Best Sprinkler Valves of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Orbit 57253 2. Orbit 57860 3. Rain Bird CP100
Orbit 5725 Best Sprinkler Valve Orbit 57860 Rain Bird CP100

Sprinkler valves within the irrigation system can be termed as one of the most useful tools that you can own. Although they seem quite easy to be picked, the wrong choice may lead to catastrophic results.

A corrupt sprinkler system will prevent enough water pressure formation, or the mist that it produces may sweep away. They come in different varieties, each of which is tailored to work efficiently in particular conditions.

The features are also personalized as per the situations. There are two types of best sprinkler valves in the market, the manual valve, and the solenoid valve.

The manual valve is simple and uses only a rotating hand wheel. On the other hand, the solenoid valve uses electricity to do the job. Of course, the features of both the valves will differ to great extensions.

Tons of features and available options may confuse you while choosing the best sprinkler valve for your system. That is why we have brewed this list from the available samples in the market.

Top 12 Best Sprinkler Valves 2022

1. Orbit 5725

Orbit 5725 Best Sprinkler ValveThis sprinkler valve from Orbit is one of the best sprinkler valves that you will find in the valve market.

Although we are mentioning only the three-valve system here, the same product comes in two-valve version also. Your choice will solely depend on the area that you want the sprinkles to cover up for you.

The greatest strength of this valve system is its ease of use. Both the two and three-valve systems come in a preassembled state.

So you won’t have to do the rigorous assembling steps that were demanded from the conventional sprinkler valves. This proves to be a huge time-saving factor for the valve.

It is equipped with removable and screwed couplings, which are easy to remove and easy to engage with your existing irrigation pipes.

To use the valve system, all you have to do is align the valves with the pipes and tighten the threads. It eliminates the need for glue. The time required for the glue to dry also adds to the delay of those systems.

In a nutshell, you are free from glues, fumes, and all the other mess.The valve system is made of high impact plastics, which are also UV-resistant.

The choice of material makes the valves extremely durable. Say goodbye to those days when you needed to change the valves regularly! The valves will work out correctly with all the PVC and poly pipes.

These are the pipes that are used in almost every irrigation system. Each of the manifolds in the valve system is equipped with solenoid systems.

It accounts for the efficiency and the timely delivery of sprinkles to your field. Also, all the connections in the valves are made through threaded joints. That ensures the strength of the valves.


  • The valve system is pre assembled.
  • It works out well with both the PVC and poly pipes
  • The price is comparatively lower for a three-valve system


  • If you want to test the system, then you will need to use the timer. Manual operation is not allowed.
  • Some customers have found out that only one or two among the three valves efficiently work
  • The parts are costly to fix whenever something goes wrong

2. Orbit 57860

Orbit 57860This sprinkler valve system from Orbit is useful in many ways. As the name suggests, it comes with a battery-powered timer. The timer is the part that determines the sprinkling time of the best sprinkler valves.

The time is easily programmable as per the needs of your field and the weather conditions. The timer has eight start times and can operate along with four stations.

Also, the run time range is determined at 1-240 minutes. You can set the sprinkling time for specific days, odd/ even day, or any other interval that is suitable for you.

One of the critical situations of the sprinkler systems arises in the rainy season. The conventional sprinkler systems will give away the mist irrespective of the presence of rain.

The required water level exceeds the maximum limit. But with this sprinkler valve, you can use a rain sensor. The sensor will help the valve to determine the presence of rain and delay the operations until a specific time after the storm.

The timer of the valve is battery operated. That means you won’t have to fret over not having a nearby power source to the field.

It is a great relief, especially in the case of the vast grounds, where the supply of power to every corner is challenging. You will also get a low battery warning in the display of the timer. So you can charge the batteries whenever they are not in use.

The timer is easily detachable from the valve in these best sprinkler valves. The feature makes the programming of the timer a stroll in the park.

The construction of the valve is sturdy so that it can withstand the potentially harsh conditions throughout the year. The connections of the valves are sealed with O-rings. It prevents the highly pressurized water jets from escaping the irrigation system.


  • It has a battery-operated timer to control the sprinkling process
  • The valve is compatible with rain sensors
  • The valve system is leak-proof
  • The valve is easy to install


  • The lifetime of the batteries are not high
  • Water may get into the control systems
  • If we take the features into account, the product comes a bit pricey

3. Rain Bird CP100

Rain Bird CP100The sprinkler valve from Rain Bird can be used for both residential and commercial uses. It has 1-inch inlet and outlet valves.

The inlet and the outlet are threaded in these best sprinkler valves, which makes the connection with the irrigation pipes extremely strong.

The valves support all the standard timer systems that are present in the market. It will eliminate the headache of remembering to sprinkle the field at a regular interval.

All you will have to do is program the timer as per your needs, and the rest will be taken care of. It is equipped with a heavy-duty solenoid to control the water flow.

The strong solenoid prevents the structure from the harm that power surges are capable of imposing.

Although the solenoid operates the valve, you can test the valve in manual mode also. All you have to do is turn the solenoid to 1/4th of a full turn in an anti-clockwise direction to start the flow.

The system also has a reverse flow design. It comes handy if the diaphragm of the valve becomes faulty.

The reverse flow mode keeps the valve closed in this situation to stop the water flow. The other valves that do not feature this mode will result in flooding of the field with the leaky water.

The compact valve is also straightforward to service. If the diaphragm stops working correctly, then you can replace it with a similar piece.

The screwed platform at the top will allow you to access the diaphragm without removing the valve from the pipes.


  • It supports all the standard form of timers
  • The valve can be manually tested
  • The reverse flow design of the valve prevents water overflow


  • The technical support from Rain Bird is not up to the mark
  • Some of the joints of the valve leak a small amount of water
  • The user manual of the valve needs some improvements

4. Orbit 57100

Orbit 57100It is already the third product from Orbit in our list of best sprinkler valves. The inlet and the outlet of the valves are threaded. These are ¾ inch in size.

The design of the valves invokes a sense of sturdiness, which is an essential feature of suitable sprinkler valves. It is a heavy-duty self-cleaning sprinkler valve that will effectively solve your sprinkling problems to the plants.

Just as the last product we have discussed in this article, this valve from Orbit also features the reverse flow design. The diaphragm is usually very reliable.

But you can’t use it forever for sure. Whenever it becomes faulty, the reverse flow design will seal the valve. It won’t let the water from passing to the outlet end.

Otherwise, the whole area will be flooded before you know it. Lack of water is detrimental for plants, and so is the excess of it.

The valve also features an internal pressure reduction system. This is what makes the valve very versatile in the field.

You can use it for irrigation systems which are present above the ground. The retro-fitting underground irrigation systems are also compatible with the design of this sprinkler valve.

There is also a provision of bypass lever on the valve. It can be manually operated. If you are observing some glitch in the valve’s proceedings, then use the bypass lever to settle for the temporary solution.

It will give you the time to analyze and rectify the main problem while keeping the sprinkling task on the mark.


  • The valve features reverse flow design
  • The price is low
  • There is a provision of a bypass valve


  • The diaphragm is not properly designed
  • The manual lever design needs some improvement
  • A significant amount of water pressure is required to shut off the valve

5. Rain Bird DASASVF075

Rain Bird DASASVF075This is our second recommendation in the list of best sprinkler valves from Rain Bird. It is a valve that meets all the requirements of a professional grade product.

The size of the inlet and the outlet ports of the valve are ¾ inches. As the name suggests, it is an anti-siphon valve which is capable of effectively controlling the water flow.

The valve is specifically designed to work with above-ground irrigation systems. Also, you will need to install it 6 inches above the level of the highest sprinkler head to properly work out.

The valve is capable of preventing any backflow of water inside the system. It is necessary to ensure the safety and efficiency of the whole sprinkling system.

The reverse flow design mainly controls the amount of stress that the diaphragm encounters. The valve is operated automatically.

But if you wish to do the testing, then feel free to use it in the manual mode. The procedure to do is effortless. There is a built-in bleeding screw.

The screw allows the user to remove any debris that may enter into the valve along with the water flow.

The mechanism is dependent on the efficiency of the solenoid. The good news is that the solenoid is low powered and uses the available energy in the best possible way.

The diaphragm is Buna-N, which is well known for their superior performances. They are primarily suitable for harsh water conditions.


  • The safety measures of the valve are top-notch
  • The valve allows water flow control
  • The valve can be operated in both manual and automatic mode


  • The valve works only with the above-ground irrigation systems
  • It needs to be placed above the sprinkler lines
  • The quality of the connecting threads are not good

6. Orbit 57467

Orbit 57467We have already mentioned that Orbit is one of the best sprinkler valves manufacturing companies in the world. It is proved right once again by this valve model.

The inlet and outlet of the valve are equipped with 1-inch male threads to connect to the pipes. It has a top jar lid design, which lets the user access the valve inside without any hustle.

The connection is also simple due to the presence of the threads. You won’t need any extra tool other than something to tighten the ends. The valve is designed to work in heavy-duty situations and under harsh weather conditions.

Stainless steel is used for the manufacturing of the valve. The choice of material makes it extremely strong and durable at the same time.

You will not need to replace the valve for a long time after the initial investment. The sprinkler systems present in the households have a 24-volt rating.

The valve is compatible with the sprinkler systems of this rating. That makes the valve a universal product to use on the fields.

It is also equipped with a manual ON/ OFF lever. The lever is required when the user wants to check the flow condition of the valve.

It is done in the manual mode. The automatic mode allows water flow at predefined times. That’s why the automatic way is not suitable for testing.


  • The valve is strong and durable
  • It is compatible with the household sprinkler system
  • The price of the product is low


  • The solenoid quality is not good
  • The valve may leak water at times
  • The thread conditions need some improvement

7. Orbit 57280

Orbit 57280The heavy-duty sprinkler valve is compatible with most of the renowned brands in the list of best sprinkler valves. It gives the users an option to replace their old and worn out valves with a more efficient valve system.

You can also be assured of the quality and reliability of the product. The valve is designed to work with the standard sprinkler systems, i.e., the 24 Volt ratings.

It is the rating that is used in all the residential irrigation systems. So you won’t have to think about the incompatibility of the product anymore.

The valve is also straightforward to incorporate with the existing piping system. It has got female threads on both ends that will align with the male threads of the pipes.

The installation won’t require any extra tool in service. Also, the use of glue is eliminated from the process.

The glue takes spare time to dry out become the system becomes operable. It tends to delay the whole process.

If you are thinking about the ways to access the inside of the valve, and then let us tell you that the screws of the valve are multi-tool compatible.

You can use standard, Philips, or hex screwdrivers to open the valve and access it inside. Do not worry about part loss while you operate the valve. There are captured screws and springs that will keep the parts in place.


  • It is compatible with the standard sprinkler system
  • The risk of part loss is eliminated
  • The valve is easy to install


  • The design is not sturdy enough
  • Application of slight over-torque will make the valve to leak
  • The solenoid casing is weak

8. Orbit 57281

Orbit 57281Just like many of the Orbit products that we have mentioned here, this one is also compatible with 24-volt sprinkling systems. So you won’t find the compatibility issue after buying the product.

The valve has a fail-safe design. The ruptured diaphragm of the valve prevents the water from flowing continuously inside the system.

This is important for the overall safety of the whole irrigation system and also the plants. Overflow of water will be detrimental to the growth of the plants and this is why we have taken this product into the list of best sprinkler valves.

The testing and the flushing of the lines are also made convenient by the valve. There is a built-in bypass lever in these best sprinkler valves that can be operated manually as per the needs.

As you are already aware, the automatic mode is not suitable to test the valve systems. The presence of the lever also makes sure that the system does not suffer from the clogging problem of debris. It has a reverse flow design for better safety of the sprinkling system.


  • It is compatible with standard residential sprinkling systems
  • The bypass lever allows keeping the lines clean
  • The price of the product is low


  • It can be used in cold water outdoor irrigation only
  • No provision for rain sensors
  • There is no provision to shut off manually the system

9. Orbit 57280

Orbit 57280 3-4This valve is almost similar to the Orbit 57280 3/4-Inch valve that we have discussed here. Just like most of the products from Orbit, this one is also compatible with the products of other major brands.

Hence it provides an excellent opportunity for the owners to replace their faulty valves with this one. As the valve is compatible with most of the other brands, it should work out well.

You won’t need to be a proper technician to install the valve either. The 1-inch big inlet and outlet are equipped with standard female threads that will fit perfectly with the male threads of the irrigation pipes.

The opening of the valve for maintenance is also a child’s play. The screws are so designed that they are compatible with most of the screw openers.

The valve plungers, springs, and captured screws to assist the messy side of you. If you have the habit of losing parts while maintaining a device, then this is the perfect valve for you.


  • There will be no loss of parts in the valve
  • Works out well with the standard systems
  • The valve is easy to install


  • The valve has the leaking water issue
  • The design needs to be a bit more sturdy

10. Orbit 57624

Orbit 57624The Orbit 57624 sprinkler valve comes with a durable body. The valves are always at risk of corrosion due to the constant contact with water. But if you are using this valve, then you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

It is because the valve design is anti-corrosive. The valve has a built-in stem that will allow the system to control the water flow as per the requirement of the field.

It will also depend on the weather of particular days. There is a bleed screw in the valve. The water that is primarily used in the irrigation system comes along with much debris.

It puts the valve in the potential danger of clogging. But the bleeding screw will allow you to remove them from time to time and keep the valve clean.

The safety level of the sprinkler valve is also good enough and this is why we have listed it in the collection of best sprinkler valves. It needs only a minimal power to keep doing its work.


  • It has a corrosion-free design
  • The bleed screw helps in keeping the valve clean
  • The power requirement is low


  • The structure of the valve is weak
  • There is no provision for rain sensor
  • The lack of battery-operated mode creates the necessity of nearby power source

11. Orbit 57604

Orbit 57065This valve from Orbit has flow control capabilities, which will assist the system in sprinkling only the required amount of mist to the fields. There is also the provision of an anti-Siphon system.

The anti-Siphon system is primarily responsible for preventing contaminants from entering the household water system.

It is a great way to keep up a healthy lifestyle among family members. As you can expect, this excellent valve works perfectly well with the standard sprinkler systems of 24-volt rating.

There is no possibility of a mismatch with the valve. You may feel the need to test the valve from time to time to check its authenticity for being amongst the best sprinkler valves.

The task is made easy by the presence of the manual bypass valve. The valve works typically in the automatic mode, reducing the need for human involvement.


  • The price of the valve is not very high
  • The anti-Siphon system keeps the water clean
  • The valve has flow controlling capabilities


  • It is suitable for cold water outdoor irrigation system only
  • The collars underneath the solenoid are weak

12. Orbit 57065

Orbit 57604The valve is unique in its construction material. This is the only valve we have mentioned here which is made of Brass. The Brass material gives away a stable structure to the valve. It also gives away a classy and retro look to the system.

The flow control feature of the valve helps to reduce over-spraying and Sprinkler fogging. For testing and flushing of the sprinkler system, there is the provision of a manual bypass lever. It works similarly to all the bypass levers that we have mentioned here.

The anti-Siphon system prevents contamination from entering the water system of the household. It is not only useful, but also very safe.


  • The structure is excellent
  • It ensures clean water delivery
  • The over spraying is reduced with this valve


  • The price of the valve is very high
  • The valve is heavy
  • The backflow preventer cap of the valve is very tight

Best Sprinkler Valve Brands

1. Orbit

You must have guessed it from the numerous entries of Orbit in the list of best sprinkler valves. The company is well known for its easy to use underground irrigation system products.

The products include timers, sprinklers, valves, and other related items. Since its inception in 1986, the company has been providing quality irrigation products. Their mission is to empower families to improve their lifestyles through excellent services.

The reliability and the efficient services of Orbit have turned the brand into a household name by now. Maybe the best thing about the company is its research and development sector.

While most of the companies in this sector cease to innovate after a hit in the products, Orbit has always thrived to improve the quality. The budget products of the company are also responsible for its strong presence in the market.

2. Rain Bird

It is the second name that comes into mind when the discussion is about the best sprinkler valves. They provide their services for different fields, such as sports arenas, landscapes, agriculture, etc.

The primary motive is to reduce water consumption while maintaining the quality of service. The company started its ventures into the market back in 1933, and now they have their headquarters in California, USA.

The company is known for the full range of sprinkler system products that they manufacture. Depending on the involved slopes, water pressure, and length of grass, you will find specific Rain Bird products.

You can also search for products as per the wind conditions and portability of the water system. The customers have highly praised the company for their quality services over the years.

FAQs on Sprinkler Valves

1. Which Company Produces The Best Sprinkler Valves?

Orbit and Rain Bird is known for its efficient sprinkler valves in the market. You will need to search for the best option depending on your location, field area, existing sprinkler system ratings, and so on.

2. Should The Sprinkler Valves Remain Open?

The sprinkler valve, which is farthest from the water source, is the only one that should remain open. The others should remain closed.

3. Is It Possible To Control Two Zones With One Sprinkler Valve?

It is usually not possible. The limitation comes from the pressure and flow of water.

4. Which Part Regulates The Water Flow In An Automatic Sprinkler Valve?


5. What Is The Use Of Manually Operated Bypass Lever In A Sprinkler Valve?

It can be used for testing and flushing of the valve.

6. At What Height Should I Place The Sprinkler Valve?

As per the standards, the sprinkler valve should remain at the height of 6 inches from the highest sprinkler head. But it may vary according to the brand.

7. What Is The Expected Lifetime Of A Sprinkler Valve?

It will depend on the quality of the sprinkler valve. The best quality ones can give up to 15-20 years of service.


These are all the best sprinkler valves that you will find in the market. Contemplate your requirements and then only decide to buy one.