Best Leaf Rakes of 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Root Assassin 2. Gardenite 3. Corona
Root Assassin Best Leaf Rake Best Leaf Rake Gardenite 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake Corona RK 62061 Fixed Tine Leaf Rake

The untidy look of your garden creates a bad impression in the first place. Gone were the days when people used to clean their yard manually. In the present era, there are many different gardening tools designed to streamline the gardening chores and let your garden appear tidy.

Do you want to get rid of the heap of leaves or scattered leaves present in your garden or lawn? If yes, then you need to consider investing your money into the best leaf rake. With the use of tools like a suitable leaf rake, you will be able to accomplish the gardening chores quickly. Take a look at the buying guide and different leaf rakes to pick up the best rake:


Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Leaf Rakes

To make sure your investment into leaf rake does not go futile, take a look at the factors to consider for the leaf rake discussed below:

1. Durability

It is not a feasible idea to spend money on the purchase of leaf rake frequently. Can everyone afford to buy a leaf rake regularly? Definitely Not! So, to make sure your money worth the purchase, make sure you go for a lead rake unit that does not break after several usages.

It is often observed that the plastic leaf rakes are susceptible to breakage. They are designed to be used for a short season and then disposed of after. When you decided to go for top-rated leaf rakes, make sure you consider stainless steel or aluminum made rake. This is because such materials ensure longevity and durability.

2. Dimensions Of The Rake

Before proceeding for the purchase of a leaf rake, the dimensions of the rake is the most crucial aspect to consider. The dimensions of the rake rely on the size of your lawn and the average number of leaves you intend to rake. To avail of decent cleaning experience, each dimension of a leaf rake needs to be considered.

If your chosen leaf rake model is too short or just medium in length, then it could impose strain on your back. It is always the recommended idea to purchase a leaf rake with the appropriate length.

The appropriate length suggests that the length should allow the users to stand erect and use the unit comfortably. Therefore, there will be no strain imposed on their backs. With a meticulous choice of the dimensions of the leaf rake, the overall raking process will be hassle-free and comfortable.

3. Size Of Rake Head

In most cases, the size of the rake head depends on the space you want to use it. The size of the rake head is mostly found to be in a range from 18 to 24 inches. However, specific rake models can be found with even larger size rake heads.

The narrow size rake heads will work outstandingly for uneven terrain and removing leaves from the edge. On the other hand, wide rakes are highly suitable for huge, open spaces. This is because their huge width increases the speed of the cleaning process and makes it simple.

4. Materials Used In Rake Handle

The choice of leaf rake based on the features expected will solely depend on the personal preferences of the customers. One thing to keep in mind is a leaf rake is used to eliminate leaves from the ground with great simplicity. It may be possible that the quantity of leaves is huge.

Also, it happens that the leaves are water clogged, so the pressure imposed to eliminate the leaves is high. Henceforth, the handles must be prepared from the decent quality and should come with excellent strength.

It is the best idea to consider rakes with metal handles. But if you are not on the lookout for the heavy-duty leaf rake, consider the plastic handles. In addition to that, the presence of grip is also vital to make sure fatigue will not be experienced in your hands.

5. Grip

When considering purchasing the best lawn rake, certain people overlook the grip. The grip is a significant factor to consider. The overall efficiency of the leaf raking process and comfort during the chore indirectly depends on the type of grip.

The presence of grips on the leaf rake handle is significant unless you are intending on wearing gloves when performing the leaf raking. Every leaf rake does not come with grips on the handle. If you consider the leaf rake model equipped with grip, you will be comfortable and avoid getting blisters on your hand.

6. Type Of Tines

The majority of the leaf rakes have tines prepared from plastic or metal. Generally, the metal tines that are made up of steel intend to provide high durability. Moreover, they present more features like expandability. The mentioned feature will be beneficial for clearing out flower beds.

When you go for the plastic tined rakes, they will prove beneficial if there is a lengthy yard work to be accomplished. However, they do not boast high durability as the metal tined rakes. Moreover, they are not very eco-friendly.

Once the rake breaks, the included plastic material will take more time to decompose. Other than metal or plastic tined rakes, you can go for tines made up of resin. The durability of resin made tined rakes matches that of steel, and the flexibility matches that of plastic.

7. Weight

The process of raking debris, dust, and leaves is usually a daunting task. The choice of the best leaf rake involves considering the weight too. This is because a heavy leaf rake may let you suffer from strain and pressure on your muscles. Therefore, the leaf raking process will become cumbersome and tiresome. Hence, it is a good idea to consider a lightweight leaf rake that is simple to use.

Based on the dimensions and materials used, a leaf rake can weigh anywhere in the range of 1 pound to 4 pounds. Usually, the lightweight leaf rakes work perfectly for collecting dry leaves spread on a large lawn.

Being light in weight, you will not feel fatigued even after picking numerous leaves for a long duration. For tasks like spreading mulch, a heavier rake will come handy.

For an average-sized yard, you can go for a medium-weight leaf rake whose weight can be 2-3 pounds. Such leaf rakes will be able to effectively sweep up dry leaves, wet leaves, twigs, and debris.

Top 14 Best Leaf Rakes 2022

1. Root Assassin RK-001 Rake

Root Assassin Best Leaf Rake Best Leaf RakeThe RK-001 leaf rake is recognized as the best leaf rake on this list, and it is a multipurpose rake. This is because it is extensively used for yard, gravel, and beach. The presence of a sturdy handle simplifies the entire leaf raking process.

Generally, most of the rake handles would plow into your hands, irrespective of being made up of wood or plastic. But this uniquely designed rake handle boasts high durability. Moreover, it is made up of heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminum. This kind of handle’s construction indicates how flexible it is to use along with being durable.

The entire work process is simple irrespective of the type of outdoor task you intend to accomplish. Compared to an ordinary rake, the RK-001 leaf rake will accomplish the job in almost half the time. Being versatile in operation, this rake is used for taking off the grass, tree waste, leaves, fallen fruit, pruning clippings, etc.

There are many cheap quality leaf rakes available on the market that would bend and ultimately break when subjected to pressure. However, this leaf rake is durable and would not break easily. Being lightweight and easy-to-use, the overall leaf removal tasks will be hassle-free.


  • Comes as a combination of leaf rake and scoop shovel


  • The screw hole present in the shaft is not reinforced

2. Gardenite 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Gardenite 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf RakeImplied from the product name, this 63-inch long leaf rake is made adjustable. It is an expanding metal rake. The corresponding folding head’s size can be adjusted from 7 inches to 22 inches. For working in tight areas, the rake width can be adjusted to 7 inches.

If you are looking for clearing leaves in small areas that are difficult to access in your lawn, then this rake is ideal. Being lightweight and simple to use, this garden leaf rake is known to be an ideal gardening tool. For heavy materials, it will not work effectively.

The length of its zinc plated steel handle is 3/4 inch. This handle is quite easy to use, and it will let you comfortably work in your garden. Even after you grab this handle for long, you will not feel fatigued or strain in your back.The presence of zinc coating protects against rust.

Gardenite uniquely prepared it to benefit you with easy storage. When storing, you can reduce the size of the rake head. Unlike a conventional rake, this rake model will require much less space. If you adjust this rake into a small footprint, then it will b capable of maneuvering grass clippings excellently.


  • Easy to shrink down the rake
  • Will gradually open and close the tines based on your need


  • The handle gets shorter while adjusting the rake for tighter spaces

3. Corona RK 62061 Fixed Tine Leaf Rake

Corona RK 62061 Fixed Tine Leaf RakeWhile removing the leaves and grass, the plant feeder roots may get damaged. This is due to the excess pressure applied during its used. With the use of this Corona rake, such issues will not happen. This is because it comes with 25 tines with extra width.

A special implementation of the bi-curved bow design offers uniform pressure to every tine. Therefore, the raking efficiency conveyed is high. This aspect makes it the best leaf rake from Corona.

It is significant to note that the 19-inch rake head is manufactured from tempered spring steel. This material offers high durability. Do you like to remove the leaves from your lawn in an uncomfortable manner? So, on its aluminum handle, there is a slip-resistant vinyl grip included. It will present exceptional comfort for use in any condition.

The tines are held securely in place by the availability of the double crimps. As a result, consistent performance is delivered. Inside the tines, the width of teeth is 1/4 inch, and they are 1/2 inch apart.


  • Presented in a perfect size
  • Light enough to handle


  • May break off if care is not taken
  • The tines are it wide and would float on grass

4. Professional EZ Travel Collection Telescopic Rake

Professional EZ Travel Collection Telescopic RakeA folding leaf rake in this list, this telescopic leaf rake is made heavy-duty. Its manufacturing is done from aluminum alloy to make sure the structure is lightweight and sturdy. This kind of structure will prove beneficial if there are plenty of leaves to lift.

Being multi-functional, this telescopic rake is suitable for working in flower beds and under hedges. The small size of the rake head enables you to rake amid the perennials. During this process, it makes sure there is no harm to the plants. Besides, it works perfectly for raking out debris accumulated on window wells, beneath difficult-to-access places or in the center of flower beds.

It would be straightforward to adjust the fan head. All you need to do is perform an easy movement. Moreover, the built-in handle extends or retracts easily. It is possible to vary its length from 37 inches to 68 inches to fulfill all your raking needs. The rubberized grip in the handle ensures a comfortable raking experience.


  • Sturdily built
  • Quiet simple to extend


  • The sharp handle is difficult to adjust

5. True Temper 2913912 Clog Free Poly Leaf Rake

True Temper 2913912 Clog Free Poly Leaf RakeThe 30-inch long leaf rake from True Temper in the present discussion is suitable for removing a huge amount of leaves. If you save the time and effort for clearing a huge mass of leaves from your lawn, then go for this tool. The incorporated tins are exceptionally designed, and they will avoid clogging. As a result, the quick clean-up process is guaranteed.

On the 48-inch hardwood handle, you will find the cushion grip, and the same is used for providing comfort during the leaf raking process. It is important to note that the cushioned handle runs throughout the length of the handle and not just at the tip. Therefore, there is no chance of feeling fatigued during its use.


  • Highly suitable to rake a massive amount of leaves
  • Easy to handle and use


  • Since the rake tines are larger; some leaves may get missed

6. Bully Tools 92309 12-Gauge 16-Inch Bow Rake

Bully Tools 92309 12-Gauge 16-Inch Bow RakeThose gardeners who are in a lookout for a lightweight rake, for them, this 16-inch bow rake is the ideal solution. Bully Tools focuses on reliability on all its products, and this bow rake is one of them. Looking at its design, you will find a sturdy fiberglass handle and a durable steelhead. Both of them prove to be the essential components of this rake.

The use of the fiberglass material in the handle protects against breakage. In spite of being sturdy, the handle is lightweight and easy to use. So, there is no doubt why it is the best leaf rake to consider.

Names of the unique features include triple wall type reinforced fiberglass handles and 14 gauge steel. Some additional features, like extensive length ferrules and fused I-beam supports, are also significant to consider.


  • Suitable for raking the soil
  • Sturdy construction


  • Initially, it takes time to get used to

7. Mltools 64-inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Mltools 64-inch Adjustable Garden Leaf RakeThis garden leaf rake from MLTOOLS is made adjustable in size and boasts sturdy construction. The use of steel makes it sturdy and durable. It is straightforward to extend its size from 7-1/2 inches to 24 inches. The included 15 flat tines facilitate the easy removal of leaves and grass from different places.

The conventional rakes will be unable to reach in tight spots, but this leaf rake can easily reach any spots in your lawn. The tubular handle is equipped with a plastic grip to present great comfort throughout the use. Moreover, this handle comes with the adjusting lever.

On the surface of the handle, zinc coating resists corrosion. You can easily extend the length of the handle from 31″ to 64″. With an easy storage solution, it will take much less space. The rake width is varied with the implemented plastic mechanism at the intersection of the handle.


  • Well-built construction with decent quality materials
  • Easy to adjust the handle


  • The twist-lock mechanism may become loose

8. Jardineer 63 inch Adjustable Garden Rake Leaf

Jardineer 63 inch Adjustable Garden Rake LeafWhat are the sole specialties making this garden leaf rake so unique? Well, this Jardineer adjustable leaf rake is made lightweight and multipurpose. It is a perfect garden rake to eliminate leaves, clippings, and garden debris conveniently. During all such processes, there will be no damage to the plants and their roots.

It is quite easy to work in tight areas like between flower beds and beneath the hedges. This is because the rake width can be adjusted to 7″ for such cases. The size of expandable head varies from 7″ to 23″, so the rake can collect debris among plants and grass in your lawn.

Compared to other leaf rakes, this one is made longer for reduced fatigued during the operation. You do not need to frequently bend while raking the leaves. The 23″ big head of garden rake is capable of collecting more debris with every pass efficiently.


  • Comes with smooth adjustments
  • Prepared in a versatile design


  • The handle is incapable of working smoothly

9. Ames 2915900 Poly Shrub Rake with Steel Handle

Ames 2915900 Poly Shrub Rake with Steel HandleNow the leaf raking process is simplified when you use this model of AMES poly shrub rake. For those people willing to effortlessly rake around plants and flora, this shrub rake is a decent choice. It is directly implied from the name that it is suitable for shrubs.

The overall optimized design lets you conveniently collect leaves and plant debris in any tight places, as well. During the raking process, there will be no disturbance to the growing plants and existing landscapes.

The size of the poly head is 8-inch, and it makes it easy for eliminating debris beneath trees, fences, and shrubs. There is a vinyl-coated steel handle with length 60-inch. This handle is sturdily built and boasts excellent durability. This mentioned handle offers superior reach, and the cushion grip provides exceptional comfort.

There will be no hassles to clear out a large pile of leaves effectively. The overall length right from top to base is 71 inches. All such qualities indicate that it is the best leaf rake from AMES.


  • Quite easy to use
  • Performs leaf raking quickly


  • Not much durable

10. Emsco Group 9049 Rake

Emsco Group 9049 RakeThe EMsco Group 9049 rake is exceptionally built from soft, durable plastic. The reason behind using this plastic material is to convey safety for kids. The sole purpose behind the design of this leaf rake is to make sure even kids can use it safely. There will be no adverse effects of corrosion.

This rake is the perfect choice to let your kids learn how to maintain your garden. Being parents, you may be pleased to know how your kids work alongside you in your garden. Generally, kids learn by imitation, and this compact size rake lets your kids mimic your gardening habits.

The included plastic is durable and resistant to corrosion; thus, the rake can be used in all weather conditions. The built-in handle is made up of wood. For your lawn of any size, this rake is a perfect tool.


  • Suitable where a wide rake could not reach
  • Made compact


  • The rake head is susceptible to breakage

11. Tabor Tools Telescopic Metal Rake 63 Inch

Tabor Tools Telescopic Metal Rake 63 InchIn very less time, you will be able to sweep your lawn to present a neat appearance successfully. This metal grip is constructed with a 23-inch wide rake head. This will enable you to clear out leaves and tiny debris from your lawn instantly. The exceptional versatility makes it the best rake from TABOR TOOLS.

There will be no difficulties while reaching the small places to eliminate the leaves’ waste. The width of the teeth rake extends from 8″ to 23″. Moreover, this take is capable of locking in any desired position within this range. When collapsed, the length of rake is 32″ and its length can be extended to 63″.

The overall designing is done such that it can effectively work in tight areas. If you are perplexed on how to clear out leaves challenging to reach areas in your lawn, then go for this tool. One of its key specialties is the lightweight telescopic handle. With a quick turn of a hand, the included handle can be conveniently locked.

The use of sturdy and high-grade steel structure indicates that this metal rake is capable of bearing damage from external elements. For example, the damage due to long-term exposure to sunlight and some other external elements will not influence this rake.


  • Easy to store
  • Comes with low maintenance


  • The highest level of length may feel uncomfortable

12. Amazing Rake 3-in-1 Lightweight 17-Inch Lawn Leaf

Amazing Rake 3-in-1 Lightweight 17-Inch Lawn LeafAll leaf rakes on the market are not designed beautifully, but the aforementioned 17-inch lawn leaf rake is an exception. Its appearance showcases elegant green ergonomic, making it the best leaf rake to buy. The working operation of this lightweight leaf is quite straightforward –rake, collect, and bag.

The key benefits of this 3-in-1 lawn leaves are there is no bending or stooping issues. You will admire how efficiently it rakes and picks up debris in your garden. In the manufacturing process, the durable copolymer Polypropylene is used.

Weighing only 2 1/2 lbs, this lawn leaf proves to be lightweight and portable. There will be no hassles while picking even the pile of leaves. Any small branches and other plant debris will be effectively scooped.


  • Avoids back pain
  • Extremely portable


  • Its longevity is doubtful
  • The hard, thick side may damage the grass

13. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Garden Rake

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Garden RakeThis is a compact-sized sturdy garden rake that appears cheerful in appearance. It is prepared in a beautiful Giddy Buggy theme to let it appear enticing. There is the availability of metal prongs, and there is a vibrantly painted wooden handle. Even children can use it easily and would be able to perform leaves raking easily.

There is the presence of metal forks and wooden handles. Generally, there will be no hassles regarding storage. You can store it neatly with a loop for hanging purposes. The built-in metal tines let you effectively accomplish the raking of a heap of piles.


  • Beautiful toddler size rake
  • The wooden handle is easy to grab and use


  • Not be suitable for narrow space

14. Ergieshovel ERG-LFRK24 24 Steel Teeth Leaf Rake

Ergieshovel ERG-LFRK24 24 Steel Teeth Leaf RakeRight from the build quality to the included handle, many characteristics make this tool the best leaf rake. It will effectively reduce the strain imposed on your back, and exceptional control is facilitated.

There is an extra handle available for presenting added leverage. This makes sure you will not feel fatigued when used. There is the availability of the 3-piece Smart Lock assembly for easy storage in a small space.


  • Capable to scoop massive chunk of muck
  • Made lightweight


  • The fork is flimsy

Best Leaf Rakes – Your Pick?

Within no time, your garden will again appear neat and fresh with the use of the best leaf rake. Now you need not be panic about the back strain or getting fatigued because these leaf rakes are quite easy to use.

Once used, you will be surprised to perceive how effectively you can clear out loads of leaf muck in your garden.