Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills In 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Troy-Bilt 2. Raven 3. Husqvarna
Troy-bilt 382cc 30-inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower Raven Mpv7100 Hybrid Riding Lawnmower Power Generator And Utility Vehicle, Red Black Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V Fast Continuously Variable Transmission Pedal Tractor Mower, 48 Twin

There is a significant difference between using lawnmowers on the plains and the hills. Sloppy and undulating landscapes are challenging to mow. But all of this becomes easy if you choose the right lawn tool that will assure you of both quality and a reasonable budget. Here in this article, we are going to prepare you to choose the best riding lawn mower for hills.

We will brief you about the factors to consider before buying the riding lawn mower for your garden, the types of lawn mowers and similar details that would help you make your grand purchase easy.


At the end of this sorted guide, we hope you to be free of all doubts regarding the purchase of the best lawn mower for hills.

Points To Remember Before Buying The Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills

Bigger machines require extensive research. To buy the best lawn mowers for hills, you need to study the giant machine that you will be using thoroughly. For sturdier grip and rough terrain with steep slopes, a lot of things must be considered before the heavy purchase.

After comparing and contrasting with numerous riding lawn mowers of the hills, we have narrowed down to 10 best lawn mowers for steep slopes. Make sure you take the time to honestly know your mower and your property before you jump into a purchase.

Keeping in mind the budget, quality, and reviews to be the first points to select the best lawn tractor for hills, let us show you what we have prepared below.

Types Of Lawn Mowers

1. Basic Lawn Tractors

When it comes to grass cutting performances, it’s all about the engine power. The more horsepower a lawn mower has, the quicker and easier it will be to do your job. So, if you’re a professional, buying a high-power lawn tractor would be a wise thing to do. After all, these mowers are much more potent than any other type of mower.

They are also extremely sturdy and durable. They come with a comfortable sitting deck, as well as many additional features that will make your ride more pleasant.

Finally, they’re also pretty heavy with a low point of gravity, meaning that it’s almost impossible to flip them on the side, even when working a steep hill. However, not everything is great about these types of mowers. Because they’re big and bulky, lawn tractors are usually very slow. Their top speed is generally around the walking speed of an average person.

Another issue is that because they come with powerful engines, these mowers can be real fuel-guzzlers. And that’s something that can harm your overall earnings. Speaking of money, lawn tractors usually cost much more than other types of mowers.

These are great if you have attachments you want to haul around your property, such as tillers or snow blowers. These lawn mowers do not do well in yards with a lot of obstacles.

2. Rear Engine Mowers

For the price of an average lawn tractor, you can buy a top-class rear-engine riding mower. These mowers are much smaller than tractors, which makes them a more affordable choice. Not only do they cost less than tractors, but they also spend less fuel.

These mowers usually come with weaker engines than those found under the bonnets of lawn tractors. Therefore, they might not be as high at dealing with dense vegetation. Still, considering that they’re pretty lightweight, especially when compared to lawn tractors, rear-engine riders are usually pretty fast.

3. Zero Turn Mowers

The so-called zero-turn mowers are getting a lot of attention lately. The main reason is that they’re incredibly easy to maneuver. As their name suggests, these mowers can spin around and change their direction by 180 degrees on the spot.

Apart from being super-maneuverable, these mowers are also pretty powerful. You can find models with engines as powerful as 30 HP or more! They’re also usually pretty lightweight, meaning that they can go fast. Some models can achieve a top speed of as much as 20 MPH.

And the final reason why these types of mowers are a great choice is that they’re pretty stable. They have a low point of gravity, which makes them very hard to flip on the side, even when mowing on a steep hill.

Knowing Your Product Before The Purchase

Mowing can be a lot of fun, but only when you have the right tool. And how do you identify the right one? Well, the following are some tips on how you can scoop a winner and make mowing a lot of fun and more comfortable.

1. Knowing The Type Of Your Yard

While some riding lawn mowers are better equipped for hills than others, ultimately the best choice for you will depend on your yard. Rear-engine mowers are great for safety but will take a lot longer to mow a large yard than a tractor style mower would.

If your yard is very sloped, you will have to carefully balance power with safety to find the appropriate riding lawn mower for you. Typically, inspect your yard and determine the terrain and the barriers within. If there are steep hills, a powerful engine to propel the mower smoothly may come in handy.

2. Weight Of The Mower

When choosing a riding lawn mower to use on hills, the pressure will be a significant factor. You will want a decently heavy mower. This will provide you with a good deal of “grip” on the downhill stretches that can be the most dangerous. The heaviness of these mowers also helps prevent them from flipping over.

3. Center of Gravity

Speaking of flipping over, a mower with a high center of gravity is also much more likely to experience this problem. Rear-engine mowers have lower centers of gravity due to the position of the engine, which is the most substantial component on your mower.

Tractors, on the other hand, have a high center of gravity. This does not mean that there are no excellent tractor-style riding lawn mowers for hills on the market. You need to exercise caution and do thorough research before buying one.

4. Turning

Being able to maneuver is essential, no matter what type of terrain you have. If you are working on a slope, turning can be even more difficult. It is vital to consider how much room you will have to turn around while mowing your yard when picking out your mower.

Reading product descriptions and user reviews is a great way to learn about the turning radius of a mower. Remember, zero turn mowers are great for maneuverability but are not safe to use on hills.

5. Engine Size

When you are going uphill, your mower will have to work against gravity. As a result, you will need a decently powerful motor to get the job done. With engine sizes ranging from 190 to 800 cc, there is a lot out there to choose from.

The slope and size of your yard will help determine just how powerful of an engine you need. It sure is something having a mower with a powerful engine.

But that’s not all there is. Other aspects like an efficient oil filtering system and cooling system are critical and determine the durability of the engine.

6. The Fuel

There is a pretty good reason why landscapers stick to diesel engine machines. They have better torque and are easier to maintain. Petrol may seem a cheaper option for those that need to keep a tight belt on their savings. However, petrol engines are more expensive in the long run.

7. Size Of The Mower

Generally, the larger the mower, the more expensive it is. But, not only that, bigger movers are usually more challenging to maneuver than more compact ones. However, small mowers take more time to finish a grass cutting project.

This is why you need to take into account the volume of work you have on an everyday basis and see whether you need a seriously large mower or even a small one would do the job.

8. Engine Power

How powerful the engine of the mower is has an impact on its grass cutting performances, its speed, and its fuel consumption. Mowers with powerful engines can easily cut through dense vegetation and even deal with tree stumps.

Powerful engines also make the mowers much faster, meaning that you will be able to do more mowing work in less time. The problem with powerful engines is that their fuel economy is pretty weak, which is something that can have a harmful impact on your profits if you’re a professional.

9. Transmission

One feature that’s often overlooked is the transmission. Its purpose is to send power from the engine to the wheels. It comes in two forms, manual and automatic.

The first one is more affordable and often much more reliable. The problem with it is that it can be annoying to change the gears every now and then, which you’ll have to do if you’re going to mow steep hills.

This is the reason why many people decide on buying mowers with automatic transmissions. There is no gear shifter or a clutch. The gear change is done by the mower itself — you need to steer it and control its speed.

10. Adjustable Cutting System

Most lawn mowers will let you pick the height of the cutting feature so that you can take care of different types of grass without any problems. While some mowers will make you change the blades pretty quickly, thus adjusting the size of the cutting area.

This way, you will be able to use a wide cutter when you need to mow large fields and use a smaller one when you need to go through narrow spaces.

11. Maintenance

Ideally, you should always choose an efficient engine that gets rid of waste products quickly and efficiently. There should be safety features to keep the engine in better condition always. Some mowers come with ‘low maintenance’ as a selling point and make good choices.

12. Comfort & Safety

A mower needs to be good from a safety point of view. If it’s a riding mower, it needs to have a rugged sitting deck with safety belts and other features meant to lower the risk of injuries. The mower also needs to come with headlights so that you can stay safe in low-light conditions as well.

The features and functionality of the mower make the task seem easy and fun. No one fancies working with a machine that is complicated to use. For example, a hydrostatic transmission mower is better than a manual one.

Overall Advantages Of Riding Lawn Mower

1. Attachments

Attachments are the significant difference between riding mowers and push mowers.
Push mowers can just cut the grass, but riding mowers can be made multiple-purpose by adding the right attachments.

Hence, you can use them to spread fertilizer, grass seed, break up land, lawn aeration, or as a snowplow.
Excellent With People Who Have Health Issues

Riding mowers are comfortable when you are living with health issues. Also, when you can’t stand or push it for long.

2. Easy Key Starts

Riding lawn mowers have easier key starts instead of a pull cord. This is very convenient

3. Sunshades

Sunshades are available in case you react to sun exposure.

4. Spare Parts Are Readily Available

It is easier to find spare parts for this class of mowers compared to push mowers.

5. Mowing Expansive Lawns

Because of the unique features like the use of attachments and being electric, Riding mowers deliver better results when mowing a large area.

6. Cuts With Ease And Precision

If you will be cutting around trees or shrubs and you want the highest accuracy and comfort, the zero-turn riding mower is the most dependable

Overall Disadvantages Of Riding Lawn Mowers

1. Price

They cost much more than ordinary push mowers.

2. Zero-Turning Mower Vs The Tractor Type Riding Mowers

In choosing, you will have to choose between zero turning and tractor type mowers.

3. Zero-Turning (Z-Turn) Radius Mowers

Zero-turn mowers have 2 handles for control. In making sharp turns, their turning radius is effectively zero, and they reverse without missing a single blade of grass.

They drive faster and cut around trees and shrubs excellently.

4. Tractor Type

Garden tractors have 2 steering front wheels, so most people find them familiar to use.
Once they reach the end of a swath of grass, they have to turn to mow in the remaining direction.
They inevitably leave patches of unattended grass around obstacles.

5. Safety Measures

When using a riding lawn mower, there are several safety tips you will always want to follow:

  • Always wear the appropriate clothing and protective gear. Riding lawn mowers can be quite loud, so ear protection is a good idea. Eye protection should be worn as well.
  • Clear any obstacles from your lawn, so you do not need to stop and dismount your mower in the middle of the job.
  • Be sure you know how to operate any safety features and how to engage the emergency brake.
  • These vehicles are intended for one person only. You should never allow passengers.
  • Try to keep your speed consistent.
  • Do not attempt sudden turns. Gradual turns are much safer for you and anyone else around.
    Be sure the machine is fully powered down before stepping off of it.
  • Always go up and down the slope. You should never attempt to cut across it. This can easily lead to tipping your lawn mower over.
  • Reduce your speed before going down a slope.
  • Plan ahead, so you never have to make sudden stops, starts, or turns while on a slope.

Top 10 Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills In 2022

1. Troy Bilt 382cc 30-Inch

Troy Bilt Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hill

This neighborhood mower is ideal for standard land owners with a medium-sized landscape and relatively even terrain. The weight of the product is 336 pounds. This is one of the Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills.

Basic Features

  • This riding tractor is powered by a 382cc auto choke OHV engine with top forward speeds of 4.25 MPH and a 6-speed transmission.
  • The 30-Inch cutting deck couples the benefits of a standard riding lawn mower with the size of a wide cut walk behind mower.
  • Fuel tank capacity includes a 1.3-gallon tank with a fuel sight window, which allows you to check gas levels.
  • This riding mower features a five height-adjustable blade with manual power take-off for easy and fast blade engagement.


  • This tractor is equipped with a mid-back seat for added comfort.
  • It has durable wheels that last longer than the others.
  • Its compact size makes it easy to store in a garage or shed.


  • There are problems regarding the warranty conditions as it does not cover the essential damages.

Final Verdict

This is by far the best riding lawn mower for steep hills. It incorporates most of the demands of being a hill mower and goes well with the medium-sized landscape. To escape the warranty condition problems, one can easily talk through the doubts with the seller while making the purchase.


2. Raven Mpv7100 Hybrid

Raven Mpv7100 Hybrid

This tractor uses gas and electric hybrid technology, which gives a fantastic performance. The weight of this mower is 870 pounds. This is one of the top picks for the Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills.

Basic Features

  • A 420 cc gasoline-powered engine powers the on board generator, and 7100-watt generator powers the outlets and blades and charges the batteries.
  • There is a 46″ removable fabricated deck that is designed for enhanced vacuum, mulch, and discharge.
  • There is a 14″ turning radius makes it easy to maneuver around sharp turns.
  • The towing capacity of this mower is 550 lb.


  • This riding mower switches from mower to multi-purpose vehicle to generator in minutes.
  • It is additionally equipped with front off-road style shocks and suspension.


  • There is an issue of fewer service centers and the availability of spare parts for this machine.

Final Verdict

Although there are a series of complaints regarding the mediocre quality of the parts of the mower but given the compact technology, this hill mower can be termed as the second-best lawn mower for steep hills. The 870 pounds provide an excellent grip downhill and also for the maneuvering on undulating terrains.


3. Husqvarna YTA24V48

Husqvarna YTA24V48

This product is a good buy with advanced technology and weighs 670 pounds. This is one of the Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills.

Basic Features

  • It comes with a 48″ reinforced 13 gauge steel deck.
  • There is a convenient fender mounted deck lever that is spring assisted for the smooth operation of the mower.


  • It has a charging port in the tractor.
  • It has a facility of choke less start, which allows you to turn the key and go on.
  • It comes with a 3-year limited, 5-year frame/chassis and front axle, 10-year cutting deck consumer warranty


  • This item is not eligible for international shipping.
  • There are a series of complaints regarding the tractor not doing well while a ride on the hills.

Final Verdict

Even though we see that this tractor has a well-built structure with a smooth-running technology, it is better to keep it running on a landscape with lesser slope, where it is compatible to use.


4. Ariens 915223 Ikon-x 52″

Ariens 915223 Ikon-x 52"

It is a specially engineered mower to thrive in the dirtiest conditions. It weighs 871 pounds.

Basic Features

  • It has a facility of 13 optional cutting heights with 1/4″ increments for a perfect cut and can adjust the cutting height from 1.5″ to 4.5″ with a simple turn of a dial.
  • The 4-point dual-arm hanging system prevents excess deck movement.
  • It has a fully tubular 3-inch frame that decreases chassis flex for improved cut quality and maneuverability.


  • The seat of the mower is designed to provide both support and added comfort, and the armrests are adjustable in three different directions.
  • There is a full-pressure lubrication system with a full-flow filter.


  • There are no headlights and backlights, which makes work difficult after dark.

Final Verdict

This product is a good buy with fewer complaints, but unfortunately, it is mostly out of the market and supposedly been stopped manufacturing them anymore. So getting a refurbished one or a secondhand one might cause a problem as the availability of the spares parts must be scarce.


5. Poulan Pro PP155H42

Poulan Pro PP155H42

This automatic hydro static transmission drive riding mower weighs 465 pounds.

Basic Features

  • The 42 in Reinforced vented deck draws air from the top of the deck, helping to keep the airflow moving under the deck in longer grass.
  • Oscillating Front Axle with a 6 in turning radius for level cutting is coupled with a floating deck.
  • 6 cutting positions provide you the flexibility to adjust the tractor’s cutting deck.


  • It comes with a 10-year limited warranty on the deck shell.
  • You can also mulch or bag with the optional attachments.


  • There are discomfort and adjustment problems regarding the seat of the mower.
  • The packaging and delivery are not up to the mark by the manufacturer or the seller.

Final Verdict

Despite being the right product of mowing but the manufacturer and the sellers need to be more careful about the promises they make.


6. Husqvarna 960430212

Husqvarna 960430212

This Husqvarna product is a new model weighing 589 pounds and has an excellent performance in the lawn mower industry.

Basic Features

  • The air induction mowing technology improves airflow within the deck, ensuring a consistent cut every time.
  • The convenient fender mounted deck lever is spring assisted for the smooth operation of the machine.
  • Deck wash port to easily connect your water hose to the underside of your deck for washing.


  • It comes with a 3-year limited, 5-year frame/chassis and front axle consumer warranty.
  • There is a fast transmission for the maintenance-free operation of the mower.


  • The customers have mostly reviewed the gas tank location, which is a very tricky one.
  • There are also issues regarding the poor quality of the tires and a few other parts of the mower.

Final Verdict

It is a good all-over buy and has provided a decent service to most of the customers. It goes good with mediocre land stretches.


7. Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series

Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series

This riding mower features category-leading strength, comfort, and versatility. It weighs 580 pounds.

Basic Features

  • It comes loaded with an 18 HP Kohler OHV engine for powerful performance and a hydrostatic transmission for a smooth, simple operation that eliminates the need for shifting.
  • A 42-inch deck and 16-inch turning radius make the tractor more maneuverable.


  • A variety of accessories are available for the tractor.
  • It provides a good looking, consistent, clean-cut regardless of whether the grass is long, wet, dry, or dense.
  • The hydrostatic transmission allows you to go as fast or slow as you want with one pedal. There is no need for gear shifting.


  • The springs under the seat are pretty bouncy.
  • The steering is jammed. It takes a bit of effort to turn the wheel.

Final Verdict

All the machines have technological issues. If you are lucky, you won’t burn up the engine or pull off the steering. Otherwise, this product is a smart buy. But comfort is an essential factor, especially for a riding mower. So the bouncy seats are to be checked before the purchase.


8. Husqvarna MZ61

Husqvarna MZ61

This zero turn giant weighs 770 lbs. It has an excellent performance capability with its versatile technology.

Basic Features

  • This 61 inches zero-turn lawn mower delivers commercial-grade power and incredible ergonomics.
  • The 27 HP Briggs Endurance engine provides reliable startups and high ground speeds.
  • It comes with a fabricated 11-gauge steel cutting deck, which offers an excellent 54 inches cut with an ergonomically designed deck lifting system for quick and easy adjustments from the operator’s seat.


  • The high-back seat with armrests, foam-padded hand grips, and vibration dampeners make mowing comfortable for hours.
  • There is an hour meter, which indicates the time for servicing the machine.
  • Oil and filter maintenance, hydraulic drive system components, electrical system, and battery are all within easy reach so you can quickly get back to being productive.


  • The engine does not run smoothly but runs fine at the full throttle position as recommended in the manual.
  • The steering is jammed at times, and one has to put effort to steer it.

Final Verdict

This is an overall good buy for small or big areas. Due to the non-powered steering, the effort is to be given, but that is compensated by the luxurious seat of the tractor that is provided by the manufacturer.


9. Troy Bilt 540cc Briggs & Stratton

Troy Bilt 540cc Briggs & Stratton

This ride-on automatic mower is ideal for cutting large areas. This tractor weighs 520 pounds.

Basic Features

  • The mower is equipped with a 46-inch side discharge mowing deck.
  • It has mow-in-reverse capabilities, which is an added advantage to the user and also helps in cutting down the chopping time.


  • The integrated deck wash system makes clean up much more accessible.
  • This lawn tractor also allows you to adjust the deck height to 5 different positions for your desired cut.
  • A 2-year limited warranty backs it.


  • The customer services are not readily available. There are few service centers for riding lawn mowers.

Final Verdict

The most important thing about machines is its repairing troubles. Although the tools work well, there are not many customers who prefer buying it due to the uncertainty of the availability of spares and requirements of the service centers.


10. Husqvarna YTH24V54

Husqvarna YTH24V54

The compact size of this riding mower makes it easy to maneuver and require less space for storage. It weighs 590 pounds.

Basic Features

  • Foot pedal-operated hydro static transmission allows you to change speed and direction, which lets you keep both hands on the steering wheel for optimum driving control.
  • Electric cutting deck engagement allows the operator to turn on the mower deck with the pull of a switch on the control panel.
  • Tight 16 inch turning radius allows you to mow in tighter spaces and navigate around obstacles
  • Adjustable 15-inch high-back seat, ergonomic steering wheel, and easy step-through design provide comfort and smooth operation.
  • 54 in. Triple blade, reinforced cutting deck with air induction mowing technology, and four anti-scalp wheels.


  • You can attach 2 or 3 bin collector attachments that are available as accessories.
  • A 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty promises worry-free ownership.


  • There are complaints regarding most of the parts of the tractor.

Final Verdict

It is a smart buy, although there are not many customers for this particular item. But you can change your thoughts because all models can be equipped with a range of towable accessories and mulch kit for adequate lawn fertilization.


Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hill – Your Choice?

With the closing of this top ten list of the best riding lawn mower for hills, we have at least one of each type of mower for your choosing. But in the end, what mower you should get depends on what you, the customer, want in your yard.

As we have seen that there are a lot of issues with mainly the customer care or the availability of spare parts and also the different sections of the warranty.

So, do remember, a warranty is an additional feature to consider. There are many types of warranties, and only some are beneficial for you. Make sure you read through our warranty section before you make a final decision.

We hope you have already shortlisted your choice of the best lawn mower for hills from our article.