Best Pipes For Wind Chimes 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Wind chimes produce soft tinkling sounds when a gentle breeze sets into your house. This gentle and magical sound makes us feel calm and relaxed. Apart from the musical sound, it is believed in some cultures that wind chimes remove negative energy from the surroundings.

Wind chimes attract positive energy and drive away bad luck. The pleasant sounding sound helps this energy to prevail gently in your patio, thereby attracting prosperity.

The sounds that arise from a wind chime depends on different factors like the type of materials used to make the wind chimes, and the shape of the pipe, etc. If you are on the search for the best pipes for wind chimes, then this article will help you out.


What Is A Wind Chime?

Wind chimes are a kind of instrument that is suspended from a string or wire and has multiple bells, rods, or tubes that move around when the wind blows. This results in sounds or noises when these objects strike against each other. These are commonly made of wood or metal.

Wind chimes consist of many parts that work together to produce sound.

The Different Parts Of A Wind Chime Are

1. Overall Length

The overall length of a wind chime decides how long the tubes will be and how long the chime is overall. A chime smaller in length has small tubes. These will produce a different sound as compared to the ones with longer tubes.

2. Wind Chime Ring Hook

Most of the wind chimes have a knotted loop, ring hook, s-hook, or 0-hook, which is made of metal. The metal hooks are strong, and they will withstand different types of weather conditions. They will not rust when left outside throughout the year in the garden.

3. Suspension Chord

The suspension cord made out of polyester is one of the best types of material as it can withstand the adverse weather conditions as well as the effects of sun, wind, salt, and water.

4. Suspension Platform

Suspension platforms or the top circle can be made from different materials like metal or wood. The material used will decide the overall design of the look of the wind chime.

For example, A metal wind chime will typically have a metal suspension platform.

5. Wind Chime Tubes

The most important part of the wind chime is the wind chime tubes or pipes. These tubes decide the tone of the sound produced by the wind chimes.

The overall length of the tubes will decide what kind of sound the chime will produce. Generally, shorter tubes emit high pitched tones while longer tubes create large deep tones. This depends on your personal choice; you should pick a wind chime with short tubes or with long tubes.

6. Wind Chime Clapper

Wind Chime clapper or striker can vary the size and metal. The striker is usually circular so that it hits each tube equally.

7. Wind Chime String

The wind chime string is the same as the suspension chord. The wind chime string should be strong and durable.

8. Wind Chime Sail

The sail is one of the important parts of a wind chime. The chime, which has a bigger sail, requires greater movement of the wind to swing. A smaller sail requires a lesser amount of wind to move around.

Working Of Wind Chimes

Wind chimes act as both outdoor decorations as well as musical instruments that are played by the wind. Most wind chimes contain tubes of varying lengths suspended in a circular form from a platform by strings or wires.

When a cool breeze blows, the tubes strike into an object in the center against one another. That is called a clapper.

And when they do so, the collisions produce vibrations that travel throughout the length of the tubes, thus producing sound waves at a particular pitch. The sound waves depend upon the length of the tube as well as the material they are made of.

The best pipes of wind chimes are made from copper, wood, and aluminum. Other materials can also be used to make wind chimes for unique sounds, including seashells, bamboo, and glass.

In general, depending on the length and size of the tubes, sounds are produced. The longer and larger the tubes are, the dull and deeper the sounds will be.

Short, narrow tubes tend to produce higher pitches. Wind chimes made of aluminum tend to provide the most prolonged and loudest sounds.

Types Of Wind Chimes

One of the essential features of the pipe is the material. There are different types of materials out of which the pipes of wind chimes are made of.

We will look into the different types of wind chime pipe material which are commonly available in the market.

1. Metal Wind Chimes

Wind chimes attract wealth and abundance in our homes and offices. It also repels negative energy from our homes. The best wind chimes are made of metals such as aluminum, brass, bronze, steel, and copper.

According to Feng Shui, metal wind chimes are mostly hung in the West and NorthWest areas.

Moreover, metal wind chimes are more durable and waterproof when compared to other types of find chimes. They do not rust when left in the open space.

Different metals produce different sounds. Wind chimes made out of aluminum and steel create a high-pitched tinkling sound, whereas copper wind chimes are softer, and they produce a mellower chime.

2. Wooden Wind Chimes

If you think that the sound of a metal wind chime is too loud and harsh for your home, then wooden wind chimes are the best choice. Wooden wind chimes produce a soft subtle sound in the wind.

The rattling sound of the wooden chimes when they strike each other is what people like about wooden wind chimes.

Wooden wind chimes give the best results when placed in the South, Southeast, and East areas of the house.

3. Glass Wind Chimes

People buy these wind chimes for their decorative style. They are colorful and create loud tones.

4. Shell Wind Chimes

The shell wind chimes are made from capiz shell, which is a flat, decorative shell. This shell resembles a pearl shell. They are obtained from the mollusks in the Philippines. These shells that are dyed and shaped produce a delicate sound that resonates with the sound of rippling water.

5. Ceramic Wind Chimes

The Chinese place the ceramic wind chimes in the Northeast direction to attract knowledge. They place these wind chimes on Southwest to attract love and romance. You can put them in the center of the house to attract wealth.

6. Bamboo Wind Chimes

Bamboo wind chimes look lovely, and they also make a specific sound. They are definitely a thing if preference, and they are out there in the market, and they are often quite cheap in comparison to other material types of wind chimes.

7. Copper Wind Chimes

Copper is a metal. You can use copper as the base of a wind chime because of its durability. You can enjoy having copper wind chimes for a long time as it will not rust, and it looks magnificent.

8. Solar Wind Chimes

The Hummingbird Solar Wind Chime is a decorative and beautiful accent piece for your garden. The wind chime has six individual hummingbirds.

How Do Solar Wind Chimes Work?

During the daytime, you have to switch on the LED light so that it can charge up in direct sunlight. After that, the LED lights will last for approximately six to eight hours before being recharged again.

This hummingbird solar wind chime will automatically change colors, thus giving a beautiful visual appeal to the eyes. Moreover, the hummingbirds are durable and waterproof.

Solar wind chimes are environmentally friendly.

9. Personalized Wind Chimes

In this age, everyone wants to have a personalized and unique item. Wind chimes are no exception, and they also follow this trend.

There are wind chimes in the market that you can buy as per your preference. There are also instances where people engrave their wind chime with specific text.

10. Memorial Wind Chimes

Unfortunately, death is inevitable. To ease the pain due to the departure of a loved one, some people will place a wind chime that produces soothing sounds at the funeral.

Otherwise, have a memorial wind chime in their garden in the remembrance of a special person.

Factors To Consider While Buying Best Pipe Of Wind Chime

There are certain factors that you need to keep in mind before you buy a wind chime. These factors will enable you to make an informed purchase to enjoy the magical sound of wind chimes in your home as much as possible.

1. Acoustics

Most people buy the wind chime for the magical sounds that they produce. Nevertheless, the best musical tone depends on your perception of sound. Watching a video or listen to the audio on the wind chime will get you an idea as to what you are going to buy before spending your hard-earned money on it.

2. Aesthetics

Wind chimes are not only purchased for the kind of sounds they produce, but they are also purchased for the beautification of the home.

Wind chimes can change and beautify the exteriors as well as the interior of your home. Buy the best wind chime whose color matches the surroundings or environment it is going to be a part of.

3. Size

Every home has different requirements for wind chimes. Wind chimes should be visible, and they should attract attention when hung on the ceiling of your home.

The size of the wind chime should be according to the place it is going to be a part of, whether inside or outside the house. You should opt for a bigger wind chime if you plan to hang one in the big pavilion. You can go for a smaller one for your small sitting room.

4. Length Of The Tubes

The length of a tube is one of the important factors upon which the sound produced by a wind chime depends. The shorter the length of the tubes, the sound produced is hollow and loud. If the overall length of the tubes is longer, the deeper sounds they produce.

5. Beautifulness Of The Chime

Apart from producing magical sounds, wind chimes are also a great decoration piece for your garden. Hence you should be happy with the way they look before buying a chime. The beauty factor is, thus, an important aspect!

6. The Wind Chime Notes

The most important reason to buy a wind chime is, of course, the sound it produces.

Therefore, be aware of the wind chime notes or chords beforehand so that you can make the right decision concerning which sound you like the best. It is even better when you could listen to a sound preview beforehand.

7. Number Of Tubes

Another important factor as to how a wind chime sounds is the number of pipes or tubes that a wind chime has. The factor of the number of tubes is a very personal decision you should make as to what you like.

The wind chime produces an intricate or complex combination of notes depending on the number of tubes a wind chime has than a wind chime with fewer tubes would do. It is up to you as to which sound pattern you would prefer for your own home.

8. Size Of The Sail

While buying a wind chime, it is crucial to look out for the size of the sail as it is also an important factor.
When the size of the sail is bigger, more wind power is needed to move around. The smaller the sail is, the less wind power is needed to move around.

Also, a small sail size wind chime produces more sound because of little wind movement. If you are looking for a wind chime that produces a lot of sounds, you should go for it.

However, if you do not want to hear the chime consistently, then go for a smaller sail.

Generally, high-quality wind chimes have a heavy head. Therefore they need a bigger sail, or you will barely hear the magical sounds of your new wind chime.

Significance Of Wind Chimes In Feng Shui

It is believed that wind chimes bring good luck and money into your home. This may sound quizzical, but according to Feng Shui, universally, there is a constant flow of energy around us. In the eastern countries, particularly in China, this flow of energy is called Chi.

This energy can be influenced by many things, such as objects, symbols, or thoughts. This energy can be directed to create beneficial effects on ourselves and our surroundings.

In China, the ancient art of placement, called Feng Shui, is used to balance the flow of energy. Feng Shui means wind and water.

People are known to be using wind chimes as a potent cure for centuries. Sound is used for cleansing and clearing negative energies so that the environment around us is once again harmonious.

The following are four areas that a wind chime can be hung in any home to attract wealth.

1. If you hang a wind chime near the entrance of your home, it acts as an effective and easy way to promote wealth.

2. One of the most important areas to hang a wind chime is in an area of abundance. It can be the farthest back left corner of your home when you stand to look at it from the street or where you enter your home.

3. Another area of abundance is in your main living area. As you stand facing the entrance to your main living room, it is the immediate left upper corner of the room.

4. When you place a wind chime in a bathroom, it prevents aspirations and wealth from being drained away.

The number of tubes or pipes on a wind chime produces different results. Those with five, six, or eight tubes will attract money and wealth. Five pipes signify Earth and attract wonderful energy and prosperity from five directions, namely, north, south, east, west, and center.

Six pipes denote luck and Big Metal from heaven.

Eight tubes represent prosperity and blessings, and it is the most desired and sought after number by the Chinese.

According to Feng Shui, five tubes are believed to suppress bad energy and bad luck, while six and eight tubes are believed to attract good luck.

Based on materials used, metal wind chimes are explicitly hung in the northwest, west, and north.

On a final note, Feng Shui is not static, but it is constantly changing as per an individual’s energy and life changes or outside forces.

Top 9 Best Pipe For Wind Chimes 2022

1. Cosmos

Cosmos Best Pipe For Wind ChimeThe wind chime pipes are pre-drilled so that you can hang them easily. You can use these Wind Chimes tubes to make your do-it-yourself wind chimes. These empty tube sets can be used for decoration purposes in small spaces.

Each package contains 30 pieces of wind chime tubes in 5 different lengths measuring approximately 2.75″, 3.25″, 3.55″, 4″4.55″. Each length comes with six pieces of tubes. The material of the wind chime tubes is metal material. Please note the diameter of each tube is approximately 0.25 inches.

People use wind chimes to hang indoors mostly. The indoor wind chimes are smaller and weightless so that a gentle breeze can still move them.

Also, the wind chimes that are frequently used indoors are for their decorative purposes instead of their practical purpose as there are hardly any wind movements from within a home.


2. Cosmos 30 Pcs Wind Chime

Cosmos 30 Pcs Wind ChimeAs these wind chime tubes are pre-drilled, they are easy to hang at home or office. They are also easy to use for the do-it-yourself craft.

These sets of empty tubes can be used for decorations in small spaces.

There are two types of tubes, namely Solid tubes and empty tubes. Under Solid tubes, there are a total of 15 pieces in 3 different lengths, 2.8″ x 3 pieces, 2.5″ x 6 pieces, 2″ x 6 pieces. The diameter of each tube is approximately 0.17″.

Under the Empty Tubes, there are in total 15 pieces in 5 different lengths, 2.75″, 3.25″, 3.55″, 4″4.55″, each length comes with 3 pieces. The diameter of each tube is approximately 0.25″.

Metal material. Each package contains 30 pieces of wind chime tubes (15 pieces of solid tubes 15 pieces of empty tubes).

You should take good care of your chime as they can be quite expensive. Try applying a protective layer on top of the wooden material, as wooden items can deteriorate due to the weather elements.

If it is your first wind chime, we always recommend a metal type of wind chime. As the metal material often already has a protective layer applied to it so that it can withstand rain, sun, wind, etc. damage.


3. Cosmos Pack of 30

Cosmos Pack of 30The wind chime pipes are pre-drilled, for they can be easily hung in the office or at home or outdoors. They can also be used for the do-it-yourself craft where you can make your wind chimes. This set of solid tubes can be used to decorate your home or office for small spaces.

Each package includes 30 pieces of wind chime tubes in 3 different lengths that measure approximately 2″, 2.5″, 2.8″

This pack of tubes comes in 12 pieces in 2 inches, 12 pieces in 2.5 inches, six pieces in 2.8 inches respectively. These tubes are of the Metal material. The diameter of each tube is approximately 4 mm.

When you buy a new wind chime, it is entirely up to you to decide where to hang your wind chime. You could hang it on the patio, your garden, or even indoors.


4. National Artcraft

National ArtcraftUsing this set of wind chime tubes, you can make your metal wind chimes. It is also easy to use these tubes for do-it-yourself crafts. The National Artcraft set of wind chime tubes consists of 5 solid aluminum tubes that are pre-drilled for hanging.

Upon being adequately strung, they produce a pleasant tinkling sound as they catch the wind. Each tube in the set is of different length ranging from 3 to 5 inches long, and they are of a soft silver color that is visually appealing to look at.

To string them, you need some thin fishing line. These wind chime tubes also can be used to make a door harp, which gently announces the arrival of someone with a magical sound when they enter your house. This offer includes three sets.

The wind chime makes for a perfect gift for family and friends, and they will love it, and they will enjoy listening to it for years to come!


5. Chris W.

Chris W.Each package includes 30 pieces of wind chime tubes in 5 different lengths that measure approximately 2.75″, 3.25″, 3.55″, 4″4.55″. Each length comes with six pieces of tubes. The diameter of each tube measures approximately 0.25″. The material of these tubes is aluminum.

The wind chime pipes are pre-drilled, for they can be easily hung in the office or at home or outdoors. They can also be used for the do-it-yourself craft where you can make your wind chimes.

This set of empty tubes can be used to decorate your home or office for small spaces.

This wind chime has the most exceptional beauty factor as the aluminum tubing collection looks great against the wooden highlight of the chime.


6. Yeji Large Hollow

Yeji Large HollowThese wind chimes are not only for decorating the garden, patio, or home but also a memorial. The wind chimes clatter as the wind blows, and they emit a pleasant sound. Hanging wind chimes will bless the family with health and happiness.

YEJI wind chimes are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which undergoes a coating process, and the high-strength suspension cord that is handcrafted to last for a long time. The YEJI wind chime tubes are blue. This package includes six pieces. Length of the tubes are 18 cm, 20 cm, 22 cm, 24 cm, 26 cm, 28 cm (7.1 in – 11 in), diameter is 1.6 cm (0.63 in)

From the hollow sounds of bamboo to the tinkling sound of steel, wind chimes make a beautiful addition to your garden, both atmospherically and visually.

With a range of sizes and materials available, each wind chime will produce a unique sound, emitting a soft background noise to enjoy the tranquility of your garden.


7. Yeji 30Pcs

Yeji 30PcsThe wind chime pipes are pre-drilled, for they can be easily hung in the office or at home or outdoors. They can also be used for the do-it-yourself craft where you can make your wind chimes. This set of empty tubes can be used to decorate your home or office for small spaces.

Each package includes 30 pieces of wind chime tubes in 5 different lengths that measure approximately 2.75″3.15″, 3.54″, 3.94″, 4.53″. This pack of tubes comes with six pieces of tubes of each length.

These tubes are of the Metal material. The diameter of each tube is approximately 0.24″. The wind chime tubes are silver in color.


8. Ryoji

RyojiPack of 30 – This wind chime package consists of 30 pieces of wind chime pipes that you can hang as well as use as decorations inside your house or on any of your outdoor spaces

Premium Material – The wind chime pipes are metal tubes that are silver-tone in color, and they have a uniform diameter of 0.2 inches each.

Varying Lengths – tubes are of 5 different lengths of 2.75, 3.15, 3.55, 4, and 4.5 inches

Convenient – This pack of tubes has been pre-drilled already, thus making it easy for us to hang all of the pieces together.

Do not hang your wind chime too close to the walls or plants as the tubes might bump into them. Hang your wind chime at a reasonable distance high enough so that you do not bump into it.

Hang your new beautiful wind chime at a place where the wind enters from all directions. Try hanging your wind chime in different locations throughout the year so that you can enjoy new patterns of sound. Keep your wind chime clean by wiping it with a damp cloth from time to time.


9. Honbay

HonbayWind bell is a small ornament that is liked by many people. Imagine the wind bells hanging in front of the window and the clear and crisp sound produced by them.

They give harmonious and pleasing sounds with the slightest breeze. You can hang them in a breezy spot on a tree, porch, balcony, or outside of the window.

The room is more witty and childlike. If you made the bells, would they add some more warmth to your room? Our products can be used not only as raw materials for making bells but also as materials for making other decorations. How to apply depends on your imagination and practical ability!!!


Best Pipes For Wind Chimes – Your choice?

To avail of the complete benefits of the instrument, you should know which material of wind chime is best suited to which direction to attract the best benefits.

You should hang metal wind chimes in the North, North West, or West direction.

When you place it in the West, they help children in bringing honor to the family and promotes good luck in their lives. Similarly, they create career opportunities when placed in the North direction, and they bring the luck of mentors into your lives when placed in the northwest zone.

It is best suited to hang wooden wind chimes in the South, East, and southeast direction. It results in growth to the residents when placed in the East zone; it brings money when setting in the southeast direction; and brings about fame when placed in the South direction.

Ceramic wind chimes are best if placed in the South West, Centre, and North-East zone. However, do not put wind chimes in the South West zone as it can destroy the romance luck.

Also, do not place wind chimes in the toilet or storeroom unless advised by an expert as it attracts the negative energy of that zone.