Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers For Hills 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. GreenWorks 25022 2. Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO 3. Black Decker MTE912
GreenWorks 25022 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower For Hill Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Black Decker MTE912

The pretty rolling hills in your lush green lawn would entice anyone’s attention in the first place. But have you thought about how to mow your lawn that encompasses the rolling hills? If not, then this is one of the most essential aspects to consider.

To provide an elegant appearance to your lawn, it is vital to cut it on a hill using the proper lawn tool. In the past, there were no advanced mechanical tools designed to accomplish this purpose. Today, there are self-propelled lawn mowers available to accomplish the same without much effort.


With the use of such mowers, there is no need to walk along behind it. In the section below, you will be made familiar with the buying guide for these tools and you will be able to pick the best self-propelled lawn mower for hill.

Buying Guide For The Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers For Hill

Using an inappropriate lawn mower will offer ineffective results, and may prove to be dangerous if the hills are extremely steep. In order to make a wise buying decision, go through the buying guide for the best self propelled lawn mower for hills:

1. Type Of Wheel Drive

When it comes to the choice of self-propelled lawn mowers based on the wheel drive, there are two choices i.e. front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. Out of both these options, it is a recommended idea to go for mowers with a rear-wheel drive.

Though they are slightly more expensive than the models with front-wheel drive, they provide more traction, maneuverability, and control. While ascending up the slopes in order to mow rolling hills, they will offer more power.

2. The Start Mechanism

The self propelled lawn mowers for hills come with either recoil or electric start. When you go for recoil-start lawn mowers, you need to pull a cord for starting the mower.

If you opt for an electric-start self-propelled lawn mower, the tool will start its operation with a simple push of a button or through the turn of a key.

Though it is a matter of preference, you can go for an electric start if you do not wish to suffer from hassles of using your physical strength to start the tool’s operation. When you opt for electric start lawn mowers, you will be benefited from the advanced technology.

3. Speed

You can either go for self-propelled lawn mowers with a variable speed or set speed. Those mowers with set speed do not offer high flexibility when it comes to pace.

Therefore, mowing will be ineffective. On the other hand, those mowers with adjustable speed enable you to control the speed depending on slope, lawn conditions, and your physical ability while mowing. Therefore, you will be facilitated with enhanced control and the cuts will be more precise.

It is not tricky to adjust the speed on your self-propelled lawn mower. First of all, you need to check that your chosen mower supports variable speeds, because few mowers are only equipped with a single-speed.

Next, you must look at your manufacturer’s instructions to know exactly how your model is capable of attuning to speed settings. This is important to check, though it is typically done by a lever on the handle.

4. Wheels

The simplicity with which a self-propelled lawn mower moves on the hills indicates its efficiency. Those mowers equipped with typical wheels may not be able to move freely on the lawn.

But if you opt for the models with swivel wheels, you can freely move around the obstacles like trees, flowerbeds, etc. in your lawn. The swivel wheels allow you to cut closer to such obstacles in order to provide high efficiency.

5. Noise

The noisy operation of a gardening tool will definitely deteriorate your mood and fun while taking care of your lawn. It is essential to make sure your chosen self-propelled lawn mower does not emit a loud noise.

The high level of noise is usually perceived when you use a gas-powered lawn mower. To get rid of noise during mowing, you can consider those mowers that are powered by a lithium-ion battery.

6. Maintenance

The durability of your self-propelled lawn mower is in your hand if you consider routine maintenance. You need to schedule the maintenance for annual tune-ups at the shop. If you fail to perform the appropriate maintenance, you may notice a drop in performance and power.

Your chosen self-propelled lawn mower might require oil changes on a regular basis. This will ensure a long service life and ultimately save your expenses on frequent purchases.

When it comes to the maintenance of such tools, there are several significant aspects to bear in mind. They are discussed below.

7. Maintain Cleanliness

Generally, self propelled lawn mowers encounter plenty of debris and garden waste during the operation. For example, such tools may pass through grass, twigs, weed cuttings, gravel, and animal waste.

It is not necessary to clean it after each mow, but semi-regular cleaning is vital to make sure your mower always stays in a decent working condition. If you overlook regular maintenance, a different type of waste from surrounding may interfere with the moving parts of the mower.

8. Oil Change

Just like your car, your mower’s engine demands regular oil change in order to prevent seizing. Though the oil change process can be accomplished easily, you can adopt some tricks to ensure effective results.

For example, you can perform oil change while the engine is warm. When the fuel valve and engine are turned off, you can drain the oil. Now you can remove any debris and dirt you may find. Finally, refill with new oil.

9. Replacement Of Some Parts

Certain parts of self-propelled lawn mowers like the air filter and spark plugs need to be replaced. By doing this, it will ensure proper maintenance.

The engine of your mower requires an unhindered flow of clean air in order to function properly. This can be done by periodically changing the air filter.

When you are using a gas-powered self-propelled lawn mower, you need to consider replacing the spark plugs. Every gas engine requires a spark to burn fuel. It is recommended to substitute the spark plug of your mower once per season.

Top 12 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers For Hills 2022

1. GreenWorks 25022

GreenWorks 25022 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower For HillThe best self-propelled lawn mower for hills in this list of products, this electrically operated lawn mower reduces your efforts for mowing in a surprising way. The efficient 12A motor delivers the required current to allow this lawn mower to work efficiently.

There is a durable 20-inch steel deck included. The reason why it surpasses other self-propelled lawn mowers is that it is made to be versatile in application. It is a 3-in-1 lawn mower that can be used for mulching, side discharge, and as a rear bag.

The facility of 7-position height adjustment provides a wide range of cutting height. This ranges from 1-1/2 to 3-3/4 inches to mow different types of grass.

Basically, its operation is based on the push-button start and it is found to be the most convenient start operation. It is important to note that its drive system is manual. With a view to facilitating compact storage, this electric lawn mower comes with foldable handles.

The simplicity of mowing is conveyed by the 7-inch front wheels. You will find that this gardening tool is light until the bag fills up. All you need to do is empty the bag when it gets fully packed. The heavy-duty 12 gauge extension provides ample power and the same makes the performance efficient.

When it comes to assembly, there are no hassles faced and it is a lightweight tool. You will be definitely impressed by its build quality and ease of operation. Throughout the mowing operation, it works quietly and smoothly.

It smoothly moves over thick lawns with great ease. There is no need to pull start and you don’t need anyone’s assistance to operate this mower. Simply push the button and then pull up on the handle lever.


  • Provides plenty of power
  • The upper half of its handle is retained by easy-release brackets


  • Not suitable for large lawns

2. Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO

Sun Joe MJ401E-PROAre you looking for an efficient self-propelled lawn mower that streamlines your efforts while moving along rolling hills? If yes, then this 13A electric lawn mower is a perfect gardening tool for you.

The included steel blades are 14-inch wide and they are durably built. They cut effectively with great precision.

The presence of the adjustable deck adapts cutting height with the use of 3-position height control. By adjusting the suitable height, you can accomplish mowing with great simplicity, while also ensuring high performance.

Sun Joe has included a hard top rear collection bag. This bag can be easily detached for hassle-free disposal of grass and other garden waste. The included discharge chute is perfect for trimming tall grass.

It makes sure there is a safe discharge of clippings without blocking the mower deck. What makes this Sun Joe electric lawn mower unique among the rest? Well, it does not need oil, gas or tune-ups.

Now you can eliminate your concerns regarding how to take care of small yards without much physical efforts. This lawn mower belonging from the Pro series is made lightweight and convenient to use through the electric operation.

It is light enough to lift easily whenever you need to mow your lawn. Within 15 minutes, you will be able to put it together in an easy way.

Firstly, remove all the packaging material and then attach the lower handle with 2 screws. Now you need to attach the cord tension keeper and the upper handle. Lastly, you need to attach the grass catcher.


  • Quite in operation
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • The bag on the rear is small
  • After mowing, some debris still remains

3. Black Decker MTE912

Black Decker MTE912A multipurpose self-propelled lawn mower from BLACK DECKER is this MTE912 mower unit. It is a versatile gardening tool that can work as a lawn mower, edger, and string trimmer.

After assessing your prevailing gardening needs, you can use any of these functionalities. All three types of landscaping functionalities are packed in this compact tool.

The implemented S automatic feed system guarantees continuous operation without having to stop. Moreover, the gear drive transmission avoids bogging down.

Generally, this multipurpose lawn mower works the best on 750 feet property size. Within 4 hours, this electric mower can be charged fully. The built-in 6.5A motor offers supreme performance.

The range of the cutting heights supported is from 1.6 to 2.4 inches. It is possible to convert it from trimmer to edger. This is done by rotating the conversion wheeled edging.

Due to its compact footprint design, this tool is an ideal mower for most of your gardening needs. Even if your lawn has tiny inclines or hard-to-reach areas, there will be no problems while mowing.

The overall appearance is made appealing by its lightweight ergonomic design. This design is complemented by adaptable height and the handle’s positions.

As a result, supreme control and comfort are provided throughout its operation. Though the present model is a corded version, you can opt for a cordless version based on your needs. After its use, wherever setup, it will not occupy much space.


  • Comes with the ease of a vacuum
  • Highly suitable for small yards


  • The engagement of the mower accessory and rear guard is weak

4. Greenworks 17-Inch

Greenworks 17-InchThe lush green look of your lawn, free from the messy look of rolling hills is now possible with this cordless lawn mower. It is made by the prestigious brand Greenworks, so there is no doubt regarding its reliability.

Its operation is made cordless by the 40V Lithium battery system. The 17-inch deck is found to be lightweight and versatile.

The key reason why it is termed as the best self-propelled lawn mower for hills is because it boasts of 2-in-1 functionality.

Therefore, it conveys mulching and rear bagging capability for multiple uses. The cutting height range is made extensive by the assistance of the 5-position height adjustment of the single lever. As a result, the cutting height ranges from 1-1/4 inch to 3-3/8-inch. Hence, the finest cuts can be done on any lawn.

The required power to effectively mow your yard is provided by the cordless battery platform. Throughout its use, there will be no emission of fumes, so it is an environmentally friendly mower. This tool eliminates the hassles of pull cords and also it is made maintenance-free.

When it comes to mulching, this cordless lawn mower works outstandingly. This is because it is very simple to convert from mulching to basket. Moreover, the mulching plug is simple to use.

Taking a look at its build quality – it is made sturdy and durable. Even after several years of use, you will not find any signs of crack or break.

One more enticing feature to note is its vacuum bag is capable of holding large amounts of grass. After effectively chopping up the grass, this mower will blow all the waste into the bag. This bag has a good above average holding capacity.

This implies that you need not worry about the bag getting filled up easily and replacing it frequently. It is quite easy to attach and remove the bag from the mower.


  • Well designed
  • Can work on different types of lawn


  • The included battery requires constant charging and it will drain the charge in less time

5. Black Decker BESTA512CM

Black Decker BESTA512CMIn spite of choosing an efficient self-propelled lawn mower, you might face hassles regarding its storage, if its size is bulky. Keeping in mind this aspect, this electric lawn mower is made compact in size for ease of storage.

It is a multipurpose electric lawn mower,, because you can also use it as an edger and also as a trimmer. The 3-in-1 functionalities make it versatile for many different applications. If you want to use it as a string edger, you simply need to remove the mower deck. In order to use this tool as an edger, you can rotate the trimmer head.

There are two key factors making this electric lawn mower efficient in its operation. They are its 6.5A motor and the power drive transmission.

Both of them are dedicated to boosting the performance, while trimming through grass, weeds, and overgrowth of the plantation. The corresponding high-performance makes sure this lawn mower presents an elegant look to your lawn in an easy way.

Inclusion of the Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) allows you to continue the operation adjusting the spool or bumping. It is vital to know the details of the cutting height of this lawn mower. The cutting height range is from 1.6 inches to 2.4 inches; the cutting path is 12 inches wide.

Throughout the mowing, you will experience great control and comfort. This is due to the fact that BLACK DECKER made it in a lightweight design and equipped it with an adjustable handle.

With the facility of different height positions, you can adjust this tool as per your needs. The issues of abrupt cord disconnection are prevented by the cord retention system.

The components included in the pack are MTD100 removable mower deck, guard, auxiliary handle, and BESTA512 string trimmer. When you desire to trim down the rolling hill or grass on the slope, its lightweight design and ease of rolling will benefit you outstandingly.


  • Quite easy to assemble
  • Made versatile


  • Occasionally, the trimmer comes off of the base when you are mowing your lawn

6. GreenWorks 27022

GreenWorks 27022In addition to efficiency, which aspect matters a lot while selecting a self-propelled lawn mower? The answer is user comfort. There is no doubt that user comfort is always the prominent aspect everyone focuses on before purchasing a gardening tool.

The exceptional user comfort and superb control make this corded tool the best self-propelled lawn mower for hills in the market. In order to facilitate user comfort, it comes with a padded grip, adjustable handle, and ergonomic design.

The built-in 10A motor makes the entire mowing operation efficient. The work of mowing will be accomplished quickly by the 14-inch wide dethatching path. The facility of the 3-position tine depth adjustment employs superior control by detaching matted layers.

Consequently, lawn health is maintained. Since the tines are made up of stainless steel, they will stay sharp for longer and will boast reliable performance. A total of 18 tines are included, so you can use them during replacement.

One of the best traits of this GreenWorks 27022 dethatcher is it does not demand maintenance or tune-ups. Furthermore, the brand devised it so that it does not generate emissions; so, the tool’s working indirectly conveys benefit to the environment.

The required power is delivered without contaminating. Also, the delivered power makes sure you need not continue hauling your gas can to the neighboring station.

Once you begin using this 10A corded lawn mower, you will admire the fact that it neither damages the grass nor does it cause harm to their roots while chopping.

It is quite easy to roll it on your lawn and the entire mowing operation will seem flawless. Even if you own a large-sized lawn, there will be no depreciation in terms of performance.


  • Made lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Presents a beautiful look to your lawn


  • Tines would wear out
  • Initially, it is difficult to understand its features

7. Worx WG779

Worx WG779Your investment in a self-propelled lawn mower proves to be highly valuable if it efficiently serves the purpose, while simultaneously streamlining the user comfort. The same is done by this 40V lawn mower from WORX. Belonging from a renowned brand, this gardening tool gives excellent flexibility and performance.

The built-in dual 20V Power Share batteries convey 40V of peak power and performance. Implementation of the patented intellicut technology conveys power whenever you need it.

Therefore, it ultimately saves the power of the battery. In order to eliminate fatigue while cutting, it is being equipped with the foam-padded handles. These handles offer a comfortable grip to enhance user convenience.

The included single lever adjustment allows you to choose amongst 3 cutting heights. According to your needs, you will be able to choose the convenient cutting height.

On a single charge, this 40V lawn mower is capable of mowing up to 5,500 sq. ft. You will receive 40V of sustained mowing power in order to accomplish the mowing tasks.

All the self-propelled lawn mowers do not come equipped with the flexibility to bag or mulch. However, this flexibility is presented by Worx in this tool.

Based on your needs, you will be able to mulch leaves in order to nourish your lawn during the fall or can remove the unnecessary leaves and other waste in the bag. Regardless of the season, you can always ensure an exquisite look to your lawn.


  • Simple to start
  • Easy to carry around


  • Due to its small size, it demands you to walk more while mowing your lawn

8. Sun Joe MJ403E

Sun Joe MJ403EDo you want a cutting height adjustable self-propelled lawn mower that also delivers high performance? If the answer is yes, then this model from Sun Joe is a preferred option to consider.

Due to the incorporated 13A motor, this electric lawn mower is capable of cutting a 17-inch wide path. This implies that the MJ403E mower is capable of presenting a neat look to your lawn in very less time.

With the facility of the 7-position height control, you will be successful in tailoring the cutting height as per your need. It is possible to transit its functioning from mowing to mulching whenever the need arises.

Generally, this 13A mower is suitable for the yard with size 1/4 – 1/2 acre. Whenever you intend to collect the grass, simply use its detachable grass collection bag for hassle-free disposal. In this way, your lawn will appear neat and effective mowing is guaranteed.

It is not at all complex to operate it –simply power it up with a simple push of a button and observe how its powerful motor mows a 17-inch broad path in one pass.

According to your preference, you will be able to adapt the grass cutting height ranging from 0.98 to 2.87 inches. The adjustment of cutting height is accomplished through the 7-position height adjustment lever.

What makes it even more convenient to use its lightweight structure that only weighs 31.5 lbs. After the use, you can conveniently carry this mower and stow it in a safe place. The durably built front and rear wheels are dedicated to enhancing its maneuverability.


  • Can work for mulching as well as to collect the grass or leaves
  • No emission of gas during the operation


  • Sometimes, the front part of the mower might come off the ground
  • The cover is plastic so durability is low

9. Black Decker CM2043C

Black Decker CM2043CWhat are the significant qualities of this cordless mower making it the best self-propelled lawn mower for hills? Right from its lightweight structure to the efficacy of mowing to ease of maneuvering, there are many qualities making it a famous garden tool.

Inside the structure of the CM2043C mower, there are two 40V Max lithium batteries included. They are dedicated to offering you double the run time for each recharge.

With the help of a single lever, it is easy to vary the height from 1 1/2 inches up to 4 inches. There is no need for extra tools in order to vary the height.

The unique 3-in-1 configuration allows you to mulch clippings, pack them in the bag or discharge out the side. Using this cordless mower, it is possible to mow towards edges and save time that will be otherwise spent on trimming.

The appreciation of this benefit goes to the edge Max design. Every lawn mower available on the market is not easy to store. In this mower, there is an easy-fold handle.

You can use it to fold this tool to save space. Unlike the heavy gas-powered mowers, the CM2043C mower is made relatively lightweight and it pushes easier.

This aspect implies how excellently this mower reduces efforts while using it. Even after several mowing seasons, this mower will stay durable and will not depreciate its performance.


  • Can be easily raised or lowered
  • Comes with easy setup


  • Gets hot during the use

10. Greenworks Pro

Greenworks ProThe GreenWorks Pro 80V System is dedicated to offering an assortment of commercial-grade tools. These tools are useful for professionals and those willing to attain more power.

One of such tools is this model of cordless lawn mower. Basically, it is a 21-inch mower that boasts a durable steel deck and huge 10-inch rear wheels.

Being lightweight and effortless to use, it is quite convenient to use this lawn mower even by an old-aged person. With the facility of a single lever height adjustment, it is straightforward to attune the height settings based on your needs.

The maximum cutting height it can attain is 1-3/8 inch. Due to its 3-in-1 operation, it can be used for bagging, mulching, and discharging.

It is easy to understand the fact that this tool is engineered for heavy-duty jobs. This is because it comes with a brushless motor that offers excellent power and performance. Furthermore, it guarantees reduced wear & tear and prolongs the life span of the tool.

Once you charge it fully, it will continue to function for up to 60 minutes. The 4Ah battery included inside provides sufficient current for the same; a charger is included in the pack. The handle can be twisted to move the pin in and out.


  • Comes with a convenient height adjustment
  • Batteries last longer


  • Cheaply-built
  • The bag is difficult to empty

11. Craftsman M105

Craftsman M105It is due to its gas-powered engine that this 140CC OHV lawn power delivers high efficiency while mowing your lawn.

The built-in engine possesses recoil and auto choke. With a simple pull, it will commence its operation; there is no need to bother about choke or primer. The 3 different capabilities this mower is bestowed with are mulching, rear discharge, and side discharge.

Your chosen mower can be considered as the best self-propelled lawn mower for hills if it substantially reduces your efforts and effectively trims the lawn.

Both these aspects are aptly fulfilled by this versatile gas-powered tool. The 21-inch cutting deck assists to trim grass in a single quick pass.

There is a facility to select from 6 diverse height settings in order to meet your varying needs. The included tires are durably built.

The zag treaded tires with measurements of 7 inches and 8 inches are respectively present in the front and the back. The incorporated bagger is capable of amassing grass clippings with great ease.

Once you commence using the Craftsman M105 tool, you will succeed to maneuver your lawn easily. This is because the cutting is nice and the tool is lightweight to handle. The benefit of a quick pass is like a cherry on the cake.


  • Easy to adjust the deck’s height
  • No difficulties to assemble


  • Not sturdily built
  • The pipes block the blade

12. Worx WG960

Worx WG960When you have made up your mind to accomplish hilly regions and other regions of your lawn with the least efforts, this cordless tool is just for you. The credit of its efficient working goes to the built-in powerful blower. This blower is lightweight and compact.

It generates up to 360cfm of air volume in order to tackle different jobs in your garden. It is built so lightweight that it literally takes no effort to push around your yard.

You will love to see how beautifully it can be folded up; when folded, it saves the storage space.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly suitable for elderly persons willing to mow their yard


  • The batteries’ power does not last longer

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers For Hills – What’s your pick?

The procedure to mow steep hills is tricky and it also demands more time when accomplished annually. With the choice of the best self-propelled lawn mower for hills, you will be able to give your lawn the desired appearance and can get rid of undesired rolling hills.

With minimal physical effort, you will love to get along with these mowers while they work on your lawn. They are equipped with easy-to-use functionalities and quite simple to handle.