Best Lawn Tractors In 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Husqvarna YTA24V48 2. Poulan Pro PP155H42 3. Poulan Pro 960420170
Husqvarna YTA24V48 – A Fast Lawn Tractor That Has Full Auto Transmission And With An Extended Warranty Poulan Pro PP155H42 – A Small, Hydrostatic Riding Lawn Mower That Has A 42-inch Cutting Deck Poulan Pro PB20VA46 – A Sleek, Great Looking Lawn Tractor That Has A 46-inch Reinforced Cutting Deck

Regular lawn mowers may be great for anyone who has a small yard, however, choosing a model that is powerful enough to cover large surfaces can be tricky. Finding the best lawn tractor isn’t easy, due to the fact that there are dozens of models currently on the market and it is often unclear which one will suit you best.

From lawn tools like mower engine to features and materials, there is a lot to consider when looking for a model that will actually cater to your needs. Lawn tractors aren’t particularly cheap and you should always do a bit of research before getting one.


How To Pick The Right Lawn Tractor For Your Yard? – Buying Guide

It is important to make informed decisions when spending large amounts of money on any one thing, and lawn tractors usually have a big price tag. Also, there are hundreds of models on the market and dozens of manufacturers, making it difficult to understand if a particular tractor will be a better fit for you or not. Here are the most important elements to keep in mind when looking to buy a new lawn tractor:

1. Determine How Big The Riding Lawn Mower Should Be

Choosing the right size for your lawn mower can make a world of difference. Look at how large your yard is and decide if a more compact riding lawn mower would be more useful or if you need to invest in getting a lawn tractor.

This having been said, it is important to also keep in mind that both compact riding lawn mowers, as well as larger tractors have a very wide cutting deck, that usually starts from 50”. This makes them great if you need to cover a large area with a minimum amount of effort; however, they are difficult to navigate through very uneven terrain.

Also, lawn tractors are usually impractical if you have bushes, fences, poles and gates that you need to move around, as they do not have enough precision to cut the lawn under them.

If this is the case, you may want to consider getting a lawn tractor that will cut large swathes and help you in open spaces, and also a smaller, hand-held cutter that can be used in order to clean up more delicate areas.

2. Choose A Tool That Suits Your Everyday Needs

One of the most important choices that you have to make when it comes to buying lawn-care equipment, is deciding if you should buy a lawn tractor or a garden one. While these may seem somewhat similar, they are extremely different in terms of function and features, as well as pricing.

Lawn tractors are designed to only mow grass. They are lighter and easier to control than their garden counterparts. Also, they are usually cheaper and tend to use less fuel. This having been said, even the best lawn tractors have their limits. While they are great for their intended purpose, you can’t really use them for anything else.

Garden tractors, on the other hand, are larger, more durable, and a lot heavier. They come with a considerably larger price tag; however, they also support a large variety of attachments that make them useful for clearing snow, tilling gardens, and even towing equipment. This having been said, the golden rule is that you should only buy a garden tractor if you really need the extra functionality.

On a technical level, both the garden and lawn models are almost identical. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to find a garden tractor that has a zero-turn-radius. These may be large and powerful, but they are also clunky and heavy.

Garden tractors are made for large decoration projects that require a lot of mechanical muscles. For regular lawn mowing and a few other simple jobs, lawn tractors are the best tools that you can find.

3. Look For Modular Lawn Tractors

Even though they are primarily designed to mow grass, some lawn tractor models come with attachments or integrated tools that can make them useful all-year-round. Hydro static transmission models, for example, usually come with plowing segments and other tool attachments that are useful around the yard.

It is also important to keep in mind that, while all lawn tractors can cut grass, they require bagging kits in order to also collect the waste and some of these can be quite expensive. Also, modular lawn tractors can be easily disassembled in order to take up less space while in storage.

4. Get The Right Model For You

Regular lawn tractors can cut swaths between 42 and 48 inches. While this may be enough for medium-sized yards, those who have a lot of space may find wide-deck models more appealing as these can cut 54-inch areas or more in a single pass.

Mobility may also be an issue if you have a lot of obstacles that you must navigate through. This is where zero-turn-radius models come into play. These are usually used by landscapers that need more precision in order to ensure that a garden looks just right.

5. Electric Or Gas-Powered

Most lawn tractors are run on gas, which is great due to the fact that they can be used anywhere and there are no electronics that could be damaged by storms or heavy rain. However, you may also find models that are powered by rechargeable batteries. These are basically riding lawn mowers that use lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged from any outlet.

Deciding between the two is purely a matter of location. Gas-powered models have higher autonomy and are useful if you do not want to have to worry about always bringing the tractor near an outlet. One the other hand, electric riding lawn mowers have the advantage of being cheaper and easier to use.

With this you don’t have to remember to buy fuel. They can be used for as long as your home has power. The biggest downside is that the electric models are not nearly as powerful as their gas-powered counterparts.

Although the blades will have the same cutting power, the engines that move the tractor do not have as much torque as gas ones and this can make electric riding lawn mowers difficult to use on uneven terrain or on steep inclines.

6. Set A Budget Beforehand

It’s easy to be tempted by the honeyed words of the manufacturers when it comes to the features of a particular model, and this can easily make you overpay. Always set your budget before going online to buy a new lawn tractor. This will help you ensure that you only focus on the features that are essential to you.

Also, keep your eyes open for what kind of warranty the manufacturer offers. Some companies guarantee that the tractor will function for a couple of years, while others specify that the warranty is limited to the main components or just the engine.

7. Decide What Features You Need The Most

There is more to making a purchase than simply looking at the best rated lawn tractors and choosing the one that fits your budget. The larger price tags that these pieces of equipment come with make it essential to invest in a model that is actually useful to you.

Look at your yard, consider how much space you have, how easy it would be to navigate from one end to another, and decide what features are important to you. If you have benches, swings, and decorations, you may want to get a zero-turn-radius lawn tractor that can make 360-degree turns in place.

Similarly, if you’ve got trees that lose their leaves in the autumn, or if you often need to move heavy objects around the garden, choose a model that comes with appropriate attachments. Always try to ensure that you will get as much as possible out of your investment.

8. Invest More And Get A Model That Will Last A Decade

Lawn tractors aren’t cheap, especially when compared to regular lawnmowers. The large price tag makes it important to ensure that the product is worth every penny. Keep in mind that if you focus on extremely affordable models, there is always the chance that they won’t last past their warranty, forcing you to spend money again.

While it may be a bit more expensive, it is usually better to get a mid-range model that comes from a trusted manufacturer. This way you know that the tractor is built using quality materials and that the internals will not break down after a few months.

If you do not want to use the side-discharge feature for your lawn tractor, also find out how durable the bagging kits are. These are often sold separately and only last for a couple of months. Either look for a lawn tractor that has high compatibility in terms of bagging kits, or one from a manufacturer that puts a low price on them.

Furthermore, if you do a lot of landscaping or like to redecorate your garden every year, it is recommended to get a model that offers the possibility to attach various gardening tools to it. It’s better to get one piece of equipment that can fulfill multiple purposes, than to clutter your garage with several devices that complement each other.

If you want to find the best lawn tractors for the money, do a bit of research when you find a product that you like, and make sure that it is not known for breaking down easily. Also, always look at the reviews and only choose products that have high customer ratings.

9. Do A Bit Of Research In Case You’ll Need To Repair It

Keep in mind that lawn tractors, like any device, may break. Whether it happens after the warranty expires, or it’s a result of poor handling, you may need to repair it. Cosmetic damage such as scratches and chipped paint are easy fixes; however, if the engine breaks down, you may need to look for replacement parts online.

Look at how much it would cost to repair a particular model before making a purchase, as well as at what parts usually tend to break. Some manufacturers price the lawn tractors cheap, but do not offer replacement parts, forcing the customers to buy an entirely new product once the old one breaks down. Doing the research beforehand can help save you a world of trouble.

10. Zero-Turn-Radius Models Aren’t Necessarily Better – All Models Also Have Disadvantages

While they may be great for navigating around obstacles, ZTR lawn tractors are more expensive than their basic counterparts and have less traction, which can make them difficult to use on large inclines. Also, the rear wheels tend to tear into the grass blades, ruining that perfectly cut lawn.

Overall, don’t set out to buy the most expensive model that you can find, thinking that it is also the best lawn tractor. Research the products that you’re considering buying. Pay attention to the ratings that the chosen tractor receives, go to the manufacturer’s homepage and look at what kind of support the company is offering, and look for spare blades and engines, in order to determine how much it would cost in order to repair it.

11. Make Sure That You Really Need A Tractor Model

When it comes to equipment that can be used to mow grass, tractor models are some of the most expensive machines on the market. The cheapest lawn tractors are at least a couple thousands of dollars, and the more powerful garden ones can easily jump over $4000. Maintenance costs are also larger than that of regular lawnmowers.

Look at the size of your yard and think about which tool will be the most useful to keep it in top shape. If you want to give your garden an intricate design, or have a lot of decorations that are at the same level as the grass blades, it is better to get a push model or an electric hand-held lawn mower.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a lot of space and your yard is basically an open field, then a lawn tractor will be perfect for you. You just have to keep in mind that it is still only a piece of equipment designed to mow grass. While you can use it for other things, such as towing heavier objects and clearing snow, it is not an industrial vehicle.

Once you do this and find a tractor that fits into your budget, you’re set to go. Order it and enjoy taking care of your lawn without breaking a sweat.

We’ve researched the main lawn tractor manufacturers in order to determine which models are currently the most popular, and have compiled them into a list that will help you make an informed decision. All of them have been tested by both regular homeowners that have large yards, as well as by professional landscapers that use lawn tractors on a regular basis.

The models come from trusted manufacturers that have been around for a long time and have been consistent when it comes to the quality of their products. Here are our top pics, based on what the world’s greatest landscapers use:

Top 7 Best Lawn Tractors In 2022

1. Husqvarna YTA24V48 – A Fast Lawn Tractor That Has Full Auto Transmission And With An Extended Warranty

Husqvarna The Best Lawn Tractor

The YTA24V48 from Husqvarna is considered to be the best lawn tractor for individuals who have never owned one before. The model has a wide, 48-inch cutting base that can cut large swathes of grass at once. Furthermore, the tractor comes with an air induction system that helps gather the cut grass, but also improving grass lift in order to make cleaner cuts.


  • Accessories – The model comes with a multitude of accessories and attachments that make it useful all-year-round. These include brushes that can help clear leaves, durable snow blades, and even trailers that can be used in order to move heavy objects around the yard;
  • Air induction mowing – The air induction system of the lawn tractor draws in air through the base and the top of the cutting deck, lifting the grass upwards into the blades in order to make a cleaner cut;
  • Chokeless start – The lawn tractor features an automatic choke system that allows the rider to start it by simply turning a key;
  • Extended warranty – Husqvarna offers a 3-year limited warranty for the engine, a 5-year one for the chassis and the front axle, and a 10-year one for the cutting deck;
  • 48-inch cutting deck – The YTA24V48 has one of the largest cutting decks of all lawn tractors that are currently available on the market, being able to cut large swathes of grass at once, ensuring that the lawn will always be cut at the same length, regardless of how bumpy the terrain may be;
  • Briggs & Stratton engine – The tractor comes with a Briggs & Stratton Model 44, 2-cylinder engine that has a 3-gallon fuel tank and produces 24 ha. The engine is powerful enough to enable the tractor to cut grass at almost any incline;
  • Front and rear accessories – The lawn tractor can have multiple attachments at the same time, such as a snow blade and a trailer;


  • Great warranty – The warranty offered by the manufacturer basically ensures that the lawn tractor will be usable for at least 5 years. The only component that will need regular maintenance is the blade;
  • Affordable – The lawn tractor may not be the cheapest one on the market, however, it is extremely affordable considering the features that it comes with and the extended warranty, making it a great investment;
  • Durable engine – Briggs & Stratton engines are known for their efficiency and durability;
  • Great attachments – The numerous attachments that can be used with the lawn tractor greatly increase its usefulness. Also, the ability to use attach an accessory at the back and one at the front, at the same time, makes it useful throughout the year;


  • Not great on steep inclines – While the lawn tractor can go uphill with no problems, it does lose power when driven on steep hills. This is especially obvious when also carrying a rear attachment such as a garden dump cart or a heavier frontal accessory like a roller or a snow thrower;
  • Not great on soft snow – The tires do not offer enough traction to move on soft snow. Attaching tire chains does improve things, but not nearly enough to make it usable after the first snow of the season;

What Makes It Different?

Lawn tractors do not typically offer the ability to attach front accessories to them. The YTA24V48 combines the versatility of a garden tractor with the smaller form-factor, and the lower price of a lawn model.

Also, the number of attachments that are available for the tractor and its reliability, can easily make it one of the main yard tools that you’ll use all-year-round. It can clear snow, it can cut grass, it can be used to move large objects, and it can do anything in between.


2. Poulan Pro PP155H42 – A Small, Hydrostatic Riding Lawn Mower That Has A 42-inch Cutting Deck

Poulan Pro PP155H42 – A Small, Hydrostatic Riding Lawn Mower That Has A 42-inch Cutting Deck

The Poulan Pro PP155H42 is one of the best lawn tractors for those who need a model that can be used on any type of terrain without affecting how cleanly the grass is mowed. It features a Briggs & Stratton gas engine that can generate 15,5 HP, while also running cooler than other models.

Also, the tractor allows the rider to choose one of six cutting positions in order to set the exact length at which the grass is cut.


  • Hydrostatic transmission – The hydrostatic transmission offers more maneuverability when compared to an automatic one, making it easier to navigate through obstacles and yard decorations Furthermore, the lawn tractor can be put into reverse, or have its speed increased without stopping. Everything is controlled using the Motion Lever placed on the fender;
  • Supports attachments – The lawn tractor also supports functional attachments that can mulch or bag the cut grass;
  • Briggs & Stratton engine – The powerful 15.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine is designed to run cooler during normal use and offer more power only when it is needed, making the lawn tractor more fuel-efficient than other models;
  • Customizable cutting length – The floating cutting deck can be set to one of six positions, offering a great amount of flexibility when it comes to setting the length at which the grass is cut. Also, the design of the cutting deck ensures that the blade will mow grass at the same length, consistently, regardless of incline or how bumpy the terrain may be;
  • 10-year limited warranty – The lawn tractor comes with a limited warranty that ensures that the deck shell will not degrade over time;
  • Little assembly required – Customers are only required to attach the seat and the steering wheel, which does not require any technical knowledge or power tools;
  • Easy to operate – The lawn tractor only has a brake pedal, the motion lever, and the steering wheel, making it easy to operate;


  • Compatible accessories – The mulching and bagging kits are great when it comes to cutting the lawn; however, other accessories can be attached to the rear of the lawn tractor, such as a cart, in order to move heavier objects around the yard;
  • Hydrostatic transmission – The hydrostatic transmission can help save a lot of time because it allows you to change the speeds or to put the tractor in reverse without having to stop;
  • Fuel-efficient – The engine is designed to run cooler than others, so it will use considerably less fuel at lower speeds;
  • Multiple cutting positions – The 6 cutting positions are great for those who have different types of vegetation in their yard;


  • No engine warranty – Briggs & Stratton models are known to be extremely durable when compared to others; however, the lack of warranty means that once the engine breaks down, you will have to spend a couple of hundred dollars in order to repair it, regardless of why it malfunctioned;
  • Not many brand accessories – The manufacturer only offers the two kits as supported attachments, if you want to get a cart, or a snow blade, you will have to look at products offered by other companies, which requires a lot of guess-work in order to determine if they will be compatible or not with the lawn tractor;

What Makes It Different?

The Poulan Pro PP155H42 is both durable as well as efficient. The 10-year warranty turns it into a good long-term investment, and the engine is designed to use a lower amount of fuel than others.

It may not have all the bells and whistles that more expensive models come with, but it is efficient, dependable and using it on a regular basis for yard work won’t break the bank.


3. Poulan Pro PB20VA46 – A Sleek, Great Looking Lawn Tractor That Has A 46-inch Reinforced Cutting Deck

Poulan Pro PB20VA46 – A Sleek, Great Looking Lawn Tractor That Has A 46-inch Reinforced Cutting Deck

Considering that the Poulan Pro PB20VA46 is priced as a mid-range model, its durability and features definitely make it one of the best lawn tractors for the money. It features a reinforced deck that will not degrade, even after years of using it around the yard, and the automatic transmission makes the tractor extremely easy to use on any type of terrain and during any season.

Also, the model comes with a 10-year limited warranty that ensures that it will not break down anytime soon after purchasing it.


  • 20 HP Briggs & Stratton engine – Briggs & Stratton engine can generate 20 horsepower, which enables the lawn tractor to easily climb inclines and to cut grass on uneven terrain;
  • Pedal control fast automatic transmission – The lawn tractor features an automatic transmission that gives it enhanced mobility when compared to other models. The speed of the tractor is controlled using a single pedal;
  • 10-year warranty – The chassis of the lawn tractor is guaranteed to last at least 10 years, provided that it is properly maintained;
  • Brand accessories – The lawn tractor supports attachments such as a mulching kit and a bagging one.
  • Both are manufactured by Poulan and are easy to install;
  • 2.5-gallon gas tank – The 2.5-gallon tank holds enough gas to mow even larger areas without having to stop and refuel;
  • Can cut in reverse – The lawn tractor features the ability to also cut lawn while moving backward;
  • Designed to go up hills with no problems – The front tires of the lawn tractor are 15 inches, and the rear ones measure 20 inches, making it easy to climb steep inclines and hills;
  • 16-inch turn radius – The model can easily navigate through narrow areas and can take tighter turns than other lawn tractors;
  • Reinforced deck – The cutting deck has been reinforced, making it more durable, and ensuring that it will not be damaged by stray rocks or other objects that may get thrown by the blade;


  • 20 hp Engine – The 20 horsepower engine is powerful enough for any type of job, including towing heavy objects around the garden. However, you will need a cart attachment in order to move things around the yard;
  • Designed for steep inclines – The automatic transmission and the larger rear wheels make it easy for the lawn tractor to climb steep inclines while mowing grass;
  • Durable – The cutting deck is reinforced, and the chassis of the tractor is designed to last for over a decade, provided that it is properly maintained;
  • Can cut any type of grass – The lawn tractor is powerful enough to cut any type of grass – regardless of how tall i or how thick it is ;


  • A limited number of accessories – There aren’t many accessories provided by the manufacturer, other than mulching and bagging kits. Other third-party attachments can be installed, however, they were not designed for this specific model;
  • Blades need replacing – The stock blade of the lawn tractor isn’t durable and must be sharpened every 2-3 uses. Also, the metal is relatively soft and small rocks that hit it can chip the edge, making it unusable;
  • Grass gets everywhere – Pieces of cut grass tend to get stuck in various moving parts;
  • Slow reverse – Reverse is slow to engage, which can slow down work if you need to back up a lot;

What Makes It Different?

The Poulan Pro PB20VA46 has a lot of power when compared to other models. This not only makes it much more useful to those who need to go over hills, but it can also double as a great way to move heavy objects around a property. It is easy to get a rear cart and to use it in order to carry large potted plants, yard garbage, and other items.


4. Cub Cadet XT1 – A High-quality Lawn Tractor That Has Been Designed For Ease-of-use And Efficiency

Cub Cadet XT1 – A High-quality Lawn Tractor That Has Been Designed For Ease-of-use And Efficiency

The Cub Cadet XT1 may not look like much, however, it is one of the best lawn tractors for the money. It features a hydrostatic transmission that doesn’t require gear shifting.

Its cutting deck has been designed to last a lifetime, and it is compatible with a large variety of attachments. The lawn tractor is powered by a Kohler engine that can generate 18 horsepower and has a rust-proof gas tank that can hold 3 gallons of fuel, making it great for large spaces.


  • 42-inch cutting deck – The XT1 features a 42-inch cutting deck that comes with the patented SmartJet high-pressure washing feature. The system can get rid of any grass parts that may get stuck on the blades or on the deck itself;
  • 5-year warranty – The lawn tractor comes with a 5-year warranty for the chassis and front axle;
  • QuickAttach system – All the attachments can be installed without any technical knowledge or tools.
  • This mainly applies to Cub Cadet accessories, however, third-party ones may also be compatible;
  • Twin Blade system – The lawn tractor features a twin blade system that cuts grass smoother than other models and ensures that no stray blades will remain behind;
  • Customizable cutting height – The blades can be set to cut grass at a length between 1 and 4 inches;
  • Optional bumper – Cub Cadet can also be asked to install an optional bumper on the lawn tractor, for increased protection;
  • 18 HP Kohler engine – The Kohler 18 horsepower 5400 series electric engine is enough to move the tractor up steep hills and to tow heavy objects;
  • Rustproof gas tank – The 3-gallon gas tank is rustproof and is easy to fill;
  • Digital HUD – The lawn tractor features a bright LED display that shows how much gas/oil there is left and the state of the battery;
  • Cub Comfort seat – The seat of the tractor features a 10-degree incline setting as well as a slide.


  • Affordable – The model is quite cheap if considering all the quality-of-life systems integrated into it. The tractor is a mid-level product in terms of pricing; however, it comes with high-quality features;
  • Comfortable seat – The Cub Comfort seat is great if you have a large yard and mowing the grass takes over an hour. The seat can be adjusted if needed, but even right out of the box, it offers a lot of room and keeps the back in a comfortable position;
  • Smart-Jet cleaning system – The cleaning system is extremely efficient, when it comes to removing even the smallest bits of grass from the cutting deck;


  • Reverse mowing is difficult – A large number of commands are required in order to put the tractor in reverse and start mowing grass, which can make you lose a lot of time if you need to constantly back out of tight spaces;
  • Steering wheel play – The steering wheel of the lawn tractor has around 1 inch of play before the wheels start turning;
  • Bouncy seat – The springs under the seat tend to make it bounce a lot, however, this issue corrects itself with time;
  • It tends to scalp – The blades tend to scalp if the cutting length is set to 2.5-inches or less;

What Makes It Different?

When it comes to determining what is the best lawn tractor, the Cub Cadet XT1 is a strong contender. It essentially offers premium features at a regular price.

The build quality of the entire tractor is great and all the exposed metal elements are either made from stainless steel or treated against corrosion. Furthermore, the cleaning system will always leave the cutting deck in pristine conditions.


5. Troy-bilt Automatic Lawnmower – A Powerful Lawn Tractor That Puts An Emphasis On Comfort

Troy-bilt Automatic Lawnmower – A Powerful Lawn Tractor That Puts An Emphasis On Comfort

Most online reviews place the Troy-Bilt Automatic lawn mower in the top 5 when it comes to the best rated lawn tractors. The model has powerful 19 horsepower engine that is perfect for cutting grass, while going uphill or towing heavy objects. It also comes with a 46-inch cutting deck and can even mow the grass while in reverse.

The lawn tractor also comes with a deck wash system that not only speeds up cleaning, but also ensures that even the smallest grass pieces will be removed.


  • Briggs & Stratton engine – The lawn tractor comes with a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine that can generate 19 horsepower, which is more than enough for cutting grass while going uphill or on bumpy terrain;
  • 46-inch cutting deck – The 46-inch cutting deck can cut large swathes of grass at once, ensuring that it will all be cut evenly and that no stray blades will remain;
  • Deck wash system – The cutting deck of the lawn tractor comes with an integrated washing system that enables owners to quickly and easily clean both the deck as well as the blades;
  • Mow-in-reverse feature – The automatic transmission makes it easy to put the lawn tractor in reverse and keep mowing the lawn;
  • Durable tires – The 15” x 20” tires are built to offer great traction while also being durable enough to use on any type of surface and during any season;
  • Automatic transmission – The model has automatic transmission, enabling the owner to control the speed of the tractor using a foot-pedal;
  • Customizable cutting height – The cutting deck can be adjusted in order to mow grass at one of 5 cutting height positions, making it easy to adapt to different types of vegetation;
  • Comfortable seat – The seat of the lawn tractor is cushioned and provides increased lower back support, ensuring that using it for prolonged periods of time is as comfortable as possible;


  • Durable and powerful engine – Briggs & Stratton engine offers more than enough power for any task that you can throw at the lawn tractor. Furthermore, the manufacturer is known for the durability of its engines, and this one is no exception;
  • Integrated wash system – The deck wash system can help you save a lot of time after a long day of work in the yard;
  • Really comfortable seat – The seat of the tractor is one of the most comfortable of all the models that are commercially available now;
  • Step-thru frame – Getting in and out of the tractor only takes a second;


  • Short warranty – The limited 2-year warranty is a lot less than what other manufacturers are offering.
  • While this does not necessarily mean that the lawn tractor will break down after the guaranteed period, it can complicate things when it finally starts to require repairs;
  • Not actually designed for steep inclines – The wheels of the lawn tractor are designed to handle any kind of terrain in terms of surface; however, they are the same size and climbing hills may feel awkward;
  • Not great with tall grass – The blades tend to jam when cutting grass that is over 6 inches;

What Makes It Different?

The model is a lot more comfortable than others in the same price range, and it comes with great features. The 19 horsepower engine helps the tractor feel extremely nimble when moving uphill, and the automatic transmission makes it easy to use, regardless of how often you have to put it into reverse in order to navigate through narrow spaces.


6. Husqvarna YTH24V54 – A Very Powerful Lawn Tractor That Is Built Around A 24 Horsepower Engine

Husqvarna YTH24V54 – A Very Powerful Lawn Tractor That Is Built Around A 24 Horsepower Engine

The YTH24V54 from Husqvarna is probably one of the best rated lawn tractors when it comes to raw power and durability. The 24 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine makes it ideal for a variety of tasks, not just mowing the grass. The lawn tractor can easily haul heavy objects around the yard, or clear snow during the winter.

When it comes to mowing capabilities, the 54-inch cutting deck can make cutting grass extremely easy and time-efficient.


  • Briggs & Stratton engine – Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin can generate 24 horsepower, which is enough to enable the riding lawn mower to climb hills, even while having a filled cart attachment at the back;
  • ReadyStart system – The lawn tractor can be started by simply twisting the key. No other steps are required in order to use it;
  • Hydrostatic transmission – The speed and movement of the lawn tractor can be controlled using a single foot-pedal;
  • Triple Blade Cutting System – The model features three cutting blades that work together in order to ensure that the grass is cut perfectly across a large surface area. The cutting range for the blades is 54 inches;
  • Reinforced Cutting Deck – The cutting deck is reinforced in order to protect it from rocks that may be thrown by the blades;
  • Air induction mowing – Air is allowed to enter through the base and the top of the cutting deck in order to make clean, consistent cuts every time the tractor is used;
  • Electric cutting deck engagement – The blades are activated by using a switch that is conveniently placed on the control panel;
  • Additional accessories – The lawn tractor is also compatible with mulching and bagging kits, as well as with a variety of other attachments such as snow blades;


  • Very powerful – The engine is powerful enough for any task that you can throw at it. The tractor can climb hills while cutting grass and towing a filled crate at the same time. Also, the engine is surprisingly silent, considering that it can generate 24 horsepower;
  • Three blades – The triple-blade system is extremely efficient and can cut through long, dense grass without jamming or leaving uncut blades behind;
  • Easy to use – The hydrostatic transmission and electric cutting deck engagement puts all the controls close to each other;


  • Blades need to be replaced often – While this does not necessarily have to happen in every scenario, small rocks can easily chip the stock blades. These are not made from a particularly well-hardened metal and lose a lot of material when sharpened;
  • Awkward gas tank position – The gas tank of the tractor is placed in the front, by the engine. This limits its size and makes it difficult to refuel;

What Makes It Different?

The YTH24V54 is one of the more powerful lawn tractor models that can be found on the market. Also, Husqvarna produces and sells a wide variety of attachments for it, so you don’t have to worry about third-party accessories and compatibility issues.

Overall, it’s powerful, it’s efficient, and it is surprisingly easy to use, making it a great choice for those who have never owned a riding lawnmower before.


7. Husqvarna LTH1738 – A Small, Light Lawn Tractor That Is Compatible With A Large Number Of Attachments

Husqvarna LTH1738 – A Small, Light Lawn Tractor That Is Compatible With A Large Number Of Attachments

The Husqvarna LTH1738 is one of the best lawn tractors for casual users. While it may not be the most powerful model on the market, it is smaller and lighter, making it easier to store. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a large number of attachments that can improve its versatility.

This having been said, the tractor does come with a few great features such as hydrostatic transmission, a reinforced cutting deck, and a very comfortable cushioned seat.


  • Reinforced cutting deck – The cutting deck of the tractor is reinforced, ensuring that it will remain in pristine condition for several years, regardless of the season during which it is used;
  • Husqvarna engine – The lawn tractor is powered by an efficient engine designed and manufactured in-house;
  • Hydrostatic transmission – The hydrostatic transmission is smooth and enables the owner to control the speed and movement of the tractor using a single lever;
  • Chokeless start – The chokeless start system enables you to start the tractor by simply turning the key. No other actions are required;
  • Air induction system – Air is drawn from the top and bottom of the cutting deck in order to ensure that the grass is in a natural position when the blade hits it. This ensures that every cut is clean and that the cutting length is consistent;
  • 38-inch cutting deck – The 38-inch cutting deck can cut large areas at once, making mowing simple and time-efficient;
  • High compatibility – The tractor is compatible with a wide range of accessories from Husqvarna. These are designed for both the front and the rear;


  • Easy to operate – The chokeless start system makes it easy for anyone to turn the tractor on, and the hydrostatic transmission makes handling it very smooth. Also, the speed is controlled using a single lever, so there is basically no learning curve for those who have never owned a riding lawnmower before;
  • Great attachments – The attachments sold by the manufacturer are designed for this model. Furthermore, they can easily turn the lawn tractor into an all-season tool.
  • Decent engine – While it may not be as powerful as the ones from other models, the Husqvarna 17-horsepower engine is more than enough to navigate any type of terrain, to clear snow during the winter, and to move heavy objects around the yard;


  • Some assembly required – When ordering online, there will be some assembly required in order to use the lawn tractor. Unfortunately, the package does not include instructions on how to do this, however, information can be found online;
  • Not for everyone – The smaller cutting deck and the limited power of the engine may make it impractical for individuals who need a lawn tractor that they can use as the main tool for yard work, especially if they have a large area that needs mowing. The LTH1738 is, for all intents and purposes, an entry-level model;

What Makes It Different?

The Husqvarna LTH1738 basically has the potential to become a jack of all trades. While it is not the most powerful lawn tractor on this list, it is small, fuel-efficient and it can do anything from cutting and mulching to clearing snow and towing heavy objects. Anyone can start and operate the tractor, and cleaning it takes less than 30 minutes.



1. What Is The Best Riding Lawn Mower On The Market?

This depends on what you need to do with it. Traditional, push models are great for smaller yards, or for gardens that have a large density of trees that need to be avoided in order to cut the grass. These give you much more precision than larger models.

On the other hand, large grass mowing equipment such as lawn tractors are great if you have a lot of space. Furthermore, most tractor models can be used for other things, as well, such as clearing snow or moving heavier objects around the yard.

2. How Long Should A Lawn Tractor Last?

Keep in mind that the heart of a lawn tractor is its motor, and most manufacturers usually only offer warranty for the main components. In other words, the motor should last for at least as much as the manufacturer guarantees, however, other components will need regular maintenance and repairs.

The blades see the most wear and tear, and there is no way to say how long they should last. The edges can be chipped by rocks or dulled by twigs and require sharpening. In most cases, the blade will remain sharp for at least a couple of months, but this depends on how often you use the lawn tractor.

Overall, most lawn tractors will run without any problems for at least one year over the amount of time guaranteed by the manufacturer, but they can essentially work for a decade or more, provided that they are properly maintained.

3. What Is The Best Lawn Tractor For Home Use?

If you have a larger yard, the best tool to keep it in top shape may be a zero-turn-radius lawn tractor. It can easily navigate cluttered spaces and has more than enough power to cut any type of grass. Furthermore, push lawn mowers are good for only one thing; however, tractor-models often come with attachments that can make them invaluable in any scenario.

While it may not seem like it, lawn tractors take up surprisingly little space in a garage, provided that they have no attachments on. The ZTR models are even easier to store, due to their ability to make 360-degree turns without leaving the spot.

4. What Lawnmower Gives The Best Cut?

Lawn tractors typically offer the cleanest cuts. They have large blades that cut 42-48-inch swathes of grass at once, ensuring that the lawn will always be cut at the same length. This also applies when cutting grass at an incline.

The large base of the tractor gives it more stability than a push lawnmower, and also helps keep the blade at the same height and level – regardless of incline or how bumpy the terrain may be.

5. How Many Times Can You Sharpen A Lawnmower Blade?

Keep in mind that every time you sharpen a lawnmower blade, small amounts of material are ground away, making it smaller and more fragile. How long the blade will last depends on what tools you use to grind it or if you ask a professional to do it.

The typical lawn tractor blade can be sharpened for at least 30 times; however, this depends on how dented it becomes after using it. If the blade hits rocks or other hard surfaces, it can actually chip, which means that more material will have to be taken off during sharpening, in order to maintain its edge and shape.

Conclusion – Which Is The Best Lawn Tractor To Help You Keep Your Lawn In Shape?

All of the models above have been tested by both professional landscapers, as well as homeowners who regularly participate in garden contests, and are considered to offer the most useful features at a fair price.

Unfortunately, there is no formula to help you decide what is the best lawn tractor. You simply have to look at what you need help with, and then find a model that caters to your needs. You should be able to choose a great product, as long as you keep in mind that a lawn tractor should be treated as a long-term investment. Look for a model that you will find as useful in the coming years as you do when purchasing it.