Best Wind Chimes In 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Woodstock 2. Bellaa 3. Woodstock
Woodstock Amazing Grace Chime Bellaa 22890 Rainbow Capiz Wind Chime Woodstock Chimes PCC

Best wind chime is those stuff you can find at home or in patio that produce sweetest sounds like their name, and it is a type of striking instrument that is made up of iron and steel rods, tubes, bells, or with many other types of metallic and wooden objects.

All the tubes and rods are held simultaneously with some weight on rods and tubes or on the surface, which is also having some weight.

Due to this, the tube and the rods strike one another when the movement of wind occurs outside. Wind strikes with tubes and rods of wind chimes, which makes a beautiful and sweet sound. These are a great addition to your patio.


Wind chimes are considered as a special percussion instrument which is mainly constructed from rods, bells and tubes. The rods and tubes are suspended freely with a weight hanging at the end of one of the rods.

When the wind blows, this rods also move along making those sounds. Wind chimes are placed in different parts of the house according to the type and material.

However, it is mostly hung outside the house or around in the garden areas as well. The sounds made by the wind chimes depend upon the flow of wind and how it strikes the chimes. Due to this reason itself it sounds different every time the wind blows and hits it.

Top 16 Best Wind Chimes In 2022

1. Woodstock Amazing Grace Chime

Woodstock Best Wind Chime

Wind chimes are excellent percussion instruments that every modern household would possess. These chimes make harmonious music every time the breeze sweeps through the doors. The Woodstock amazing grace chimes are made from wood.

The product comes in three different sizes such as small. Medium and large. The wind chimes also come in different attractive appearances as well. This includes the bronze and teak finishes. There are also options where you can get the stained glass look to add an appealing look to your interiors. The chimes are designed extensively to create melodies with the air.

Woodstock is the pioneer in manufacturing the best wind chimes for over 40 years. The best part is that these chimes are created with ideas from the best musicians and Grammy recipients. The quality of Woodstock grace chimes makes the best wind chime in the market.


  • Quality material
  • Crafted along with musicians
  • Available in various sizes


  • Issues with sound parameters

2. Bellaa 22890 Rainbow Capiz Wind Chime

Bellaa 22890 Rainbow Capiz Wind Chime

If you have just bought a new home and are looking for accessories to make it look more beautiful, the Bellaa 22890 Rainbow Cadiz wind chime must be your choice. The multicoloured vibrant chimes, give it the best look, no matter what your wall colour is. The chime is about 26 inches in length.

There are other options where you can get chimes in shades of blue or green. If you are a beach lover and a shell collector then, this is the best wind chime you can ever have. The chimes are made of Capiz shells and are crafted with utmost creativity to get the best wind chime in the country.

The sound of these wind chimes is also unique unlike the regular ones made of wood or steel. Get the best sounding wind chimes from Bellaa to recreate your homes with beauty.


  • Multi-coloured
  • Unique made of Capiz


  • Issues with sound quality

3. Woodstock Chimes PCC

Woodstock Chimes PCC

When it comes to decor and interiors, wind chimes have an important role to play. The Woodstock Chimes are designed with utmost care and expertise to make the best sounding wind chimes. The unique part of this wind chime is that it sounds melodious and creates a positive vibe in the vicinity.

The entire length is 32 inches, that includes 6 silver-aluminium tubes, that are polished to give a shiny appearance to these chimes. You can also use it for personalising it as a gift to your loved ones. The Woodstock Chimes PCC is ready to engrave type, where you can add your names too.

There are also 4 aluminium rods. All the metal parts are rust proof even in severe weather conditions. Add these glistening chimes to your homes to create a happy and harmonious environment.


  • Rust-free metal parts
  • Crafted by musicians to sound melodious
  • Easy to engrave


  • Issues with the sound level

4. Cohasset Gifts

Cohasset Gifts

Wooden and antique chimes are always on the list for music lovers. The Cohasset plain antique bamboo chime is one such loved product. This is one of the best wind chimes that are available in the market. These wind chimes are suited for both indoor as well as outdoor conditions.

These chimes are exclusively handcrafted from the island of Bali. These chimes are made out of quality bamboo and coconut wood, to give the best sound with the wind. Place it on your dining tables or your front porch to enjoy the ting-tings from this musical object.

The wooden crafting makes it sound like the antique chimes. Create endless ripples of melodious music with these chimes. The entire length of the chime is 45 inches. The large-sized wooden tubes make it easy to clean.


  • Handcrafted
  • Large-sized and antique look
  • Crafted with best quality wood


  • Issues with threading

5. YLYYCC Brass Tube Wind Chimes

YLYYCC Brass Tube Wind Chimes

Unlike the sound of wood, brass chimes give out a more peculiar and tingling tone that most people love. If you are one among those, and searching for the best wind chimes made out of brass, then the YLYYCC brass tube chimes must be your choice. The chimes create one of US’s most loved hymns, “Amazing Grace”.

This creates a soothing surrounding at your homes and outdoor. The entire length of the chime is 30 inches and comes with an easy to install set-up. The chime is a combination of both pinewood, brass tubes and bell pendants, that put together gives the best music.

The very appearance of the chime is super-attractive in its setup. The added advantage of these chimes is the money-back guarantee that the manufacturer offers in case of damaged product or unfulfilled customer expectation.


  • Stunning appearance
  • Easy to set up
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Intricate design, difficult to clean
  • Improper packaging-delivery issues

6. Brooklyn Basix Freedom Chime

Brooklyn Basix Freedom Chime

Are you a nature lover? Do you wish to have unique wind chimes made out of recycled materials at your home? Then the Brooklyn Basix Freedom wind chime must be your choice. The product comes in two different sizes, medium and large. The entire chime is made out of sustainable material to satisfy the needs of nature lovers.

Despite being made from used products, there is no compromise on the quality of music it provides. Just like the regular wooden and brass chimes, it creates the best music to give you a calm feeling at home. The chimes are made of sustainable bamboo wood and recycled aluminium tubes to create a blending tune.

The chimes are suited for both indoor and outdoor setup. This is one among the best wind chimes in the market, not just because of the music. It also has a one year warranty, that makes sure the product delivered is only of the best quality.


  • Sustainable material
  • One year warranty
  • Blend of wood and aluminium


  • Not much suitable for outdoor

7. Windchimes


If you are looking for a musical blend from sustainable bamboo wood and recycled aluminium to lighten your souls, then these are the best wind chimes you would want to own. The reflections from the shining aluminium tubes fall on the wood to give it an exotic look.

The chime is created from the topmost silver ring, from which strands of silver tubes are fastened with durable nylon threads. The top-view gives the chime a hexagonal appearance. Unlike the other chimes, that are either too big or small, these chimes come in perfect sizing, that suits most locations.

The entire chime comprises of 6 aluminium tubes of different lengths. These chimes are just suited for all environments. If you are hunting for gifts to give out, then these chimes could be the best choice for any occasion.


  • Sustainable material
  • Stunning appearance
  • Comes with instructions on handling and care


  • Poor sound quality

8. Topspeeder Colour Changing Solar Power

Topspeeder Colour Changing Solar Power

Ever had love on lights and music? Then these Topspeeder colour changing solar power wind chimes must be your choice. The colourful lights of these chimes will catch the attention of everyone in town. You don’t have to invest much on batteries and electricity, because these colourful lights work only on solar energy.

Solar Wind Chimes

Charge it during the bright day hours and let it glow at night. These LED lights work on an average up to one lakh hours. These aren’t just normal LEDs, they can also keep changing colours that makes it still more attractive.

The level of innovation in these solar wind chimes is to the extent that you don’t have to switch them on. The sensors automatically detect the night and start working. The outer cover is made of durable plastic, that has a long life.


  • Attractive
  • Efficient functioning of LEDs
  • Solar charging
  • Suitable for indoor and porches


  • Not durable for highly windy locations

9. Pixpri Wind Chimes

Pixpri Wind Chimes

Have you got an extensive love for chimes at your coffee table in the front porch? Then these Pixpri outdoor wind chimes must be what you are looking for. The Pixpri wind chimes are among the best sounding wind chimes available in the market.

Unlike the other chimes that produce loud noises, these chimes maintain a low tone that sounds soothing and natural. The elegant look of these chimes is the next added advantage. The lustrous outer keeps it shining and stunning with every look.

The chimes are weather-resistant, suited for both indoors as well as outdoor conditions. The chimes come with an S hook, that makes the installation part easy and super simple.

The length of the chime is 32 inches and suits just perfect for any location. The entire setup is easy to clean and gives the best look.


  • Easy to set up
  • The shining and lustrous appearance
  • Easy cleanup
  • 2 different colours to choose


  • No guaranteed product

10. Large Musical Anodised Aluminium

Large Musical Anodised Aluminium

Simple looking wind chimes are both attractive, easy to clean up and gives the best sounds. One such best wind chime is available in the large musical wind chime. At the very look of this wind chime, you can understand that this has simple components. Just 6 anodised aluminium tubes, held together with durable strings.

The tubes are tuned and designed to play Amazing grace, one of the most loved musical notes. This chime is just in size to fit all locations both indoors or outdoors. You can hang it up in your front door or your balcony and even in your gardens too.

The reflections from these chimes during the day are quite attractive. The central wooden disc gives it an appealing look. The hook in the upper region of the chime makes it easy to fix and remove from anywhere.


  • Easy setup
  • Simple and stunning
  • Best musical note


  • No guarantee

11. Woodstock 27

Woodstock 27

Woodstock is known for manufacturing world-class wind chimes. The Woodstock 27 is no exception in that list. The Woodstock 27 is designed to play the tune of Verdi aria, a tune that people everywhere find soothing. The colour is burgundy, that gives a natural and attractive look.

The overall length of the chime is 27 inches from the top till the end of the tubes. The bottom piece has the shape of grape carved on it, to make it give the best look. If you are planning to gift someone a chime, then this would be the best choice.

Crafted along with the work from Grammy recipients, this wind chime makes the best music. The 9 aluminium tubes are of different lengths, that hangs down from a circle top that holds it all together in place.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Perfect Sizing


  • No Guarantee

12. Zoutog Solar String Lights

Zoutog Solar String lights

These LED-lit chimes are meant for ornithologist who has a special passion for birds. The Chimes are a series of hummingbirds attached to give the best look. The best part is the fluorescence from these birds that makes it still more attractive. There are no much complications in setting it up or making it functional.

A one time “ON” will take in solar radiation during the day and light up the birds at night. This is one of the best wind chimes that are also unique.

These birds can also change colours, that gives it a more dazzling look. The product comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer, to ensure you get the best material only. Light up your homes with these beautiful chirps, in your balconies or your halls.


  • Attractive look
  • Solar lightening
  • Easy to set up


  • Life of product is short

13. Nalulu Classic Wood Chime

Nalulu Classic Wood Chime

Wind chimes are known for a long time. Especially the ones that are made out of wood are famous throughout the world. The wood made chimes are known to be the best sounding wind chimes. If you love the sound of strangling wood pieces then this must be the wind chime you have been looking for.

The handcrafted product, Nalulu classic wind chime has the best and natural look among all the wooden chimes. The sound from these chimes will help soothe your mood and create a pleasant environment. This could be the best choice for relieving stress at home.

The upper hook is durable to ensure the extended life of your chimes. Yet another advantage is that these chimes do not create any negative impact on the environment. The chimes are handcrafted from biodegradable bamboo, making it still more special to own.


  • Made of quality bamboo
  • Better durability in the hook
  • Easy money-back policy


  • Improper tuning

14. Woodstock Chimes

Woodstock Chimes

This one is specially made for music lovers. The musical tunes, silver chimes are not just the best sounding wind chimes, but also the best looking ones. The total length of the chime is 34 inches and the width is around 15 inches.

The upper portion holds the wind chime is made of wood, while the tubes are crafted out of weather-resistant aluminium. This makes the chime more suited for both indoor as well as outdoor purposes. No more worries on rusting with these wind chimes at homes.

This is unique from the normal chimes, that are regularly circular. The wave-shaped appearance makes it an ideal gift for any occasion. The tunes from these chimes also have a therapeutic value. The mild sound with the wind is what makes these chimes more special.


  • Rust-free aluminium tubes
  • Unique waveshaping
  • Natural and soothing tunes


  • No guarantee on the product.

15. Corinthian Bells

Corinthian Bells

Looking for a big wind chime that can fill up the emptiness in your garden or porch? Then this is the one. The corinthian bells are crafted in the United States. The chimes are tuned to the scale of C making it one of the best sounding wind chimes available currently.

The length of the chime is 44 inches, that makes it more perfect to fill up the lacuna in a not much-filled room. The chime is created out of Aluminium tubes of various lengths, giving it a simple yet stunning look. There is sufficient space between the tubes, thus, making it easy to clean up.

These chimes are also available in various other colours like silver, black and plum. The finishing is lustrous to reflect light in case of outdoor setup.


  • Stunning look
  • Large-sized
  • Easy to clean up
  • Tuned to Scale of C


  • No guarantee on the product

16. AMWGIMI Hanging Solar Lights

AMWGIMI Hanging Solar Lights

The AMWGIMI solar lights are among the best wind chimes that come along with the light. The chime is powered exclusively by solar energy to keep up the brightness of your space even in the dark. The chime under on condition absorbs solar energy and lights up during the night.

No more worries on the difficult task of switching it on and off. The LEDs are efficient to work for a duration of 6 to 8 hours without any hindrance. The chimes are suited for both indoor and outdoor purposes. You can even use them to decorate your homes during festivals.

The best part is the durability of the lights without much change even over a long period. The shape of this chime is quite unique and stands out, catching the attention of everyone. The chimes come in several colours that you can choose from.


  • Solar lighted
  • Longer life of LEDs
  • Unique and exclusive look


  • No guarantee on the sold product.

History Of Wind Chimes

In Ancient Rome

The Roman wind chimes were made from bronze, which is called tintinnabulum and were hung in courtyards and gardens, and when the wind flew, they tinkled. In Rome, bells are known as ward off malevolent spirits and also combined by a phallus, which is a good symbol of fortune and a charm against the eye of evil.

In Asia

Wind chimes became familiar in India by the second century, and after that China became popular by manufacturing small wind bells, which are also hung outside and near the window. The clapper swings due to the cause of the slightest breeze, which makes a melodious tinkling.

These bells are not used only for frightening away the birds, but they are also used for lurking of the evil spirits. These bells are also hung on the roof of homes, palace, and under the corners of temples.

Furin is the type of Japanese glass wind bells which is produced since the Edo period. Mizusawa station is one of the famous soundscapes present in Japan. Japan has around 100 Soundscapes stations. In Asia, wind chimes are considered as a stroke of good luck and are used in Feng shui.

In 1100 B.C. Windchimes started to become modernized when Chinese also began to cast bells. Yong-Zhong is a type of bell without having a clapper, which is primarily used in religious ceremonies and produced by skilled metal artisans.

After this, the Chinese also created one more bell known as Feng-lings, which is very similar to the modern Wind bells. Nowadays, Windchimes are commonly being in East Asia, and these are used to maximize the flow of chi or energy of life.

Things To Consider While Buying Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are hung outside of a building or near the windows by which chimes come under the contact of air or wind, which flows outside. The wind chime makes a sound because of the random flow of the air, which strikes the chime bell from various locations.

The rods and tubes of wind chimes create a sound like fairly distinct pitches or indistinct pitches. The difference in the pitches of wind chimes is due to the speed and movement of air. There are two important elements to consider while buying the wind chimes.

1. Sounds And Music

The best sounding wind chimes produce inharmonic spectra which oppose as to harmonic, and if it is hung at 2/9 of their length, so the higher partials are damped, and the rings are loudest, and these are some special properties compulsory for best wind chimes.

Wind chimes are habitually hung, and when the center ball strikes on the wind chimes, the length that can produce resulting loudest sound significant. Material, length, thickness, and width also determines the frequency. A particular note is achieved by predicting proper length with some mathematical formulas which have been through a fine bit of tuning, which is often needed.

Tetratomic or pentatonic are selected by the chimes based on their pitches, and they oppose to heptatonic traditional western scale. This happens in a very large amount due to the scales having inherently fewer dissonant intervals, which makes a more pleasant sound for the average listener when notes are randomly struck.

The pitch is primarily determined by the air column length for the organ pipe instrument because the sound is produced by the resonance of the air column. Timbre or voice can be arranged by the pipe materials, but the pitch can be determined by the air column.

The vibration of pipes radiates the sound itself after hitting the wind chime, and the air column produced the pitch in a very small amount.

When the rods and the tubes come in contact with each other or with the central clapper (ball-like structure) on a horizontal disk, it produces the sound. Wind chimes are also used to observe the direction of the wind, but it depends on the location of the hanging of wind chimes.

2. Material

Wind chimes are made up of metals, wood, or different other types of materials that are in the shape of rods or tubes. Other wind chimes materials include bamboo, stone, shell, stonewares, keys, porcelain, glass, and beads.

Best sounding wind chimes are made from more extrinsic items, such as cookie cutters or silverware, and these items are also recycled to create wind chimes. All these items can produce a large effect on wind chimes sound quality.

The sound which is produced by these recycling objects is not tunable, and doesn’t have specific notes and range, and it can also convert pleasant tinkling to dull thuds. Sounds of best wind chimes are tunable to notes or pleasant if the wind chimes have their proper size.

For the longest and loudest sounding, aluminum is one of the most common best metals for the wind chimes having the lowest internal damping. The brightness and more ringing resulting tone are also increased by increasing the firing temperature with clay wind chimes.

Stoneware clay fired produce duller sound, then earthenware clay fired at a lower temperature and higher temperature earthenware clay fired produce duller sound then stoneware clay fired. Stoneware wind chimes are best wind chimes because they are more durable and have high resistance power for stronger wind without damaging or suffering from chipping.

Some factors can affect the tone of wind chimes such as their material, heating treatment, exact allow, whether it is made from the tube or solid cylinder. When the tube is used, the wall thickness also affects the tone of wind chimes.

Hanging method also affects the tone. The object’s quality, which is used to hit the chimes, can also affect the tone of wind chimes. All these things are important to know to produce the best sounding wind chimes.

Types Of Wind Chimes

There are different types of wind chimes that are made. These differ according to the design and the material used. Some of the common material used for making wind chimes include:

1. Metal Wind Chimes

This is one of the most common wind chimes that can be seen. These are also the best wind chimes one can have. It’s mostly lightweight and stays longer making smooth sounds. These wind chimes should be hung in west, north or northwest zones depending on what benefit you want from the chimes.

Hanging a metal wind chime in West would attract good luck to children of the family whereas hanging them in North opens up to career opportunities. In Northwest zone, it brings the luck of having mentors in your life.

2. Wooden Chimes

Wooden chimes are often chosen for its beautiful designs however the benefits of having wooden chimes differs totally from that of metal ones. These chimes are best suited in the east, south and southeast directions.

Wooden chimes hung in the South would bring fame to the household or its family members, brings growth to the residents if hung in East zone and attracts money when hung in Southeast zone.

3. Ceramic Chimes

Ceramic chimes are one of the best sounding wind chimes. They are quite loud too compared to the metal and wooden chimes. While is suggested to hang ceramic wind chimes in Southwest, center and northeast zones, wind chimes in general hung in the southwest zone might affect the romance luck.

4. Bamboo

In bamboo chimes, balanced and subdued tone is produced because tubes are hollow, and when they strike, it plays mellow echo.

5. Aluminum

Aluminum can produce the best sounding wind chimes because of their superior vibration, but brass and copper are also popular for similar qualities. Aluminum chimes can peace with quality steel to produce a softer sound, and inexpensive steel chimes can produce a harsh sound, which is more clanking than musical.

6. Clay

Clay wind chimes can produce many types of tones, which depends on the density of the material. Light clay chimes perform high pitch and produce a hollow sound where dense clay produces the wider tones as metal chimes but without having long-lasting vibrations.

7. Glass

Glass wind chimes don’t produce sound as far it doesn’t vibrate as a metal tube. It can produce light and musical tinkling.

Some Other Materials Which Can Produce Wind Chimes:

  • Porcelain
  • Beads
  • PVC pipes
  • Crystal
  • Stoneware
  • Seashells, and more.

Different Wind Chime Designs

The traditional wind chimes are of course made with rods and bells but with the increasing popularity of these, different designs have also come into place. While these are also effective, it is the traditional design that stays as the best wind chimes. Let’s take a look into those design.

1. Tubular

These wind chimes are the most popular in the market. It is known for the best sounding wind chimes and many choose these for their houses. They are made with vertical tubes hanging in varying length. Each of these vertical tubes have their own tune to it.

These types of wind chimes are available in various sizes and lengths as well. The tubes in the chimes are mostly made of metal, preferably aluminum. There are tubular wind chimes made of bamboo available as well.

2. Bell

The bell wind chimes as the name suggests is made with various bells hanging in varying lengths. They are available in traditional style as well as in the modern style. These chimes are louder than the tubular chimes but suggest the guests that they have come to a friendly place.

Benefits Of Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are widely popular among those who love to decorate their houses and make it pleasant. Wind chimes also makes those who visit your home feel pleasant with its melodious tunes. However, there are various reasons for having wind chimes at your home according to the Feng shui. Some of them include:

1. Positivity

The sounds produced by the best wind chimes takes off all the negative energy(chi) around and fills it with positivity. This makes your home feel a place of peace and calm. It is also believed to eradicate evil spirits and bring in good spirits.

2. Emotional Upliftment

The sounds of wind chimes have a soothing effect on the body and has the ability to make one feel instantly better. This makes sure that at your home all are happy and at peace. Wind chimes have proven to even work on uplifting moods for people who has depression.

3. Increase Creativity

Wind chimes are often hung in bedrooms and balconies as well. Their sound boosts awake one’s creative brain and activates them. To those who are creatively skilled, it makes sure you don’t face any creative block or the artists block.

4. Luck

It is said that by removing negative energy around, it brings in luck to the house. In fact, wind chimes are hung in different parts of the houses to bring in different types of luck including career, studies and money.

5. Solving Disputes

The Chinese believe that disputes occur in family due to the negative energy around them. By removing this negative energy, families tend to co-exist and be harmonious. They seem to be understanding and have a thicker bond.

6. Relieving Stress

The best sounding wind chimes makes one feel at ease. This is especially useful when one is stressed and hers these melodious sounds. It at once makes one relaxed and help in removing the unnecessary stress and tension a person might have.

7. Being Healthy

As mentioned, the wind chimes kept in the center is believed to not just remove negativity but also prevent diseases from infecting the children and other members of the family. The sounds help in increasing the body energies and making sure you stay healthy.

Now that you know about the wind chimes, why don’t you get on for your home and see the magical results. Make sure to keep these points in mind while buying one.

How To Determine The Quality Of Best Wind Chimes?

The quality of wind chimes depends on their sound, and some features are defined about the better tone and performance, which is expected. There are some tips about the better selection of wind chimes.

  • Hollow tubes carry sound further than solid tubes
  • A large number of tubes can produce a larger number of distinct tones, and long tubes produce rich and low-pitched sounds. Short tubes vibrate at higher frequency pitch.
  • The quality of best wind chimes depends on the materials of wind chimes, whether it is heavy or lightweight.
  • Consider the weight to hang up to the safe place.
  • Elements have vulnerable cords. Nylon is a better material in rain and snow better than cotton.
  • Stained glass and crystals chimes can reflect the sunlight wonderfully.
  • When you take a wind chime of metal or bamboo, it’s sound is also hearable by your neighbors because the sound which is produced by bamboo or metal chime travels far.

Best Wind Chime – Your Pick?

The best wind chimes are made from metals, and creativity has no bounds, and the varieties of sound-generating objects that can group the chimes are endless.

The traditional tubular designs of fine-tuned artisan-crafted material are made from recycled products like keys and tin cans, wind chimes can play a very engaging sound which is sweet and gives you an amazing and wonderful experience to you.

Wind chimes also work as your good luck and feel you energetic at all times. So, hang this amazing wind chime into your courtyard or at the corner of the temple, and nearby the windows, the choice is yours.