Best Oil For Lawn Mowers In 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

1. John Deere Turf 2. Briggs and Stratton 3. Toro
John Deere Turf-Gard SAE 10W-30 Oil Briggs and Stratton 100074 5W-30 Synthetic Oil Toro 38916 SAE 30 Oil 18 Oz Bottle

The push reel or the walk behind lawn mowers need an oil change after every 50 hours or one year of use, whichever comes first. The sit-on lawn mowers demand it every 100 hours. These are huge numbers if you consider the fact that the mowers are used only occasionally to keep the lawns clean.


Most of the time, the owners even forget that they have to change the oil. Just as choosing the right lawn mower is essential, similarly, choosing the proper lawn tools like a  good lawn mower oil is also crucial.

The overall climate of the concerned region and the engine type comes as the primary factors while choosing the best oil for lawn mower. In this article, we are recommending a few of the best oil for lawn mowers available in the market currently.

Top 7 Best Oil For Lawn Mowers In 2022

1. John Deere Turf-Gard SAE 10W-30 Oil

John Deere Best Oil For Lawn Mowers

This SAE 10W-30 oil is specifically useful for the four cycle engines. This oil is tested and approved by John Deere engineers. They have been known for their reliability and quality products. So you can be sure about this high-grade mower oil. The refining process of oil is carried out in the United States of America to ensure that it serves as the best oil for lawn mower.

One of the best things about this oil is its ability to protect the engine parts without excessive viscosity increase with the high operating temperature. This is very helpful when the lawn mower is used during hot and sunny days. The shear stability of the product is also very high. It ensures that the oil retains its qualities even under high stress.

There are a few additives that have been added to this mower oil to ensure that it works well. The ingredients make sure that it goes well with the less emission, high-performance engines that are nowadays used in the lawn mowers. The efficiency of the engines also soars to its maximum.


  • It helps in a cold startup during the winter days.
  • The oil is useful for gas engines.
  • High shear stability
  • The oil does not lose its film even while dealing with varying temperature range


  • High oil consumption occurs while operating above 80F
  • It is not useful for diesel engines
  • Useful for only the four cycle engines

2. Briggs and Stratton 100074 5W-30 Synthetic Oil

Briggs and Stratton 100074 5W-30 Synthetic Oil

The Briggs and Stratton Company produce the best oil for lawn mower. Their product comes in various grades to meet the necessity of different customers. Their 5W-30 class synthetic oil is the best oil for lawn mower. The artificial process of production means it is better than the conventional oils in many aspects.

The lawn mower oil is rated at 32 Oz. The synthetic ingredients of the oil ensure that there are minimum wear and tear of the part because of the hot working temperature of the engines.

The inside conditions of the engines are pretty severe during the working time. But it is duly taken care of by the inventive composition of the 5W-30 synthetic oil from Briggs & Stratton. They have the inherent strength that keeps them going for a very long period.

The oil is known for its following qualities

  • Better viscosity-temperature response than many other lawn mower oils
  • Better fluidity during low-temperature operation
  • Better stability during oxidation
  • Better thermal stability
  • The best control of deposition
  • The oil is very less volatile, making it easy to contain

All these properties of the oil help to reduce the maintenance cost, equipment failure, and increase the overall life of the lawn mower.


  • The stability of the oil against oxidation is high
  • It can work in freezing temperature
  • It can work on different temperature
  • The cold starting of the engine is improved
  • The oil consumption is very less


  • The price of this lawn mower oil is very high
  • It does not work well beyond the 100F temperature limit. So it is not made for very hot regions.
  • It works only for four-cycle engines, but not for the two cycled ones.

3. Toro 38916 SAE 30 Oil 18 Oz Bottle

Toro 38916 SAE 30 Oil 18 Oz Bottle

This is a genuine OEM Toro product of 18 Oz. The oil is primarily targeted to take out the best results from Toro lawn mowers. Its manufacturing is done while considering the parts and their interaction inside the engines of the Toro mowers.

Also, a lot of testing is carried out on the sample of this SAE 30 grade Toro oil to make sure that it does not let the user down when it is needed the most.

The SAE 30 grade indicates that this oil should be used in those areas where the climate generally falls into the warm category. The exact temperature of the concerned region should vary between 40F to 100F.

In those climates, the oil is perfectly capable of holding the optimum thickness of the oil film that is necessary to reduce the friction between the engine parts. The reduced friction leads to a decrease in the wear and tear of the elements.

The manufacturing team from Toro has made sure that their product exceeds or at least meets the performance that is demanded from the OEM products. It is capable of minimizing the molecular shearing of the involved parts for extended life.

Just like the previous product from Briggs and Stratton, this oil from Toro is also manufactured for the engines that are powered by four-step cycles. The four-stroke engines are the most used engines in lawn mowers. So the oil itself is targeted for maximum customers.


  • The price of this best oil for lawnmower is comparatively low.
  • It works for four-cycle engines.
  • The oil has undergone various tests to ensure its ability as the best oil for lawn mower.
  • It minimizes the molecular sheering inside the engine.


  • The oil is mainly useful for Toro lawn mowers only.
  • It works perfectly in the warmer regions, but not so well in the colder areas.
  • The oil is not useful for the two-cycle engines.
  • Below 40F, the oil results in hard starting of the engine.

4. Honda 08207-10W30 PK2 Motor Oil

Honda 08207-10W30 PK2 Motor Oil

Honda has been known for its quality service in the field of engine manufacturing for a very long time. It is not only the engine that they have excelled so far. The company also develops the tools and techniques that keep those engines up and running.

The Honda 10W-30 grade motor oil is one of its prime examples. The SAE grade 10W-30 means that this oil is good to use in varying temperatures range, 0F to 100F, to be exact. It is also very convenient if your mower has the problem of cold starting in the morning or winter days.

Another essential thing to note here is that this is a multi-viscosity oil. The oil is developed by Honda Research and Development wing to ensure that it addresses the common problems that the lawn mower engines encounter.

It is also an all-season oil. As a user, you won’t have to worry even if you used it in the summer and dumped it during the whole next season. The composition of this best oil for lawn mower will ensure that it works perfectly whenever you wish to use it.

The polymers that have been used in its manufacturing are very sheer stable and works as a lubricant even during the harsh usage periods. This superior quality lawn mower oil exceeds all the requirements of the API service from Honda. It is truly one of the best oil for your four-cycle engine.


  • It is a genuine product from the Honda Company, which is a symbol of trust and quality.
  • The oil works well at varying temperatures.
  • It assists in the cold starting of the engines.
  • The price of the product is reasonable.


  • The oil is not biodegradable.
  • Above 80F, the oil tends to be consumed more by the engine.
  • The oil is mainly suitable for the Honda engines.

5. Briggs & Stratton SAE 30 Grade Mower Oil

Briggs & Stratton SAE 30 Grade Mower Oil

This is another great addition from Briggs & Stratton in the list of best oil for lawnmowers. Previously we have talked about the SAE 5W-30 grade lawn mower oil from the same company.

Most of the lawn mower engines that are found in the market use the 4 step cycle. In fact, most of the Internal Combustion engine in the world works in the same four steps.

The SAE 30 grade mower oil from Briggs and Stratton is manufactured while keeping that in mind. It is specially formulated for those engines which produce power in that way and are air-cooled. API has classified this in the SJ/ CD category for its high capability as detergent oil.

The lawn mower oil can be conveniently used in those regions where the temperature varies between 40F to 100F. Its size of 48 oz is useful for most of the outdoor equipment. So, the user can apply it to his tractors, and zero turns also. This shows the versatility of the oil in day to day life.

It is also straightforward to use. The user can directly pour it into the tube for the engine oil. No other ingredients need to be added to get the benefits of this oil. The lawn mower oil is everything you need to keep the engine fresh and wear & tear-free.


  • It is a genuine OEM oil from Briggs and Stratton, which indicates its high quality.
  • It can be used for other outdoor equipment such as zero turns and tractors also.
  • SJ/ CD classified by API
  • The price of this product is not very high.
  • It works well on the most commonly used small lawn mower engines


  • It can be used for only four-stroke engines, not double stroke engines.
  • Its entry to the gasoline (Petrol) tank may lead to severe hazards.
  • The product can’t be used in icy conditions.

6. Kohler 25 357 05 PK2 Command 10W-30 Oil

Kohler 25 357 05 PK2 Command 10W-30 Oil

It is an SAE grade 10W-30 genuine oil from the Kohler Industries. This type of oil is well known for its usability for a wide range of temperature variations. The field is determined to be from 0F to 100F. It is only next to that of synthetic 5W-30 oils.

Moreover, the range of compatible temperatures makes sure that you can use it during any time of the year. The temperature during the summer and the winters of most of the regions fall into that range. It makes sure that the optimum thickness of the oil film is always maintained and the dynamic parts of the engine do not come into contact with each other.

The product contains a high level of zinc and phosphorus. It also has some Molybdenum in it. The presence of all these elements in the oil elevates its anti-wear performance. This is what makes the oil much more useful than conventional automobile engine oils that are recommended by some people.

The multi-viscosity property of the oil makes sure that you can start your engines with ease during cold weather.


  • The oil is usable during any time of the year.
  • It supports a wide range of ambient temperatures where it can work.
  • It retains its viscosity even on harsh conditions


  • When operated beyond 80F, the oil starts to get consumed in high quantity
  • The packaging of the oil is not proper. It needs to be improved.

7. Pennzoil 550034991-6PK SAE-30 Motor Oil

Pennzoil (550034991-6PK) SAE-30 Motor Oil

The SAE 30 grade oil is thoroughly tested in the labs of Pennzoil industries. This is done to ensure that the users only get the best quality engine oil that can maintain the overall health of their lawn mower engine. Most of the lawn mowers used in the households are equipped with small engines. The SAE 30 oil is manufactured for these engines only.

The viscosity of the oil during warm days creates a perfect film in between the dynamic and the static parts of the engine. It is also helpful in carrying out a portion of the heat that has been produced from the combustion process of the engines.

During the first oil change, the SAE 30 grade oil from Pennzoil is capable of cleaning almost 40% of the sludge. This continues to do the work on the subsequent changes. It eliminates the risk of sludge or carbon deposition inside the engines that are harmful to its operation. The oil gently lifts the waste from the surface of different engine parts and brings them out with the flow of the oil.

The oil is highly capable of controlling high-temperature oxidation, which is typical of the engines. The oil is a multi-purpose one. You can use it in air compressors, industrial circulation systems or hydraulic systems apart from your lawn mower.


  • It is useful for the customarily used small engine lawn mowers
  • The oil is very effective in sludge removal
  • The molecular shearing of the parts is reduced by this oil


  • The cost of the oil is comparatively higher than other SAE 30 grade oils.
  • The oil does not work well below 40F
  • Only useful for four-cycle engines

Best Lawn Mower Oil Manufacturers

1. Briggs & Stratton

The Briggs & Stratton Corporation or BASCO has been around for more than a century now. Since their inception in 1908, they have been revolutionizing the market with their innovative ideas and creations.

The company built the first lightweight Aluminum engine back in 1953, which changed the lawn cleaning industry forever. Now, they are well known for their reliable engines, outdoor equipment, and the manufacturing of all the related parts.

The company is known for the production of the best oil for lawn mower. They produce oils of different grades that are targeted to give the best possible health maintenance of the engines.

They unveiled their branding “YOU.POWERED” in 2016. It is a way of appreciation to the millions of old customers that have been faithful to the company and also a way to lure potential customers.

2. Toro

The Toro Company is based in the United States of America. They are extremely popular for their lawn mower equipment, snowblowers, and also for the irrigation system equipment. Their products can be used in both the commercial and residential sectors.

The company started its venture back in 1914 as a tractor engine manufacturer. Since then, the company has brought a lot of changes in its operations. They have made a strong statement in the lawn mower engine oil market in the past and stands out along with some big names.

These products are known for their stability against many adverse conditions. Today, the company has its presence in more than 125 countries in the world. Lawn-Boy, eXmark, Hayter is some of the premium lawn mower brands that the Toro company owns.

3. Honda

Honda is probably the most known lawn mower part manufacturing company. The reason behind the popularity is their presence in other facets of the global market, such as the automobile sector. Honda currently makes almost 5000 lawnmowers in the United States every year.

The company started its local manufacturing units in the states back in 1984, but it did not take them long to get a foothold in the market.

Presently, they have an active market all over the world. Their GXV and GCV engines for lawn mowers are popular. But it is the extreme quality lawn mower oil that keeps them going.

The users always have positive reviews about the different range of mower oils from Honda. The stability against molecular sheer, oxidation, and decomposition makes the oil from Honda one of the best oil for lawn mower.


1. Which Is The Best Oil For A Lawn Mower?

The best lawn mower oil for a particular lawn mower depends on its recommended grade and the overall climate of the region.

2. What Are Some Of The Big Names In The Lawn Mower Oil Manufacturing Market?

Briggs & Stratton, Toro, and Honda are some of the best manufacturers of lawn mower oil.

3. Can I Use Automobile Engine Oil For A Lawn Mower?

Some lawn mowers, such as the big sit-on mowers’ engine is compatible with the automobile engine oils. But it will not work well on the small mower engines. It is better to read the manual of the mower.

4. What Does Sae Stand For In The Grading Of Lawn Mower Oils?

Society of Automotive Engineering

5. Why Do I Need To Replace The Lawn Mower Oil?

The lawn mower oil is responsible for keeping the parts of the engine wear and tear-free. It also helps in carrying out a portion of the heat from the components. The oil gets consumed over time and structurally breaks down. That is why it needs to be changed regularly.

6. What Is The Recommended Frequency Of Oil Change For Push Reel Lawn Mowers?

The oil of the push reel lawn mower engines need to be changed after every 50 hours or one year of use, whichever comes first.

Best Oil For Lawn Mower – Your Pick?

Before buying any oil for your lawn mower, always refer to the manuals of both the engine and the oil. The climate of the region also plays a vital role in finding the best oil for lawn mower. If you are not sure, then refer to an expert or the seller from whom you brought the lawn mower.