Best Lawn Mowers In 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Sun Joe 2. GreenWorks 20-Inch 3. GreenWorks 17-Inch
GreenWorks 20-inch GreenWorks 17-inch Cordless Lawn Mower

A lawnmower is the easiest, fastest and most efficient tool to mow a lawn and gives it a brand new look. Whether it is the small backyard of your home or the large field in your farm that you need to mow, the mowers come in different sizes and shapes to help you with that.

But what are the best lawn mower that are present in the market for gardening? The answer will demand the consideration of the differences in various aspects of the lawnmowers.

They are divided as per their features and mode of operations too. While the old mowers were pushed manually, the modern ones may have gas, electric motor or lithium-ion batteries to power them.


There are some self-driven lawn mowers too. These mowers have a driving mechanism attached to their rear wheels and pulling tool on the front ones.

There are differences in the relative position of the driver of the mower too. While some mowers need the driver to stand behind it, some others make the task a bit easier by providing seats and a steering wheel.

Such a huge list of options gives rise to questions like, what is the best brand of lawn mower. Or, what is the best lawn mower for the money? What are the best-rated lawn mowers? We have clearly understood the confusion of the customers.

That’s why we have prepared the best lawn mowers reviews for you so that you can get the best lawn mower brand for your desired task.

Here is the list of the best lawnmowers in the market that you should take a look at:

Top 20 Best Lawn Mowers In 2022

1. Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO

Sun Joe Best Lawn Mower

Sun Joe is a well-known company for its convenient outdoor tools that promise and delivers to keep your lovely home as it is. The Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO is their gift for you in the range of lawnmowers. This lawnmower comes with a powerful 13 amp electric motor.

You do not have to fret over changing its gas or oil over and over again. That inconvenience is duly taken care of by this innovative machine. Also, using an electrically powered tool is always an eco-friendly way than using their fuel-driven counterparts.

The lawnmowers make the task of mowing less time consuming by introducing its 14 inches wide cutting range. This is extremely convenient when you need to mow your area frequently, but do not always have adequate time for it. The wide variety makes sure that you utilize your time to its maximum potential.

Another great feature of this mower is the adjustable deck. It is produced while keeping in mind the difference of heights of the potential users. Conventionally, the decks used to have a fixed length of the deck.

Due to this reason, the use of the mower used to be great distress for those who did not have the height that goes well with the fixed deck length. But the MJ401E-PRO lawn mower from Sun Joe has eliminated that problem by introducing the adjustable deck with three height options.

Are you curious about its blades? If yes, then let us tell you that this mower has steel blades that are well known for their precision cutting. It is the perfect combination of precision and extensive range cutting.
Also, the steel blades are highly durable. Meaning, you won’t have to think about replacing them now and then.

The accessories, include a 10.6 gal rear bag for collecting the scrap. You won’t have to clean the lawn after cutting the grass. The pack will collect the waste. You can dump the scraps when you are done.

The lawnmower also has a discharge chute. It is particularly helpful when you do not get enough time to maintain the lawn and the grass understands taller. The discharge chute also makes sure that the discharge deck does not get clogged.

Overall, the whole design is made to make sure that you require the minimum effort to keep your lawn clean and green. The manufacturer also gives two years warranty on the product.


  • The price of this lawnmower is comparatively low
  • It comes with durable and wide range blades
  • The large scrap collecting bag eliminates the need for post-cut cleaning
  • The desk length is adjustable
  • Lightweight mower


  • Although it runs on electricity, the sound intensity is almost similar to a gas lawn mower
  • The capacity of the scrap collecting bag is low.
  • The handle assembly is not sturdy enough.


2. GreenWorks 20-Inch Corded Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 20-inch

It is one of the best lawn mowers from GreenWorks Company. A 40 V lithium-ion battery powers the lawnmower. Let’s tell you that a 40 V battery is a potent one.

If you fully charge it once, then it will run for almost 70 minutes. No worries about charging or changing the fuel in the middle of mowing. A 70-minute run is more than enough to mow an average lawn.

According to a study, more than 30% of the yards of US households will be harvested with its single charge. The battery has a charge indicator built in it so that you do not get confused over its remaining time.

Also, forget about the loud noises that are typical for the gas-powered lawn mowers. The use of the battery keeps the decibel level to a minimum during the entire lifetime.

As we have already discussed, it is also a very eco-friendly way to deal with the task as there is no exhaustion of harmful gas. But that is not the only thing that makes this lawnmower an efficient and fast one.

The mower comes with a 20-inch wide blade range, more than the one that we have previously talked about. This broad sweep of the blade works together with the powerful battery to complete the mowing your lawn in no time.

The mower comes with 8 inch rear wheel. The front wheels are made slightly smaller, 7 inches to be exact. It helps the user to maneuver the mower easily.

Mowing has never been made such an easy task before. The 17-inch deck is very versatile and comes with five different levels of height adjustments.

Interestingly, even after giving away so many flexible options, the deck remains light weighted. The rear end of the mower has 2 in 1 feature. It comes with a rear bag for scrap collection and also offers a mulching option.

Such an arrangement ensures that you do not need to clean the lawn after you mow it, as the bag will collect all the remains. Also, mulching will make sure that the soil of your garden remains fertile, and it looks greener than ever.

The single lever height adjustment makes sure that you can cut the grass as per your requirements. The cutting range varies from 5/4 inch to 27/8 inch.


  • The lithium-ion battery runs for a long time after charging only once
  • The height adjustment feature lets the user cut grass at different levels
  • The decibel level of the mower is shallow
  • Mulching feature help in keeping the soil fertile


  • The price of this lawnmower is slightly on the higher side
  • The battery loses charge if you keep it for a few days
  • The rear bag does not seal properly

3. GreenWorks 17-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 17-inch Cordless Lawn Mower

This is another best-rated lawn mower from the GreenWorks Company. This version of the lawnmower is comparatively smaller than the previous one that we have discussed from the same company.

The lawnmower comes with a 40 V lithium-ion battery which retains its charge for almost 60 minutes before completely draining during mowing.

The battery comes with a charge level indicator that helps the user to keep a check on the same and plug it in when necessary. This is quite helpful to avoid the charging of the lawnmower in the middle of mowing. The battery provides dominant power throughout the whole charge level.

The cordless lawn mower is particularly helpful when you have a small or medium-sized lawn to mow. Owing to the comparatively more diminutive size, this lawnmower from GreenWorks weighs less than its bigger counterpart.

The weight is 40.9 lbs, and it helps in maneuvering the mower smoothly over the grass. It comes with a push-button start technology for the ease of starting.

You do not have to pull the ropes, like you used to do with your conventional gas-driven lawn mower. The blade of this mower has a range of 17 inches in one swipe. It is slightly lower than the previous version that we have mentioned, but still more significant than many other options in the market.

Also, the durability of the blades makes sure that you do not have to replace them frequently.

The size is a perfect fit for small or medium-sized lawns. The deck size of the lawn is 17 inch – which is very versatile and durable.

If you love to cut your grass on different levels on different days, then this is the best residential lawn mower for you. It comes with a single lever five height adjustment technology. The technology will let you cut the grass of your lawn at different levels as you want.

The height range differs from 5/4 inch to 27/8 inches. Is not it a great way to give your garden a different look now and then?

Just like the 20-inch version, this one also comes with a rear bag and mulching assisting technique. The back pocket will keep collecting the portion of the grass that is cut and store it.

You can remove the pack when it is full and dispose of the contents. The mulching technique helps in distributing nutrient-rich substances to the soil that will keep it fertile. In another word, you will clean and green the lawn at the same time.


  • The mower can cut grass at different levels as per the need
  • The blades are very durable
  • The lightweight of the mower makes it easy to move around
  • The battery has a long life


  • Like the 20 inch version, the price of the 17-inch version is also high.
  • The rear bag seal does not properly work. Especially, the light pieces of grass do not remain inside.
  • Charging the battery just after using it is not recommended.

4. American Lawn Mower Company 14-Inch Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower Company 14-inch Lawn Mower

Technology makes intended jobs easier. But it is not for everyone. Also, they are more prone to glitches than manual tools. If you are someone who doesn’t like to deal with gadgets, then the simple lawn mowers from the American lawnmower company are the perfect tool for you.

You do not have to think about powering it with charge or fuel. Also, if some problem happens, you can repair it on your own.

The design of these mowers is straightforward to understand, making it convenient to maintain. The lack of fuel makes it the most eco-friendly option present in the market of this genre.

The lawnmower comes with four sharp blades with a 14-inch width. It is the perfect size to mow your front or the backyard, but not the vast lawn of your farm.

The blades have steel ball-bearing reels for the added convenience of its users. The presence of four blades makes sure that you need minimal effort to get your job done.

The blades are made of heat-treated, quality alloy steel. Due to this, the blades remain sharp and reliable for an extended period. The blade height can also be adjusted to give a different look to your lawn whenever you want. The cutting range varies between 0.5 inches to 1.75 inches.

It is a great way to feel different in the yard every day. The blades are handy in operating almost all the common grass types such as bluegrass, rye, crabgrass, fescue, etc. On the sides of the blades, you will find the 8.5-inch composite wheels. The size of the wheels makes sure that you do not require much effort to roll the mower.

It also ensures that the user can turn the mower from one direction to another with ease. But what about the handlebar of the mower? Is it convenient? Of course, it is! The handle of the mower is made keeping ergonomics in mind.

You won’t feel uncomfortable while you two will work together. The mower is so designed that your body remains in a good posture during the operation.

As for the connecting bar, it is a single piece. So there will be no issue of loose connections or mismatch of parts. Buy this lawnmower and avoid fuel, avoid fumes, avoid chords and avoid the noise.


  • The design of this mower is simple
  • This lawnmower is eco-friendly due to the lack of fuel and fumes
  • The noise level is minimum, even lower than the electric motor driven mowers
  • The price is in the low range


  • It requires manual labor
  • There is no provision of a rear bag. The scraps need to be collected after the grass is cut
  • The mower is not convenient for big lawns

5. Great States 14-Inch Lawn Mower

Great States 14-Inch Lawn Mower

This is another best deal on lawn mowers for those who do not like to mingle with complicated machinery. The lawnmower from the Great States Company is a push reel type. Meaning, you will have to push the mower from behind to cut the grass.

The Great States Company has been in this business for some time now. So, you can be entirely sure about the quality of the product. The lawnmower comes with five numbers of 14-inch blades.

It is a very convenient size to cut your lawn leisurely. One added advantage of these blades is that they cut the grass like scissors. They do not tear the grass. Other rotary mowers tear the greens which let the vital fluids to escape. Due to that, the grass becomes vulnerable to different insects and diseases.

The precise cuts of the Great States lawn mower save your greens from these potential dangers and help them to remain healthy. The blades are also adjustable. It lets the user maintain different lengths of the grass in the lawn.

The cutting range of this lawnmower varies from 0.5 inches to 1.75 inches. They are made of high quality, heat-treated alloy steel. Because of that, the blades remain sharp enough for an extended period of time.

The lack of any complex mechanism in the mowers also means that you will need only minimal maintenance effort. There is no need to put fuel on it, no need to charge and no need to fret over damaging any expensive part. The mowers are also very lightweight and small in size.

It helps in the easy maneuvering of the tool. You can keep it anywhere you want. You can hang it on your wall, keep in the garage or just in the corner of the lawn.


  • The lawnmower is easy to use and easy to keep
  • The maintenance cost of the mower is meager
  • It cuts the grass like a scissor, maintaining their health
  • The price is low


  • The mowing capacity is low
  • There is no rear bag to collect the scrap of the grass
  • The mower requires manual labor to work
  • The open blade structure may cause safety hazards

6. Scotts Push Reel Lawn Mower

Scotts Push Reel Lawn MowerIt is another great addition to our list of push reel lawn mowers. Scotts Company is renowned for its high-quality outdoor tools. The lawnmower comes with five numbers of 20 inches wide sharp blades that will mow your lawn with speed.

This is the widest blade lawn mower that we mentioned so far. The size is right for the mowing of medium-sized gardens. The blades are made of high quality, heat-treated alloy steel to make sure that they remain sharp and last long.

The blades are connected to the other body parts through ball bearings that make their movement super smooth. The mower comes with 10-inch tracking wheels behind the primary wheels to provide extra balance during the mowing process.

It is also equipped with a quick-snap height adjuster so that you can keep different lengths of grass whenever you want. The handle is robust and made of steel for ensuring durability. The handle is made very simple, so that you do not need any extra tools to assemble the pieces.

Another great feature of this lawnmower is the ergonomic friendly grip of the handle. Meaning, you won’t feel any discomfort – even if you decide to mow your neighbor’s lawn after yours’ is done.

It is a very lightweight lawnmower with a precise pair of wheels. The weight factor, along with the back wheels, make this mower extremely easy to maneuver. Also, do not worry about electricity or fuel usage.

There is no such hustle. Walk along with the mower while pushing it. Is not it a great way to remain healthy?


  • The lawnmower is lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • The price is low
  • There are five blades in the mower that precisely cut the grass
  • The blade width is comparatively larger at 20 inches


  • It requires manual labor
  • The screws of the handle get loose pretty soon
  • The handle is inconvenient for people above a 6-foot height due to its small length

7. Black Decker MTE912 Electric Mower

Black Decker MTE912 Electric Mower

Let’s get back to the modern tools now. The Black Decker MTE912 mower is a multipurpose tool. You can use it for mowing, trimming or edging of your lawn. What are the differences between those three?
Well, that is out of the scope of this article.

But you always have the option to look it up on the internet, right! Now, talking about the Black Decker mower, this useful tool is driven by a 6.5 amp motor. So no more pushing from the back to get your lawn clean! Also, the use of electric motor ensures that the decibel level remains within a limit.

It is equipped with AFS automatic feed system. Due to the AFS system, the mower can work continuously without any interruption. It also has a gear drive to decide on the speed that you want it to work. It is a great way to work at your own pace.

If you wish to have a leisurely walk while mowing or just need to finish it as soon as possible, the decision is all yours. It also offers height adjustment of the blades like many other options that we have mentioned here

The adjustable feature helps in keeping different heights of grass in your lawn. The range is a bit higher as compared to the push reel lawn mowers that we have listed. The height adjusts between 1.6 to 2.4 inches.


  • The electric motor reduces the manual labor
  • The automatic feeding system allows the mower to work incessantly
  • The price is low
  • Good for residential lawn mowing
  • The sound pollution caused by this lawn mower is very less


  • The blade width is very less at 12 inch
  • It has a complicated design as compared to the push reel mowers
  • There is no provision of a rear bag for scrap collection
  • The motor is not very powerful

8. Sun Joe MJ401C- Pro 14-Inch Lawn Mower

Sun Joe MJ401C- Pro 14-Inch Lawn Mower

We have already talked about the Sun Joe MJ401E- PRO in this article. And as the names only have the difference of an “E” and “C,” the features also only have a few differences. This version is powered by a 28 V 4 Ah lithium-ion battery. And of course, the battery is rechargeable.

The powerful battery is capable of holding its charge for a very long time. To give you an idea, it can mow continuously up to a quarter acre with just one charge.

Most households have a smaller lawn area than that, making it an extremely convenient tool to mow. You won’t have to worry about plugging your chord in between and wait for it to charge before finishing the work.

The mower is equipped with durable steel blades that cut grass with utmost precision. The blades can be replaced, but you won’t feel the need for it so soon. The 14-inch width of the blades makes the mower suitable for small and medium-sized lawns.

The deck has an adjustable design for some extra convenience. It also supports three height adjustments, so that you can cut the grass as per the exact level that you want. And will you have to clean the remains after the grass is cut?

Of course, no! The Sun Joe mower comes with a rear bag that will collect all the cut pieces of grass. You can dispose of the remains when the bag becomes full. The pro version of the mower comes with a discharge chute that helps in cutting tall grass sections.

If you do not have regular time to mow your lawn, then the pro version is the option to go for. But wait for the best part of the deal! You can avail this best lawn mower with two years of guarantee from the manufacturer.


  • It has a very powerful motor
  • The battery life of the mower is high
  • The blades precisely cut the grass
  • Two years of guarantee gives extra security to the product


  • This lawnmower is expensive
  • The width of the blades is not suitable for big lawns
  • The capacity of the rear bag is not much

9. GreenWorks 9 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 9 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

We are back with GreenWorks and its best rated lawn mowers. This version of GreenWorks mower is powered by a 9 Amp electric motor which is powerful enough to give you a precise cutting of grass.

It is particularly suitable for the small-sized lawns. The deck size of this mower is 14 inches, and it is very versatile as well as light weighed.

In fact, the whole arrangement of the mower is lightweight at only 33.3 lbs. It has two pairs of wheels that support the solid body of the mower.

The front wheels are 6 inches in size and the rear wheels are 7 inches. The ingenious variation in the wheel sizes and the lightweight of the mower makes it extremely easy to move around on your lawn.

The mower has five height adjustments to allow cutting grass at different heights in the lawn area. It will make sure that you get a different feeling while you step on your lawn from time to time.

The cutting range varies from 5/8 inches to 21/8 inches. Another great feature of this version is the attached rear bag and the mulching technique that comes with it.

The bag keeps the lawn clean even during mowing, and mulching technique keeps the soil fertile, ensuring a green lawn in the future. We have seen these two features in the previous versions of lawnmowers from GreenWorks too.

The lawnmower is equipped with a push-button start for the convenience of the users. The handle that you will be using to move the mower around is foldable. So, you can make it compact to store in a very small place.


  • It is convenient for the mowing of small lawns
  • There is no need to charge the mower or fuel it. The user only has to plug the mower and start mowing.
  • The rear bag eliminates the need for cleaning the lawn after mowing
  • The five adjustable height arrangements allow keeping the grass height at the desired level.


  • The price of the mower is comparatively high as per its size
  • It is not suitable for medium or big size lawns
  • The continuous plugin of the chord can be an annoyance

10. Ego Power LM2000 Lawn Mower

Ego Power LM2000 Lawn Mower

It is another one of the best lawn mowers that are available in the market. The lawnmower is powered by a robust 20 V lithium-ion battery that makes it eligible to work without a chord.

The battery is capable of working for 90 minutes on a single charge, provided that it is properly maintained. The mower also comes with a push-button for the ease of start.

It eliminates the need for pull cords that are conventionally present in the fuel-driven lawnmowers. The blades have a wide 20-inch range that operate on a large area of the lawn to make your task quick and easy.

It has LED highlights built on its body that will let you work even in the dark. It is useful for those who do not get enough time during the day to take care of their lawns. The sturdy body also makes it resistant to severe weather conditions. Meaning, you can mow your lawn any day at any time!

This flexibility makes it the best lawn mower in the market. It has a three in one feature too which includes bagging, mulching or side discharge chute.

Although the mower has a sturdy structure, it is foldable also. You can make it compact and store anywhere you want. If you wish to keep it in your garage or the corner of your lawn, the choice is all yours.

But does this feature-loaded lawn mower come with a warranty? Of course! The manufactures give 5 years of tool warranty and three years of battery warranty to their customers.


  • The battery life of this lawnmower is high
  • The cutting width of the mower is convenient for the medium and large size lawns
  • It has built-in LED lights to enable the user to work in the dark
  • The structure of the mower is sturdy, yet foldable for the ease of storage


  • The lawnmower is very expensive
  • The customer service of the company is not up to the mark
  • The complex mechanism of the mower makes it hard to rectify any glitch on your own.

11. GreenWorks Pro 21-Inch Lawn Mower

GreenWorks Pro 21-Inch Lawn Mower

It is another great addition to the lawnmower series of GreenWorks, probably the best lawn mower manufacturing company. This lawnmower from GreenWorks is equipped with a powerful 4-ampere hour battery that will assist you in mowing your lawn for a long time.

The run time of the battery is labeled as 60 minutes – which will be pretty handy, provided you maintain it properly. The benefit does not end there. The charging time of the battery is also very low at 30 minutes for the full charge.

There are different chargers and battery models too. It will be helpful to choose a particular version as per the area of your lawn. The blades have a more extensive range than any of the lawn mowers that we have mentioned so far.

They can operate on a massive 21-inch range in one swipe to finish your job in minimal time. The cutting height is also adjustable.

The height adjustment can be varied from 11/8 inches to 13/4 inches. The high torque of the brushless motor is also an added convenience. The tools that come with the lawnmower are wear and tear-resistant, which will keep your maintenance cost to the minimum. It also has 3 in 1 technology with rear discharge, mulching, and side discharge capacities.


  • It has a long-lasting battery.
  • The range of the blades is wide enough for big lawns
  • The tools are wear and tear-resistant


  • The price is on the high scale
  • You can’t work with this in every weather condition
  • The mower is very heavy and that might create an issue in its maneuvering

12. Sun Joe iON16LM Lawn Mower

Sun Joe iON16LM Lawn Mower

Just like the previous lawn mowers by Sun Joe, this one has also got the best lawn mower reviews. It comes with a powerful brushless motor that ensures maximum efficiency and even longer battery performance. The decibel level is also very low, along with the vibration and gives a serene feeling to the ambience.

It has a built-in push start button which eliminates the need for pull chords. The battery power means that you won’t have to fret over going to the gas station frequently.

Clearly, it is also an eco-friendly option. The 16 inch wide blades are capable of conveniently taking care of small or medium-sized lawns.

As for the post-cut cleaning, you do not have to worry about that. The lawnmower comes with a rear bag that collects the cut grass and keeps the lawn clean even during the mowing process. It also has a chute to assist in cutting the tall grass.

Talking about tall grass, it has a six-position height adjustment layer that will allow you to keep the height of the green as much as you want. The deck of the mower is made of ABS plastic to ensure a long-lasting effect. It is also an energy star approved lawnmower, making it one of the best lawn mower in the market.


  • The mower is suitable for small and medium lawns which is the case in most of the households
  • It is ETL approved
  • It has six height adjustment options
  • The rear bag keeps the garden clean


  • The lawnmower is expensive
  • The rear pocket is not attached properly
  • The rear wheel design is not perfect

13. Fiskars Max Reel Mower

Fiskars Max Reel Mower

The first thing that you will notice about this lawn mower is its peculiar design. But do not drop it just yet! It is designed so to provide 60% more ease of mowing than any other push reel lawn mower.

The inertia drive reel of the mower is made to operate on all the common grass types. It also delivers twice the cutting power than other push reel mowers. The extra power is helpful to glide over the tight spots.

The blades are designed to stay sharp even when it encounters unwanted contacts – making it wear and tear-resistant. You won’t have to rush to the hardware store now and then for a pair of blades.

The reversible glass chute is a versatile one. Do you want it in the front, back or sides? You can attach it anywhere you want.

The blades have a cutting width of 18 inches, which is more than enough for a medium-sized lawn. Their design also allows the mower with the edging of the yards. The height adjustment of the mower is also impressive.

You can adjust it from 1 inch to 4 inches. It is a big range if you compare the same of some other competitors.


  • It is more efficient than the other push reel mowers
  • It can work on most common grass types
  • It can glide easily even on a rough surface


  • The price is high for a push reel lawn mower
  • It needs manual labour to operate
  • There is no provision for a rear bag. The user will have to clean the lawn after it is mowed.

14. Black Decker BESTA512CM Electric Lawn Mower

Black Decker BESTA512CM Electric Lawn Mower

It is another simple, yet effective version from Black Decker, which has got the best lawn mower review. It is a three in one tool in reality. You can use it for mowing, edging or trimming of your lawn.

The lawnmower is powered by a 6.5 amp motor which is enough for the mowing of small front or back yards. It has a power drive transmission system which ensures continuous power with different speeds for a long time. The presence of the power drive transmission makes it a useful tool to operate on tough patches and wild weeds or grass.

The mower is equipped with AFS or automatic feed spool, which lets the user work without any interruption. In the case of the mowers, which do not have the AFS technology, the user has to stop the mower from changing the spool.

But with the Black Decker lawn mower, you can work without stopping the mowing process. The cutting width is small, 12 inches to be exact.

It is not useful for medium or vast lawns. But it has a good height adjustment range that varies from 1.6 inches to 2.4 inches. You can keep your lawn grass as you like! The mower is very light weighted, and the handle is adjustable as per the user. It makes the mower easy to control and move around.


  • The chord retention system prevents accidental chord disconnection of the lawnmower
  • No need to stop the mower for changing the spool
  • The price is low for an electric mower


  • The cutting width is minimal at only 12 inch
  • The motor is weak
  • No provision of the rear bag

15. Snapper XD Lawn Mower

Snapper XD Lawn Mower

It is the best lawn mower version from Snapper. The first feature that you should consider about this lawn mower is its self-propulsion. You do not need to keep holding it or steer it to carry out the mowing of your lawn. You can even vary the speed of mowing with this new electric mower.

It is powered by a powerful 82 V lithium-ion 2 Ah Briggs and Stratton battery. The battery runs for 45 minutes, at its full speed after a single charge. The mower is equipped with 21-inch cutting width blades which will operate on a large area with every swipe.

It also has a three-in-one mowing deck design that includes a rear bag, mulching tool, and side discharge chute. The mower acts accordingly to the need of the hour. Meaning, it has the load sensing ability and can adjust the working speed on its own.


  • It can adjust the speed as per the existing load
  • It can mow the lawn on its own
  • The battery has very high power
  • The mower is suitable for medium and large yards


  • It is very expensive
  • Although it is a self-propelled mower, it can’t change direction on its own
  • The mower is loud for a battery-powered tool

16. Black Decker CM2043C Lawn Mower

Black Decker CM2043C Lawn Mower

The CM2043C lawnmower from Black Decker has two 40 V batteries in the system. The presence of the two cells increases the runtime of the mower. So, you won’t have to stop mowing in between and charge it. Like so many other mowers, this one also has a three-in-one deck facility.

The facilities include a rear bag for scrap collection, mulching tool, and side discharge chute. The mower has EdgeMax technology which enables it to mow on the edges too. The mower is also very convenient to trim your lawn. The structure of the mower is very sturdy.

It provides enough stability throughout the whole mowing process. It comes with height adjustment technology for cutting the grass on different heights.

You can go from one level to another with a simple lever. The height adjustment range of the mower is 1.5 inches to 4 inches. The product also comes with a three-year warranty deal from the manufacturer Black Decker.


  • It has two batteries that ensure increased run time
  • The EdgeMax technology helps in operating the edges of the lawns
  • The sturdy structure is stable enough to work


  • The price is comparatively in the higher range
  • The decibel level is high for an electric mower
  • Even with two batteries, some customers face the issue of low run time

17. Worx WG779 Lawn Mower

Worx WG779 Lawn Mower

The lawnmower from WORX comes with two batteries of 20 V – each delivering a maximum of 40 V power. It hosts a dual-port charger. The battery also has a charge indicator. It will help you to avoid the annoying recharging step in between the mowing task.

Another great feature of this best lawn mower from the WORX industries is its patented Intellicut technology. This technology delivers power as per your mowing requirement. It is a great way to save the energy of the mower, while providing an efficient mowing experience at the same time.

The handle of the mower is foam padded, which gives a comfortable grip throughout the mowing time. Your hands will feel less fatigued with this pair of grips. Also, a single lever on the mower will let you transition between three different cutting height levels.


  • The power is used according to the demand
  • The grips of the mower are foam-padded to provide comfortability
  • It has a dual-port charger


  • The price is high
  • The mower is not sturdy enough
  • The rear bag for scrap collection has small capacity

18. Dewalt DCMW220P2 Lawn Mower

Dewalt DCMW220P2 Lawn Mower

The lawnmower from DEWALT hosts a brushless motor and two 20 V batteries for powerful output and less noise pollution. The deck is 20 inches wide, which is enough to work on large lawns.

It is made of metal which ensures its durability. The lawnmower has three in one technology that includes a mulching tool, side discharge chute, and a rear bag to collect the scrap. It has a single lever height adjustment technique. The height adjustment ranges from 1.5 inches to 3.4 inches.

Now you can keep your grass as long as you need. The structure of this lawnmower is very sturdy. But the handle is foldable, which will let you make the mower compact.

You can store it in your garage or the corner of your lawn. The choice is all yours! The mower is compatible with two battery types- DEWALT 20V and 60V FLEXVOLT batteries. It makes the search for replaceable batteries a lot easier.


  • It is convenient to use on large lawns
  • The mower can be made compact and stored in a small space
  • It is compatible with more than one battery type


  • The batteries are not very powerful
  • The starter key is weak
  • It has no self-propulsion technique

19. Sun Joe MJ408E-Pro Lawn Mower

Sun Joe MJ408E-Pro Lawn Mower

It is the best lawn mower, if the look of the tools is a concern for you. The lawnmower is powered by a 13.5 amp electric motor to give a perfect look you want on your lawn. The maintenance cost of this mower is also very low due to the absence of gas, tune-ups or oil.

The 20 inches wide cutting range is comfortable to work on medium and large size lawns. It has a rear bag of 14.5 gal capacities that will collect the scraps as you keep cutting the grass.

The grass catcher is designed to be easily detachable so that you can dispose of the remains whenever the need arises. The mower has a single lever seven height adjustment technology. The instant start switch makes it easy to kick start the mowing process.


  • The maintenance cost is low
  • The mower is suitable for medium or large lawns
  • It has seven height adjustments
  • The mower has instant start switch
  • The price is comparatively low for an electric mower


  • The overall structure of the mower is not sturdy
  • The rear bag design is not good
  • The body of the mower catches rust

20. Worx WG960 Lawn Mower

Worx WG960 Lawn Mower

The last entry on our list of best rated lawn mower is from WORX industries. The WORX WG960 mower has a 20V 5 Ah battery to power the task. It’s cutting width is 20 inches, which is suitable for the mowing of medium or large lawns. It also hosts a cordless Turbine blower.

The powerful blower can produce air volume up to 360 cfm to get the job done. The mower’s patented Intellicut technology keeps a check on the load. The mower can provide more torque if the conditions demand. It also helps in saving the charge on the battery.


  • The mower has a powerful blower
  • The torque and battery usage changes as per the demand
  • Suitable to work on large lawns


  • The mower is expensive
  • The mower is heavy and hard to push
  • The battery is not very powerful

Best Lawn Mower Brands In The Market Right Now

We have mentioned different brands of lawn mowers that will turn mowing into just a stroll on the lawn. Among all these options, three brands particularly stand out from the rest and can be termed as the best lawn mower brand.

They are the GreenWorks, Sun Joe and the American Lawn Mower company. We have chosen them depending upon their variety, durability, features, ease of use, and of course, the customer reviews.

1. GreenWorks

The GreenWorks lawn mowers are best suitable for the mowing of big lawns, such as the lawns of farmlands. We have listed the 21 inches and the 20 inches versions of the brand in this article.

Their big blades make sure that you mow your lawn in the minimum time possible. They are also equipped with potent batteries, ensuring an extended runtime for the mower.

It will definitely save you from the annoyance of frequently charging the batteries. All of the designs of GreenWorks feature rear bags and mulching tools that keep your lawn clean and green at the same time.

The push-button feature of the mowers makes it easy to start the tools and roll it over the grass. The mowers are environmentally friendly due to the lack of fossil fuel in its operation. Also, the sound pollution from these products is kept minimal.

Another added advantage of having their products is their after-sale services. They have set up new offices in Europe and North America that will take care of every glitch that you may face during the operation.

It is a company which has made its name with the introduction of their various ranges of outdoor tools and made it to the list of the best lawn mower brands.

2. Sun Joe

Sun Joe is another recommended brand from our side when it comes to finding a tool for the mowing of a lawn and has made it to the list of the best rated lawn mowers. Their products are mainly suitable for small and medium-sized lawns.

Most of the households of the United States of America are of those sizes only. The company produces different types of lawnmowers.

They are categorized as push reels, hybrid, cordless, or corded lawn mowers. Each of these is made for the convenience of different groups of users. The company has received overwhelmingly positive customer reviews over the years.

It is mainly due to their unique designs, features, and ease of use. The models are also very compact so that you can store them in tight spaces. Each of the mowers comes with two years warranty from the manufacturer.

So even if you find any problem in the mowers, which is highly unlikely, the warranty has got your back covered. The company also provides free shipping services to a massive 48 number of states if the customers order above $ 75.

You will get over that figure with the purchase of almost every lawnmower from the company. They are also very cost-effective if you take their features into account.

3. American Lawn Mower Company

We have already mentioned the most significant advantage of their product in the article. The push reel lawn mowers of the American Lawn Mower Company fascinate those who do not like to get involved with the modern tools.

The simple push reel versions are low cost, and the maintenance cost is also very minimum. In fact, the users can repair the mowers on their own due to the simplicity of the designs.

The American Lawn Mower Company was established in 1895. It is one of the oldest companies to produce mowers in the states. They have been delivering quality products since then and increased the number of their customer base.

As per the official records, they have sold more than 12 million mowers so far, which speaks the volume of the popularity and the reliability of their products. But it is not only the push reel mowers that they specialize in. They also produce modern mowers, in case you want to add their experience to the latest technologies in the field.

They also provide quality chainsaws and trimmers along with the mowers to meet the needs of their customers. Their products can be brought in almost all of the e-commerce and the leading offline hardware store chains, making them readily available and replaceable. It is surely one of the best lawn mowers to buy in the market.


1. What is the best lawn mower?

The answer will vary as per the requirements of the customer. Sun Joe, GreenWorks are some very reliable companies.

2. Which company has the best lawn mower sales?

Companies like GreenWorks, American lawnmower company, Sun Joe, etc. have the best sales record in this genre. They also have the best lawn mowers review.

3. Are there any self-propelled mowers?

Yes, there are self-propelled mowers in the market.Which mower between a gas-powered and a battery-powered is more eco-friendly?

The battery-powered mower.

4. Can mowers be used for edging and trimming?

Yes, there are some mowers that allow edging and trimming of the lawns. It is usually the best home lawn mower.

5. Who makes the best lawn mowers?

Sun Joe and GreenWorks make the best lawn mowers to buy.

So, here is the list of efficient lawn mowers for you. Consider the requirements and choose the best lawn mower for yourself.