Best Oscillating Sprinklers of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Melnor 65074-AMZ 2. Melnor XT 3. Melnor 65048-AMZ
Melnor Best Oscillating Sprinklers Melnor XT Metal Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler Melnor 65048-AMZ Oscillating Sprinkler

Manual watering of your lawn could be a tedious task, no doubt. So, if you are considering an alternative for your irrigation works, there are a few options, which among them, there is the lawn sprinkler.

A lawn sprinkler is an essential piece of tool to own if you have a lawn or a garden.

There are five general types of lawn sprinkler: rotary sprinkler, oscillating sprinkler, pulsating sprinkler, traveling sprinkler, and in-ground sprinkler.

The size of your turf or garden should be put into consideration when you are looking to get the best lawn sprinkler, be it the best oscillating sprinkler or the best rotary sprinkler.


You should also consider the layout of your yard, soil type, and the price range.

The oscillating sprinkler is among the most common types of lawn sprinklers you can find around. The oscillating sprinkler irrigates by spraying out a fan-shaped curtain of water from its multiple nozzles aligned on a long tube.

When trying to select the best oscillating lawn sprinkler for your use, it is crucial you choose a sprinkler that is adjustable and durable. A common issue with some sprinklers is that the source determines the water pressure.

If the water pressure is a bit too high, it might spray too far, and if the water pressure is low, it may not spray far enough. Although they are very efficient and they cover rectangular lawns with ease.

The other four recognized types of lawn sprinklers all have their areas of expertise, advantages, and disadvantages.

Let’s take a quick look at other four Different types of Lawn Sprinklers

1. Rotary Sprinkler

The rotary sprinkler, often referred to as a rotating sprinkler by many, can also be called a revolving sprinkler. It functions by spraying water from the tips of two or three of its spinning arms.

The mechanism adopted by the rotary sprinkler leads to the dispersal of water on the swiftly on the soil surface. Not suitable for sloppy or sandy areas, and its throw radius is minimal, making it best suited for use on small lawn or gardens. Use on a more extensive lawn would require it to be moved repeatedly

2. In-Ground Sprinkler

If versatility doesn’t matter to you, you might fancy the in-ground sprinkler. This type of sprinkler is buried in the ground and pops up when it’s time to operate.

The in-ground sprinkler can function as part of an irrigation system or can act as a standalone irrigation tool, with a hose attached to it when working. It is best suited for large lawns, or for a case where the grass requires frequent watering to grow appropriately.

The in-ground sprinkler tends to be more expensive to purchase and install. The only downside to this type of sprinkler is the fact that it can’t be moved around, and need to be positioned in a place where it has the best coverage.

And if you have a relatively large lawn, you might need more than one of these.

3. Traveling Sprinkler

The traveling or self-propelled sprinkler is a new entrant to the sprinkler business. A traveling sprinkler comes with wheels and is guided by the placement of the garden hose laid out by the user.

The pressure of the hose powers it, and it features two rotating arms that spray water in a circular motion as the sprinkler follow its guide.

Its watering technique is similar to that of the rotary, except it can move around while functioning, thereby covering a more extensive range.

The traveling sprinkler is an excellent fit for large lawns, would be too surplus if used in a small yard. It is a well-built and expensive model.

4. Impact Sprinkler

This is a sprinkler famous for the sound it makes while operating. The RainBird company initially designed this sprinkler, and it is a single water jet that sits close to the ground.

Its metal arm sways back and forth, covering a rectangular area. With this type of sprinkler, pressure builds up within the sprinkler and forces its way towards the spray head, activating the impact hammer to be pushed aside, once the hammer is pushed out the way, water thrusts outward in a jet, showering across your turf.

Most models permit adjustments to its area of distribution; it can be set to do a partial square or a full circle, depending on the preference.

The impact sprinkler functions well with high pressure, and it also produces a much harder spray of water, which could be too harsh for newly seeded turfs.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing the Best Oscillating Sprinkler

There are varieties of things to look out for when getting the best oscillating sprinkler, depending on your preference. Below is a list of a few things to look out for when selecting a lawn sprinkler.

1. Material

The two most common materials used in building most sprinklers are plastic and metals.

An oscillating sprinkler whose frame is made of metal tends to last longer than plastic built, but will definitely be more massive. If you will be getting a metal-built sprinkler, it is also important that you select the sprinkler made out of metal that doesn’t rust like; brass, aluminum, and zinc.

In a scenario where you plan on getting a plastic built sprinkler, you should limit its exposure to the sunlight, because, over time, repeated exposure to sunlight will make it more delicate.

2. Rotation Control

With an oscillating sprinkler, the adjustability is vital. The best oscillating sprinkler should give you the ability to customize the spray width, length, and pressure fully.

An oscillating sprinkler that can be easily adjusted is better than a stationary model, or the one with a restricted movement. Better control gives you better coverage over your lawn.

Most of the simple sprinklers function by simply showering the water back and forth in a fixed pattern, whereas some models come equipped with levers, dials, or knobs that can be adjusted to control the water flow, length, and width.

3. Size And Shape Of Lawn

You’ll see in the description of almost every sprinkler the square feet or square meters, and it is capable of covering. Some can cover as much as 4,000 square feet and some not as much.

You should know the size of your lawn before purchasing an oscillating sprinkler, and it is essential. Can the sprinkler cover your yard well, or is its range more extensive than your yard? These are factors that should be duly considered.

Oscillating sprinklers are a great option if you have a rectangular lawn of average size ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 square feet.

4. Number Of Nozzles

When getting an oscillating sprinkler, the number of its spray jets, or nozzles as some would like to call it, should be considered.

The more the spray jets or nozzles a the sprinkler has, the better the coverage. In the case of an oscillating sprinkler, the minimum number of spray jets it should have is fifteen, anything below that is not recommended.

When selecting the best oscillating lawn sprinkler, you should look into getting one with more than fifteen nozzles or spray jet, for reliable coverage.

5. Pressure Limit (PSI)

The recommended PSI for sprinklers is around the range of 30 to 50. The lowest pressure reading should be used when trying to determine your oscillating sprinkler’s PSI.

The water pressure determines how best to space the nozzle of a sprinkler to improve its efficiency.

6. Traveling Speed and Uniformity Of Its Coverage

A common complaint with some oscillating sprinkler is that while watering, some spots get more soaked than the others. This is an issue with the uniformity of its coverage, and how far it travels.

In most cases, you’ll see the range of the water arc in the product description of the sprinkler, which informs you about the maximum area of coverage from a fixed spot.

7. Brand

Although some might find this aspect to be of less importance, a lot of people think it does matter.

If you are new to lawn sprinklers, you should consider brands that have proven the quality of their products. Brands like Melnor, Gardena, RainWave, and Gilmour all have a stellar reputation for manufacturing top-notch gardening machinery.

But, if you seem to be more familiar with sprinklers, you could consider less famous brands with effective products. They sometimes tend to be cheaper than products from popular brands.

We were able to compile a list of some of the best oscillating lawn sprinklers available right now. They were selected based on their abilities, features, and how well they can handle your turf. Below are some of the top-rated oscillating sprinklers for you to choose from.

Top 20 Best Oscillating Lawn Sprinklers 2022

1. Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor Best Oscillating SprinklersThe Melnor Deluxe Turbo 4500 square feet Oscillating Sprinkler is equipped with an 18-clog resistant rubber nozzle that provides enough coverage for a full turf or garden of up to 4500 square feet.

This product comes with a turbo drive motor that ensures smooth operation while watering and holds out against clogging or puddling while providing extended life. It also features an active nozzle shutoff that allows for a better width and range control.

The 65074-AMZ Turbo Sprinkler is simple to adjust, giving the user a reasonable control over the coverage area of the sprinkler. This product features a highly durable design that is capable of withstanding the test of time. Melnor’s quick connect system makes this piece of equipment easy to connect and disconnect without a struggle. It is recommended you keep this sprinkler inside after use, to make it more durable.


  • Simple to adjust
  • Easily moves around
  • Uncomplicated powering on and off


  • Made with light plastic that might break easily
  • Complains about it not being heavy duty enough

2. Melnor XT Metal Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor XT Metal Turbo Oscillating SprinklerMelnor has quite athe reputation for developing new products to assist homeowners in growing a colorful and healthy lawn. This Melnor product has a solid but straightforward metal build, with a metal nozzle designed to deliver stable watering to up to 3600 square feet of turf.

The XT Metal Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler is not only capable of watering a lawn, but it can also be used to water plantations like flowers and vegetable beds. It comes with a firm metal base that holds it in place and prevents any tilting issue.

This sprinkler has a metal particle filter around the metal connector connecting the hose to the sprinkler, to sieve out unwanted particles. It is equipped with a flow control dial that allows for adjustment of the water flow to optimize your watering pattern.


  • Ease of adjustment
  • Its nice and strong metal build
  • Durable
  • Easy to set watering pattern


  • Reported issue with the oscillation after sometime

3. Melnor 65048-AMZ Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor 65048-AMZ Oscillating SprinklerHere is another sprinkler from the Melnor brand, delivering a quiet and gentle operation. The 65048-AMZ oscillating sprinkler is capable of covering an average-sized lawn of up to 3,400 square feet.

The 65048-AMZ oscillating sprinkler comes with an 18-precision brass nozzle that ensures a more even watering and coverage of the turf.

This oscillating sprinkler delivers a mild spray making it suitable for newly planted vegetations or elegant flowers.

It features the Melnor quick connect system that makes for a simple connection and disconnection, and a built-in water gauge to monitor the water flow and to also make sure you have the right quantity of water inside.


  • Offers a good coverage
  • Features Melnor’s Quick connect system
  • Easy to use


  • Made with a plastic frame that can be easily broken
  • Reported issues with the adjustment

4. RainWave Turbo Gear Oscillating Sprinkler

RainWave Turbo Gear Oscillating SprinklerA firm and sturdy oscillating sprinkler, RainWave turbo gear sprinkler come with a strong and durable metal base that provides additional stability. Capable of covering up to 3,900 square feet, approximately 362 square meters.

This turbo gear oscillating sprinkler is equipped with an old fashioned, easy to use dial timer that lets you set the sprinkler to function for your desired number of minutes. It pumps water out with good pressure, giving it a better reach.

The RainWave turbo gear sprinkler features a firm plastic spray tube with accurate spray jets for even watering, adjustable range control, and a nozzle cleaning tool merged with the end plug. It also features a lasting turbo gear motor.


  • Impressive water pressure
  • Simple to use
  • Features a set timer


  • Product stopped oscillating after a few uses for some users
  • Non-uniform spray pattern

5. Melnor XT Mini-Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor XT Mini-Turbo Oscillating SprinklerThis sprinkler delivers a high coverage, the kind to expect from a full-sized sprinkler while spotting a compact build.

The Melnor XT mini-turbo oscillating sprinkler is considered to be one of the best oscillating lawn sprinklers out there. It takes oscillation up a notch with its ability to rotate 360 degrees.

The XT mini-turbo oscillating sprinkler features a licensed one-touch adjustment system that monitors the width of its watering pattern ranging from 9 feet to 53 feet. It also features an integrated flow control dial that allows for minor adjustments to the water flow.

If you plan on watering a 3,900 square feet yard or a 350 a square feet yard, this oscillating sprinkler has you covered regardless. The Melnor XT mini-turbo sprinkler houses an Infinity Turbo Motor with a limited lifetime warranty.

Its Infinity Turbo Motor ensures the delivery of a smooth operation either with low pressure or high pressure, high enough to power through any debris that could have been caught up in the water hose.

The XT mini-turbo oscillating sprinkler features a dynamic adjustment with up to 4 available levels.


  • Great adjustment capability
  • Offers a smooth and fine-tune
  • Good coverage


  • A report of a leak

6. Aqua Joe SJI-OMS16 Oscillating Sprinkler

Aqua Joe SJI-OMS16 Oscillating SprinklerA lightweight but precisive sprinkler, the Aqua Joe SJI-OMS16 oscillating sprinkler is designed to keep your turf or vegetation in the best condition, in terms of appearance and health.

It has an entirely customizable coverage pattern; you can set the water pressure, length, and width to suit your need or the length and width of your turf. This sprinkler features a 16 clog-resistant nozzle head that allows for easy passage of water. The SJI-OMS16 is coupled with a leak-resistant connection, preventing water leaks while functioning.

The SJI-OMS16 is equipped with a cleanout tool to quickly clear out clogs and help keep your nozzle in an excellent state for constant, reliable performance. This product can water a yard of up to 3,600 square feet.


  • Simple to adjust
  • Leak-resistant connection
  • Ideal for larger areas with its impressive range
  • Solid metal base


  • Issues with its oscillation after some while

7. Gardena 1975 Aquazoom Oscillating Sprinkler

Gardena 1975 Aquazoom Oscillating SprinklerThe Gardena 1975 Aquazoom oscillating sprinkler is ideal for all kinds of turfs and gardens. It offers a precise and even watering of lawns, beds, and hedges — an excellent fit for rectangular-shaped yards.

This Gardena oscillating sprinkler features a lightweight plastic build eliminating the possibility of the tool rusting, although you need to be a bit careful when handling this oscillating sprinkler due to its plastic build, which could snap if mishandled.

An easy-to-handle sprinkle that delivers quiet operation, the Gardena 1975 Aquazoom is capable of covering up to 3,900 square feet of turf, with its fully adjustable width control, allowing the user to attain a more desirable watering pattern.


  • Easy adjustment
  • Great coverage
  • Easily Operated


  • Features a plastic build that is capable of breaking if handled roughly

8. Gardena ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler

Gardena ZoomMaxx Oscillating SprinklerThe Gardena ZoomMaxx is an effective sprinkler with a simple design that is capable of sufficiently watering your lawn regardless of the shape or size of your garden. It has a fair coverage of up to 2,300 square feet and a range of 30 feet.

The Gardena ZoomMaxx features a metal spike design that ensures the oscillating sprinkler has a firm grip on the ground. This feature gives the ZoomMaxx a dynamic control, even on sloppy topographies.

The ZoomMaxx is equipped with a nozzle designed to ensures an even distribution of water while sprinkling. It features 16 spray jets, eight on each side of the sprinkler, which offers simple customization, with its length, width, and spray range all easily adjustable to suit the pattern your lawn requires.

Its nozzle is equipped with a fine mesh filter to prevent blockage caused by dirt particles, sand, and dust. This reduces the chances of its nozzle clogging.


  • Firm Grip
  • Clog-free design
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Simple to use


  • Lack of indicator on its adjustment dial

9. Dramm Nozzle Jets Green 15004 ColorStorm Oscillating Sprinkler

Dramm Nozzle Jets Green 15004 ColorStorm Oscillating SprinklerDramm is quite a famous brand among the vast majority of people familiar with sprinklers. The brand has a reputation for manufacturing professional-grade equipment.

The Dramm ColorStorm Oscillating Sprinkler features a durable and sturdy metal build and has 18 brass nozzle jets with the aim of providing uniform watering. It comes with a needle plug for easy cleaning out clogs or dirt from the nozzle jets.

You get a better flow control when using the ColorStorm sprinkler with its easily adjustable dial. This sprinkler is capable of watering up to 3,036 square feet. And it has a rubber-coated aluminum hose connector to prevent accidental disconnection.


  • Durable metal frame
  • Well built
  • Easy to adjust


  • Issues with its oscillating mechanism

10. Melnor XT4100 XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor XT4100 XT Turbo Oscillating SprinklerIn the absence of rain, The XT4100 XT Turbo is a feasible alternative option for handling the watering of your lawn of vegetations. It comes assembled in a box package; it is ready to go right out the box.

The Melnor XT4100 XT Turbo sprinkler features 20 proper rubber nozzles, providing maximum coverage of a sizable lawn of up to 4,200 square feet. It comes with efficient TwinTouch adjustment controls, allowing the user to set the desired width, length, and flow of the sprinkler. The adjustment levers spot a bright orange color, making them easy to find.

It features an Infinity Turbo Drive system that ensures smooth operation and even watering. The durable motor runs smoothly, preventing damaging puddling.


  • Amazing Versatility
  • Effective watering pattern customization
  • Good range


  • Features a plastic frame which can break if handled roughly

11. Gardena 1973 Aquazoom Oscillating Sprinkler

Gardena 1973 Aquazoom Oscillating SprinklerThe Gardena 1973 Aquazoom 2700-Square Foot Oscillating Sprinkler takes lawn sprinkling to new heights with its included adapter. This oscillating sprinkler hooks right up to your garden hose.

One of its standout features is that its coverage area can be adjusted so that you can water big or small yards. You get to adjust your width between 12 and 46 feet and your length between 23 and 59 feet.

This gives you up to 2,700 square feet of water coverage that leaves your lawn looking nourished.

This oscillating lawn sprinkler works efficiently, even with low pressure. And it delivers a quiet and smooth operation as it showers water over your turf.


  • Adjustable length of spray 23ft to 59ft
  • Features an adjustable width between 12ft and 46ft
  • Up to 2700 square foot of coverage
  • Able to water small and large rectangle-sized lawns


  • Few reported issues with its oscillation mechanism

12. Melnor 65003-AMZ MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor 65003-AMZ MiniMax Turbo Oscillating SprinklerThe Melnor 65003-AMZ MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler offers the coverage & adjustability of a full-sized oscillating sprinkler in a compact design. Watering up to 4, 000 square feet, and it is an excellent fit for large lawns and gardens.

Easily avoid wasting water on the driveway or sidewalk with easy adjustments. You can change the width & range of the water flow for a small garden or super narrow strip of lawn.

Its unique Zoom feature controls the overall watering area, whether zooming in to water a small flower bed or out for maximum coverage in the yard.

The long-lasting Infinity turbo drive delivers quiet operation and provides even coverage with a smooth motion to eliminate puddling. The MiniMax oscillating sprinkler has maximum features to keep your turf and garden growing all through the year.

Melnor’s quick connect system makes connecting & disconnecting watering tools a snap. Its included product adapter stays in place on your sprinkler, so it’s easy to attach to the hose end when it is needed. You connect the threaded end of the sprinkler to any standard garden hose, and you’re good to go.


  • Great coverage area
  • Top-notch adjustability
  • Precise and easy to use
  • Capable of handling oddly-shaped yards


  • Comes with no user manual

13. Melnor 30261 Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor 30261 Turbo Oscillating SprinklerThe Melnor 30261 Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler provides a straightforward and trouble-free operation for the most even moderate coverage.

Its 16 precision rubber nozzles water up to 3,200 square feet to evenly cover a newly seeded area or delicate flower bed. It reduces water wastage with its easy to use sliding tabs used to adjust the width of the water flow.

The Melnor 30261 oscillating sprinkler offers a good water flow with outstanding consistent coverage, and its TurboTek motor, which features a clog-resistant design that works through sediment, so water continues to run evenly through seasons of use.


  • It comes with 16 rubber nozzles that can cover up to 3,200 square feet t
  • It is equipped with a
  • Sliding range that enables watering of needed areas
  • Features a clog-resistant design works through dirt, providing unhindered water supply
  • Comes with a
  • TurboTek motor provides smooth operation with extended runtime


  • Issues with its oscillation mechanism

14. Gardena 34000 Comfort Aqua Zoom Oscillating Sprinkler

Gardena 34000 Comfort Aqua Zoom Oscillating SprinklerThis tool features an innovative design, bringing together simplicity and lawn feeding. The Gardena 34000 Comfort Oscillating Sprinkler
delivers great coverage of up to 3,900 square feet.

Like many other Gardena products, the 34000 Aqua zoom is designed to accommodate quick-connectors. These connectors are attached into any spray jet that a traditional hose can be attached to. After that is done, you can set up your hose by snaping it in.

Once the sprinkler is connected, you can then proceed to adjust the width of the sprinkler, ranging from 23 to 70 feet or anywhere in-between. With this flexibility, you can easily customize your Gardena 34000 to fit your turf


  • The adjustable spray allows for fine-tuning so that lets you set the
  • Spray pattern of the sprinkler
  • Manufactured by Gardena, making it easy to pair up with other Gardena products
  • It can cover an area as small as 1,300 square feet or an area as large as 3,900 square feet
  • Comes with a removable plug for simplified draining when done
  • Quick connectors for instant and easy setup
  • Able to work with low-pressure water


  • Customer support office, not in the U.S.

15. Aqua Joe AJ-OSPR20 20-Nozzle Max Coverage Oscillating Sprinkler

Aqua Joe AJ-OSPR20 20-Nozzle Max Coverage Oscillating SprinklerThis is a sprinkler from a reputable manufacturer that aims at manufacturing equipment that keeps your home looking beautiful throughout the year. The Aqua Joe AJ-OSPR20 has an adjustable 360 degrees neck capable of rotating clockwise and anti-clockwise.

With the AJ-OSPR20, you get to control your spray with its spray control feature. This feature allows you to set the spray width, spray range, and water flow. It houses 20 precise, clog-resistant spray jets for constant, unhindered watering.

The Aqua Joe AJ-OSPR20 oscillating sprinkler is able to cover 4,000 square feet of grass comfortably, and it possesses a gentle spray technique, making it an ideal fit for newly seeded plants.


  • 20 clog-resistant rubber nozzles for an even watering constantly
  • The maximum coverage area of 4,250 square feet to water even the most extensive lawn
  • Impressive spray width
  • Designed to fit a standard 5/8″ garden hose
  • 360 adjustable neck rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise
  • It gives you the option to control your spray


  • Plastic built

16. Lawn Sprinkler System – Water Garden Sprinkler Head

Lawn Sprinkler System - Water Garden Sprinkler HeadThis lawn sprinkler is capable of covering a vast area, giving it the ability to water your entire yard. The sprinkler system coverage radius is 34 feet, saving you time and effort not having to move your Garden Sprinkler. It boasts of a full 360 degrees rotation.

The Lawn Sprinkler system spray setting can be easily customized; from its intensity, to spray distance and spray angle. This reduces the water wastage that comes as a result of water spraying on the sidewalks.

This product is made from a sturdy plastic, which makes it more durable compared to the regular plastic-built sprinklers. It won’t rust or corrode. The lawn sprinkler system is equipped with a metal weighted base or wings for increased stability, stopping the sprinkler from quickly turning over as it functions.


  • Good spray pattern
  • Firm and robust metal weighted wings
  • Offers 360 degrees rotation


  • Plastic-built

17. Rocky Mountain Goods Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler

Rocky Mountain Goods Metal Oscillating Lawn SprinklerThe Rocky Mountain Goods Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler has a heavy-duty, rust-proof aluminum frame that gives it a firm grip, preventing it from being flipped by the wind.

This product boasts of easily adjustable range control, giving the user a simple control over the spray pattern. In a scenario where you are using it on a lawn of a size below its coverage area, you can reduce its spray length and width to fit the lawn size.

This sprinkler can cover an area of up to 4,000 square feet of grass with its reliable brass spray jets. It also has a pressure dial that allows control of the amount of water that enters the sprinkler. This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturers.


  • Offers easy customization
  • Impressive coverage
  • Good quality sprinkler


  • Short hose connector

18. Orbit 56761 Oscillating Sprinkler

Orbit 56761 Oscillating SprinklerThis oscillating sprinkler does a great job in terms of water spray range and coverage. Able to cover an impressive 3,600 square feet of turf when functioning.

It comes with a custom pattern dial for adjustments to the watering pattern, and 17 proper metal nozzles for more even dispersal of water.

The Orbit 56761 sprinkler has a modern, full base design to hold the sprinkler body from quickly flipping over. This piece of machinery also comes with a Swivel connection for secure hose attachment and removal.


  • It does a great job in terms of water spray range and coverage
  • Easy to set up
  • Offers customization to spay pattern
  • Durable


  • Reported issues with its oscillation

19. Melnor 65031-AMZ MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor 65031-AMZ MiniMax Turbo Oscillating SprinklerThe Melnor MiniMax Turbo 65031-AMZ Oscillating Sprinkler boasts of a compact design and is well capable of covering up to 4,000 square feet.

The sprinkler has a simple-to-use tab that lets the user dial in the preferred width and length required for the lawn. The Melnor MiniMax Turbo 65031-AMZ is a sprinkler famous for its flexibility, extremely easy to adjust.

It comes with a QuickConnect adapter, an accessory that makes for a more straightforward connection and disconnection of the sprinkler. And the 65031-AMZ also features an Infinity Turbo Drive that delivers a consistent flow of water at both high and low pressure, while also extending its runtime.


  • Extremely easy to adjust
  • Comes with a QuickConnect adapter
  • Great coverage area


  • Adjustment levers are made of plastic and may break

20. Orbit 56281 Oscillating Sprinkler

Orbit 56281 Oscillating SprinklerThe Orbit 56281 Oscillating Sprinkler comes with a durable metal base, designed to stand the test of time. You don’t have to worry about it snapping like the plastic ones, with its sturdy, well-made frame.

It has an impressive coverage area of up to 4,000 square feet, and it features an easily adjustable spray distance. This feature enables the user the luxury of limiting the coverage area, which prevents it from spraying over the sidewalks and pavements.

The Orbit 56281 sprinkler comes with a clean-out plug that can be used to remove dirt or particles from the nozzles. It also features a Swivel connection for a proper hose connection.


  • Good metal frame
  • Easy adjustment of sprinkler pattern
  • Firm base
  • Comes with a rectangular spray pattern covering up to 4,000 square feet


  • Complaints about it covering only around 800 square feet

Watering Tips And Tricks

The lawn sprinkler operates by spraying water through the air. And if you have a poorly controlled sprinkler, there comes the challenge of the water not getting to the soil surface or the plant root.

In most cases, the water lands and stays on the plant leaves, which can be easily lost to evaporation or can lead to garden disease, which may give your lawn a terrible look.

Watering in the dawn will do your lawn a great favor. The weather in the morning is cold, therefore minimizing the occurrence of evaporation when you water your garden, but the sun will dry off the leaves swiftly, reducing the risk of a fungal diseases.

If you plan on using a sprinkler hose, be wary of overwatering your turf by regularly watering in a frequent and shallow manner. This practice weakens the plant.

It is a better practice if you water less frequently, but in a way that you douse at least 6 inches of soil, allowing the root a better growth process.

The depth of your water depends on the type of soil. Lawns with clay, loamy or sandy soils, or different weather grasses require varying amounts of water.

It’s recommended that you take a soil test to determine the amount of water your soil needs accurately, and how much water your sprinkler puts out.

Sprinkler Maintenance

It is recommended that you reduce your oscillating sprinklers’ exposure to sunlight, and also drain the water out after every use, and properly store it. Your sprinkler will last a lot longer if you heed by this recommendation.

Individually cleaning out the sprinkler nozzles is also a good maintenance practice. This does not have to be too frequent, depending on how often you use your sprinkler. Removing sediments and other dirt from the nozzle improves its durability.

Having a filter in your sprinkler is a great idea, so if your sprinkler did not come with a filter, you should consider getting a filter. A good filter is capable of preventing any dirt or particles from clogging up your sprinkler.

Although some may come with a filter, it might still require an additional filter at the faucet end of the hose.

Lawn Sprinkler Accessories

  • Timer: There are mechanical and electrical timers made to ease your watering process. If your lawn sprinkler does not have a timer, you might want to consider purchasing a piece. The timer can be attached to your faucet, hose or sprinkler., and can be set to turn the water supply on and off automatically.
  • Fertilizing Sprinklers: Fertilizer sprinklers are now a thing. They come with an attached container, which you can fill with water-soluble fertilizers, allowing you to feed as you water.
  • Hose Faucet Manifold: A hose faucet manifold allows up to four sprinkler hose connections on a single sprinkler, giving it a much higher water pressure. Most come with a valve on each connection port to control water flow.

Best Oscillating Sprinklers – Your pick?

Purchasing the best oscillating lawn sprinkler is a critical task. You want to buy a sprinkler that is capable of watering your lawn adequately without wasting water.

It is also essential to consider the job you want the sprinkler to perform; if it will only water your grass, or if it will water other vegetations. We hope this article was enlightening enough to guide you in selecting the best oscillating sprinkler for your lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need an oscillating sprinkler?

If you have a lawn, then you need an oscillating sprinkler. In the summer, without constant and efficient watering, your yard would start to look unhealthy, and its beauty would be stifled.rnrnAn oscillating sprinkler sprays out a fan-shaped curtain of water while its am oscillates back and forth to water a large area of lawn.

Oscillating sprinklers have been designed to cover areas easily overlooked, watering the lawn, evenly leaving your garden healthy and beautiful.rnrnThere are several advantages of having an oscillating sprinkler; they help for efficient use of water, which is an eco-friendly feature.rnrnIt also helps you make efficient use of your time as it takes far less time and effort as compared to manual watering. It covers more square feet faster and waters evenly.

2. How does an oscillating sprinkler work?

A typical oscillating sprinkler has a provided connector to attach your hose to it. It often has a knob that gives you full control of the spray pattern, either comprehensive, center, left, or right.rnrnA small arm is connected to this knob.

This arm gets pushed and pulled by a heart-shaped cam. While the sprinkler is running the cam rotates very slowly, usually at one revolution per minute, this rotation causes the arm to oscillate back and forth.rnrnSome oscillating sprinklers have multiple nozzles, while others have a spray arm, which is a hollow aluminum tube with holes in it.

Water flows into the spray arm, and then it sprays it out through its spray jets or nozzles. The cam pushes the spray arm back and forth.rnrnSome sprinklers have plastic parts to prevent rusting due to constant interactions with water and oxygen, while others use different materials to tackle rusting.

3. How to use an oscillating sprinkler?

Oscillating sprinklers generally are easy to use. All you need to do is connect it to a water source and then adjust to your preferred coverage area.rnrnSome have timers than automatically turn off once the required watering is done.

4. Challenges of using an oscillating sprinkler

It could be more tedious if your lawn has a round shape, or it comes in a different form other than a rectangle.rnrnThere are cases of its routine moving parts breaking.rnrnAnd also, since oscillating sprinklers operate by spraying water high in the air, the wind is likely to interfere with its potency. The water can also be lost to the atmosphere through evaporation.