Best Roof Rakes 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Snow Joe SJBLZD 2. Snow Joe RJ204M 3. Suncast 24″
Snow Joe SJBLZD Snow Joe Telescoping Suncast 24 Adjustable

White and fluffy snow is beautiful and carries a certain zing to it – but it can also be very unpleasant. Often, it causes leaks from the roof, freezing and the formation of ice pendants.

You cannot always remove large amounts of snow from the roof. In such times, we need the best roof rake that will help remove the snow from your roof and make you feel much more relaxed.

Cleaning the roof from snow is crucial. With irregular snow clearing, the snow mass increases over time and begins to melt as temperatures rise.


The molten water mass penetrates the base of the roof and forms cracks in its membrane. This is how the destruction of the roof begins, and from there, the discretization of the panels, which leads to leaks, moisture and mold formation in the building.

Ways To Clean The Roofs From Snow

During winter, the areas with heavy rainfall face an acute problem of snow deposition on roofs and outdoors. To get rid of the snow cover, hand tools help. We will now look at some snow removal equipment which helps solve this problem in winter.

1. Snow Rakes

With the arrival of the first snowfall, every yard owner comes out with a rake to clear the tracks on the street and their roof. There are many variants of this popular tool. The rakes are sold in various sizes and material variants.

The most comfortable and lightweight models for cleaning snow are made of plastic. The disadvantage of such rakes is their increased brittleness in cold weather or simply breaking of heavy loads.

The metal rakes are quite durable, but heavy. The tonsil will constantly adhere to the spoon. But most importantly, steel tools can damage the roof.

Wood rakes are more carefully applied to the roof covering. However, the life of such an instrument is not long.

The advantage of using rakes when cleaning the snow from the roof is the accessibility and flexibility of the hand tools: the owner goes out into the yard – cleans the paths, climbs the roof – clears the snow from the roof. There is a rake in every yard. If not, this tool can be purchased at your nearest store at a cheap bargain.

2. Electrically Powered Snow Rakes

These power tools are commonly used to clean flat roofs. Their advantage is the ability to quickly clean the roof – irrespective of the thickness of the snow cover. Working with a shredder or with an electrically powered machine is much easier than throwing snow with a simple rake.

The main disadvantage is the inability to use an electric rake on an inclined roof. The device of such technology involves the presence of an electric motor that is quite heavy.

You’ll also need to take into consideration the need for a long cable that needs careful attention. The wire must be constantly monitored, so that it does not fall under the blades of the working mechanism.

Despite all the drawbacks, electric rakes are an ideal tool for cleaning large flat roofs. Their blade easily cuts the snow layer with ice barks and throws it sideways through the outlet sleeve.

3. Scrapers

It is not possible to clean a sloping roof with a power tool, but sometimes it is also dangerous with a normal rake. It is easy to fall from the slippery slope. Cleaning a sloping roof is best done from the ground. There is a special scraper tool for this job.

The base of the scraper is a long handle that allows you to get from the ground to the ridge of the roof. The design of the scraper itself may have a different configuration, but it usually consists of an arc with a jumper.

In order for it to work, a person needs to push the scraper with the handle on the roof. The lower partition of the frame cuts off a layer of snow and it slides down the elastic band to the ground. The width and depth of the grip depends on the size of the scraper.

The advantages of a scraper are obvious. This lightweight tool allows you to easily clean the large sloping roof without climbing it.

Extending the handle, you can reach the highest point of the roof from the ground. The snow slides down the elastic band under the wall of the house and it is unlikely to hit the head of a working man.

The disadvantage of the tool is its limited use. In addition to clearing a sloping roof of snow, the scraper cannot be used anywhere else.

Types Of Snow Rakes

As almost every house has a rake or can buy it because of its low price, we will pay more attention to the features of this type of snow roof cleaning method.

Plain snow rakes made of plastic, wood or aluminum are all used to remove snow from the roof. Wooden rakes are the cheapest, but they are also smaller than the other kinds of rakes available in the market.

Plastic rakes often break due to the cold or load. To many, aluminum seems uncomfortable, because of the hardness of the metal when removing snow from roofs.

1. Wooden Rakes

Wooden rakes are the cheapest to invest in. The bucket of these rakes is made of plywood (and not always of good quality). The only benefit of a wooden rake is the low price it comes at.

The main disadvantage of wooden snow removal tools is its instability. After some time (from a few days to 2-3 weeks), the plywood lays and splits, or breaks even earlier due to heavy loads. The same goes for cutting.

A self-made snow rake of such material will be fragile and flimsy. This can be explained by the fact that the plywood is secured with nails and screws that do not guarantee a secure attachment.

2. Plastic Rakes

They are the most commonly used snow removal tools. Plastic is a modern material that has many advantages. Plastic rakes are lightweight, have a comfortable handle and a nice appearance, they are cheap.

This type of rake is suitable for cleaning both the roof and the yard. Usually, the paddle is made of plastic and the handle is stretchy and aluminum. The best plastic roof rakes also have comfortable handles for comfortable use.

The disadvantages of plastic blades are the same as those of wooden blades – short service life caused by low resistance to mechanical stress, resulting in rapid wear of the blades.

3. Aluminum Rakes

This type of rake is almost universal. The cost of aluminum snow rakes is quite high, but the product is worth the money. The aluminum rake is slightly lighter than the plastic shovel, has an excellent appearance, comfortable handle, and balanced blade.

In most cases, aluminum rakes are ideal for cleaning walkways, alleys, and roofs. The best roof rakes of this type are made of high-quality aluminum material, so that they do not rust from constant exposure to moisture. They have a light construction to reduce fatigue at work.

There are also other metal rakes. These products are highly durable but weigh a lot. Titanium rakes are modern and comfortable for cleaning snow. They are not heavier than plastic, have high strength, but their price is much higher than the price of plastic rakes.

How To Choose The Best Roof Rake?

There are so many snow rakes available on the market. Very often, one thinks that if he/she buys a rake that looks good, it will do the best job. That’s not always right. This is why we need to know exactly what to look for when buying the best roof rake.

1. Material

In order not to strain your back, the rake should not be too heavy, and be comfortable in size and height. It must be made of non-rusting material.

It may be titanium or stainless steel, but the best option is an aluminum alloy with titanium. Such a rake is light, fingers do not stick to it and most importantly – it will serve you for a long time.

A major disadvantage of these tools is the high cost. If you still choose a cheaper option, check the quality of the connecting elements. Sometimes the blade is attached to the handle with a screw, and it can be plastic. It is better to have the blade riveted by reliable screws.

2. Design

Poor snow cleaning techniques are not only inefficient, but also dangerous. A curved rake shrinks the tension on the back, as it allows the person working with it to stand upright. On the other hand, the straight handle optimizes the body length by allowing multiple lower positions.

The rake should not be too wide. It is better to opt in for one that is light and relatively small in area. The handle should be thicker.

If it is wooden, it should be of birch material. Special breakable “S” handles can also be used. Each plastic pole can be fitted with an additional plastic handle, which will greatly facilitate your work.

3. Type Of Roof

If there are already icy areas on your roof – do not clean them with sharp blades and do not remove them before they have melted a little, as you risk tearing down the waterproofing while removing the icy areas.

You can accelerate the melt by sprinkling sea salt on the ice, but only if your gutters are made of PVC and there is no metal that could rust along the drainage line due to the salt.

If the roof is slightly sloping, then snow can be removed from above without a special safety device. You can choose a rake that is wooden or plastic.

However, if the roof has a large slope, it is harder to remove the snow and you need to carefully select the best roof rake for that. To facilitate cleaning, you should extend the rake handle to the desired size. Special snow plows with long handles are available.

Top 12 Best Roof Rakes 2022

1. Snow Joe SJBLZD

Snow Joe SJBLZD Best Roof RakesThis is undoubtedly one of the best snow rakes, as it has all the characteristics necessary to earn this title. Snow Joe is light, approved and ergonomic. With its interlocking extension poles, you will reach even the furthest surfaces of your roof with ease. It’s light weight will also make snow cleaning easier for you.


  • Safe non-abrasive material
  • Built-in ice scraper
  • Oversized foam head
  • Customer support
  • Suitable for any type of coating


  • The long handle can be folded in the middle

2. Snow Joe Telescoping

Snow Joe TelescopingWe all know that when we clean the snow off our roofs, safety must come first. With Snow Joe Telescoping, you’ll clean every roof without going up high. Its aluminum tube will make sure of that. The telescoping pole quickly, and easily adjusts from 6.2 feet to a whopping 21 feet for even greater overhead reach.


  • Unbelievably light and durable at the same time
  • Has an easy-grip
  • Suitable for cleaning not only snow, but also leaves and other objects


  • The width of the blade does not allow quick cleaning of large areas
  • The main part of the blade is not movable, so you may not reach narrow places

3. Suncast 24 Adjustable

Suncast 24 AdjustableThere is nothing better than a multifunctional tool to clean snow and leaves everywhere. You can use this roof rake to clean your roof, your shed and your garage.

It has all the fittings for all three! No matter how high the surface is, Suncast will reach it thanks to its extension, which extends from 7 ‘to 21’ in width and up to 252 ‘in height for optimal use.


  • Ultra-light and comfortable to work with
  • The lower handle is sturdy and comes with a curved, but stick graphite blade for the best results
  • It is suitable for cleaning roofs with a high slope
  • It reaches even the most specific areas of the roof
  • Easy to store and can be disassembled


  • If the handle is stretched to the maximum, it bends in the middle
  • You can’t see what you do with it on the topmost parts of your roof

4. GPRR24U Guarantee

GPRR24U GuaranteeHere is one of the best roof rakes specifically designed for snow clearing. With its wide angled head, it will be extremely easy for you to remove all the snow on your roof.

The 24-inch blade is wide enough to handle a large area in no time. And your roof covering will be fully protected thanks to the polyethylene blade.


  • Specially designed for cleaning snow from roofs with a wide angled head
  • It can clean vast areas thanks to its wide blade without fatigue
  • It is not abrasive to the roof covering
  • 3 sections of 5-foot handles that can reach any height
  • Made of ultra-light aluminum
  • Anti-slip handle


  • It is difficult to operate with at maximum stretch

5. Extreme Max

Extreme MaxWhen it comes to the best snow rakes, you simply can’t miss the need to reach every part of your roof. The angled blade of Extreme Max allows it to be used effectively even in smaller and narrower roof areas. Its blade rollers protect the shingles, while still cleaning them completely.


  • Suitable for low pitched roofs and two-story houses
  • The wide blade provides quick and easy cleaning of large areas of your roof
  • The blade is aligned so that it reaches all parts and spaces
  • The material is resistant to corrosion, so you can use it for a long time
  • Very easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Metal can damage the roof surface
  • Although aluminum is lightweight, it is metal and the blade is heavier than the plastic blade, which will result in faster fatigue for the person using it.

6. MinnSnowta Dynamo

MinnSnowta DynamoMinnSnowta Dynamo is an innovative product that is specifically made for snow cleaning. It can do just about everything. Its pole is 24 feet long and made from aircraft-grade tempered aluminum, which is light and strong.

With this snow rake, you will be able to make the pathway more than 2 feet wide, irrespective of the depth of the snow.


  • An innovative product that makes snow clearing extremely easy
  • Long, lightweight handle to reach the roof without the need for a ladder
  • Wide blade to remove even the deepest snow
  • Very sturdy material


  • The paddle is unlike any other, so you will need time to get used to it

7. Snow Joe RJ205M

When it comes to the best roof rakes, the most important thing is to clean the snow completely and easily while staying safe . Snow Joe gives us just that – it’s telescoping pole quickly adjusts from 6.2 ft. to 21 ft. and helps to provide extended reach.

This way you will be able to clean all the snow from your roof while staying safe on the ground. The shaft is made entirely of aluminum, which is the best material for such devices.


  • With its blade, you can clean not only snow, but also wet leaves and other objects from your roof
  • The pole is adjustable, so you can clean low as well as high spaces
  • The blade is wide and curved, so cleaning is easy
  • The blade reaches up to 25 ft for maximum clearing
  • The handle grip is extremely comfortable


  • The blade is made of aluminum and it could damage the covering of your roof
  • The blade is not movable and some areas of your roof will be inaccessible to it

8. Guarantor Telescopic Roof Rake

The best roof rakes should be durable, so we don’t have to spend money on a rake every year. Not only is Guarantor Telescopic robust, but also comfortable and efficient. It has an aluminum oval handle with a non-slip grip as well as a blade that is 24″ wide.

Aluminum makes the pole durable and light. Disassembling and retracting the paddle is very easy thanks to the integrated push buttons & end cap on the handle.


  • The rake materials are strong and you can use it for a long time
  • The blade is wide, providing quick and easy cleaning
  • The non-slip grip makes the rake even more comfortable and easy to use
  • Compact design
  • The oval shape of the handle will protect the rake from bending in your hands, irrespective of how much you stretch stretch its handle


  • The price of the rake is a little high, but in time the rake will prove to be worth it
  • The blade is hard plastic, so it may affect the paint on your roof

9. Snowpeeler

This rake will make cleaning your roof snow easy. It requires almost no effort as its sharp blade will slice through the snow and it will simply slide off the roof. The unit has 4 aluminum poles with quick-snap connectors. Each is 5 feet long. Even the tallest roofs won’t be a problem!


  • It requires very little effort
  • Its design does not pose a risk of damage to the covering of the roof
  • The pole can reach up to 20 feet in height
  • Tear-resistant snow slide that minimizes wind drift during use
  • The rake can be used for both, hard and soft snow
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty


  • Since the paddle is not standard, it will take you some time getting used to it
  • The pole can bend at times due to its long length

10. Avalanche Original

This is one of the most advanced snow removal systems available. You can use it for any type of roof – metal, cedar shake, tile or solar panel. This rake is great for reaching the hard to get to areas near the roof peaks and high ledges, thanks to the various gadgets it comes with. And with its wheels, you will protect your roof from the formation of ice dams.


  • Suitable for cleaning any type of roof
  • A high volume of work – up to a ton of snow per minute
  • Long reach and wide hold, which maximizes ease of operation
  • It prevents the appearance of ice pendants
  • High-quality materials – steelhead, poly slide, and fiberglass pole


  • As the cleaning system has many accessories, it is difficult to assemble
  • Higher cost than the regular snow rakes

11. Snowpeeler Premium

If we are looking for the best roof rakes, it is a prerequisite that they remove the ice pendants and, best of all, prevent them from reappearing. Snowpeeler Premium does exactly that.

It provides the ultimate roof protection and prevents ice dams. Another plus here is that its 2 slides minimize the wind drift while using the rake. And thanks to its 6 poles, the rake can go up to 30 feet long.


  • It requires minimal effort to use
  • Removes both flurries of snow from the roof and prevents the appearance of snow dams
  • It covers large areas and saves time
  • Suitable for all types of roofs and houses
  • Suitable for any type of snow


  • Due to the length of its poles, this rake is heavier than the ordinary rakes
  • The price is a little bit higher than the regular rakes

12. Goplus Snow Roof Rake

Convenience and ease of operation are important features of the best snow rakes. Goplus focuses on them with its Twist-n-Lock & anti-skid telescoping pole that easily adjusts to a whopping 21 feet.

The large reach blade also helps us to deal with snow in the farther corners of the roof in no time. Also, the corrosion-resistant aluminum guarantees durability.


  • Quality and durable materials
  • Convenience and ease of use
  • Large range and height of the cleaning
  • Easy to control skid-proof handle
  • Suitable for home, park, plot, courtyard and just about everywhere


  • The length will not reach higher and steeper roofs
  • Hard to reach tight spots

FAQs on Roof Rakes

1. What Is The Best Roof Rake?

The best roof rakes are lightweight, easy to use and efficient. Whether metal or plastic, make sure the material used is of good quality. It will be much easier for you if your rake cuts through the snow without needing any physical effort on your part.

At the same time, never forget your safety. Manufacturers of the best roof rakes always think about it. Their products can be used while you are stable on the ground.

2. Do Roof Rakes Damage Shingles?

It all depends on the material the shingles are made of, as well as the material and shape of the rake itself. Our advice is to always look at soft and moving rake material combined with an ergonomic and reversible shape. This will ensure that it will not damage your roof cover in any way.

3. Does Roof Raking Prevent Ice Dams?

In the event of snowfall, snow cover is formed on the roof, and gutters are clogged and gradually filled with snow. This happens for all types of roofs. The formation of ice dams is also noticeable very soon. Removing snow from the roof will take away the main cause of ice dams.

However, keep in mind that snow can only be effectively removed from the roof with an effective and specially designed tool. One such tool is a snow rake.

4. Should You Use A Snow Rake On Your Roof?

Snow and ice accumulations on the roof and gutters can be extremely dangerous. The accumulation of ice does not allow the melted snow to drain.

The snow melts as the warm air from the ceiling rises and spreads across your roof. And instead of draining through the gutters, the water from the melted snow goes under the tiles and soon begins to flow directly into your home.

This can not only cause the rotting of the roof structure along with damage to the ceilings, walls and insulation, but it also has another very dangerous side effect, namely mold formation. This is dangerous, especially if your family members suffer from asthma or allergies.

Therefore, you must address this issue. The good news is that manufacturers offer extremely easy to use snow rakes. With these snow rakes you will be able to remove the snow cover from your roof without harming the roof or without freezing and getting tired. And all of this turns out to be a lot cheaper than a new roof, right?

Best Roof Rakes – The Conclusion

Usually, we look forward to the first snow every winter. For the first few days, we enjoy it like a child, but then the problems begin. When the roofs are covered with snow and the ice pendants hang dangerously off the edges, we realize the need to clear the snow.

The need to clear roofs off snow and ice pendants is compounded when we want to protect the building from leaks in the spring and the destruction of the roof.

The melted snow damages the surface of the tiles, making the moisture in our home an inevitable guest. And the problems associated with its occurrence are thousands, and can seriously affect our health.

Roofs must be cleared of snow accumulation at least twice in the winter to prevent layering and to save a great deal of trouble for people.

However, it is a laborious and dangerous activity for which you need the right tools. These tools will take care of your comfort and safety. This is the time to choose the best roof rake. We hope our suggestions will help you do just that.