Best Lawn Sweepers 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Agri-Fab 45-0218 26″ 2. Agri-Fab 45-0492 44″ 3. Agri-Fab 45-0320 42″
Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper  Lawn Sweeper

For effortlessly cleaning off the leaves, pine needles, twigs, or litters, scattered in your yard or lawn, all you need is a tool like lawn sweeper. This will not only ease your physical stress but also easily clean up your lawn in no time.

But the buyers need to have the basic knowledge of lawn sweepers before they replace their old worn-out machines or try buying a new product for the first time.

Here we are going to guide you with some of the best lawn sweeper with the detailing of their basic features and their respective pros and cons so that it is easy for you to choose a user-friendly machine that also suits your budget.


Points To Note Before Buying The Best Lawn Sweeper

Trying to find and purchase the best lawn sweeper for your yard will be much easier once you know exactly what you’re looking for. Lawn sweepers operate closely like a vacuum cleaner and are more efficient than leaf blowers.

The best lawn sweepers have strong bristled brushes that can work to reach dirt in between grass blades or between stone pavings.

To enlighten you more about lawn sweepers, we have collected the fundamental point which would help you before the best purchase.

1. Types Of Lawn Sweepers

There are 3 types of lawn sweepers

  • Tow-Behind Lawn Sweepers

Tow-behind lawn sweepers are those that can be attached to lawn tractors, they typically have a large capacity and can gather up a lot of garden debris in a short amount of time.

The lawn sweepers cover a lot of ground, based simply on the width of the device – most are over 40 inches wide, meaning a large swath of debris is sucked up with each pass.

The operator is seated comfortably in the driver’s seat with little to do but steer the equipment and dump out the hopper when it becomes full.

They are also very cost-effective if you already have a riding lawn mower, but otherwise, they are not an option. However, they offer little hope of doing clean up anywhere but wide open spaces where the equipment can be maneuvered without causing damage.

  • Push Behind Lawn Sweepers

All you need to do with this type of sweeper is to push it over the grass. They can be used across your entire garden but are best suited to small spaces in accordance to how little they can be. These kinds of lawn sweepers are easy to store and control.

They are very quiet and pleasant to use, as there is no engine noise or noxious fumes. Besides, without an engine or motor, there is very little that can go wrong. With a little annual maintenance, like lubricating the wheel bearings, they are likely to last for many years.

On the other hand, they can be quite impractical on steep terrain or large properties. Hand-powered sweepers also have less power to suck up debris, which can be an issue if the material is in heavy wet clumps.

  • Power Sweepers

It is worth noting that while the most common type of push lawn sweepers come without a motor, some models come equipped with an engine. These are significantly heavier than hand-powered ones, but they mostly do all the work for you as they are self-propelled.

They’re often referred to as grass sweepers and come with electric parts or gas-powered depending on the model you choose. These power sweepers are fantastic for clearing out larger outside areas. They often come with a shredding device to reduce the debris before pushing it into their bags.

2. Why Choose A Lawn Sweeper?

  • Easier to use than other garden cleaning equipment.
  • They are compatible, effortless, and time-saving than other lawn cleaning devices, especially leaf blowers.
  • A lawn sweeper is much safer to use.
  • It doesn’t take a mastermind to understand how a lawn sweeper works.
  • Prevents disease on your lawn by easily keeping it clear of rotting plant material.

3. Which One To Buy?

It is crucial to keep in mind some brief points so that you buy the lawn sweeper according to the variety of your needs.

  • What is the size of your lawn?
  • How many trees are there on your property?
  • What is your tolerance for noise?
  • What is the durability of the product?
  • What kind of debris can the lawn sweeper pick up?
  • Whether it is easy or difficult to assemble?
  • What is your budget?
  • What are product availability and online purchasing options?

4. How Does Lawn Sweeper Work?

Many confuse lawn sweepers with lawnmowers. This is because many look like lawnmowers with light frames and a bag attached to them. But, these two tools have very different functionalities and capabilities.

One of the key differences between the two is that a lawnmower uses a reel-type blade that chops the grass, whereas a lawn sweeper has a sweeping brush that spins at high velocity to scoop any debris into its housing unit.

As the brushes go round, they comb through your lawn or any other surface, picking up any debris along the way and pushing it into their catcher. Once the catcher is full, most models will alert you. You can then dispose it of in the trash or, better yet, use it for compost.

Lawn sweepers are particularly useful for saving your time, energy, and frustration, as they’re effortless to use compared to other methods, for example, raking.

5. Lawn Sweeper Attachments

The best mowers can undertake a variety of other gardening tasks, thanks to different attachments. Here are some of the other most popular and useful accessories aside from lawn sweepers that you can buy to complete a variety of jobs across your garden:

  • Aerators

Aerators are machines that push holes into your soil to fertilize your lawn. These machines also ensure that your lawn can soak in all the nutrients it needs to be healthy all year round.

  • Dump Cart

Dump carts are great for carrying around other gardening tools with you on your mower. If you have a large garden, having a dump cart attached to your mower will decrease the number of trips you take to and from your garden shed to get the job done.

  • Fertilizer Spreader

Also known as a pull-behind spreader, fertilizer spreaders spread seeds across your grass while you are mowing it. It allows your grass to thrive throughout the entire year.

  • Shredders

As mentioned above, shredders often come as part of power sweepers. These devices are a part of the tool, and as their name suggests, they shred the debris before leaving it to the sweeper to push it into the bag.

Tips To Maintain A Lawn Sweeper

It is vital to choose a lawn sweeper that is easy to maintain. Once you buy a machine, it gives you service for a marked period, and after that, you will need spare parts to replace the worn-out ones. Hence, it is advisable to buy a product whose spare parts are readily available at the market.

  • Assemble the parts of the lawn sweeper as instructed by the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Clean the lawn sweeper before and after use.
  • When you are not using the lawn sweeper for a long time, oil the various parts and then store it for smooth use in the upcoming season.
  • Keep a check on the wheels of the sweeper as they are an integral part while the machine is put to use.
  • Empty the hopper of the lawn sweeper daily during regular use. Tape your hopper bag in places you think is vulnerable to instances of ripping.
  • Parts To Check: Certain components of a lawn sweeper may wear out or get damaged faster than others.

Wheels – the wheels are prone to suffer wear and tear, so next time you use your sweeper, have a quick look to make sure the wheels are in good condition. If applicable, ensure the wheels are properly inflated, but always check that the joints on the axle are clean and well oiled.

Brushes – The brushes are the “workhorse” parts of your lawn sweeper. They are in direct contact with the debris, working hard to lift and toss it into the hopper. Check the condition of your brushes frequently (ideally before each use).

Don’t wait too long before ordering replacements if they are worn out because they are a crucial component to the successful operation of your lawn sweeper. If the brushes are in good shape but still don’t work well, then check that they are appropriately oiled and tightened in the right position.

Hopper – If you wait too long before unloading collected debris, the hopper can get very heavy, causing the base of it to chafe against the ground, eventually resulting in tearing and ripping. To prevent this from happening, make sure to dump the contents of the hopper before it gets too heavy.

Another way to avoid damage to the hopper bag is to attach a strong tape to the base, thereby reinforcing the fabric where it might make unwanted contact with the ground.

Chute – The chute is the opening through which the brushes pass debris to the hopper. When picking up large-sized trash from your lawn, you may find that the chute gets clogged over time. That happens especially when picking up stones, twigs, and other hard debris of larger sizes.

Each time before you start using the lawn sweeper, do a quick visual check to make sure that the chute is clear and there is no debris caught inside.

Best Lawn Sweeper Brands

  • Agri-Fab
  • John Deere
  • Ohio Steel
  • Brinly-Hardy
  • Craftsman
  • Husqvarna
  • Cub Cadet

We have brought to you a list of 12 best lawn sweepers that are available in the market at the moment. We have studied, in detail, their features, pros, cons, etc. and jotted the same for you. You can have a look at our list before deciding on which lawn sweeper to go for.

Top 12 Best Lawn Sweepers 2022

1. Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper

Agri-Fab Best Lawn SweeperThis is probably the best lawn sweeper you can purchase at a fair price and weighs 25 lbs. This lawn sweeper is battery powered, which keeps you away from plugins and electricity.

Basic Features

The 26″ Lawn Sweeper helps you to maintain a well-groomed lawn that you deserve, keeping you away from the monotonous job of using rakes.

The four brushes fixed in the sweeper can quickly sweep debris into a hopper bag, which is capable of holding 7 cu. ft. of waste.

The wheeled lawn sweeper has a size of 9.75″ x 2.25″ plastic wheels.


  • It contains a collapsible hopper bag for secure storage, which can be easily lifted for dumping the debris.
  • The lightweight design easily allows you to handle the sweeper.
  • The polypropylene housing and zinc-plated steel frame are designed to last.
  • It has a fully adjustable sweeper level.


  • There are packaging issues from the manufacturer’s end. The packaging of such machinery must be more compact and safely padded.
  • It is not a heavy-duty product.

Final Verdict

It won’t be of much use if the leaves are wet or matted down, but it’s of tremendous help when you’re trying to keep up with the dry leaves, cones, and twigs that seem to come down by the bucketful. Putting forward a weighted ratio of pros than cons, this push sweeper is the best lawn sweeper you can purchase at a reasonable rate.


2. Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper, 44-Inch

Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper, 44-InchThis sweeper saves a lot of time and effort by its simplified “no tool” adjustment and storage breakdown to the new “flow-through” hopper. The product weighs 92 pounds.

Basic Features

  • The sweeper has a width of 44″ and the hopper bag capacity for the collection debris is 25 cu. ft.
  • There are four brushes that sweep debris into an extra-large hopper bag, which is capable of holding the trash 2 to 3 times more than a 2-bin bag.
  • There is a handle which makes it easier to dump the leaves and twigs without having to dismount the tractor.
  • The wheels of the sweeper measure 12″ x 3″ and are semi-pneumatic.


  • The unique offset design cuts and sweeps the lawn at the same time.
  • It comes with an adjustable brush height.
  • The universal hitch quickly and easily attaches to any brand of tractor.
  • There is an offset tongue capability that can mow and sweep in one pass.


  • There are complaints about the instruction of usage and assembling not mentioned in an easily understandable manner in the manufacturer’s manual.

Final Verdict

It is overall a good buy though being an expensive one. This lawn sweeper has a plus point of being able to do heavy work without any machinery cons. It is an easy pull, stable lawn sweeper with the capability of doing heavy work. Improved dump lever can be easily handled without getting off the tractor seat.


3. Agri-Fab 45-0320 42-Inch Tow Lawn Sweeper

Agri-Fab 45-0320 42-Inch Tow Lawn SweeperOn being hitched up behind a tractor, the lawn sweeper brushes up leaves, grass, and even fine straw into a large hopper of 42-inch wide swathes. The cost of this sweeper is handsome and weighs 73 pounds.

Basic Features

  • The sweeper rides on two 11” x 2.5” semi-pneumatic tires.
  • The lawn sweeper picks up remnants of the lawn with the adjustable and replaceable brushes up to 1/2-inch into the grass. This sweeper has a sweep of 42″.
  • The adjustable hopper provides up to 12 cu. ft. for waste and collapses flat for compact storage.


  • A windscreen prevents the wind from blowing the collected debris and leaves back onto the ground.
  • The universal hitch attaches to any brand of tractor very easily.
  • It is backed up by a 3-year consumer warranty.
  • It has a lightweight and durable mechanism.


  • There are multiple complaints of poor finishing of the product. The paint of the metal part came off, and the hopper bag is of lousy quality that wears fast.

Final Verdict

Easy to use and requiring minimal maintenance, the lawn sweeper eliminates most debris with one pass. This lawn sweeper is a smart buy, for it works properly no matter what be its shortcomings.


4. Brinly STS-427LXH 20 cu. ft. Lawn Sweeper

Brinly STS-427LXH 20 cu. ft. Lawn Sweeper

This product weighs 80 pounds. It is an ideal lawn sweeper that provides a hassle-free cleaning of the lawn.

Basic Features

  • The lawn sweeper has a large 42-inch working width and 20 cu. ft. hopper which helps to get your lawn cleaned up done quickly and easily.
  • The sweeper can be conveniently emptied from the seat of the tractor and can be stored upright to take up less space for storage.


  • The high-velocity of the brushes with indexed brush height adjustment provides maximum pick up of debris from the lawn at one go.


  • The product is an expensive buy.

Final Verdict

Although this lawn sweeper is an expensive buy, it comprises of less complaints and complications on the customer’s side. It is a heavy-duty sweeper and is a long-lasting product.


5. Earthwise LSW70021 21-Inch Leaf & Grass Push Lawn Sweeper

Earthwise LSW70021 21-Inch Leaf & Grass Push Lawn Sweeper

This 21-inch lawn sweeper with two brushes per section is great for clearing up grass, leaves, and debris with ease. It weighs 13 pounds.

Basic Features

  • This push behind sweeper has a 2.6-bushel collection bag.
  • It comes with an easy to adjust sweeping depth knob. Depending on your terrain and grass height, you can quickly adjust the full depth for efficient yard sweeping.
  • When not in use, you can easily store this yard sweeper by simply hanging it on your garage wall, maximizing your precious space.


  • The body is made of lightweight, high strength materials for easy maneuvering.
  • The handle is made of steel with scratch-resistant and powder-coated finish.
  • It comes at a very pocket-friendly budget.


  • It cannot be used for large areas or heavy work.
  • It does not sweep off hard debris or wet leaves.

Final Verdict

The overall build quality needs to be better. It is a little rickety with some loose tolerances throughout the whole assembly. The plastic wheels are not easy to push, especially through long grasses.

On the other hand, the lightweight adds up to the majorly advantageous part for small area cleanups, and the height adjustment knob is a nice feature that is easy to use and makes the process easier when sweeping in deeper grass or through piles of leaves.


6. Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper, 50″/26 cu.ft.

Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper, 50"/26 cu.ft.

This United States built lawn sweeper is affordable in terms of budget and weighs 102 pounds.

Basic Features

  • The size of the sweeper is 50 inches, and the hopper is 26 cu. Ft.
  • The 5-position hitch adjustment allows a custom fit for all tractor brands.


  • The brushes are very rigid, which clean up the debris very neatly.
  • The height is perfect, and the material is very hardy which does not bump while in use.
  • The spare parts are easily available in the market.


  • It is a heavy product. Although it is pulled behind sweeper, the storage of such big and heavy things becomes a concern.
  • The product is costly, so the investment is a good issue here.

Final Verdict

Being an expensive product, one must be sure about this product before the purchase. The assembling is easy, and the height level never slips like other brands, and adjustability makes it easier to use.


7. Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper Spiral Brush, 42″/22 cu. Ft.

Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper Spiral Brush, 42"/22 cu. Ft.

This professional-grade lawn sweeper weighs 95 pounds.

Basic Features

  • This product features an extra-large 22 cu. ft. heavy-duty collector bag with a 42″ wide sweeping path.
  • The exclusive patented spiral brush sweeps more efficiently than standard sweepers and puts less stress on gears for longer life.
  • The hopper easily empties by pulling the rope from the seat of your tractor.
  • It has 11″ spiraled polypropylene brushes.
  • There are sealed ball bearings on brush axle.


  • It comes with an extra-wide 9″ chute, which prevents clogging.
  • The collapsible hopper removes completely for quick and compact storage.
  • The 5-position hitch adjustment allows a custom fit for all tractor brands.


  • The bottom of the hopper touches the ground, and hence after a thorough use, the base of it starts wearing quickly.

Final Verdict

It a smart buy even though you have to worry about the frequent change of worn out hopper bag. It is a useful lawn sweeper for an extensive area cleanup and heavy-duty.


8. Yard Commander 42″ Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

Yard Commander 42" Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

Ideal for lawn clippings, leaves, twigs, and more, our 42 inch Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper deals easily with most lawn debris, leaving the lawn clean and clear. It weighs 77 pounds. It can be attached quickly to any ATV, UTV, or garden tractor with a multi-hitch connection.

Basic Features

  • The hopper capacity is 12.9 cu. ft.
  • The brush diameter is 10 inches.
  • The clearing width is 42 inches.
  • This lawn sweeper is treated with rust-resistant powder coat finish and can tackle variable terrain.
  • It has nine position height adjustments.


  • It comes with a blister card hardware pack.
  • The attractive cross brush design and collapsible hopper bag tuck away for easy storage.
  • It has a foldable tongue with a multi-hitch for easy attachment.


  • The instructions are not understandable for customers. It requires more illustration and step by step, assembles guidance.

Final Verdict

It’s so much easier to use than the rake and collects clippings after mowing. It’s easy to push and lightweight even when it’s full. It would make a great purchase if the manual and assembling guide were readable and complete.


9. Agri-Fab Inc 45-0546 52″ Lawn Sweeper, Black

Agri-Fab Inc 45-0546 52" Lawn Sweeper, Black

It does a great job if maintained and used properly.

Basic Features

  • This 52″ tow behind lawn sweeper has a 26 cu. ft. hopper capacity. One has to empty the hopper from the tractor by pulling the release rope.
  • It has 11″ x 2.5″ semi-pneumatic wheels.


  • It has an adjustable brush height which can be changed as per your convenience.
  • The lawn sweeper has a universal hitch that can be attached quickly and easily to any brand of tractor.
  • The hopper bag is collapsible for easy storage.


  • The instruction manual is difficult to follow and assemble.
  • It is an expensive machine.

Final Verdict

Although it might pinch your pocket to buy this lawn sweeper, there are several advantages of this machine, once you have assembled it and put the machine to work. This is a heavy load sweeper and can be dragged along in large areas behind your tractor.


10. Brinly STS-42BHDK Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

Brinly STS-42BHDK Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper with Dethatcher

This powerful lawn sweeper can do both sweeping and dethatching. This machine combines a premium lawn sweeper with a durable tine dethatched to help you get the job done faster and easier than ever before.

Basic Features

  • The towable lawn sweeper’s durable fabric hamper can haul an incredible 20 cubic feet of materials.
    Combined with the wide, 42-inch sweep path, you’ll cover maximum ground in minimum time.
  • The six high-velocity sweeper brushes rotate quickly and effectively to pick up material continuously.
  • Rotating from a split axle, the brushes keep revolving even as the tractor turns for non-stop pick-up.
  • The 5:1 brush-to-wheel ratio results in higher tip velocity, creating an extra force to lift debris off the ground, and the 12″ x 3″ wheels have a consistent brush-to-ground contact prevent skidding when the ground is wet or if the hopper is unfilled.


  • It includes easy and adjustable brush-to-ground height settings to minimize skipping and maximize performance while traveling over uneven terrain.
  • The dethatcher tines are secured by safety wires and will hold the tine to prevent damage to your mower blade in the event of breakage.


  • It is a very expensive lawn sweeper as it gives a variety of facilities in just one machine.
  • The assembling guide manual is hard to decipher in most cases as the customer reviews proceed.

Final Verdict

It is a highly expensive machine. Still, if you are determined to invest in this product, you will get the 2-in-1 solution for maximum efficiency where you can dethatch while simultaneously picking up the debris.


11. Craftsman CMXGZBF7124266 Lawn Sweeper

Craftsman CMXGZBF7124266 Lawn Sweeper

High-speed lawn sweeper keeps your yard looking immaculate season after season.

Basic Features

  • The 12 in. reinforced brushes whisk the material into the hopper bag.
  • It has 22 cu. ft. hopper capacity.
  • The large-sized 11.5 in. X 2 in. wheels with diamond tread provide maximum traction while towing.
  • There is an 8.5:1 brush to wheel ratio that makes fast turning brushes equal to more sweeping action.


  • This lawn sweeper gives you 50% more brush revolution for more sweeping action.
  • Flow-through hopper bag with advanced flow technology fills the bag more efficiently by fully utilizing the entire bag.


  • There are no proper markings on the parts to guide with the assembling of the whole sweeper. The instruction guide is hard to follow.
  • The manufacturer must pack the product parts carefully and with more padding as there are complains about poor packing quality.

Final Verdict

It is all over a good buy with multiple enhanced technologies. Although the public has not yet grasped this product at large, it is sure to provide a good service. The extensive brush revolution is an attractive virtue to notice in the product.


12. Yard Tuff YTF-38STQA QA Lawn Sweeper

Yard Tuff YTF-38STQA QA Lawn Sweeper

This lawn sweeper is the ideal tool for removing debris such as leaves, pine needles, twigs, grass clippings, litter, and a lot more.

Basic Features

  • This sweeper has a 38″ wide sweeping path that will help you get the job done faster.
  • The durable, mesh bag measures 41″ x 29″ x 22″ & has a capacity of 12.5 cubic that allows you to complete the cleaning without hassle.
  • Constructed of 4 brushes, this sweeper has a sweep ratio of 4: 1 for an efficient tool. The anti-slip brush height adjustment will give you great versatility & convenience.
  • The solid, poly tires measure 10″ in diameter and add to the efficiency of this product.


  • It machine has steel construction and powder-coat finish which sustains the durability.
    The universal pin-style hitch with leveling spacers provides easy towing.
  • It folds up easily for compact storage.


  • The instruction guide provided by the manufacturer is difficult to follow while assembling the parts.

Like most other products, this, too, has a faulty instruction guide provided by the manufacturer. Nonetheless, it is a product with high efficiency for lawn cleanups and dry debris.


Best Lawn Sweeper – Your Pick?

Finding the best lawn sweeper on the market shouldn’t be a guessing game. But because of all the options out there, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed before the purchase.

Do you want the best yard sweeper to pull behind by attaching it to a riding mower? Or the one that you can push around?

You have to remember; the best lawn sweeper would be one that is capable of meeting your needs and preferences as well as the specifications for the area that you want to use it in. There is no lawn sweeper for everything, but there sure is one for you.

Most of the products that we have discussed above have an average problem of manual guidance and assembling, which one can put to the secondary issue count, as the important thing is the longevity of the product in the prolonged run usage.

Aside from learning about some of the top products in the industry today, we’ve also highlighted some features you should pay attention to when choosing the best lawn sweeper for your gardening needs.

We hope that the above guide helps you grab the best lawn sweeper for your seasonal cleanups.