Best Patio Chairs 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Best Choice Product 2. Caravan Sports 3. Sunjoy
Best Choice Products Best Patio Chair Caravan Sports Sunjoy

One of the preferred places for relaxation during the warm months are the garden and the veranda. To enjoy comfort, meetings with friends and summer parties, we need to properly select the furniture and decoration for it.

And most of all, we need to be careful when selecting the best patio chair. They are the ones that catch the eye and make the most of it.

But how do we choose the best furniture? It is nice to have a connection between the interior and the exterior. To do this, focus on the highlights you are going to rely on if you wish to make your patio look the best.


Chairs, plants, furniture, and decorative elements can be as simple as they are modern, futuristic and even avant-garde if you want to attract attention. In no case, however, we should neglect the comfort!

Best Patio Chair And Feng Shui

1. Form

According to Feng Shui’s philosophy, a certain harmonious arrangement must also be present on the porch. For example, it is advisable to avoid sharp edges, because they carry problems and negative energy.

2. Material And Environment

The selection of materials from which the patio chairs are made must be diverse. There should not be just one material. Combine comfortable and modern rattan chairs with a metal base. The combination of wood and stone is also considered a good choice.

It would be good to put plants around the chairs, as well as another important natural element – water. You can build a small cascade decorated with live plants to drop water or a small artificial lake with water lilies near your patio chairs.

3. Arrangement

It is good to adjust the chairs so that they do not impede free movement. Choosing the best patio chairs and placing them in separate corners also contributes to the attractive look of the porch and yard. Connecting paths arranged with plants can be made between them.

4. Classic

Classic elements must also be present on benches, tables, chairs, umbrellas, and swings. The best patio chairs are made of a variety of high-quality materials, allowing you to enjoy comfort for a long time.

What Are The Best Patio Chairs Made Of?

When shopping for patio chairs, the most important decision you need to make is to choose the right material.

1. Wood

The appearance of the patio chairs made of wood is very attractive. But you should not disregard the fact that the sun and the rain affect them. If the furniture is not stored well, it will fade and may even split in time. Therefore, frequent maintenance is also required.

If you choose wooden chairs, let them be made of solid, moisture-resistant wood, such as teak wood. The parts of the best patio chairs are not glued to each other. but are connected by brass or stainless steel fittings.

2. Plastic

Plastic is lightweight, relatively sturdy, easy to clean, recyclable and generally inexpensive (though there are many designer furniture made of plastic). Plastics obviously cannot rust, do not need painting and do not rot from moisture. However, plastic chairs will disintegrate over time.

If you want fresh and vibrant colors in the garden and porch, then plastic is a great choice for a chair. But make sure the plastic polymer that the furniture is made of, has UV-stabilizing pigments. They will ensure that bright colors do not fade too quickly.

3. Rattan

Synthetic rattan is a leader in technological advances in the production of patio chairs. Quality rattan garden furniture is truly made for all time. Rattan fibers are made of synthetic woven fibers that can be painted in many different colors.

Being wrapped around lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum frames, rattan garden furniture has all the benefits of plastic furniture but looks much better in appearance. This is the reason why the biggest variety on the market for the best patio chairs is currently offered for rattan chairs.

4. Metal

Metal furniture is always a great choice. Let’s take aluminum, for example. Contemporary material that suits both modern and classic design. Aluminum is light, non-rusty and durable.

As one might expect, the best patio chairs in aluminum offer exactly these qualities. If you opt for this type of material, just make sure the chairs have a UV-resistant powder coating, as it will prevent oxidation of the surface.

Metal chairs are much smaller in size than those which are made of artificial rattan. However, this does not mean that there are no super hits. For example, chairs made of wrought iron combine style, elegance, and practicality.

What Else Is Important When Choosing The Best Patio Chairs?

The best patio chairs must have three basic qualities: they are comfortable, beautiful, and resistant to adverse conditions. What, besides the material, should we consider when choosing them to make sure we don’t make a mistake?

1. Comfort

A basic requirement for the best patio chairs is that they are comfortable because we spend lots of hours in them. They should provide support to both the back and legs. Height needs to be taken into consideration to allow your body to rest completely. For example, are the armrests of the chair at the right height for your hands? Try the chair before you buy it, to feel the comfort you need.

Keep in mind that the chair should be neither too soft nor too hard. The structure should remain elastic, with a medium degree of rigidity. You need to look at the shape of the back, the height of the armrests, and the width. Pay attention to everything. However, the furniture will be used for years, which means that it must be fully responsive to its future owner.

2. Functionality

The best patio chairs are the ones that can be stacked or folded. They are extremely practical, take up less space, and are easy to carry. Besides, it is a good idea to check if the chairs can fit under your table – saving space when not in use.

Neglected by many, when it comes to chairs, size also plays a key role here. You may not need to consider everything up to a millimeter, whether a chair will fit in its designated place, but open space also has its limitations.

3. Need For Maintenance

Chairs without maintenance are the ideal option, especially if you are the type of person who associates summer with relaxation. Therefore, you should consider this option when choosing the best patio chairs for yourself. There is a big difference between the materials and the need for maintenance of each one of them.

We strongly recommend that you cover your garden furniture with protective covers, the main function of which is to protect the more whimsical materials from dirt and weather. Choose elastic polyester bedspreads according to the size of the furniture.

A Few More Tricks About The Best Patio Chairs

The choice of the best patio chairs to suit both your style and the size of the free space is as important as it is difficult. The patio chair is not just bought because it looks good – though it is important – or because it has a 50% off season-end discount.

The vision can be deceiving. Do not buy the latest patio chairs without first convincing yourself of their quality. Pay attention to the manufacture of the furniture and the materials from which they are made. This is the only way to get the best value for your money. Here are a few more of our helpful tips for buying the right outdoor furniture.

1. The Cushions Give Extra Comfort

For the best patio chair to become really the best, you may want to consider the extra comfort. There are several high-tech fabrics on the market that make great cushions for garden chairs and benches.

Just look for pads that are suitable for outdoor space. These are cushions made of acrylic fabrics and painted in solution. They are resistant to UV rays, moisture, moss, and spots.

2. Measure Your Available Outdoor Space

The type of chair you can buy depends on the amount of free space available. The best patio chair would be the one that fits into this space. For example, a small patio table and two chairs set may be the best option for a smaller patio or porch, while stylish rattan kits consisting of a larger table and several chairs would be much more appropriate for large space.

The selection of the best patio chairs for small areas sounds simple, but in many cases when choosing garden furniture, people do not fit the furniture according to space. Often a pleasant chair gets knocked down in the garden or yard no matter how tight it gets.

3. Pay Attention To The Small Details

Finally, the veranda must be furnished in the same way as any interior room. This means that a few simple accessories will give a more laid-back look to the outdoors and increase the wow effect of the chairs you place.

Some good ideas in this regard are benches, which can store various objects, garden umbrellas, lighting, and maybe even outdoor heating. Just remember that the best patio chairs should fit into the overall design of the space, your tastes, and last but not least, the garden furniture must withstand the climate.

Important Options When Choosing Best Patio Chairs

Sun-loving and rain-resistant, stationary and mobile, durable and disposable, and many more. There is a huge variety of chairs available in construction supermarkets today. But how do you choose the best patio chairs?

1. Outside, Inside Or Everywhere

Before you make a purchase, you have to answer the question, will you only use the furniture in the garden/balcony, or will they occasionally be part of the interior? There are three types of cottage furniture: designed exclusively for interior spaces, garden only, and universal (combining the characteristics of the first two at the same time).

Of course, it is unreasonable to put a chair with a tablecloth under the sky or to wrap plastic chairs in the kitchen. However, the best patio chairs are equally beautiful and functional, both indoors and outdoors.

2. For Long-Term Or Short-Term Usage

The cheapest plastic chairs will cost you under $10, but the material will quickly catch the sun and be scratched. After all, you can hardly use them for more than a season. So if you rent a villa for one or several months, this is the perfect solution.

The higher quality, and therefore more expensive patio chairs not only look beautiful, but are also well adapted to all-natural conditions. They are coated with a UV lacquer, the metal parts are treated with anti-corrosion agents to prevent rust, and the materials have a long life.

Therefore, the money invested in buying the best patio chair will be paid for over the years, and they will continue to serve you.

3. Stationary Or Mobile

The stationary chairs are fixed at the designated place for the whole season and it is practically impossible to remove them quickly in case of heavy rain. Some furniture is so heavy that it can only be moved to its constituent parts.

Mobile chairs, by contrast, are lightweight and compact, making them easy to move. For example, if you want to hide from the sun or on the contrary – make an afternoon beach, you just fold them and use them just afterward.

4. Plain Or Designer

The unobtrusive patio chairs have some advantages. They are often functional and do not distract from the beauty of nature. However, if you spend a lot of time in the summer, approach the choice of the best patio chairs as if you were decorating the interior – with care and taste.

A Provence-style corner with chairs made of wood and straw or wrought iron is a great option. Rattan and wicker furniture are also very useful.

After the cold months, the longing for the time we spend outdoors increases. Providing comfort in furnishing our home’s outdoor spaces becomes a real challenge. Even more so with the huge selection of patio chairs on the market. To make it easier for you, we have selected 10 of the best patio chairs following the above-mentioned characteristics.

Top 10 Best Patio Chairs 2022

1. Best Choice Products Set of 2

Best Choice Products Best Patio ChairWhen it comes to the best patio chairs, versatility is one of their most important features. Convenience, design, innovation, good weather protection – Best Choice will offer you all that and even more. Made of special UV resistant mesh, these chairs adjust to your body shape to help you relax.

Sit back calmly – Best Choice withstands over 120 kg. Have your coffee and read your newspaper outdoors – with a removable backboard attached to a chair where you can place all the necessary items, this will not be a problem!


  • The smooth lockable reclining system
  • Sturdy & UV-resistant material
  • Removable, adjustable headrests
  • Weatherproof
  • Foldable and easy to store


  • They rust relatively quickly

2. Caravan Sports Infinity

Caravan SportsThe specially designed bungee system of this chair will give you complete comfort. The tension will just go away, thanks to zero gravity and the steady Textilene fabric that Caravan is made of. And the smooth recline function will help you find the right and best position for your body. Even the head cushions adjust, allowing you full control over the choice of position.

Whatever the weather, the materials this chair is made of will withstand. A steel frame and durable fabric specifically designed for outdoor furniture will serve you for a long time.


  • Durable materials
  • Zero gravity
  • Fully controlled chair position
  • Adjustable headrest


  • Plastic locking mechanism and stoppers

3. Sunjoy Zero Gravity

SunjoyZero gravity is a must for the best patio chair, as well as its multifunctionality. With its beautiful design and reclining position, you can use Sunjoy not only as a chair, but also as a sun lounger by the pool or in your patio. It will fit perfectly everywhere.

The materials it is made of are another reason to choose Sunjoy among the best patio chairs. A solid steel frame will ensure that you use this chair for years.

The weather-resistant Textilene fabric is designed to provide you with comfort, as it does not stick to your skin and also retains heat. Imagine how wonderful this is on the hottest days of summer!


  • The materials are stable, protected against all weather conditions
  • Zero gravity
  • Extra armrests for convenience
  • Variety of colors and versatile design


  • Difficult to remain in a locked position

4. Keter Rio

Keter RioThis wonderful rattan kit will be a great asset to any outdoor space in your home. The rattan-like chair and table material increases the durability of the overall construction. And the added polypropylene resin gives the kit extra durability for both weather and rust.

With its sleek design and compact size – both characteristics for the best patio chairs, Rio will fit anywhere in the yard and on your porch to make your vacation complete. And its assembly takes only a few minutes.


  • Set of 3 pieces of furniture, suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • Extreme rust and rain resistance
  • Complete assembly instructions


  • It has no cushions and armrests

5. Timber Ridge Adjustable Recliner

Timber RidgeWith this chair, you will feel comfortable and secure, regardless of your weight and height. And the fact that it is foldable, lightweight and easily portable makes it even more attractive. Designed to withstand up to 160 kg, its construction will also withstand rain, strong sun, and any other adverse conditions. This chair is that strong!

And if we need more reasons to put it among the best patio chairs, then its accessories would help us. Wooden armrests, removable cushion, cup holder – all available to ensure your complete rest.


  • Durable materials
  • The large size and durability
  • 1-year warranty
  • A unique and patented locking mechanism


  • Relatively high price

6. Devoko Porch Sets

Devoko Porch SetsEven for the best patio chairs, it can sometimes be difficult to fit into the interior of your home and yard. Well, with this kit, this problem does not exist. If you are looking for something sturdy, comfortable, and multifunctional – this is your furniture!

The rattan is always stylish, and for even greater furniture safety, Devoko also provided protection against high winds, sun, and rain. The steel frame in the structure adds strength to the kit and the rattan coating is both beautiful and easy to clean.

Due to the lightweight of the kit, you will be able to move it where you want. And the extra cushions on the chairs will give you comfort in any position of the body.


  • Elegant and versatile design
  • Sturdiness
  • Wide application
  • After-sales service


  • Difficult to assemble

7. Furmax Metal Dining Chair

Furmax Metal Dining ChairWhen it comes to strength and durability, metal is the first thing that comes to mind. Furmax is the chair that proves this for sure. Made entirely of durable steel, it will be with you for years. Moreover, you can use it in the interior as well as the exterior of any home or restaurant. Once placed in the location you decide, it will not move from there – thanks to its rubber feet.

The paint coating gives it a shine. It also protects it from rain and sun. And if we talk about cleaning and assembling, it is more than easy and quick. What more could we need from the best patio chair?


  • Strength and endurance
  • Rubber feet
  • Suitable for everywhere
  • Simple design


  • Scratches can easily remain on the surface of the chair

8. Best Choice Foldable Recliner

Best ChoiceWhen talking about the best patio chairs, we have to emphasize that the combination of convenience, stylish design, and durable materials is unbeatable. And when ease and ability to control the position, and height of the chair are present as they are here, there is nothing to think about – except the fact that we have chosen something really good.

Best Choice will make your vacation a real pleasure. With it you will be able to swing and enjoy the view, comfortably resting your head on the extra pillow attached to the chair. The chair’s fabric is also made of UV resistant material.


  • Rocking chair made of durable materials
  • Flexible connections between the steel frame and the fabric part
  • Adjustable pillow
  • Foldable and easy to store


  • High price

9. Flamaker Pieces

FlamakerIt is an indisputable fact that we associate the best patio chairs with complete rest. And what would give us more comfort than a wide, comfortable, and soft chair and a table next to it? Besides, we get a kit that is easy to clean, thanks to the rattan it is made of. And because of the steel frame under the rattan, the chairs and table also get extra stability and durability.

With this set, your garden and porch will look stylish and beautiful. There is nothing easier than assembling and putting it where you want it to be, as well as to disassemble it and storing it – for winter storage for example.


  • Beautiful design suitable for any place
  • A combination of steel and rattan
  • Removable cushions
  • Wide and deep chairs, comfortable to rest


  • Difficult to assemble

10. Naomi Gravity Chairs

NaomiIt’s easy to describe this chair as one of the best patio chairs. Its design, and all other features help us to come to that conclusion. Combining comfort, looks, and strength, Naomi is a chair you can use anywhere and feel good in it. Additionally, there is a cushion that you can remove if you do not need it.

Zero gravity is its basic characteristic. Expand the chair to the position that is most comfortable for you and relax. And after you no longer need it, simply fold it back in and put it away. Or leave it outside – this is not a problem, since the materials it is made of are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.


  • Zero gravity
  • Robust and durable materials
  • Lightweight
  • Removable headrest included for additional lumbar support


  • Stiff and hard to recline

FAQs on Patio Chairs

1. What Is The Most Comfortable Patio Chair?

Comfort can easily be linked to our body posture. The more relaxed it is, the more comfortable we feel. When wondering which would be the best patio chair, consider whether it is foldable, and whether it can be expanded to a position that gives you comfort. Zero gravity chairs that can be expanded to any desired level are a perfect choice.

Extras to the chair will also bring you additional comfort. Soft pillows or cushions, armrests, cup holders – all this will make your experience much more enjoyable.

2. What Is The Best Outdoor Chair?

When it comes to choosing the best patio chair, there are several factors to keep in mind. The first one is how much space you have in the area you had chosen, as this will determine the size and shape you will need from the table and chairs.

Another consideration is the material of your outdoor furniture: popular options include rattan, various metals, and wood. It is important to choose a sustainable option that can give a different look and feel to your outdoor space.

Finally, choose a chair where you will feel comfortable and in a style you love – after all, you’ll be there for hours!

3. Do Zero Gravity Chairs Work?

Only the best patio chairs have a Zero Gravity feature. In the presence and use of this function, the body is placed at a certain angle to distribute its weight along the length of the chair and to achieve a feeling of weightlessness – for complete relaxation.

Some of the chairs, in addition to this basic function, also have headrests that contribute to comfort. The goal is to bring your body posture into a state of weightlessness that allows you to enjoy perfect relaxation without restriction.

4. Is Steel Or Aluminum Better For Patio Furniture?

Each of the materials that make this type of furniture has its advantages and disadvantages. Plastic chairs are relatively inexpensive. They are lightweight and comfortable, they are also easy to clean, not damaged when left in the rain. However, plastic is aging and the more temperature differences it undergoes, the faster the process is.

The chairs of iron or stainless steel are stable and durable. When treated with a moisture-resistant coating, they are perfectly suitable for the garden and porch. The lighter metal chairs are made of aluminum. They also withstand prolonged use. And if the paint gets scratched or cracked over time, they will just be painted again.

Wooden or rattan chairs are stable, comfortable, aesthetic, bring comfort and warmth to the exterior. Contemporary wooden chairs are waterproof, and the wood is specially treated for greater durability.

When thinking of the best patio chairs, do not just consider the material. Also, think about the space you need, the comfort they provide, and whether storing them in the winter will be easy and hassle-free.

Best Patio Chairs – Your pick?

A variety of patio chair models can be found on the market today. Do not underestimate the importance of your choice. Decide how much money you are willing to spend and what criteria the chairs need to meet. In some of the models offered, the focus is on attractive design, in others on convenience, and others try to combine the two.

When choosing chairs for the terrace or garden, in addition to the material of which the chair is made, attention should also be paid to its size and stability.

The size of the chair depends on the space available: if you have a large garden, you have complete freedom, but if you intend to buy chairs for a small terrace, the chosen model must be compact. When one realizes exactly what he/she needs, choosing the best patio chair for the home will be much easier.