas is in the mower or in the can.

When the fuel evaporates, brown grumpy deposits are formed which eventually turn into hard varnish. This hard varnish material has a tendency to plug the fuel lines and carburetors.

Once the fuel in your machine starts to evaporate, you will notice some signs in your engine performance. These signs include lack of power, which means the engine will lose power because of clogged fuel filter or something similar.

There will be engine surging if the engine is not receiving enough fuel because of inappropriate fuel pressure. You might find it difficult to start the engine, which may lead to prolonged cranking before the engine will start. A clogged fuel filter can cause difficulty starting the engine as well.

Best Gas For Lawn Mower – Your Pick?

Lawn mowers come in the list of extremely useful machines for a large population. Nobody likes a lawn that is clumsy and full of tall, undesirable grass. Mowing the lawn and taking care of it is not only a job, but also a hobby for many. And that makes it important for the machine owner to take care of the machine’s fuel related needs.

Having a durable, perfect-size gas can fuel your lawn mower can make a huge difference. If the gas can you got is not durable, it will add to your expenses in no time.

If your gas can is not smartly designed, it will tip over and cause spillage of the fuel. This is not only messy, but also dangerous. Also, if your gas can is not of proper size, it might not fill the tank efficiently.

So, to dodge all these issues, it is imperative that you do a little research before buying a gas can. Our extensive guide is all about helping you understand the function of a gas can better. Once you know how they work, you will know what will work for you the best.